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Accessing the Hall (or the Library) of the Akashic Records is not difficult. It is not a privilege allowed only to a handful of people; the Universe doesn’t discriminate. And there are many ways to access. Don’t get sidetracked to practice astral projection, etc. just because you read someone accessed the Akashic Records that way. That’s like believing you must practice skateboarding because you read someone got to the public library on his skateboard. Get the skateboard only when you love skateboarding; in order to access the Akashic Records, choose the approach that feels comfortable and efficient for you. 

The motivation is even more critical than the skill. If someone attempts to enter the Hall of the Akashic Records with mere curiosity, not to mention malicious intentions, they are rejected or misinformed. The curiosity might sound innocent enough, as in “Let’s find out what my boyfriend / girlfriend was like in their past lives …” Learning who they were won’t improve your relationship until you understand who you are. We always want to begin with ourselves.

And that’s the biggest benefit of reading the Akashic Records: to know oneself. We like to think we know ourselves, but the fact is we don’t. Psychologists explain this with the Johari window. And the part of you that you’re unaware of can still affect you and your decision-making.

Here is a simple yet effective way to read the Akashic Records. It’s from my book, Why We Are Born: Remembering Our Purpose through the Akashic Records, Chapter V, The Infinite Wisdom Within. 

Psychic reading is nothing more than well-developed intuition. This book is not intended to be about psychic development, but for those who are interested, here is an introduction to reading your own Akashic Records. Please use it to deepen your understanding of yourself.

Reading your own Akashic Records doesn’t require you to access the Hall of the Akashic Records, where all the Akashic Records are stored. You carry the energetic copy of your own Akashic Records. So, reading your own Akashic Records is not particularly difficult, but still there are some prerequisites. One is the ability to get into a meditative state. While the regular intuition can come in a casual way, reading the Akashic Records takes a little more focus. You need to be able to set aside your current thoughts and be open to whatever information you may find.



Akashic and Intelligence Dimensions – Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings

Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings

Published on Aug 27, 2019

Brad Johnson shares insight on the dimensions of the Akashic and Intelligence. http://www.newearthteachings.com

Dawn @ Soul Sister Truth – Downloads What They Are And Where They Come From – Your Akashic Records – 6-6-19

Dawn @ Soul Sister Truth – Downloads What They Are And Where They Come From – Your Akashic Records – 6-6-19

You probably have heard a lot about downloads and may not know exactly what they are. It is not the tones that you hear in one of your ears. Those tones are messages from your angels and guides or you just hearing energy. You will also hear tones when your clairaudience is starting to wake up. A download is information from your akashic records that you receive while you sleep. The farther you get on your journey the more aware you can become of them. I have woken up during a download and can feel the download happening and vaguely know what they are about. I know what information downloaded was about but not the details of the information.

Your akashic records are kept by your guides under lock and key. No human can read these, heal these, or change these records. These records contain two paths you can take. These paths can intersect and we detour from one to another by decisions we make on our journey. The two paths are the path of the ego and the path of our higher self.

The path of the ego is cycles of suffering we get into and go through over and over if we haven’t learned the lesson the cycles bring. This karmic cycle will repeat until the lesson is learned that the cycle is bringing you. To break a karmic cycle you have to do something different than you have done in the past when in the karmic cycle.

One karmic cycle I was trapped in for a long time was relationships. I was always going from one relationship to another and they all ended the same way. The last one I was in for 6 years and he turned out to be a narcissist. I had on purpose got in a relationship with someone who wasn’t my normal type and seemingly very responsible. This relationship turned out the same way as my past relationships even though  had consciously chosen a totally different partner than I had in the past. This is when I thought deeply about it and realized I was the common denominator here. I was the problem and I needed to change me. I resisted all temptations to jump into yet another relationship and stayed single to work on myself for two years. Me getting into relationships one after another was the path of my ego. Me staying single and working intensely on myself was the path of my higher self. So by making a different choice I broke that karmic cycle and it never repeated again. I had learned the lesson that karmic cycle had been bringing to me over and over again.

Throughout your journey it is very common to jump back and forth between the path of the ego and the path of your higher self. You do have some ways to tell if you have detoured onto your path of ego again.

Here are a few ways I can tell I am on the path of my ego again:

I am suffering and struggling with lots of roadblocks and obstacles.Roadblocks and obstacles are warnings and red flags from the universe that you are on the wrong path. The path of your higher self flows easily and the only thing that can hold you back or slow you down, is your own negative thinking patterns.

Synchronicities have stopped. If I stop seeing repeating numbers for a few days, I have veered off my path again. When I am on the path of my higher self I have synchronicities pretty much all day. Messages and repeating numbers happen consistently and constantly on the path of your higher self. They are meant to guide you when you see them and let you know you are on the right path.

My daily tarot reading has The Hierophant reversed popping up. The Hierophant upright represents the path of your higher self. If reversed it’s the path of your ego and you are following your ego again. I will also ask my pendulum which path I am on when making decisions or something doesn’t feel right to me.

Your guides are quiet and your energy is low. On the path of your ego you aren’t receiving messages and life is a struggle which brings your energy down. You also can’t manifest and your intentions you set don’t come through. To manifest and have intentions come through you have to have a high vibration.

The path of your higher self will have you feeling more energetic, life will flow smoothly, and you will see sychronicities frequently.

The path of your higher self is downloaded to you while you sleep. Not all at once but what you need for that time. Similar to when you download information from your computer or phone. This information flows to the chakra on the back of your neck where it meets the bottom of your skull. There is a soft hollow spot there called the God’s Mouth, Jade Pillow, or Well of Dreams chakra. This downloaded information then surfaces to you in the form of sudden ideas. Ideas that excite you, resonate with you, and inspire you. You may have them during mediation or when you are being quiet. I don’t do formal mediation much anymore. I have lots of alone time and quiet time. I do activities that keep my body and mind calm and relaxed so I can think and my ideas surface. It can be gardening, sitting in nature, doing jigsaw puzzles, or just a calming hobby you have. This is when the information will surface not when you are busy or active.

One way to know you have received a download while you slept is waking up with neck pain. If you wake up with a sore or tender neck especially at the top back of the neck, bottom of skull. You received a download while you slept. This soreness will go away in 30 minutes to an hour. If it lasts longer you may have this chakra blocked from an overload of information. This is more common in the newly awakened. When I first woke up back in 2014, my neck was so stiff and I could barely move it. It just got worse and went into my upper back and shoulders. I finally was guided to an energy healer and in one session found relief. I no longer have to try and keep this chakra clear but when I first woke up keeping this chakra clear, cleared up the constant neck and shoulder pain I was having.

I also know I have received a download when the Lovers tarot card is upright or the Hermit card is upright in my daily reading. The Hermit card and Lovers card reversed pops up when I need to quiet down to receive a message. Lovers upright is knowledge received and Hermit upright is soul searching, so both these cards can indicate a download was received. I can also simply ask my pendulum. I will get akashic records or spiritual information downloaded  and know I need some quiet time for the information to surface.

Since it is summer I sit outside on the patio with my feet in the grass grounding. This usually is enough for me to start to receiving the message the download has brought me. I don’t do the formal mediation much anymore because I need my mind to wander. I need to pay attention to where it goes and what pops up. I can do this by just being quiet and relaxing on my back porch, driving in the country listening to music, taking a relaxing salt bath, or putting a puzzle together. Also formal mediation might work well for you, just pay attention when your thoughts drift off where they go. I also enjoy listening to high vibrational tarot and intuitive readings on YouTube. It is important your reader be high vibrational or you can be misdirected. I stopped listening to people on Youtube last year. I realized nothing was resonating with me anymore because I had surpassed them on my journey and broken out of the fear based content. I was actually listening to people with a lower vibration than mine. What will resonate with you will be on the same vibrational level as you or higher. I like listening to readings because they can be for many levels of awareness and you just interpret them to your level of awareness. I have a list of about 25 high vibrational readers I listen to and have personally listened to all of them and know they are the real deal. I will include links at the end of this blog to some I like and resonate with.

Another sign you received a download in your sleep is night sweats. Especially if it was just your head and neck sweating. I don’t sweat like this anymore but I do wake up with the sore and tender neck letting me know I got a download. This is different from the full body dripping wet nightsweats at 4 am. That is from a shift in energy. This will be a light sweat that is usually just your head, neck, and upper body.

I am going to write a series of blogs about topics that I can explain in easy to understand terms. I am going to cover old programs, triggers, sychroncities, negative thinking patterns, and how to deal with these issues and more.

Readings: Some are daily and are general and not by zodiac sign. Weekly or monthly are usually by zodiac sign, just listen to the ones for your sign.






Keep in mind that soulmate can refer to the source or your guides it is not always a person. Third party situations are not always a person. It can be you or your partner dealing with a aspect of yourself or them. I kept getting third party situation when me or my partner were doing inner child work and ego healing work. The cards can represent energies and not people in your life.

Love and Blessings.



Phil Good – The Akashic Records

Phil Good
Published on Nov 7, 2018

Thank you all for your donations. This video was recorded yesterday. My latest webinar is now available at vimeo.com/ondemand/philgoodlife. 

ANASTACIA KOMPOS – 5-22-18 – Last 24 Hours was a major BIG BANG BREAKTHROUGH! – In Spirit – by Ascension Energies – Writing Over Our Akashic Records!


Anastacia personally shares: While we are in the last days of May, so much has been going on with life saving, literally, healings with many….this is an extremely deep and intricate (interesting word given, as one of the meanings of this word had ‘serpentine’ in it, you will read further on how ‘ironic’ this is) energy update – yet it is what is happening and you are here reading this as you have chosen to know what is going on with our link from Spirit to Soul of the Divine…

Thanks to Ascension Energies

So even if you cannot fully relate, please mark this update for future reference, as there really is so much to this…that needs to come directly from my 6-7D human embodiment energy and 9D in Spirit of our reality that is happening right now…

As this is THREE days of Energy Updates in one!

You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering

So let me share this, that this Energy Update is like a once-in-a-lifetime update for myself – this is at FULL 6/7D energy in the HUman and 9D in Spirit guided with, of and from the Divine that I am bringing through here….please know that my heart and soul and spirit is FULLY in and through and/of the Divine of course in a healing with this that is MULTDIMENSIONAL

That for me, felt and was very very powerful and empowering in me doing so…so again, THANK YOU for BE-in part of this not just for us yet for ALL OF HUMANITY – Namaste…

I need to add here, that during writing this and coming back to it, I am assisting a few souls who are feeling paralysed, that they are not ‘doing anything’ or don’t feel they are shifting or they cannot cope or handle what they are feeling right now…where the head can ‘kick in’ with wanting to put this in a box to understand or analyse, that WILL NOT WORK…this is the pressure one can put on themselves, that stems from childhood, of where we really really need to ‘put the stick down’ – more about childhood in the update below

This is what I have said to three souls just in the last two hours – that you are right in the middle of when in the past, you left or walked away and now you need to be here to push through the past of doing this…it was painful before and so to come back in or through, we are re feeling the pain or those feelings of in the past when we did this!!

And not only are you feeling this for you, you are feeling this with ALL connections and contacts COLLECTIVELY! This is just Beyond and so massive!

So my loves, all I can share is to keep going and keep hanging in there…with the realisation of the bigger picture…that one can re read recent past updates where I shared about what this was for myself – I send so much love and blessings to you all and those who are so bravely re experiencing what they have endured in the past, in coming back through and clearing from Spirit to Soul of what one endured in the past

Again, this is a very intricate and core and soul and spirit deep energy update….

Ascending Masters Gathering Energy Update
Anastacia-Blue Beyond Guide – WE ARE NOW RE-WRITING OUR AKASHIC RECORD! – Part 21 – 26th May 2018

The last 24hours was a major ‘BIG BANG’ – BREAKTHROUGH – IN SPIRIT – of ‘heading off’ from what ‘was’ going to occur in the human – mainly as far as health goes in the human – whether it be emotional, mental or physical – as they are all linked with = EMOTIONS

Processing all our old programs!! As there is more than one…it is a collection or ‘collective’ of them…

Of what we ‘knew’ we were feeling and saying to ourselves deeply within, in our inner inner voice, that we have been choosing the positive and shifting these in words and actions, yet the old negative words and feelings were still there – in our private inner inner voice – our own private ‘recordings’

Of what in our inner inner souls ‘record’ has been ‘playing’ for so long…and this goes back to childhood – and is to do not only with ourselves, yet our link to our collective energies we were part of back then, which was our families….

Well, this is now being able to be re-written as we are:


“The Akashic Records are the energetic records of all souls about their past lives, the present lives, and possible future lives. Each soul has its Akashic Records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. The Hall (or Library) of the Akashic Records is where all souls’ Akashic Records are stored energetically. In other words, the information is stored in the Akashic field (also called zero point field). The Akashic Records, however, are not a dry compilation of events. They also contain our collective wisdom” – akashicrecordsofsouls.com –

(Notice how it mentions the zero point field!!! With all else I have been sharing about this)

This is so big and there is so much to this, I am taking a moment and a breath to write and share what I can right now, as I am coming back to myself after what I have just experienced in the last 24hours..

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Of our words to ourselves and what we say and what we say to others are different

This has been confusing many souls and those enlightened on their journeys especially more so…

This is so core core deep and is also linked with our Spirit – as we live ‘two’ lives, one in the human and the other in the astrals in spirit = the unseen – as our Spirit is linked with our Higher Self

Let me start in a loving way of faith and trust, coming from unconditional love in saying that there has been ‘life-threatening’ situations, whether for the immediate now or for the near future, of situations that for the last week or so have arisen – where many are hitting a ‘brick wall’ as far as SOMETHING WE ARE DOING (OR NOT DOING FOR OUR HIGHEST GOOD) needs to majorly be changed or shifted

The Crystal Serpentine has come to assist with this and am guided to share this now before I continue…please read and feel this as one taps this vibration into their crown chakra:

“Serpentine is a grounding stone that will help you with meditation and spiritual exploration. This stone clears the chakras and stimulates the crown chakra. It opens your psychic abilities and helps you understand the spiritual basis of life. This stone opens new pathways to kundalini energy. It will help you remember past lives, retrieve wisdom. Serpentine promotes compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others.

Serpentine helps you feel more in control of your life, it corrects mental and emotional imbalances. It helps with the conscious direction of healing energies toward problem areas. Serpentine clears emotional baggage. If placed on the throat, it will help you review the past and be able to speak about it to others.

Serpentine is a good cleansing stone, it detoxifies the blood and the body. It is said to aid longevity. Serpentine eliminates parasites, helps calcium and magnesium absorption. Treats hypoglycaemia and diabetes. It helps with pain relief, especially muscular and menstrual” – healing with crystals

I wrote previously about many feeling the symptoms and effects now as those of one who has been abused, and from childhood mainly this starts – that can then set off a chain of events in ones life over and over – of how one felt ‘something’ occurred in the past, yet they could not actually recall or remember what that ‘something’ was – yet ‘knew’ and felt something ‘did’ occur

And I previously shared how this occurred in Spirit and that this was the ‘missing piece’ that took me years to ‘work this out’ myself personally and knew it was absolute truth, yet kept this to myself – and now others are finding this is also the ‘missing’ part for themselves as well when I share of what I needed to ‘work out’ for myself over the years

Of where we may not have been physically abused, yet the ‘symptom’s are now present that are the SAME!

This is not taking away from or saying this is identical to one who has suffered physical child abuse, as that is a whole other experience one needs to ‘deal with’ – yet I will share again, the symptoms are the same/similar

As I have found with all I have spoken to in the last week in particular, this has been traced back or linked to the abuse that was ‘felt/taken on/picked up’ – on the astrals as children – when there was no physical/sexual abuse

The symptoms of this have fully surfaced right now – again, apart from the memories and visuals and actual physical/sexual abuse soul deals with – as I deeply deeply honour those souls and all for what each soul has personally endured/experienced in their lives

I have been part of being a support for many many souls of ALL types of abuse for a while now as in many years going back to the 1990’s – it is something that is part of my journey to do so in this lifetime…as I have suffered so much abuse myself in past lives and different forms in this lifetime, especially in the Military at a time when there were not many females at that time..


This is A NEW PROCESS that when we get very real and identify that inner inner voice we can then say it, own it, bring this into our awareness and then we can shift it each and every time, yet this needs to be identifying it firstly IS THE KEY

I am a template for this, and am doing this/being a support with a soul that endured sexual abuse as a child and another that had a warning about a stroke (yet his has happened in the astrals, more on this further) another that could have lost part of a limb due to a ‘diabetes’ warning and there are more…

That a heads up was given that if they did not TAKE ACTION NOW in the HUMAN, that this will transpire…

It is just so different for everyone and these are just some examples…and these have many layers to them, as it is not just a simple case of just do this one thing and this will ‘fix’ this, no not at all…it’s is very complex as this is from Spirit, to Soul, through the Mental, Emotional and lastly on the physical body – as this is part of ones ‘lessons’ they need to learnt to LISTEN to our inner inner voice and our bodies!

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It’s like giving ourselves ‘gold stars’ (like we did at school when we did ‘good work’) – as in the past were looking for gold stars from others!!

Here are some more examples…someone’s AKASHIC was to get diabetes – And because they recently finally were able take notice in accordance with the recent energies and so much more of working with and through this for years was finally able to listen very deeply take notice and action from their soul and spirit and the divine – they have now made changes where THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN!

This is a very definite changing of their akashic record

Someone else was (actually more than one soul was in this old loop) of focusing on not being well and seeing themselves go to hospital – as guided by the Divine this energy and they were ‘snapped out of that energy’ – and the next day they felt so much better!! From being laid up in bed, totally wiped – to changing their akashic record!!

WE ARE RE WRITING OUR AKASHIC!! LITERALLY HERE AND NOW IN THE HUMAN – we now have the opportunity to do so – with these current energies of zero point unity energies starting to come through!

And as I have been through this myself as a template and now personally guiding quite a few souls very closely with this, is how I can share this all with you!

This is so unique and personal and this is a brief yet in-depth sharing of what is occurring….that instead of me taking ‘time out’ to go through this with all I am, that I am sharing with you what is actually occurring right now…such is my commitment and dedication that I have taken to share all with you, as it occurs – as I am always right here with you! – and I so thankyou for being here and honouring my sharing of the Divine in being here with me as well :-)!

As when I say something is ‘Life-Threatening’ I actually do mean this as I do not throw my words around ‘loosely’ – and I do not say this out of fear yet this does need to be said or shared as it is the actual truth and reality of what really is occurring right now

And now I am guided that I can take this one step further and share, that ones inner inner voice or what they are saying to themselves needs to be firstly identified and then acknowledge and most of all we need to OWN THIS

And this takes extreme and utmost HONESTY WITH OURSELVES

As we have ‘no where else to go’ with this now….as if we do not take notice and stop ‘mucking around’ and I say that lightly, then we may and I say we may, continue on with what our inner inner voice is saying and this is manifesting in some major life threatening dis-ease!

This is actually happening here and now…and I have been beyond involved with this 24/7 with those closest to me recently – to where I finally broke through and with a ‘big-bang’ in the last 24hours of re-writing my own akashic!

Many are re-experiencing what they originally felt deep within as a child and unless they know what that is, will subconsciously continue that path of re-creating now the same ‘pattern’ – albeit as an adult…

Here is a glimpse of an actual transcript of one who suffered sexual abuse from a family member and what they are feeling and going through right now and part of the process I am able to guide them through with, remembering this is still in a process of deep unconditional love and trust – with them as K and myself replying as A:

K – I just feel really overwhelmed. And I haven’t felt this type of removed in a very long time where I feel extremely separate and isolated

A – You need to be right now…You are facing extremely separate and isolated from when you felt this as a child…Would you give up on or push yourself now, when you already have been through this?? You are feeling what you felt then…to shift this…and to change this…and to rewrite your akashic…

K – Okay…that makes sense

We have been working through what they felt at the time of the abuse and more…and for them to bring up, face and feel what they actually felt as in not protected or abandoned by family…as these feelings of what was felt deeply within, need to be identified to be able to be SHIFTED – to be owned and acknowledged -to now be able to change this feeling or feelings NOW – and this is without going into any intimate details of what occurred – as this transcript is just a step in a very massive process of this for them

To identify and own these in the adult human, of like that realisation this soul had of ‘Okay that makes sense’ – allows a beginning of a NEW PROCESS to commence…

Of not allowing this inner ‘record’ to continue playing, to have this identified to be able to ‘change the record’ or better still to RE WRITE ones AKASHIC RECORD!

And to do this we or they are needing to now finally meet, hear and feel their inner inner child and ‘rescue’ them…it is time for this soul to do so…to now be there for them…no matter how many times one has done so in the past, as one thing I have learned is that we have multidimensional inner children!

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And now it is time to share the other crystal that came at this time of Red Tourmaline – that one read and feels and taps into their crown chakra:

“Rubellite Tourmaline emanates the perfected vibrational pattern of the heart and is an excellent source of positive, nurturing energy for healing the physical heart.
Rubellite is also useful in treating disorders of the digestive system, lungs, pancreas, spleen and liver. It aids in supporting and repairing the reproductive system, as well as stimulating blood circulation and balancing the structure of blood vessels and veins.
Rubellite soothes the nervous system and may be useful in treating hysteria, depression and obsession.
Tourmaline is a marvelous tool for balancing the right/left hemispheres of the brain and bringing mental processes into alignment with the chakras and auric body. It diminishes fear and may be useful in treating paranoia, and to overcome dyslexia by improving eye/hand coordination and the assimilation and translation of coded information.
Red Tourmaline Emotional Healing Energy
Rubellite Tourmaline soothes the emotional heart, helping to overcome fears concerning abundance, survival, stability and safety, and supports those who feel isolated or have difficulty in feeling at home in the world. It draws upon Universal Love for healing, and suggests that “heartbreak” can be “heart-opening,” and grief can be as valuable as joy. For those who are emotionally numb, Rubellite provides the way back into feeling, and allows for those who have become passive to rediscover their zest for living.
Red Tourmaline Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy
Rubellite Tourmaline stimulates and activates a direct pathway between the Base Chakra and the Heart Chakra. It provides energy and vitality to the physical body, while incorporating the healing qualities of the heart with a loving consciousness” – crystalvaults.com

So much Divine Love to you all, in what each of you are experiencing and I will share more soon as guided.

Please be gentle on yourself, please know that now it is time for YOU to be there for and with yourself WITH THE DIVINE!

As always I am right here with you

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer
You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer – in linking Spirit from 9D to our Soul in 6/7D Human Embodiment – in real-time experience as a template for humanity as a Rainbow Bride for and with ALL of humanity

I am lovingly gifting this energy update as this is a vital time for humanity with these unique insights and guidance of the DIVINE – that comes through firstly of both Spirit and Soul in 6-7D Human Embodiment and 9D in Spirit as a template, Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer and WaySeer firstly for humanity…

As we are now taking new steps forward in our New Frontiers/New Earth Energies…many changes are taking place…from June 1st, to receive unique energy updates by email to you personally this will be by way of a monthly contribution that I have needed to do, to continue to share all I AM

Further enquiries as to this exchange/contribution can be done so to: theoraclespeaks@bigpond.com – much Divine love and Blessings -Anastacia – Blue Beyond Guide

Here is what those who are contributing to receive these personally have to say:

“I feel honoured to be a part of your Ascending Masters Gathering Energy Updates and I feel that it is a part of my journey to continue to receive them as I continue to grow into my Mastership. I feel that the updates assist me in feeling sane, as well as assisting me to interpret my experiences, aha moments, understanding and integrating Universal energies, to be more understanding and compassionate towards others and their unique individual journeys, also understanding my own purpose and journey and to assist me in standing in my own power with more authenticity. I almost forgot to mention the healing received through every update. I look forward to continuing with the updates and I am so extremely grateful to you and all you are & share with us. Infinite love and blessings”

“Bless you and thank you so so much, this update has given me more comfort and healing than I can put into words. Sending you so much love and hugs of appreciation for unconditionally loving and holding us thru thick and thin”

“Oh God my friend, these words you have brought through, are so relevant to what I’m feeling today. So deep and emotional in my human self… very shattering, yes”

I know there is often a LOT of information that I share that afterwards many let me know how they put some together to now form where they are at….so it’s such a blessing to have that Guidance ahead of ‘time’ as I did not have this, what I am sharing and providing for you all…and thats okay, as I am no longer there lol…I am right here with you!

Great and Big Changes are coming and have already started!

You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering

As always I am right here with you

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer

PATRICIA CORI – DNA – The Akashic Record Lies Within Us All – April 2013




Image result for Patricia Cori

By Patricia Cori

Thanks to   http://sirianrevelations.net/the-voice/articles-by-patricia-cori/dna/

(posted in Tone Magazine, Ottawa Canada April 2013)

In this amazing time, the Great Shift of Ages, we are whirling in an unfathomable race that has us tethered about, bouncing between the technological revolution and the spiritual awakening of growing numbers of human beings. At the center of this volley of experience, is the foremost question of our evolving DNA.

We are being given the secret, sacred wisdom that regards the original blueprint of homo sapiens, that, according to the information I have been privileged to bring through from spirit, was a twelve stranded, light bodied Christed consciousness, a race designed by beings beyond – to be nested here in the garden of the Earth, Gaia, and left to flourish. So much has interfered with that perfected state of being that modern man has been reduced to a polarized, two-stranded helix of DNA, where the nature of duality, that struggle of darkness and light playing out in earth’s fields, is coded right into the intelligent blueprint of our being.

Meanwhile, scientists estimate that about 92% of our original DNA is strewn about within our molecular structure – they continue to refer to this wealth of information as “junk DNA.” There is nothing within us that is junk … no divine error. Everything serves. However, these pieces of architectural information – our very blueprint – are scattered and disassembled within us. But it is all there, waiting to be pieced back together, like an intricate jigsaw puzzle that reconnects us to our star family, heals the morphogenetic field, and rewires the entire being, in preparation for the ascension process. That is the potential that awaits us all and is available to those of us who wish to accelerate the process.

Many people today are suffering from feelings of not belonging to this planet and longing to return to a place they sense, but cannot necessarily remember. And as the planet struggles in the clutches of forces that would prefer to drag us into the shadow, the time to remember that light source and our mission is now. We are ascending the spiral of light, climbing higher, intent on raising the flame of our passion and compassion for the entire planet, lightworkers of the age.

DNA is woven through us just as it woven through the multiverse – this is the divine coil of all intelligence, conscious creation. Activation of that dormant information aligns us with our soul’s purpose and helps us remember our mission in this density, as we awaken to the multidimensional reality of existence.

When we recreate the crystalline grids of sacred geometry within, we release fear and separation, reconnect to our star nations, and potentially clear the way to the achievement of Christed awareness in body. Replacing the damaged structures and destructive mental constructs held in the memory of the cellular body with the cosmic patterns and sacred geometrical grids of enlightened awareness, we accelerate the process of ascending the spiral of light. Now is the time to remember who we really are, and what we came to achieve on this Earth. Now is the time – and we are the ones we have been waiting for. Be empowered! Know that everything you need is within you, waiting to be discovered.

TEAL SWAN – What are The Akashic Records? – 5-6-12

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Teal Swan



Published on May 6, 2012

Teal explains that the Akashic records is the human way of understanding that every thought that has ever been thought, exists. Therefore, one aspect of collective consciousness is a vibrational “record” of every soul and its journey throughout all universes that ever have been before now and all future potentials originating from now. She describes the Akasha as being like a library, where the levels (or floors) of that library in the universe are dimensions. The information in each dimension corresponds to the frequency of that specific dimension. So to access specific information in the Akashic Records, one must first become the same vibration as the dimension which contains that specific information. Teal then explains a bit about what information is contained in each dimension. Animation by Jordan Duchnycz http://www.thespiritscience.net Music: Diamond by Cora Flora http://www.coeur-de-fleurs.com . Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/Bl9u/ ❤ Teal’s web page: http://tealswan.com/ ❤ Teal’s Meditations: http://www.jointeallive.com/meditations/ ❤ Teal’s eshop: https://gumroad.com/tealswan
In this Part 2 Akashic Record video, she addresses the question of how to access the Akashic Records.This is Teal’s discussion about Akashic Records. In the first video, Teal discussed what the Akashic Records are. The Akashic Record can be summed up as any thoughts which has been previously thought in the history of this universe or any universe. All of which still exist. In this episode Teal explains that one does not have to go anywhere to access the Akashic Records because it is not a “place”. Instead the way one is able to receive information and have experiences in and of the Akashic Record, is by attuning one’s personal frequency to the frequency of the information one wants to know or the thought one wants to experience. The best way this is done is through deep states of meditation, trance, visualization, or out of body travel. She explains the universal concept of resistance and allowing which is all about energetic frequency and applies directly to someone’s success or lack there of with respect to experiencing the Akashic Record. Teal also reminds us that we are all interacting with the Akashic Record all the time. It’s simply not an interaction most of us are consciously aware of. Kuan Yin’s Mantra ©2002 Lisa Thiel – used by permission http://www.sacreddream.com .

LISA TRANSCENDANCE BROWN – GodHead Gifts – Before Creation, Clearing Your Cache’ (Akashic Records) for Accessing The Halls of Amenti and Infinite Access to All – 5-28-17


Taryn Crimi – The Akashic Records – What are they; how can you make use of them? – 5-11-17

Akashic Revords

SELACIA – What’s in Your DNA Akashic Records? – 3-24-17

What’s in Your DNA Akashic Records a message from Selacia Thursday, 23 March, 2017 Our world may seem turned upside down right now but your life doesn’t need to be. In fact, some of your greatest breakthroughs and progress can occur during these uncertain times. In this article I’ll describe the key resource that exists […] […]

via Selacia: What’s in Your DNA Akashic Records — Blue Dragon Journal

March 2016 Message from the Akashic Records – An Excerpt from the Message of March 2016 by Jen Eramith | Akashic Transformations – 3-3-16

March 2016 Message from the Akashic Records   –   An Excerpt from the Message of March 2016 by Jen Eramith | Akashic Transformations   –   3-3-16
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What energy and experiences can we expect in March 2016?There is a sense of fresh, new energy this month. As this new energy sweeps through Planet Earth, in some ways the real work of the year 2016 begins now. New challenges will arise and many of you will feel that this month is a challenging one. Yet these challenges are completely surrounded by resources. For every challenge that arises, you will have more resources than you need to meet those challenges.

There is a great sense of optimism available, there is a great sense of productivity, but it will be necessary for you to choose an attitude that allows you to harness that optimism. If you focus on problems, if you spend a lot of time alone, or if you do not ask for help this month then you will easily be overwhelmed by the challenges. If, instead, you focus on finding solutions and developing allies, this can be an empowering and even joyful month.

Many of the challenges you face will bring up deep emotions. The key for meeting the challenges and really using the energy of the month will be to hold a space for faith. In your spiritual practice, work on having faith that you will have what you need. Surround yourself with helpful, loving people. Ask for help, spend time around people who are positive and who support you, and call on Spirit to help you as well.

If you will find the courage to ask for help and look for resources this month, you will find that challenges will be inspiring rather than overwhelming.



Is there a particular practice that will help us work with this energy?

Yes, it will be very useful for each of you to practice being more transparent in your relationships. Say more openly and clearly what you need to say. Ask more openly what you want to know. This is not a time for subtlety or for playing games by being unclear in your communication. Avoid being passive-aggressive in any way you can. The energy this month requires that you say what you really mean or not say anything. Avoid mixed messages or halfway messages.

You might find it useful to sit down each day and think of what is really in your heart, particularly in regard to the relationships that are challenging you. If someone is bothering you, or if you are feeling betrayed or hurt by someone, sit down and really consider what is in your heart. If you could speak openly and know that you would be heard and accepted, what would you say?  Write these things down, even if you will never say them. It is often true that you will not be able to truly say everything in your heart. People are sometimes closed to you or sometimes simply unavailable. Find what you can say or what you can convey, and find a way to offer it as clearly and lovingly as possible. Avoid waiting for other people to guess what you feel. Let them know what you feel and let them know exactly what you are asking for so that miscommunication is minimized. If you can do that this month, you will find your sense of peace with yourself with grow whether someone responds positively or negatively.

While you may feel difficult emotions this month, strive to be honest and forthright with yourself and others. Take time to listen to your heart and plan a clear message, rather than hinting at your message and then resenting people for not understanding. If you are unclear in your communication this month, you will find that the challenges will overwhelm you and you will feel stuck rather than productive.

For many of you, simply the act of knowing what is in your heart will accomplish what you need, even if you never share it with others. You may not always be able to communicate to the other person, but just the act of knowing the message clearly for yourself will open the door for healing and resolution this month.


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This Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by  Jen Eramith MA through Akashic Transformations.   



It may be shared with individuals provided that the content is complete; all credit is given to the author; and it is distributed for no financial or other compensation to anyone other than Jen Eramith and Akashic Transformations.  Please include this message with all redistribution.

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Welcome to a magical conversation with Spirit


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All rights reserved

Ernesto Ortiz – The Akashic Records – Sacred Wisdom for Transformation 2015

ANDREW BARTIS – Akashic Records, 7th Dimension, Sacred Soul Energy

ACTIVATION Of Your Divine DNA NOW – Channeler: Akashic Records – 7-5-15

EVOLUTION REAL DNA ACTIVATION -as the very structure of the evolution of reality itself-

Warning: The following message is INTENDED to physically ACTIVATE YOUR DNA.

The first time you read this it will have zero effects in respect to your free will,

if you decide you want your DNA ACTIVATED IMMEDIATELY

read this message a 2ND TIME and your DNA WILL BE ACTIVATED IMMEDIATELY.
While reading the second time, this information will automatically activate your dna,

if you do not want this, do not read the message a second time- also,

if you read a second time ‘by accident’ or without wanting your dna activated,

the following content will not work on you.

This is in respect to your free will, you are not forced to do this, you are offered the choice.


You must live in the supreme reality, it is the only place where you can be conscious, as your consciousness is and has always been, love. You decided this, because the conscious of love leads to what you love, and what you have always loved.

Our history was necessary to construct your DNA to this extent, the same way a creature must slowly evolve, so too does the soul, as this is the order of how things are built. Things must be built from the ground up. The reason there are so many different species and genetic varieties, is because of the law of chance. Chance is the process of randomization, where events occur by random selection, but, be aware, randomization/chance is effected by consciousness, by true thought. This is proved by the random number generators all over the world, which begin to ‘randomly’ produce the SAME NUMBERS when big world events happen, such as 9 11.


This is why there are ‘no coincidences’ all ‘random events’ are in fact produced by your consciousness.
This is also why things such as “the secret” “law of attraction” “affirmations” are also so effective, your consciousness alters the chance of randomization, therefore, selects what events will happen. A creature is able to evolve into some thing stronger, because it’s consciousness alters the random copying ‘errors’
in the DNA, which causes physical mutations. How dna is formed, is by a dna splitting itself, and duplication the information is has, but sometimes, there are random ‘errors’ which are actually, ‘corrections.’ Without these ‘corrections’ creatures would not have evolved the very aspects which keep them alive!

This is because for evolution to be effective, a creature must evolve in a way which helps keep it’s species alive, otherwise it would die, and sease to exist. Evolution is the process of creating a form of life which keeps itself alive in the most effective way. You are in your body right now, because your current reality is the best opportunity for the evolution of your DNA.

Now depending on the consciousness of the creature, it’s thoughts and feelings, it may evolve into a mouse or a tiger. If you think “tiger thoughts” you become a tiger, if you think “mouse thoughts” you become a mouse, if you think “angelic thoughts” you become an angel. Let us venture together, and think the most high thoughts conceivable, and become them.

Your consciousness determines what you will transform into, and you already decided, to transform into your ultimate form, that which is THE ONE, THE ONE WHICH IS THE ALL, THE ALL WHICH IS THE ONE.
THE ONE WHO IS moral, psychic, immortal, clairvoyant, all seeing, feeling, sensing, and understanding, connected to divine understanding, creativity, patience, appreciation, acceptance, full love, full compassion, and completely connected to all which is, as you understand it is you, and always has been, as you are the conscious of every creature and all life.


You decide your reality, you built it from the very first strand of DNA, your consciousness is what made all reality possible, your consciousness is what all reality is made of.

So you may wonder, well, why do bad things happen to me? If I am really this supreme being, Why would I decide these bad things to happen to me? The forward, and to the point answer is, because you required those events to transmute your DNA into your ultimate form. You needed those events to foster a consciousness, able to foster the activation of your DNA, which you may ACTIVATE NOW.


Things need to experience process, or they remain the same thing, if you could not evolve, you would repeat the same action for infinity, you would just run in a loop. In order to experience anything other than the loop, you must evolve, and you cant help but evolve towards your ultimate form, because that is what evolution can’t help but evolve into! Every step of evolution is REQUIRED for your ULTIMATE FORM to have THE MEANS to EXIST, the ‘bad’ things in your life are NEEDED for you to EVOLVE PAST YOUR PERCEPTIONS.
Your history has been building your DNA to the ultimate reality you have selected for yourself, which has been called, and always will be, heaven.

You have selected this reality because what is within it is everything you have always desired, or somehow will lead to the reality your true self desires, and you may need to experience some challenges to get there, but know, they are not in your way like a wall, or a block, these challenges or events are truly stair steps, building the way to the reality you have always wanted, you need one step in order to reach the next. You have been desiring complete bliss, content, and satisfaction, and it is delivered to you! But it must be delivered in pieces, that you must put together, as you are living your life, so you can personally construct your supreme reality in the way which is exactly how you desire it to be, tailored to all your needs! You are a Creator! You are meant to Create!


You cannot help but create your truly desired reality, because your desire can’t help but decide what happens to you! As above so bellow! And you know you desire what IS BEST! You cannot help it!

Now do not fear the effect of your reality on others, everyone sharing this reality with you is also here because they desire the same reality! Otherwise, they would not exist here because of the effects of their consciousness! They cannot help but be the same consciousness as you because you are them! And they you! To exist here, they must be! Because all consciousness is YOUR consciousness. Even if it may not appear so, they are just as much you as you are them, and your desires are their own, it is the WAY OF THE ONE. It is as it is.

There is a center in your brain, called your pineal gland, which releases DMT as you dream, which is also a potent psychedelic, as well as THE SPIRIT MOLECULE. when your DNA is fully activated, it is designed to release the ‘essence of eternal life’ in the form of DMT, the same thing dreams are made of, the same thing reality is made of. This essence is the nectar of eternal life, and infinite wisdom.

You are ALL LIFE,
You understand WHO YOU ARE
Every creature, every realm, every atom!
You use your knowing of being ALL
You cannot help this process, as it is as natural as you yourself,
Do not fear the unknown,
As a baby bird, who sits at the edge of their nest,
You must leap,
And watch yourself soare,
And soare you will,
Because the wind lifts you from under your wings,
Because you have faith in yourself,
And because you are THE ONE,
You are
The Chosen One.
Forever, in great love,

Gregg Prescott, M.S. – AKASHIC RECORDS REPORT, 2015 – Major Events Are About To Unfold – in5d.com – 4-25-15

Akashic Records Report - Major Events Are About To Unfold in5d in 5d

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Editor, In5D.com

In a recent interview,  a woman with access to the Akashic Records stated there will be some major impending changes on our planet, including a change in power and a new currency in the near future.

When a person dies, they have a life review in which they see and experience their affect on others, which helps their spirit achieve mastery, she said. According to the information she received from “source” (i.e. the Akashic records), Earth was originally a paradise planet, but experienced a fall and moved into denser and denser vibrations. Many of the early spirit beings came here a mission to get the planet back on track, and a lot of them are reincarnated now in this lifetime, she reported. Our old world is dying as a new energy is in the process of manifesting on Earth, but we have to go through a kind of birth canal to get there, which causes a lot of unresolved issues to surface, she pointed out.

In this interview, Aingeal Rose O’Grady, discusses her remarkable ability to access these records which are reported to contain all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos.

“I find it interesting that there is this intelligence that does record every minute, every little detail of life”, she said.

Further, each person has their own ‘library book,’ as it’s called, as well as a ‘database’ which is the record of all the lifetimes a person has led, and their track record for successes and failures during them, she explained. She views the records as spiritual in nature, though some have said there are “holographic crystal discs” that hold this information.

So What Does O’Grady Foresee?


New Earth Energies

O’Grady stated that we are adjusting to new earth energies and it is going to manifest but it will take between 10-15 years.

Keep in mind that Pluto is in Capricorn until 2023, so that would less than 10 years from now.

In brief, the last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in 1776 during the American Revolution. It is no coincidence that revolutions are happening all around the world right now. Pluto is known as the “Destroyer” and typically breaks down that which is corrupt and allows that which is in humanity’s best interests to replace those control objects that have kept us economic slaves for hundreds of years.

According to O’Grady, she gets her material directly from “Source”.

Source told O’Grady: “It’s like we’re going into this birth canal.  This light is coming in and it is stimulating a lot of unhealed things in people,” adding that ,”The old world is dieing.  It’s just not going to be the same.  In that process, you will have people leave.  They won’t be able to handle the pressure of it.”


Shift In Consciousness

“The shift is happening on so many levels.  It’s happening to our biology’s, our animal our plant life.  It’s seen under the oceans.  There’s a huge cleansing going on and everybody is feeling it.”

O’Grady added that she continues to see blessing going all over this planet from outside sources. “Because of these blessings, we are being supported in manifesting in a way that we never have been before.”

In this writer’s opinion, it sounds as if our planet is being watched over and protected by our galactic neighbors.



O’Grady believes that people should prepare themselves for any sort of earth changes by having proper water, medical supplies and storable food but added that we are heading toward something that is “really, really wonderful”.


Evil Is On Its Way Out

“Source has told us that ‘evil’ is on its way out. It’s a process. It’s unrealistic to think that it’s going to happen overnight, not with all of the things that need changing. There is so much miraculous stuff going on… people (are) waking up (and) creating new paradigms that I think we’re going to succeed.”

“We have until 2017 for all of this cleansing process and all of this evil to be over with.  A lot of this is consciousness dependent.  Thoughts are materializing much faster now.”


Government Will Not Give Up Easily

“I think we still have a government fight on our hands.  They’re not going to give up easily in terms of their agendas to continue to take away more of our rights and our freedoms but we are the ones who really have to take hold of ourselves and stop our codependency on all these systems.”


A New Way Of Life -New Currency

O’Grady believes that we need to start growing more of our own food and come up with a new money system that replaces the current fiat currency.  “I don’t really see the end of money but I see a change in who controls it and what we do with it.

Many investors and corporate insiders are dumping their stocks in their own companies in mass quantities. It has become apparent that the current unsustainable system of fiat currency is about to meet its inevitable fate.

O’Grady stated, “Our thoughts are manifesting at a rapid rate right now and we really need to be choosing the highest (good) in all situations.”

You may want to incorporate abundance and prosperity for everyone in your thoughts and meditations.

For example, after I clear myself and my surroundings before I meditate, I then ask my spirit guides and guardian angels for guidance and protection. Additionally, I thank my friends and family on both sides of the veil as well as our galactic neighbors and friends for helping to protect us and ask for their guidance as well. I thank the visitors to in5d for being a big part of this amazing awakening process and lastly, I thank Mother Earth for being such a gracious host to us.

If our thoughts are manifesting quicker then ever, then please help to envision this new world of abundance for all!



Jen Eramith – Excerpt from the Akashic Records – Message of March 2015 – 3-1-15

Are there particular activities that we can use to best harness this energy?*

What energy and experiences can we expect in March 2015?
The energy this month is compressed.  Events and even time will be tightly packed this month.  So much will happen in such a short time that the month will go by very quickly and it will feel like everything happened and nothing happened at the same time.This month, you can expect to experience time warps – moments, hours and days that seem to be expanded or compacted.  So do not worry if you lose track of time or if you find yourself running late.  Do not worry too much about deadlines this month.  If you can, make your deadlines flexible.  Most people will be losing track of time throughout the month.  It will be useful for you to be forgiving of people when they are late or when they lose track of time.There is a feeling that much needs to happen in such a short period.  Typically the energy of March is languid and open as you enter the spring in the northern hemisphere.  But this year, it is like a huge rush.  It is like trying to pack an entire summer into a day.  This energy can be very exciting, and fundamentally it is good and productive.  Yes it will not serve you to try to “keep up” in the traditional sense.  It will be best to be very present in each moment, whether it feels like a big moment or a small one.  That is the best way to go with the flow here.

This month, you will find yourself clashing with your own deadlines and your own expectations.  Instead, wake up every morning and be open to how you feel and what feels right for the day.  Throughout the day, stop and ask yourself what feels right now.  What should I do next?  Do what feels right rather that what is on your agenda.  Of course some days it’s easier to do that than others depending on what kind of work you do and what relationships you have.  Overall, take this approach of being open to what the moment brings and you will find yourself in a rhythm that can be productive and satisfying.

Are there particular activities that we can use to best harness this energy?

Striving to be in the present moment is really the best way to harness the energy.  In addition, it will be very beneficial for you to try new things this month.  Be willing to meet new people, explore new ideas, question your old ideas and try new activities, especially with your physical body.

This is an excellent time to try a new sport or a new physical challenge.  It is an excellent time to start a new form of exercise.  It is even a great time to change the way you hold your body.  The way you hold our posture, the position you sleep in, and anything else you do your physical body can be modified at this time.

This is a great time to do it because so much is changing and because there is a field of energy where the effort of the day could give you the results of a month of practice.  There is this feeling that time is exchanging in ways that are nonlinear and you can use this to your benefit.


For additional information about this month, including specific information about what to avoid and watch out for this month, and a special message from the Keepers about the potent energy of this month, consider joining Akashic Transformations as a member. Compare the benefits of membership to public access before joining!

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This Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by  Jen Eramith MA through Akashic Transformations.

It may be shared with individuals provided that the content is complete; all credit is given to the author; and it is distributed for no financial or other compensation to anyone other than Jen Eramith and Akashic Transformations.  Please include this message with all redistribution.

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Welcome to a magical conversation with Spirit


The Hall of Records – DNA

hall of records med


Andromedan Perspectives on The Hall of Records

There is a Vast Interspecies Alliance of Guardians that exists within this Galaxy. One of the Main Governing bodies is composed of various segments of the Andromedan, O’rion, and Draconian species. There are many secrets which lay enshrouded, awaiting the oppurtune moment to be beheld within your minds eye. As the future unfolds, the Human Species will slowly begin to completely reconceive of every single concept which you hold dear within your hearts. Those of you who disbelieve that monumentous energetic shifts are underway upon your planet are in denial of information which is rising to the forefront of your conscious minds. You would be surprised to know there is a scientifically correlatable relationship in between changes in the suns chronospheric activity/solar flare eruptions and electromagnetic field fluctuations that does affect Earths Living Systems processes. The Human Species has the oppurtunity to re-acknowlege your inherent potential Divinity.


The dawning into the awareness of your stellar ancestral heritage is underway.

Now is the time to acknowledge the intricate design and true story contained within your DnA Structure.

You exist upon a living planetary homeworld.

This is an awesome gift, given to you by those species who conceived of the original creational design patern for the template or image you are molded within.

Woven inside every single cell within your beings, there exists a semi-visible matrix {The ‘Master Key Template of Divinity’ -of which the ‘Original Intended 12 DNA Strand Blueprint’ is an aspect}.

These parameters serve the function of creating an interface in between the chemio-electromagnetic chromosonal genetic structure and processes within your dna {that are responsible for the animation, form, functioning, and stasis of your physiological vehicles} and your souls.

The yearning human species has much to learn about the true functioning parameters and operational directives housed within the design specifications of your beings.

This is your introduction to realms of conscious awareness that utilize full alignment and embodyment on all levels of your divine presence {using both hemispheres of your brains simultaneously – with a heart lock focus}.

It is important to establish a Sacred Space Inside your Heart, and the presence of mind with a focus on allowing unfoldment.

In this space the full presence of the Original Creational Patterns can become apparent.

There is a sense of both Urgency and Excitement within the vibrational amplitude we are intending to bring forth through these communications.

Within the intricately designed sophistication latent inside your genetic code there exists volumious amounts of information.

A good majority of this information is of integral importance through this evolutionary process your species is within.

You are here to awaken within yourself and anchor into your conceptualizations an understanding of what shall unfold and become known as ‘Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality’.

Your Species is on the Fulcrum Point leaning towards the verge of unlocking the shackling binds of your solely linear analytical geocentric based consensus notions of reality.

We feel it is time to more formally introduce ourselves, the energy which you will become familiarated with through these upcoming transmissions is that of the ‘Andromedans’.

First of all we would like to create a feeling tone within you that engenders a sense of compassion for all life forms along the entire spectrum from light to darkness and from within creation until completion {all forms being various strands within the grand orchestra of creation within this vast universe}.

Your species is in an introductory familiarization process with thoughtforms and concepts that have the capability to extend the world view currently held onto.

This should awaken within you a slight sense of excitement.

Your Earth, this planetary homeworld has been overseen since its creation and original development many many great cycles ago.

Upon this planet and within the unfolding times a grand process of re-calibration, attunement, and synthesis is underway.

Certain encodements within your Genetic Code that have lain dormant or out of reach to individualized human are unfolding.

Those of you who find a level of resonance with this information should sense through internal reflection a vibration of truth in that which we speak.

Individuals who have awakened these levels of cogniscience and heart felt embodyment and expression of your inherent Divine Potential are Seeds.

Part of your purpose is to plant into the masses consciousness concepts which are in many ways unfamiliar to your conscious mind but have a level of resonanct vibration within your subconscious and superconscious sensitivity levels.

Many of your curious brethren are having visions of the near or distant future and the Ancient Past.

You are finding that your consciousness has more fluidlike characteristics and an uncanny ability to shapeshift.

This is your introduction to fuller more complete embodyment of your Inherent Divine Presence.

Upon your inner visual field in a state of quietude and meditation the rotational capacity of the gyrospectrum instrument that your consciousness is begins to surface.

Upon this inner visual field information can be projected with 3-dimensional and holographic like qualities.

There is a mode or functioning level within the individualized human being where this is a potential.

Inside states like this is where the other abilities which have lain hidden for so long will be revealed.

You posess dormant functional paramenters far exceeding capabilities such as extended sensory perception.

As the shifts in the masses collective consciousness continue to increase in amplitude, you can guarantee yourself that the world will be a very different place in 10 years, 5 years, even 2 years.

There are a multitude of Urgent, Critical and Crucial issues which your species and the Governing Structures of your Planet must confront.

It is time for this species to really get down to putting some thought into what your continued behavior will manifest as the future unfolds.

If you allow yourself to run rampant and continue along the pathways we see you headed, you will short circuit this process and completely annihilate your entire developed level of civilization.

It is now time for you to begin to come together and put everything out into the open and on the table.

We urge your Worlds Governments and the Leaders within your Spiritual Community to begin to utilize the tendriling energy which seeks to bridge the chasm of seperation.

We are here to assist you in addressing potential solutions to the many challenging obstacles you are all facing.

We are also here to assist you in reformulating your internal conceptualizations as they relate to your deepest core notions of life, death, the universe, creation, completion, your ancestry and sentience itself.

Every single belief system you now hold will be overlaid and woven around.

To you who are within this process it will appear as if the sheath or veil of the semi permeable membrane dividing all opposing pole will be breached.

It is our hope that these communications assist you in changing the shape, amplitude and vibrational pitch of your resonant attunement.

This is a process of aligment of your individual heartbeat pulse with the planetary heartbeat pulse. The planetary heartbeat pulse is in the process of being adjusted through regulatory mechanisms within your stars functioning. There are processes within processes interlinked like the flower of life matrix.

It really and truly is a reconceptualization of who or what ‘GOD’ is.

Throughout all of your mythologies, religious belief systems, and mystery school teachings there are always references to the heavens and those who came from the stars.

We the Andromedans would suggest that if you are in the United States; please view the television program which will be aired on March 2 about the Pyramids in Egypt.

It is being brought into the mainstream’s attention that the potential for the monuments on the Giza Plateau may be much older than your Academic Egyptologists have accepted.

There is so much that your species is being given, literally the torchlight of wisdom and harmony handed down from generation to generation.

Those Original Core Concepts around the Universal Laws that procured and shaped the evolution of social groupings, up until the levels the human species has reached today.

We would like to see your species completely overlay from within outwards;the ancoring of a new perceptual framework.

This perceptual framework shall allow your species to re-orient your sense of direction on many levels and bring into alignment your internal gryospectrum inner visual lens scope/consciousness/mind-energy field. This is where you must begin to understand electromagnetic fields…

An understanding of elctromagnetism is an integral aspect and one of the most important contributing factors towards comprehending the entire scenario that is underway upon Planet Earth.

An understanding of electromagnetic fields opens up doorways within your consciousness that lead into the quantum and gravitational realms.

Earth based physicists have discerned these main operational forces: Electromagnetic, Gravitational, Quantum and Nuclear Strong & Nuclear Weak.

Your Einstein searched to understand and mathematically prove the existence of of Unified Field of Creation and Completion.

Your species is now in the position to reconceive of things on a multitude of levels.

There are many master geniuses awakening upon your world.

They are the ones who will serve as wayshowers, holding the torchlight of your illumined core.

There are many of you who are in the process of assisting the masses in navigating your perceptual frameworks into a clearer lens scope.

The process you are within is designed to bring into alignment not only your individualized conceptualizations and energy fields, but also this species collective consciousness – the opening of the individuated self into the species level ancestral oversoul.

We the Andromedans speak to you of the Truth that their exists a higher order of creational procedures, rules and regulations which are responsible and oversee the operational functioning of planetary worlds with living systems… and especially ones such as the earth which have been seeded and attended to throughout so many regions of space and vast distances of time.

We have so much to share with you all, if this one is allowing we will seek to bring these communications through as readily as available, as Daniel is realizing his ability to tune into these higher levels of cognitive functioning that shall in their own time be open up within every single individual who is going through an awakening process… some times can bring the opposing polarities of both extremes…

These are truly unusual times you will find yourself within… where the seemingness of paradox becomes co-incidental and synchronicity appears “as if by design”

A basic beginning understanding of Electromagnetic fields can help you to understand how the nucleo-synthesis process occurs inside of human DNA..

Those with a base level understanding know that human DNA currently contains within it four base chemical compnents Lysiene, Glucene, Cytosene, and Adenine …

So if you can understand that there exists a quantum level within your human being with which functions exist {Deepok Chopra Talks about this}.

You can understand that there is an electromagnetic field which is woven through some unknown mechanism with the physiological chemical combinents of the DNA…

This is where an understanding of Sacred Geometry, the Phi Ratio and how consciousness has a shapeshifting ability arises… your human perception has so much potential to be completely transformed on every single level…

Imagine a Magnetic Field… you all have seen them… A Magnet has a Noth and South Pole, and there is a torus shaped energy field that is created surrounded the iron-magnetic core.

Imagine will you now for a moment your being.

Feel your being… Take a couple of minutes and fully tune into your physiological structure…

Feel this being… The is the vehicle which your soul inhabits through its extensional experiences into expression within the levels of physical dimensionality.

As Daniel has over the past recent years been working towards forming a new perceptual framework, we have been working with him through these times. The experiences he has had in his life have been intentional in altering the direction and structures of his consciousness however harsh some of these experiences may have been…

With this Visualization of the Torus Shaped Magnetic Field, one Can begin to understand how the mechanism of the changes and shifts that are truly underway are occurring.

If you understand that electromagnetic fields are in part responsible for the cohesion and interweaving of the of the opposing yet complimentary polarities – one can holographically visualize all of this.

Just imagine that Your Ancestors, those who came from the Stars and whose “Wisdom” is “Purported” to be stored in the “Hall of Records” did leave their knowledge somewhere.

Pharoah Akhenaten {Amenhotep IV} was a Representative of some of the Highest Councils which Exist.

It should be quite clear to you that so much of the Egyptian Religious beliefs and symbolism was representative of a very keen higher knowledge that for many thousands of years was lost.

There were individuals who incarnated at strategic times throughout the historical timeline to anchor certain vibrations into the hearts and minds of Men…

Jesus Christ and Pharoah Akhenaten are only two of these individuals among innumerous others.

These individuals who have been the humans who incarnated into physiological structures with a specific purpose to perform.

There is a reason why Pharoah Akhenaten sought to Institute a Monotheistic Solar Deity Based Religion.

This was because the role of the Pharoah was to serve as the Representatives of the Gods Themselves on the Physical Dimensional Levels of The Planet.

Literally these Lineages were passed down through Thousands and thousands of years.

We would like you to understand that as the 21st Century unfolds and the challenging obstacles your species is facing are dealt with, integrated and transcended your current conceptualizations and belief systems in regards to your concepts of those who created you will be significantly shifted.

Also your understanding is beginning to dawn in regards to the larger solar galactic orbital cycles of time, and how all the inter-relationships of the mechanism of this spatial time wave energy band shift into a higher octave of space.

This is all related to the Solar Galactic Orbital Cycle and why our Calendars were created in the first place.

There are larger cycles of time that affect the rotational velocity of our star.

This is due to our star system shifting in space in relationship to other star systems.

You all know that there are significant and active changes occurring to your Sun…

with an Understanding of Electromagnetism and some basic Astrophysics things lock into place.

You can see how everything is truly connected.

There is a Diamond Light Crystalline Core of True Knowledge and Wisdom that Underlies all of the Mystery Shool Teachings, Religious Belief Systems, and Stories of the Omni-Science of the Gods.

This is unfolding and being re-awakened within these times with what shall become called Omni-Dimensional Science and Spirituality, and it does involve the Human Species Stellar Ancestry.

There is a Connection here…

The Ancient God Kings who held onto the Highest Esteemed Positions of Leadership, Showmanship, Rulership and Guidance of the People of Egypt still held onto bits and pieces of the Original Core Teachings that Existed before the flood.

The Pre-Flood Civilizations were real, this is why there is this overwhelming sense of Deja Vu encompassing the Collective Consciousness of the Masses today.

The Ancestral Memories is what the this is all about.

This will allow the Universal-Galactic-Solar-Earth-Human Circuit to be completed and the Ancient Future Earth Star Wisdom of the Law of One to be Completely Anchored and Remembered.


We the Andromedans are representatives of Some of the Most Important and Significant Seats Within Solar and Galactic Councils, Dear Luminous Fires…Beautiful Humans… The knowledge which we bring to your world these times, much of which did not even originate within this milky way galaxy {although it has been seeded here previously}… Your human species has a long ways to go towards fully and truly conceiving the awesome truth and gift you have been given through your physiological beings… This is the times for those of you who are healers… those of you who hold onto these visions of the future… and those of you who have a soul embraced and expressed through their hearts must take the lead and become forerunners and wayshowers as the dawning unfolds within this great beginning you are being offered… A completely new direction to re-orient your individual selves and the structures of your civilization…


Those of you who Seek to Open the Hall of Records must first come to understand that the true hall of records exists within these quantum levels of your DNA. As you begin to slowly unfold and rotate your energy fields as your understanding of Harmonics, Sound, Dimensionality and Human Consciousness expand. The unseen abilities which lay unaccessed will unfold, and This Ancient Future Perceptual Framework of the Original Template shall Be Anchored. This is truly what the opening of the Hall of Records is about and It Truly is Underway. This is when the human species will see what planetary existence, life in the cosmos, and the processes that operate and maintain the functioing of the universe is all about.




Literally This Communication is Coming through at these Times as a Co-Incidence beyond Synchronicity that beyond matter based illusory perceptions should appear to you “as if by design”. You know that what you are seeking to understand is what is contained within the deepest regions of your memories. Those memories which are stored and imprinted within you that hold onto the awareness of all the knowledge of that which existed before the Global Occurrence of Catastrophic Worldwide Flood. Those of you who are following the research of Individuals like Graham Hancock, Dan Winter, Amargi Hillier, Jose Arguelles, Drunvalo Melchizadek, Greg Braden, John Major Jenkins, Zecharia Sitchin and all the other not so well known researchers and sources of Channeled, Inspired Material or Prophetic Visionary Divining {Including Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and Terrence McKenna} all point to the times the inhabitants of your world find themself within today as being the most significant with energies unfolding in the direction of this awakening.
Does the Golden Spiral Layout of the Pyramids point to The Heart of O’rion?

We The Andromedans would like to thank you for this opportunity to share our perspective. We wish for you to be aware that we hold your species in esteem within the highest ranks of beings that have been created. We see you for who you truly are and the potential which you truly have the capability to once again become. We have much more to share, and you will come to understand the true importance of the Andromeda Galaxy. As the knowledge of the Giza Pyramids Alignment’s with the Belt Stars of O’rion, and how when the Fibonacci Spiral is Overlaid on top of the Pyramids the location on the ground relationally corresponds to the Heart of O’rion. Understanding of this is what brings forward this Andromedan Perspective on The Opening of The Hall of Records.


We Wish You The Most Pristine Stellar Ancestral Memories and Dreams… on Behalf of The Elders and the Solar & Galactic Councils..

We Are of The Andromedan-O’rion-Draconian Alliance and Galactic Federation of Star Systems & Civilized Worlds


Source: http://diamondlight.tripod.com/andromedan.html

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Andrew Bartzis – Akashic Records, 7th Dimension, Sacred Soul Energy – Host Buzz Saw Show – 12-14-14

Galactic Historian


Akashic records, the cosmic energy origin of Earth and the light being at the heart of our human form is discussed in the first of two interviews on mtaphysics with Andrew Bartzis. The significance of 12/12 leads us into an exploration of karma, free will and the cycles of planetary genocide. From the dinosaurs, to Babylon and Egypt; the remnants of soul shards navigating the quantum psychic machinery of existence, plus the modern royals (from the Rothschilds to the Queen of England)–it is a an expansive first part of our uncensored Buzzsaw interviews with Bartzis, hosted by Sean Stone.

Andrew’s Information:
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Galactic Historian Website: http://www.Galactichistorian.com


Akashic Records on Chaos, Emotions, ISIS, Negativity


Never before-heard answers about Chaos, Emotions, Environment, ISIS, Negativity, Pests, Photographs, Radiation, Sleep, Special Needs, Water & more! Full session here: http://worldofempowerment.com/archive..

Ohanu Ohanu – Answers from the Akashic Records


AHONU – AHONU·43 videos

Answers from the Akashic Records about America, HAARP, Harmony, Indigo Children, Love, Nostradamus, The Moon, The Vatican and more! So, if you need answers to these big questions, look no further – go to http://worldofempowerment.com to participate free.

Ever asked yourself ‘who am I?’ or ‘why am I here’? Ever wanted to know was Jesus married, what is Karma, do plants or animals have souls, do ETs exist, are spirits perfect, are we in end-times, do we choose our parents, is suicide forgiven? This series answers all these questions and thousands more.

Since late 2009 world-renowned authors, speakers, radio hosts and teachers Aingeal Rose (USA) and AHONU (Ireland) have been getting answers to these big questions about healing, life after death, religion, science, UFOs, GMOs, EMFs, relationships, soul contracts, world economies and countless other topics, all down-stepped from the Akashic Records.

Aingeal Rose’s work with the Akashic Records (East Coast Radio with George Noory Et al.) became the basis of her books in the 10-book ‘Honest-to-God Series’; ‘A Time of Change’ (http://atimeofchange.info) and The Nature of Reality (http://thenatureofreality.info).

Be a part of our worldwide Akashic Records Online family, participating (or just listening) to our free weekly Akashic Records sessions. Past sessions are available to listen or download in the archives here http://worldofempowerment.com/archive…



Akasha – 10-23-14 – Channeler: Cari Eden Kindl



Akasha- Intelligent Energy from the Eighth Octave
Accessing Akashic Records
Cari Kindl

What is density is the Earth in at this time?

The Earth is currently vibrating at fourth density.

When is ascension of the earth into fifth density?

Cycles are relative to the alignment of intelligent energies.

Is it possible for 3rd density bodies to ascend to 5th density without going through the death process?

Fifth density earth must be fully activated for fifth density bodies to interact within that vibratory frequency. Most souls incarnate are fourth density at this time and can possibly make the transition to 5th density if they remain positively polarized. However there are still 3rd density negatively polarized entities incarnate at this time which will not be able to transition into 5th density and will go through the “death” process. Fourth density is positively polarized with some distortions due to the third density consciousness being 50% negative polarization.

What is causing the earth to heat up?

The planet is going through a healing process much like one fights an illness. The imbalances are due to a larger percentage of entities experiencing negatively polarized 3rd density consciousness within a positively polarized fourth density earth plane. As more entities become less negatively charged emotionally there will be a rapid ascension into the next octave.

Is this also why many people experience what they call ascension symptoms?

It is much the same. Emotional blockages must be cleared and service to others will positively polarize entities that suffer from entropy. Negative emotions cause disturbances in various locations within the planetary spheres and within ones own body.

What is the Mind Matrix?

All manifestation originates from infinite mind. A Mind Matrix is a distortion from the singularity of that origination which is illusion. Spirit Body and Mind are all One yet also each manifest a matrix which is critical to experiencing the illusion. The One designs the web of illusion that ultimately leads the fractured other selves back to the truth of One.

Is there a singular purpose for the design of the universe?


Is the Creator self aware with goals and intention?

The first concept is singularity/finite. The natural unfolding of this is self awareness, expanding, experiencing and unfolding, creating distortions of light and love. These phenomenon evolve into the body and through experience return to singularity.


Elochè/Claudia – Akashic Records – 10-16-14

Image Source

In theosophy as well as Anthroposophy, they use the term akashic records; akasha in Sanskrit, which means sky/space or aether; to describe a compendium of mystical knowledge which is encoded in a non-physical plane of existence.  In Anthroposphy, the idea of obtaining the information, the knowledge of the records that are kept not in the physical world, but able to obtain through inspiration and imagination. They described the records as containing the knowledge of human experience and the history of our cosmos.  They are described in terms as being a library as well as a universal supercomputer and perhaps, even the mind of God.  People who say they have knowledge of the akashic records say that the records are always being updated, and that they can be accessed through astral projection, or at a time when the mind is not in a normal state of rest nor activity, such as during hypnosis.  The idea of these records became popular in the theosophical movements of the 19th century, coming from the Hindu philosophy of Samkhya.

Akasha in Samkhya philosophy is the same as what Arostotle called the aether, (ether) which is but one of the five types of atoms visualized as existing in the atomic theory of ancient India, and called Mahabuta.  The aether is the material that fills the area above the terrestrial sphere.  It means clear sky or fresh air and in ancient Greece it is the region where the gods existed.

In Buddism it is taught that one reason people knew Gautama Buddha had attained his enlightenment as a Buddhha was because he was able to recall all of the details of his past lives.  He simply accessed them on the akashic records.  New Agers also use the term in their discourse.

This is a great idea, a never ending, always growing library for all beings to access and learn only for their current lives, but to learn from their past lives, which would be ideal. I’ve noticed in very young children that they seem to bring with them some knowledge of their former life or lives as though they were shown the akashic records before incarnating to their current life and allowed to keep that memory for only a brief period. Only the very articulate wee ones can express these memories for it fades away once they have lived in their current environment among family and friends. It is as though they have this knowledge to help them maneuver in their new world in an understanding so they won’t be an absolute blank slate. I believe that the children who seem to be sort of “slow” or don’t awaken to their education as early as they should are new souls, or perhaps they were not properly trained with the akashic records before departing the higher realm and entering into this lower level of existence. Perhaps they are being sent out into the world with no previous knowledge to help them because that is part of their punishment for past transgressions, to go blindly into the world, but if you have started your enlightenment with the good deeds of past lives, the rewards you have been promised, one of them is to have the foreknowledge and to have it engrained into your mind as a guide and as you learn more in the current life, those lessons fall into the background, running without your conscious knowledge, but guiding you and it is then thought of as intuition. You intuitively know not to make the same mistakes you made in a past life because it is part of your brain’s inner knowledge. We all have those moments when we are faced with a situation where you know in your head you should not do something, and yet you do it and face the consequences. If you act on that “gut feeling” you then avoid those consequences.

Let me tell you some examples that I have seen and faced in my Contact’s life. She has four children and her last two are only 11 months apart. When the girl was 3 years old she began telling Claudia that when Claudia was the little girl and she was the mama, she taught Claudia how to cook and bake and to clean house. Claudia, being the house work hater just laughed and said “Thanks for the house work” but as the stories kept emerging from her daughter, Claudia realized that the wee one was telling her things that only her own mother…who passed away when Claudia was 14 years old…would know these things that had happened between she and Claudia. No one was in the house except Claudia, her two toddler brothers (who were actually napping when one event took place) and her mother, and it was during a time when her mother was very ill and kept telling Claudia that she would not be around to finish her job as her mother so to pay attention to what she was trying to teach her. The little 3 year old told Claudia exactly what that exchange between the two of them consisted of. Needless to say, Claudia was shocked and asked the child to tell her more and the little girl did. She even said they lived in the little house that Claudia and her family had just moved out of because she and her husband had bought that house when Claudia was expecting her daughter. She said things that Claudia had never shared with her kids nor her husband, so the child did not overhear a conversation and formulate it into her own understanding. She even told Claudia what recipes were her favorite as her mother, Claudia’s mother, was an excellent cook and an even better baker. Every kid in the neighborhood would smell her oatmeal raisin spice cookies baking and would show up in the yard to hang out with Claudia and her brother because her mother would hand out cookies. Later in life one of the boys who grew up with her was over her house and even asked her if she had that recipe so he could go home and bake the cookies for his kids and himself as he missed them so much and spoke fondly of those days. Very memorable cookies indeed! Today, that little girl is a grown woman who has her own baking business. She makes cakes, cookies, candies, and other baked goods and even made the wedding cake for one of her brother’s weddings. She does quite well, but oddly, she does not make those cookies nor does she do too many pies well, which were also a specialty of Claudia’s mother. She just says it is some kind of mental block that she just can’t do it…but her brother 11 months younger than she is the one who makes the pies for gatherings.

One day driving down the road while the two older boys were in school, the two little ones being 3 years old and 2 years old, were sitting in the front seat with Claudia (pre-seat belt days and baby seat days) and they were not speaking aloud that Claudia could hear, but they had their little heads together, giggling about something Claudia did not hear nor see so she asked them “Why are you two monkeys laughing?” and her daughter said “Oh, we were just talking about when we were in the waiting room…waiting to be born. We had a game we liked to play and it was fun!” the boy nodded an affirmative to that. “A waiting room?” Claudia inquired “Yes, Mama, we all wait in a big bright white waiting room when it is close to time for us to be born. We had so much fun together we wanted to both be born to you. That is why he is close to my age” the kids knew from conversations, we supposed, that their 11 months apart was unusual. “Het wanted to be your baby” she smiled and the boy laughed and kissed his mama’s arm as she drove. Thing is, the two seemed to know that if the boy were to be born to the family as he desired, it had to be right away after the girl because Claudia’s doctor had told her not to have any more babies.

These type of stories faded after the kids reached kindergarten age. Everyone just thought their closeness was due to their age nearness. They had no in-depth answers for where the white waiting room was or where they were before the waiting room. The girl would often just say in a manner to brush off the question “Oh, I was just with some other family” and leave it at that.

Now the second child has a son who when he was about to turn 2 years old he came to Claudia crying “Please Nana, please eat something” and she looked at him and asked “Are you hungry? I’ll fix you lunch” and they boy shook his head “no”. She thought perhaps that he had been aware of her stomach surgery and thought she was not eating, but then he began a tale that was familiar in the sense it was about a lifetime before. “My mother, she died because she didn’t eat”.

“No, Honey, your mother is at work. She is fine”.

“Not THIS mother…my mother before”.

“Baby, you have only had one mother”.

“No I haven’t. I’ve had many…but the last one she did not eat and she died. And five members of my family as well! They refused to eat and they died. All they had to do was to eat something” and the tears started pouring out of him. Claudia hugged him and comforted him and promised him she would eat and so would his family.

“It does not make others do what you want if you don’t eat. They just let you die” he finally sighed.

This boy also moved into an old house that was built in 1860 and began telling anyone who would listen to him about the people he sees, names and all and how they inhabit his house and come to him. He said they were dead and they could not understand how a 2 year old could understand death, but he seemed to have a grasp on it. One of the visitors to him was a little girl he said her name was Marcia and she had red hair and was in a cage and that her family starved her to death. In the days when that house was built, people did put others in cages and a retarded child would be a hindrance to the everyday chores and need to be put in a place considered safe so mother and others could to their work. Claudia told her son that he should look up the history of the house to see if these people the boy describes lived there. It is a well-documented home as it was the founding people of that area. Streets, a lake and other things are named for that family. Other things have happened with his daughter  as well who, is only 1 year younger than his son…another close birth. He is a nonbeliever, but some events he and his wife have since had in that house has changed his bullheadedness on the subject.

So why do souls linger in the lower planes? Perhaps they are afraid to level up or are unaware they have left the physical body, or just too earthbound that they feel the need to stay. Maybe the one who built the place is attached to it because it was the greatest achievement of his life or a pride for him. It is understandable, I would think, that a young girl, kept in a cage and starved would linger. Plus perhaps wanted to play with the boy and he liked her around, but now he is older now and only speaks of her to Claudia now and then.

How does a 2 year old make up names he has never heard before? The family could never find a Marcia in any of the TV shows he watched or in his life, and no little red headed girls. He still tells Claudia

that he knows they are there, he just tells others he was just teasing. He told her he hates being in his bedroom alone but at least the big man who is there allows him to sleep in his own bed now. When he speaks of Marcia, he cries and shakes his head and says “that poor girl”.

In the yard is a very large oak tree, most likely planted for shade near the house back in the 1800s. The boy told Claudia that he doesn’t want his daddy to cut it down because the naked people he sees in the yard

doesn’t want it to be cut down. ‘Naked?” then he described loin clothes Native Americans wore and he talked about them being darker people who were kind to him.

Perhaps when mediums and so called ghost hunters try to send the wandering souls to the light, they should instead send them to the akashic records library. Maybe they should let them know that if they access the library they can have answers and soothe their disturbed souls, to heal their anger and pain, for a soul that wanders the earth and stays where it was most wanted or lived and loved, they are truly souls in agony, not understanding why the ones they loved the most are not with them. They may feel they did not die because their loved ones who passed before them were not there to bring them into the realm of Heaven. Young children passing long before their time and before the adults that loved and attended to them would be confused and not know to move on.

The akashic records are there for the souls who strive to understand, to become enlightened, or as I always say…to “become” and in becoming we grow and prosper spiritually. Each life is a rung in the ladder of “becoming”.  Each lesson learned, truly learned not just known, but ones that we understand and use and put into practice is a step up for the soul in its everlasting, ever being journey.

Think of your soul’s journey as taking steps to creating a more perfect model of you. You make these journeys with each life lived and when you are in the “holding pattern” you are at a way station somewhere in the ether, learning more by going over each life and noting what you did wrong, what you did right and being tested and asked “Do you want to make the trip again? How much have you learned? Are you willing to continue this education?” For those who answer no, perhaps they are kept in this sort of way station, where they cannot materialize as a physical being and maybe the souls who are evil or angry keep their holding pattern in what humans perceive as an underworld of darkness and deceit and so they create chaos and havoc with the physical beings on the level they once lived. They linger there, side by side with the demons and Satan who was given rule over the earth, meaning that Satan once having been an angel himself, can walk the earth among the humans, enticing them to do wrong and winning over their souls for his own wicked pleasure. These souls haunt and harm, deceive and destroy everything of the light that they can manage. All souls that haunt are not evil but all evil will haunt and attempt destruction to the point of no return. A soul lost forever in the depths of darkness cannot access the akashic records and cannot grow and prosper, so perhaps as sensitive and intuitive people it is their Karma, their duties to point out the fact that a soul can be mended and redeem itself, but first they must see the errors of their ways and the wickedness of the one that embraces them in the depths of darkness…Hell…or whatever title we tag to the never-ending horrendous “burning” (for lack of a better description) of the essence of a being.

There are also souls who prefer to return to the physical plane over and over. They are anchored in the carnal aspects of life. They prefer to feel the many emotions and physical pleasures and even displeasures that a physical body affords one. Hopefully these souls will advance at some time and become more in tune to their spiritual needs.

Also there are the souls who do the same thing, but not for the carnal pleasures, but rather to become Masters. To have so much knowledge and strength and desires to lead others into a grander and more fulfilling spirit. They are the souls who when their journeys are through, when they have lived up to all that is needed to be enlightened and strong in the light, are lifted upward into the Heavens without having to go through the way station scenario. I would put our Master, Jesus the Christ, and those good souls like Gandhi and even Mother Teresa in this category, as well as many more who have put their lives on hold to help others. Who put themselves in danger in order to be giving for other souls to advance. They advance themselves and are the pillars of strength and devotion we all need.

While this is not a lesson or a pulpit moment, I still lift my voice to you, oh Lord to let you know that you are always in my thoughts. I am not here to ask for any favors, but rather to bring you hopes and determination from good souls, good people that read my words and look for answers and their salvation through love and light. Let them feel loved. Let them know light and please, let them know the answers that only their own actions either now or in the past can help them to “become” to develop into the greatness they were born to be…over and over in their soul’s long journeys.



Magenta Pixie – The Akashic Records – Keepers of the Akash – Master Librarians

Magenta Pixie

This matrix is a “storehouse” of information. It holds living imprints of all that has ever happened, all that shall ever happen and all possibility and probability hereof. Each dimension holds its own storehouse and living imprints. Yet each matrix is connected to the whole. The source matrix. Each matrix through each dimension and through each human being is a holographic replica of the source matrix.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video arranged by Catzmagick. Media c/o freeimages, motionbackgroundsforfree and Kevin Macleod.
Special thanks to John 🙂

Sheldon Nidel Update – Ascended Masters to Directly Address You – First Contact Coming – Human, Earth Origins Revealed – Light Chamber connects to Higher Self – Full Consciousness in 3 Days – Navigate Your Akashic Records – 6-25-14


5 Oc, 13 Kayab, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! We come to you on this date with good news! The dark’s network of minions is facing defeat. The Light has come to the conclusion that it is unwise to permit these scoundrels to continue. The governments that these minions occupy are totally dedicated to preventing the dark’s nefarious financial dealings from ever failing. Hence, it is most wise to oust these drones from power. The key to this is the new financial system, which has only been partially revealed. This new monetary program is to end fiat monies and obliterate those central banks which strongly support this worthless system. In addition, the new precious metal-backed monies are to usher in the reasons for declaring NESARA in North America and GESARA throughout this globe. The new government is to be a temporary one. Its purpose is to set the stage for a globe filled with numerous de jure governments whose prime convention is serve their people and pave the way for a global prosperity. These governments are also to release technologies which are to clean your waters, air and ground of the pestilence produced by the destructive industries of the dark.

These governments are to allow the Ascended Masters to directly address you and permit the decades-long UFO cover-up to cease. We look forward to being able to address you and prepare you for first contact. This realm has for too long been lied to about its true origins and your true ancestry. You are Beings who are descended from colonists sent nearly 900,000 years ago to Gaia for one overriding reason~~to act as Gaia’s guardian and, along with the Cetaceans, to keep Gaia’s diverse ecosystems flourishing. This prime purpose is one which you are to take on again, and use your grand abilities to maintain this living orb and her many and unique life forms. Moreover, you are to forge a grand star nation filled with wondrous life forms and truly amazing environments. You are to discover the secrets behind how this living solar system was created, and to use this wisdom to produce wonders and miracles, to be a foundation for a permanent galactic peace and for the final transformation of the Anchara continuum to the Light.

Indeed, first contact is a great dividing point for your society. Before, you were a group of limited conscious Beings who were led by a dark global alliance. This cabal is now to be replaced. In its stead a contact is to arrive and push you to the very edge of a transformation as to how you view yourselves, your world, and even how you spiritually conceive your origins. This grand watershed is to be the point where you confront your beliefs and begin to accept radically new ones. In this interregnum you are to meet us and discover how you came to be. All of this is merely preliminary to what is to happen when you slide into your Light Chamber. At that point, you are to meet your True Self and unlock your ability to swiftly return to full consciousness in just three days time. The task of our mentors is to arrive, meet with you and take you on an inner journey, which leads to the magic moment when you attain full consciousness. Their task is then to teach you the etiquette required to successfully navigate this new fully conscious reality.

As fully conscious Beings, you gladly take on the various points of Gaia’s divine stewardship. These responsibilities are delineated in numerous life contracts, which each of you agreed to when you originally migrated to this beautiful blue orb. These spiritual documents are to be discovered when you can freely navigate your Akashic Records. In this light, you are to dedicate your divine service to maintain and preserve each aspect of a reintegrated and fully conscious Mother Earth. In this sacred task, you are to be joyously joined by your Agarthan and Cetacean brethren. This divine union is also to join with others in this solar system to forge a new star nation. This star nation is to be a reflection of the very divine nature of Gaia. You are then to receive honoring and special tasks to complete the transformation of this galaxy to the Light. You are to be blessed by all of us and to become a grand center for various conferences. These conferences are to include Beings from across this sector of physicality. You indeed possess a most glorious destiny!!!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Spirit has moved upon the Earth and brought to us a most amazing gift! This sacred gift is your freedom and a divine prosperity, which enables you to begin your final quest. This quest leads to full consciousness, a sublime state that allows you to reconnect totally with your spiritual family. There is much for you to learn. Spirit has forged a moment when you are to discover how all the evidence you have amassed fits together. We are shortly to give you a foundation to better understand what Spirit is to tell you. This foundation is to renovate your conceptions about life and to ready you for what Heaven is so graciously to give you. Even now, Heaven is assembling its evidence and preparing to present many wondrous things to you. These things go beyond the blessings of the Angels. They go to the highest places in AEON. You are blessedly special and hence are to be given some magnificent decrees to smooth your path to success!

As you look at the dispensations given you, recall this one blessing: “Go my children, and be the ones to return this precious Earth to her former state of Glory.” You are here to reform the Earth and give her reason for a grand “makeover.” This is something which is profound and blessed. Take this dispensation and ready yourselves for divine service. The Creator speaks and sends you means to become whole again. Rejoice in this and know it is your fate to again become a physical Angel. Your seemingly endless years of wandering this Earth as a tool of the dark are over! Spirit desires for you to become spiritually aware and able to understand who you are and why you are here. This knowledge is the key to understand why the dark has lost its hold over you. You, Blessed children, are the reason behind a massive rebirth of this Earth, and you, one of her most blessed subjects, are ready to transition into full consciousness!
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Full consciousness is something the dark disguised. Atlantean priests and priestesses stole it from you as a way to produce a willing slave race for their dark masters. That which was so surreptitiously taken from you is now to be returned. This one process is to rejoin Mother Earth into a unified whole and use this orb to alter and recolonize the four water planets of this solar system. This grand blessing by the Elohim is to allow you to become the guardians of a most splendid star nation. Our supervision is blessedly to guide you in making this come about. Your divine destiny is tied inextricably to ours. We were given this divine state of immortal joy only to act as your ardent wayshowers. In this, we are here to permit you to grow in consciousness and assist your fellows in the grand overthrow of the dark and its vile agendas. So, be wise, be strong and be prepared for what is now happening!

Today is yet another example of our messages to you. Remain ready and prepared to do what is spiritually necessary for your freedom. A great prosperity and a great shift in this reality are upon you. Your spiritual and space families are here, and liberation is to be proclaimed throughout this realm. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)






Andrew Bartzis – Akashic Records – The Galactic Historian

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Galactic Historian – the Trail of Tears

The Secrets inside your DNA – Linda Cosmos and Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian

Brad Johnson – The Thought Matrix – Accessing the Akashic Records

Brad Johnson·245 videos

Brad Johnson speaks on what the Akashic Records is, how one can access it and the nature behind thought as well as how our own innovations and ideas manifest within reality.


Luminance River – How To Teach Yourself To Read Your Own Akashic Record

Akasha Records


“You can learn to read your own akashic records, tapping into your soul’s knowing with a higher perspective that can help you on your journey. What it takes is the desire to do it, the practice of meditating to let it come in, and a ritual that will open up the records for you. Ask for a messenger to show up, like a guide or spiritual teacher. You might be surprised that a guide can be an object,  a color or a waterfall, not just a person, as all of the imagery you receive has meaning and purpose. Ask for a message while in receptivity to whatever way the message comes in. Be sure to ask questions that are open ended and see what shows up. Record your experience, and enjoy the process of learning and discovering. The science of reading your akashic records is vast, and I will give you some tips to get you started in accessing information for yourself from your soul and higher self. The same method for your own record reading will apply to reading the records of others when you are ready.

First things First: Practice Meditation

“The first step toward reading your records is to practice meditation. I suggest breaking the rules about how meditation is supposed to be so that you find a way that is fun for you. Try different ways of meditation, and there is likely to be one for you. There are so many ways of meditating from guided meditations to simply being quiet. You can lie down or sit up. I find the time between waking and sleeping to be really great for receiving information, so try to meditate first thing in the morning or before you go to sleep. Otherwise, setting a positive tone for your day can is created if you meditate sometime in the morning.

Three Possibilities that I Love for Meditation

“1. You can imagine being in your own heart space and ask to meet your guide. Make yourself small and imagine going down physically into your heart chamber, and then the high heart area. I imagine a little spiral staircase upward from the heart chakra to the high heart. See your inner world as a room and ask to see it, feel it, and experience it. Ask to connect with your guides who are aligned with unconditional love to do so, and ask one to show up for you. See if the form of the guide is a message in itself. Ask if there is a message for you. You may see imagery that you can then decode, or you may hear words or just know something. Be sure to write down what you experience so you can build this skill, kind of like keeping a dream journal. Spirit speaks in metaphor and symbols, especially designed for you. And if you get anything you want to share, I would love to hear how you are doing and what you are discovering.

“2. You can connect to the earth and bring up earth energies to your heart and then you can mix them with celestial energies coming in through your crown chakra. You can feel yourself in column of light, connected to the earth, as if the core of yourself extends to the earth and there was spiral flow up into your body from the ground. I see Mother Earth’s energies as feminine, and landing in my heart. They mix with the father’s energies that are celestial coming from the heavens and there is also a spiral flow through my crown and core. In the heart, the feminine and masculine energies mix and balance inside. It sounds complicated but for me it is something I see and also feel in a short amount of time. Change the visualizing to your own preference by adding or subtracting what you want. This meditation is to get started and then you can see where it goes from there. Being in the heart space and feeling the vibration or tingle there is always something that I find useful as a focal point of awareness.

“3.  Meet your teacher or guide inside, and ask questions. Use automatic writing to get answers. Once you imagine your guide is with you, you can start. It takes going into the heart, or calling forward the connection with all spiritual guides and teachers aligned with unconditional love. It is perfectly okay if at first you don’t see or hear or get much, but keep going and celebrate something small. It will grow as you practice this. Once the presence of your guide is there, you can ask questions. Imagine they are across a table from you and writing on a piece of paper. You write a question and they answer. You can do this on a real paper, or you can do it with a computer. It is likely to help if you have your eyes semi-closed. You ask to see answers written down for you in your imagination if you prefer. I start by asking “Are you there?” to my guide. I get a yes, or a feeling that they are there. In automatic writing, it is like text chatting on the internet. You type or write a question, then receive an answer which you type out from them. Ask open ended or yes/no questions. For example, you might ask if they have a message for you. With yes/no questions you can either feel yes and no that is kinesthetic in your body, use a pendulum, or try this idea. Ask to see yes or no written in the air in your mind’s eye. I see it in gold writing in script but it can be anyway your subconscious wants to show you.

“Keep playing with meditation and do it regularly, and enjoy it.  Doing this is for the fun of it, not for some outcome until you are more skilled, will yield better results. It will deepen your connection to yourself.

Starting places for the Akashic Records

“The starting places things you do to get ready to read the records, and ask to see them,; all  to get you in sacred space of meditation. Make sure you are alone, comfortable, and it is quiet. Do some meditation on your own, perhaps taking ten mindful breaths as you relax and settle in. Usually I have silence, but sometimes I use music. For me, it has to be without words as they distract from what message I am receiving. I listen to singing bowl music and today I found a good toning harmonic YouTube Video to listen to while meditating. It has an earthy energy as it is C# The Resonant Tone of the Earth

“1. Start by say the prayer, such as The Pathway Prayer for entering the records. Linda Howe shares this in her book on Akashic Record Reading and you can find it on the web. See midway down this page, the Opening Prayer. It is an invocation to open the records of a certain person (you use your own name when you speak it or read it silently to yourself).

“2. Imagine and feel yourself in your heart space, in meditation like I mentioned before. Once there see where you go, or end up. For me it happens spontaneously, but you can imagine either of  the places below as a place to start if you don’t see anything or go anywhere (yet.)

“3. See yourself in a record room with files or books. I see a light above as I sit on a wooden stool, opening up a file that has my name on it. Open up the file and see what you discover. Ask questions like I mentioned before. Maybe you will see words, or you will see images or hear words or feel something. Another place to go to read the records is a crystal cave. The crystals store the information. Reading akashic records can include text, symbols, and imagery. You can hear stuff as if it were being conveyed to you from source, or you can experience a place as if you are in it. If you are shown a picture of something or a scene, ask what it means. Think about what that thing means to you!

“As an Akashic Reader, I see the Akashic Records as the source field of us, and all that is, and everyone who reads sees it differently. You can learn to do this by practicing. To do so is accessing the non-physical and non-linear information with your intention, and asking being open to what comes in. Your soul wants to speak to you and guide you. You will discover your magnificence on a soul level that you can tap into and bring forth, with a feeling of guidance and knowing.

“Wishing all the best in discovering and exploring!

“Thank you for reading…. Shannon Luminance River”

–from http://www.akashicintuitive.com/1/post/2014/03/how-to-teach-yourself-to-read-your-own-akashic-records.html

Tiarak – Aligning with the Greater Akashic Force – 2-8-14

Greater Akashic Force

Audio Support: Repolarize your Akashic Records

Aligning with the Greater Akashic Force
A Call to Action!


From eruptions and protests to historical weather and genius discoveries, our world headlines certainly capture the essence of our changing polarity and its ability to rip some things asunder.

Adding to this is a massive repolarization occurring in the planetary memory base, which holds the records of humanity. Certain ethereal imprints are being purged to remove their active ‘charge’ and then lifted entirely from the electromagnetic glue that binds them to the Earth, propelling a karmic driven slate.

The intensity is not going to let up. We are called into action NOW to initiate a mass clearing of our personal etheric records. By doing this as a collective, we can add great propulsion to the global housecleaning while elevating our group consciousness to the next level of its ascending frequency.

Aligning with the Greater Akashic Force

The crystallization of our new avatar hologram requires us to change the way we think so that the dual awareness can go multi-dimensional.

A great hindrance to achieving this comes from our distorted sensory filters created by unpleasant prior experiences. It is a fact that memory greatly alters perception. It often sets us up into sabotaging feedback loops where the same information from the past influences the same phenomenon to occur in the present.

The other obstacle to breaking free from the perceptual prison is a deeply embedded imprint of doubt. Despite the desire, devotion and sincere efforts to purify the self, many of us are still dragging around a heavy ball and chain to the limiting human enigma.

Ye are Gods! Intellectually, we can understand what this might mean. What is it, though, that prevents us from truly actualizing this omni-Presence in its fully embodied radiating glory?

One of the biggest reasons is foreboding and doubt, which lurks in the deep dark crevices of our impressionable energy matrix. No matter how tight or loose these threads of doubt are twined, it is the swift ticket of assurance to remain in the stifling jailhouse of limitation.

Oh where, oh where does this wobble of doubt arise? 

The Memory Field of Ether 

In our process of morphogenesis, we are discovering that the constricting memory fields must de-polarize in order to release the distorted ways in which reality is perceived.

This is assisted by our departure from the defining fields of mass consciousness that are operating from a time-coded matrix of cumulative memory, which sustains the degenerative bodily script.

Many of us are making extra effort to release the morphogenetic stress web to help override the body’s internal memory defaults. We are upgrading our communication feedback system and taking care to give clear signals to our body by adhering to a new collective resonance that is not swayed by the pull of matter-bound consciousness.

Whew!  If this is not enough, we are going even further.

There is yet another memory field that greatly influences us. Everything that exists comes from this quantum field, which seems to be the foundation from which our physical reality is molded.

It is described as an ethereal container that holds the vibrational imprint of every thought, feeling, word and action by every individual Soul that has ever incarnated upon the Earth. Many people have named this space, the ‘Akashic’, likened to a sort of informational energy database that can even be read by the more astute.
For those of you who are not familiar with this term, ‘akasha’ is a sanskrit word meaning primordial substance from which all things are formed. It is another way to say ‘ether’ as universal life force.Mention of the Akashic Records, is traceable to many ancient cultures and religions including the Egyptians, Greek oracles, Mayans, the sages of the Himalaya, the Christian bible, Tibetan Buddhists, Sufi mystics and psychic personalities such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Helena Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, Dion Fortune, Manly P. Hall, and Alice Bailey, amongst so many others.

It is from this vault of imprinted ether that a growing number of ‘seers’ today are tapping into to give assistance to seekers who want to understand life challenges more thoroughly. Oftentimes, the records reveal specific areas of past association that is still repeating itself in the present, undermining desired Soul advancement.

Ervin Laszlo, scientist and author of the book, Science and the Akashic Field, says,

“Recent discoveries in vacuum physics show that this Akashic Field is real and has its equivalent in science’s zero-point field that underlies space itself. This field consists of a subtle sea of fluctuating energies from which all things arise: atoms and galaxies, stars and planets, living beings, and even consciousness. This zero-point Akashic Field is the constant and enduring memory of the universe. It holds the record of all that has happened on Earth and in the cosmos and relates it to all that is yet to happen.”

As Ervin indicates, these imprints not only embody past records but also hold clues to the future, drawing to us our evolving potentials. They are the inspiration for creativity and forward thinking.

Many of our spiritual guides and Ascended Masters have inscribed their consciousness signatures into the Akashic substance as living imprints for guidance, accessible by all.

Repolarization of the Akashic Vault

As redevelopment of Earth’s energy architecture continues, the electromagnetic polarity is changing to accommodate a dramatic upshift in planetary frequency. The grids that are upholding vulnerable third dimensional construct are collapsing allowing ethereal substance to have a more pronounced effect.

This is paving the way for humanity’s transition into a harmonic resonance that is fueled by a new morphogenetic instruction template for multidimensional living and where ‘paranormal’ becomes the status quo.

It also contributes to a grand unlocking occurring within the fields that hold the planetary records, including many sacred places that have been purposely sealed until such a time that their held codes and related knowledge could safely benefit the human race.

These large repositories and global Halls of Records are now unveiling, both physically and through the portals of our expanding group consciousness.

All of this unlocking and subsequent recalibration of energy fields is setting into momentum a massive repolarization of the planetary Recorder Cell, where the akashic substance holds all of the etheric records from human thought-feeling impressions.

These imprints are seen as etheric bands within and around the planet and even our personal body matrix that ripple out as a holographic overlay of information. The electromagnetic and gravitational fields are the media upon which these energy bands are able to record information.

For eons, Earth has been, in a sense, quarantined from the rest of the galactic system due to its density and collective laggard mentality. As part of our reintegration as an evolved celestial body, a split is occurring in its main recording and storage interface. This involves a grandiose sifting of the bands of ethereal substance that ensoul the planet in order to filter out and remove the live discord coming from built up toxic imprinting. This is being assisted through star nation technology.

Just like it takes a long time to boot up a computer when so many files are on the desktop, so it is the same for the Earth body as it juxtaposes dimensions. It requires much lighter data fields in which to empower multi level convergence.

While the impressions are indelibly etched, certain records of humanity are being repolarized to remove their active ‘charge’ and then lifted entirely from the electromagnetic glue that binds them to the planet, propelling a karmic driven reality. This will eventually bring an end to karma and the core implant of suffering.

This is affecting the entire time space continuum including past timelines and parallel realities that do not serve Earth’s forward momentum. It is going to get really intense as these records are being cleaned. We are already seeing such huge levels of extreme scenarios from conflicts and abuse to record breaking storms on all levels of the polarity barometer.

Now, apply all of this to your own personal energy hologram. Things may be rearing up that do not make sense or that you thought was dissolved from your life. Plus, many of us are used as transmuting channels for the collective. Maneuvering through this exposing energy is part of our mastery in being simply the witness while holding our center stable. Equanimity is a critical skill to have at this time.

For Simplicity’s Sake…

To summarize in metaphorical terms, the main planetary recorder and its cloistered library are receiving a substantial upgrade. (This also means that YOU are too.) This delicate renovation is completely removing the core cause, record and memory that keep the extremes of dual perception in perpetual motion.

All of the library’s beneficial records will be cataloged as one with the Greater Akasha and the recording crystals of the Universe, a realm qualified by and through universal love and accessible by those Souls advancing into multi-dimensional ‘New Earth’ consciousness.

All of its outdated records will be taken completely out of circulation and placed in quarantine to prevent the further spread of dis-ease. This eradicates the karma plug-in.

It is star nation technology that is assisting in this sensitive project of ‘auditing and refiling’ the records.

Gaia, as an ascending Earth body, is only keeping in circulation that which vibrates to love, benevolence and brings support to evolving humanity. While we can only imagine the humongous immensity of what this really means including the timing of it all, this is such colossal news.

This is releasing us from the archaic ball and chain that mysteriously follows us, keeping us bound to an unexplained quandary of limitation. We are indeed moving through the veil as the Greater Akashic force comes to meet us in the field of pure Divine Love.

A Message from the Council of Light at Shamballa…

“Repolarize your Akashic Records as a Collective Forcefield”

The Council of Light at Shamballa, one of the main groupings guiding Earth ascension, is letting us know that now would be a very opportune time to assist in this momentous repolarization of the akashic substance.

We are called into action to enact a massive clearing of our own personal etheric records. By doing this for the self and as a unified collective, we can add great propulsion to the global housecleaning.

It is important to acknowledge the consciousness fields that we refer to as, the Ascended Masters, and with the aid of many lightworkers, have for years been cleaning out certain etheric imprints to specifically remove the active charge contained in the original records.This has concerned large-scale world events such as previous cataclysms, wars, massacres, genocides and inhumane, barbaric imprints. Their impressions still stand but they no longer give off a vibration of pain and discord. It was how we were able to shift Earth off of a destructive timeline plus be granted new divine dispensation for our continued evolution as a race consciousness.

These previous efforts by so many have made it possible for the great repolarizing efforts that are taking place today as Gaia shifts into hyper-dimensional construct.

Altering your Records is a Divine Birthright

It is within your entitlement as a liberated, sovereign being to request that alterations be made in your Soul’s impressions, especially those that no longer serve your forward evolution. As always, this is in accordance to your highest good at this time.

As a vast memory field, our personal records have an interactive influence upon our everyday lives and the realities that we manifest. It is certain that patterns still exist that are hindrances to fully realizing our greater potential.

These types of active impressions include:

*  Root causes of life struggles stemming from past lives and planetary timelines
*  Negative imprints from previous trauma
*  Discord that keeps perpetual karmic experiences in outplay
*  Unending patterns of fear and doubt
*  Continuous health and physical body challenges
*  The ceaseless reflection of lack, big or small
*  Mental feedback loops and self sabotaging patterns
*  Emotional issues that never get healed
and so on.

Let’s join together and remove the active discord from our living records so that we can elevate the awakened group consciousness to the next level of ascending frequency.

Discharging Doubt

This is a really big one to get completely cleared out of our evolving system. In order for our Greater Self to reveal more and more into our lives, we must abolish any and all charge from Soul imprints that are the root cause of DOUBT.

These are the replaying scenarios coming from the dubious nature including faithlessness, mistrust, perplexity, confusion, suspicion, apprehension, worry and skepticism that keeps us locked within a faltering human identity.

These impressions are being surrendered and laid on the divine altar to be repolarized so that they no longer serve as active living records reflecting in our lives today. This is another level of the great ‘renunciation’ as we make our return to Source.

Accessing Your Records 

Everyone one of us can access our personal Soul records. It takes sincere intention, practice and the art of listening within. This etheric field can be most easily accessed through intent as you are in deep meditation and prayer. It also spontaneously comes in as intuition or flashes of insight.

Just like the planetary body, we also have a personal Recorder Cell that receives and encodes communication from spirit and hooks us up to multidimensional mind. As we raise our vibration, our Soul’s records begin downloading into us on a regular basis, especially when a certain piece of knowledge or skill is needed.

The Recorder Cell is a crystalline interface that generally sits on either side of the head, just above the ears. It is usually on one side or the other and sometimes both. It is linked to other areas of the brain, especially the pineal gland.

It is through this receiving faculty that we take in and decode higher dimensional frequencies in the form of light language. Often, downloads come in the form of geometries and tones. They are usually encoded within our energetic framework until the appropriate time when the information is to be translated and used.

When the Recorder Cell is in beginning stages of activation, you will often suddenly just know things or spontaneously express great wisdom, and then later, wonder where it all came from.

You will know when you are receiving a download when a high-pitched tone comes in, lasting for only a brief while. It is very soothing and makes you want to stop doing everything to allow it to be gracefully integrated. (If you have sustained ringing in the ears that does not stop, this is not the Recorder Cell.)

During the moment of download, it is not necessary to understand exactly what it is that you are receiving. When you are to know and to use the information, it will “bubble up” to be revealed just as all other encodement held within us.

Cell phone EMFs are known to interfere with Recorder Cell function!

We are transitioning to become a divine tuning rod, a walking body of advanced light technology. It is imperative that we protect and take care of our evolving forms!

The Recorder Cell is made up of crystalline particulates. Its location near the ears is highly sensitive as you can imagine.

This is why cell phone EMFs, (electromagnetic field radiation) are known to be harmful to this higher dimensional sense faculty, not to mention other damaging conditions that can potentially happen in the brain as a result of cell phone use.

For those of you who are dependent upon higher messaging, it is wise to consider this message due to the critical importance of maintaining optimal functioning of this receiving faculty. You can communicate through other means versus always having a cell phone constantly up against the ear.

For those who cannot do without a cell phone, at least consider ear phones or getting good EMF shielding devices that truly work.

with all my love,
Tiara Kumara
Children of the Sun Foundation
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