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Published on May 10, 2019

Facts based off Aluna’s experienced & perception!

Clairaudience is a faculty of the subconscious which means clear hearing. You can make sure that you are instantly informed by your subconscious about anything connected to your protection by quieting the mind enough to hear this inner voice. Such as a voice saying “No” or “dont go” thats the subconscious coming through clairaudiently.

This video is about clairaudience.. I am only sharing from my own experience and perception of what I have experienced.

I forgot to mention that I noticed the verbal- audio clairaudience really started taking off after my frequency shifted, started seeing Non-Stop synchronicities & my life started changing rapidly. To me is sounds like spmeone is speaking down a tube from far away like however “heaven” or “God” would sound like- thats what im trying to say. It sounds echoed at a distance and very other wordly. It has a very distinct sound. And before the audio clairaudience really expanded I also started experiencing this humming or vibrating sound connected to electronics or people when they’d speak… like their voice, I would hear this humming or vibrating in my head and with environments that I was in or spaces I was in. The clairaudience is heightened during times of frequency spikes with the planet is something that I’ve noticed with myself. Some people experience this as ringing in the ears, and they’re receiving more of a subliminal transmission or download. and then others, like myself, experience both- I experienced the ringing, the subliminal download of information along with the audio clairaudience. It is very random- all day long. I have also hard what sounds like other languages and distant singing clairaudiently. And yes, Im aware this would sound crazy to those that havent experienced this😁

FRED GREAVES @ In5D – All You Need To Ascend, Part II – From a 5D Perspective – 10-12-17



by Fred Greaves,   Guest writer,

Like I mentioned in my last article, all you need to ascend, there are but a few steps to lead us out of the lower dimensions, unfortunately we have been led to think there are many, and I believe/know this is what holds a lot of us back.

I also explained in an article a few weeks back titled, “The Time Has Arrived! Finally, Our Realities Are Splitting“, that indeed they are splitting, and we need to prepare. Many have experienced timeline shifts, and also being in two worlds at one time. Look at what Gregg Prescott from posted recently about him seeing his hand moving before it actually happened.

While I was going to continue this series of breaking down my checklist with this writing, I feel as if so much is going on, that I need to tell and show all the importance of raising your vibrations. So another article will follow soon after this, yet here it is posted in full at the end of this article.

Interesting times

I myself experience something similar to what happened to Gregg, just the other day. I was lying down resting, and I not only felt my two hands together, yet I also saw them in my mind’s eye (my 3rd eye) joined. The thing is though, that they were nowhere near each other, as they were on either side of my body.

I was also told of a murder and a few rapes at this preserve where I walk all the time. “There are cameras all over” one said, “and the police presence now is incredible”…I was told. Yet in my “world”, I experience only beautiful nature, and even the ducks have come out of the stream to follow me around. One day about thirty of them just came out of the water, and proceeded to follow me. Guess they sense the oneness, and the fact I have left duality.

I haven’t seen chemtrail’s for years, yet I hear they are still around…”not in my world”. In my world I can see a ship in broad daylight, several hundred yards in front of me, yet the person standing right next to me cannot.

Early hours are best

I wake up many times thru the night, and experience some incredible things. This is why I state that getting in touch with the other side is easier at “off” hours. The 3d world is resting (so the energies are low), and just the opposite the 5d ones are very high.

Once I remember as I got out of bed, my light body wasn’t fully in my physical one yet, so I experienced myself as the operator in a separate vehicle. Like someone manipulating a crane or backhoe.

We are much more than what we see

Most don’t realize this, we are not the flesh and blood we see in the mirror. We are spirit and have light bodies. It has been documented that at the time of death, the body loses an average of 23 grams. It has been weighed before and after a “passing”. This is your light body leaving, because the human vehicle has expired.

During our sleep time we ascend back into our higher selves and report on what is happening back here on the surface. I remember waking one night, and just before I became fully conscious, I found someone pressing on my eyes asking me how I was.

I was experiencing pressure in my eyes at that time, and the medical teams on the ships were checking me out to make sure I was okay. This is another thing; we think we are all alone. We have never been alone, and have been watched carefully for centuries. We only agreed to come here, if we WOULDN’T be left on our own.

We make our own timelines

The point is we create our own world, hence our own timelines. If we focus on all the chaos and dread around us, then that is what we will attract. Conversely if we focus on the joy of living and being grateful for where we are and what we have regardless of our circumstances, then we attract more things to be grateful for.

We all believe that we are going to go on the 5d timeline, directly from the 3d one. That is not the case, we will gradually get there as we raise our vibrations, yet we all experience different timelines every day. Now while we may think we are all having the same experience; that is just NOT how it works.

Think of two people having and argument. The reason they have such different opinions of the same situation, is they see it from their point of view. It’s like pointing a camera at the same object yet from two different directions (point of views). The picture will be different, hence the insistence one is right, and the other wrong, because from their point of view (camera angle) they are.

I mention a few experiences I am having now seeing things from another angle, and I speak about them in the “Our Realities Are Splitting” article. The point is the time is NOW!

Ascension is a personal experience

Everyone is under the impression that Ascension is something that HAPPENS to us. That is duality, and we each have a responsibility to shoulder in order to get the privilege to enter the higher realms.

The lower dimensions just have too many “hang ups”, and dense energies, that just aren’t allowed in the 5th and higher. We need to remove them, and to think someone will do that for us, is pure fantasy.

You need to start to FEEL

We have been taught to think, using our brain and our brain only. We have been told our hearts are just organs that pump blood, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is a known fact now that the heartmind is 10,000 times more powerful than the analytical (thinking) mind.

Want to know how to access that part of the brain we do not use, some say as high as 90%? Open your heartmind. That is the key, the lower realms do not use them, and just think that their brains are good enough. Well that isn’t the case, the real world or should I say Universe opens up for you when you begin to use your heartmind, and learn to FEEL.

Raise your vibrations

Now this can be done by yourself, although reach out to your inner being (higher self), and they will help guide you, if you feel the need for assistance. Of course I can also connect you with your Divine Twin and they can mentor you as well, as mine did (this is where all this information comes from), yet again it isn’t needed and it can be done alone.

In any interactions with the higher realms though, always use telepathy. That is the mode of communication there, and a sign to them that “you are ready”.

Gaia/Earth is a being.

Gaia/Earth is also raising her vibrations. Think of a dog coming out of the water, and shaking it all off. Well Gaia is doing the same thing. Some and I repeat only some, and that I even doubt…because the dark ones have been neutered, may be manufactured. They can cause a little chaos, such as a bombing here or there or even a mass shooting, yet they can longer start wars, or manipulate weather. So the majority of the fires, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, etc., is Gaia clearing herself of all that negative energy also. Just like you need too.

She is not the ball of dirt in space we all have been lead to think. She is a living breathing soul. One that needs to clear all the negative energies from the wars, explosions, and all the drilling, etc.  She cannot ascend fully with all this stuff on her.

She is 5th dimensional now, and it is just her consciousness (humanity) that is now catching up. Yet she is helping us; because the out pouring of love, due to all the Natural Disasters, has raised the vibrations even further. So besides removing the dark and negative energy from her (skin), she is helping her children…us.

Tap into Mother Earth’s energy by seeing the grounding info in the Natural Remedies in the body section of my new site. Grounding is so important, I think I’ll add that to my list, and part of #4 which states get Sun. If you take in the rays from the Sun and the power coming from the Earth at the same time, there is an explosion of energy. Try barefoot walking in a field anytime during the day, and get both at the same time. It is like you are getting a hug from the Earth, while being bathed in warmth and Sunlight. Absolutely awesome!

What you see before you isn’t real

Right before I launched the “Project” site back in 2015, I asked Lucina (I called her Sheryl back then), “this site is about us, yet it is from my point of view and all my words, is there anything you would like to say”?

She didn’t hesitate, she said “okay I’ll tell you something, until these new energies started to arrive, whenever we wanted to look at your planet, it had to be thru your eyes to see it, because it isn’t real”. The new energies she mentions started to arrive in full swing in late September of that year. We launched the site two months later. She went on to say “that time is what makes it real to you, and we just don’t experience that in the higher dimensions”.

Remember the “cloud” story from my book? “It is your vibration that has been lowered” she said. “This is why you cannot see what is right in front of you”.

So regardless of how real it may seem…it is not. How many times have you had a massive headache or whatever, only to have it “vanish” because you got wrapped up in something else, so your attention went elsewhere. This can work with anything, change your focus, and you change your world and experience of it.

Just go with the flow

This Ascension process would be so much easier on people and their bodies, if they would just go with the flow. Rather than fight the symptoms and complain about them, just say they are for the “betterment of my body”. Our bodies are literally being changed from carbon based to crystalline to accept the higher frequencies. They have been pre-programmed for this time, so if you just “go with the flow”, and not think something is wrong, it will go so much smoother.

So learn to “embrace” the changes as positive instead of looking at them as negative. That activates the Law of Attraction, and not only prolongs it, yet will send you more. Speak to the cells in your body…you can!

This has never been done before EVER!

Give yourselves a break. It normally takes a civilization 100’s of thousands of years to ascend, and something we are doing in a few short decades. They said it was a suicide mission to come here to Earth and pull her out of the dark. This is why all eyes in the Universe are watching this little blue ball in space now, because they want to see what we will do next.

I remember a vision/dream I had a few years ago. It definitely took place in the future, and well after all the changes on Earth and her Ascension, and he said to me as he shook my hand “My God you were really there”! We are highly regarded and looked up to across the cosmos for what we are doing here. See the short 8 minute “Volunteer” video on the home page of my new site. It explains it all.

In my next article I will discuss exactly what needs to be done to open that heartmind. Yet please understand it is a must and not a want. Many may want to ascend, yet you must open your heartmind, and learn how to FEEL as opposed to thinking.

For a download of the full checklist for raising vibrations

Much love and light,

Fred and Lucina

About the author: An Indigo child born in 1962, it was Fred’s mission to connect the two worlds (3D and 5D). He always felt “out of place” here, as if something was off and never conformed to it. Refusing to work for anyone other than himself he started a company at the age of 22 in his parents garage… his office was his childhood bedroom. Yet in just 8 years and well before the Internet was invented and without any form of advertising, it had customers worldwide. Then the same people that he recognized when he was younger, the ones that made this world seem “off”, approached him at 37 years old and proceeded to rip the company and success he had built, from him. By 42, just 20 years after he began his company, it was all gone and he went from being very wealthy to penniless. This was all part of the plan as he would find out later, because you cannot build a new structure until the old is burned down to the ground. So he spent the next decade becoming spiritual and understanding how the universe works. It was at the end of that 10 years, that his Twin who he knew as Sheryl (whom had “passed” in 1981) began to awaken him from the other side of the veil. It was then they proceeded to construct a bridge that connects the 3rd and 5th dimensions.  A bridge that many cross daily now, and one that could only be built with the most powerful force in the Universe…love.  At 55, he enjoys a life of wonder and amazement every day. He now experiences daily, things that were once thought to be impossible…for more information go to In addition he has built a website for “Tools for Ascension”, from all the information he has received from the other side. That site is . He also now offers personal sessions, in order to help all navigate thru these tumultuous, yet very exciting times. That information can be found on the both sites. Also author of Tales from the Otherside Part II, The Twin Flame Project. Available on request.

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26 Psychic Abilities of Star Children


Brian T Collins


Artist Concetta Antico – I see Colors you cannot see or Perceive – David Robson @ BBC – – 3-17-16

(Credit: Getty Images)



Some women are born with hyper-sensitive eyes that can see the world in ways most of us cannot even imagine. What’s it like to live with this gift?



A few years ago, the artist Concetta Antico discovered that she was carrying a genetic mutation that gave her astonishingly sensitive perception of colour – seeing a spectrum of distinct shades where we only see one.

As she told BBC Future in 2014, even the dullest pebble on the road shimmered like a kaleidoscope.

“The little stones jump out at me with oranges, yellows, greens, blues and pinks,” she says. “I’m kind of shocked when I realise what other people aren’t seeing.”

Most of us cannot attempt to contemplate the rainbow she is describing

A seemingly plain green leaf may burst with vivid red shades, while a punnet of tomatoes is a multi-coloured palette of tones – Antico claims she can pick out the ripest fruit at a glance, thanks to subtle differences in its shade that would be invisible to most of us. “The intense colours are speaking to me all the time,” she says today.

In the same way that a colour blind person cannot imagine the variety of reds and greens that most people can see, most of us may not be able to picture the rainbow she is describing.

Back in 2014, the scientific research into Antico’s abilities had only just commenced, but today the investigations are in full swing – with a brand new paper providing some striking insights into her world.

(Credit: Concetta Antico)

The detailed colour in Concetta Antico’s artwork may help us to imagine what she sees (Credit: Concetta Antico)

It had long been known that people with extraordinary vision like Antico should in theory exist, thanks to an unusual difference in the way their eye is constructed.

Imagine the retina as a kind of mosaic, composed of different kinds of light-sensitive cells known as cones. Most of us have three kinds of cones tuned to different sets of light wavelengths (making us “trichromat”). The light from each part of a scene will activate these cells to different degrees, with the exact combination of signals determining the colour we perceive.

Some women, however, are “tetrachromat”. Thanks to two different mutations on each of the X chromosomes, they have four cones – increasing the combination of colours they should be able to see. The mutation isn’t very rare (estimates of the prevalence vary and depend on your heritage, but it could be as high as 47% among women of European descent), but scientists struggled to find someone who reliably demonstrated enhanced perception.

Then Antico came along, passing a string of tests that showed her vision was different. Studies proved that her tetrachromacy gave her enhanced vision in low lighting – allowing her to see astonishingly vivid scenes at dusk, for instance. After BBC Future broke the story, she soon became famous as the “woman with rainbow vision”.

Even if you carry the right versions of the genes involved in colour perception, training may be crucial to cash in on your genetic potential (Credit: Getty Images)

Even so, many questions remained. Given that many women may be carrying the mutation, why do so few people prove to have such astonishing vision, for instance? “One possibility is that you need early training to capitalise on the signal,” says Kimberly Jameson at the University of California, Irvine, who has tested Antico extensively. Antico is an artist, who has paid close attention to subtle variations in colour for almost all of her life. “I was fairly manic,” Antico says today. “I always wanted to represent everything I could see.” Perhaps this kind of intense experience was crucial to rewire the brain so it could cash in the extra signals her eyes were receiving.

To find out, Jameson teamed up with Alissa Winkler at the University of Nevada, Reno, to compare Antico’s vision to a range of other participants, including another tetrachromat who was not an artist, and also an artist who had regular vision.

Even when I found out I had tetrachromacy, I didn’t understand the extent of the differences in what I’m seeing and what regular folks are seeing – Concetta Antico

The experiment tested the participants’ sensitivity to different levels of “luminance! at certain wavelengths of light; put simply, with Antico’s eye’s extra cone, she should be picking up more light, meaning that she could see very subtle differences in the brightness of certain shades. Sure enough, Antico proved to be more sensitive than the average person, particularly when looking at reddish tones – a finding that perfectly matched the predictions from her genetic test.

As Jameson had suspected, Antico also performed much better than the other potential tetrachromat who was not an artist – supporting the idea that her colour training had been crucial for the development of her abilities.

(Credit: Kimberly Jameson)

Jameson’s experiments allow her to simulate Antico’s vision. The black dots reveal the areas affected by her extra “cone” – about a third of the image (Credit: Kimberly Jameson)

Using these results, Jameson then reconstructed some photos to give us a better idea of the way the world may look to Antico. Although it would be impossible to recreate the exact picture she sees, the photos highlight which areas would be most sensitive to Antico; in the scene above, for instance, the highlighted patches show the areas most affected by her tetrachromacy. When I ask her what the scene would look like in her eyes, she says the hillsides are orangey pink, while there tends to be a lot of violet in the deadwood. Grass, she says, is iridescent, and the bushes are “bright orange yellow olive green”.

“Now I have a whole new appreciation of what everybody else is not seeing,” she says. “It’s very shocking to me. Even when I found out I had tetrachromacy, I didn’t understand the extent of the differences in what I’m seeing and what regular folks are seeing.”

Jameson has now started to study other tetrachromat artists (including Antico’s sister) – so the hope is that she will be able to study how their ability is reflected in their artistic style. So far, it looks like Antico’s paintings show the same kinds of details that might be predicted by Jameson and Winkler’s simulations.

Antico, for one, hopes to use Jameson’s simulations as a guide in her art classes; by encouraging people to focus on the areas that are most vibrant for her, she hopes they may be able to train their eyes to be more sensitive.

She already thinks she’s seen some results. “Just yesterday, I was out walking with my students, and one of them said ‘look at the violet in that bush – I would have never seen that without you’,” she says.



The woman with RAINBOW VISION: Artist sees 100 times more colours than the average person



The woman with RAINBOW VISION: Artist sees 100 times more colours than the average person because of genetic condition

When most of us look a buttercup, we simply see yellow.

But one artist sees a whole host of extra colours around the flower’s edge, because she is a tetrachromat and can see 100 times more hues than the average person.

Concetta Antico, who lives in San Diego, California, has more receptors in in her eyes to absorb colourful light, enabling her to see – and paint – the world around her in a different way to most people.

The average person can see approximately one million colours, whereas tetrachromats have an extra cone class in their eyes for colour vision that dramatically increases their range up to a potential 99 million.

Cones are structures in the eye that are designed to absorb particular wavelengths of light and transmit them to the brain.

10 Steps to Enhance Your Natural Telepathic Communication Abilities – The Golden Light Channel – -5-20-14




Note from Goldenlight: as our higher dimensional capabilities are being awakened during this time, I’ve noticed that my telepathic abilities have increased. I can send someone a light-encoded “packet of information” which is kind of like an energetic telegram with a message/visual image, and have noticed when I do this, people pick up on it! This has happened countless times recently. In one case, I was discussing a photographer with a client of mine, and we were looking at her website. I hadn’t spoken to this photographer in around 5 or 6 years. When I called the photographer that same afternoon, she said “You’ll never believe this, but your name just popped into my head!!” Or in another case last week I wanted to send a message to someone that was quite complex. She contacted me the next day out of the blue after not speaking for several months and I was able to relay the message. Things like this are occurring more frequently now in my life. The clarity of the message both given and received depends on the skill of the person sending and the other person receiving. Receiving messages from the higher dimensions is easier because these beings are highly skilled in this form of communication, so they are easy to tune into.

Telepathy is the natural form of communication in the higher dimensions and transcends all language barriers. This is how our star nation families will communicate with us when we intersect our realities with theirs (and vice versa). We can all begin to practice this technique now to develop this higher dimensional skill so that we are prepared as we shift into a higher frequency vibration. By the way, “channeling”, which is a term that I try to shy away from now as it has an extremely bad reputation and connotation, is simply telepathic communication with the higher dimensional realms. The ability to accurately hear/see/feel a message clearly affects the clarity of the message brought in. When I bring in a message from these realms, I am simply transcribing a message as it comes in, which come in as visions and I can also hear the message. I usually start a formal message transcription by connecting in first with my higher self, then with my Council of Angels, then any individual archangels or Ascended Masters with whom I wish to speak. Although lately I can just pick up on conversations with St. Germain and my mother who passed away last winter. It seems that my telepathic skills and ability to connect with these realms and to hear and “see” these messages are growing stronger. I was never able to bring in messages like this until the summer of 2012 when I had a spiritual process called “The Reconnection” done…it was after this that the messages started coming in; first from my Council of Angels, then with the ability to connect with other higher dimensional beings such as the ascended Master St. Germain, members of my Pleiadian family, and later my mom after she passed away. I also learned that this ability to bring in messages from the higher dimensions is one of my life contract items that I agreed to joyously before coming into this lifetime on earth, so this ability is kind of hard-wired into my energy structure. Even more recently I learned that all lifetimes and all realities are happening simultaneously. Now there’s a mind twister! I think the golden energy ball/lightbody is the transport mode for connecting with these realities. Fascinating stuff! Love, Goldenlight


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10 Steps to Master Telepathy–Mind to Mind Communication

By Abhishek Agarwal | Trans4MindAbhishek’s Paranormal Den

The word “Telepathy” has been derived from the words “tele” meaning “distance” and “pathy” meaning “feeling.” So Telepathy actually means getting feelings through a distance. To elaborate, Telepathy is the communication between two minds, separated over a distance, without the use of the five known senses.

At some point or the other, we all have experienced Telepathy. Maybe you were thinking of someone you haven’t talked to in months and you suddenly get a call from them. Or when two people are together, they might say the same thing at the same time. These are spontaneous mind-to-mind communications that tend to occur frequently between closely related individuals.

In this article we will go through the steps required to practice voluntary Telepathy. Here are the steps:

  1. Sender And Receiver
    We will need two people. One will be the Sender, who will attempt to transmit thoughts; the other will be the Receiver, who will attempt to receive the thoughts transmitted by the Sender. Prior to the experiment, decide clearly if you are going to be the Sender or the Receiver. If you don’t, you both might end up being Receivers or Senders! Avoid that confusion. For this article, we will assume that you are the Sender.
  2. Belief
    First of all, it is very important that the Sender and the Receiver both believe that Telepathy is possible. Even if the belief is not 100%, an open-minded attitude is a must. In fact, it is best if the participants not only believe in Telepathy, but also actually deeply desire it to occur. If you are a skeptic, and if the doors of your mind are closed, you will get very poor results.
  3. Physical Relaxation
    Telepathy is most effective when the Sender and the Receiver are both totally relaxed physically. Also, being in positive health makes you concentrate better. Try not to practice when you are unwell. Relax yourself using any relaxation method you find best. You can either breathe deeply a couple of times, or use the progressive relaxation method.
  4. Mental Relaxation
    Clear your mind of unwanted thoughts. Make your mind tranquil. Let thoughts come and go, but don’t get attached to them. Focus on your purpose. Since you are the Sender, your focus will be to send your thoughts across. Your partner, the Receiver should focus his mind to be receptive to your thoughts.Make sure that both of you do not have any distractions around. A disturbed environment will be detrimental to your progress. A calm and quiet environment will give maximum results
  5. Visualization
    Before beginning the transmission, it is important that the previous steps are well followed. They will set up the foundation for your success. With your eyes shut, visualize a very clear picture of the Receiver. Imagine that he is a few feet away from you. Visualize him in full color. Feel that he is actually there. If you want, you can even look at a colored picture of him before the experiment. This will help you visualize him properly.Now imagine a silver tube connecting your mind and his mind. This tube is the channel through which your thoughts would be communicated to him. Visualize this tube to be full of energy. Know in your heart that this tube is very effective and will do the job well.Please note that visualizing the tube is not a must. It is just a very effective aid to help you focus and gives your thoughts a well-defined direction. Instead of this tube, you can even visualize that you are talking to your friend over the telephone.
  6. Transmission
    Now imagine that your thoughts are being transmitted through the tube – from your mind to his mind. If you are thinking of transmitting a mental picture of an apple, visualize a bright, red, juicy apple traveling across our tube. Make the picture as vivid as possible. Charge the apple with emotion. Believe that Telepathy is real. Desire that your thoughts reach your friend. Imagine the feeling you will have when you succeed. This is very crucial. Emotions are a very powerful trigger and give excellent results. Very often, Telepathy experiments fail because the thoughts lack emotional charge. Make sure you do not strain yourself to send the thought. You have to be relaxed and composed.
  7. When to stop
    While you are sending your thoughts, there will be a moment when you will have a strong feeling that the thought has been transmitted. This is an unmistakable feeling that cannot be faked. Whenever you get such a feeling, the job is done. This might take a few seconds to several minutes. If even after 15 minutes, you do not get this feeling, you can abandon the experiment and try at a later date. Trying further will not help much because your mind would be exhausted.
  8. The Receiver
    Throughout the experiment, the Receiver should keep his mind blank and should try to receive the thoughts being sent by you. He should avoid trying too hard. Forcing himself to sense what you are thinking will sabotage your attempts. His mind will be most receptive when he is relaxed and at ease. He will get several impressions coming to his mind. He should keep a pen and paper next to him, and note down whatever thoughts come to his mind. He will probably feel that he is making things up. But that’s ok. This is how Telepathy works.
  9. Compare results
    Once you are through with your experiments, compare your results. Check all the impressions that the Receiver has written down. Does it contain the thought that you tried to transmit? The more you practice, the more accurate results you will get.
  10. Repeat the experiment
    You should then repeat the experiment – either immediately or at a later date. If you have got some success, your confidence would be quite high and you would want to repeat it immediately. But if there was no success, do not get discouraged and try the next day. Regular practice sessions are a must, because only consistency will make you better. You should also alternate between being the Receiver and the Sender. This will tell you what you are better at – Receiving or Sending.

Keep it short
Keep your experiments short, maybe 15 minutes or less. This will prevent boredom and fatigue. Your Telepathic ability is at its peak when you feel most energized.

Have Patience
One of the most important conditions of experimental telepathic work is patience. Don’t be discouraged if you do not find much success initially. Any psychic experiment, including Telepathy, takes some practice before you see results. Once you practice for a few days, you will start getting more successes.

Stay away from skeptics
Skeptics have got one purpose in life: to sidetrack believers. Stay away from such people because they will put doubt in your mind and will dampen your spirits. Your results prove to you that Telepathy works. Skeptics will not help you much. Sharing your results with them will only discourage and hinder your accomplishments. Only try to share your experiences with like-minded people, people who are positive and encouraging.

Exploring your own Telepathic abilities is an incredible journey. Although it will be fun and exciting, developing a strong foundation will take time and patience. Never expect too much success in the beginning. But the good news is that Telepathy can be learned and cultivated very easily. With regular practice you will become a Telepathy adept! You will always be correct in sending and receiving messages, with astounding clarity and accuracy.

Abhishek Agarwal to know more about Telepathy, visit Abhishek’s Paranormal Den. You can also download his exhaustive free 167 page ebook on Astral Projection.

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Feel, Listen To A Real 5th Dimensional Human Angel

Little Grandmother Kiesha “Return of the Ancestors” 1 of 3

MrSon2k·185 videos

Meet shaman, Kiesha Crowther also known as “Little Grandmother”, as she speaks about the recent, worldwide Return of the Ancestors gathering.
At age 30, Kiesha was told that the supernatural lessons she had been taught over a very difficult childhood, all had a purpose.
Her purpose makes her one of today’s leaders showing the way toward a lifestyle we must adopt to continue on this planet.
This short, moving presentation was followed by a description of the Santa Fe, NM gathering that Kiesha was told to convene in summer, 2009. 

Little Grandmother Kiesha “Return of the Ancestors” 2 of 3

Little Grandmother Kiesha “Return of the Ancestors” 3 of 3