DIVINE FEMININE – THE – SILVERGATE – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 5-4-19

Greetings 7th Seal Followers, Deep Disclosure and Divine Ms M Fans!

Greetings 7th Seal Followers, Deep Disclosure and Divine Ms M Fans!
We would like to invite the returning attendees and those that have purchased the 7th Seal Activator to a 20% discount for our 2nd Annual Conference in Sedona over July 5th, 6th & 7th!

We will have a special guest who has been on our recent podcasts, who is our top partner in the www.deepdisclosure.com work that we are doing behind the scene with the new banking system and our very own crypto that we plan to launch this month. Also this year will be more experiential and super charged.

The Galactics also say they have something special in store for us! Can’t wait to see what that might be, as well as meet new people that are as passionate about global transformation as we are. I will also be releasing new content on the St. Germain Codes at the Conference.

This information will be released first here in person.This month is also the Silver Gate and this is called the Gate of Abundance! The Silver Vibration of the Feminine will flow into all areas of our lives. This Mother energy is being amplified by the alignment to the central sun at the center of our Galaxy ever-the-more-so this MAY 22.

We are also doing a live stream event that will transmit the frequency and amplify the vibes out to the world.In addition to the above invitation, please check out our new internet radio show. We are becoming part of (www.theFringe.FM). We also released a new video with Tolec, which will be the last we will have done on his platform as it is time to expand in other areas.

There are many wonderful things going on in a variety of ways that represent shifting into a new 5D expression and manifestation.For those who don’t know about my next level series, I have released three episodes on Patreon, which are the first three of seven episodes, leading up to the big reveal on the most profound hidden code!

This is what will be released at the 7th Seal Summit first.

Check out https://primedisclosure.com/7th-seal-summit for further information and tickets.Blessings tribe, M & Ms M woman goddess with long blue hair holding oil painting