Karen Doonan – Staying in the NOW Moment as ALL Dissolves – New Earth Energies Heightening – 3-7-14




As many of you can now FEEL the New Earth energies are now heightening and expanding in preparation for the BIRTH of the NEW GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANITY which begins to enter the delivery room over the next few linear days (at a human conscious waking mind level).

For many of you the triggering will have already begun, you will be able to FEEL yourself automatically try to apply the brakes to this process.

This may confuse many of you as at a very CONSCIOUS waking mind level you are ready for these changes, many of you are literally reaching out for these changes, tired of the holding patterns and yet somehow still unable to fully embrace your creations.

The frequencies of the old 3d earth created reality sit at SUB and UN conscious mind levels, so whilst you may state consciously “I WISH TO”, the human logical mind is working on ways to self sabotage, this self sabotage is driven by these lower dimensional frequencies that sit hidden deep within the cellular structure of said human vehicle.

The way to work with these frequencies is to allow the frustration to ARISE WITHIN YOU.

Begin to look at it, detach from the frustration itself and ask the question

“what do I have to believe is true in order for this to present itself to me in this form”.

From this question you will begin to get some answers from your SOUL,

Be open to how these answers are delivered to you,

They may come via dreamtime, they may come through those around you.

It is often the actual use of human language that illuminates this for you and you may attempt to filter this out.

Why did you choose the words that you chose to describe your situation and your frustration?

These types of questions when LISTENED to are helpful.

They are not stated in order to trigger the human logical mind, that is do not ask them in order to solve “the puzzle” .

(in TRUTH there is no puzzle you are TAUGHT there is).

Ask the question, you can do this silently and then FEEL the answer.

Communication between those who have taken human form upon and within this planet

and ALL who are incarnate in the UNIVERSE OF 3 at this time is heightening and deepening for just this scenario.

ALL is hidden in plain view, when you reach a level of expansion of clarity of vision,

it is often staggering just how obvious the answer is, it will have literally been staring you in the face

but the frequency that prevented you from viewing was anchored deeply.

Trying to solve “the puzzle” will see you walking blindly down a very dark street wearing a blindfold.

ALL IS FREQUENCY in the universe,

NO ONE is keeping anything from you, quite the opposite

However the frequencies of the old 3d earth created reality were created in order to blind you.

Therefore there is NO servitude in berating yourself for not being able to see something when it is illuminated.

This is a tool of the old 3d earth created reality,  designed to re-lower your energy signature. F

or each moment of clarity will see you NATURALLY RISE in energy signature.

The codings that are sent out via these blogs and are sent out energetically across and through planet earth

work to release these frequencies, this is why I continually state that the unfolding of a new reality

is a highly PERSONAL and UNIQUE perspective for only YOU are incarnate into the human vehicle that you are.

How this human vehicle interprets the DATA that is sent energetically to it from the universe is PERSONAL and UNIQUE.

It is NOT TRUTH to assume that all can interpret in the same way.

This is a teaching of the old 3d earth created reality which seeks to TEACH that all do.

This is why it is not TRUTH to “follow” ,

Each perspective on this planet is unique and PERSONAL to the human vehicle that is experiencing it.

This is why there are a minimum of 7 billion UNIQUE realities that are manifest upon and within planet earth.

As your human logical mind only sees the human vehicle,

and references the teachings of the old 3d earth created reality, it ASSUMES that the entire human race live the same reality.

This is highly distorted and it is this teaching that seeks to blind many at this moment.

This teaching is now dissolving for only TRUTH is supported in the New Earth.


take off


It is to be noted that “spirituality” is a prison that is holding many in place at this time,

A creation of the old 3d earth created reality it seeks to teach at all times to hand over your power to a “higher” power in the universe.

A gentle reminder that ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE EQUAL.

Therefore there can be NO higher power in the universe,

this is also a teaching that is blinding many at this time,

for how can you take and accept full responsibility for your human life experience and creations

if you are placing responsibility at the feet of some “higher power”?

Yes you may be in a human form upon this planet,  but this is but PART of your manifestation in the universe

For you are at SOUL level vast and eternal,

therefore to state that in your chosen human form,  you are somehow less,

is handing over your power to the old 3d earth created reality.

Until you can accept full responsibility for your human life experience

then you are to a certain extent “powerless” for you are continually handing your power to those around you.

YOU chose this human life experience at this particular moment

KNOWing at a SOUL level that you could move into full expansion and creation AT HUMAN CONSCIOUS WAKING MIND LEVEL,thereby creating HEAVEN UPON EARTH.

This is not possible if you continually seek to reference your life

through the “higher” power of something that exists outside of SELF,

for the human vehicle is but your vessel of choice to experience this particular planet.

At this time upon and within planet earth you are asked to LET GO and BE,

to enter the silence when it is needed, in order to understand that which is now dissolving around you,

through you and within you, was never TRUTH.

It was a CREATED reality into which you chose to incarnate over and over.

This reality is now fully dissolving and is held in place ONLY by the frequencies that are still anchored within the human vehicles upon and within planet earth.

To live a NEW LIFE in a NEW WAY in a NEW REALITY,

you must first of all release ALL that you have been TAUGHT within the old 3d earth created reality,

in order to embrace and expand into TRUTH for




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