Evolution of Consciousness – The Human Givens – Moving Toward Maturity

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excerpt from Evolution and the Human Givens audio cd by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell: http://www.humangivens.com/publicatio…

NEWLY PUBLISHED: GODHEAD, THE BRAIN’S BIG BANG by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell: http://www.humangivens.com/pages.php?…

This new Human Givens book explores the origin of creativity, mysticism and mental illness

In Godhead: The brain’s big bang, Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell reveal why science and mysticism are two essential aspects of human functioning, and how both are linked to the human vulnerability to mental illness. In doing so they provide new reasons for why those who think human life is essentially meaningless are utterly wrong.

The innate human need for meaning is a given and, through the lens of evolution, cultural history, poetry and a wealth of new insights, the authors draw psychology, science and mysticism together into the same river of human experience and answer questions at the heart of humankind’s deepest yearning: to understand ourselves. The following are just some of the questions covered:

• Why is it that we are capable of creating societies that foster the highest pinnacles of extraordinary individual and collective creative achievement, yet so often let our cultures degenerate and brutally collapse?
• Why did mental illness not evolve out of the human race?
• What is consciousness?
• How did consciousness arise from inanimate matter?
• What is the ‘nothing’ that physicists say existed before ‘something’ first appeared?
• Where did the quantum information come from that made our vast universe and all life forms in it possible?
• Can the claims about the nature of reality made by mystics throughout the ages be reconciled with our best scientific insights?
• What is mysticism for?
• Is evil necessary?
• Is serving others important?
• Are ‘God’ and ‘Godhead’ still useful terms?
• What is ‘destiny’?
• Can one live one’s life so as to consciously evolve?
• Can individual consciousness survive death?

In their answers to these questions you will encounter breakthrough ideas about the origin of information in the universe, the nature of consciousness, time, autism, caetextia, psychosis, imagination, hypnosis, prehistoric cave art, stone circles, ancient Egypt, Gnosticism, Sufism, the esoteric origin of science and the nature of relationships, love and human destiny.

Godhead: The Brain’s Big Bang is a worthy successor to their previous best seller, Human Givens: A new approach to emotional health and clear thinking. Directly and indirectly that book enriched millions of lives. This new one could do the same.

also see the new author website: http://www.griffintyrrell.co.uk/

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