Abraham Hicks – Heaven on Earth is your Alignment with Source

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Abraham has mentioned before that there is no heaven in the skies. In this piece, Abe talks about the “feeling” of being in heaven, is really all about our alignment. Heaven is a place on Earth.

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Abraham Hicks – Symptoms of Alignment – Vibrational Escrow Version of Person

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The audio material in this video is from the Abraham Hicks workshop: Stamford~ 07/05/2008. The material in this video as well as any other Abraham-Hicks materials are copyrighted by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks(R.I.P). For additional information on Abraham Hicks or Esther Hicks, visit their website http://www.abraham-hicks.com

This hotseater has many questions, I loved them =D!! One thing I notice when I am aligned is their is many many different feelings from alignment, but all of them are sourced from love. (pun intended)

Abraham/Hicks – What to do when others are judging you

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Abraham talks about how to get in your vortex even when others are judging you.
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