Pleiadian Alaje, Part 09 – Warning To Humanity – Negative Alien Agenda – 8-18-16




Pleiadian Message from Alaje – Complete

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Pleiadian Message to Humanity – by Alaje

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A message for all Earth humans. The complete 14 part message.
And before any of you unconscious people start knocking the fact that he claims to be pleiadian, try meditating first. You will find out that it is absolutely true. This is a genuine divine message of true universal love, not the distorted love that most know. Get to know your soul, open up to the existence, spirituality is the most important thing on this planet. Haven’t you noticed how hard the establishment has tried to stomp spirituality out of our schools, learning institutions and even the society we live in? People are treated like the plague when it is even brought up in conversation. You should think deep and hard about that. Good Luck. In Lak’ech

Pleiadian Message – Alaje – Consciousness

yijin09·361 videos