5th Density – Destination Of New Earth Humanity – by Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra – 12-10-14


Erle Frayne D. Argonza
Brotherhood of Light

Gracious Day from this Brother in the Order of Melchizedek!

This Initiate in the White Lodge, also called Brotherhood of Light or Order of Melchizedek, messenger, and volunteer in the Ashram of Master El Morya, will elucidate on the subject of 5th Density in this note. 5th Density is the destination for New Earth humanity, as it is in that higher world where the Golden Age of Light will be experienced to the max.

Many millions of our fellow Terrans were expecting to ascend to 5th Density right away after 12/21/12, an expectation that is unrealistic as it is fallaciously illogical. No one can jump to 5th Density by bypassing the 4th Density that is, as I peregrinated in a previous article, the transitional ‘overhaul repair station’ prior to ascent to the next level.

A brother Melchizedek, Sal Rachele, did forecast a massive entry to 5th Density pronto by Lightworkers in the days and weeks after 12/21/12. The ‘waves of ascension’ theme was likewise raised, notably by Initiates in the Amethystine Order, referring to a parallel forecast. Noting that the forecasts came from fellow Melchizedeks, I also raised the same ante, with modifications to add insights to the forecasts.

I now realize that the forecast is too over-optimistic, with some flaws besides. As always, there must be room for errors in forecasting, just like in a scientific work where a researcher must make room for 5%-10% errors. The forecast of White Robes moving right away to 5th Density is definitely wrong, thus I apologetically reboot the prediction, as the remaining White Robes are badly needed in 4th Density where the billions of Terrans are currently situated.

5th Density is properly the world of Atmic possibilities, which is a step higher than the 4th Density of the Devic-Man. No one can move to Atmic development as a normal modality of daily life without first passing through a high level development of one’s Manas (concrete mind) and Buddhi (abstract mind/intellect), so this follows through in the evolution of humanity as a whole. Humanity passeth by 4th Density first, do overhaul repairs & rehab on the dense bodies, ensue preliminary repairs of the Atma (soul), and then be permitted—via Divine Grace—to move to 5th Density.

The Man (thinker) within each person must therefore be accessed and expanded beyond present limits, with aids from the repairers (spiritual masters and Light helpers), while in 4th Density. Then, the next step for the mass of humanity is to cleanse, detoxify, balance, heal, and expand the awareness of one’s own soul while in 5th Density.

As echoed by my fellow messengers and myself, the Golden Age of Light will be fully experienced in 5th Density. Goodwill and cooperation, the building blocks for ‘right relations’, must advance to the greatest extent where it can go for humanity while in 4th Density prior to a mass endowment of Divine Grace on the entire humanity to move to the next level.

This is not to discount the possibility of such grace already granted to those most prepared Light helpers, as there is a dire need for an advanced party in 5th Density. I was shown visions of 5th Density across the past months, with structures in place as shelters for migrants there. A test casing of acclimatization is taking place right now in the 5D world, with a city installed (using Thought by aiding cosmic beings called Dhyan Chohans) is also being tested—it is encased in transparent crystalline material.

However, one who aspires for New Earth living better move away from thoughts that one can go there by wishful thinking. Definitely any disordered person who is driven by emotion or melancholy to move to 5D as an escape from the 4D humanity, suffers from delusions, paranoia, and infantile fantasies that merit psychosocial intervention or therapy. Delusional wishful persons do not qualify to be brought to 5th Density, just to remind you all.

As to the time frame for a mass migration of 4th Density people to 5th Density nothing has been revealed by Spiritual Hierarchy. It is humanity as a whole that determines its own destiny, so don’t expect us messengers to release predictions that make appear like foretune tellers. Fortify your inner balance first, collaborate in building goodwill and cooperation, and who knows what’s in store for you.

I’ve already released heraldries about what life will be in the New Earth (5th Density) in my 2012 ascension chronicles, do browse them for some details of society, culture, governance, ecology, and related matters. I will augment my writes on the theme of 5th Density life a bit later, rest assured.

For now let me conclude with the finale that traversing 5th Density through a transitional 4th Density living is a viable one. Please don’t despair or wallow in hopelessness, for your own sakes, as such negative states will ensure your transfer to the 7 earths intended for the disqualifieds or DQs. Rather, work out to positivize yourself, a general task that I did write about in consonance with what my fellow messengers have been doing about “what can be done to go to New Earth.”

[09 December 2014]

Meindert Arends – Positive and Negative Polarizations of 4th and 5th Density – 11-3-14


Questioner: Thank you. That clears up that point very well. Can you tell me how positive and negative polarizations in fourth and fifth density are used to cause working in consciousness?

Ra: I am Ra. There is very little work in consciousness in fourth and in fifth densities compared to the work done in third density.

The work that is accomplished in positive fourth is that work whereby the positive social memory complex, having, through slow stages, harmoniously integrated itself, goes forth to aid those of less positive orientation which seek their aid.

Thus their service is their work and through this dynamic between the societal self and the other-self, which is the object of love, greater and greater intensities of understanding or compassion are attained.

This intensity continues until the appropriate intensity of the light may be welcomed. This is fourth-density harvest.

Within fourth-density positive there are minor amounts of catalyst of a spiritual and mental complex distortion. This occurs during the process of harmonizing to the extent of forming the social memory complex.

This causes some small catalyst and work to occur, but the great work of fourth density lies in the contact betwixt the societal self and less polarized other-self.

In fourth-density negative much work is accomplished during the fighting for position which precedes the period of the social memory complex. There are opportunities to polarize negatively by control of other-selves.

During the social memory complex period of fourth-density negative the situation is the same. The work takes place through the societal reaching out to less polarized otherself in order to aid in negative polarization.

In fifth-density positive and negative the concept of work done through a potential difference is not particularly helpful as fifth-density entities are, again, intensifying rather than potentiating.

In positive, the fifth-density complex uses sixth-density teach/learners to study the more illuminated understandings of unity thus becoming more and more wise.

Fifth-density positive social memory complexes will choose to divide their service to others in two ways: first, the beaming of light to creation; second, the sending of groups to be of aid as instruments of light such as those whom you are familiar with through channels.

In fifth-density negative, service to self has become extremely intense and the self has shrunk or compacted so that the dialogues with the teach/learners are used exclusively in order to intensify wisdom.

There are very, very few fifth-density negative Wanderers for they fear the forgetting. There are very, very few fifth-density Orion members for they do not any longer perceive any virtue in other-selves.

Cari Notes:
This is to demonstrate there are still positive and negative attributes in higher dimensional consciousness and realities. Just because one ascends the heirarchy of consciousness and form does not mean they are necessarily only service to others oriented.

There is always an issue of control and power structures in the game of ascension unless one is able to maintain balance at each station. IN order for a quantum shift for the better for humanity there has to be a larger percentage of service to others or positive polarization.

Think of all of this in terms of physics. Wishing does nothing. The work has to be done in clearing one’s magnetic polarizaiton.

Steve Beckow – The Great Circle of Being – 10-19-14

Spiral 45Reprinted from Oct. 5, 2013. Steve and Kathleen are in San Francisco tonight off to Mt. Shasta tomorrow.

Life can be usefully conceived of as a great circle of being, one half of which leads to greater and greater density and the other half of which leads to greater and greater subtlety.

The first half of the circle is us divine sparks or star children emerging from God, the great central sun (and beyond that the great Void), into the world. The second half is us leaving the world and returning to God.

I think Jesus was referring to this great circle when he said: “I came forth from the Father, and am come out into the world: again, I leave the world and go to the Father.” (1) That’s a succinct description of the great circle of being.

Life in the Third Dimension consists of lifetime after lifetime. In the Fifth Dimension we leave behind the need to die to change our physical form. We continue to evolve spiritually but without the inconvenience of needing to be reborn.

Restricting ourselves to the second half of the circle, the return to God, our progress is not simply that of a circle. The individual proceeding through lifetime after lifetime travels in Spiral Circlea spiral, the meaning of which is that the individual returns to the same situation again and again to learn the lessons it contains. But they return to it at higher and higher levels of understanding.

All of life from the time we leave Third Dimensionality will see a progression into further and further lightness of being, refinement, and formlessness.

We’re like a Babushka doll, with the physical body on the outside and the spark of divinity on the inside, nested within further and further bodies – the etheric, the astral, the mental, the causal, etc.

However, and I won’t be developing this analogy because it’d be too complex to be enjoyable, we’re actually like a reverse Babushka doll. The physical body is on the inside and the larger and grander bodies are progressively “outside” of the physical.

Hmmmm…. Difficult matter to put in words…. Not “outside” physically – and all bodies are on different dimensions.

We tend to think of the material or Third-Dimensional body as substantial, the real thing, the heart of the matter and higher-dimensional bodies as copies with fewer and fewer organs and more and more subtlety of form.

It’s as if the higher-dimensional bodies are a refinement on the basic design, which is the Third-Dimensional body.

But Archangel Michael has been chipping away at that view by reminding us that we came from those higher-dimensional bodies into the Third Dimension. Our earlier bodies are the more refined, the bodies we “left” as we descended into matter.

That’s also why the Divine Mother told us at Joshua Tree that we’re not coming into a “new you”; we’re returning to an “old you.” Yes, our original Us, our original face.

It isn’t that we’re aspiring to be angels. We were originally angels, who agreed to live an experiment in form. Now we’re returning to our former dimensions, not coming into them for the first time.

So this material body is not the heart of the matter, but rather the farthest reaches perhaps (perhaps not), of our journey out from God.

God is the heart of the matter and God is who we are. We’re at a masked ball and God is wearing all the masks and playing all the parts. And our assignment is to remove the mask and know ourselves as the One God.
zen-circle 44The fact that the return portion of our spiritual evolution is a progress from density to subtlety is reflected in how we experience God, as Sri Ramakrishna tells us. We move from seeing complicated forms of God to eventually seeing only formless light. While he talks about power and glory here, the same could be said of a movement from form to formlessness.

“The more you advance toward God, the less you will see of His glories and grandeur. The aspirant at first has a vision of the Goddess with ten arms; there is a great display of power in that image.

“The next vision is that of the Deity with two arms; there are no longer ten arms holding various weapons and missiles. Then the aspirant has a vision of Gopala [the baby Krishna], in which there is no trace of power. It is the form of a tender child. Beyond that there are other visions also. The aspirant then sees only Light.” (2)

It is only God who assumes all these forms for our education in who we are.

“Brahman [God] may be compared to an infinite ocean, without beginning or end. Just as, through intense cold, some portions of the ocean freeze into ice and the formless water appears to have form, so, through the intense love of the devotee, Brahman appears to take on form and personality.

“But the form melts away again as the sun of knowledge rises. Then the universe also disappears, and there is seen to be nothing but Brahman, the infinite.” (3)

“Know for certain that all forms are the forms of the one God alone.” (4)

Sri Ramakrishna has seen the Formless take on form and then melt back again into formlessness. He often described it.

“Once, while I was meditating in the temple, screen after screen of Maya was removed from my consciousness. Mother showed me a Light more brilliant than a million suns. From that Light came forth a spiritual Form.

“Then this Form melted away into the Light itself. The Formless had taken Form and then melted again into the Formless.” (5)

These moments are so sublime that when he tries to describe them he loses consciousness.

“I saw everything passing from form to formlessness. I want to tell you the things I saw, but I cannot.” (6)

“Sometimes I think I shall tell you everything about what I see and feel when that mysterious power rises up through the spinal column. When it has come up to this, or even this (pointing to the heart and throat), somebody stops my mouth, as it were, and I am adrift. I make up my mind to relate to you what I feel when the Kundalini goes beyond the throat, but as I think over it, up goes the mind at a bound, and there is an end to the matter.” (7)

In another article, I’ll look further at how the awakening of the knowledge of our true identity is the goal of all this. One would think that love or expansion or grandeur would be the end, and they are accompaniments of it. But in fact knowledge is the end, the knowledge that we are God.


Inner Firewalk of Hyperspace – The Orange Ray – The Ray of Fire

MagentaPixie2012·294 videos

Drawing down The Language of Light, switching on the DNA codons for the New Light Blueprints for 2013, walking the Inner Firewalk of Hyperspace, embracing the Orange Ray, the Ray of Fire. Meditation and Incantation – The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine through Magenta Pixie.

A unique 26 minute hypno-meditation relating to the topic of this video can now be downloaded for only $1.99 at http://www.magentapixie.com/

Images c/o Stock.Xchng, motion graphics c/o motionbackgroundsforfree, music c/o Kevin Macleod. Video edited by Catzmagick Productions.

Bill Ballard ~ Raising Our Personal Frequencies into the Highest Light Spectrum

In an individual’s desire for ascension into the highest vibrations we must purge ourselves of the old magnetic thought and emotional patterns we experienced in the 3 and 4D worlds this past Earth cycle. The highest levels of LIGHT or vibration have more pure frequencies. The incoming magnetics of the CME’s and Solar streams as well as this magnetic field we have now entered helps us to release those lower light frequencies and magnetics or Karma we hold in our field, resulting in our purification. Use it well as it is offered now. It will help us to more easily create the New Earth together to experience. LOVE!