On Saint Germain’s Alchemy of Creation – Nicholas from Shuswap Lake, Georgi Stankov – 4-18-15

St Germain

Saint Germain’s Nine Steps to Precipitation



by Nicholas from Shuswap Lake, Canada and Georgi Stankov, April 18, 2016


The first expression of every individual, everywhere in the Universe, either in spoken word, silent thought or feeling, is “I AM,” recognizing Its Own Conquering Divinity. 

The inner meaning of alchemy is simply all-composition, implying the relation of the all of the creation to the parts which compose it. Thus alchemy, when properly understood, deals with the conscious power of controlling mutations and transmutations within Matter and Energy and even within Life itself. It is the science of the mystic and it is the forte of the self-realized man who, having sought, has found himself to be one with God and is willing to play his part.”

Saint Germain 

Note:  There’s an Index of Godfre Ray King’s (Guy Ballard) books channelled by Saint Germain in PDF format, which you can further read. My thanks go to Dominique for providing this link:


Dear Nicholas,

I finished this first Saint Germain’s book “Studies of Alchemy” you sent me and it is truthful and beautifully written. But it does not say anything new we do not know in the meantime. I particularly liked this statement as it reveals the problem with the religious or para-religious approach adopted in these channelled books:

You see, false identification with family and friends, the acceptance of limitations through heredity and environment, attachment to persons and places, to one’s race, religion, nationality, or ethnic group must also be submitted to the flames of the Refiner’s fire for transmutation. Personal attitudes must be adjusted to impersonal laws, and thought and feeling patterns must be molded after more noble designs if the individual is to make true spiritual progress”

Now this is precisely what the new theory of the Universal Law brings to humanity. It is entirely impersonal as it deals with the science of All-That-Is as physics. There are no adjectives like “mighty I Am Presence”, no subjective evaluations as you can find all the time in channelled spiritual texts, including this one. When I finished the books on physics (Vol I & II)  I was fully aware that this theory can exist in all eternity, i.e. as long as written language is used, without even mentioning the author or paying any attention to him as a personality as the truth is in the text, and it is immutable.

Even though St. Germain is fully aware of the limitations of the para-religious approach he had adopted in his channelings to Guy Ballard, Mark Prophet and others, he could not avoid it at that time as most channellers had this, and only this, religious background. That is why it is so essential this time to completely put aside this approach, even though all ideas presented in these books are correct and very beautifully written, because certainty, and thus unconditional merging with the Source or the I Am Presence, can only happen on the basis of impersonal (transpersonal) immaculate presentation of the nature of energy = All-That-Is. And this is the unique advantage of the new physical and mathematical Axiomatics, which is in the core of the new Theory of the Universal Law:


It is the only truthful instruction how to think logically, axiomatically and thus align with the essence of the Source energy of creation and not create paradoxes, contradictions, etc. at the mental energetic level, which create energetic imbalances and blockages and prevent immediate creation. Simply because they hinder the free flow of energy.

This is the quintessence of the alchemical nature of the new theory of the Universal Law as axiomatics. And it is much simpler and straightforward than all the channelled books and texts which humanity has accumulated throughout history. It is the quickest and surest way to ascension and immediate creation as the Universal Law is the Law of Creation. This ultimate tautology reveals the primordial character of the Primary Term of our consciousness which is also the first and only a priori axiom of the new Axiomatics.

With love and light



Thanks George,

I appreciate your sincere blessings regarding my dog.

I very much feel a subtle overlay on my reality this past week as if the finish line is within sight for the first time in eons. I should have commented on a dream I had a few weeks ago: The usual dream where one is stuck in the airport wandering around trying to get to the departure gate on time. Similar to losing one’s keys except I always fail to find flight tickets or find the gate on time, well the dream entailed me looking deep into either cargo pant pockets or shopping bag at my side and in the bottom was the flight ticket and for the first time I would be able to make the flight on time and was good to go. End of dream.  I feel a heightened awareness although my body still hurts, it took 4 hrs this morning blowing and hacking up phlegm till sinus were clear and that caused a headache again behind right eye ball.

I see you have already evaluated the shortcomings in prior St. Germain channels, going even as far back as Christ’s inception. I just read Neville Goddard (1954) The Pruning Shears of Revision.  Just as you have surmised the info is true and correct but very much period dated with a religious approach, much like Edward Cayce’s visions that he struggled with due to his strong Christian faith.

Your  response below is just brilliant, well thought out with an open mind, your level of discernment grows with each cycle. Naturally you stumbled across the quote from St Germain, he sure is guiding force for Carla and yourself.

I look forward to your thought on the order of ascension with regards to PAT and yourself as you have posed in today’s writings with Shirley.

I may cut’n’paste the last few pages of Saint Germain On Alchemy (500 pages) to see what you can make of his secrets of Alchemy and your Universal Law model. I have attached word doc.

Have a great weekend,

Much Love



Dear Nicholas,

I am sure that now with the departure of your beloved dog, your perception will be heightened and your connection to the HR enhanced. This is what I felt for quite some time after my dog died. In addition we are now constantly ascending to higher frequency levels and our telepathic abilities improve daily.

I am glad that you share my assessment on past channelled books by St. Germain. No doubt that these literature played a huge role to foster the idea of ascension and New Age of humanity, but unfortunately the better part of humans, the light workers, did not continue thinking and progressing on this pathway. Instead they turned these teachings into a dogma just as the initial gnostic teachings of the early Christians were put during the time of the Church councils (4th -6th century)  into a religious straightjacket and all transcendental thinkers were stigmatized as heretics.

In a way we experience this same spiritual ostracism nowadays. The articles on this website are rigorously rejected or condemned with silence by all mainstream light worker websites. Only recently somebody published a channeling of Carla on lightworkers.com and it was taken down shortly thereafter by somebody else as they do not want our publications to appear together with the shit they publish. Which is OK with me, but this reaction is also very telling as they never take down already published articles. How shabby!

You have felt it correctly – in the last several days St. Germain was constantly present in my fields and urged me to analyse one more time all past esoteric efforts to align with the I Am Presence and to become a master creator of divine alchemy. My duty was to integrate the positive aspects of this necessary para-religious approach in the past and to strip it off of all unnecessary, redundant religious ornaments that only confuse the human mind.

In addition, I was made one more time aware of the fact that we live in an entirely agnostic period in human history where the separation of the incarnated humanity from the Source has been stretched to a maximal point and the whiplash-movement has already started. This cannot lead back to old religious concepts but must lead humanity straight to a new scientific approach as this new humanity will be a real 4D and 5D technological civilisation. However, it will not be allowed to misuse these soul technologies of creation as once in Atlantis, but to implement them in alliance with the Universal Law of the Source.

It is a fine line to follow as current scientific empiricism has thrown the concept of God into the waste basket of history and scientists have take place on God’s throne. Now is the time for the usurpers to leave this planet or repent and transform. And this can happen much easier on the clear axiomatic ground of the new theory of the Universal Law.

In this context it is still a big conundrum for me as to why scientists rejected so vehemently or simply neglected this theory. Probably because scientists, being overwhelmingly very unripe souls, derive a great hedonistic pleasure in playing the role of petty gods for a short period of time, before they are chased away from this self-proclaimed paradise and experience the pangs and throes of outrageous fortune on lower timelines.

It is very important to know that if many humans now enjoy an easy life in relative abundance in the Western world, this is entirely due to our presence as Logos Gods on this timeline. We are the ones that hold the light quotient high and allow this luxury life against all karmic laws. On those timelines on which we are no longer present, the MPR and nuclear wars have already devastated the world and living conditions are terrible. Precisely for this reason we have decided to live a simple life of deprivations and hardships to keep the overall karmic balance on this uppermost mother planet and allow the dark thugs on power to play their dirty games for a while before they bomb themselves out of power according to the principle of escalation and resolution through confrontation.

And we are now in full preparation for this scenario. That is why St. Germain appeared in our fields.

With love and light



Saint Germain’s

Nine Steps to Precipitation

1. Light is the alchemical key! The words “Let there be light” are the first fiat of the creation and the first step in proper precipitation.


Let there be light! Let there be light where I AM THAT I AM!

2. Create a mind blueprint of the object you wish to produce. This should incorporate definite size, proportion, substance, density, color and quality in detailed picture form.

– Let each student of alchemy recognize that he has within himself a Higher Mind that is capable of holding patterns of infinite dimensions. This Mind functions independently of the outer mind without human restriction of any kind.

– Acquire the habit of consciously giving to this blessed Higher Mind, or Christ Self, the responsibility for designing and perfecting the embryonic ideas and patterns of your creation. For many of these patterns, which at first appeared to be consciously conceived by the alchemist, frequently have their origin within this higher portion of the blessed Self.

– Remember, twenty-four hours of each day your Higher Mind is active in expanded dimensions. This blessed Comforter, unknown and unexperienced by you outwardly, waits to be called into action and does function free of ordinary space/time limitations.

– Employ your Higher Mind, then, both as your apprentice and as your teacher; for the Holy Spirit of truth moving therein can lead you into all truth!


I AM life of God-direction, Blaze thy light of truth in me. Focus here all God’s perfection, from all discord set me free.

Make and keep me anchored ever in the justice of thy plan— I AM the presence of perfection living the life of God in man! (give three times)

3. Determine where you wish the object to manifest.

4. If you know the material substance of which it is composed, memorize its atomic pattern. If not, call to the Divine Intelligence within your Higher Mind to register the pattern for you from the Universal Intelligence and impress it upon your memory bodv and your mind.

5. Call for light to take on the atomic pattern you are holding, to coalesce around that pattern and then to “densify” into form.

6. Call for the multiplication of this atomic structure until molecules of substance begin to fill the void occupying the space in which you desire the object to appear.

7. When the total outline is filled with the vibratory action of the fourth-dimensional substance representing the desired manifestation, ask for the full lowering of the atomic density into three-dimensional form and substance within the pattern established by the matrix of your mind.

8. When the visualization of the blueprint within your mind is complete, immediately seal it. Do not think that by sealing your plan you are closing the door to the improvement of its design. Improvements can be made in subsequent models. The words “It is finished” are therefore the second fiat of creation following “Let there be light!”

– The call of beloved Jesus at the hour of his greatest testing, “Nevertheless, not my will, but thine, be done,” when spoken at the moment of the sealing of the matrix, ensures that the guiding forces of power, wisdom and love will amend the precipitated pattern where necessary in order that the more perfect designs of the Creator may come forth.

– This provides man with the added benefit of the assistance of the Almighty as he forms and develops his own idea-pattern of destiny in accordance with cosmic purpose.

– Protect your experiment by guarded action and guarded meditation. Your visualization of a blue light around yourself, your matrix and its manifestation will serve to focalize the desired protection.


It is finished! Nevertheless, not my will, but thine, be done. I AM God’s will manifest everywhere, I AM God’s will perfect beyond compare, I AM God’s will so beautiful and fair, I AM God’s willing bounty everywhere.

9A. Now that you have created a thought matrix and sealed it against the intrusion of impinging mind radiation from others, protect your creative intent and, as Jesus said, “Go and tell no man.” This law of precipitation allows you to circumvent concentrated beams of human thought and feeling patterns, which can be most disturbing to a successful alchemical experiment.

– Avoid, then, the dissipation of energy by the intrusion of a multiplicity of minds, except where two or more individuals are specifically cooperating in joint precipitation.

9B. Await results. Do not be tense if your manifestation is not immediate or if after a reasonable length of time it appears that results are not forthcoming. Despair destroys the very faith upon which your experiment is built. You must hold your faith as you hold the gossamer veil composing the mental image.

– If you have spent years in the grip of human emotions, these records must be consumed by the alchemical fires of the violet flame to make way for the nobler ideas and forms you would image forth.


Violet fire, thou love divine, Blaze within this heart of mine! Thou art mercy forever true, keep me always in tune with you. (give three times)

I AM Light, thou Christ in me, set my mind forever free; Violet fire, forever shine deep within this mind of mine.

God who gives my daily bread, with violet fire fill my head till thy radiance heavenlike makes my mind a mind of light. (give three times)

I AM the hand of God in action, gaining victory every day; My pure soul’s great satisfaction is to walk the Middle Way. (give three times)

Beloved I AM Presence bright, round me seal your tube of light from ascended master flame called forth now in God’s own name. Let it keep my temple free From all discord sent to me.

I AM calling forth violet fire to blaze and transmute all desire, keeping on in freedom’s name till I AM one with the violet flame. (give three times)

9C. To your new ideas you must give your time and your energy.

– How important is the service of ordered prayer. Prayer opens the door of God’s intervention in human affairs. It provides an avenue whereby the ascended masters and cosmic beings who desire to serve the planet earth can render special assistance because they have been called upon to do so. For the law decrees that the heavenly hosts must be petitioned by some among mankind, must be invited to intervene, before they are permitted to intercede on behalf of humanity.

– To the alchemist the value of prayer is manifold. In addition to the aforesaid benefits, it provides an impetus to enhance his values and further the goal of divine truth while the mental mold is in the process of coming into physical manifestation.

– Remember, this is divine artistry of the highest type. It is also co-creation with God and, as such, is best used by those whose purposes parallel the divine. Thus, when the will of man is aligned with the will of God, the light of God does not fail to precipitate that will in the fullness of time, space and opportunity.

– Alchemists of the sacred fire, here is the sacred cosmic formula:

Theos = God

Rule = Law

You = Being

Theos + Rule + You = God’s law

active as Principle within your being (TRY)


IlliaEm – The Alchemy of Creation – Author: Steve Beckow – 9-4-14

IliaEmGiven we were discussing the Elohim, let me repost another article from Sue Lie in 2013 by the “Immaculate Illumination,” Illuminata Emaculatas, or IlliaEm, an Elohim from the Arcturian star system, which looks at how the Elohim create.

IlliaEm, Elohim of Arcturus, “The Alchemy of Creation,” May 13, 3012 at http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.ca/2013/05/the-alchemy-of-creation.html

Our beloved Ones in human form,

We, IlliaEm, have not spoken with you through this conscious form in many years and are pleased to be called upon again. We Elohim receive the Immaculate Concept from the Source of All That Is and begin the long process of merging spirit into matter to create a form for every Divine Ideal. Our process begins in the eleventh/twelfth dimensions and continues into worlds of matter.

You may think that matter is only physical, but there are different forms of “matter” at different frequencies of reality. All matter begins as a Divine Ideal, which is actually a divine thought-form. Once we Elohim receive a Divine Ideal we initiate the process of stepping it down through the formless realities of swirling light so that the Ideal can be fed with unconditional love, which is the highest frequency of light.

This unconditional love intermingles with the Divine Ideal to create a collective format similar to a matrix. The matter of each dimension can adhere to the matrix via the bonding force of unconditional love. In the frequencies above the seventh, form is continually shifting and changing, like a huge ocean or outer space. These shifting energy patterns will be perceived very differently by the different consciousness streams that experience it.

In the higher frequencies of reality, swirling lights of consciousness resonate in the mutable form of streams of possibility. These swirling lights are units of collective consciousness that have gathered in unity. When a collective vibrates in perfect unity to the Flow in any given energy pattern/matrix they share in ONE experience. This collective gives a loose form to this energy pattern via their unified interactions and reactions.

If the collective wishes, they can step-down this energy pattern into a lower frequency of reality. In the frequencies of the seventh through higher fifth dimensions, form exists for as long as a conscious collective of awareness maintains its attention upon this pattern/matrix. Thus when a collective consciousness Flows into this pattern and bonds with it via its unconditional love they feed life into the Divine Ideal.

If this pattern is of an ideal, behavior and/or concept, it can be passed on to collectives in lower frequencies of reality where the possible reality can become a light matrix of form. Each expression of consciousness interacts with this light matrix of a Divine Ideal according to the frequency of its consciousness and the intention of its interaction.

Thus, the same matrix can be experienced quite differently by diverse frequencies of light consciousness. Some of these collective consciousness entities may desire to step-down a matrix into the frequency of universal, planetary and/or personal form. Hence, the Divine Ideal enters the realm of potential form. This, the matrix can be stepped-down into a frequency of reality where form is more constant and ideals, behaviors and concepts interact with emotion.

Unconditional love is not an emotion. It is the higher frequency of light. However, unconditional love is a constant through all frequencies of reality, which becomes an emotion in the lower, form-based worlds. If an energy matrix is successfully stepped down into these lower frequencies, the emotion of love can collect it into a form.

It does not seem that “behavior” can take a form, but it does. As the matrix begins to hold a more constant form it elicits its own energy field. This energy field stimulates a consistent behavior in the beings of this reality. Behavior is a reaction to stimuli. Reacting to stimuli, rather than the higher dimensional surrendering to stimuli, further lowers the frequency of this Ideal into the third/fourth dimension.

In this manner, universes, galaxies and planets have consistent intentions that result in collective reactions that stimulate collective behavior. Then, streams of consciousness that desire the experience of form can chose a universe, galaxy or planet that will provide them with the experiences that will provoke a specific behavior. Hence, the behavior is replicated again and again to become the primary behavior for that collective reality.

For example, those who have chosen to take a form in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Solar System of Sol and the planet of Earth have chosen to experience a polarized reality, which is ruled by time, space, separation and limitation. Those of you who have spent many incarnations in that version of reality may wonder why any life stream would choose your world.

However, the challenges of your world provide an immense variety of stimuli such as the concept of time and the illusion of polarity, separation and resistance. These experiences can be quite attractive to a consciousness whose every thought and emotion comes into instant manifestation. These potential humans desire the experience of manifestation in slow motion with myriad interception patterns influencing their creations.

Just as you may be choose to go “back to work” after a long vacation, these life streams have chosen Earth’s third/fourth dimension to experience the challenges of a physical world. Furthermore, many higher beings have entered incarnation on Earth to assist Gaia with Her return to Her Higher Expression. Often, they are naive regarding the many pitfalls of the density of physical reality, but they will learn about them soon enough.

On the other hand, the planetary being of your 3D Gaia feels complete with the experience of polarity. In fact, Gaia is quite fatigued with the constant threat to Her planetary existence. Fortunately, the area of space through which Earth is currently traveling is basking Her planet with higher frequencies of light.

This higher light is upgrading Earth’s third dimensional operating system to a multidimensional operating system. In order for this upgrade to integrate into a personal matrix, each human will need to close his or her old, third dimensional systems. If these old systems, behaviors, actions, thoughts and emotions are not shut down, the planetary upgrade will not be available for their personal use.

The above scenario is exactly what has occurred on Earth. Humanity was intended to be the most evolved forms of life on Earth. However, many humans have refused to shut down certain behaviors, thoughts and emotions. Therefore, the planetary upgrade has been stalled. In fact, some humans on Earth do not want an upgrade. They are very attached to the lower frequency of power-over-others.

Hence, they are resistant to the descending Divine Ideal of transmutation of Earth into Her fifth dimensional expression. Those who desire to maintain power-over-others perceive this divine matrix as a threat to their personal power. Therefore, they do not want to participate in the manifestation of this Ideal. In fact, some have tried to stop it. However, a human is unable to interfere with the manifestation of a Divine Ideal, no matter how much power they appear to yield over “others.”

The concept of power-over-others has been battled in the Milky Way Galaxy for millions of years. Fortunately, most of these galactic battles have ceased because those who wanted power-over-others have recognized that they attain a great expansion of consciousness when they switched to power-within their SELF. However, this battle has continued on Earth, especially during that last 2,000 of Her years.

Gaia tires of war and conflict and has come to the decision that Her planetary being is in grave danger if she does not complete this upgrade of a new operating system. Therefore, she is moving forward, with the full support of her plant and animal kingdoms. However, many of the human animals have resisted this shift because their consciousness has become so low that they cannot even imagine unconditional love, which is the basis of the new upgrade.

However, the other humans who support the change have allowed their consciousness to accept the higher frequencies of light that are now bathing planet Earth. These humans of Gaia are gaining more and more access to the frequency of unconditional love. When their consciousness is infused with unconditional love they hold far more potential for creation than those that have maintained their lower consciousness of power-over-others.

Therefore, as the percentage of human population that resonates to unconditional love increases, which it is steadily doing, the percentage of human population resonating to fear-based behavior of being a victim-to-others and power-over-others will diminish. Eventually, many will fully accept the shutting down of certain behaviors, concepts, thoughts and emotions that are the foundation of the old polarized operating system.

This old operating system is in the process of being replaced with a quantum operating system that works directly with photons of light to instantly create via thoughts fleshed into form by unconditional love. Hence, new forms are actually arising on Earth that can only be experienced by those whose consciousness, and thus perceptions, resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Those who maintain the lower states of consciousness of victim or victimizer will not be able to experience the new forms of earth life because they will not be able to perceive them. Their mental matrix and frequency of emotional reactions/creations cannot perceive frequencies that resonate above that of third dimensional form.

Hence, they will soon “drop out of the game” as they will no longer be able to perceive the playing field. They will continue with the third dimensional illusions that were perceived as reality according to the old third dimensional operating system. They will not be able to perceive or participate in the higher frequencies realties, as one can only participate in a reality that one can perceive.

Meanwhile, those who are accepting the multidimensional operating system will be able to experience the manifestation of Divine Ideal of planetary ascension in their daily life. Those who once played in the lower frequency field of reality will turn their attention, and thus their perception, to the higher frequency fields to experience an entirely different reality.

This process will be much like viewing a movie in the basement of a theater, then choosing to leave that view screen to climb the stairs to the main lobby to view a different version of that movie. The basement movie is based on power-over-others and the resulting fear and subjugation, which changes when the warriors fight and win so that another group can have power over the ones they just fought.

On the other hand, the move in the main lobby is based on humans learning to release all attachment to conflict. In fact, these humans are refusing to participate in the illusion of separation and limitation for they have discovered a different reality based on unconditional love. They have discovered this realty by expanding their consciousness into the higher frequencies in which unconditional love is normal and fear is long forgotten.

Which movie do you want to watch?




Suzanne Lie – Alchemy Of Creation – Part 4 – Recalibrating The Chakras – 25 June 2013



www.suzanneliephd.blogspot.com / link to original article

Greetings From The Arcturians,

We return to continue our information about the Alchemy of Creation. Since you are now deeply into your process of returning to a conscious alignment Multidimensional SELF, your creative powers are greatly increasing. Furthermore, since beloved Earth has returned to Her alignment with the Galactic Center, Gaia and all her inhabitants are able to receive and download extremely high frequencies of light.

This higher light creates a constant flow of multidimensional and unconditional love into your Sun and into Gaia’s body of Earth. As this cosmic, multidimensional light gradually downloads from the higher dimensions, it enters the light network of your fifth-dimensional lightbody, your fourth-dimensional astral body and your etheric body, which is slightly above your physical resonance. The etheric body serves as the interface between the physical and astral body.

Since this light is multidimensional, even though it first enters your physical form via your Pineal Gland, it is then dispersed into the chakras. Each chakra is calibrated to a certain frequency of light. Therefore, the higher light is dispersed to each chakra according to the frequency of that chakra. In this manner, each chakra receives the healing and transmutation that is consistent with the purpose of each chakra.

For an in depth explanation of how to prepare for the conscious download of the higher light, please click the below link:


For the greatest benefit, please read through to the end of that section.

If you choose not to do so, we recommend that you at least read this message from Mytria about the Lemurians: http://www.multidimensions.com/superconscious/super_integration_superconbrain.html

As well as downloading the higher light: http://www.multidimensions.com/superconscious/super_integration_superconlight.html

And Calibrating the Third Eye:


It is also important that this higher light becomes integrated into your consciousness and your physical body. See link for integration your consciousness:


Reading the above writing will greatly facilitate your ability to understand what we are about to share.


It is vital that this higher light be grounded in the body of Gaia before it is distributed to your chakras. You would not plug in powerful oven without a third grounding prong or it could short circuit the electricity of the house. In the same manner, it is important to first ground the higher light into Gaia. A way to ground this light is to:

·      Visualize yourself as a speck of light within the core of your brain.

·      Look up to see the pineal gland of your Crown Chakra just above you to see the higher light entering that chakra.

·      Allow the higher light to enter your Brow Chakra, and look forward to see through your Opened Third Eye. How does your world appear when you see it through your Third Eye?

·      Now, look down from the core of your brain to see the long corridor of your spinal cord. Allow yourself to float into this corridor.

·      As you float past your Throat Chakra, pause for a moment to look at the world through this chakra. How does reality appear through the frequency of this chakra?

·      Continue your journey down into your Heart Chakra. How does your life appear through the frequency of your Heart Chakra?

·      Float down into your Solar Plexus Chakra. How does your reality appear through this frequency?

·      Continue into your Navel Chakra. How do you perceive your world through this frequency?

·   As you enter your Root Chakra at the base of your spine you see Gaia’s body of Earth. How grounded in Gaia are you at this moment?

To fully ground yourself into Gaia’s planetary body, think of your favorite place in Nature and see yourself surrounded by that area. It is from this location that you will journey down into the Core of Gaia’s form. Move through Her Crust, Upper Mantle, Lower Mantle, Outer Core and deep into Her Inner Core.

Take the Core of your Essence and wrap it around Gaia’s Inner Core. Feel how you, people and planet, are ONE Being. As you merge your First Chakra with Gaia Her fourth dimensional Elementals of Gnomes, Sylphs, Salamanders, and Undines intermingle with the third dimensional elements of earth, air, fire and water to calm your adrenal glands and assist you to remain within your own center core.


From the Core of Gaia, you move up through Gaia’s Inner Core, through Her Outer Core, past Her Lower Mantle and Her Upper Mantle and exit through Her Crust. Feel the grounded higher light as it moves through your feet, up your legs and into your First chakra.

As this grounded higher light moves up your spinal cord, it is dispensed to each chakra. As this grounded, higher light enters each chakra the function and area of the body for that chakra, the nerve plexus for that chakra, as well as the endocrine gland for that chakra are gradually transmuted.

The lowest frequency/dimension of higher light moves into your First Chakra.



(See links below each chakra for third dimensional function and service.)

FUNCTION AND AREA OF BODY: The higher light transmutes your first chakra to serve as the third grounding prong to ground your changing earth vessel into the Earth.

NERVE PLEXUS:  As the higher light enters the nerve plexus for this chakra, it is calibrated to the expanding frequencies of Earth. Then you can remain in alignment with Gaia while people and planet prepare the foundation of fifth dimensional New Earth.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: Your adrenal glands slowly become accustomed to a new frequency so that you do not go into Fight/Flight response with every download.

The next octave of light will enter your second chakra.



FUNCTION AND AREA OF BODY: Your second chaka is between your waist and the First Chakra at the base of your spine. The higher light will prepare your second chakra for your rebirth and the vast changes that will occur due to the transmutation of your self, your family and your society. It will also prepare you for a new concept regarding money and different systems of compensation based on the balance of energy out is energy back.

NERVE PLEXUS: This nerve plexus represents your Hara Center, which is the core of your balance within your physical and emotional life. This core will begin to expand to encompass core of the Earth and the core of your Multidimensional SELF.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM:  Your polarized identity as male or female shifts into the androgynous versions of your Lightbody. Hence, your female hormones will expand outward beyond reproduction of a child into reproduction of a new reality, while the male hormones will turn more inward to send the seed of new life into your self. Remember, that women have male hormones and men have female hormones, but at a much lower percentage. This separation will increasingly diminish as both genders create the balance of male and female hormones within their earth vessels.

The next octave of multidimensional light will be dispersed into your third chakra.



FUNCTION AND AREA OF THE BODY:  Your third chakra is between your second chakra and the base of your rib cage. This chakra is the power center of your physical body and functions as either power-over or power-within. As you consciously begin to commune with the higher light, you will begin to remember your innate power-within. Then, you will no longer allow yourself to be a victim. Will you face this challenge by activating your power-within or will you seek the revenge of power-over?

NERVE PLEXUS: Your solar plexus is your own inner Sun that shines your inner power into your reality. Thus, the higher light will amplify your inner power and free you from the cycle of victim/victimizer. As you inner Sun glows stronger and brighter your power within will reveal and release hidden thoughts of fear or victimization. Hence, you will no longer create those scenarios, as you will know that you are powerful and find no need to become involved the 3D Game of power-over.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: Your pancreas is the hormone that has to do with digestion of food, information and energy. Hence, your intake of food will greatly change as any dense or difficult to digest foods will interfere with your more important task of digesting and distributing the higher light. Since your body will now be focusing on digesting the higher light, lower frequency foods will become indigestible and hopefully stricken from your diet. Also, with the intake of higher light you will begin to crave vast amounts of pure water to regulate and cool your system.

The next octave of multidimensional light will be dispersed into your fourth chakra.



FUNCTION AND AREA OF THE BODY: The fourth chakra rules your heart and lungs and has the ability to run energy through your arms and hands. Your heart and lungs work to together to feed you cells oxygen enriched glucose. As the higher light continually enters your system, your cells bodies begin to crave light rather than glucose. This transition of cellular food is the first stages of becoming Lightbody.

NERVE PLEXUS: Your heart plexus is intermingled with your High Heart. Just as your physical heart runs your physical body by distributing blood through out your system, your High Heart runs your Lightbody by distributing higher light through your system. Since the highest frequency of light is unconditional love, your High Heart distributes unconditional love through your system.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: The thymus gland of your fourth chakra rules your immune system and is the source of all the physical, emotional, mental and dimensional healing. Since unconditional love is the healing force of the multiverse, once your High Heart has taken superiority over your human heart new forms of healing and transmutation will be revealed in your daily life.

The next octave of multidimensional light will be dispersed into your fifth chakra.



FUNCTION AND AREA OF THE BODY: Your fifth chakra is your throat center, which is the center of communication via your physical voice and ears. As your heart and mind become the Heart/Mind of your High Heart your throat chakra serves as the waylay device connecting your opened Third Eye and your High Heart.

NERVE PLEXUS: The throat chakra is ruled by the laryngeal plexus, which rules your throat, shoulders, arms and voice. Hence, your tone of voice, posture of your shoulders and movement of your arms will begin to give a clearer meaning of your communications than your words. This transmutation prepares you to communicate via telepathy, empathy and communing, which is the norm for higher dimensional realities.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: Your fifth chakra is ruled by your thyroid gland, which sets the pace/timing of your entire system. Hence, as the multidimensional light begins to integrate into your physical form your thyroid gland is called upon to maintain a steady pace for this higher resonance through out your entire body.

The next octave of multidimensional light will be dispersed into your sixth chakra and the octave beyond that is your seventh chakra. Since your sixth chakra, pituitary gland, and your seventh chakra, pineal gland, work in unity to create your opened Third Eye, we will look at both of these chakras at once.








FUNCTION AND AREA OF THE BODY: Your sixth chakra is based at your forehead and your seventh is based at the top of your head. These two chakras work together. The pineal gland of the seventh chakra pulls the higher light into your earth vessel and sends it to your pituitary gland. The pituitary gland of your sixth chakra is the Master Gland that distributes this higher light throughout your entire body. This distribution is based on matching the frequency of light with the frequency of each chakra.

NERVE PLEXUS:  The nerve plexus for these two chakras is the physical brain for the unenlightened and the Cosmic Brain for the enlightened. Your physical brain cares for all the needs of your physical life, whereas your Cosmic Brain cares for multidimensional life. It is via your Cosmic Brain that you receive communications (often known as channels) from your expressions of your SELF in the higher dimensions of reality.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: While you are unenlightened your pineal and pituitary glands work together as separate partners. However, as the pineal and pituitary gland merge to become your Opened Third Eye, you perceive frequencies of reality far beyond the third dimensions. Then you know that you know are not your body. Instead, you realize that you are wearing an earth vessel, which is the lowest frequency expression of your Multidimensional SELF.


Once you remember that you are a wondrous multidimensional being you begin the amazing journey of personal and planetary transmutation. In fact, this journey is likely the reason for your present incarnation. At this point, all the physical laws of separation, polarity, limitation and illusion are transmuted into a higher frequency of expression. For example:

·         Separation is transmuted into Unity

·         Polarity is transmuted into Convergence

·         Limitation is transmuted into Abundance

·         Illusion is transmuted into Truth

You will also remember that you are among those who volunteered to be a prototype of transmutation of form into a higher frequency of expression.  In this manner, you can assist with the transmutation of your entire reality. You greatest challenge is that you will undergo this personal transmutation while you inhabit the form that is transmuting. This process is similar to totally remodeling your house with a new roof, new floor, new plumbing, new electricity etc. while you are living within this house/body.

In order for a species, or planet, to transmute forms without destruction of the previous form, it must be inhabited by an advanced consciousness that can communicate with its higher expressions of SELF, as well as the cellular consciousness of the transmuting form. Most of you do not remember that you volunteered for this adventure, but knowing that you were brave enough to choose this challenge gives you great “power-within.”

Gaia’s planet, Her animals, plants, elements and fourth dimensional Elementals are all waiting for the very diverse, and often wounded, population of humanity to transmute into their higher expression. However, just as you would not transplant a tree into a larger pot when it was “sick,” a human who is wounded cannot be transplanted into a higher frequency body. Transmutation best occurs when your foundation is strong, your body strong and your conscious expanded.

Therefore, we recommend that your first job is to heal your body, mind and emotions. This healing will be ongoing as you adjust to higher and higher frequencies of form. As soon as you adapt to one frequency of form the bar is raised and you will be called upon to adjust to even a higher frequency.

Since the highest frequency of multidimensional light is unconditional love, and unconditional love is the healing force of the multiverse, this higher light heals as it transmutes. Thus, as you cells are healed and transmuted, you become increasingly aware that you are not just your body. YOU are a great multidimensional body that has extended its lowest frequency into a physical body on Gaia to assist with Her process of planetary ascension. You will assist Gaia by ascending your physical AGAIN!

Yes, you are Ascended Masters in human bodies who have volunteered to assist dear Gaia. As you remember your higher, ascended SELF, your higher state of consciousness can open portals of communication with your cellular consciousness. Your cellular consciousness has direct access to the matrix for your body. When your body’s matrix is fully transmuted into the fifth dimension, you will flash point into Lightbody.

When you, as your multidimensional Ascended SELF, send unconditional love into the cellular consciousness of your earth vessel, you greatly accelerate healing of any wounded areas of your body. In this manner, your physical form can more swiftly transmute into its higher expression of Lightbody. Furthermore, when you, your SELF sends unconditional love into your subconscious self, you free the many perceptions of reality that have been stored in your body’s matrix until your human expression was ready to perceive the higher dimensions of reality.

The healing of this unconditional love will occur without draining any energy from your third dimensional self. All you need do is to recognize this steady stream of unconditional love from your Multidimensional SELF into your physical self. You can then relax, and the healing will proceed beyond the limitations of time and space.

We are viewing your process and will happily communicate with any of you who call,

The Arcturians

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Suzanne Lie – Alchemy Of Creation, Part 2 – Transmution Of Matter – By The Arcturians


www.suzanneliephd.blogspot.com / link to original article

To transmute your physical form, it is best that you release your attachment to human individuality and think of yourself as a planetary being. For humans to ascend via their physical bodies transmuting into the fifth dimension rather than “dying” as was normal before this great era, you will need the assistance of Earth. At the same time, in order for Earth to ascend without the extinction of Her physical form, She needs human assistance.

Hence dear humans and Galactics/Celestials in human form, you will need to expand your personal consciousness into planetary consciousness. In this manner, there is no sense of personal sacrifice or fear. There is only the great unity of person and planet ascending as ONE Being. Furthermore, we request that those of you who have awakened to your Multidimensional SELF no longer hold back your process. Others have chosen the Mission of working with the beginners.

Those of you who are merged with your Multidimensional SELF are more ready than you may think. Additionally, the higher light is allowing you to expand your consciousness into higher and higher expression of SELF. At the same time, your consciousness is expanding deeper and deeper into your atomic, subatomic and quantum levels of consciousness. In other words, you are not just raising your consciousness. You are expanding your consciousness far beyond physical Earth, as well as deep into the matrix of Earth.

As your consciousness expands, so do your perceptions. Also, when you expand your perceptions, you can change your gene activity. When you choose to believe that your higher perceptions are “real” you increase your perceptual field to the frequencies the fourth and fifth dimensions. This extended perceptual field activates the neural activity of your 97% multidimensional DNA. This multidimensional DNA is linked to your higher expressions of SELF, as well each cell of your body.

Your earth vessel is an intelligent biological earth ship, just as our Starships are biological. The current container for your consciousness is just one of myriad containers on myriad dimensions and parallel and/or alternate realities. You have decided to take command of your current personal earth ship, which becomes a fourth-dimensional etheric ship when you are “sleeping” and can expand into the higher dimensions during meditation.

Your “dominant state of consciousness” is the state of consciousness that directs your daily life and constant perceptions. This state of consciousness is usually somewhere between your highest frequency consciousness achievable during deepest meditation and the frequency of consciousness that is responsible for directing you to react, rather than interact. In other words, it is midway between your highest and lowest states of consciousness.

Once you realize that the act of reaction determines the point of perception that identifies your dominant state of consciousness you will become conscious of that to which you chose to react. In other words, the perception to which you choose to react creates your dominant point of perception within that NOW. You have many different dominant state of consciousness throughout your day depending upon the perceptions to which you react, respond, interact, or ignore.

Just as your chakras are aligned to different frequencies, every state of consciousness has a frequency of perception. These perceptions are the sum-total of the frequency of reality you have chosen by your placing your attention on, reacting, responding or interacting with that specific version/frequency of reality. Every reality has many versions, and each version is different because it resonates to a higher or lower frequency.

There are myriad channels on your “TV of 3D Life.” The channel on which you choose to place your attention determines your state of consciousness within that NOW. We say “that NOW” as to us all reality exists within the HERE of the NOW. There is no coming or going in the HERE NOW. We ARE. We resonate, we fluctuate, and most wonderfully we create.

We Arcturians are here to assist you in our co-creation of the Arcturian Corridor. We have spoken often of this Corridor. However, since you, our ascending ones, are now moving into a higher state of consciousness you can perceive higher frequency components of our message that were once beyond your power of perception. Hence, our (human and Arcturian) Corridor is expanding along with your perceptions. http://www.multidimensions.com/TheVision/books.html

(Journey Through the Arcturian Corridor 1 through 4)

To further assist Gaia we Arcturians are in direct communication with many multidimensional beings presently wearing an earth vessel. When we communicate we speak in Light Language. Light Language resonates beyond time, polarity, limitation separation or fear. Since you must be free of fear in order to receive our messages, some are unable to perceive us. However, the higher light is continually expanding your perceptions and filling you with unconditional love (the antidote for fear). Hence, more and more of those wearing earth vessels are able to receive Light Language messages from the higher dimensions.

You can receive these messages through your fourth dimensional night body, or more consciously via meditations, channeling, or other creative endeavors. You are able to receive these higher dimensional messages because your consciousness is expanding into the consciousness of your higher expressions of SELF, as well as into your cellular consciousness. Through your cellular consciousness you will begin to consciously experience the cellular, atomic and sub-atomic level of your grounded earth vessel.

At this point, you will begin to commune with your molecular self by exploring and healing old issues and situations from your past that tell you that you are NOT the Captain of your earth vessel.  These limiting messages are at the core of third dimensional thinking. When you enter your unconscious to allow your past to heal your present, you confuse your third dimensional thinking.

Third dimensional thinking is also based on the present that appears to be outside of you. Therefore, whenever you go inside to ponder that past, which is hidden deep inside your subconscious, it further confuses your third dimensional thinking. Then, as you give credence to the lessons to be found within your past, a door opens to your past lives. These past lives are introductions to your perceiving yourself from beyond the barrier of time. Hence, your attachment to third dimensional thinking is further loosened.

The first “past lives,” you choose to ponder will likely be those with unfinished business that you brought into this incarnation to finish. Hence, even your human history is beyond time, as it is stored in your unconscious mind. Once you release time to heal and complete unfinished lives, you gain the courage and wisdom to remember the past lives in which you completed you’re chosen mission and gained great insight and enlightenment.

The acknowledgement of these lives activates the memory of your Multidimensional SELF. Very often your unconscious mind is the archive for old memories that you could not resolve when they occurred in that timeline. However, with the wisdom, power and love of your Multidimensional SELF you have the ability to bring that experience into its conclusion. We refer to your unconscious mind as the archive for experiences from your past that you are too immature to process.

On the other hand, we refer to your subconscious mind as a composite of everything you have ever perceived, as well as any information your mind collects that cannot be consciously processed or acknowledged. Your conscious mind cannot always absorb all available information, as it would create an information overload. Therefore, the subconscious mind stores this information where it can be retrieved by the conscious mind when it needs to defend itself for survival or for higher cognitive purposes.

However, hidden deep inside your unconscious and subconscious is your Divine Child who carries the “instruction manual” for your current embodiment. These instructions are in Light Language sent only to you. Hence, the process of deciphering this Light Language requires that you first connect with higher expressions of your SELF before you look deep into your unconscious and subconscious to find your Divine Child who remembers everything!

When you look HI UP into your higher SELF while you simultaneously look DEEP DOWN into your unconscious and subconscious mind you can experience unconditional love and human emotion within the NOW. When you can close these polarities of spirit and matter with the power of your multidimensional perception, you enter the NOW of the ONE as you merge your Divine Child with your Higher Expression of SELF.

Experiencing your Alpha, Divine Child and Omega, Higher SELF confuses your 3Dconsciousness enough that you can jump out of time. Then the past of your unconscious and subconscious can no longer interfere with your present on 3D Earth. When you are fully merged with your NOW, you are able to perceive any third-dimensional thought-forms from your past as lessons that have guided you into your present. From this point of perception, you can easily liberate these injuries from your past with the power of unconditional love and by perceiving them as cherished teachers.

We see that all of you, our Multidimensional Masters, are preparing to expand your consciousness into the next frequency of reality. Before this NOW, you did not have that option, as the frequency of your reality was too low and infiltrated with fear. Because of the darkness of that reality and the restrictions that it placed on your consciousness, you could not believe that your higher perceptions were “real.”

Furthermore, you could not perceive your highest and lowest resonance of your Multidimensional SELF, as this process can only occur within the safety of unconditional love, which was rarely present on your reality within the last 2000 years. Thus, unconditional love was forgotten and re-written into a 3D format of conditional love. In this manner, the concept of love lost its true meaning.

However, now with your 97% DNA coming on line you are able to preview you highest self and your super-subconscious at the same time. This expansion of perception is possible because of your expansion of consciousness. Simultaneously, your expansion of consciousness is possible because of your expanded perception. Also, the activation of your multidimensional DNA allows you to believe it is possible to perceive higher dimensions of reality.

It may appear that many humans are still asleep. However, they are beginning to consistently awaken due to the activation of the 97%DNA. This DNA expands your perceptions beyond the confines of time, space, separation and limitation. Simultaneously, as you expand your consciousness beyond the 3D matrix of time, space, polarity, separation and limitation this DNA is activated.

Once your multidimensional DNA is fully activated the process of transmutation of matter advances exponentially. The feedback loop of the higher light having a frequency of matter that can contain it, while multidimensional DNA goes about the process of creating a vessel that can contain even higher frequencies of light, begins a process of transmutations of third dimensional matter into multidimensional matter.

Of course, the multidimensional DNA was always within your earth vessel as a latent reminder of your potential to return to your true multidimensional nature. However, this potential needed to be activated by the higher frequencies such as photons charged with particles of infrared, ultraviolet and gamma rays. These frequencies of light, as well as frequencies still unknown or named to your world, make up the higher light that is streaming into your world.

Humans have been doing some important research about the role of DNA on the evolution of the human species. Below is a short summary of this research:

In 1990, a group of Russian physicists, molecular biologists, biophysicists, geneticists, embryologists and linguists began a study of this “junk” DNA. Dr. Peter Gariaev PhD who is a Biophysicist and Molecular Biologist directed this research project. These scientists irradiated DNA samples with laser light. On screen, a typical wave pattern was formed. When they removed the DNA sample, the wave pattern did not disappear, it remained.

Many controlled experiments showed that the pattern continued to come from the removed sample, whose energy field apparently remained by itself. This effect is now called phantom DNA effect. It is surmised that energy from outside of space and time still flows through the activated wormholes after the DNA was removed.

They determined that this DNA is also a complex, biological, micro-computer chip that communicates with its environment. Dr. Gariaev found that the basic structure of these DNA alkaline pairs is the same as that of human language. Thus, they can be influenced and reprogrammed solely by the thought waves in our environment. Dr. Gariaev and Dr. Poponin also discovered that there is a multidimensional field structure surrounds our DNA chain.

Other studies were done by Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. who is an internationally recognized Cellular Biologist and a pioneer in a new field called Epigenics. In his book, titled The Biology of Belief, Dr. Lipton writes about his discovery that evolution is, in fact, driven by consciousness.  The caterpillar and the butterfly have the exact same DNA.  They are the exact same organism.  But they are responding to a different frequency.

Dr. Lipton has discovered that it is not genes that control life at the cellular level. It is the mind’s perception of its environment.  He coined the term “Spontaneous Evolution” because he has discovered that our DNA scans our environment for frequencies that are relevant to our existence, changes its structure, and then sends messages to reshape it self accordingly.

As we stated earlier in our message, many of you are ready to be co-creators of “our” Arcturian Corridor. The Corridor is not a place; it is an inter-dimensional corridor in which beings, as they are not all human, on the verge of ascension can gather to connect, learn and remember the process of transmutation.

All of you who are on the cusp of this ascension wave have had at least one experience of ascension. However, in most of these experiences you released your consciousness from your third-dimensional form and soared into higher dimensions. These ascensions were transmutations of consciousness. In this ascension, you are not only transmuting your consciousness, but your physical AND your planetary body as well.

Thus, it is vital that you merge with your planetary consciousness so that you and Gaia can act as a team. Many of you have already gathered within the Arcturian Corridor to learn about inter-dimensional travel. Now, you will be learning about transmutation of your personal and planetary body. As you awaken your cellular consciousness, you will be able to deeply merge with Gaia, as well as assist us to implant our Corridor into the body of ascending Earth.

Your great, Multidimensional SELF is about to make a full appearance in your daily life. As you begin to perceive life from a higher perspective, you will send signals to your DNA that it is “time to enter your cocoon” and begin your transmutation. However, you, the ascending ones on Earth, will not be able to ONLY focus totally on your process of transmutation.

In fact, you will, and are now, called upon to perform your daily tasks while you are in the process of totally restructuring your thoughts, emotions, consciousness, DNA and earth vessel. Fortunately, you will be able to call upon us, as well as your own higher expressions of SELF.

We shall return with more information,

The Arcturians

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