In5D – by Rosie Neal – – Breaking Through The Veil – 1-17-20

January 2020 - Breaking Through The Veil
In5D – by Rosie Neal – – Breaking Through The Veil – 1-17-20

by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer,

January is bringing on the next wave of energy as a collective. It is not what many expected and it has a entire different feel too it. It will leave a imprint on all ages.

This will last for a period of time so you can be in a position to create from your own point of view.

Your own choice points without feelings of guilt or remorse or a sense of obligation. A few went though this in 2018. I personally experienced this on thanksgiving 2017. This was supposed to have been my exit point but instead I was pulled into another timeline that begun this shift. Now 2020 bringing in this next wave of this for the masses that are ready to receive.





Rosie Neal: A Wave Of Massive Light Will Happen Over The Next Few Years – FROM 2019

INDIGI LIGHT – Resistance Is Over – January 2020

Indigo Light

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In this video, we cover the new energies that have arrived with this fresh new decade. The possibilities for creation have never been present, and we confronted with our own resistance as that last bastion of fear before we can formulate our new Eden. Love is all around us. Always. Perception defines whether or not we can accept and witness this.

In this 75 minute event, we will all venture within our inner realms, and seek to establish a connection with our galactic brethren, tapping into our heritage and belonging. The Arcturian Council of Light will be present to guide us towards a lasting connection, one that will extend far beyond this session. We will address new tools and follow through with a message. After this event, you will have the ability to reach out to your star kin, with pure intention, by repeating this powerful meditation. The deepest connection is always within.

“Indigo Light Group Meditation: Activations and Downloads in Preparation for the 1.1.2020” RECORDING AVAILABLE

Preparing for the 1.1.2020, we will be venturing within and receiving new activations and energetic downloads that will help us elevate our frequencies, and release lingering resistances. The coming year is more powerful than what we have experienced before and will ask of us to have cleared the old in order to receive the necessary energetic upgrades. This group meditation will address that with the help of our Souls, Source, and the Archangels. A message will be relayed at the end of the meditation to help all. THE RECORDED MEDITATION IS AVAILABLE. CONTACT US AT

11.11 PORTAL LIVE MEDITATION: If you have not had the chance to take part, the recording is now available so that you may experience this as well. Please find the link below for the fee (22 Dollars). The recording will be sent to you afterward. Stay loved and in the light! Much Love, The Indigo Light Team

SOPHIA LOVE – 2020 HEARS YOU ROAR – 12-30-19



2019 slams its doors for one last time. We wonder what else has ended. We peek at what is gestating.

Division has escalated. In our most intimate definitions of ourselves, our sexual identity, there are new labels and additional lines drawn. Some say “This is ridiculous!” “This is so confusing!” “This is bad!” “This is a (fill in the blank) plot!” or “It’s about time.” Instead we might celebrate the possibilities this introduces. Options never before available are now out loud. These previously labeled and hidden possibilities today lie out in the open, exposed for a new generation to choose from.

We are One. We are not the same. This much is abundantly clear.

The massive force that is our singularity has propelled every option to the surface. We hate this. It’s loud and it feels weird; wrong even.

Welcome to multi-dimensionality – where you now confront every unusual possibility and potential choice. Soon you will embody them. For you and I have done them all. If not here and now, at some other where, during some other when.

How long before the shouting and pointing becomes self-directed?

Some would argue that it already has.
Insecurity and doubt raise voices and point fingers.

It must be so. It’s why we are here. To watch each other. To eventually see ourselves. From each perspective we are right. Snowflakes, Maga hats, yellow vests, Boomers, Millennials, Jewish, Christian and Muslim each carry truth and hold access to things we can all learn from.

Step away far enough and you’ll see both the ending and beginning. It’s a circle. Acceptance is birthed in embodiment.

Individually we are immersed in our self-discovery. Eventually this will yield self-love. Unconditional love. Agape.

Globally, it is the same. We first uncover what is hidden and then we embrace it. For we are One, and to reject that truth is a lethal act.

Yet, this is earth. Interjected in our planetary awakening there’s been a controlling & destructive element. This is also true and a part of the equation. It exists. It will not remain hidden during this self-examination. This is why exposure of it is enough. In the brilliant radiance of awareness, with its true motive revealed, we eliminate it. It cannot survive our collective light.

What’s happened here is a case of mistaken identity.  We each judge the other wrong. This leads to blame, indignation, hate and division. If we remain divided, we are conquered for sure.

Yet, who then does this “conquering”?

The truth is that neither “side”, but both – with their own weapons – destroy the host. There is a meme around that says “Never interrupt an enemy while they are in the process of destroying themselves”. This goes both ways. We’ve all been duped. All “enemies” will self-destruct in this process. Do you see?

The truth of our beginning and history will shock us all. There are surprises in store for you who sit on every side, regardless of how “woke” you may be.

This time now requires patience and gentility, for both self and “other”. Above all, be kind. Choose your words, posts and memes with great care. Maybe take a break from social media altogether. The real story takes place right where you are standing. This is the important place.

Every single transformation begins with you. It cannot be any other way. As you focus on acceptance and surround yourself with love, the whole world follows suit. It has no choice.

Now, with a massive broadcast signal, you initiate the prophesied shift in consciousness.

Love yourself.
You are the one you’ve been waiting for.
You have anchored the light.
It is done.

2020 hears you roar.

With so much love,

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THE ARCTURIAN GROUP via MARILYN RAFFAELE – 12-30-19 – via Saint Andrews Twin Flame

Image result for MARILYN RAFFAELE

Saint Andrews Twin Flame

Dear Readers, greetings to all at this time of celebration and festivity.

You are entering into a new year and not just in the calendar sense. Change is going to manifest in many areas of living that will be resisted by those who fear change and those who financially gain from keeping “business as usual.”

As increasingly more individuals awaken and spiritual consciousness expands, many commonly accepted social rules, words, actions, religious beliefs, laws, etc., are being questioned.

Do not despair as you witness the creations of dense energy manifesting. Pockets of long dormant energy formed through ignorance, war, and suffering are surfacing and clearing through the presence of high resonating energy now flowing from Higher dimensions as well as from spiritually-evolved states of consciousness. You chose to be here during this powerful time of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual change.

The New Year is a time during which many make resolutions for some change in their lives but this year is going to be more expansive than ordinary New-Year resolutions. Each day more people are realizing that some perfectly acceptable actions, thoughts, words, concepts and beliefs simply no longer resonate with them in the same way.

New-Year resolutions are usually intellectually based in three-dimensional concepts of how to be a good or healthy human. These things continue to play a part while on Earth in human form, but for those living from a deeper level of truth and awareness, change will flow from within rather than from popular concepts.

A person may be guided to eat lighter or exercise more, but the choice to do this will flow from intuitive guidance regarding what is appropriate for him/her personally rather than from blindly following some “expert.”

Familiar lifelong activities, friends, foods, relationships, music and entertainment, hobbies etc. are no longer resonating in the same way they did which can be disconcerting for those unaware of the energetic ascension process taking place. Many seek to reclaim what was, struggling in futile attempts to resurrect some familiar activity or relationship that is finished.

Never attempt to hold on to some past state of consciousness that you consider to be happier or better. Rather view its passing as a graduation. Many loved and familiar activities or relationships are in fact not disappearing but are simply in the process of manifesting on a new and higher level. A job lost may well be the necessary precursor to a new and better one unfolding, one that resonates more closely with your energy.

Those who persist in trying to recreate some facet of life after it is obviously finished will only experience frustration and suffering because if the energy that formed it in the first place is no longer present, there is nothing from which it can form.

As one’s personal energy becomes lighter and brighter much that may of served well in a previous state of consciousness is no longer in alignment with the new and higher state of consciousness. When something feels right, works right, and flows right, there is always energetic alignment with the individual’s energy field-consciousness.

Everyone is evolving whether they know it or not. Spiritual evolution can be delayed but never eliminated because the real SELF is and forever will be the reality just awaiting recognition. It is much easier to begin aligning with the reality once you awaken to it rather than trying to continue recreating the good and bad of the past.

The human mind without access to Divine Consciousness (represented in the bible as the branch of the tree that is cut off and withers) is limited to what it already knows or whatever is floating about in the collective. As you allow yourselves to expand and open to new and higher ways of interpreting life in every situation, you are seeding the collective consciousness with truth. Because there is only one consciousness, this then allows the human mind access to it.

Seeding the collective is powerful and extremely important Lightwork. You who read, understand, and live the deeper truths are on the cutting edge of the ascension process, paving the way for those following even if it seems to you as if you are doing nothing. Generations that follow will not have it as difficult as you have had it because there will be greater access to and acceptance of the truth that you placed in the collective.

Things can only become more harmonious as collective and personal states of consciousness open to higher dimensional energy because consciousness is the substance from which all things are formed. Always remember that consciousness is the substance of form and will express whatever conditioning is present in it.

There is no unexpressed consciousness.

It is time to fully embrace the reality of your true nature, dear ones. Otherwise truths that are trying to unfold in your awareness simply remain intellectual knowledge. It is often much easier to continue living with what is familiar, to keep thinking of yourself as just a human being subject to all the problems and solutions available in the third-dimensional belief system. Intellectual knowledge alone cannot manifest for it does not hold the substance of manifestation–consciousness.

Beginning students of truth often become discouraged when the spiritual realities they read about, study, or see others experiencing do not happen for them. They believe they are doing something wrong or are not worthy. They do not yet understand that the intellectual knowledge of some truth is simply a first step toward attaining the consciousness of it where it can then manifest outwardly. Consciousness is the substance of all form.

Many today find themselves at a cross road — “Should I actually trust what I have learned, and attempt to live the truth I know or should I keep doing what seems to work and is perfectly acceptable to my friends and family even if sometimes painful?”

Living life as an awakened individual does not mean you never utilize available human resources or enjoy ordinary activities, hobbies, and friendships etc. but does mean that a silent secret awareness of oneness with Source is ever present as you do them. Life on Earth was never intended to be one of suffering, pain, and struggle. Those things were created as the consciousness of mankind sunk ever more deeply into beliefs of duality and separation.

Family discord often comes into play when one member of a family evolves and begins to think and believe differently than the rest. There is a sense of security and belonging that comes from being part of a group belief system such as religious, military, etc. A common myth about family is that all are or must be of the same state of consciousness in order to be a “good” family.

Many still believe that blood ties override all else and that, if one member believes differently from the rest, they are wrong. Others in the family begin to lovingly or not so lovingly consider him/her as the “black sheep”of the family. The myth of a blood tie being the overriding bond between people remains prominent in many cultural and religious groups.

Energetic resonance establishes the connection between people. Never forget that you are consciousness utilizing a physical body, not a body with a little box of consciousness hovering close by. Those who resonate at a similar frequency feel familiar to you even if you have just met them. Energetic alignment builds one’s true family in which there is connection, peace, and freedom.

Human families are formed pre-birth for many reasons. Often there is a need to resolve some old karmic issue between one or more of the members. Sometimes a family is simply a group that over lifetimes has become familiar and comfortable with each other. Some choose to be a family in order to learn from other members who are more evolved. There are family groups that have over many lifetimes worked as a team in law, medicine, education, music etc. and wish to continue working as a group.

Frequently a person will choose to incarnate into a family that carries some particular negative energy (abuse, overly strict religious beliefs, alcoholism, criminal behavior) that they themselves still carry and feel spiritually ready to clear in this lifetime. They incarnate into this family dynamic which re-activates the old the energy they hope to clear. A difficult and often long period usually follows, but eventually he/she is able to rise above the issue and once and for all clear the old programming. Many at this point choose to assist others who are struggling with this same issue.

Being a good family member never means you must always agree with another member’s belief system but rather means remembering that you chose your family for a reason, believing that it would provide what you needed to learn and evolve in some way. Always be true to yourself for that is empowerment. Speak truth to those who have ears to hear, but without judgement keep silent around those who would ridicule and attack.

In the early stages of spiritual growth there is always the temptation toward guilt and depression when one finds themselves out of sync with the opinions of those around them. Rather than doubting yourself, remember that everyone is at a different place in their spiritual journey, you included. Never allow someone else’s beliefs to cause you fear and doubt simply because they may be an authority figure or “expert”.

Many believe that they are being tested when things get difficult, but know that at no time is any person pushed beyond their capacity to learn and grow from experiences. Allow the process, trusting that there is a Higher Self lovingly drawing to you what you need in order to grow into your next level of awareness.,

Trust in the reality of your own Divine SELF to know what you need, where you need to be, when, and how to bring it about. Once the choice has been made to awaken and evolve, you are no longer running the show.

Let go of the plotting, planning, scheming you have learned and are accustomed to. Stop struggling to make things turn out the way you think they must be according to the world’s standards.

Trust that you are Source, God, Divine Consciousness in expression and therefore embody all that IT is.

Allow REALITY to live IT’s life as you.

We are the Arcturian Group 12/29/19



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BRAD JOHNSON – Earth Intelligence Report – December 2019 – Fall of Saturn’s Rings

Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings

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Aluna Ash- 9D

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I have recorded a 2020 Full Year Extended Reading (linked below) to look at the themes of 2020, 4 sections split into three months a piece.

FIRE SIGNS 2020 Full Year Extended Reading:

If you do feel guided to purchase the 2020 Full Year reading linked above, I suggest going back every few months to listen, because the reading is 4 different readings in one for every 3 months and the overall energy of the year. So if bought instead of rent, it is accessed forever. And there is no pausing in the audio of 2020 year reading, it was recorded on a different device.

2020 Readings for Air, Water & Earth will be posted & made public within the next few days (possibly after Christmas 12/25) just gotta upload them & make public.

Patreon January channeled messages, Readings & TF Element Readings will be posted with the New Year January 1st 2020

Thank you for commenting, liking & sharing if these messages are helpful or a confirmation in any way (Even though I enjoy doing readings, feedback helps me to know if I should still post them on the channel!

THE QUANTUM SHIFT – Dr. Sam Mugzzi with Kent Dunn – 12-24-19 – 2020 is going to be a very good year!


Sam Mugzzi

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2020 is going to be a very good year!

ADRONIS – 2020: The Year of Exposure – 12-11-19

Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings

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Brad Johnson channels Adronis and Adronis provides insight on events in momentum for the 2020 year and beyond.

ASHTAR – Year 2020 Predictions – 12-8-19



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New Year 2020 Predictions

KRYON 2019 November – What To Expect Of 2020

Kryon Official

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Kryon (Channeled by Lee Carroll) is a “Support” Entity, Expressing positiveness in a beautiful ways.

For more info visit

PREPARATIONS FOR 2020 – 5D WILL BECOME VERY CLEAR – LEAPING INTO THE NEW EARTH – 10-2-19 – Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – Article by Brenda Hoffman




By Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Your days seem to float by without any change – one day after another of sameness. Oh, there are sparks here and there, but no fire, no need to do much of anything other than pretending to be interested in something. It all seems too much.

Such is so because you are in a resting, or perhaps better stated, in a void stage for you are doing much internal work. So it is your outer world seems almost foggy. You have no concrete attachments other than those you have had for the past few months. Attachments that are not necessarily exciting, merely there. Those pieces are your security blanket holding you, if you will, to the earth as your inner-being shifts minute-by-minute. Resulting in possible changes to your sleep or activity patterns.

We wish you to know all is well before we address your internal shifts. This last push before your calendar year of 2020 is to ensure you are ready for the global shift occurring throughout next year. For before this 2020 global shift, you were of 5D, but functioning much of the time as if you were of 3D. Not necessarily in your thoughts, but in your actions – attending this party or that activity or not functioning as you once did because of the inner confusion such activities cause.

These 2020 preparations include both your inner and outer-beings functioning differently than has ever been true for you while of the earth. Perhaps you have had an inkling of what your new actions and reactions will be, perhaps not. It does not matter. All that matters is that you know your world will never again be as it was the past number of years. That you have prepared for this time.

Those preparations are nearly over. For you are no longer of 3D, nor will you find it necessary to pretend that you are as has been true for as long as you have been of 5D. For most of you have hidden your shift, believing your true being could not be displayed.

In 2020 and beyond, you will not care what others think of you. For you will be in such a different place that the gnats of 3D expectations will no longer tweak you externally or internally. So it is the division between 3D and 5D will be formalized.

Perhaps you are now worried that those you love will not make the break, so to speak. That you will again lose friends and family. The opposite is true. For this division will be so evident that those you interact with will either be a follower or of 5D. And those you now find as your go-to friends and family are likely followers.

The cut between 3D and 5D will become very clear.

For the earth is no longer of 3D, nor are you or millions of others. Some of you might label what we are speaking of as ascension. Or believe you will rise from the earth in white garments to create a new earth. It does not matter. Merely know that what is today will not be in 2020 – not for you, the earth, nor most earth inhabitants.

Even though the future is now at the sunrise point, it will be of the full sun by 2020.

The difficulties of those of 3D will continue and increase. Something you will observe, but not necessarily care about for your new explorations will have little to do with fear and rage.

Those of 3D will fight among themselves to no avail. For there will be no winners or losers in that battle, merely an ongoing rage that cannot be contained. You and those following will be in such a different place as to not notice. If you will, a complete reversal of what has happened as you progressed in your 5D life.

In the past, indications of 5D thoughts and actions were either marveled at or ignored depending on the acuity of those observing. And if those of 3D were interested, that interest did not lead to a continuing practice of love, nor did it mean they wished to change.

You were the opposite. Once you heard your inner-being call you to your spiritual5D path, you could not stop yourself from shifting. In truth, doing so seemed less difficult than not.

So it is now. You are different because of your curiosity and need. While those of 3D are doubling down on what they believe is the right path. It is for them, just as 5D and beyond is the right path for you.

Those of 5D and of 3D will inhabit the earth simultaneously. For 5D is the vision of the future while 3D is of the past. Which is little different than earth generations not understanding one another.

Perhaps you are concerned that those of 3D will start wars or continue harming the environment and earth entities. Such would be so if those of 5D and beyond were not the majority – as will happen in 2020 and beyond.

This is a new earth with new beings. Not the least of which is you. You created new earth, so you could play with your creation skills in a concrete environment instead of the nebulous environments you experience when not of the earth.

You have created your peace – even though you might not yet understand that. And in 2020 you will use that peace to create a new physical world for yourself and all others who wish to be of 5D and beyond. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Blue Beyond Guide

PREPARATIONS FOR 2020 – 5D WILL BECOME VERY CLEAR – LEAPING INTO THE NEW EARTH – 10-2-19 – Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – Article by Brenda Hoffman