2018 Ascension Symptoms – Spiritual Awakening Signs – by Sri & Kira – 1-31-18


Published on Jan 31, 2018

18 NEW Ascension Symptoms Signs of Spiritual Awakening!
Details to understand moving between dimensions/worlds!
Sri & Kira clearly explain the Ascension experience of now!
What does Spiritual awakening feel like? SriandKira.com


LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – Cosmic Multi-Dimensional LightBody Quantum Energy Reports – 4-3-18


The whole day upon waking till sleep was “boom, boom, boom”, back-to-back shifts, whammying us and each experiencing however their own body/reality felt/experienced this. I share as we shift, so each understands and can identify how ALL is a part of “this” and for making it easier for the ego to surrender/let go and honor these advanced DNA activations and immense light codes as they come through (from within). This is just one of the energy updates & comments, with tons more on my FB page, if you want to read them. I may post a few extras below this embedded post too. ♥


Cosmic Ray(diation) Increases inside to “kill off” those old programs. Yes, these can bring nausea, live foods don’t work until after the integration process is complete (often next day). (Carbs usually work though). These help with deep cellular cleansings… honor your body/you. These are working deeeeeeeeep through everything to clear out old “debris”. Old unconscious programs (guilt, blame, shame, fear, judgment and more) will be activated to purify the body (and physical

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by Earth Energy Reader – The most comprehensive list of Ascension Symptoms (60) – 3-16-17 – (long article)



Earth Energy Reader   –   The most comprehensive list of Ascension Symptoms (60)   –   3-16-17

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Questions for Jim Self – How Can We Handle Crisis in the Next Three Years? – 11-28-14


Jim Self, a leader in the field of spiritual development, founder of Mastering Alchemy, international speaker and author, answers questions about the Shift in Consciousness that we are experiencing.

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Crystalai – Orbing Into the Fifth Dimension – 3-23-14

5th Dimension




We are going through the process of Harmonic Conversion. We are shifting from Harmonic Universe One to Harmonic Universe Two. We are already in Harmonic Universe Two. We are already in the Fifth Dimension. We will continue going through a transformation until the end of 2015 and into 2017 for others.

A harmonic conversion is basically just a loss of electrons. The loss of electrons in the atom are changing into a positively charged ion.
This is a conversion–harmonic conversion.

The outer band or sphere, is the secret. It is flowing into the body through all of the bands or spheres- into the Cosmic, the Universal, the Galactic, Solar and Planetary.
These spheres have many spheres within them. There are three dimensions in each of these spheres and millions of dimensions in between them.

These levels of light bands can also be looked at as frequencies. The Hertzian frequency is in the planetary sphere and then the ultra violet and visible light.

When we raise into the higher octave of the Harmonic Universe Two, we move into different spectrums of light and sound. We move from visible light into invisible light. We move into the x ray vision that allows us to see what is on the other side. We move into harmonic universe three and four to atune with higher light and sound of plasma and gama, and then into the stellar waves and the stardust of crystal liquid light, crystal gel and crystal dust. These  Cosmic Waves exist within the fifth harmonic universe along with the fourteenth dimensional heliotalic silver pastel frequency of transformation.

When the consciousness rises into the FULL SPECTRUM OF LIGHT AND SOUND they have lifted their consciousness as far beyond the hertzian frequency as can be imagined. There is no audible sound in the way we have been tuned into third dimensional hearing. There is the invisible sound as there is the invisible light. It is not that it isn’t there, it is just that we need to tune in differently. We need to start using the seven senses beyond the five senses. We need to tune in to the most outer band or sphere of pre light and pre sound in order to begin creating a brand new reality.

It is not until we merge our consciousness visually into a candle or the sun until we feel as if we have walked in to the sphere of light that we are in the FULL SPECTRUM OF LIGHT. The full spectrum of Light is the Source Frequency or the pink white light. When we hit that wall of light, we walk through, turn around and see ourselves as a blue sphere.

That Blue Sphere is our Fifth Dimensional Self. It is our Multi Dimensional Self. It is the self who has merged with or attuned with all of the Five spheres, all of the Light spectrum and all of the sound spectrums.

This is the the activity that we have been going through since 2010. We are merging with one more layer of this light and sound at a time.

According to some, the date March 15 was one of those shifting dates. During each shift there is a Stellar Wave Activation associated with it. The Guardian Alliance, Cosmic Councils are working with the Universal Life Force Currents to stream the Stellar Waves or the Stardust from the Universal Sphere, called the Krystic or Christic Sphere in some cultures.

We can look at this seven year transformation period from 2010 through 2017 in various ways. My mission has been to record the levels of Sound and Light Activity. The Frequencies of our Harmonic Universe have been shifting dramatically over the past fourteen years. I work with the Crystalai Cosmic Council to bring the Highest Frequencies to Earth through Music. The Frequencies recorded are not Solfege or Hertzian as many of the other Sound Healing technologies claim.

The frequencies that are recorded on these wave albums are actually transmissions of consciousness that record the frequency signatures of thousands of BEINGS who are involved in the Omniversal Consciousness shifting, as well as the Waves of Stardust, Solar Winds, Singing of the Music of the Spheres, and the Consciousness Waves of the Kristic Races as they align into the Heart of Mother Earth.
As you go through this process of aligning your consciousness and body with these waves of light energy, your body becomes able to turn into a Golden Egg or Crystal Merkaba form. You get the light glowing through a crystal and you get beautiful shades of color. The colors in your Merkaba Light body shift depending on the frequencies that your are oscillating. We make our bodies oscillate faster and faster by using the Merkaba and spinning it at the speed of Love, which is ten thousand times faster than the speed of light. We do this by attuning consciousness to Divine Love and to An Wa, our Guardian of Pre Light and Sound. The Merkaba will spin naturally and correctly when we align with the Frequency Signatures of Consciousness of these Entities. I am also guided by the Elohim of Hearing to connect with the Pre Light and Sound.

When I do this breathing activity to raise my body beyond gravity through the oscillation of frequencies, I am experiencing true mind over matter. The body disappears. It shifts from a carbon based body to a stardust based body. We must get so in tune with the Star Dust from the Stellar Activations that are being send from the Universal Life Force, that we allow that consciousness of crystal light, crystal dust and crystal gel to become the inner most etheric essence of our cellular make up.

We can do this in consciousness, and we are getting a lot of help from the Stellar Wave Activations from the Universal Life Force.

The Guardians said that we must PARTICIPATE in enough of these Stellar Wave Activations to raise our accretion level to 4.5. Now, accretion level is different than dimensional level. We must achieve 5.5 dimensional level to perceive the 4.5 accretion level. We are now at the 5 dimensional level perceiving the fourth accretion level.

So, what I am doing with these Frequency Recordings of these LIFE TRANSFORMING EVENTS performed by the UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE himself, is to allow any one who desires to PARTICIPATE in these Stellar Wave activations who doesn’t know how to align consciousness themselves, and for those who are late comers to the game and missed out on the first 8 of the 12 Activations to use my recordings as a historical chronology of these events.

When we rise completely into the Full Spectrum of Light in consciousness we move into the pink and gold body and then return as the blue body. We have the ability to turn this frequency on in our bodies. We create a torsion field within each layer of the body, inside and outside. We create spheres within spheres through the merkaba spinning technology. We continue to concentrate on this spin rate through consciousness until the body disappears.

When the body disappears as a carbon based structure it reappears as a star dust structure of light that appears invisible for a moment and then reappears in a higher dimension. We can weave the webs of multi dimensional consciousness around you and connect your consciousness into the stars of universal consciousness or the 12 th dimensional avatar level. You can become that mind of Christ Consciousness.

We breath load and spin, breath load and spin faster and faster until our spin rate creates the Frequencies that Unlock the Doors into new realities, and when we spin so fast that we are in the Full White Light spectrum all of the doors of multi dimensional reality fly open. This is the moment when we have the ability to manifest any reality we desire, because we can move to any reality we desire. We become the Blue Body. The Blue Light is the Lord of the Light Realm. Once we become the blue body we have already accumulated the Full Spectrum of Light. This is the meaning of the Re Birth into a New Body.

It is the wind of the Breath that changes the body. The Frequencies in the Breath become higher and higher until your voice sounds like you have inhaled helium. When this happens you know that you have opened a door, your breaths and rhythm become so automatic that you can do it in consciousness and then it becomes a silent transformation.

After I have done all of that I exhale these wonderful Frequencies onto your Individual Eternal Life Album that is made just for you. So, you see there is always this combination of the past Stellar Wave Activations, the Present Stellar Wave Activation, the Present alignment into the Full Spectrum of Light and the Transmutation of the old carbon based error that is in cellular memory and in the old thinking brain.

We are adjusting reality to remove the  neuronet that prevents flow in and out of wealth. To over ride lack to create genius to create a new reality. We ceate in the Etheric Mind then bring it back into this body.

The Sound is in the spinning of the spheres. The Spheres are around the Merkaba. The Merkaba is the Crystal Light Vehicle of Transmutation and Transportation. It spins the body to the new location. The sound is created from the spheres spinning within spheres and is called the Music of the Spheres. The Electromagnetic field goes into a vector magnetic flux. The upper part of the merkaba is electro and the bottom is magnetic. The Electromagnetic field creates a torsion field that looks like a tornado.
As the merkaba spins faster the spin rate creates a pitch in sound that is very audible in the brain. The pitch sound is like a drilling through the brain clouds. The pitch is over riding and disolving or transmutting the positronic clouds. The negative clouds electromagnetic field over rides the negative field and the positive field. We have seen this activity take place within the Sun itself as it is projecting this positron activity on our brains.

It is like adding hydrogen gase to an electrical field. When we add one particle of hydrogen, it becomes a hydrogine engine. This is what makes the Merkaba Body spin into a spaceship and take you where your mind commands it.

As the outer spheres of the body spin they have an effect on all of the cells within the body, upon all of the tissue and the mass of the body. The spin rate is producing a massive amount of band width. This process of recording this amount of Frequencies as we spin more and more frequencies into a higher and higher dimension by collecting more and more light energy of the full spectrum of light and more sound through the breath, there is this enormous Band Width of Frequencies.

This is where the technological difficulties of recording come in. The band width is so enormous that it can’t be heard until I layer the frequecies on top of each other  and turn up the volume until there is almost a distorted pitch level. This is the same thing that goes on in the brain when the torsion fields are spinning within the neuronet.

This process of recording has to be done through the use of the Crystal Light, Crystal Gel and Crystal Dust Microphone that I hold in my palms to transpose the Frequencies into an audible form. The frequencies are Multidimensional. They are created in the highest realms and then brought into all dimensional levels including the hertzian.

This technology is the exact opposite of SOLFEGE. In solfege the sound that is recorded is hertzian and then the claim is that the hertzian tone has overtones that reach up into zero point. Well, that is just non sense.

We always must reach up to the highest first and then highest frequencies pull the lower frequencies up into it. Lowest frequencies of hertzian do not pull high frequencies into them.

The bands of spheres of energy are like bands of spirit mind or frequency signatures of consciousness. The frequency signatures are actually the consciousness of indvidual Soul Families and Spirit bodies in higher dimensions all being allowed to flow back into the cellular memory of the body. This allows the body to re attach to the seven senses beyond the five and to the Over Soul Matrix beyond the Soul.

As the frequency of consciousness is applied to the mass of the body, the higher frequencies over ride the lower frequencies until the lower fields neutralize and then a hole starts to form in the density of the body. As the attempt of raising frequencies continues, the body disappears more and more and then finally it is gone.

This is not a random act. There are not going to be people just disappearing unless they are spending thousands of hours and many years practicing this discipline.

The spinning process is boring through omni trons, omni ons, which are pre cursors to electrons and protons and neutrons. We bore through these third dimensional elements because we have moved to the harmonic universe two.

This field has to be more powerful than an electron and it has to over ride the positive aspect of an atomic nuclueus. So then, it has to over ride the first creation of atomic structure which would then go on to be polarized which would become the positive of the positron which is inside the nucleus of the atom.
As we spin consciousness through the use of Love Frequency we melt away the nucleus because it has an electrical field. Removing eletrons is ionization. We finally dispace the omnions and we find a delicate stream of zero point grid of radiation. We find a place that is faster than gamma, we have found the neutrino- the God Seed Atom.

We are now at the zero point of quantum energy and that is what we ride on in our great Crystal Merkaba space ship.

We displace inertia in our Crystal Ship. We must now use the Christ Grids within Earth’s Surface as our navigation tools. The grids are so tiny that only omni can ride them. We ride on the omni bands. This etheric, fine frequency of the omni is what is recorded on the frequency music.

We melt away the gravity by neutralizing gravity. The outer spheres melt away the fabric of space unti lwe reach neutrality. This is how we orb in our crystal bodies.

The outer sphere of Divine Love hold ing us in the Mind of Source through our Mind of God in our Lower Cerebellum holds our form together in whichever dimensional density it moves to. We float above gravity because we have moved into a new standing wave pattern. We become the Christ. We rise above matter. The lotus opens and the blue buddha body sits above it.

Lower cerebelum is primary in this action. We must pave a path into the mid brain with the frequency music over riding all thinking activity. We must begin in the subconscious and move in to the unconscious fields of Source.
Reality begins to come as pictures detached from emotion.

The personality receives messages from the frequency specific higher self. We must become removed from chemicals for this magic to take place. Only the frequency specific mid brain is free from chemical manufacture.

Now the body can levitate, or disappear into  a rainbow prism.

Where is the rainbow coming from? It’s coming from intense electrical field that is ionizing to some effect like a magnetic mirror which is a device used in thermo nuclear processes that is in the mirror is contained an intense field working in the vacuum. Then ions are injected inside of this intense  electrical field inside of the vacuum then immediately the elctrons of those ions return to plasmic state.

So now the wave is no longer a standing wave in the quantum field but has actually been neutralized and goes back to the plasma of an omni field state positive. That is called a magnetic mirror.

Ionizaiton is loss of electrons atom into positively charged ion. This is a conversion–harmonic conversion into a new reality- a new frequency a new dimension.

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Sandra Walter – Pure Light For Pure Conduits – 10-2-13



Notice the change in the Magnetosphere’s reaction to the recent X and M flares. These waves of light are different – they cannot be measured by traditional electro-magnetic standards. The KP index doesn’t show the usual impact of a typical CME or flare activity – for days and days now. It looks like the chart is broken after watching the impact of past flares. So what is this?

Incoming waves of photonic purity

The current wave of light frequencies, which will become much more intense beginning this week, are highly refined particles of light. These purer photonic light waves are the answer to our questions Why do I feel like something wonderful is about to occur? and What is the purpose of my need for solitude, isolation, silence?

The merge passage is upon us. Personally, I have noticed a big jump in (5D and above) lightbeing activity. This is a perception change; quite simply I AM seeing more, hearing more, feeling more of the frequencies because the new light supports it. All of these beautiful beings are more present because I AM taking the time to merge more deeply with my higher aspects. The companion piece to this new light was the preparation for it: the clearing, the detoxing, the silence, the willingness to be open to it. All of that work is paying off. The experience of consistent Unity with these higher realms is absolute Grace. I AM watching aspects of myself coagulate in preparation for something new.

The November Merge

November keeps presenting as a vital window for an intense stage of the merge. My Higher Self seems to be involved in the technicalities of the merge (a fascination of mine – as above, so below). I AM blessed to be relieved of mind-level processing right now; all of my direction is about stillness, silence, writing down what presents. It feels like something that will be helpful later, like trail markers left behind for others on the same path. True Wayshowing is very straight-forward: demonstrate how this is done, share the experience along the way.

How to walk through this passage

I still feel that this passage – now through December – will be glorious for those on the Ascension path including Wayshowers, Gatekeepers and those in Service to the Light. Why single out a group of the awakened? Because the folks who have opened their lifestream to be out, open and leading the collective through this Shift have set up a magnetic which draws the new experience right into their expression. By sharing the journey, doing the work, and embracing the change, we turned ourselves into conduits of the new light. Willingness to walk into the unexplored passage gives you the KEY to those unopened doors. Some walk through, some watch others walk through before moving forward. No judgment, that’s just the roles we agreed to play.

For some, becoming Guardians of the New Light demands surrender on a Galactic or Universal level. In this passage, the lower expression (in-carnate) must give up any attachments to what was, is or will be. All of us will have a unique role, unique experience during the merge. Let us remember that we have not done this before in the body. No matter what you have heard (we are Masters already, we’ve done this before, it is inevitable, it’s already happened), the merge is to be experienced as a unique expression of Source.  So be it. There will be collective experiences and side-effects (symptoms), however we must honor what our Higher Levels want to create.

Enjoy your unique experience. Know that everyone feels a little lonely right now. Know it may feel freaky. Going sane feels a lot like going crazy; give your higher levels the opportunity to take over. We’re not leveling up with our ego, emotions or mind-level in tact. You need to give your Higher levels a chance to create the miraculous. Honor it with whatever makes you feel connected to your Higher Self, and be flexible as the merge unfolds. Be in nature to receive the pure vibration, and sleep (lay down, be still) so the integration/adjustments can occur. Meditate.

Higher levels of light translate to higher levels of creator skills, so be aware and conscious of your choices right now. Amplification will pick up during this window, and I do not feel this is the time to create anything complex other than the merge itself. Isn’t that enough? Convince your mind/ego/emotions to be satisfied with just this experience. They may rebel out of fear; engage your spiritual maturity and let the nonsense go.

Creating in alignment with the true you may have to wait until significant shifts occur in early November. Give it some space to show you what you are truly becoming. Surrender the doing and busy-ness if you can; I promise it will be profound if you focus on your Ascension process.

Experiments in Isolation

My guidance is asking for several days of fasting and isolation. I understand why, and know this is the best way I can support what is happening collectively in the higher realms. When I look at it, it feels like the last great purge of a collective dynamic – both painful and profound. Gatekeepers were released from collective density, now it feels like the body vehicle will undergo some major energetic changes in order to support a full embodiment of spirit (higher levels). I will write when guided to share – I see an update prior to the November 3 Eclipse as the waves come in this week.

Obviously something wonderful is about to unfold. Let us hold each other in our hearts as these waves of light honor our magnetic intent to become the NEW.
If you missed the post about services affected or how to connect with me during my time away, click HERE. Anyone can sign up for the Ascension eCourse for $222 (that’s a $111 discount) while I AM away through November. Simply select that option when registering. Visit the Ascension eCourse page for details.

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