REPOST – YOUR PERFECT PARTNER – TWIN FLAMES – 5th Dimensional Consciousness – The New Divine Humanity – 4-9-17

Originally posted on The New Divine Humanity: There are many misconceptions about what Twin Flames are, and what they are not. The use of language on Earth is not the experience of something. Language simply points to an experience, that, at the higher levels of existence, of Being, the use of words used to describe…

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L’AURA PLEIADIAN – 5th Dimensional Consciousness – Living in a New Timeline

Originally posted on Dreaming With Dolphins: “Then it happened. Magic happened. You were ready. You no longer felt plagued by the haunting of your thoughts, of a past, of a future. You lived truly in Love and Bliss, as that is what your Light is. The Light was the guide and the ship and the…

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L’Aura Pleiadian – Light Frequency Increase ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness – 1-16-17

Heaven and Earth. The merging of the Higher Dimensions “consciously” with the lower dimensions. As ONE. YET ~ it is all taking place NOW, even if you are not yet consciously aware of it. So when you want something that is not here. IT is truly the perfectly timed (so to speak) desire to be […]

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The Present New Timeline ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness — The New Divine Humanity

Sacred Blessings of Profound Divine Light, Feeling you NOW and this Christmas Eve and the NOW Days and Nights. As Christmas approaches, rest DEEP in your Heart, be Present to receive Grace for your Ascension, new timeline and Start. In love and deep JOY ~ this season of Celebration and Love, know that I AM […]

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L’AURA PLEIADIAN – Loving your Ego ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness” — dreamweaver333

Originally posted on Dreaming With Dolphins: “The first wave of Ascension. IT REQUIRES self-love. Love the fear within you. You love the pain within you. You love your ego. This LOVE that is true is the UNION of Love, within you. The Process is unfolding perfectly by your Higher Self. TRUST as much as possible, if you do not trust this process…

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L’AURA PLEIADIAN – Living as Your Higher Self – 5th Dimensional Consciousness – 5-11-16

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L’AURA PLEIADIAN   –   Living as Your Higher Self   –   5th Dimensional Consciousness   –  5-11-16


Living was the Beatific Glory of Your Higher Self your Divine Self is 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Consciously living as the Direct Transmission of Holy Divine Presence. This is the Ascended You. The One you dreamt of Being.

Living and waiting for that one moment, where you would be Free. Where you would know freedom as your natural state of Being. Where you would allow all to pour through you living in all moments as the Divine Conduit of your Divinity.

Your True Essence. Your Presence. Your Divinity. Your God Self.

Breaking free from the wants and demands of the ego may be akin to allowing those temper tantrums of the ego to play out. To observe. To LOVE even when you are observing the ego not liking.

Far surpassing the temporary feelings of a transition that feels painful, not liked, not understood by the ego, is the BLISS that awaits you. When you wake up in the freedom, that is the return to your Original Wholeness. As the God Self that you are.

Call this your Higher Self. Call this your Presence. Call this your Soul. Call this your Divine Self. This Divine you, has no name or title. It is your Original Light. When you began as a Soul. As a God Self. Your Soul Star Matrix.

Oh Divine Beloved Soul, your Very Presence lifts me higher into Bliss than previously imagined.

You Illuminate my Consciousness and free me of all pain.

You hold you and embrace me in your gentleness.

I Am comforted.

I Am Loved.

I Am Home in your Divine everlasting arms of Love.

This here, this Heart Presence is your CRADLE of LOVE.

You are held here Dear Ones. Feel this NOW. Breathe this in. Rest and be soothed, in the Divine Heart Cradle of Healing Presence and Love. Relax and feel this in your Heart.

Where all your pain dissolves through Grace. Through the very Presence of Consciousness that is Divine. Christ Consciousness, Pistis Sophia Consciousness, merged as Holy Divine Fire.

This is Destiny.

This is a celebration.

This is appointed.

This is miraculous.

I hold you in this Divine Cradle of Love.  In the Heart of Divinity. Free from your pain. Consecrated  in the eternal Light of Divinity. Loving you into Wholeness. I am holding you here. Feel, breathe and receive, the eternal Grace and Love.

Eternal Love and Bliss!


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PLEIADIAN DELEGATE – Your Perfect Partner – Twin Flame – 5th Dimensional Consciousness – 1-23-16



PLEIADIAN DELEGATE   –   Your Perfect Partner   –   Twin Flame   –   5th Dimensional Consciousness   –   1-23-16

As we get closer to Valentines Day on Earth, I will write more about Love and Lovers, and Twin Flames, and the Quest, on Earth, for the perfect Love ~ Mate, and what this really is.

There are many misconceptions about what Twin Flames are, and what they are not. The use of language on Earth is not the experience of something. Language simply points to an experience, that, at the higher levels of existence, of Being, the use of words used to describe something, do not even exist. Words are human concepts, ideas of something, attempting to describe an experience, that cannot be described.  While reading, attempt to FEEL the Light, the Activation of Light, the feeling nature of this, beyond any ideas of what the words, may mean to you. Take a few slow deep breaths and relax.

You as your Soul, exists as perfect original Wholeness. In the realm of the Soul, no concept of separation exist. Your Soul is not separate from anything. When the Soul filters down, so to speak, as and through incarnations of consciousness in form, polarity is experienced.

On Earth the Masculine and Feminine energies (again just words pointing to something) appearing in form, are simply that. Aspects of consciousness, holding the wholeness of the original Light, while experiencing polarity, in what appears, as separate forms, the masculine and feminine, on Earth. At the higher levels of existence (The Soul) there is no masculine and feminine. There is only Wholeness.

To incarnate on Earth, and any other polarity experience, the masculine and feminine consciousness, represented in form, is held as a frequency. The Feminine form and the masculine form. The Soul takes on aspects of this consciousness, in order to incarnate in polarity worlds.

The Soul then, takes on these polarity aspects, agreeing to take part, in what appears as separated aspects. As an example, a masculine aspect of consciousness, will incarnate in the male form and may also, occasionally incarnate into a feminine form in order to grow in understanding of the Earth experience of that form incarnated into.

There is this Longing ~ the Longing of Deep Union.

The longing, is the desire for return to wholeness, while in form.

The return to the original Wholeness, as the Soul. Where, separation, polarity, does not exist. 

The Soul whole, filters down, incarnates, in polarity, only to desire to return and KNOW the original wholeness, while in form.

Now back to the original Perfect Partner, Twin Flame, experience. As the Perfect Wholeness of You as your Soul, you experience the fullness of the UNION within You. The Masculine and Feminine within You. This Union within you, that does not know itself as separate, then draws to It (as a frequency) the other aspect of the Soul (the other you) and the home on Earth, the Heaven on Earth, is experienced together.

Experiencing separation consciousness (3D) this longing is felt deeply, and any partner that they want to SEEK this Union with, may be “thought”of as a Twin Flame. Yet in the STATE of Separation consciousness, How does one recognize wholeness THROUGH the SEEKING of it. One does not attain a new frequency of consciousness through the application of the same consciousness.

One would not even be able to recognize the “other” same Soul Being (twin flame) while one existed in the perceived separation of  consciousness.

Wholeness within ~ Creates wholeness in experience. Creates the vibratory frequency signalling out throughout the Cosmos, this union. When seeking ends, Union begins, within.

Beyond these words, is a vibratory frequency, that you as your Soul recognizes. What you knew before beginning your incarnation process. You as your Soul. Feel deeply, the longing, know this is for you, the RETURN to the SOUL You, as your Original Wholeness. AS you resonate and vibrate to this Wholeness, all that is the WHOLENESS of YOU, that which is Yours, “YOU” becomes your Experience.

Knowing this inherent wholeness within you, as the way you enter deeply into the Beloved, the perfect relationship you desire, is the readiness and the Love that you are existing “As” and therefore capable of giving and receiving.

You give, receive and ARE, AS  you are ready.

Your Blueprint and original design (as the way this is happening through you) which you EXIST inside OF as consciousness, has placed within you, all the Light Codes to be activated as Frequency within you, for your readiness (return to wholeness) as You move through, your Design. Your Plan. Take a few slow deep breaths, receive, enter your Heart. Feeling, the Eternal Light, the Eternal Love, The Eternal Wholeness, that You ARE.



Eternal Love and Bliss!



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PLEIADIAN DELEGATE – Lifting the Veil on Forgiveness – 5th Dimensional Consciousness – 11-3-15


Tuning into your body, now ~ sense deeply within you, your breath and the Heart of You, your Heartbeat, and the Heart of your Soul. Slow down, even more, feel your Presence. And in this Presence of the Eternal YOU, feel emanating from your Heart, the Light and sacred Flame, that is your Heart Centred Awareness, that emanates as Pure Being. Feel this deeply as you slow down and Breathe and relax.

Let go of any concerns, breathe, slow down and arrive, Be Present Now. Feel the Shift within you.

The Self Love that you give yourself through compassion and acceptance, is the application of 5th Dimensional Consciousness that dissolves all Pain.  This dissolving of Pain, is forgiveness, which takes place within ourselves. It is not an external thing, or words spoken. It is a DEEP process of feeling the Pain, which then releases through being loved.

To be free from pain and suffering is To apply consciously, self-love to the Pain, so that it too, receives acceptance, love and compassion which is then felt, loved and dissolved.

Forgiveness then, is self-love that shows compassion for the Pain within YOU, that was only waiting to be Loved. This dissolving of pain within you through Love, is the forgiveness and self-love that frees you and opens your capacity to BE Love in all Moments, as the Eternal Blessed ~ Present Grace filled Heart of Your Soul.

So now, go deep within you, where is there any pain within you, not yet loved?

A memory that comes up, and you feel pain. That pain you have avoided feeling. Go there within, now.

Be present with yourself and the pain. Breathe, love and Embrace that pain, rather than avoiding it. And Love yourself. Shed those tears, feel the pain, love yourself. Do not shy away from any fear that comes up, love yourself through that, consciously.

Embrace yourself. Embrace your pain. Have compassion on your pain.

Through this CONSCIOUS Application of Self Love, Acceptance and Compassion, to the PAIN, the Sadness, the Fear,  within you, is the Dissolving of “anything” that is not Love or Loved within You.

Feel this Now.

I love, honour and accept all the pain within me now, and recognize it was only waiting for me to love it.

I now embrace myself, and Love myself as I give Compassion to my pain, and Love myself more.

I am a gentle loving Being to my Pain.

I Am the Presence of Love now, that my pain has waited to receive.

I am Love, and ALL Pain within me that I feel, now dissolves in my Presence.

And so it is, I am the Love that Dissolves all Pain within me, now.

Breathe deeply, and Be the Presence within you, that Loves and Dissolves all pain.

Carry this with you, always, in all moments, be the Love that dissolves all Pain within you.

I hold you in this, in the Eternal Sacred Love and Presence of All That is, I Am. All Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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