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March 2016 Message from the Akashic Records – An Excerpt from the Message of March 2016 by Jen Eramith | Akashic Transformations – 3-3-16

March 2016 Message from the Akashic Records   –   An Excerpt from the Message of March 2016 by Jen Eramith | Akashic Transformations   –   3-3-16
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What energy and experiences can we expect in March 2016?There is a sense of fresh, new energy this month. As this new energy sweeps through Planet Earth, in some ways the real work of the year 2016 begins now. New challenges will arise and many of you will feel that this month is a challenging one. Yet these challenges are completely surrounded by resources. For every challenge that arises, you will have more resources than you need to meet those challenges.

There is a great sense of optimism available, there is a great sense of productivity, but it will be necessary for you to choose an attitude that allows you to harness that optimism. If you focus on problems, if you spend a lot of time alone, or if you do not ask for help this month then you will easily be overwhelmed by the challenges. If, instead, you focus on finding solutions and developing allies, this can be an empowering and even joyful month.

Many of the challenges you face will bring up deep emotions. The key for meeting the challenges and really using the energy of the month will be to hold a space for faith. In your spiritual practice, work on having faith that you will have what you need. Surround yourself with helpful, loving people. Ask for help, spend time around people who are positive and who support you, and call on Spirit to help you as well.

If you will find the courage to ask for help and look for resources this month, you will find that challenges will be inspiring rather than overwhelming.



Is there a particular practice that will help us work with this energy?

Yes, it will be very useful for each of you to practice being more transparent in your relationships. Say more openly and clearly what you need to say. Ask more openly what you want to know. This is not a time for subtlety or for playing games by being unclear in your communication. Avoid being passive-aggressive in any way you can. The energy this month requires that you say what you really mean or not say anything. Avoid mixed messages or halfway messages.

You might find it useful to sit down each day and think of what is really in your heart, particularly in regard to the relationships that are challenging you. If someone is bothering you, or if you are feeling betrayed or hurt by someone, sit down and really consider what is in your heart. If you could speak openly and know that you would be heard and accepted, what would you say?  Write these things down, even if you will never say them. It is often true that you will not be able to truly say everything in your heart. People are sometimes closed to you or sometimes simply unavailable. Find what you can say or what you can convey, and find a way to offer it as clearly and lovingly as possible. Avoid waiting for other people to guess what you feel. Let them know what you feel and let them know exactly what you are asking for so that miscommunication is minimized. If you can do that this month, you will find your sense of peace with yourself with grow whether someone responds positively or negatively.

While you may feel difficult emotions this month, strive to be honest and forthright with yourself and others. Take time to listen to your heart and plan a clear message, rather than hinting at your message and then resenting people for not understanding. If you are unclear in your communication this month, you will find that the challenges will overwhelm you and you will feel stuck rather than productive.

For many of you, simply the act of knowing what is in your heart will accomplish what you need, even if you never share it with others. You may not always be able to communicate to the other person, but just the act of knowing the message clearly for yourself will open the door for healing and resolution this month.


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ACTIVATION Of Your Divine DNA NOW – Channeler: Akashic Records – 7-5-15

EVOLUTION REAL DNA ACTIVATION -as the very structure of the evolution of reality itself-

Warning: The following message is INTENDED to physically ACTIVATE YOUR DNA.

The first time you read this it will have zero effects in respect to your free will,

if you decide you want your DNA ACTIVATED IMMEDIATELY

read this message a 2ND TIME and your DNA WILL BE ACTIVATED IMMEDIATELY.
While reading the second time, this information will automatically activate your dna,

if you do not want this, do not read the message a second time- also,

if you read a second time ‘by accident’ or without wanting your dna activated,

the following content will not work on you.

This is in respect to your free will, you are not forced to do this, you are offered the choice.


You must live in the supreme reality, it is the only place where you can be conscious, as your consciousness is and has always been, love. You decided this, because the conscious of love leads to what you love, and what you have always loved.

Our history was necessary to construct your DNA to this extent, the same way a creature must slowly evolve, so too does the soul, as this is the order of how things are built. Things must be built from the ground up. The reason there are so many different species and genetic varieties, is because of the law of chance. Chance is the process of randomization, where events occur by random selection, but, be aware, randomization/chance is effected by consciousness, by true thought. This is proved by the random number generators all over the world, which begin to ‘randomly’ produce the SAME NUMBERS when big world events happen, such as 9 11.


This is why there are ‘no coincidences’ all ‘random events’ are in fact produced by your consciousness.
This is also why things such as “the secret” “law of attraction” “affirmations” are also so effective, your consciousness alters the chance of randomization, therefore, selects what events will happen. A creature is able to evolve into some thing stronger, because it’s consciousness alters the random copying ‘errors’
in the DNA, which causes physical mutations. How dna is formed, is by a dna splitting itself, and duplication the information is has, but sometimes, there are random ‘errors’ which are actually, ‘corrections.’ Without these ‘corrections’ creatures would not have evolved the very aspects which keep them alive!

This is because for evolution to be effective, a creature must evolve in a way which helps keep it’s species alive, otherwise it would die, and sease to exist. Evolution is the process of creating a form of life which keeps itself alive in the most effective way. You are in your body right now, because your current reality is the best opportunity for the evolution of your DNA.

Now depending on the consciousness of the creature, it’s thoughts and feelings, it may evolve into a mouse or a tiger. If you think “tiger thoughts” you become a tiger, if you think “mouse thoughts” you become a mouse, if you think “angelic thoughts” you become an angel. Let us venture together, and think the most high thoughts conceivable, and become them.

Your consciousness determines what you will transform into, and you already decided, to transform into your ultimate form, that which is THE ONE, THE ONE WHICH IS THE ALL, THE ALL WHICH IS THE ONE.
THE ONE WHO IS moral, psychic, immortal, clairvoyant, all seeing, feeling, sensing, and understanding, connected to divine understanding, creativity, patience, appreciation, acceptance, full love, full compassion, and completely connected to all which is, as you understand it is you, and always has been, as you are the conscious of every creature and all life.


You decide your reality, you built it from the very first strand of DNA, your consciousness is what made all reality possible, your consciousness is what all reality is made of.

So you may wonder, well, why do bad things happen to me? If I am really this supreme being, Why would I decide these bad things to happen to me? The forward, and to the point answer is, because you required those events to transmute your DNA into your ultimate form. You needed those events to foster a consciousness, able to foster the activation of your DNA, which you may ACTIVATE NOW.


Things need to experience process, or they remain the same thing, if you could not evolve, you would repeat the same action for infinity, you would just run in a loop. In order to experience anything other than the loop, you must evolve, and you cant help but evolve towards your ultimate form, because that is what evolution can’t help but evolve into! Every step of evolution is REQUIRED for your ULTIMATE FORM to have THE MEANS to EXIST, the ‘bad’ things in your life are NEEDED for you to EVOLVE PAST YOUR PERCEPTIONS.
Your history has been building your DNA to the ultimate reality you have selected for yourself, which has been called, and always will be, heaven.

You have selected this reality because what is within it is everything you have always desired, or somehow will lead to the reality your true self desires, and you may need to experience some challenges to get there, but know, they are not in your way like a wall, or a block, these challenges or events are truly stair steps, building the way to the reality you have always wanted, you need one step in order to reach the next. You have been desiring complete bliss, content, and satisfaction, and it is delivered to you! But it must be delivered in pieces, that you must put together, as you are living your life, so you can personally construct your supreme reality in the way which is exactly how you desire it to be, tailored to all your needs! You are a Creator! You are meant to Create!


You cannot help but create your truly desired reality, because your desire can’t help but decide what happens to you! As above so bellow! And you know you desire what IS BEST! You cannot help it!

Now do not fear the effect of your reality on others, everyone sharing this reality with you is also here because they desire the same reality! Otherwise, they would not exist here because of the effects of their consciousness! They cannot help but be the same consciousness as you because you are them! And they you! To exist here, they must be! Because all consciousness is YOUR consciousness. Even if it may not appear so, they are just as much you as you are them, and your desires are their own, it is the WAY OF THE ONE. It is as it is.

There is a center in your brain, called your pineal gland, which releases DMT as you dream, which is also a potent psychedelic, as well as THE SPIRIT MOLECULE. when your DNA is fully activated, it is designed to release the ‘essence of eternal life’ in the form of DMT, the same thing dreams are made of, the same thing reality is made of. This essence is the nectar of eternal life, and infinite wisdom.

You are ALL LIFE,
You understand WHO YOU ARE
Every creature, every realm, every atom!
You use your knowing of being ALL
You cannot help this process, as it is as natural as you yourself,
Do not fear the unknown,
As a baby bird, who sits at the edge of their nest,
You must leap,
And watch yourself soare,
And soare you will,
Because the wind lifts you from under your wings,
Because you have faith in yourself,
And because you are THE ONE,
You are
The Chosen One.
Forever, in great love,