Dr. Angela Barnett


The first step in understanding how we move through this process of TURNING INTO LIGHT involves understanding ASPECTS, FREQUENCIES, the connection of Lower Fractal Consciousness to Higher Fractal Consciousness, the Facets of a Diamond reflected through the light spectrum and much much more.

There will be four million Entities from all over this Universe present at this lecture because they have already read my books, and they are very excited to know what is being said and written in every moment by a member of the Creation Team. Those who are in the Universe and those who are here and the few Original Ones who have landed so far this month will be there.

I have met with three leaders so far.The Eleiyai, the Eleayshendaizendy and the Elmeyaj. I have gone to Galactic

Party with the King of Tolska, Elohimset and Elmeyaj.

The Fifth dimensional Original Ones from Andromeda will be first. The Mother Ship of the Eleiyai is here. He will be bringing his Fleet first,and then the Eleayshendaizendy will bring their Fleet. I think they are all planning on meeting me one by one before they invite any of their Fleet. So, right now it is just their leader and me, Mary Magdalene- a one on one thing going on.

It is not taking as much time and attention as I thought it would. They just wake me up in the middle of the night and stand in the middle of our bed room and introduce themselves. I think this will continue until the end of the month. I’m not sure when they will invite their Fleets.

We usually astral travel over to my Central Portal and talk after they come to our bedroom. It looks like a Huge Ship sitting in the middle of the ocean with Honey Combs the size of ORB Bodies.

Next, they will all arrive by folding into space and then unfolding here. And somehow, they will unfold their spaceship after they arrive. Their spaceships will use the navigational algorythm of the Great White Lion Stargates. They will not be visible to anyone on Earth. They have not allowed me to see them. But their presence so strong when they stand in front of me and talk that I feel like I have seen them. It is possible that I saw them and forgot. I do that a lot.

They will spend one year communicating with all world governments and they plan to have FIRST CONTACT agreement within One year. That means, the rest of the Universe will be allowed to land on Earth next year. And at this same moment is when Jesus will announce his presence on Earth. I know who he is and where he is, but he will not be known until the agreement is set. At that time, Mary Magdalene will also be announced.

Jesus and I and a few other Creators will hook up to our complete Seven Level Complete Self and walk on Earth as Immortals in about three or four years, and then we will turn into light in front of the masses.

The Fourth Dimensional Entities who are already here will be at my lecture at the LAX HILTON on Feb 11. Elaika will make himself visible to those who can see.
Elaika, who is the head of this Creation Team in the Energy Realm has agreed to be present. However, he made it clear that he can only be seen by those who are ready and are pure enough to see.

Elaika appeared to me as he really is in 2015. He appeared to be about ten thousand feet tall as he stood on top of Mt. Shasta so that we could easily see him as we drove down hwy 45. He is GORGEOUS. He is powerful. He is Sublime. I can’t wait to see him again.

A little more about what an aspect is.

All of this information comes from the dialogs that I have had with Elaika, and they can all be heard on my website, Crystal Magic

An Aspect can more easily be likened to Frequencies, Dimensions, the Consciousness and understanding available at each dimensional or frequency level. While I use the word Frequency, Elaika uses the word DENSITY.

It is the removal of Density, which is the RAISING OF FREQUENCIES, which allows one to rise into more Aspects of ones self. The higher we raise our frequencies, the more aspects we tune in to.

The problem of understanding that I kept having about aspects comes from Jesus using the word Aspect as people. St. Germain was an Aspect of Jesus, and so was Sananda,and so were most of the Disciples. Most important people on Earth were ASPECTS of Jesus.

And so when I asked Elaika and Jesus if MY ASPECTS were People they both said no. They said my Aspects are in me and floating around me. This means my Soul Aspect, my Over Soul Aspect and my Higher Self Aspect, are all here with me, but I need to HOOK UP with them.

When I turned by question of Aspects around to be like FACETS of who I am I got a better answer. I can think in Facets much easier than in Aspects because a facet is like all of rays of light that are taken on when the Diamond is in the LIGHT. Now, that resonates with ME.

And the more I resonate with these Facets of the light of the Diamond, the less dense I become and all of my Aspects unite into a new higher light.

This is why I try to teach this concept of Ascension through Light and Sound instead of through names of people who were Aspects.

The true name of Sananda was Soma. Jesus explained that the one he originally named Soma was created from his likeness being displayed on Soma as God’s likeness was displayed upon him. So this is to that as this is to that. Sananda was to display the ONENESS we are with our Father. But, Sananda was not God and he was not Jesus, He was the LIKENESS at the level of the SOMA which means the THIRD EYE. The Third Eye allows us to See as God Sees Us.

That was Soma. The name Sananda came from human beings. Elaika had never even heard of that name before. When we communicate with those who are coming to Earth, they would know Soma, and not Sananda.

St. Germain was another creation of the Likeness of Jesus. This time Jesus was creating the ABSTRACT. So that would mean the Fourth or Fifth Aspect including the Crystal Heart and the Thymus area where our Imagination blooms forth as a result of Oneness with the 8th dimensional frequencies of the Sun. This Violet Frequency includes all of the Sun’s rays or frequencies wrapped within the Heliotalic Fourteenth Dimensional Pastel Violet Frequency of Transmutation. When we bring this frequency of the Sun into the Heart Area- actually the Thymus, Medulla Oblangata, Seed atom and the Soul which is to the right and Under the Heart – that is the area of ASPECT where St. Germain is UNDERSTOOD

This completion of Aspects has already been perfectly taught and demonstrated in Ramtha’s Teachings. We remove our density and turn into light by raising our frequencies into the Violet String on the Harpstring. When we raise our consciousness into the Violet String or Violet Wave or Violet Flame we are both looking at ourself through the THIRD EYE or SOMA and we are connecting our Seed Atom – the original one who was sent to Earth from the God Realm, we are connecting the Light of the Entire Sun, which is created of pre light and pre sound substance of liquid light vapor, crystalline stardust, crystalline gelaisic transformation substance. When we REMOVE ALL DENSITY, the body actually disappears for a moment and then is re created through this Star Dust Transformation Process. And that is the way JESUS HOOKED MARY UP to all of her aspects or her FULL LIGHT POTENTIAL, and that is how I will HOOK MYSELF UP this time.

Dear Rael,

I’m going to put this out as a newsletter today. I don’t know if you read my newsletters, so I’m sending this to you. There are 12 Creators reading this newsletter. I know who about five or six of the Creators who are not reading my newlsetter and there are pobably many more of you out there who I have not asked about yet. You are the next one I will ask about.

I would like to share this dialog that I am having with Michael, because he is one of the Creators. I have told twelve others who are now reading this Newsletters that you are Creators. I don’t know if all of you have heard this or if all of you know what this means. I enjoy this conversation with Michael because he has awakened to knowing that he is a Creator, even though he is in the process of fully understanding what that means.

This is exciting to me because I went through this process for nine months of searching for the answers that would help me understand.

As I explain in my letter to Michael, I am not the one who can tell you who you are. I was only given the information that the names that I gave to Jesus and Elaika were or were not Creators. That is all they can tell me. The aspect of who is in you, such as Jimiel, St. Germain, Ariel, etc. is not WHO YOU ARE. These are aspects of who you are. They will only give the information of who you are to you and you alone. After you have told me who you are, then I can begin to learn more about you.

Elga and William have been sharing with me their dialogs with Elaika and Jesus as they travel on their journey to learning who they are. Also Murat has traveled on this journey. He is an extremely fast learner because he never forgot who he was in the first place. Immanuel is another one who never forgot who he was, so he does not need to be told. Most of you need to be told who you are.

Many of you have been told many things about yourself, but you have not been told that you are a Creator. That means there is much more to learn about yourself.

I did indeed enjoy your conversation with Elaika. Thank you so much for sharing with me. It’s quite interesting to think about aspects. As I understand, St. Germain is an aspect on Jesus. I am an aspect of St. Germain. St. Germain is the infusion of Jesus (compassion and love) with added intelligence for his earth life as St. Germain. Should I infer that to think I’m a specific quality of St. Germains earth life infused with something unique to this life time? Elaika also said that Yeshua has 7 aspects here at this time. Would I be included in that tree or is aspects of St. Germain separate at this time? If that’s true, then are there more aspects than me here now? Your beautiful conversation has brought forth a desire for so many questions. It would be wonderful to be able to talk with Elaika. It brings me great joy to hear you have released that which you needed! I have been working on releasing also. Thank you for being such an important role model for me. You have helped me in more ways than I can ever express. I’m fascinated with the love you have and show. Hearing Joe’s voice was special for me, it’s very much like my inner voice. The sound, composure and structure are so similar I can’t tell the difference. It was like hearing myself out loud for the first time in this experience. All that is happening is remarkable! Much love to you both and I will be honored to talk with you more. I could talk for an eternity to you and my deepest thanks for the time you allow for me!


I am that I am