Mother’s Mini-Message, #21 – It’s High-Time to Trade in Your 3d Practicality – by Mother God – 8-10-15

Mother Father God


Mother’s Mini-Message #21: 
It’s High-Time to Trade in Your 3d “Practicality” 
By Mother God
Greetings, Dear Ones, it is I, Mother God, with a mini-message of encouragement and hope.
You are being asked to do a great deal now to advance your Ascension.  The first wave of the first wave is at the gates and ready to ascend.  We want all of you there with us!  I have just a few pointers for you that will ease you along to assure you of being ready.  Many of you have come up against a bit of a sticking point, and it is revealed in your questions and emails to our dear channels.  You will recognize it when I describe it to you.
At the finale of this long Earth journey, many of you have adopted a style of approaching things that you would call “practical.”  It always includes a fair amount of worry – worry that you might be duped, that you are not worthy, that you do not understand what you need to understand, that your family or your pet will not be able to ascend with you, that you cannot trust these letters predicting joy and happiness, and so forth.  You look back on your lifetime and see pain, worry and fear, and you project it forward in a flood of feelings that leaves no room for anything but more worry, and you have come to thin of this as practicality, and you are proud of being “practical” about not wanting to be hurt if the promises don’t turn out to be exactly what you expected.
Of course they won’t be exactly what you expect because you are looking for what you already know, perhaps a bit more wealth, or a bit more vacation time, but more of the same nevertheless.
I will tell you, my Dear Children, this will not create your path to Ascension.  What is coming is so much more fun than you could possibly imagine, you must learn now to “suspend judgment,” not because there is anything wrong with your abilities to judge and prepare – you are very skillful at preparing for the worst.  Now it is time for you to learn to prepare for the best!  It is a very different state of mind from your 3 dimensional stance of full alert, anticipation of danger and a repeat of miseries of the past.  Join us now in the higher dimensional Heavenly energies coming through the open Lion’s Gate and you will be amazed at how quickly you can re-condition yourself to be comfortable with the unknown because it brings abundance, joy and peace.
I am able to bring you this joyful message because of the first-wavers who have Co-created the pathway with us, by trusting in us, allowing our guidance to urge them along in their trainings in such a way that they have been able to bring themselves to a brand new way of seeing the world and understanding us. Fulfilling the Truth that you create what you think about, they have eased the way for those who will follow by what they have done.  Momentum is everything now.  Let us describe the process they have followed so you can understand what you can do to forge your own path with maximum ease.
Think deeply now about how you seek what you want.  Let us say you have been told by the Company of Heaven that there is buried treasure in your own backyard.  You get your shovel and focus intently on the ground, digging industriously all over the yard, making shallow holes, then deeper holes, congratulating yourself on your courage to follow your favorite Master’s guidance.  Your shovel does not hit any large solid object like a chest or a box of any kind.  You find only more rocks and dirt, until the day’s end when you are exhausted and frustrated, beginning to curse your own willingness to be so gullible, as you observe the expanse of holes and piles in what was once your pristine lawn.  Your neighbors will think you are crazy; your family will mock you, you think.  In despair, you trudge into your house and go upstairs to shower and feel sorry for yourself.
As the sun sets you begin to regain your composure and begin to talk with us, your Mother and Father.  You ask for understanding and for comfort, and you offer to use your experience to learn whatever you need to further your expansion. You reach for us to restore your connection and your trust, and you ask to find a way to use this experience to be of service to others.  As the lengthening rays shine across your yard you look down upon it and see glittering golden sparkles radiating light across the yard, like a thousand tiny suns beaming up at you.
In your search for “treasure” you didn’t notice the gold nuggets all around you at your feet.  Were they there all along?  Suddenly your exhaustion turns to excitement; you have struck gold!  It is all around you in such abundance that you fill bags with the precious stuff and tell your neighbors, who also discover good fortune right under their feet.  Your excitement and joy starts a “gold rush” so profitable that everyone you know begins to share their good fortune.  Street parties are arranged to host feasts, music and dancing.  Because of your generosity and foresight, your entire town celebrates the new feelings of Love, camaraderie and ease.  A great Pillar of Light emanates from your house to envelop the entire township, and the Galactic teams come to offer guidance and protection.  Arcturian teams of healers are able to ride the Light energies of your great Pillar to reach and aid all who wish assistance with healing.
Your return to trust in us and faith in goodness has created a vortex of high Light energy that beams outward, sweeping everyone along with you. You are in synchrony with the energies we are sending to you because you are in harmony with yourself, your fellow humans and with us.  You have now created a wave of Light that you and others can ride to lift yourselves into higher dimensions.  You are getting massive amounts of help from angels who protect and shore up your Pillar, grid workers above and on the ground who are anchoring your Pillar deeply into Earth.  Your Light emanates outward and upward, and we meet it by pouring Love and blessings down through it to fill your heart with joy.
In this new stance, with your feet planted firmly on Terra and your heart beating as One with ours, your life will suddenly be filled with joyful surprises large and small.  Create your wave, Beloved Ones, and we will be there with you to ride it into higher and higher dimensions.  I have given you the keys to Paradise.  You only need to use them to unlock the happiness for you and others who follow.
I am your Mother God, here with Father, lovingly cheering you on.
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, August 10, 2015

VIDVA FRAZIER – Letting Go of 3D Habit Patterns – 5-26-15

Vidya FrazierWhen we look at what’s going on in the world, it can sure seem as if we’re all still in the Third Dimension. War, injustice, and greed still seem to reign.

And, at least occasionally, it may feel as if we are still in 3D, as well. Although we are well aware of the Shift taking place within and around us, our old ways of operating may still feel like they’re in place. We can still fall into fear, anger and depression at times.

The truth is we are no longer living in 3D reality; that reality closed off on the earth back in December 2012. The old rigid and limiting structures of that dimension are no longer in operation. However, most people in the world—and even many of us who know better—can find we are still functioning as if those old confining structures are present.

Operating in the Fourth Dimension

What is now in place and what we can operate from is a new structure of reality: the Fourth Dimension. This is the bridge we’re on at this point—a passageway from the old rigid third-dimensional consciousness, leading into a new, open, and fully-conscious fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Bridge into the Fifth DimensionAnd although this new 4D reality is not as open and free as the Fifth Dimension, it is not as limiting and rigid as the Third Dimension was. Everything is energetically looser, freer. We are not so confined and enslaved to lower energetic frequencies. New and empowering frequencies are now available to us, streaming onto the earth. We are more capable of consciously creating our own reality.

In this new 4D reality, among other things, we can become aware that linear time is collapsing, and time can actually stretch and compress. We now have time to shift our negative reactions to people and events, if we want to; we can choose to not react automatically out of fear or anger. We can actually change reality through choice and intention and see that manifestation is happening much more quickly.

Common 3D Habit Patterns

The problem is most people don’t know that the rules have changed in this new dimension and continue to operate from old 3D habit patterns in how they go about their lives. But those of us who know reality is shifting can understand this and learn to let go of our habit patterns we’ve brought with us from the Third Dimension. We can develop new habits based on 5D understandings.

So what are some of these 3D habit patterns? Here is a brief list of some important ones that may still be unconsciously running your life.

Believing You’re the Body-Mind

We are not simply the body-mind.Even if you’ve had numerous profound experiences of yourself as a vast, multi-dimensional being, it can be easy to fall into the old habit pattern of believing that you are simply the small body-mind being you experienced yourself to be when totally engulfed in third-dimensional reality.

Just recognizing that you’re operating from this erroneous belief can suddenly shift your awareness to the higher reality of who you are. A sense of relief and detachment can flow in, helping you to experience yourself as a spiritual being temporarily experiencing yourself through dense human form.

Believing You Need to Worry about Survival

You may balk at hearing this is only a 3D worry. You don’t want to be unrealistic; you still need to have income coming in to provide for shelter, food, and all the rest that’s necessary to keep you alive. Of course, this is true.

The belief I’m pointing to is the one that may be telling you that you have to worry about your survival, that you have to struggle and work hard in order to survive, and that it’s reasonable to panic when you don’t see how it’s going to happen. It’s a belief based on a belief that the universe is generally an unfriendly and unsupportive place.

If you can have the courage to truly trust that the Divine will always provide for you, then you are operating in 5D reality. In 5D consciousness you know you are not here to struggle for survival. The only thing that keeps you in the struggle is a belief that you have to. Abundance truly is available to every one of us, if we can change our beliefs around it and our sense of worth.

Believing You’re Unworthy

This is a belief that is often unconscious, but it lurks within many people’s psyches. There’s a sense that happiness, wealth and well-being are things that need to be earned; your worth has to be proven before you can be awarded them.

This inherent and nagging sense of unworthiness can be tough to overcome. It seems to be ingrained very deeply in 3D consciousness. But again, if you can simply become aware of this belief when it arises within you and how it’s producing unwanted results in your life, you can help to short-circuit it.

See it clearly as a belief—know that it’s not truth. Who you are, just as you are, does not have to change in any way whatsoever for you to be worthy of well-being, wealth, happiness and good health.

Getting Caught up in the World’s Suffering

If you are a generally empathic and compassionate person, you may be accustomed to taking on the world’s woes. It might feel selfish to you to not feel depressed or worried about people across the world who have just experienced a devastating earthquake or about the sea animals caught up in oil spills. You may feel guilty, as well, that you yourself are living in relative ease and comfort.

Feeling these emotions are signs of compassion and deep connection with other beings. They’re important. They help to fully open your heart. We are indeed connected with all beings on this earth—and with the earth and all creatures, as well—and we can feel this connection deeply within our heart.

But this does not mean that you need to experience depression, anger or grief when others do. In fact, if you dwell on these emotions—no matter how compassionate they may feel—you are actually adding to the problem. You have lowered your vibration and have added that vibration to the collective that is experiencing the suffering you’re wishing to alleviate.

ascension bubble Of course, if you feel drawn to actually do something constructive or helpful to those in suffering, then you can be helpful in raising the vibration of those in need, especially if you do it with love, joy and optimism. Those emotions help lift suffering. Suffering along with someone for their misfortune does not assist them.

What is infinitely more valuable is to continue living your life from within a 5D bubble you’ve created, in which you remain in a positive a mood of joy, optimism, love and harmony, no matter what. Indeed, this is what can assist the entire human race to shift into a higher vibration.

Keeping Yourself Small

If you’re like many Lightworkers, you may be fearful of stepping into your full power. Perhaps you keep yourself small, blending into the group, in order to stay in a position that feels safe. Maybe you have a fear that if you were to really be out there advertising who you are and what you know, you might somehow be “punished” or rejected.

If you find yourself doing this, know this is an old 3D habit pattern. Many of us have lived lifetimes in which we were indeed not only punished for fully expressing who we were, we were often tortured and put to death. It’s just what happened during the really dark times we lived through in the Third Dimension.

ascension1But the truth is we are no longer there. We’re in times now—especially in the West—in which it is much safer to express ourselves as the powerful and awake beings that we are. And, indeed, the world at this time really needs us to do just that.

If you can relate to this fear, see if you can see it as a subconscious habit that no longer serves you or the world. Trust that coming out and being as big and powerful as you can be will not only be safe, it will greatly raise your vibration.

Yes, it’s important to not do this through ego motivation; but it’s not likely you’re going to do that at this point in your evolution. Keep asking for inner guidance, and pray for clarity. And then move forward with gradual steps into the full expression of who you are. It’s true that you probably won’t be popular with everyone you come across. But don’t let that stop you. Your being fully who you are is what is important both for you and for the world.

Focusing on What’s Wrong with You

Another 3D habit I often see in Lightworkers is keeping focused on what’s wrong with themselves and what they need to “fix”. Many of the 3D paths of self-improvement and spirituality—although helpful to many of us in past decades—have unfortunately fostered this type of approach to awakening. It was helpful in pointing to the reasons we were not awake or happy. But this focus seldom directly brings about either awakening or happiness. It can actually drag down our vibration.

If you find yourself caught up in this habit pattern of focusing on what’s wrong with you, try to catch it—and instead begin focusing on what is right with you. Focus on the qualities in yourself you’ve decided are good or spiritual in some way. And focus on what is working well in your life, rather than what’s going wrong.

Because the habit of looking at what’s wrong can be so ingrained, at first this approach of looking at what’s right can feel Pollyannaish or unrealistic. Know that this is a 3D belief.

Focusing on the positive is a powerful, natural 5D habit. In this higher vibration, you can realize how intelligent and wise it is to focus on the positive—as it actually has the power to create a more positive reality for you. Not only does it help you to feel better about yourself in the moment, it is also telling the universe that you want more of this feeling and reality in your life.

Creating New 5D Habits

New habits are not always easy to assume. If the old habits are well-ingrained and held in place by strong beliefs, we have to keep vigilant and keep watch on the automatic decisions we make on a daily basis.

When making a decision, you can ask yourself:

•    Am I deciding to do this out of fear of not being safe? Or not being loved?
•    Am I acting out of self-judgment?
•    Am I doing this based on self-doubt?
•    Am I forgetting who I really am?

 Fully letting go of 3D habit patterns takes some work and attention, and it’s definitely a process. But it’s well worth your time to pay attention to this, as you progress further along on your Ascension path. Your struggle can become your dance.

Do remember, however, when focusing on this process in yourself: If you find yourself falling back into old patterns, do not move into self-judgment about it. (This is another 3D habit!)

Simply find understanding and compassion for yourself and then shift your awareness to the new 5D habit patterns you’re wanting to develop and move forward.

“Letting Go of 3D Habit Patterns” by Vidya Frazier, May 25, 2015 at

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Message from the Arcturians: Stepping Out of the 3D Matrix – November 12, 2014





Dr. Suzanne Lie   –   Stepping out of the 3D Matrix and Webinar Announcement


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Message from the Arcturians

Your persistent memory of human, physical incarnations has limited your consciousness to the habit of only perceiving third-dimensional patterns of light. Hence, expressions of your self that are calibrated to the higher dimensional grids of Earth’s holographic matrix are lost to your physical awareness.

Your long habit of placing your attention on the lower vibratory grids of Earth’s holographic matrix amplifies the sensations, perceptions and experiences of your physical self. Therefore, your habitual attachment to the third dimensional grids over-rides your connection to the higher frequency grids. Because your primary attention is on the lower grids, you believe that only the physical world is REAL.

Because of this small, lower frequency perceptual field, your higher-dimensional Sirian, Pleiadian and/or Arcturian expressions of SELF who projected into many of your physical earth vessels is invisible to your 3D perceptions. To experience your entire range of light, you must attach your multidimensional consciousness to the higher frequency grids of Gaia’s multidimensional matrix.

The first challenge you face is to remember that YOU are a multidimensional being. Because you are aware of that truth, you can “save” the experiences of your expanded consciousness onto Gaia’s higher frequency holographic grids. In other words, when you save your inter-dimensional occurrences on Gaia’s holographic matrix, they merge with the experiences of other earthlings who have had similar experiences.

Once this group energy is ‘saved’ others can connect with this energy field to make inter-dimensional travel more ‘normal.’ Also, as more of you remember your inter-dimensional experiences in your daily life, your memory will connect the higher frequency grids to Gaia’s third/fourth dimensional grids.

All life on Earth is connected to Gaia’s holographic matrix. It is through the shared experience of this matrix that Gaia’s inhabitants are moving beyond the limitations of third dimensional consciousness and into the higher frequencies of reality. At first these experiences are labeled as “dreams” or “just imagination.”

However, when these dreams and imaginations are communicated to others via the shared grids, they become more ordinary. As the “new normal” expands, more and more of humanity feels safe enough to openly share their experiences. Fortunately, the animal, plant and elemental kingdoms live in unity consciousness with Gaia and naturally embrace Her return to multidimensionality.

Make sure to ground/save your higher frequency perceptions/experiences on all the frequency grids of the hologram. Then, it will be much easier for you to remember your inter-dimensional experiences in your daily life. In other words, you “save” your inter-dimensional experiences in both the “hard drive” of the planetary matrix and in the “software” of your physical brain.

A great disadvantage of the software of your human brain is that it only spans one lifetime and a few dimensions. In order to access all the dimensions and lives of your full SELF, you will need to access the “hard drive” of Gaia’s Matrix. Gaia’s Matrix is much like a transporter in that it carries the DNA codes of every inhabitant that transports/bi-locates onto Her planet.

Therefore, through the ‘transporter files’ of Gaia, you will be able to find all the lives in which you have entered Gaia’s evolution, your point of origin for that entrance and when you logged in and logged out of that incarnation. Most important for your present timeline, you be able to retrieve the files for all of your incarnations on Earth.

In this manner, you can consolidate all that you learned in your many lives on Earth to collect all the information you have accumulated about what you have learned abut planetary ascension. Once your consciousness is fully connected to Earth’s multidimensional matrix, you will experience the light of Gaia’s information that constantly flows from Her planetary light body to your personal light body.

To remind you of an earth expression in which you lived in total unity and unconditional love, I will activate the component of Gaia’s matrix in which we first met in the earliest periods of Lemuria. To access this light code, I ask that we unite our consciousness and focus on the base of Gaia’s Core Crystal

When you gather in front of Gaia’s huge Core Crystal, focus your attention on the base of the crystal. Slowly you begin to feel a sense of planetary consciousness that you have never experienced before.

At first many pictures of myriad realities come into your awareness then, suddenly, you are experiencing two realities at once. You are still in the core of the planet standing before the Core Crystal, while you are also a huge bird.


From deep inside your being, you hear,

“I am Kaa-ah from the Bird Flock of Mu.” Instantly, you felt the joy of flying above a land that appears to be shades of ocher and gold. The sensation of flying is marvelous beyond words, and the purity and love of that reality is pristine and alive with pure potential. As you listen to Kaa-ah’s story, you we also live it.

“I am Kaa-ah,” you hear again. “I am from the Bird Flock of Mu. You likely cannot say my name, nor could I say yours, for we speak only in tones and melodies. I telepathically connect with you so that I can share the vision of my most beloved memory of flying into our golden city in the center of Mu. Of course, our entire world resonated to shades of ocher, gold, bronze and crystal.

“We of ancient Mu are the first in this rotation of the Great Galactic Cycle to experiment with form. There were many other realities that existed in former cycles, but they are unknown to us during this incarnation.

“We have come from the ONE to assist in creating a reality of duality and are joyous to communicate with you. As I look into your mind I see that the term ‘we’ means many, but to our minds the term ‘we’ means the ONE. We have no term for individuality. We are the flock.

“Each of us cares as much for the flock as for the heart that beats within our own chest. Perhaps we feel this way because we all beat to the heart of the Sacred Egg. We, the Bird Flock of Mu, are the Keepers of the Sacred Egg. The heart/core of our life within this holographic projection Earth is the gestation of the Sacred Egg.

“Mu, who is the entire planet to us, continually breathes Her sacred force of creation into our Sacred Egg. It is this force of creation that is used by all the citizens of Mu, as not all of our citizens are of the Bird Tribe.

“Before we entered this reality, we experimented with many forms. The concept of form was new to us, for in our true Home in the higher vibrations of Light, we are pure consciousness.

“We, the citizens of Mu, came to Mother Earth to initiate a grand experiment of polarities of life in form. We joined this reality knowing that these polarities would become increasingly extreme.

“We also knew that eventually these polarities would create an appearance of separation. Within our experiment, Light was to be gradually split into good/light and bad/ dark and form would be split into the genders of male and female.

“In the former cycles of the Mother’s sojourn around the Central Sun, there had been many other visitors. Mother Earth has long offered a format for many differing life forms to live and gather experiences. In this manner Earth has prepared her SELF for her Final Initiation, the Initiation of Unconditional Love.

“Unconditional love is the cohesive power of the Multiverse and the power of creation. Within the ONE, only unconditional love and divine creation is known. When we no longer require our manifestation, we simply withdraw our attention and intention so that the creation can gradually, or instantly, cease to exist.

“We have long been aware of the myriad torsion waves of multidimensional light and unconditional love traveling the multiverse. With the power of attention, observation and intention we call for these waves to break into particles of creative potential.

“Then using our power within of unconditional love, we create the manifestation of our desire by using the raw potential of these particles of light which are composed of love and potential.

“This ‘new’ discovery of these torsion waves in your ‘modern day’ is common knowledge in our land of Mu. It is in this manner that we create forms for our consciousness.

“We have great fun experimenting with taking many different forms. Just as you experiment by wearing different clothing on your body, we experiment with wearing different forms on our consciousness.

“The Sacred Egg, which is the power source for our planet, is far away from the interruptions of the psychic energy of Mu’s other inhabitants. In the highest tower of our highest mountain, of which we have few, the Mother’s Sacred Egg lives in constant communication with the Mother’s mate, the Father of Light.

“In this manner, Mother Earth’s Egg of creative potential remains eternally basked in the unconditional love of Her Divine Complement, Father Light. This constant connection between Light/Spirit and Matter/Form gives us the power to consciously create our forms and fulfill our needs.

“We, the protectors of the Sacred Egg, needed a form that could fly, as we were the emissaries between the Mother in the central mountain and Her outer lands and oceans. When we first began our experiment of life in form, every being could easily float up the mountain and into the Great Temple of Completion.

“However, as the Mother became more and more polarized we had to choose to live within a form of one of Her four elements of earth, air, fire or water. Some of us chose to walk the land, others chose to fly the air or swim the sea, and others chose to remain in formless light so that they could serve the element of fire.

“Gradually, the water beings could not leave the water long enough to travel the great distance up the mountain, the fire beings chose to maintain their flickering, ever-changing forms of light, and those who walked the land could no longer take the time to journey to the Temple.

“Hence, it was the creatures of the air that became the ‘Keepers of the Sacred Egg.’ We could easily fly from the mountaintop, over the waters and onto the land. We could also converse with the fire creatures. All the beings of the four elements are totally conscious of their form and can easily communicate with all the other beings through telepathy and empathy.

“As Keepers of the Sacred Egg, we create nests around the top of the mountain, just below the Temple, to lay and hatch our own eggs. We only create an egg when we are ready to complete our experience as a member of Mu’s reality. When we begin to long to return Home to the ONE to visit our family of Spirit, we build a nest and lay our egg.

“Once we lay our egg it is instantly fertilized by the Flow of the great Father Spirit that penetrates every molecule of our mountain. We patiently sit on our egg until a being of light desires the experience of our form. Once this being enters our egg, we totally share our consciousness.

“Through our joint consciousness, our potential replacement travels Mu to learn about the experiences and responsibilities of our Bird Flock. If the light being decides to take a form on Mu, it hatches into its bird form. The mother bird maintains her own form until her replacement is ready to perform her responsibilities on her own.

“At this point, the light of the Mother Bird flashes out of her form, and the form disappears as the light returns to the unity of Home. Please understand that there is no ‘birth’ or ‘death’ in our reality. Birth means surrounding our light with form, and death means releasing that form back to its elements and returning to the light.

“Life and death are the same in your day, which to our perception is occurring in the same cosmic NOW as our reality on Mu. In our reality we only ‘eat’ light. Hence, there is never a need for food or any elimination of waste products. All form is filled with life and all form communicates with each other, as well as with our spirit self of light.

“We Lemurians began the cycle which you are now closing. We have come into your awareness to assist you with seeding the Mother’s Core and Cornerstone Crystals. We have come into you for we are you. We represent the birth of this cycle and you represent the transmutation of this cycle into its higher expression.

“We bless you on your journey, for it is much like ours. We are the Alpha and you are the Omega, the beginning and the ending. We began this experiment of polarity, and you are here to close it. Just as we are assisting others to step in to the 3D Matrix, we will assist you to step out of it.

“Once that circle is closed the beginning and the ending will merge into the Oneness of NOW. Once within the NOW you are free of time and will be returned to the ONE.

I AM Kaa-ah,

Blessings on your transmutation

Dear Readers,

I have been preparing “The Landing Party,” Book 4 of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension for publication. In doing so I discovered how much I had changed since I finished this book less than a year ago. I remember stating in my site many times, “What is impossible for your ego is simple for your Soul.”

Before I could understand Mytrian’s Oversoul of SELF, I had to learn more about my self. I don’t know when I learned it, or even if I did, but this time I understood that which confused me before. It is always interesting when life forces you to look at the same thing in a different way. Then, we can really see how we have changed.

When we change our self, we also change our creations. Actually, what I realized is how much wisdom was in that book all along, but my consciousness could net fully perceive it. What I discovered from returning to this book was that everything I wanted was already there.

I have posted a few chapters that it took me till now to “get,” and I will continue to post more of them. Also, we are moving into the “new ending.”

So stay tuned,