A Brother’s Love – Duane Peck


A Brother’s Love   –   Duane Peck

It was a  night when all the birds and nocturnal creatures seek shelter and huddle for warmth.  Hammering sheets of rain silhouetted human embodiments dashing out of cars and into doorways.   One person missed the bus and,  like-it-or-not, braved the elements during a long trek back home..  In comes David holding twice his body weight in water. Soaked to the gills wearing  a big broad smile!   “I had to walk back. Missed the bus!   Cars kept stopping to give me dollar bills, bunches, sometimes $5 bills.  I never thought people could care that much.”  Off to his room he went to seek dryness, warmth and comfort.

(A ride would have been nice. )  Still,  compassion and generosity were in the hearts of many.   It’s sort of the disaster effect  –  we’re all in this together  –  let’s lend a helping hand.

Perhaps, the incoming divine energy flow is enabling our natural instinct to offer love.   Pre 12-strand though we be,  humanity is beginning to think more WE and less I.

Every random kind act we perform,  or even contemplate, nudges us a little closer to We Are One.   Our Ascension, with our daily soul work, get us all, all together,  to that much higher base frequency of Love.  We will joyfully enter the Eternal Now Moment of Universal and Unconditional Love.

As a beginning, I might encourage one change.  That warm humanity feeling that we get in a bad storm or disaster?   Let us try each day, each person we pass or come into contact with   –  To really feel the bonding in the moment as Divine Sister, Divine Brother.  Go into your Heart-Space and broadcast Love to all of our Family.

I personally am trying to do this in each moment of a day.  I know, we all still have issues, clearing to deal with.

Imagine   –   think John Lennon   –   Happy, Warm, Joyous Feeling  of the Golden Age.  It’s getting closer.  I keep hearing about a Big Event coming!

Let’s  Do It Now.   Let’s live the life of Joy, Freedom & Love now!   This Moment belongs to You!

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