Lucas – 2014, Making The Change Happen – 1-11-14

Written by Lucas, Lucas2012infos,

The 2014 year will be a year of changes in all sorts of ways for all, the planet and  humanity  in its alleged chains from the controllers and systems and belief structures are breaking apart. It is though for you all important to keep focussed on your own heart-source connection and your own process of change as well see the bigger picture behind all the bad news and the good news. See how things emerge from the rubble of the disintegrating old paradigm structures, beliefs and control.

It is that what needs to be shown in this reality as it is in the now, the good the bad and its function in seeking the balance of unity. See the new sprouting like flowers and so-called weeds between the rubble. New groups and communities , new exchange mechanisms, new energy inventions, new ways in producing foods or reviving old knowledge, new building technics, natural healthcare and healing the self, but foremost humans that take a different approach to things to make the world a better place for all by starting themselves with making a change. Humanity’s awakening is an unstoppable process.

In all of this you have your place to be your own shining star that takes up also a bit of the new and builds with all those already started to make a new paradigm of cooperation, peace, equality and abundance for all work. Step by step we are getting away from that what was and see how to do things in a new way. It is by most perceived as not easy as it comes with feelings of suffering, pains and lack connected to the old structures that are slowing fading away.

It will get easier to disconnect from that and free your inner-space to make room for the flow of your natural creators energy that is and was always within you. You will find more and more things in that flow happening for you. Humans connecting or coming upon your path, opportunities and manifestations will be on your path if you have connected in a more continuous form with your inner power. We will have to provide in between our jump with all humans together into the new for all our fellow travellers. We need to make sure that all are ok, during their personal processes.

So remember you are personally growing in an awesome pace, expanding so to say. Even if you do not perceive it yet, you will soon. For every negative push there will be a positive to balance it out as it is the way this works. Till the balance is found, we will see this happening on multiple levels. The change is not coming it is already full in action only it is overshadowed by the negative news, the images and pictures that are brought to you by mainstream media, alleged government policies for the better and safety of you, etc!

Turn of the tv and stop reading the mainstream news. The big companies are now buying into so-called new alternative media schemes to sell you still the old stories to be able to manipulate, condition and lie to you about all. Be clear that voting on things that already are cooked up as ready-meals before you had a say in it is not valid. You will only vote to be marginally dumb or fully dumb in their books as you do exactly what they want you to do. Why voting on something that restricts your freedom you always have had in the first place, you might ask yourself! We can self-govern ourselves and will do eventually as we need no one to do it for us.

Democracy is not a system you can rely upon to be free as that is a fiction. Whatever name you give it does not matter as all are just systems to control and rule. The natural law and common law principles are more nearing a real freedom of all of you individuals but see that you are never bound to anything and nobody and nothing can be saying you are not free in the first place. God made you in his image as an individual expression of uniqueness to be free not to be bound to anything that would be coming in between you and God, source or whatever you call it.

The freedom is an inherent part of you as a human being.  No titles or other words of definition are needed to make that clear. Sovereignty and other words are just again restrictions to the fact that you are being free always. We need to see in this new paradigm developing that our core value of duality as a conflict and control issue has seized to exist. Duality is now just a word of two polarities that work in harmony and balance with each other to establish unity for all and in all.

It is still the going into extremes and finding opposites and seeing limitations that makes that the balance is not right yet. It is though shifting rapidly as I said the change is already happening everywhere. Be caring and sharing meanwhile.  Compassion, help and understanding is needed for those still on their paths and for those helping and way showing. You decide always where your path leads. It is the process we all have gone or going through so there is no judgement in this or thinking of being better, more or higher or making fun of not grasping it. It is a process for all and everybody in his own way and sequential time.

The developments in the past year already stipulated that groups and alliances would form to keep crumbling empires and power structures go on.  You even see that new power bases are established as others have been decapitated.  It is just all part of the leveling and balancing act. World controlling  structures will be tried to establish even if that will though not be a structure that can control a free humanity as that is not working anymore.

We only can choose individually to cooperate in those structures for the best of all humans and the universe.  If not it can not be sustained in the new. It is that what makes it difficult as still a lot out there is based upon hidden agendas, power, control and personal gain. The pillars of the new can only by new. And that means as never before and as never imagined before. So in my views we will see the unexpected coming to be.

Enjoy your 2014 first quarter and see that we will gradually make a shift into the real NEW paradigm.  Follow your heart as your guide and feel and sense what is the path you need to take. Not think or let your minds thoughts be you compass. The new is only to be sensed in a new way. You a capable to make all happen for you.  There is enough help along the way but in all it will be your decisions and choices of free will that will make your compass needle turn or stabilize.

Have a great year of wondrous new experiences in the now. All is available in the now on all levels in its multidimensional energetics. It is just you who can perceived it or not.  We can establish a new paradigm by  going within and therefore establish change on the outside also.  Have magical transformative year!

Love and Light,


Written by Lucas, Lucas2012infos,

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Suzanne Lie – The Arcturians – Choosing Conscious Creation Part 2 – 12-17-13

Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension, Book One and Two available as ebooks at:
(Today I woke up with this message inside saying, “Transmuting Emotion.” Since I try to follow up all higher-dimensional inner messages I grabbed my iPad and translated this message from the Arcturians.)
Dear Ones, since you perceive and communicate with the higher dimensions of reality through the language of emotion it is important that you gain some mastery over your emotional body. We say “emotional body” because emotions are perceive with your entire physical form. Often you may not be able to put them into words, but it is immediately evident if your emotions are based on love or fear.
Placing Your Attention
Just as the placement of your attention denotes the communications that you choose to have in your physical world, the attention on your ongoing emotions denotes the communications that you are choosing to have your higher realities. Emotions are the best indication for your state of consciousness, and you can only communicate with the higher worlds while in a fifth dimensional and beyond consciousness.
Since consciousness and perception are interconnected, if your consciousness is calibrated to the physical world, you will communicate and interact only with the physical world. Then, when you sleep, meditate or dream you have the ability to communicate with the fourth dimensional Astral World. There are many sub-planes within the 4D astral world. The fourth dimensional sub-plane with which you can communicate is again determined by the frequency of your emotion/consciousness.
Unconditional love is the highest frequency of emotion, yet it is much more than an emotion. Unconditional love is the highest frequency of light. However, all emotion is light because everything is light. In the third dimension the light is buried deep in the illusion of matter, and in the fourth dimension light radiates slightly beyond the illusion of matter.
Consciousness and Emotion
In the fifth dimension and beyond there is NO illusion of matter and ALL these higher realities are expressed via light images that correspond to the frequency of light on that dimension. The frequency of light/reality that you perceive is determined by your state of consciousness, and your state of consciousness is largely determined by your emotions.
The emotion of fear lowers your state of consciousness, whereas the emotion of love expands your consciousness. In this manner, your emotional body greatly determines your state of consciousness. Furthermore, your consciousness and perceptions are intertwined, as you can only perceive the reality to which your consciousness is calibrated.
Hence, if you have loving emotions you perceive the higher frequencies of your physical reality, but when your emotions are fearful you perceive the underbelly of the physical world. The reality you perceive is the reality with which you communicate. Then, once you communicate with that reality you become involved and “live” that reality.
Do you understand now how the emotions that you hold direct your attention, your communications and the actual reality that you experience as your life? Fortunately, when you love what you do, you become increasing creative, which expands your consciousness into the alpha wave consciousness of the higher fourth dimension.
Conversely, when you dislike what you do, but keep doing it because you are afraid to change, you consciousness lowers into beta wave consciousness, and you only perceive your physical life. Thus, it is important that you fill your life with whatever feels creative to you, as creativity expands your consciousness and gives you a loving feeling.
What You DO
Therefore, what you DO in your life has a huge influence on your emotions and, thus, on your state of consciousness. More and more our awakening ones are deciding to take control of their life by making whatever life alterations are necessary to ensure a degree of creativity in their job. They have also been supplementing their life by doing that which they perceive as creative in their time away from work.
These choices greatly transmute baseline emotions from the fear-based emotions of “I must — even though I hate doing it,” into “I am so happy because I love what I am doing.” If you love what you are doing, your consciousness expands into the higher fourth dimension, and you can more easily tap into your innate creativity and higher states of consciousness.
Creating a life based on creativity and love expands your consciousness into the fifth dimension in which you can more easily communicate with your higher expressions of SELF. This communication will assist you to transmute your fearful emotions into loving emotions. The fifth dimension is the baseline of your Multidimensional SELF, as your 3Dphysical and 4D astral bodies are logged into the 3D Game.
When you are communing with your SELF, you are connecting with your higher expression of SELF who chose to login to the 3D Video Game. As this relationship with your higher expression SELF grows, you will begin to realize that you are not your physical form. Instead you will realize that you are wearing your earth vessel. It is then that you will begin to realize that YOU are not your body.
The manner that you can best commune with the multidimensional inner YOU who is wearing your body is via the language of emotion. This inner-you resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, which is not based on the separation of your physical world. Therefore, these higher worlds do not have separate words put into separate sentences that are said by separate persons.
5D and Beyond
The fifth dimension and beyond is based on unity with all life, and is free of time and space. Therefore, when you commune with the higher worlds, you do not hear separate words. Instead of hearing a separate person say “hello,” you feel the emotional message of love, joy and camaraderie.
When your consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension, you can receive the feeling of unconditional love and will hopefully direct your attention toward the source of that feeling. However, because you are accustomed to only communicating via 3D language, at first you may experience this feeling, but not perceive it as a greeting.
In that case, you may ignore this feeling because you are involved in your busy day, or believe that you cannot stop what you are doing and surrender into this feeling. Fortunately, once you habitually respond to these higher dimensional greetings, you begin to realize that there is a message embedded within that feeling.
Initially, you can only receive this message while your consciousness is calibrated to your higher dimensional theta wave consciousness. However, as you continue to choose to respond to this multidimensional greeting and calibrate your attention toward that feeling, you will want to remain tuned into that “channel” in order to receive more of these inner messages.
Relationship With Your SELF
Once you develop a relationship with your Higher SELF, you move into the stage in which you learn/remember how to translate these light packages delivered via unconditional love. This translation can only occur when you are attuned to your higher states of consciousness.
If your consciousness is calibrated to the fear-based emotions of fear, anger, sorrow, guilt, etc. your consciousness will be too low to receive and/or resonate to these higher dimensional messages. Because third dimensional life can be very challenging, it is easy to walk around in a state of fear-based emotions and not even notice it.
However, if you create the habit of taking a second to check in with your emotional state, you may be surprised how often the “habit of fear” predominates over the “habit of love.” Once you remember to recognize when you have fallen into a fear-based emotion, you can transmute your fear-based emotions by send yourself unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance.
Of course, your emotions respond to your thoughts, so fear-based thinking creates fear-based emotions. This habit of fearful thinking traps you in a third dimensional state of consciousness, which traps you in the third dimension. Making the appropriate changes in your life will not occur while your emotions are spiraling deeper and deeper into fear, anger, victimization and sorrow.
Fifth Dimensional NOW
Fortunately, the loved-based messages from your higher expressions of SELF are constantly being sent to you via the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, as soon as you can remember to:
·  Recognize your fear,
·  Transmute it into love
·  And remain entrained with your Higher SELF,
your consciousness expands beyond the third-dimensional illusions of time and into the NOW of the higher worlds.
Once your consciousness is calibrated to the NOW, your attention is focused on the loving feeling from your higher expressions of SELF, rather than the fearful communications of the physical reality. At first, you may only be seeking the inner comfort of unconditional love. However, as you continue to look inside for the love you need, and DO find it, you will want to fully understand these important messages.
Since you realize that these messages are instructions from your SELF to our self, you will want translate this message in a manner that best suits your mission for this incarnation. Thus, some of you will translate these messages via words, some via pictures, music, movement, gardening or myriad other fashions.
You may think that you are “just getting more creative,” which is true, but you are also translating your inner higher dimensional messages from SELF. If you remain consistent with this experience, you will begin to develop a deep intimacy with your higher SELF.
It is this intimacy with your SELF that will lead you back home to fifth-dimensional Earth. However, you must keep your “channel Home” open by transmuting your fear to love. You can transmute these emotions by calling in the Violet Fire by saying,
Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire
         Transmuting ALL shadow
                   Into Light, Light, Light.
The difficult challenge is to remember to release the unconscious habit of living in drudgery and fear-based emotion so that you can consciously and constantly be aware of your emotions.
You are usually aware of your appearance, but your emotions, and the thoughts that have created your appearance are often hidden in the realms of your unconscious mind. Hence, you may complain, “Why don’t I see the higher words?,” while you are totally unaware of the fear-based emotions that are lowering your consciousness. With this lower state of consciousness, the constant loving call from your SELF is just below the threshold of your perceptions.
If you are focused on the drudgery of the physical world, you will not be calibrated to receive the love and light of the higher worlds. This calibration is done at the level of your daily emotions. YOU are the creator of your reality and the frequency of your reality is based on the emotions that YOU allow to remain in your consciousness.
If you spilled coffee on your new, white couch, wouldn’t you instantly run to clean it up?  However, when you “spill” fear, worry, doubt, anger or sorrow on your new white Lightbody, how long do you allow these fear-based emotions to remain in your consciousness?
Do you leave your dirty dishes lying around the house, or do you clear them and wash them in the kitchen? How often to you leave your fear-based emotions lying around your aura, and how often do you transmute them by taking them into the Violet Fire?

Allow yourself to use these simple explanations for clearing fear. Fear is not just your enemy. Fear is your choice. Listen briefly to fear’s message, in case it is a necessary warning. If it is a warning, say thank you, and take care of the issue. If it is not a necessary warning, bask it in the Violet Fire to transmute it into love.

By refusing to live a reality based on fear,

You choose to create a reality based on love.

Abraham Hicks 2013 – 3 Steps to Creation – Ask, Believe, Receive

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