Jesus and Heavenly Father’s Plan for Mortals – The Urantia Book – A Revelation

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“The mission of” MORTAL SCHOOL, “founded, supported, and guided by” the beloved Sovereign of our Universe, known on this planet as “Jesus the Christ,” is to assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life. That assistance should provide a life time of intensive learning in a stimulating setting where a commitment to excellence is expected and the full realization of human potential is pursued.”
“All instruction, programs, and services of” MORTAL SCHOOL, “including a wide variety of extracurricular experiences, should make their own contribution toward the balanced development of the total person. Such a broadly prepared individual will not only be capable of meeting personal challenges and change but will also bring strength to others in the tasks of family life, social relationships, civic duty and service to mankind.”
“All students” of MORTAL SCHOOL “should be taught the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All education is inadequate which does not emphasize that His is the only name given under heaven whereby mankind can be saved. Certainly all relationships within” the EARTH COMMUNITY “should reflect devout love of God and a loving, genuine concern for the welfare” of all. Because we “encourage the pursuit of all truth, students attending ” EARTH SCHOOL “should receive a broad…education”, the foundation of which is a loving family experience which will prepare them to be good parents to each succeeding generation of earth students. Upon that “foundation the arts, letters, and sciences provide the core of an education which will help students think clearly, communicate effectively, understand important ideas in their own cultural tradition as well as that of others, and establish clear standards of intellectual integrity”
“In addition to a strong general education, students should also receive instruction in the special fields of their choice, and will receive assistance to accomplish special “Missions” and “Majors”.
We believe the earnest pursuit of this mission can assist you, as a mortal living on Planet Earth, to accomplish your purpose and individual mission while you live your short or long life as a mortal being.