NEW GAIA – Galactic Open House – Channeler Anarchistbanjo – 3-4-15


Channeler Anarchistbanjo

As this drama unfolds the most beautiful angel, the one responsible for the division of the astral into two cells or worlds, has returned to once more complete the divine counterpart pattern of the new elves.

The cell or earth of the new humans remains in strict quarantine and new humans retain “observer status” only as Gaia’s ascension continues. They may watch but may have no direct or indirect influence in the unfolding of coming events.

They may not have “outside contact” and are enclosed in an energetically balanced enclosure where they can work things out for themselves in total free will without outside influence.

The cell or earth of the new elves with its complete and balanced divine counterpart male/female pattern is now finished and a new energetic stage begins, the galactic grand opening of new Gaia!

Gaia guardians are now in place and all barriers have been removed to allow free access to our galactic visitors.

New Gaia is now a free and open planet! Mortal physical 3D is dissolving and full disclosure of non human life and civilizations has been authorized along with public appearances of space craft when appropriate.

New Gaia makes her debut in a grand way! We have arrived!

You may expect an awakening and increase in s0 called psychic phenomenon and abilities as the energies continue to rise and then stabilize.

Our world is on the brink of unprecedented change and opportunity! People will either rally to the new energies or hurry to leave their physical bodies as the changes become too disruptive to deal with.

Those leaving physical bodies will find opportunities to be born into new ones at appropriate times if desired.

Already the astral has changed and allows new types of communications between souls that have not functioned in the old energies.

We have been waiting for this and now it is here!



Gaia Portal – Flashes of brilliance signal the Higher Age – 1-13-15



Storm clouds gather to announce the

next phase of Gaia Illumination.

Essence of Hue-Manity comes forth quickly.

Lights are manifested for all to see, as Gaia transits.

Flashes of brilliance signal the Higher Age.


Steve Beckow – Vision for Building Nova Earth – 1-11-15

Nova Earth 324Steve Beckow

In our common work to build Nova Earth, I don’t think we can build on a global scale without coming from the highest values and I don’t think the work will have permanence without it coming from a sacred place.  For centuries we’ve lived as if neither of these assertions were true.

I think we’ve proved as a planet that a foundation less solid will not last.

What have we built drawing on low ideals and denying the sacred almost completely?

The mass media today tell us to trust that our government has our best interests at heart, to fear an ebola outbreak that the government itself is behind, (1) to be concerned with attacks in Canada and Australia that the government itself has carried out, (2) or in the Ukraine, (3) or probably in Paris.

The mass media sell us a version of contemporary history and society that seems designed to make us as bland consumers while keeping us in a state of fear over “terrorism” which the government itself stages.  The mental and emotional division created within the individual between pleasure-seeking and fear-avoiding is about as insidious a use of “divide and conquer” tactics as I may have ever seen. It is anything but calming.

The mass of us respond by losing faith in things ever getting better and thinking there can be no solutions for what ails us as a world. The religious among us look to the afterlife (or the next life) for the improvement in things that we so desperately want here and now.  Concluding this way, we settle into inertia.

But can we arrive at a vision for building Nova Earth that takes the weaknesses of our old foundation into account and provides a stronger, new foundation?

I think we can. Having a vision and a plan may allow us to emerge from this inertia, to create momentum for a world that works.

Starting out, we have to remember a couple of things. First of all, we need to remember that all worlds work in the higher dimensions.  When we say “a world that works,” we’re simply saying a higher-dimensional world.

Second of all, we need to remember that life has an order, a design, a plan. And yes, it’s a sacred plan.

What constitutes the highest levels of behavior arise out of that design or plan.

The unchanging plan applying to all life is for all sentient beings to journey through the school of life looking ever more deeply into themselves with the final result that they realize their true nature as, and return to total oneness with, God.

The Divine Plan sets out universal laws that help us achieve our sacred purpose, while allowing for free will. It can take us as long as we want to return to God but return we all will.

We discover along the way that conforming to the highest possible levels of behavior is the same as living according to the divine qualities. We quickly see that life has to allow the sacred or the spiritual back in, which has been completely deleted from all areas of life in the last century and a half.

So now we turn our attention to building Nova Earth and we too need a plan. I think the Company of Heaven wants us to come up with one. And my contribution to it is provide a vision for that work.

Given this preamble, I think you can guess what that vision would be.

The vision I hold out is that we lightworkers collectively are building Nova Earth drawing on behavior of the highest possible order, sacred in its form and content, whose aim is the spread of unity and universal love across the entire planet.

That I hold out is the aim of the work we’re embarked on. You can take that statement and run a mile it; I welcome all improvements. But that I offer as a starting point.

I think that proceeding in the way suggested by that vision will create the firm foundation we need so that any structure raised on it would last.

But to follow it would take a terrific amount of self-forgiveness.  I cannot claim to live life this way at this moment. I certainly would not offer myself as an example of this type of person. I aspire to it but it remains a goal out ahead of me.

What we’re saying is that we intend to live by the divine qualities.  And at ever-increasing levels of refinement.

And we intend to do a sacred work together:  revealing the unity among us all and loving each member of society equally.

This is my offering to the work then, a vision for the building of Nova Earth:

We lightworkers collectively are building Nova Earth drawing on behavior of the highest possible order, sacred in its form and content, whose aim is the spread of unity and universal love across the entire planet.








Steve Beckow

Golden Age Of Gaia

Sirius, Mass Star Gates Opening Up – Transformation For Planet Earth – 10-18-14



Sirius has always been one of 12 Master Galaxies involved with planet earth, since the very beginning.  In this then it acts as a type of central hub or star-gate from which life on planet earth is constantly monitored.

When the earth was put under quarantine after numerous occasions when the warring faction on planet earth nearly blew up the planet, massive inner earth star-gates were closed down as well as the energies emitted from the pyramid grids and the vortex energy centers of this earth.

This was done purposefully and central keys, codes and also blocking devices were put into place, so that the very high technology locked into these places, would only be accessible to mankind again, once they have finally mastered the art of balance again, and also unity consciousness: – therefore stopping their warring ways, and finally understanding the value of true brother- and sisterhood, which does not harm, but rather works together for the greater good of all.

There are certain sites on earth that have been so purposefully hidden that even our most advanced technology will not as yet pick these up, because those in government still have not shed their controlling programs and their warring ways.

However, in the meantime planet earth has pledged to ascend into a much higher evolutionary state, and as she is one of the Thrones created by Source and a living entity whose physical manifestation is the planet, she has agreed to go through mass changes in order to evolve.

She has also taken it upon herself to ascend into these higher evolutionary states with the rest of this solar system and counter-solar system and Universe/Counter-Universe.  As she is part of much greater and intricate whole, whatever happens within the Universe and cosmos has massive catalyst changes for her too.

We are mere passengers on this planet, and at some stage we as souls all signed contracts with the Intergalactic Counsel and the High Lords of Sirius, that we would agree to partake in an EXPERIMENT of life on planet earth.  Therefore we are never to forget this, but understand that the planet agreed to have us participating in this experiment and thus at any time this experiment can be terminated – especially if mankind does not adhere to cosmic laws and keeps on repeating its old destructive patterns.

However this is neither the time nor the moment to go deeper into this (I have recorded this in detail in my book:  SOUL EMPOWERMENT which you can order directly from my website,

What is important to understand is that at this moment and because of the planet’s agreement to stepping up the evolutionary process, mass star-gates inside the earth are opening up and with these mass star-gates in Sirius.

This is bringing in massive shifts in the inner earth, and has for some time, but now accelerating and immensely fast.

With this that the star-gates on Sirius are now busy being opened up, this is creating  massive vortex-like energy fields, and as the pyramid grids are now being activated as well (most of them have not been re-discovered and are purposefully hidden as well) which, combined with the vortex energy being beamed down from Sirius, is creating a vast tunnel – or wormhole if you like.

This has then a sucking movement.  It is literally SUCKING the whole planet and all life upon her into a different dimensional and evolutionary state.

In the next ten years, this will accelerate, and as the full impact of all of this hits home, very few souls on planet earth will be able to withstand the intense energy releases as this is pushing us into an incredibly high frequency band.

Whatever is too dense a mass will start disintegrating and is already as the old way of life is now dissolving faster than we know what to do with it.

Most Light workers have been aware of this since after World War II and have steadily been warning mankind of the advent of the New Golden Age.  Most of the star children carry within them as programmed in the higher frequency band transmitters, which will enable them to step into this new dimension, if they did not get stuck on the wayside.

Most affected will not only be those affected by the mass earth changes, but also those who do not have the ability to adjust to the higher frequency bands and higher dimensional state, as this sucking movement will accelerate.

A lot of the first wave of Light workers have completed their mission and will return home.  Some have volunteered and been assigned to stay with those on earth and assist them through the massive changes.

The Indigo and Crystal children born since 1950’s will now have to carry the rest of mankind through these changes, as they have the keys and codes to do so, if they are fully awake and activated.

The New Children born since 1994 have all the tools in place and will be able to move through these changes as their higher crystalline bodies can adjust more easily to the higher frequency bands.  Most of them are also very much connected to the Motherships of the Intergalactic fleet and their home galaxies who are constantly monitoring their process.

This is then mass TRANSFORMATION into something NEW.

There is nothing to be afraid of.  When you are in totally tune with your own soul and therefore empowered from deep within, and you are in higher alignment with the Divine, then you will be able to raise your frequency band with the help of the angelic, Archangelic realms, and those of the Cosmic Hierarchy who are assisting us en masse at the moment.

They have been recently reinforced by those Higher Ranking Light-Beings from the 7th Central Sun and the 9th Central Sun and then now coming in are the Beings from the 12th.

Be aware that this is a mass return to Unity Consciousness and the advent of the new reign of peace on planet earth, as has been decreed by the Divine Source and Cosmic Hierarchy and the High Lords of Sirius, under whose direction we fall.

So be it! It is done!

(Judith Kusel)

For Twin Flame and Soul Readings:

Photo: Sirius B http://


Ascension Guide Jim Self – Planetary Update – August 2014


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Barbara Marciniak – Bringers of the Dawn – Book

Gary Lite·241 videos

Compiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling by Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn imparts to us the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a group of enlightened beings who have come to Earth to help us discover how to reach a new stage of evolution. Master storytellers and humorists, they advise us to become media-free, to work in teams, and to eliminate the words “should” and “try” from our vocabularies. We learn how to go beyond fear, how the original human was a magnificent being with twelve strands of DNA and twelve chakra centers, and who our “gods” are.

Startling, intense, intelligent, and controversial, these teachings offer essential reading for anyone questioning their existence on this planet and the direction of our collective conscious — and unconscious. By remembering that we are Family of Light, that we share an ancient ancestry with the universe around us, we become “bringers of the dawn,” consciously creating a new reality, a new Earth.

Karen Doonan – All is Frequency – Separation of Worlds begins NOW – 3-14-14

Karen Doonan

Karen Doonan

It has long been stated that the New Earth reality is a SEPARATE reality from that of the old 3d earth created reality and as many of you are now experiencing this will now manifest at a human waking conscious outer reality.  The ability that many of you have to interact with the old 3d earth created reality on any level will now fully dissolve, this will see you “float” in the void until you can establish a RESONANCE with the higher dimensional reality that you dream into your outer waking reality.  This is what I have termed the “overlap”, the energetic space where the old 3d earth created reality is visible underneath the transparent New Earth reality.  It is whilst in this space that it is vital to place ALL of your energy into the New Earth so that you can begin to solidify the New Earth reality whilst ALLOWING the old 3d earth created reality to fully dissolve beneath you as it were.

The movement into the New Earth reality is PERSONAL and UNIQUE and is not ONE solid path, by this I mean there is not just one reality that is available to experience. This is in direct contrast to the old 3d earth created reality where the bondage of the karmic dimensional timelines saw you live a very constricted and suppressed reality that allowed for ZERO expansion at any level of your BEing.  This allowed you at a very human conscious waking mind level to allow your human logical mind to anchor contexts such as “fate”, “books of life” etc. These are CREATED reality concepts and are not TRUTH therefore there are not supported in the New Earth reality.

For those of you who experienced the overlay of the BEYOND THE LOOKING GLASS RADIO SHOW on wednesday 12th March this is an example of the different realities that exist. For those who could reach the show then the reality that you currently exist within overlaps the reality in which the RADIO SHOW and those who also took part exist within. For those who had difficulty and could not reach the show this is an example of trying to reach beyond a frequency that you exist within at this moment. FOR ALL IS A FREQUENCY.  Those who are now allowing the expansion of the UNIVERSE OF 3 New Earth energetic frequencies to flow through them will now find that these overlays begin to appear in all “sections” of their human life experience.

homemade bubble recipe

The “separation” of the worlds now begins in TRUTH, the birth of the New Earth reality that YOU have CREATED will now begin to manifest in your outer waking reality and this will now commence rapidly, such is the expansion that is now occurring in the UNIVERSE OF 3.  I would guide you at this time to walk in FAITH and TRUST of YOUr SOUL, that which you are experiencing is a reflection of the frequency that you are CURRENTLY running deep within your human vehicle. Attempting to change your outer waking reality will LOWER your frequency and see you begin to move back into the chaos that is the old 3d earth created reality but as this is now dissolving you will not fully walk in this reality either.

The human logical mind will begin to trigger during this process for it EXPECTS to see two realities, in many cases it will try to teach that there MUST be two separate planets and this is highly distorted. ALL IS NOW in this MOMENT, overlaid frequency upon frequency upon frequency. Imagine if you will blowing a bubble and having other bubbles begin to form around and through the bubble you have just created.  This is an analogy of what is ENERGETICALLY being created by these New Earth higher dimensional expansive energies.


Gregg Braden – Be the Change to Change The World – Conversations with Robyn

Karen Doonan – Creativity and Flow in the New Earth – 3-13-14

Karen Doonan

The New Earth is now birthing fully and is discussed on the Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show where I use a further analogy of where the UNIVERSE wishes you to place your energies at this time. As the old 3d earth begins to dissolve and to collapse it is VITAL that you pour your energies into the New Earth for that is what you are here to BIRTH into your outer waking reality.  As the old 3d earth reality begins to dissolve it will shout very loudly, it will create dramas in order to pull you back in and it will try its best to persuade you that you have “unfinished” business there.  This is now fully negated with the birth of the New Earth, there is nothing that serves in the old 3d earth created reality and you are asked to pour ALL of your energies into the creation of the New Earth and what YOU personally and collectively are here to birth into said reality.

For many of you this may work to highlight any residue that you may be holding onto with respect of GRIEF, ABANDONMENT and BETRAYAL, these lower dimensional CREATED DISTORTED frequencies have been anchored deeply within your human vehicle  over the various lifetimes that you have incarnated into in a human form upon and within this planet.  The old 3d earth created reality trying to persuade you that concentrating on the creation of your dreams is somehow “abandoning” those in the old 3d earth created reality, after all if ALL ARE ONE should not everyone try to take every one else with them? well no, for many reasons and these reasons are multiple but basically because in order to create a new reality and a new way of Being first of all those of you who have come here to help birth this must start actively LIVING this TRUTH in order to SHOW TRUTH.  ALL is a frequency and those who are within the old 3d earth created paradigms CANNOT HEAR YOU, they are deafened by the karmic dimensional distorted frequencies, some of them have chosen to continue with this current lifetime until they have finished this incarnation. It is not possible to simply look at another human vehicle and determine their SOUL choice and the SOUL choice does not always echo at human conscious waking mind level. Those who have chosen to the leave the planet earth at a human physical level do not announce this prior to their departure, at a human conscious waking mind level they will state they want to live but at SOUL level if the choice of physical transition out of the human form has been chosen then this is what will occur.

dove inside sphere

As the New Earth energies now begin to solidify the New Earth reality then more and more of you will FEEL the push to begin the creation of your dreams, there will be a natural disconnection from the old 3d earth created reality but the residue will seek to pull at you.  It is to be stated clearly that you are abandoning NO ONE, for ALL ARE ONE and those who have chosen to stay in a karmic lifetime have chosen this at SOUL level in order to help YOU in the ascension process.  In order to expand energy wise you must be able to compare “something” with “something”, if everyone on the planet earth “woke up” at once there would be no comparison and therefore there could be no expansion.  By LIVING TRUTH and by creating your DREAM in your outer waking reality you are showing “impossible” (as defined by the old 3d earth created reality) to be POSSIBLE and because this is manifest at a “solid” waking outer reality there is no debate, no discussion, you are LIVING TRUTH and therefore PROOF if you like that the dream is possible. This helps those who are within the old 3d earth created reality slowly let go, remember they are also ascending albeit in relation to those who are what is termed “awake” at a much slower frequency expansion. It is NOT TRUTH to assume that those who are “asleep” are not part of the ascension process, ALL ARE ONE, ALL JUST IS.

As those of you who are here to birth the New Earth reality begin to pour your energies into the CREATION of your DREAMS in TRUTH then you will naturally expand and deepen your energy signature, I place before you 1 + 1 =3  and ask that you reference this with the FIBONACCI sequence and understand that a COSMIC SPIRAL of energy is the creation of the New Earth, as you personally expand then ALL EXPAND and it expands geometrically, this alters the outer waking reality of the human race and allows for more to appear upon and within planet earth. The planet earth needs to be a high energetic signature to SUPPORT other life forms at a “solid” level and also to hold the space for further advancement on all levels of the human life experience.

This sits at SOUL level and this will now flow through you into your HEART and be anchored at a human conscious waking mind level, this allows you to create and to have SUPPORT at a waking conscious mind level, allow the connections to appear in your outer waking reality and those who are here to support you on all levels. WE ARE WORKING AS A TEAM FOR ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS.  The New Earth does not support living “alone” and “separate” these are CREATED DISTORTED paradigms created to further trigger GRIEF, ABANDONMENT and BETRAYAL.  So the movement into the New Earth will see you develop at a human conscious waking mind level DEEP and EXPANSIVE connections to those who you would term FAMILY, that is SOUL family, SOUL connection, for ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS.

This will see creations that have at this moment no reference point as 1 + 1 = 3, that is for every two energy signatures that interact there is a THIRD ADDITIONAL one that is created that supports the expansion of the two energetic signatures. Again those of you who work with sacred geometry can do the math in this, ALL IS EXPANSION AT ALL MOMENTS OF ALL MOMENTS. This is in direct contrast to the old 3d earth created reality which was contained and suppressed at all moments of all moments.

It is now time to REACH OUT to those around you, to SEND OUT YOUR ENERGETIC NOTE and to accept that ALL ARE ONE and that ALL JUST IS, at a human conscious waking mind level the transition period for many of you is now complete. You are asked to allow the connections, to accept them and to work WITH THEM at all moments of all moments.


Those of you who listened to the BEYOND THE LOOKING GLASS RADIO SHOW tonight (12th March 14) will have heard Bob state that he has received a lot of emails asking for my “hour” to be extended to two hours. You will also have heard me state  that I will talk wherever and whenever people wish me to talk.  Please email Bob directly via with your requests of when you wish to hear me as there are various timeslots available.  If you wish to hear me on other platforms then please email these platforms directly and state your wish. CREATION is NOW and I am honoured to share my work with all who listen.