Adam Lanka – 8 Methods of Grounding – Connecting to the Earth’s Frequencies – 3-30-14


“Our entire biological system, the brain, and the Earth itself, work on the same frequencies.” ~ Nikola Tesla

By: Adam Lanka, Guest


The term grounding means connected to the Earth, and it is one that ps numerous different cultures, traditions, and spiritual practices. While it is associated with feelings of balance, connection, centeredness, sinking, being anchored and in the flow, I would like to explore the greater implications of what is happening every time you go outside and relax into nature.

All species upon our planet are shaped by the forces and presence of the Earth and the cosmos, and as such this connection is deeply inherent to a sustainable state of well-being. The Earth, as an organic and inorganic system, is constantly bathing all life on the planet with its highly ordered and coherent electromagnetic field. The natural tendency of an organism is to couple with the Earth’s energy field, and come into a state of mutual cooperation and harmony with its external environment, finding its niche and its place within a system.

What we need to understand is that all systems strive to achieve, return to, or maintain a state of pure coherence. In every single moment, whether one is aware of it or not, we are taking part in a constant process within our universe, coupling with other energy fields and finding some sort of balance within this space. This happens everywhere, with life within an ecosystem, when you sit down in your favorite chair and watch television, when you play with animals, or when you say hello to your neighbor. We are constantly interacting with the energy fields all around us in varying degrees and to varying results.

The more organized or coherent these fields are, the more effectively and efficiently energy can be transferred to both stimulate and enhance the lesser organized of the two. Of utmost important to all life on our planet, the Earth’s field has a normal lower range of ~7.8 Hz, also known as the Schumann Resonance.

This natural rhythm is found in multiple places within the human organism, and it is inherent to functioning at our most efficient, sustainable, and coherent state. The human body cavity resonates at 7.8 Hz. Our Alpha and Theta brain waves both border the frequency of 7.8 Hz. These brain waves are associated with insight, intuition, inspiration, meditation, relaxation, and calmness.

Thus, the Earth resonates with our biological system, bringing us into a state of greater coherence. This enhances our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. When grounded, organisms operate more efficiently and harmoniously and can more freely access the Earth’s stabilizing electromagnetic energy to increase vitality, health, wellness and enjoy a prolonged lifep.

This is ancient knowledge that is expressed in widely different cultures, traditions, and spiritual practices, and it all draws from our connection to the Earth. It is then important to become aware that the dominant Western paradigm in the world at the moment is largely set up to alienate people and hinder this connection to the Earth.

The economic system is set up to keep people inside generating information, in large buildings of stone and metal that disconnect us from the Earth. We surround ourselves with machines and technology that constantly bombard us with electromagnetic radiation, i.e. telephones, computers, televisions, etc. We are sold pieces of insulating plastic or rubber to put onto our feet when we are out in nature, hindering the flow of energy from the Earth up into our physical vessel. Pollution and invasive procedures within the Earth distort the electromagnetic field.

Thankfully, we can cultivate our connection to the Earth and facilitate a more coherent, healthy state of being through the practice of grounding. Below are detailed many different methods that one can utilize to bring the human organism back into harmony with the Earth’s energetic field:


Be out in nature; go to a field, a mountain, a swamp, a river, a stream, a beach, the ocean. Get out of the office, off of the couch. Be in the presence of nature, be in the presence of life.


Enjoy some quality barefoot time. The human species has thrived for thousands of years barefoot, let’s take the time to return to this practice in our daily life.





Many people and companies have developed technology that ground you and replenish your body with negative ions. The Earth is the largest electron donor and receiver, and the ideal PH of the human body is alkaline to neutral. Germs, bacteria, parasites, viruses have a positive charge and thrive in an acidic environment. Using grounding electrodes helps increase the electro-negativity of the human organism, making the internal environment more alkaline, which is widely recognized as critical to a healthy immune system. Innovative products for grounding the body in unnatural environments like the Earthing mat, or the Earthing sheet from are practical ways to maintain harmonizing electro-magnetic contact with the earth.


As conscious beings, we can alter and regulate or energy field through our changing emotions, and how we choose to feel. Visualization is an ancient practice that is incredibly effective and can be done in any moment, no matter where you are. Below are a few techniques that are quite effective.


Visualize, see, feel, or simply be aware of the center of the Earth and the free energy that it emits. With your mind and heart, reach down into the core, and pull up a pulsing, twisting chord of energy from the depths of the Earth. Hook this chord onto your root chakra, or sacral chakra as well for women, and feel the immediate connection between you and the Earth as the energy flows through you. You may become aware of a sinking feeling, a tightening and flexing of the perineum and muscles in your groin and butt area. Conversely, you can also flex these muscles and concentrate on sending the chord down into the Earth, as well.

Practice and repeat this process as often as you need. Experiment with different chords of different colors and thicknesses, and experience the incredibly wide variety of sensations that it will instill in you.


Visualize, see, feel or simply be aware of your body, and become a tree. Feel your feet grow roots that sink down into the Earth and anchor you to it. Feel your legs and thighs become wood as well, as the roots that grow up from the ground encircle and entwine themselves around your legs, and continue to spread up your body. Feel the straightening in your spine as you become a trunk, feel the energy rising from the Earth up into your stomach, into your heart, into your head. Feel your arms become branches that grow, stretch, and reach for the sky, drinking in the light of the sun and changing it into energy. Feel your crown open as it fills with light, which then flows down into your roots and into the Earth.


Visualize, see, feel, or simply be aware of your body becoming a mountain, turning into stone. We see only the tips of mountains, their roots run deep into the Earth. Feel your legs and lower body anchoring into the bedrock and stone of the Earth, and the feelings of peace and calmness that come with it. Become the base of the mountain as it grows upwards and reaches into the sky. Feel your crown as the top of the mountain, where the Earth and sky meet and mingle; the connection of these two opposite spectrums that are in perpetual balance.

We have the ability to regulate and change our state of being. While indeed we are a product of our environments, constantly in the presence of other external forces and influences, we always have a choice as to how we choose to feel and how we respond. We have the choice to change our external and internal environment to come into a state of greater harmony and coherence. I invite you to utilize the information and techniques above to increase your coherence, elevate your vibration, and take your power back to be the change in the universe you wish to see.

About the Author

Adam Lanka, originally from North Carolina, is a traveling philosopher, energetic arts healer, and physicist. His passion and interest are in bridging the gaps in the dominant paradigm, uniting science and spirituality into one journey of consciousness, and elevating the vibration of humanity. To learn more about Adam, please visit his personal blog, The Wanderlust. Find him on Facebook at Gateway Explorations.

Source: Waking Times

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Heliocentric Uranus/Pluto Square – Chart – 11-23-13 – Exopermaculture Blog

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 11.48.39 AM

Click below for larger  pdf:

Uranus:Pluto helio square

 Exopermaculture Blog

Here we are, November 23, 2013, the one and only day when Uranus squares Pluto (90°) from the Sun’s point of view, i.e., heliocentrically. For various views of the importance of this day see:

Meditate on November 23, 2013, the most intense activation point of the Uranus/Pluto square

Barbara Hand Clow: Galloping through Quantum Fields with Uranus/Pluto: November 1 and 23, 2013

Cobra: Prepare for the once-in-this lifetime heliocentric Uranus/Pluto square: November 23, 2013

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Before we “read” the chart, let’s notice a few features about the helio chart which differ from geocentric charts, and render it much more “abstract” and hard to fathom for those of us who are living and breathing and pulled down into the gravity of this planet Earth.

1. There are no “houses” in the helio chart, thus no Ascendant or Midheaven either. The planets do not sit in “areas of experience” on Earth like they do in a geocentric chart. (The 0° Aries “Ascendant” is merely a convention.) The Ascendant in a geocentric chart is the degree rising in the east from the Earth’s point of view at that moment. This degree changes every 4 minutes. The helio chart is set up for a 24 hour period.

2. Since the chart is set up from the Sun’s point of view, there is no “Sun” in the heliocentric chart. Instead of the Sun, you see Earth (A circle with a cross inside it). The Earth is diametrically opposed to where the Sun would be on this day were we to set up the chart geocentrically. I.e., Earth in the helio chart is at 1° Gemini (whereas, today, the Sun, in a geocentric chart is at 1° Sagittarius.)

3. The Moon, being merely a satellite of Earth, does not show up in the heliocentric chart at all! In other words, feelings and emotions, and the old subconscious patterns that they tend to lock into, holding us in place, doing the same thing over and over again rather than allowing our natures to unfold, simply do not count in the heliocentric chart. No wonder it feels to abstract!

4. A heliocentric chart contains no retrogradation. None of the planets ever appear, in a helio chart, to be traveling backwards. Instead, they are always arcing forward, steadily and stately, at their own rates of speed.

This is another reason the heliocentric chart feels abstract, and the reason why, in this case, we have only one heliocentric “square” of this critical juncture of the slowly unrolling cycle between Uranus and Pluto — and it happens to be situated just after the 4th (on November 1, 2013) of 7 geocentric Uranus/Pluto squares from 2012-2015. In other words, the significance of today’s heliocentric square has been coming in for about two years, and will continue to be embodied in Earth life over the next two years.

Uranus: revolution, impulse, explosion, sudden unpredictable events, electricity, electronics, individulity, uniqueness. Uranus in Aries, sign of new beginnings, initiation, fiery impulse, fearlessness.

Pluto: primal power, the underworld, hidden wealth (including nuclear energy, oil and gas), death and regeneration, the flow of matter into and out of form, holding on to power and letting it go, plutocracy. Pluto in Capricorn, sign of old structures, the status quo, tradition, the state, hierarchies, law and order.

These two planets are “squared”: i.e., 90° separates them: exactly, on this one day, November 23, 2013, from the Sun’s point of view. Squares are frictional, two planets at odds with one another, each trying to get the upper hand, their energetics forcefully, and mutually, interfering. And yet, squares are productive, or can be. In fact, I call squares the engines of evolution in geocentric charts, for they supply the fuel that we burn to wake us up, via suffering, to the conscious use of our own energies.

I decided to feature the heliocentric for chart today’s hellocentric Uranus/Pluto square because of how these two planets are configured with other planets in the helio chart. It turns out that this square is part of a larger system that includes Jupiter (also exactly at 11°, in this case, of Cancer) and Mercury at 13° and Saturn at 14°.

Jupiter: large, largess, generosity, big picture, perspective, luck. Jupiter in Cancer: home, family, tribe, community, nourishment, the womb, vulnerability.

Jupiter squares Uranus and opposes Pluto. Oppositions are tugs of war between two planets, also frictional. That’s why the T-cross, or T-square, is such a dynamic aspect pattern.

If you look at the three planets all at 11° of the cardinal signs (Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter), notice the T-square (red lines).

Now look at Saturn and Mercury. They are both on the other (or right hand) side of the chart and it’s nearly vertical opposition between Pluto and Jupiter. And they link with Jupiter and Pluto via blue 60° and 120° aspects, both aspects of harmony! Saturn especially is important here, because it both rules Capricorn (where Pluto is located) and is in the sign that Pluto rules (Scorpio). In other words, the two planets are in “mutual reception” and sextile: something way below the surface is slowly, patiently, and deeply transforming.

Mercury also important, because it signifies communication, in Virgo, sign of details. The devil is in the details, as usual. And these “sticklers” are what’s being worked on, worked out, with low, slow, patient negotiation (Saturn/Pluto), which hopefully, also embodies creative new moves (Uranus/Pluto, used consciously!). Notice all the negotiations on the table globally right now: peace talks involving Iran being the most obvious.

And notice the situation at Fukushima, where they are now slowly, very slowly (Saturn) removing the spent fuel rods so that they don’t create a (Uranus/Pluto) nuclear chain reaction. Are they communicating well enough? Let’s hope so.

I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again here, I do feel that Saturn in Scorpio is slowing us down, helping us to patiently and thoroughly avoid the dangers of explosion and implosion implied by the Uranus/Pluto square. And while Jupiter in Cancer in the heliocentric chart for the Uranus/Pluto square triggers that square drastically (on Earth, signifying home owners, national communities, all deeply in “Plutonian” debt — as well as, yes, the ruination of our planetary home; and yet that ruination, and the human causes of it, are becoming more and more obvious and unacceptable as Jupiter, which rules values, begins to expand our world-view), this T-Cross is balanced by the wonderfully stabilizing Saturn/Mercury configuration on the other side of it, which bodes well for communicating a slow, steady shake-out of transformational energies, rather than being overwhelmed by sudden, explosive chaos.

Notice, however, that many many volcanoes are currently going off around the planet. Letting off steam, so to speak? I wonder if volcanos are erupting on other planets in the solar system as well.

Do meditate today. Along with millions of others. Let us focus wave upon wave of conscious intention on interdimensional connectedness creatively and lovingly unfolding the revolutionary, Uranus/Pluto, harmonic emergence.

Exopermaculture Blog

Galactic Connections assist Cosmic Portal openings throughout Gaia



9 Oct

Galactic Connections assist Cosmic Portal openings throughout Gaia, as Gaia has upgraded sufficiently to accept such.

Fortifications of Gaia portals and grids during recent moments allows Cosmic Portal generation and opening to permit free flow of Higher Cosmic Ascension Energies into Gaia.

Such Galactic Connections and Cosmic Portal generation and opening will continue throughout the next months.

Sandra Walter – Ascension eCourse Module 1 – Our Awakening and Agreement with Gaia

Ascension Guide Sandra·47 videos

An excerpt from The Ascension eCourse, Module One: Why we’re waking up now, and our partnership with Gaia. For the full eCourse and Ascension support, visit