The Elders Transmission – Accessing the Akashic Records – By Anrita Melchizedek – 7-8-14

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Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this magical month of July, as you continue to integrate the archetypal embrace of the Divine Mother and Planetary Goddess of Light, activated and amplified through the Solstice energies.


Sweet ones, what is being experienced along the pathway of Christ Consciousness in this Now, is not only a deeper integration of the beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love through the Unity Grid and the remembrance of yourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, but also the clearing of the lineage of the suppression of the Divine Feminine going back through the ages, so you can truly experience yourselves as One Unified Cosmic Heart. What this amplifies too is the shadow aspects of yourselves that need to be heard, given a voice, accepted, integrated or transmuted back into the Cosmic Heart of all Creation. In particular, the negative ego aspects of yourselves that still experience feeling unworthy, unloving or undeserving.


It is indeed a rebalancing of the planes of polarity, and can be perceived as a struggle between spirit and matter, between the Soul Consciousness, the Christ Consciousness aspects of yourselves, and the human consciousness, and the lower mind. The negative ego aspects are a part of the consciousness of the planet, sweet ones, and are played out through the lens of the lower mind, and victim and persecutor consciousness. These imprintings of karmic contracts may often create a perceived sense of separation, when there is no separation, sweet ones. When you can forgive and Love and let go of blame, you are forever walking the Pathway of Christ Consciousness. So a huge part of the learnings on the lower planes is to Trust and Surrender. To trust and surrender to the Divine, to trust and surrender to Life. This takes you deeper into alignment with the Divine and deeper into alignment with your Divine blueprints, your star-seeded blueprints. When you accept that your Soul has a plan for you, that you co-created this plan to know yourselves as Love, you come to embrace and Love yourselves more, to truly appreciate and nurture yourselves as you release the vestiges of the human miscreations experienced and re-experienced. When you are in acceptance of whatever place you are in at this time, sweet ones, through both the shadow and the Light, then you are able to affect and create change that brings about the highest outcome, the highest good for all within the Divine Plan of All That Is. This acceptance is very important as more Light activates within the physical bodies and brings up the shadow aspects needing to be embraced and loved, seen and heard. And so, sweet ones, in those times of doubt or perceived misalignment, truly know yourselves as Divine Love and choose to feel this connection to all the Beings of Light from On High as your Higher Self and Beloved I Am Presence, for in knowing there is a Divine Plan, a purpose for you being here in this Now, you are able to shift once more, as you move along the Christed Timelines.


It is important, sweet ones, to acknowledge the full range of your emotions and to understand that “none of what you feel is an illusion”. What we mean by this, is that these feelings that may come up of anger or survival or lack of abundance, lack of love, depression, disillusionment, bitterness, abandonment and so on, have taught you, and continue to teach you, humility, self-love, forgiveness and acceptance, and can be embraced in Love; in the Love of your Soul, your Higher Self and your Beloved I Am Presence. There is only Love, sweet ones, and it is in the embracing of every emotion and feeling you experience. And while some of these feelings may not be what you want to experience, when you breathe the Light and magnificence of yourselves, your Soul Light, into all those sub-personality aspects of yourselves needing Love, you are comforted, and you are embraced within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, and the Overlighting of the many Legions of Light from On High with the knowing that there is only Love. And as you accept and experience your full range of emotions, you can do so through observing and loving yourselves, sweet ones, rather than reacting to particular perceived challenges.


Additionally, as you awaken to a greater knowing of your magnificence and Light, you are able to connect through your Soul consciousness and Higher Light to the Akashic Records, to see what you may still be needing to integrate and experience or re-experience as well as have a better understanding of your Soul’s purpose and your individual puzzle piece within the collective consciousness of Light.


The Akashic Records are a dimension of Soul consciousness that contains multi-universal blueprints, records of all Life, of all forms and bands of consciousness. Within the Akashic Records, the imprinting of every thought, feeling and action are recorded through individual Life Prints as well as Life Prints of all future possibilities. Additionally, sweet ones, these feelings re-experienced in the Life Print review are not only your feelings, but the feelings and thoughts of every action you have had or will have that affects the lives of others. This Life Print review, done prior to incarnating, carries the Soul Purpose of each lifetime, as well as what is still affecting you through the karmic timelines. And through this Divine Dispensation given, all awakened Souls have this gift of accessing their own unique Life Prints within the Akasha in this Now, and so we wish to take you on this journey, sweet ones. We wish to give you an invocation that you can use to have a deeper sense of your Soul contracts or perceived challenges as well as a deeper understanding of your Soul Purpose so you can ground this into your reality in this Now.


So, just get yourselves comfortably relaxed as we take you through this invocation.

I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God,

and all the Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge,

as I now merge and blend my consciousness with my Beloved I Am Presence,

in the Knowing that I Am a sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love,

in service to Mother Earth and all her Life.


I call upon the Lords of the Records,

the Akashic Masters and my Higher Self of the Light,

to Illuminate my pathway through my individual Life Prints within the Akashic Records.

As I lift myself into this vibrating Field of Divine Light,

I find myself connected to the Akasha at a Soul level of consciousness and Light.


I am welcomed and greeted by the Guardians of the Akashic Records,

as I give my full name now,

what I am called in this Now,

I ask to see the records of my past actions and deeds that are affecting my Life Purpose in this Now,

the feelings associated with it,

and the feelings of all those affected by these actions.


I am now lead into a Golden Pyramidal Shaped Temple of Light.

A beautiful book, the Akashic Records, appears before me now.

As I open this book, symbols appear before me,

vibrating cosmic frequencies,

colors, geometries, Light rays and sonic vibratory patterning’s of Divine Light.


Surrounded in the beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love,

the Golden Flame of One Unity Consciousness,

and the Silver Flame of Illumination,

I now watch, and simply observe,

through a three-dimensional movie screen in front of me,

those actions of my past lives affecting me in this Now,

both positively or negatively,

understanding many of the Life Lessons I have chosen,

and my Soul’s Purpose in this lifetime.


I am forgiving and loving to my Self,

and all those with whom I connect at a Soul level through the Akashic Records,

I understand my challenges, and my courage, my strength and Light,

and how each of my Life Prints has brought me to this Now.

I now ask to see my future probable Life Prints as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love,

bringing into this Now a deeper understanding of my Soul Purpose,

and my creative and artistic gifts,

deepening the pathway to my Beloved I Am Presence,

and connecting me into my original Divine Blueprints,

my Blueprints as a star seed,

as I walk the pathway of Christ Consciousness.


I now activate the star tetrahedron through my soul star chakra,

my heart chakra,

my earth star chakra,

and now my solar plexus chakra,

grounding the understanding of my Soul Purpose,

and the next steps I need to take in co-creating Heaven on Earth.

As I come back into my sacred space,

grounding into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth,

I am ready to step forward now,

in my role as a world teacher, way shower and leader in this Golden Age of Light.


I Am a sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love,

I Am a Master Being of Light,

I Am All That I Am.


Wonderful sweet ones. And now, the Sisterhood of the Rose come forward, and surrounding you in their beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love, invite you into a Cosmic Re-integration of the Divine Feminine Archetype Chamber of Light. This Chamber of Lighttakes all the Soul consciousness aspects of your Selves that have experienced the suppression of the Divine Feminine archetype through all timelines and dimensions. This allows you to experience the aspects of yourselves that have experienced abuse in this timeline or any other, clearing for now only yourselves, but for all Life on this earth plane, and following this, activates the Flame of Divine Love within the heart chakra.


You now experience a sense of merging timelines bringing into your awareness and Soul consciousness the aspects of yourself that have been abused, traumatized or have experience heartache and pain. You find yourself moving into those aspects of yourself that need your Love and forgiveness, giving them a voice, loving and accepting these aspects of yourself as you view yourself through your Master eyes, with a greater level of understandings as to these experiences that you choose to know yourself as Love. You now find yourself clearing the abuse of the Divine Feminine through your own family lineage going back through all timelines and dimensions. Wonderful sweet one. And now, you find yourself clearing the suppression of the Divine Feminine archetype for all humanity. As this occurs, you find yourself hugging and loving yourself, as you start to chant the words MEM. M-E-M.

Good, sweet one, and now just experience yourself as Love, as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love. The Sisterhood of the Rose now place within your heart chakra a beautiful pink rose, activating the Soul matrix through the Flame of Divine Love, taking you deeper into Self Love, Self-nurturing and Self appreciation.


Wonderful. And now the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light Overlight you, surrounding you in their beautiful Silver Flame of illumination, insight and understanding. You have a deep understanding of your karmic and Soul contracts as you walk this pathway of Divine Love and Christ Consciousness and what you are needing to do to bring about the change you wish for within your own lives.


You now find yourselves lifted in Soul consciousness into the New Earth Templates of Light and the thirty-three fifth dimensional portals of Light within and around the Unity Grid of Divine Love. As you experience these key codes and sacred geometries, numerologies, fractal geometries, and energetic recalibrations, sweet ones, you find yourselves in the nineteenth portal of Divine Love, which corresponds to the Law of Faith. The Law of Faith is the knowing, sweet ones that you are experiencing a greater level of remembrance and wisdom and trust beyond what you have read or seen or studied or heard. It takes you deeper into the intuitive aspects of yourselves, into the Knowing that you are the co-creators to the Company of Heaven into the Knowing of trusting in yourselves and in your decisions in your Life. It is also important in times of perceived challenges to have this faith, sweet ones, so you can truly experience your full magnificence and Light as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.


And now you activate the nineteenth Cosmic Christ Holographic Disc through the spinal column, as this recalibration starts to occur now between the vertebrae, between the cerebral spinal fluid in the brain, between the thalamus, hypothalamus, the pituitary and pineal glands, between the chakras, nadis and axiatonal lines, you draw upon this faith, sweet ones, letting go and releasing the vestiges of disillusionment, perceived separation, hopelessness or lack of trust, trusting and surrendering into the Divine in the Knowing of the wisdom that you hold.


And now, sweet ones, you find yourselves now in the twentieth fifth dimensional portal of Light as it vibrates to the Law of Flexibility surrounded in this beautiful Silver Flame of Light. You come into a deeper level of acceptance of the where you are in this now, letting go of the fear of change or any perceived stress or resistance within the body, moving the body from side to side and backwards and forwards and feeling into those areas within the body of perceived stress and tension. And taking this beautiful Silver Flame into these areas within the body that need to experience your Love, your acceptance, your Light. As you now activate the twentieth Cosmic Christ Holographic Disc within the spinal column along the related vertebrae, you experience a deeper sense of flow in the body, a deeper sense of knowing, of trusting, of surrender, of acceptance, sweet ones, of where you are. You accept the things you cannot change with the courage to change the things that you can through the wisdom and knowing of yourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.


And now, sweet ones, you find yourselves traveling into the twenty-first sacred portal of Light which follows the Law of Healing. It is the knowing that each one of you has this ability to channel energy, Chi or Prana, connecting into the Cosmic Heart of Mother-Father God. And you just place your hands now on the body as you breathe deep into the body, as you experience this beautiful Silver Flame of Light coming down through the crown chakra down the spine to the perineum center and up the front of the body and out the hands, taking the energy from the Unity Grid as it amplifies now too through the feet chakra, up the legs to the perineum center, up the front of the body, down the arms and out the hands. As this healing energy activates in the palms and in the feet chakra, you place your hands upon your body to those areas that need your healing, that need your Love, knowing that you have this gift of healing for yourselves and for others, sweet ones. You are loving yourselves, you no longer choose to abuse yourselves or others; you release the addictions and the lower mind thought forms that amplify these addictions in this beautiful portal of Light.


And now you activate the twenty-first Cosmic Christ Holographic Disc through the spinal column finding this movement of gentleness and Love, of healing, and the embracing of every single aspect of yourselves, sweet ones, through both the shadow and the Light. You take this beautiful Silver Flame of Illumination of wisdom, and insight and understanding now, and with these portal vibratory frequencies, anchor and activate this through Palenque in Mexico, and now into the Unity Grid of Divine Love. And as you experience this shift in consciousness, you connect into the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Life, to the Higher Light of all awakened lightworkers and star-seeded ones through the Unity Grid of Divine Love. You are joined by the many Legions of Light from On High as you bring these energies of faith, of healing, flexibility, acceptance, trust and surrender to all Life on this earth plane, and to assist in this activation we speak in the language of Light:


Wonderful, sweet ones, you now find yourselves back in your sacred space once more, grounding into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth and feeling this connection in Light to all Life. Wrapped once more in this beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love, this Golden Flame of Unity Consciousness, of Christ Consciousness, and this Silver Flame of illumination, wisdom, insight, and understanding. You are walking this pathway of Christ Consciousness, sweet ones, and you are Divinely supported on this level and on the inner planes. And simply through the Knowing that you are deeply loved, you radiate a greater level of your magnificence and Light as One Unified Cosmic Heart.


We thank you for your service work and we bless you and with this we bid you a most magical day.


Transcribed by Zulma

Artwork by Art Dimension


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