Teal Scott – What are The Akashic Records – Amazing New Information

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Teal explains that the Akashic records is the human way of understanding that every thought that has ever been thought, exists. Therefore, one aspect of collective consciousness is a vibrational “record” of every soul and its journey throughout all universes that ever have been before now and all future potentials originating from now.

She describes the Akasha as being like a library, where the levels (or floors) of that library in the universe are dimensions. The information in each dimension corresponds to the frequency of that specific dimension. So to access specific information in the Akashic Records, one must first become the same vibration as the dimension which contains that specific information.

Teal then explains a bit about what information is contained in each dimension.

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How to Access The Akashic Records, Ask Teal Episode Part 2 Reguarding the Akashic Records

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This episode of Ask Teal is part 2 of her discussion about Akashic Records.
In the first video, Teal discussed what the Akashic Records are. In this video, she addresses the question of how to access the Akashic Records.
The Akashic Record can be summed up as any thoughts which has been previously thought in the history of this universe or any universe. All of which still exist.
In this episode Teal explains that one does not have to go anywhere to access the Akashic Records because it is not a “place”. Instead the way one is able to receive information and have experiences in and of the Akashic Record, is by attuning one’s personal frequency to the frequency of the information one wants to know or the thought one wants to experience.
The best way this is done is through deep states of meditation, trance, visualization, or out of body travel. She explains the universal concept of resistance and allowing which is all about energetic frequency and applies directly to someone’s success or lack there of with respect to experiencing the Akashic Record. Teal also reminds us that we are all interacting with the Akashic Record all the time. It’s simply not an interaction most of us are consciously aware of.