Angelic Guides – A Whole New World – A Look at What’s to Come – 9-9-14

new_world“A whole new world: A look at what’s to come”

“Today we have been asked to discuss what we perceive as being the most probable “future” timeline that you are manifesting at this time. More specifically, we have been asked to share our perspective on where we perceive the human collective energy to be heading and what changes and advancements we perceive as being the most probable at this time.   Certainly this is a very large topic and we will do our best to share with you some key changes that we perceive in your “near future”. So with that we would be delighted to share our perspective, so let us begin.

We will begin by first sharing our perspective of the current now moment and then we will shift into your “future” time lines. As we have said many times, and it is worth repeating, we do not perceive anytime to be in your “future” or in the “past”, rather we see all time happening simultaneously. It is only the rate of vibration and frequency that seemingly divides your experiences into “different time periods”. With that being said, let us begin.

As many of you are noticing, you are in the midst of making very large transitions in your lives. For some it feels quite chaotic as if you are in the midst of a twirling tornado and haven’t the slightest idea when and where you will be placed on solid ground again. To this we say, congratulations! You see, many of you are in the midst of manifesting the many changes you have continually wished, dreamed and hoped for. Humans rarely enjoy change, it’s something that is quite perplexing for those of us in the higher realms as the universe is always changing; it is always shifting to reflect back all that you are resonating with. Though humans fear change almost more than any other fear they collectively hold. We would like to assure you once again that this year has offered you each a wonderful opportunity to really demonstrate just how far you have come, how much you have learned and how much you are currently able to trust that all will be exactly as it should. A rather difficult challenge for some of you though we can assure you that this transition will be well worth the effort. Just as each of you are going through your own transitions, so too is your collective consciousness. The things that were previously allowed to take place on your world will soon become a “thing” of the past.

We have often said that in just 20-30 years of your time you will see more rapid transformation and progress made than there has been in the last 2000 of your years. In approximately 25 years of your time, your world will no longer resemble the world you currently inhabit. The technology will drastically propel you into a world in which space is no longer a barrier. We are not just referring to “outer space” but to the space on your planet. Currently your planet is a very large place, in which not all beings have the ability to travel to any place they desire to visit. This will change. The boarders of each country are currently upheld to prevent invasions from others who wish to conquer or take over others. Though this will no longer be the intention of the collective. You are shifting into a world free of war, free of boundaries, and free of fear. Though from our perspective your world is transforming in a blink of an eye, for many of you who are still experiencing a form of linear time it will seem as though it is a rapid progression rather than an “overnight change”.

We realize that much of this seems quite impossible, how could so much change in such a short amount of time? To this we smile, as we will offer you a similar analogy. How would you describe how impactful the internet has been on your world to someone residing 30 years ago on your Earth? Many of you will have a hard time remembering just how different your world was just 30 years ago. We can assure you this is just the very beginning.

Much of the technology that you have today is handheld, you can take it with you wherever you go and most of you have come to really rely on your devices to assist you in a multitude of ways. Though in a short while many of these devices will seem like old relics as your technology will soon be able to sync with your mind; a thought that many find frightening or even dangerous at this time. Though the fears will subside and you will become quite fond of the technological advances that allow you to sync your consciousness with your technology. As the collective continues to awaken to the innate harmony, peace and balance that can be ascertained you will let go of the many fears the collective holds about power, conquering and controlling as this technology will be used for the betterment of your world.

The technological advances that are to manifest within your future timelines will completely revamp how each of you learn. Many of you are familiar with downloading an “App” on your devices in order to allow the device to perform a new function. This will be quite similar to how many of you will acquire new skills and knowledge in your future, it can simply be downloaded for lack of a better word into your mind. The explosion of progress and advancement within the human race will be quite unimaginable to many of you today. Any skill, language, information that you wish to acquire will be accessible to you much like an App is accessible to your computers.

The technology that will be released progressively over the years will actually assist you to perform many of the tasks that your mind is actually capable of doing yet your beliefs and understandings do not yet support the manifestation of it yet. So you see, your technology will act as a bridge to assist you in carrying out the tasks that are innate within all of you though you are not quite able to perform them yet.

Another large change will be in how you travel around your world. Transportation will change quite drastically. The current forms of transportation that you have are quite damaging to the environment and particularly time consuming. Many of the advancements will allow you to travel to any point on your world in a matter of an hour or two at most. As more and more of you leave your “jobs” and follow your passions you will no longer have the need to travel so regularly as you will be able to provide your services from any location. The vehicles for lack of a better word, though they would hardly be considered as such will be quite efficient and run on crystal energy.

Another large shift that we perceive in your future timeline is the dissipation of “money” and the increasing desire to trade goods and services with one another. Many new systems, ideas and beliefs must be incorporated in order for the “need” for money to be completely removed.  You will begin to trade services rather than exchange “money” as a form of payment for your services.  In fact there are already systems such as this that are beginning to be implemented on a much smaller scale that will act as templates for many of you to move towards to allow you to completely let go of all forms of money. Many of you are witnessing the transparency of money, as it is predominately displayed on digital screens and accounted for in plastic and paper. This will change as you continue to evolve and grow, as you will no longer require the exchange of money.

Another large shift will be in your entertainment and news outlets. Currently, your media at this time plays a very large role in shaping the collective consciousness’s thoughts, fears and beliefs at this time; so we would like to begin by sharing what we see as being the most likely shift in this area. The media and your news outlets around the world are in a sense a reflection of the collective, thoughts, fears, beliefs and interests. It is in a way a direct reflection of where your collective chooses to focus their attention. Currently, your media is highly focused upon fear-based drama though we assure you, this will change. More and more are no longer allowing their minds to be shaped by the fears of others, rather you are awakening to a new paradigm in which you create the harmonious life styles that you wish your world to reflect.

As more and more of your awaken to the divinity within you are choosing to “unplug” from the mainstream media outlets and choosing to reconnect with nature, your true interests and many various forms of finding the peace within. It has been a widespread belief of many that they must remain “up to date”, and are required to watch the gruesome acts portrayed on your television screens regardless of how unpleasant they may be. Though we are witnessing the shift amongst many of you. As each of you become more selective in what you allow your minds to focus upon, you are finding much of the fear, hate and anger displayed on your televisions to be out of alignment. We realize that much of what you are witnessing around your world can be misconstrued as pure chaos, though we are here to assure you that all that must change is coming to the surface for all to see. Only then can you consciously choose to make a change.

Though it appears that those who reside on the other side of your globe do not affect your lives, we can assure you, you are all connected in an energetic web that cannot be separated. The decisions you make in each moment directly affect each and every one of you. You will surely see the forms of entertainment change drastically in the coming years, as you will no longer be “glued” to watching shows filled with drama, fear and segregation, rather you will wish to only focus your attention on the experiences, events and happenings that make you feel at peace, in joy or in love. Your media will come to reflect that in time.

The growth and progress that will be witnessed upon your world will be nothing short of exceptional. We have only briefly touched upon a few key changes that we perceive to be most probable. We remind you that you are always shifting, changing and redirecting your future events in every given moment and we encourage you to make the changes within your own world so that you may create the world you wish to live within.

We hope that you have found this message to be enjoyable and that we have in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides”

Copyright © 2012-2014 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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Lisa Gawles – You Are The Light of the New World and Soooooo Powerful Too – 1-9-14


Holy wonderland batman, what an amazing slide in the 2014 I have had!!  Of course, it all started just before midnight on New Years Eve.  My son had a wonderful New Years Eve party here at the house, Indie Pro-Wrestlers everywhere!  I do believe I got myself a full helping of pure testosterone to last me all year long!! (smile)  Something strange started to happen in my body that I knew couldn’t be blamed on the one, over sized margarita I was enjoying…

Everything within me was becoming hyper sensitive to, well, everything.  The music suddenly seemed soooo much louder, the pinging of all the laughter and energy was starting to feel like hail against my skin.  I tapped out and went upstairs to just chill out until midnight.  I laid down and something was going thru me, starting at my feet and eventually covering every inch of my body.  It kind of felt like new circuits being flipped on and the surges was weird to my inners!!  I decided to sleep instead.

I woke up New Years day with a tinge of a headache that pretty much hung out all day long.  It wasn’t unbearable, just kinda there.  I did have one reading on my New Years agenda and was sooooo excited to see whatever we were going to see this day.  It almost felt like Christmas and I get to unwrap something never before seen to our eyes!!

The first thing that surprised me, I couldn’t open a window of connection from the room in Virginia that I was in, to save my life.  So, like the first connection the week prior, I took myself back to my kitchen on the Mesa and thought I would be able to pull it into the room, nope… I had to actually keep our energy on the Mesa, which kind felt like reading on my tippy toes.  As I settled into my kitchen and streamed my antenna out my back door, the first thing I really noticed was the ground that literally is my backyard, OMG, it was as if I was literally seeing it all.  The plants, the dirt, rocks and stuff were almost as if they were hyper-real.  Clearer and more visible than if I was really sitting in my chair in my kitchen.  It wasn’t until many days later as I reflected on all I had seen January 1st and 2nd, that what we were experiencing was the new luminosity of the field of life.  Every thing ascended, every rock, blade of grass, molecule of air…. everything!!

However, as I stretched my antenna to what I call the middle of the field, or the core area of where your life begins and ends (deep center) I was really caught by surprise.  There was a shield of energy that looked and felt different than anything I had never connected to before.  A cross between a silvery white light that emanated blue hues.  It stretched as far as my vision could see left to right, up and down and there was no way of seeing thru it or moving around it.  I couldn’t even orient myself to her biology and I had no clue what it could possibly mean to her.  I rescheduled her to the last reading slot of the next day.

What a day the 2nd was!!  Mostly, I didn’t understand a darn thing I was seeing, well, not in a whole picture sort of way.  Everyone was so bizarre and so unique and yet, so simple imagery wise.  Everyone except the lady I had already connected to the day prior had this amazing light field emanating thru their entire center.  It finally dawned on me with my first precious man of the morning what I was seeing/experiencing…

The first person I connected to was a young man I just started reading for earlier in December, in that connection he had told me he is really head for a job change.  His current job is delivering pizza’s and now wants to do more to serve the understanding of light flooding him this year.  …But wanting a new job and actually putting energy into getting a new one, especially when you aren’t really sure what you want to do in it’s stead, usually has us dragging our heals.  When I talked to him on the 2nd he told me he was in a car accident and now, his car is unable to do what it has been doing, delivering pizza’s.

Powerful energy there!!

So, there he is, in his field of light stretching from left to right, top to bottom and I am starting to realize, this light is only focused in the center of a persons field and then my own light bulb finally goes on about what I am witnessing…

For eons of time we had two mixtures of light in play at all times, our inner light (or lack there of) and the surrounding light of life which we could mix with our own inner light for creation and wellness.  This is where so many external things became so important in helping us “manifest,” right down to the act of visualization.

Now, however, we ARE that complete light energy.  The full spectrum of light is being emitted from our core outwards.  I knew this was a game changer and would take me close to a week to fully understand what the hell it means to us now.

Everyone’s light field aside, if I was able to see any aspect of his (or anyone’s) biology, which I wasn’t, three energized golden circles were on the ground in the position of his forward movement.  One just to his right foot, one just to his left foot and one about a foot away in the center of the two near his feet, forming a triangle.  The circles were not just circles, they had energy cracking constantly.  Think of a sparkler that is round and gold, that is what each circle felt and looked like.  His team called them choice points of energy.  Not one choice over another, but a series of chain reactions when one is ignited.

Step into the one on the right, that creates an emotional charge, which sparks the one on the left into action, physical life charge, and the top one is the outcome,  However, at the time of our connection, they were just choice points without any light energy infused into their outcome.

Let’s leave him there for a moment and go to my second precious lady on the field.  She was emitting that vast white-silver-blueish light that I am now realizing feels more like a film that stretches from each persons core, which is why I could see the ground I call the east field so clearly, beyond clearly even.

We are now standing on an earth that connects to the wholeness of our spiritual-biology, kind of like a plug into a socket.  The pure current of Gaia runs up thru us and charges all the energy within us, the full spectrum of light that we now are.  This lady however, she had a larger golden sparkler ring around where her body was (even tho, I could not see her body thru the light spectrum.)  It kind of reminded me of my young man just prior, only hers was around her and much larger.  As I was melting down just trying to understand, finally her team threw out a few words “her ring of power.”   Ohhhhhhhhh….  I think I get this now.

Gold, in my world, is the highest vibration of spiritual energy there is (silver, the highest vibration of earth energy) it also represents a very strong magnetic field of creation/attraction that now is as close to you as your feet.  If you never put a foot forward for anything, it remains as unused energy until you use it.  My lady just finished up some major projects in her life and we could call her in a state of rest at the time of our connection.  Unlike my young man before her who, by virtue of desire and pushing of his light field, was in a power point of using his magnetic field of attraction/manifestation.

To put this more clearly from my own personal experience…  On December 31st T-Mobile stopped my hot-spot connection, my ability to use the internet via my phones signal.  I had used up the alotted 500 mb that came with my phone plan.  They sent me a text message telling me to upgrade my hot spot plan to 2.5 gigs for an extra $20 a month,   when I pushed the link, T=Mobile declined me.  I knew why, I didn’t pay last months bill and this months just billed out so my bill looks ginormous and over my credit limit with them.  Dammit.  I tried several more times during the day, each time, they declined my upgrade.  Just shit.

Not wanting to start the year feeling rejected, I didn’t even try to upgrade my hot spot usage, until something overcame me the morning of the 2nd.  There was no worry, no feeling of being rejected, not even a moment of prayer, just pure desire to get back online and be able to use my computer again.  I pushed, they upgraded me instantly.  WOW!!

My third reading of the day, man oh man, I just barely got a handle of sparkly golden rings and here she comes being all kinds of different.  Instead of any kind of a golden ring, she had this wooden wheelbarrow planter painted red.


Only the wheel was wooden and red and the box part was closed not open in the back.  I could feel the texture of the wood as I pondered what the hell is that!!  It was set up across her forward path, the handles towards the southeast, the wheel towards the north west and I knew she could not go forward, but had to use this thing in her reading, in her path.  But what the hell is it?  Especially in relationship to the previous two readings???

Today, and only today, I finally get it!!  It is not enough for us to “change” our reality with desire, we must plant it, nurture it, grow it into existence…. give it roots to grow, so to speak.

Other than giving her a meditation exercise of connecting with this planter, I had no idea what else it could possibly mean, again, given the prior two readings.  The beauty of what I do, even giving her a meditation exercise, put me directly into doing it as the direction was coming out of my mouth, not even realizing as I said “I want one!!” that indeed, we all have one and becoming familiar with the planting of our own seeds is really important, and I got to do it by helping her.  Thank you so much for that!!

I will get back to this too, in a moment.

My fourth lady, the very lady I peeped at the day prior, well she created an absolute melt down in me.  The bizarre just got really flipping bizarre.  I didn’t even realize I was not seeing her silvery-white-blueish light spectrum like I had the day prior, or even all the others upon this day, nope, my focus went to what I was seeing inside the Mesa itself.  Holy shit even…

For those unfamiliar with the Mesa that is literally part of my back yard, I am going to just share a picture so you can try and follow along:

mornign light

Where the dome at the top in this picture is and all the way down to the ground level, was…. shit, not there.  Instead it was a strange silo of bizarre energy, well, bizarre to me!  From the ground up about 25% of the way were what looked like gel rings, maybe the size of a half dollar, all of them emitting this various colored energy in them, tons and tons of them stacked on top of each other, like I said, filling about 25% of this silo looking thingie.  Then it is as if the energy changed into massive waves moving upwards to about 25% from the top.  What the hell!!????????

All her team kept repeating was think nuclear reactor.  Sure, I can think it, but I have no flipping clue what a nuclear reactor does and why is it only in her reading.  And from the waves I see, what does it change into, it felt like that part was missing….

The next thing I know, she has 6 animals, that at first I thought were dogs, but then I started to hear the words wolves” quite clearly, all connected to each other by this silver harness thingie.  I also understood they will help her understand her greater role in what we are seeing together.  All 6 as a team, but also, to understand each one individually too.  Again, a meditation exercise was presented to her.

Have I mentioned just how important meditation is??  I can liken it to entering a quantum physics class and each one is assigned a text book of understanding.  Meditation is that text book!  Even the most advanced whiz kid in class is going to need to refer to their text books eventually!!  …just saying….

OK, off my soap box….

Let me tell you, I am really anal about what I consider a “reading” and even tho we were able to see, I could barely understand what we were seeing, I gave everyone a free pass until I can assimilate what the heck this all means to them and to us.

As I ended my connection with her, I realized thru my own vision that I was seeing everyone up and to the right of my “field of vision.”  There was no longer a way to super impose the energy of the Mesa, the field in which we connect from, in Virginia.

My body was about to be a living example!

About an hour after my final reading of the day, I was sitting downstairs in the back room with my son having a much needed, and might I add, deserved (smile) smoke when we heard this intensely loud rumbling happening.  The sound filled the entire back room and was constant… we realized it was my stomach.  Holy shit, what the hell is happening in there???  There was no discomfort, no bloating, no nothing except this really loud, unheard of noise (that lasted two days.)  All I could think of was my nuclear reactor lady…

Several hours later as my son and I were talking about me being stuck in Virginia (no one had the money to get me back home to New Mexico) my son thought that trying to fly out on the same day would reduce the fares that  are now tipping the scales at $600 one way to a reasonable $200 or so… not even.  The air fares were rocking steady at $500-$600 for the whole week.  What is funny, between us, we didn’t even have $200 if a fare did present itself.  But who cares about that!!  Something started really stirring in the noise maker now called my stomach.

I had internet again, so I got onto and realized United airlines had a flight on the 9th for only $244, granted, I had to change planes three times in the 15 hour journey it would take to get me back home, but at least I would get back home.  In that moment, I had two sales come thru, with what I had already sitting in my paypal, I now had $250 to find my way back home.  Of course, I have a car sitting in airport parking that was now going to cost me about $50 to claim, if I went home on the 9th… but who cares about that right now.  One mission at a time.

I decided to do the name your own price gig and see if United would come down a bit, well, I got a flight for $222 and was so surprised when it was via American airlines (on flight 1333 mind you) and only one plane change.  Phew…. I am now going home!!  Hurray!!!!!!!!!!

Well, when I woke up on the 3rd, whatever was brewing in my stomach found an explosive and may I add, quite liquefied way out.  I became married to the toilet.  My energy was depleting with every flush and by the 4th, I was just a shell of myself.  I slept most of the day in between running to the bathroom, when my son started to have the same experience.  We took turns sleeping while the other played a video game with the baby (well, he is going to be 4 next month, not really a baby…)

I realized this was an energetic reaction within ourselves because my grandson never got “it” nor did my sons girlfriend who had just gone home the day prior.  I didn’t have enough energy to even care what the hell this was… I was busy sleeping.  I did realize all color ran out of my, ummmm…. well, bathroom visits.  I have never seen white poop before and had to giggle to myself as I think about how many times I say “holy shit”” and now… it is white.  Gotta find the humor…. right!!?

I woke up on the 5th, still feeling like crap, but now, I swear I had an oversized balloon in my upper abdomen that was slowly releasing itself as gas.  OMG the gas!!  I would have given the best man a run for his money on flatulence!!  It was absolutely constant all day long, if i was burping so loud the neighbors could hear, I was tooting so much I was raising myself off the chair.

To top this all off, we had a 10 hour car ride the next day to bring my grandson back to his mom, no one is going to be able stand to be in the truck with me if this continues.  About 6pm that evening, with a giant toot release, I heard or maybe felt my body say… we’re done.  This is the last of it.

And sure enough… it was!!!

My mind started to engage with my body again, life was returning to my entire system.  The ride to take my grandson to Pennsylvanian (the half way point from Virginia and Massachusetts) started producing understandings from my readings and my own experiences on the 2nd.

To put it simply, you must fire up your magnetic field of energy with desire, plant the outcome into your growth container, move it to its location (hence being in a wheelbarrow) and turn on the nuclear energy and let it flow!!


The trinity… desire, action, outcome.  Period.  No fancy footwork.  No huge prep to get yourself there.  That all got us to here and for the last year spirit has been saying over and over and over again, what got us to here will not get us to there.  Or what once worked so well, will no longer work in that way again.

But we humans are such creatures of habit.  Even in what many would call the new age movement or light worker field, we break out of one box to close us into another.

In a conversation I had with my beautiful architect yesterday, what we now must possess is absolute inner confidence.  Think about it…

We got to here by visualization, which was needed to increase our inner confidence of our abilities to manifest.  Maybe even some did dances, or build alters to channel external energy to the point of creation once desired.  That all got us to here… we are now that singular point of creation flowing outwards.

My own body became a nuclear reactor coming on line.  Taking the particle energy (those gel like thingies in my nuclear ladys reading) and infusing desire into them (get me home) and allow the waves of energy to radiate out (those two blessed souls who purchased readings back to back of each other) and instantly gave me the outcome of desire.

We each do our part… mine for this precious moment, was purging any and all elements of fear out of our systems.  I had a hard time even saying I was “sick” because I knew I wasn’t… I just didn’t know what I was.

I do now!!

There is so much more to what is unfolding… until tomorrow….

May I send a massive wave of gratitude to everyone who has been completely confused in my delay in getting home (speaking of appointments here.)  I think I have a really great way to make it up to you… everyone who had an original appointment scheduled from December 24th thru December 9th, please send me your mailing address, I am going to send you a rock from the Mesa and a quartz crystal that has been chilling in the back yard for the last two years.  You have shared with me in ways I can never repay.

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with absolute inner confidence to ALL!!  I love you all so very very much!!

Lisa Gawlas

A Whole New World – We Are Children of the New Age – Infinite Waters

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