Paul Butler – THE EVENT WAVES – 4th Density full anchored in Gaia – NEW EARTH ARISING – Lightworkers Manifest – 3-30-19

THE EVENT ENERGIES – 4th Density full anchored in Gaia ~ NEW EARTH NOW

Paul Butler

Published on Mar 29, 2019

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THE EVENT WAVES – 4th Density full anchored in Gaia ~ NEW EARTH ARISING – Lightworkers Manifest

March is officially closing out the karmic wheel for those moving into the new 5D earth. This is bringing full circle events back into our lives. Completion.

In 3D we are dictated by soul lessons and karmic
contracts, it feels like we have no control over our lives.

In 5D we have already healed and completed all of these and we get to co-create our reality from our souls desires. Boundaries become much stronger and more clear.

Engaging in other peoples lower dimensional behavior
pulls you back down into their time-lines.
Block, ignore, stop talking, walk away but do not engage. The game ends when you stop playing it.

Glow from the inside out.
Grounding into 5D is a process.
It’s not something that happens over night.

We have to keep integrating the higher frequencies
and then implementing them into our physical lives.
It’s like climbing a staircase, However the higher your frequency is the quicker you will climb.

You know when something is true by how it feels in
your soul. If something is in alignment and it resonates,
the energy just clicks.
It feels like a missing piece of the puzzle was found.

Your body can even get angel chills sometimes
as a confirmation. Never doubt these moments.
The dark agenda of the 3D earth was to keep people manipulated, lost, confused and mind controlled.

There is NO more power behind that type of behavior now. The 5D earth is glowing and drawing more of humanity towards it everyday.
The truth of ascension can not be hidden anymore.

In the 3D earth evolved souls were called crazy, delusional and had their wisdom discredited in order to keep the truth hidden so humanity would continuing feeding the system.

Those days are long gone.
The truth is so bright right now, it can not be ignored.
Audrey kitching ♥

Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D – 4th Density Shift, Energy Update – 9-22-18



Published on Sep 22, 2018

We have a energy wave happening right now & the “darkforces” are reallyyyyyyy at work right now. Lots of interference if you are a true lightworker. ***With the 13th gate activations it can cause your face to twitch: eye, mouth I see events prior to them being experienced or manifested in the physical in different timelines/parallel realities because the 3rd dimensional linear time format is an illusion, time does not exist. Me seeing these events does not create it either- If you cant handle hearing about these things cuz they trigger fear within you or thats your active realm of thought- dont watch, not worth it. The Free Will experiment was put into place by the Confederation which started off planet but is connected to the souls/entities transfered to this planet body entity(due to the density.) The council oversees which are made of Different entities of light/nonphysical, they have no names by choice, they are one. ●●Things are about to change… OCTOBER MID NOVEMBER. Im seeing a bunch of diff events/diff timelines or realities connected to the collective, ill make a sep. video… but a few things im seeing are: *8.0 earthquake. *Putins face. * Lots of Water pushed by wind or w wind coastal area. * Saw energy building below surface in the location of South America. *Volcano eruption- this one is pretty massive and has been fairly unactive for some time. *eruption or energy from below surface, I believe in Europe but not sure (i “see” in thought/energy/consciousness) *We have a bunch of different false flags coming (i may make a sep video cuz they may pick up quite a bit, the media is just manipulation, theyre actors pushing an agenda. Anything shared is for a reason) *Normalizing cloning before 2020 2021- you must be sovereign by this time. *Mass/government conspiracies coming out to the collective. & possible “Coup” attempt. *Death of famous person, possible suicide- its the throat felt/looked like- and its a sacrifice. —- ill make a sep. video for the rest im seeing. We are all ONE, seperate identity is an illusion of 3D consciousness just like calling ourselves a certain name or entity or being- there are no names in the realm of just light. So anyone saying they are a specific identity or channeling & identity so you should listen- is division, seeing one as seperate. We only use names in this realm of thought to create an identity/belief & distorts the message. Yes we have UFOs, and technology thousands of yrs advanced, as the collective consciousness increases, the “new” (which isnt new, just in higher realm of thought/consciousness then tje collective at that time) technology is released


Bentinho Massaro – ETs – Ascension into 4th Density – Mortality – True Humility – 3-16-15

DUANE:  Begins at  8:57

Bentinho Massaro

 * – LIVE (3.16.15)

In this session Bentinho answers a lot of questions about the nature of Consciousness, Vibration, Death, Ascension, what 4th Density will be like, what it means to be of service and know true humility not by keeping oneself small, but by going really big and fearlessly expanding into what one is supposed to be here on earth. He also answers some questions regarding his own life, his experience with not being attached to this world and leaving (dying) when it is no longer relevant to be here, and he hints a little bit at his true nature beyond this life.

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Nora Herold at Cosmic Reunion – Moving Into 4th Density

Nora Herold·16 videos

Pt 1…
Pt 3…

Nora Herold channeling the Pleiadians, Yeshua, Calliandra, The Lyrans, & others at Cosmic Reunion 4Fourth Density March 31, 2013. Intro by Dr. Dream

Matthew Ward – 13 May 2013

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With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We know it is difficult for you to feel elated about Earth being in fourth density when violence still has a firm place in your world, and you wonder where the promised Golden Age is.

Earth crossed the threshold of her Golden Age when she entered the safe harbor of fourth density almost six months ago, but many of her residents who accompanied her have not reached that density in spiritual and conscious awareness. So it is understandable if you feel discouraged by what appears to be little progress toward a peaceful world.

Yes, we have mentioned these feelings before and now just as then, never is it with criticism. In all truth, we could feel the same if we saw only what you do, but we have the immense advantage of being able to view Earth from this exceptional vantage point.

We see the stunning differences in your world today compared with conditions at the beginning of Earth’s ascension only seventy-some years ago. We see ancient energy portals reopening and the incoming light being anchored all over the planet. We see the myriad sparkling lights of souls awakening as Earth keeps moving into ever-higher vibrations, and we see all of her Golden Age glories fait accompli.

You would feel not only encouraged, but jubilant if you could see all of this too, and how we wish you could! But you can’t, so please let our knowledge of what has transpired and what is happening in this moment dispel any discouragement you may have so its low vibrations don’t dim your light. Your steadfastness in the light is as vital now as it always has been for you personally and for your society—you are the way-showers for the newly awakened soul-searchers.

Doesn’t the prevalence of violence show that darkness still has Earth in its grasp? Briefly stated, that is what some readers have written to my mother, and their concern is shared by other lightworkers. We assure you, the darkness that shrouded the planet for millennia was left behind when Earth exited third density.

To explain why violence is ongoing even though the planet is securely in fourth density, we go back a bit in your timeframe. Along Earth’s ascension pathway, she passed through many energy levels and some time ago reached a level that started magnifying all characteristics and behavior. As the opposite ends of duality intensified, acts that reflect the best of humankind increased and it was the same with acts that reflect the worst.

Duality is at its zenith and everyone is reacting to the “magnified voice within”—persons with tendencies toward violence are following their heightened urges to act violently.

It is sad for you and for us that any violent incidents still are part of life on Earth. They are tragic indeed for all who experience the loss of beloved persons or sustain severe injuries. We devoutly wish the grieving families could know that their members were greeted by “departed” family and dear friends upon entry into Nirvana, where life is filled with activity, diversity and joyful awareness that each is part of the Oneness of All.

Governments cannot much longer ignore the demands for significant reforms in those areas and all other harmful situations. Beneficial changes arise from the actions of the peoples, and grassroots movements throughout your world are rapidly swelling in numbers and effectiveness. You will see that all existing or proposed laws, policies, restrictions, products and systems that adversely impact life on Earth will be stricken incrementally.

Persons who are connecting the dots of positive developments reported in independent publications, Internet sites and television documentaries and interviews are feeling heartened. A recent dot with international application was in the United States. A group met with media representatives and a few former members of the Congress to speak about their personal observations and knowledge that offer clear evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life [Citizen Hearing on (UFO) Disclosure at the National Press Club, Washington, DC, starting April 29].

A dozen years ago the group was at the same venue for the same purpose. That short meeting was completely ignored by the media—not to mention, the US government—and although the recent five days of formal hearings didn’t generate headlines around the globe, it was mentioned in some press and coverage was posted on numerous Internet sites.

In His infinitely greater wisdom, God will know when to give the GO signal to the highest universal council, and then some of the thousands of crews surrounding the planet will join you. They will add their technologies to those developed by your scientists many years ago but usurped by the Illuminati, and when you no longer need their assistance, those family members will return to their homelands.

This is an appropriate place to address another concern shared by a number of lightworkers. No, the fact that there have been no mass landings does NOT mean that the benevolent ones in our universal family have abandoned you and a civilization that means to enslave you now is in place! The only crews in your skies are light warriors, and they are serving you in profoundly necessary ways.

Technologies on the ships are reducing pollution in the atmosphere, causing weapons of war to malfunction, preventing massive terrorist attempts, directing light into your waters to help sustain marine life, and blasting or vaporizing any small elements in space that could harm Earth. Vast, powerful civilizations still are beaming light from afar to the planet, and ETs right there with you who are in positions of influence are pressing forward in reform efforts.

Let us mention another area where ongoing arguments are pointless. “Global warming” due to humankind’s willful neglect, ignorance and denial absolutely is real, to be sure, but the melting of polar ice, record-breaking temperature extremes and other weather anomalies are Earth’s steps toward returning to a moderate climate globally, the way it was when the entire planet was “the garden of Eden.”

Skiers and other cold-weather sports enthusiasts need not fret that snow-capped mountains will disappear—most assuredly, they won’t! Earth’s majestic mountain ranges and awesome gorges formed by dynamic upheavals and mighty waters didn’t exist when the planet first came into being, but these spectacular aspects of her natural beauty that delight you delight her, too.

Mother, I think readers will enjoy the part of the transmission from the dear soul in Nirvana that pertains to climate. Please insert that, and also her later short conversation with you.

[The following is an excerpt of Grace’s information in Earth’s Golden Age – Life Beyond 2012. Her part of that book is a few brief selections of her several lengthy transmissions that became the “Grace” chapter in Illuminations for a New Era. The information below is from her first transmission, in 1999.]

My service at this point is studying the mechanics of taking apart weather anomalies and softening their effects in our atmosphere. And I do mean “our”—like yours and ours. We aren’t all that far from you, you know, and furthermore, we have such close bonds with you all that we aren’t separated in very many ways. By our lighter density and the respective weather, yes, we are, but still it’s your AND our atmosphere I’m working on.

I know that sounds almost too weird to believe, but that’s the easiest way for me to tell you. That isn’t at all how I’d describe it here, but you don’t have our words so how could you begin to know what I mean if I use our vocabulary? There aren’t any synonyms or similar expressions there for this process. It’s something that can’t help immediately, but in the long run, what I’m doing will make a good difference.

It’s not that I can harness the winds of Earth or act as if I’m a global umbrella in those major storms. I’m studying how to contain the energy so that it can be dispersed rather than congregate and then explode. I should have said dispersed in a routine and slow and easy way instead of just sitting for a while and then acting as if it’s got the whole world by the tail and then, watch out—here’s another hurricane or tornado!

It’s going to take a while for this to have any effect, you know? There’s a lot more still to come by whatever designation it’s given—cleansing, purification, increasing the light, lightening Earth’s burdens of negativity, ascension process—but it all adds up to the very same thing—a lot of geological activity with pretty heavy damage is still in store.

There’s no way out of this, you know. Energy is energy, and you can’t say, “Shoo, baby, go dissipate.” Actually, that’s what I’m working on, how to get to that status of being able to handle things so that if rain is needed, it comes, just enough of it. When it’s done, it goes away until it’s needed again. The rhythm, the pattern is set, you see.

[The following is part of Grace’s and my short conversation in October 2011.]

These crews in your skies are getting antsy. They’ve been ready for years to land and get going on the things they can do to help you, that their technologies can. You’ve got some developments of your own that have been kept under wraps and a few of you know this and what they’re capable of, but just wait until you see ET tech in action!

Also, your weather and “natural” disasters—just a few words about that. You know that for ages much of that has been created by technology combinations controlled by the Illuminati—well, that’s going to end in a big hurry. Actually, it’s already slowed down a lot, and none of those claims about fantastic—as in fantasy-make believe, not fantastic-fabulous—catastrophic upheavals roving around the Internet will ever happen. Just keep your eye on a glorious world, Earth’s Golden Age, and don’t be afraid of BIG changes—they’re all to the GOOD!

Grace, how are you doing with your “weather of the future”?

Wonderfully! We’re all set for the time when Earth has dumped all the negativity and we can act on her choice for a moderate climate everywhere. It won’t take as long as you might think to turn deserts into vegetable gardens!

Thank you, Mother. Now, dear Earth family, you know that people in Nirvana are doing more than beaming love to you—they’re serving in ways that probably you never imagined anyone living in a spirit world could manage.

Many countries are honoring mothers on this day, and all of your countries have special days to honor individuals who have made extraordinary contributions in one way or another. What rejoicing there will be when every day you honor self and all other souls in this universe as God’s family of divine beings.

______________________________________LOVE and PEACE

Suzanne Ward

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Bill Ballard ~ Raising Our Personal Frequencies into the Highest Light Spectrum

In an individual’s desire for ascension into the highest vibrations we must purge ourselves of the old magnetic thought and emotional patterns we experienced in the 3 and 4D worlds this past Earth cycle. The highest levels of LIGHT or vibration have more pure frequencies. The incoming magnetics of the CME’s and Solar streams as well as this magnetic field we have now entered helps us to release those lower light frequencies and magnetics or Karma we hold in our field, resulting in our purification. Use it well as it is offered now. It will help us to more easily create the New Earth together to experience. LOVE!

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