Akasha – 10-23-14 – Channeler: Cari Eden Kindl



Akasha- Intelligent Energy from the Eighth Octave
Accessing Akashic Records
Cari Kindl

What is density is the Earth in at this time?

The Earth is currently vibrating at fourth density.

When is ascension of the earth into fifth density?

Cycles are relative to the alignment of intelligent energies.

Is it possible for 3rd density bodies to ascend to 5th density without going through the death process?

Fifth density earth must be fully activated for fifth density bodies to interact within that vibratory frequency. Most souls incarnate are fourth density at this time and can possibly make the transition to 5th density if they remain positively polarized. However there are still 3rd density negatively polarized entities incarnate at this time which will not be able to transition into 5th density and will go through the “death” process. Fourth density is positively polarized with some distortions due to the third density consciousness being 50% negative polarization.

What is causing the earth to heat up?

The planet is going through a healing process much like one fights an illness. The imbalances are due to a larger percentage of entities experiencing negatively polarized 3rd density consciousness within a positively polarized fourth density earth plane. As more entities become less negatively charged emotionally there will be a rapid ascension into the next octave.

Is this also why many people experience what they call ascension symptoms?

It is much the same. Emotional blockages must be cleared and service to others will positively polarize entities that suffer from entropy. Negative emotions cause disturbances in various locations within the planetary spheres and within ones own body.

What is the Mind Matrix?

All manifestation originates from infinite mind. A Mind Matrix is a distortion from the singularity of that origination which is illusion. Spirit Body and Mind are all One yet also each manifest a matrix which is critical to experiencing the illusion. The One designs the web of illusion that ultimately leads the fractured other selves back to the truth of One.

Is there a singular purpose for the design of the universe?


Is the Creator self aware with goals and intention?

The first concept is singularity/finite. The natural unfolding of this is self awareness, expanding, experiencing and unfolding, creating distortions of light and love. These phenomenon evolve into the body and through experience return to singularity.


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