NEW GAIA – Galactic Open House – Channeler Anarchistbanjo – 3-4-15


Channeler Anarchistbanjo

As this drama unfolds the most beautiful angel, the one responsible for the division of the astral into two cells or worlds, has returned to once more complete the divine counterpart pattern of the new elves.

The cell or earth of the new humans remains in strict quarantine and new humans retain “observer status” only as Gaia’s ascension continues. They may watch but may have no direct or indirect influence in the unfolding of coming events.

They may not have “outside contact” and are enclosed in an energetically balanced enclosure where they can work things out for themselves in total free will without outside influence.

The cell or earth of the new elves with its complete and balanced divine counterpart male/female pattern is now finished and a new energetic stage begins, the galactic grand opening of new Gaia!

Gaia guardians are now in place and all barriers have been removed to allow free access to our galactic visitors.

New Gaia is now a free and open planet! Mortal physical 3D is dissolving and full disclosure of non human life and civilizations has been authorized along with public appearances of space craft when appropriate.

New Gaia makes her debut in a grand way! We have arrived!

You may expect an awakening and increase in s0 called psychic phenomenon and abilities as the energies continue to rise and then stabilize.

Our world is on the brink of unprecedented change and opportunity! People will either rally to the new energies or hurry to leave their physical bodies as the changes become too disruptive to deal with.

Those leaving physical bodies will find opportunities to be born into new ones at appropriate times if desired.

Already the astral has changed and allows new types of communications between souls that have not functioned in the old energies.

We have been waiting for this and now it is here!



Gaia Portal – Facades are Exposed and Dissolved Instantaneously in the Higher Energetics Influx of this Moment – 10-7-14




Facades are exposed and dissolved instantaneously in the

Higher Energetics influx of this moment.

As appearances are viewed from Higher Self eyes,

hu-manity awakens in the re-birth of Light BEingness.

Frontal attacks are now unnecessary, and fade from sight.

Linear constructs precipitate nothing,

as Cosmic Exponentials influx to Gaia Higher.

Streams of connectiveness permeate all Hue-manity

at this now moment, and continue indefinitely.

Victory Of The Light

Mike Nikolaou·302 videos

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

Soundtrack: Future World Music – Victory Of Life 🙂

Greetings Gaia 3

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Greeting Gaia 3 is a journey of discovery.

Santa Fe Galactic Command Center – Already Exists in 5D

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Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.


Channeled by Goldenlight, April 11, 2013

Goldenlight: A very rudimentary sketch of the vision I was sent today about the Galactic Command Center in Santa Fe. I tried to illustrate this a little more clearly digitally last evening, without much success. I am going to attempt to paint this at some point soon! The digital version is below.

sf sketch


Goldenlight: Hi! I wanted to ask you about the vision you gave me of the command center today.. The drawing I did of the vision you showed me.

This center – like much of the rest of the New Earth – already exists in the 5th dimension, you are simply “tuning into it” from your 3rd/4th dimensional frequency. You were able to get a glimpse into the 5th dimension today when we showed you this center… as it has already been created since we are beyond the realm of time.. We are simply waiting for you all to “see” it. When the people of your earth see our ships it is a combination of us lowering the ship’s frequency and the viewers being able to tune into a higher frequency. Most on your earth now are in the lower to mid-4th dimensional frequencies now so that it is easier to see us, especially when we lower the ships frequencies.

Yes this Galactic Command Center does already exist in the NOW! And you were simply able to tune into it visually today and we also sent you a holographic visual light information packet which you were able to pick up on. We were so pleased when you did!

This is part of your “job”, Goldenlight, as a member of the team for the center: to give it artistic expression as well as to bring in communications from the higher dimensions about it.

We lovingly await our reunion and your arrival to this dimension and of the manifestation of this intergalactic portal and center into your current paradigm, which is in the process of upshifting and merging into the 4th and 5th dimensions.

So it is a different way of looking at things: we are actually “waiting” for you, not the other way around as your minds would have you believe (smile). Of course all is perfect divine timing, and all is happening in the Now.. A difficult concept to grasp from the third dimension, but simple from our perspective as we exist outside of time. As we have expressed before, In the 5th dimension, time does not exist.

Being in the third dimension, quite a restrictive space, has served its purpose for many if you and you are ready to move on. We eagerly and lovingly await the intersection and merging of your world with ours. There will be much sharing of news and information with you as you become full galactic “citizens”, or members, once again. A great reunion it will be, with many of you joyfully reuniting with your star families of origin. Know, too, that in the realm of No Time, this too has already occurred.

– With love and light from The Pleiadian Intergalactic Council as well as other intergalactic team members, ascended masters and archangels who have been assigned to this project

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message.