RE-EDUCATE YOUR SOUL – Guided Meditation – I AM Affirmations by Paul Santisi

Paul Santisi

Published on Mar 7, 2018

Hello everyone! This meditation is in 3D so yo must wear headphones! This meditation is the most powerful meditation ever created. Its created using only two words (I Am). I am are the most powerful words to create the life you want. This is Cd#1 and CD#2 in one video. Intro Is first few minutes. After listening – Please comment, comment, comment. Enjoy – the unstoppable you is about to be released.

I love you all! Pau Santisi Check out all the amazing and free content that you can also have!

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FREE Paul Santisi Insiders Club

Decrees & Affirmations For Spiritual Growth & Ascension By Steven Hutchinson


Decrees & Affirmations For Spiritual Growth & Ascension By Steven

Below are decrees and affirmations that, even though they are constantly evolving and changing, continue to help me considerably in my own spiritual growth.

They can be used effectively in a quiet state of mind as a meditation in itself, or as a prelude to your own meditation….Just be fully Present in the Now moment and centered in your heart….and consciously breathe into your Whole Being the Divine Energies from the decrees and affirmations.Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All of You,Steve


I Am an Aspect of God and the full & complete spectrum of my Soul embodied in my Whole Being Now! I Am my ‘I Am Presence’, and my ‘I Am Presence’, along with the highest aspects of my Soul, leads and guides me in all things, and is always in control of all of my actions and the words I speak.

My Whole Being is grounded on Gaia and merged with the heart of Gaia and with Mother/Father/God through the Supreme Power of God’s Love continually flowing through me…..

and my Whole Being is also protected in every moment from all vibrations that do not stem from God’s Love & Light through the Supreme Power of God’s Love empowering my Blue Sphere of Protection that continually enfolds me – and this protection is overlighted and sealed by AA Michael.

Now focus on your Higher Heart Chakra and decree: “The Pink Ray of Love & the Blue Ray of Power are now balanced in their divine chamber in my Higher Heart Chakra, and they now bring into action within me the Violet Flame of Liberation & Transmutation, and the Golden Green  Ray of healing from Mother Mary & AA Raphael.

 Any & all blocks to the free flow of my 3-fold Flame are now healed and dissolved, & the Energies of the Pink, Blue, & Yellow Flames are now flowing freely and in balance & harmony throughout my Whole Being, bringing Infinite Divine Blessings to All. I Am the deliverance and Beacon of Divine Gratitude & Bliss and the Creator’s Infinite Blessings for All!

 now download from Source & embody pure vibrations & codes of Divine Clarity & Liberation & Bliss, along with the Light Codes & Energies of Celestial Vitality, Good Health, & Well Being thru my stellar gateway chakra, & I breathe all of these into my entire being & embody them and extend them to every human being with my every breath.

 I return to experiencing Divine Clarity Now! I return to experiencing perfect health & vitality & perfect divine balance Now! I return to  experiencing Divine Liberation & Bliss Now! 

I Am The Clarity of The Creator in manifestation for myself and everyone on earth with each breath of every person. I Am the Consciousness of Bliss & Liberation in ac

I Am the Christ Consciousness, (which embodies the highest aspects of God’s Love and divine qualities), & I move deeper & deeper into perfect divine alignment, acknowledgement, acceptance, & embodiment of all of the divine qualities & energies of the Christ Consciousness with my every breath.

I Am the Mahatma Energies flowing thru me to all of Gaia and every human being – healing us All with my every breath !

I Am The Elohim Consciousness (God’s Creator of Form), merged with the Mahatma Consciousness, manifesting from God’s Light everything I divinely need in every moment with my every breath.

I Am the Creator’s Breath of Love & Light of the merged Christ, Mahatma, & Elohim Consciousness in action in me & every human being and all of Gaia… healing & enhancing & expanding our spiritual growth & ascension  throughout the lifespan of every incarnation of each of our Souls. 

I Am the qualities & energies of the merged Christ, Mahatma, & Elohim Consciousness synthesizing & merging with the core of my being with my every breath.

I Am The merged Christ, Mahatma, & Elohim Consciousness enhancing & expanding my Prana Tube with my every breath. I open my enhanced & expanded Prana Tube Now! 

I Am The merged Christ, Mahatma, & ElohimConsciousness enhancing & expanding my personal Antakarana (Rainbow Bridge of Light), with my every breath. I Am The merged Christ, Mahatma, & Elohim Consciousness clearing and enhancing & expanding all of my Chakras with my every breath, & bringing them all into perfect divine balance. 

I Am the Wholeness & Completeness & the fulfilled nature of the Creator & my Soul & Soul Group anchored now in my Higher Heart Chakra & my Earth Star Chakra, and all of these divine energies of the universe of the Creator are distributed throughout my Whole Being with my every breath. 

With my every joyful breath, my mind & my Whole Being are aligned with & are united in oneness & unity with my Joyful Soul… & with my Joyful Soul Group…and with The Joyful Creator.” 

From the cosmic heart of God, I breathe The Creator’s Supreme Love & Light into my embodiment with my every in-breath, & with my every out-breath I breathe the Creator’s Supreme Love & Light into the crystalline grid  to all of Gaia & to every human being, & I also breathe out into the crystalline grid everything not of God’s Love & Light from my Whole Being with my every breath. 

The Supreme Love & Light & Ascension Energies that I am continually receiving  end extending to All are helping heal us; & are helping awaken & expand Divine Love, Joy, Fulfillment, & Abundance in all of us; & are uplifting us all to live & breathe centered & anchored in our Highest Divine Self. 

As I breathe these Divine Energies in – they are all aligned with every cell in my body, & with all of my DNA, & with my Whole Being; and they are also being embodied in all of my chakras, and in my spiritual, emotional, mental, & etheric bodies. I Am an embodiment of The Creator’s Supreme Love & Joy & Abundance in action with my every breath ! I Am Divine Clarity in manifestation ! I Am the Joyful Creator, and My Whole Being is reflecting the Pure Love, Joy, & Abundance of The Creator that I Am with my every breath. 

Thank You God for manifesting everything I have affirmed, or better, for the highest good of All. And So It Manifests……

Video – “Calling Forth Your Divine Power To Heal & Manifest Your Soul’s Desires By Steven Hutchinson

13 Powerful Affirmations to Repeat to Yourself Now to Change Your Life Forever

Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

ublished on Dec 15, 2018

BEVERLY NATION – Ascension Affirmations from the Arcturians – 8-2-18


Published on Aug 2, 2018

In this guided meditation, Beverly reads ascension affirmations channeled to her from the Arcturians. These affirmations help all humanity believe in ascension and feel the victory of ascension, which creates and projects the new earth for all. Please share the Arcturian affirmations throughout your social media networks. Download the affirmations here:!AtAkLfSF2yethHTjz… Visit Beverly’s website: Schedule a session:



AFFIRMATIONS – Psychic Protection to Align with a Higher Frequency of Light – by Steve Nobel – 5-25-18


Published on May 25, 2018

This remastered affirmations track addresses the need for psychic protection in this 3D Matrix in this volatile time. Protection and psychic hygiene are prerequisites for 5D psychic radiance. This track contains mes-sages for both your conscious and unconscious minds to seal any lower frequency openings and en-ergies as well as affirming many high frequency forces and shields to assist you. Now is the time to end all lower agreements or contracts that make you vulnerable to lower frequency energies. Now it is time to release anxiety, fear, guilt or any other lower energies that block your path of ascending light. Now it is time to realise your true light, power and sovereignty.

AFFIRMATIONS – Embrace Your 5D Consciousness – The Time is Now! – 1-18-18 – by Steve Nobel

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Published on Sep 20, 2017

Affirmations are useful in reversing limiting 3D habitual thought processes that keep us locked in low frequency living. Listen to this affirmations track to help you raise the light frequency in your energy fields which allows you to more fully embrace your emerging 5D Consciousness. This is where you know in every cell of your body that you are One with the Web of Life. There is no separation. Love is the binding Law of the Universe. It is time to embrace the planetary shift from 3D to 5D, from fear to love, from separation to unity consciousness.






Affirmations For Your Awakening And Ascension Process – by Aligning With Earth .com

Image shows a lovely butterfly on a flower symbolizing affirmations for ascension.


Affirmations are positive statements that help focus your awareness on your power and ability to create what you want. They are stated in the present tense, such as “I am unlimited abundance.” Your thoughts and feelings create your reality. As you say these positive statements to yourself, you can begin to create them as true.






Jason @ Ashtar Command Crew – Reclamation Affirmations – 8-28-16


For Victory Over Outer Conditions

In the name of Love, Wisdom and Power, by the authority and victory of my own Beloved I AM Presence, I demand and command every cell, atom and electron of my physical body to blaze with the sacred Fire of Invincible Love and Healing Flames from my beloved I AM Presence and the Ascended Masters of Light.

I ask for the action of the law of forgiveness for my every transgression of the law of Love in my daily life and the past. I command the invincible Flames of Purity, of Protection, of Resurrection and Healing to blaze through my physical body, my emotional body, my mental body, my etheric body my inner child and my body elemental, daily and hourly. In the name of love, I command my full mastery and victory over all outer conditions in my life to be made manifest. I also ask the opening and return of all my spiritual gifts. And so it is, beloved I AM!

I call upon the law of forgiveness for my errors of the past. I extend forgiveness to all souls I have ever hurt in any way shape or form in this lifetime and beyond. I also extend my forgiveness to all souls that have ever hurt me. I call upon the Eternal Flame of Cosmic Love to seize these energies to be drenched in the fires of the Violet Flame and Ascension Flame. I give thanks for this healing. Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! and so it is, and so it is.

A devotional decree to thyself

To my Dearest beloved self, i pour out to me from the depth of heaven, a decree of the wondeful energy of absolute love, light, and compassion, to flow out into my energetic ethreal body, my organic body and to my heart, inner heart, my mind, inner mind and to my divine blue print soul structure.
The I am that is me, is willing to be open from within myself, to usher within me, the acceptance of this healing energy of first source, the law of one, prime creator within my divine soul blue print make up, that i originally am created to be.
I call upon from the intelligent love of Father God and the loving intelligent of Mother God to send absolute loving, healing qualities into my heart, mind, body and soul, to flow through me, and within me, forever, of the highest, most purest healing energies of the great I am embedded within me, and now, knowing this from within me, i now know, that it is the most incredible and most powerful healing tool, that is at my disposal, and that’s absolute love incarnate.
This is an amazing true knowingness of my own truth of divinity within myself, which is the divine gift of the great God and Goddess, awarness within me, that is the living light particles of the most high, residing within my christed child self.
This gift of love is eternal and the only energy stream that never changes it’s energetic atomic and sub atomic, indestructable soul structure, and it is always loving, and it is always forever and it has always been so.
I know now, how delicate it is, to have a Maternal Mother and a Paternal Father that surrounds me always, and so i allow my own Great I am That I am to accept this knowledge, that is within me, always, to feel this so, and to be strong, to be well, and to be therefore, live as a child of christ. Knowing that the Great I am That I Am, That is me, is healed, for I have asked it to be so.
I send forth to me, from the eternal power of the all knowing Holy Lord God Of Hosts in which is the overseer of that Great I am that I am, is healed from within me, all that is not for my highest good within me, to be removed now. I have willingly accepted this knowing, that this is done.
I am healed as it is an inherent gift within me from heaven, just that the i am that i am within me, is now doing away with duality forevermore and within this will i am now positively manifesting positive manifesting polarity within my spiritual soul divine blue print make up, i now allow myself to accept this recorrecting thought wave energy stream, right into the divinity consciousness of my eternal heartfelt soul structure, and of mind soul and body within my knowingness, and i have willed it to be so, it will be done, for it is done, I understand the will of this flow within me, i know it is around me, and for me, and it will be with me always, and it will be so forever more, this healing is not unknown to me, for within my own subconsciousness, I Am Awakened, to this knowledge, to this fact, as i have decree to myself that the, I Am The Great I Am, divinity within me, is healed. And so it is. I have forgiven myself of believing less of myself in my past, present and or future self, it is forgiven, and now i forgive all others consciously because when i do this i know that i understand the nature of self harm, is self harm, to others, or self harm to others, is self harm to me, because when one is affected all is affected, when one is love, all is love.
Knowing this truth within me, I am a devotee to love, as I send myself absolute love, as absolute love, loves all……it is done……….


In the name of my beloved I AM Presence and my beloved Holy Christ Self, I call to the Lords of Manifestation, Angels of Prosperity, Fortuna, Goddess of Supply and Lord of Gold to assist me now in mastering all outer conditions of my life in God’s perfect way, including my true abundance and balance in my life.

Charge! Charge! Charge into my life and use today all the blessings that are mine to receive. Infuse me with Ascended Master Wisdom and Purity that I may never again experience lack or limitation. Blaze your Heart Flame through my four body systems and expand without limit a great flow of divine abundance. Saturate me with enough Violet Flame and Emerald Healing Light to keep my life in perfect balance and harmony.

I demand God’s invincible Protection and Wisdom in all my financial endeavors. I demand to become a magnet of positive attraction, drawing to me all the wealth that I require to fulfill my divine plan on Earth, to make my Ascension and to assist my fellowmen to do likewise. I give thanks that it is done according to God’s Holy Will. I accept my abundance now with Love and Gratitude. And so be it, beloved I AM!
I claim the resurrection of my multi-dimensional self, working in unison, love, light and compassion, and in unified synchronised harmony, joining as one heart, one mind, one love, healed in conjunction with all my incarnated self on the surface of Earth, planets and or other star systems, all timelines and or other multi-dimensional domains or plains, either in the past, present or future, as i invoke the resurrection fully now, i am absolutely love, that loves all.
I reclaim my divine sovereingty into perfect synchronised co-creational heart of beauty, and serenity, peaceful, and intimate in all i do as i rise up into higher consciousness of awareness, I am healed of all my levels of energetic formations into purity of bliss, joyfulness, laughter, humour, pleasure and ecstacy.
I reclaim that
I am the mirror image of Intelligent love and loving intelligence
I reclaim my divine rights to co-create responsibly, to be the creator i am that i am.
I reclaim my sexuality into the most positive, inspiring, divineful of purest intentions that can not be used for negative purposes in whatever we co-create, even if it is together.
I reclaim my heartfelt victory to be united intimately with true virtuousness of devotional love, i reclaim my lover/loverers to be joined with my whole heart, mind, emotions, soul and body, to unite, and to co-create together thoughtfully with absolute love as responsible, respectful, intelligent, inspirational, passionate co-creators. Together we are love experiencing love together, mutually, soulfully,energetically, spiritually, thoughtfully, respectfully and incarnatedly.
Together there is nothing we cannot create for the benefit of dimensionally evolving into higher, more refiner light, for the benefit of all.
I reclaim my absolute Love and Pure, Golden, Christ Divinity, to eternally actively flow, outwardly, everywhere, from within me now.
I reclaim to actively open up the purity of my love, from within my soul, and superimpose from within me the violet fire of transmuting flame to transmute all that is unclean and transform all of it into purity of refining light everywhere now.
It Is Done.
Kadooish, kadooish, kadooish, is the Lord God Of Hosts
Kadooish, kadooish, kadooish, is the Lord God Of Hosts
Kadooish, kadooish, kadooish, is the Lord God Of Hosts


Patricia Cota-Robles promo


Our Time Is NOW!

by Patricia Cota-Robles  

August 8, 2016



We have completed the final stages of preparation and now it is time for us to BE the Instruments of God we have been preparing to BE for literally lifetimes. KNOW that we each have within us everything we need to be God Victorious for this essential facet of the unfolding Divine Plan which will occur during the 30thAnnual World Congress on Illumination, August 13-20, 2016. We will ALL be in our right and perfect place during those sacred days. Regardless of what you are experiencing in the outer world know that your I AM Presence is in command and has taken full dominion of this critical facet of your Divine Mission. Through your I AM Presence you have all of the skill, strength, courage, wisdom, ability and willingness that you will need to succeed during this monumental time. Listen to your Heart and pay attention to your inner guidance. The profound Truth of your Being is that THE LIGHT OF GOD IS ALWAYS VICTORIOUS AND YOU ARE THAT LIGHT! Stay centered and know ALL IS WELL.


Affirm from the deepest recesses of your Heart Flame:

  I AM An Instrument of God

 I AM the Light of the World.

I AM the Open Door that no one can shut.

I AM ready, willing and able to God Victoriously accomplish my part of this Divine Plan regardless of any adversity that may be manifesting in my life or in the outer world.

 I AM weaving my gifts, talents, skills, knowledge, strength, courage, compassion and Love into the tapestry of the Divine Plan that is unfolding through the opening of the Portal of God’s First CAUSE of Perfection in Alaska, August 13-20, 2016.

 I AM responding to my Heart’s Call.  I AM God in Action.

 I AM Consecrating my thoughts, words, feelings and actions to be the greatest force of Light and assistance I can be at this time on Planet Earth.

I AM making a positive difference every day in the lives of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Beloved Mother Earth.

Through the focus of my attention, I AM expressing the

following Divine Truths daily and hourly:

 I AM One with ALL Life.

 I AM Divine Love.

I AM Infinite Abundance.

 I AM the Harmony of my true Being.

I AM Vibrantly Healthy and Eternally Youthful.

I AM a Peace Commanding Presence.

 The actions I take everyday are improving my family, my job, my community, my city, my country and the World.

I have a Healing Touch.

I AM able to commune with the Angelic Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom.

I AM Transfiguring this planet into the Infinite Perfection of the New Earth.

And so it is Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM.



 It is not by chance that the Olympic Games will be taking place during the opening of the Portal of God’s First CAUSE of Perfection. The Olympic Games have always provided Lightworkers with a powerful opportunity to add to the Light of the World. That is due to the fact that during this global event between five and six billion people, at one time or another, turn their attention to the games. Humanity’s unified focus of attention creates a Collective Cup of Consciousness through which the Company of Heaven and every person’s I AM Presence can empower the Divine Intent of the Olympics and expand the Light of God through every other Activity of Light taking place during that time.


The Divine Intent of the Olympic Games is for the Family of Humanity to set aside our differences and to come together in Peace as we attain our highest level of excellence. This is true regardless of what chaos is manifesting in the outer world or what negativity is being pushed to the surface to be healed and transmuted into Light. All we have to do is purify that energy and command it into the Light. Here is an affirmation that will help you accomplish just that.




In the name of the Almighty Presence of God, I AM, within me and within the hearts of ALL Humanity, I invoke the Legions of Light throughout Infinity to be with me throughout this sacred and holy time


Beloved Ones, come forth NOW!  (pause)


I AM One with ALL of these magnificent Forces of Light. Through my sincere Heart Call, they have joyously come to help Humanity’s I AM Presence raise and sustain every man, woman and child on Earth in Divine Consciousness. Through this elevated level of Consciousness—Transfiguring Divine Love, the Oneness of ALL Life and Reverence for every particle and wave of Life throughout the whole of Creation—are becoming the Order of the New Day on Planet Earth.


Beloved Legions of Light, I ask that you gather up every electron of precious Life energy being expended by Humanity during the Olympic Games and throughout the month of August in 2016. Purify this energy with the power and might of a thousand Suns using the New 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Frequencies of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.


Weave this purified energy into the collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness, so that every electron of precious Life energy released by the Sons and Daughters of God on Earth will be used to open to full breadth the Portal of God’s First CAUSE of Perfection in Alaska. Once that is accomplished, the NEW and previously unknown patterns of perfection from the Causal Body of God will flow into the mental and emotional strata of Earth and filter into the conscious minds and open hearts of those who are Awake and who are willing to bring those patterns into tangible manifestation for the highest good of all concerned.


I accept that this Activity of Light is being God Victoriously accomplished right here and right now. I also accept that through Humanity’s I AM Presence this Activity of Light is being permanently sustained and increased daily and hourly the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow, with every breath I take.

And so it is. Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM That I AM.


Patricia Cota-Robles

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

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New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, PO Box 41883, Tucson, Arizona 85717

This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.

©2016 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.

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Patricia Cota-Robles

Huge Energy Alert and New Clearing Affirmations by Jarrad Hewitt – Expand Yourself As Love, Gratitude, Humility, Compassion – Babaji Through Anakin Rama – 3-22-16

Huge Energy Alert and New Clearing Affirmations by Jarrad Hewitt
This is maybe one of the largest Energy Updates in some time. There has been a LOT going on in the past week. At the collective level, its as if one scared person jumped out of the bushes and scared another person, who then freaked out, actually scaring person one even more, who then panicked more, which scared person two more… and round and round it goes, as the energy of fear and not knowing escalates.
This energy translates to “tentacles.” Picture an octopus, with all of it’s arms flailing about. The octopus in this story is scared, and so it is trying to grab on to anything it can, and it doesn’t mean anyone any harm; it’s just scared. Well, at the collective conscious level, an ant hill got kicked in the past week, and the energy became scared. Some of this energy is very ancient and old, and it woke up not knowing anything other than terror. If you’ve felt fight or flight energy, you may have been tapping in to this cosmic awakening. At a personal level, it represents all of our really old stuff coming up to release… and in the process, some of it is like that octopus, wanting to grab on to whatever it can because it feels so scared and afraid. And it means no harm. It simply does not know who or what it is. It is representative of the parts of us which don’t choose the Light.


So I wanted to take some time tonight to remind you of your true Light – wherever you are, and however you feel, and to remind you that with regard to anything you choose to release, just call upon your I AM Presence, the True Light of The One, and direct ALL energy, ALL fear, ALL limiting beliefs, All Lower frequencies, etc, be lovingly taken into The Light for healing.

I mentioned above that collectively, a lot of fears are “up.” What that represents is all the energy that doesn’t know – the energy that is scared… The energy that is fear. So if that’s you, or you’re feeling that in any way, just remember to breathe. Breathe and call upon YOUR I AM Presence, knowing “only God in action”, and Direct All Energy into the Light.

There’s a lot of energy on the planet now that is lost. It’s scared. And it’s the scenario of person 1 and 2 from above, coupled with non direction, fear, and not knowing what to do or where to go.
This may sound very strange to some of you, but you don’t have to save it or bare it. Neither do I. Nor does anyone. Not jumping in with the energy feeling you have to save or be saved ends the cycle, and stills the field. It means you are not allowing the little booger energy to stick to you because you are directing it all to the light, as opposed to “taking it on,” or “passing along” the struggle. It also means you are sovereign in your space and don’t have to take on anyone else’s “stuff,” and in kind, you aren’t letting your own energy run willy-nilly or cording in or attaching to someone else, or flinging your or any other energy at anyone else.
It is pure direction and Light in Action.

Really commit to and feel the words below:


I Direct, Acknowledge and Claim on behalf of myself and ALL Energies: I direct all of me to be on board with who I AM and my open heart of love – now made manifest in the world. I allow all that I AM to permeate my beingness, so that my heart leads the way – shining bright for every single atom and beyond, all that I AM, to ignite with pure spirit, pure love, pure passion, pure joy, and pure knowingness of all that is. I take full responsibility for the creation of all that I AM, and I release and direct into the light of Source for healing any and all fear and limitation, as well as chords/cords, contracts or agreements.



I recognize, claim, and affirm that I am the creation of me. I acknowledge, affirm, claim, and choose to know that I AM the creation of me, and I choose to create myself with and through love, Joy, peace, simplicity, and Pure Divine Inspiration and flow.
I choose to stand firm in the knowing that I AM THAT I AM and that any energy I may have been carrying, creating, or giving my power away to – including but not limited to the energies of sabotage, anger, rage, destruction or any lower vibration or energy in any shape or form is released and transmuted, and I choose anew. I choose love.
I invoke the formula – including all of the rays flames and lights and direct that I am Divine Love and the creation of me and my world as Divine Love in its highest and most loving and abundant form – free from my own perception of what that is. Any stories, attachments, energies, fears, collectives, contracts, cords/chords, beliefs, non-beliefs, etc that are not serving me in the knowingness that I AM THAT I AM, I now knowingly and consciously direct that these all be transmuted by the True Light of All That Is.
For any and all energy present or not present in my hologram and totality beyond the known and unknown planes, spaces, dimensions, and creations, I invoke Divine Love and claim and know that any fear around transmutation equaling obliteration/death/destruction is hereby balanced by invoking the creation formula, which I now do.
I Am That I Am,
and I hereby claim responsibility and love in all aspects and for all aspects of my life and world.
I am the creation of me. I am the highest answer, and I am healed, and everything is balanced around the knowingness and beingness that I am.

I acknowledge and affirm that loving myself is joyful and that I am Divine Love expressing as gratitude, love, joy, and abundance which I now define and know as the wholeness that I am. I am committed to One Happy Prosperous and Healthy Whole and that makes me happy! And it’s easy, simple, quiet, and complete now and consistently.”

“I am stable, creative, free, peaceful, and joyful in the creation of me as an open heart, full of love and joy.

And so it is

I also made a Bonus track for everyone this week – just to help with whatever is up. I first started to make it just for my CCU group, but I get that it will really help shift and anchor in peace and stability so that more and more can BE in their hearts as joyous creation.

I set it to the gentle music I used in “Release Everything” which is also on Youtube, if you’d like to listen.

This track is all about Balance, Sovereignty, Stability, Connection, and Joy.

If you’d like to read the full list of energies present, you can click here.

Enjoy the track (download here).
Lots of love,
More Vibrational Sound Healing Available at

Expand Yourself As Love, Gratitude, Humility, and Compassion by Babaji Through Anakin Rama

“My loved children,

The importance in life has been to experience emotions and sensations. To learn what is life in a dense frequency.

The adventure has been to experience all my creations, everything what I have done.  My spirit which is indeed in everything, being everything, every second, every minute, every breath that you have, is me.  As part of the one, you are all my children, my creations.

You took the decision to experience in this density.  Now it is the time to be more aware of what is happening in this story.

You have lived thousands of human lives, and in your spiritual evolution you are in the inflection point to have this giant quantum leap, not only in the frequency of the mother Gaia, no.  You are spirits that are doing everything in your knowledge to ascend; you are in the preparation to graduate from this experience.

It is the time when the most advanced spirits have to leave the selfish being, and instead of thinking only  to ascend you should think to emerge in one energy. Expand yourselves as love, gratitude, humility and compassion.

Expand yourselves as a nuclear bomb to the universe in only one energy.

Be ONE, means to think, to love, to manifest as one unit.  That’s the reason why in this point of your life it is very important to converge in only one feeling of universal love.

To achieve to this point, there is still some way to go, due to the separation in beliefs and even so, in selfishness that many beings still have.  You as masters in your different groups, need to teach how to be humble.   If you think about it, it seems easy.  The reality is that not all of you can be humble.

Do you think is possible for you to become a strong spirit with a humble heart?”


Channeling by Anakin Rama


Abraham Hicks – Create Affirmation Momentum – GET INTO THE VORTEX!

vortex rainbow

AAbraham Hicks
Affirmations that get you into the Vortex

Your subscriptions, ratings, and comments are appreciated.

” ~be creative in affirmation !~✨”

All recorded and printed Abraham-Hicks materials are copyrighted by Jerry and Esther Hicks.
Thank you to the Source of this information, Abraham-Hicks. To learn more, visit their website:

vortex rainbow…
Vintage Zodiac Constellation Of Northen Stars

I AM – Re-educate Your Soul – Guided Meditation – 3D Sound – 1000s of I AM Affirmations – Paul Santisi

Paul Santisi·62 videos


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