Mike Quinsey – Message from Higher Self – 8-26-16


Mike Quinsey Message, August 26, 2015                                                  Click Here for Printable

26th August 2016. Mike Quinsey.

It should be evident to you that matters are drawing to a completion where “revaluation” is concerned. The hard work has been done and it now remains to announce the changes that will be the commencement of a new era for the Human Race. A very recent attempt to do so was delayed by yet another action of the dark Ones, but it was soon put right and you are once again ready to go ahead. The dark Ones are being slowly confined but still try and prevent matters reaching the desired conclusion. However, whatever happens their ability to interfere with or delay Ascension is becoming less and less possible. At times their actions border on desperation as the net closes upon them and they fight to the last to avoid justice. However, there is no way that they can escape their fate and answer for the multitude of crimes against Humanity.

In general terms the level of consciousness upon planet Earth continues to increase and it will do so until full consciousness is achieved. Every soul will be affected as the vibrations lift up, and the only question remains as to whether they can continue to rise up with them. Some souls will find it difficult and off-putting with the resultant confusion, and unable to understand what is happening. Their release from this state will not come until they are moved from their present place on Earth, to a level of vibration that helps them to feel at ease. But all will work out according to everyone’s needs and each soul will find themselves exactly where they need to be to continue their evolution.

The message for everyone is to keep your focus upon the journey ahead and do not falter or be distracted by what is going on around you. Until the minions of the Illuminati are put where they cannot interfere with the progress being made by the Forces of Light, misinformation will still abound. However, those who have closely followed developments will be able to discern the truth. The vast majority of people will be confused by what is happening but as events such as the announcement of the new Republic of the United States is made, the direction of Humanity will become a little clearer. Changes are needed that puts countries back into the hands of the people and will be welcomed so that they have a bigger say in how things are run.

Nothing that is on Earth can prevent the changes from taking place. It is all part of the plan for Man’s upliftment into the higher dimensions. You get there if you have earnt it, and all souls have at various stages been given an opportunity to evolve sufficiently to reach the Ascension. Clearly many are not ready to take such a step, but their evolution will continue in a way that is suited to their needs. In reality there is no such thing as time so each soul can follow their own path without feeling that they have in some way failed. All will get every help and directed so as to ensure that they continue in a way that ensures their ultimate evolution.

Within the mind of Man nothing is impossible and if you firmly set it on something, in the course of time it will manifest. However, in your present time “obstacles” such as karma can cause delay, but once cleared the way is open for you to proceed. Your Guides will of course know what is best for you but in the final reckoning you do have the last say on the matter. Use your intuition at all times to assess where your experiences should be leading you. Some souls will prefer to stay on a religious path in which case it will be right for them. It will prove to be a difficult one at times demanding of you a great deal of trust. No matter what one you follow it is true to say that all will eventually find their way home.

All things that you have become used to will be subject to change or replaced if they have no place in the New Age. You will already have noted that inventions that await introduction are in some cases world changing, and it is only the uncertainty of your present time that holds them back. The dark Ones do not want to relinquish their power and arrogantly believe that they can still dictate to the masses. It will all be in vain and not only their power but also their wealth is being reduced quite dramatically. So it is just a matter of time before they can be removed to places where they can no longer interfere with your evolution. Certainly great advances have been made in the meantime and it will not be long before it is possible to introduce them.

The military forces as such will be disbanded and a police force will still be necessary and replace them, but very little trouble is anticipated. Humanity will eventually take its place amongst the peaceful nations, and enjoy the freedom of travel that goes with it. Obviously it will take time to bring the changes in but help will be given to you. The future is certainly golden and is the due reward for your victory over the dark Ones. However, have compassion and forgiveness for them as like you they have been playing their appointed roles to help you evolve. You have had to be tested in the fires of duality, and have almost completed the need for further experiences of this kind.

Lasting peace is something you have long awaited for enabling you to live your lives in harmony and love with all others. Also to do so without fear of interference so that you can enjoy your freedom to the full. Exciting times are ahead and meeting your Galactic brothers and sisters will establish the ties that you used to have before the separation to experience duality. You have all grown through them and able to help others that face a similar period of evolution. You are to be congratulated upon such a successful conclusion as there have been times when Humanity failed to rise up and had to start almost from the beginning again.

Hectic days lie ahead but be assured that out of it all will come the peace that you have long sought. It is known that many of you tire of the long wait to the promised land, but the final steps to success can only be taken when it is perfectly safe to do so. Meantime you learn more of what lies ahead and it matters not whether you are incarnate or in the higher dimensions, as you will still take part in the changes. It helps if you visualise what the New Age means to you and in this way you will attract the new energies to yourself. Leave the old behind as it has served its purpose and it will in any event slowly disappear into history. Even your known history as it is recorded has been altered to strengthen the hold the Illuminati have had over you.

This message comes through my Higher Self and I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.
In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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SANDRA WALTER – Timeline Shift – The Third Wave of 2016 – 7-29-16




Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The energies for the September wave, our third amplification of 2016, are already arriving. To recap: The first wave (late December – January) was aimed at dissolving looping programs which interfered with HUman perception of the Shift in consciousness. These programs which kept people doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts, repeating the same beliefs were dismantled. As always, the collective recreates old patterns out of habit, so there is a delay between what occurs and what the collective can perceive due to our experience of linear time. That is the free will choice of Creator-in-carnate HUmans, with powerful DNA, who are able to collectively create realities.

The second wave (March-April) was aimed at shadow; the uncomplimentary beings, programs, thought forms, emotions and beliefs which are deeply engrained into the collective subconscious. This level of light was (and is) a bit torturous for disharmonious beings, both Human and non-Human. Many Lightworkers are feeling the impact of this global purging of disharmony, because the effects apply to every single being on this planet. No stone is unturned during a dimensional shift. Gratitude to the Lightworkers who had the vision and intuition to prepare for this phase. You have the tools, compassion and understanding to stand in your power, no matter how difficult it gets to witness and experience this cleansing of the collective consciousness.

Remember that these waves have deep purpose in preparing and launching us into the New. These energies are a purer frequency of photonic light; frequencies that are typically experienced by higher realities. Realities are based on bandwidths of vibration. Your resonation determines your externally projected reality – your personal reality, as well as collective. (Vibration = vibration). Photonic light aimed at dissolving bandwidths that no longer serve Divine Will (the Universal rewrite) continue to penetrate our Solar system, Gaia and your individual consciousness.

Reporting Our Progress: Higher Realms desire your Connection

Your bodies are still attempting to hold a huge consciousness in a tiny form. It can be painful, uncomfortable, fatiguing, stimulating … whatever is needed to anchor this new level of light into the collective consciousness. This is why so much preparation was done to clear and upgrade the body and assist it into crystalline transformation. Keep your body vehicle clear and moving, flowing into this new stream of Light.

Remember to report all of the effects to your Higher levels. The nightly check-in with your Team and backward review help with adjustments in dreamstate (this has worked well for me for several years, try it.) A reminder that you are being monitored individually and as a collective. Complaints about the external reality or internal symptoms slow the collective process. We are completely capable of this evolution, Beloveds. As embodiment and contact intensifies (or begins) for many, the intermingling of energy fields can make the body feel electrified, blown apart, blissy, or non-existent.

Some feel unheard, isolated or alone in this journey. Leave those notions of separation behind, beloveds. The new experience is foreign to the lower levels (mind, ego, emotions). Parent them, train them to be patient with the transformation. The Higher teams hear everything, beloveds. All of your emotions, thoughts and words go into the collective sorting out of who-can-handle-what, and when. So if we desire the full acceleration available with these waves, we need to be HUman Masters – now. That is not a controlling position, it is one of grace, compassion and acceptance of the role of Wayshower.

Even with the intense internal heat, the sensations of being electrified, the vagus nerve activations (article on that soon), and the new glands developing to handle this transition, we persist in grace. Creator Breath: We breathe and exhale peace, in order to balance the deep unrest boiling up in the global population.

August: Take Inventory of Health, Lightwork, Creativity

Our third wave is beginning to arrive already. Vibrational match will become more apparent as the High Vibe Tribe anchors frequencies of freedom. You have sensed this for a while; the freedom, the completion, the gradual release of the lower reality. And yet your spirit continues to expand into the body vehicle. Hence the term *embodiment*. Let the light in, let the Higher Self step forth. Create as much freedom as you can from routine; you’ll need to play in the moment with this new level of light.

Multidimensional awareness intensifies in August, along with clarity, direction and creativity after the purge of the last wave. Use what you have learned, do not ignore the new direction. Many of you will be relocating, traveling and journeying to prepare for the September wave. Use the momentum of this phase to move ahead and step away from the old Self. You are stepping away from yet another level of the old reality. Resistance can bring depression, confusion, and disharmony in the body. Follow the Higher Self guidance; trust your heart as it merges with the Christed state of consciousness. Take note of feeling more like the True Self. Smile, breathe, all is well.

The lower vibration is what it is; let it have its experience. What is playing out on the smaller stage of the lower reality has no impact on the overarching mission of Ascension. There are many surprises ahead for the lower reality, as well as the higher. High Vibe Tribe, you know what is about to unfold. Trust that inner guidance with your personal journey. Stay in service to Divine Love. Participate in creative, playful, cleansing, healthful activity as the energies shift in August. Celebrate the lighter, brighter, happier place of the radiant heart.

Turning point: August Prep, September Shift

Unity is key in Unity Consciousness. That applies to your thoughts, energy fields and emotions more than physical surroundings. Most of you will need the support and companionship of others during this phase. The Wednesday Unity Meditations are there for you to connect etherically to the Light Tribe and Higher realms. We connect this way for many reasons: To experience the true/new level of Christed peace, to feel our collective power, to heal the collective and ourselves, to assist with embodiment, to raise the vibration of the HUman heart grid, and to connect with each other as we shed concerns about physical location or physical exhaustion with the new level of light. It is a highly supportive activity; if you are not participating, take a look at why you resist connecting with other Lightworkers in this way.

Upcoming Triggers

There is a lot unfolding at the moment to shift the vibe before the next wave enters. It seems we had a rough passage with the second wave, however we will create a much higher platform to stand on in August. Wayshowers, follow the personal direction for location, alignments and co-creations. Much of this phase will feel like a new wave of awakening – even for the Light Tribe – as the Higher Self steps in. There is a bit of reorganizing, shuffling of locations and duties presenting. Pay attention to the new direction, we are aiming for a very powerful influx to bring HUmanity into alignment with their hearts.

The Lion’s Gate (August 8) and August 21 are our collective triggers this month. The September wave begins around September 9th – 11th with the peak of the wave flowing in September 26 -29. Gratitude for your endurance, dear hearts. You are witnessed, you are cherished. Expect brilliance, beloveds!

In Love, Light and Service,

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Message from Matthew – 7-29-16

Mattew Ward


Message from Matthew   –   7-29-16


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Your concerns about a number of issues are shared by many around the world, particularly the frequency of terrorist acts and mass shootings. As sad as it is to see our Earth brothers and sisters killing one another, we anticipated the increase in those kinds of incidents.

They are the natural result of your linear time crunching up and energy levels that have intensified all personal characteristics, including mental instability, and corresponding behavior—those two powerful forces working in tandem are accelerating the activity of energy streamers with violent attachments.

We hasten to add that those forces are affecting everything on the planet, and situations propelled by beneficial attachments are steaming toward soundly-reasoned resolutions. An example is The Hague’s ruling pertaining to the South China Sea. China’s grumbling is not unexpected, but nothing in the energy field of potential indicates a strenuous objection that could lead to open conflict.

Of special interest in the United States and, because of its international influence, in other countries as well, is that nation’s two major political parties’ presidential nominees. We stated in previous messages that prevailing vibrations were not supporting candidates who lack moral and spiritual integrity, but the voters will decide who wins. Each party’s nominee has staunch supporters; however, the energy momentum of the electorate’s widespread dissatisfaction with both has become too strong for either to be elected.

Earth’s monitors in Nirvana tell us that the energy awhirl could manifest any of various possibilities that will put Senator Bernie Sanders in the White House. Souls at this station are apolitical, so it is not on a partisan basis that we will welcome his presidency, but rather that his wisdom, personal qualities and leadership will enable his country and your world to continue progressing toward Gaia’s vision for all life on her planetary body.

“So UK leaves EU. Now what?” The Illuminati’s dominoes will keep falling. It is not that countries cooperating to offer their citizens enhanced trade, employment and educational opportunities is not a grand idea— indeed, it is! But never was the purpose of the European Union to benefit the people. It was to put them squarely under the thumb of the Illuminati. When vibrations reached a rate wherein an organization built on a foundation of dark intent could not much longer stand, it became a matter of when the first domino in the EU would fall.

Let us put this into its larger context. The Illuminati—also now known as the cabal, global elite, shadow government, One World Order, One World Government—began as a group of individuals who felt that they were the most intelligent and learned people in the world. Thus they were entitled to rule everyone else. Over time, others with the same superior attitude were drawn into the fold of this secret society, egos grew, tempers flared, and two competing factions emerged with the same goal, world domination.

Now we fast forward to sixty-some years ago, when the Rockefeller faction that operates out of New York and Washington, DC, was expanding its tentacles far westward and into Latin America. The Rothschild faction, headquartered in London and the Vatican, saw their territorial influence meager in comparison, so they buffed up their Council of Europe by establishing the European Union, European Central Bank and euro currency.

The Union was put under the Council’s flag and shares its anthem—such a duplicitous choice, Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” With the first few countries buckled in by their EU belt, so to say, the Rothschilds and their minions set off on their expansion course; they moved into the new state of Israel, then throughout the Mideast, and more recently, northern Africa and some countries formerly within the Soviet Union.

All along both factions have used strategies in the original plan to reach their goal. They infiltrated governments, military forces, intelligence agencies, multinational corporations, law enforcement and justice systems, religious hierarchies, entertainment industry, medical and educational fields. They garnered fortunes by manipulating the global economy through stock markets, banking and lending institutions, usurious interest rates and unfair taxation. They initiated civil wars, wars between adjoining countries, and World Wars I and II; assassinated or imprisoned opposition; formed terrorist groups; suppressed and misused technologies; controlled mainstream media and the illegal drug trade; and took over natural resources wherever they went.

The original plan also included what they have failed to do—reduce the population by several billions via nuclear weaponry, toxic pollution, and pandemics caused by laboratory-designed viruses. All attempts toward that diabolical end have been thwarted by members of your universal family in your skies or living among you. Still, the two factions kept adding to their respective lines of dominoes and each felt that the world was coming within its grasp.

What they hadn’t taken into account is the light. After millennia of being held captive by the darkness that enshrouded the planet, the peoples started responding to the light beamed to Earth by spiritually evolved civilizations. The more enlightened they became, the more determined they were to throw off the yoke of oppression and persecution, and voices for freedom grew in numbers and volume. All the while, the intensifying light also was exposing the Illuminati’s global network of corruption and ruthlessness, and their dominoes started falling.

BREXIT is the most recent. Few individuals who voted to leave know of the Illuminati or the real purpose of the Union; what they knew is that benefits they had been led to believe they would derive had not materialized. Few who voted to remain know of the Illuminati or what the Union really was about, but they were faring well or were leery about what would happen if the United Kingdom set out on its own. Few know that the outcome of BREXIT was more than the vote count—it was influenced by vibrations that are undergirding activities leading toward a world of peace, honest governance, justness, and a fair share of Earth’s abundance for all peoples.

There will be some frayed nerves and bumpy patches as the EU unravels; more truths emerge; the economy fluctuates as the Illuminati—some at the peak of both factions have joined forces—futilely try to hold onto their ill-gotten wealth; and violence runs out its energetic course. Every happening in this moment and forthcoming is moving society closer to that aforementioned world. Beloved family, we know how eager you are for that to come about, and your steadfastness as lightworkers is helping to bring ever closer in linear time that which is fait accompli in the continuum.

“I am distressed about countries not wanting to accept immigrants from violence-torn areas and prejudice growing against them in countries that have taken them in. How can we ever live in harmony with prejudice increasing? First let us say that fear—a highly magnified energy form that is the major tool and fuel of dark minds and hearts—is the root of prejudice in all its pernicious forms and the source of all actions stemming from the illusion of separateness.

For the eons that Earth was stuck in deep third density, prejudice was the motivator of the violence and injustices that let countless souls complete their chosen karmic lessons. Now that the society is moving out of that density with its karmic merry-go-round, what is perceived as prejudice increasing actually is putting this basest aspect of humankind into the glare of a global spotlight so its destructive divisiveness can be clearly seen. As vibrations keep rising, healing, harmony and peace will come as love and mutual respect unify the peoples in the Oneness of All.

“Managing millions and millions of refugees seems an insurmountable problem. What will happen to all these desperate people?” The plight of the millions in hastily arranged camps will ease somewhat as aid organizations gain strength in numbers, and donations of monies, food, water, medical supplies and other essential equipment increase. The light radiated by the many aid-givers along with the light in worldwide compassion and the massive amount beamed to the planet is helping to sustain the refugees’ endurance and hopefulness.

As tyrannical regimes fall and warring ends, repatriation of people who fled those areas can begin. Financial and reconstruction assistance will be given in communities where this is practical; where villages and towns are too severely damaged to rebuild, the same assistance will be given to former residents so they can start anew in other locations. Immigrants in countries that gave them sanctuary will assimilate into those populations with benefits for all or choose to return to their native lands.

Please remember that the majority of refugees chose these life-changing circumstances to complete third density karma and evolve; also in keeping with contract choices, not all will survive their traumatic ordeal. People whose experiences are direr than chosen or who die prior to their contracts’ life span receive extraordinary opportunities for advancement in soul evolution, and advancement is the goal of every soul in every lifetime.

Some readers questioned whether loss of life and vast destruction due to wildfires, flooding and earthquakes creates negativity or is part of Earth’s cleansing process. It does both. While all of those events do create negativity, the cleansing effects for Earth are much greater—that is, negativity created by all other sources is released by natural disasters in far greater measure than the amount produced by those events.

“Do soul contracts of alternative healthcare practitioners and whistleblowers include being killed because of their efforts to do good?” Some contracts do. Practitioners who have been killed to prevent them from healing with natural therapies chose that fate to shed light on the collusion of the medical establishment with vaccine manufacturers and pharmaceutical and insurance companies; those whose services led to being professionally discredited and perhaps incarcerated or who fled to other countries agreed to those disruptions in their lives. It is the same with whistleblowers who have exposed many other situations that also adversely affect your lives. The numbers of individuals who experience or are threatened with one or another of the nefarious means whereby the Illuminati deal with anyone who jeopardizes their money-based interests have decreased as public awareness has increased.

Our explanation of why there will be no nuclear explosions in space prompted questions about the people who were damaged in such occurrences. First, this doesn’t apply to bodies, but to souls, and those that have been damaged were living as free spirits that didn’t embody, souls in civilizations so highly evolved that they have no density, or souls in astral travel. When a soul is shattered in a nuclear explosion, it doesn’t separate into whole personages, but rather into fragments that contain bits and pieces of memories of all lifetimes and whatever was remembered about the Beginnings in Creator. Traumatized by abrupt separation from the wholeness, most fragments drift throughout space, lost and confused, but some find their way into a body—this isn’t “possession,” it is an act of love on the part of the occupant soul.

Specially-trained teams search the heavens for the fragments, which emit vibrations on a unique bandwidth, and when one is found, it is transported to a healing facility where it is lovingly nurtured. When all fragments are located—in linear time this may take millennia—an intricate process is undertaken to restore the soul to its wholeness with every aspect of each lifetime in proper sequence. The diligent search and complex restoration show the infinite, eternal importance of each and every soul to Creator and, in this universe, to God.

“Can the soul be seen in a Kirlian photograph?” No. What is seen is the aura, light emanating from a body’s electromagnetic field that reflects the person’s spiritual status, emotional make-up, convictions and physical condition at the moment the photograph is taken.

Auras change in accordance with changes in the person. A healthy individual living in godly ways has a glowing aura that extends a fair way out from the body and may be multihued; the more spiritually evolved the individual, the brighter and broader the aura. If a person with those qualities becomes seriously ill or injured, the aura narrows and dims; its former status returns as healing occurs. A healthy individual whose mind is closed has a thin, dull aura; if that individual opens to spiritual and conscious enlightenment, the aura grows correspondingly wider and brighter. Someone whose greedy, angry, demanding or deceitful nature causes hardships for others outside their pre-birth agreement has a narrow murky border around the body; and a person who consistently ignores conscience and willfully causes suffering to others doesn’t have enough light for even an outline.

It is the collective auras of Earth’s humankind, animals and plant life that we see when we look at the planet in its entirety. Dear ones, if you could see what we do, you would be both joyous and awestricken by the panorama of love and enlightenment sparkling around the globe. Keep your light shining brilliantly!

All along your Earth journey you have been accompanied and supported by the unequaled power of love from light beings throughout this universe.



Suzanne Ward


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Divine Mother Mary Predictions About Our Elections – Christine Preston — Our Shifting Perspective – 5-5-16

DUANE:  Please read summary below this YouTube video.

via PROPHECY REGARDING ELECTIONS, May-05-2016 Mother Mary – YouTube ~ Christine Preston — Our Shifting Perspective

Alcuin and Flutterby Blog Update – 5-9-16


Alcuin and Flutterby Blog Update   –   5-9-16

Courtesy of   http://ascensionwithearth.com

NewSunUnity – THE EVENT ON JULY 4TH? – 5-6-16

The Event


NewSunUnity   –   The Event on July 4th?   –   5-6-16


St Germain:
“There are those events that will lead to this but the major “Event” is not far off and it will culminate somewhere around the time of this summer, summer of 2016. It will be brought in by the third wave and the third wave will lead to the various events and the “Event”, as you understand it, the galactic pulse that will hit the Earth.”


“..as you know, the third wave is on its way. The third wave that is supposed to more fully hit sometime this summer, somewhere in June around the summer solstice.”


AA Michael:
“In this summer of 2016 the remnants of dark forces which have been interfering in the lives of the lightworkers, to an extent that will astonish all of you when the truth is finally revealed, will be taken from the Earth and relocated to the planet that has been prepared for them so they can continue in their third dimensional environment.”


Judas Iscariot:
“Big things are under way – surprises are at your doors. We are all proud of and happy for your progress, dear Earthlings. All Light and joy is now sent to you from all sides and directions in the Universe.”


AA Gabriel:
“..a climax of conditions, that has been in preparation, will hit its highest point, with the result that this disclosure, accompanied of sensationalism, will take place. It will cause alarm and outrage. Attention will be drawn to the enormity of the conspiracy that has been going on and will cause the world to awaken. At the same time this event will be like a blast that will kick-start the world into a proper phase of disclosure. It will be fireworks.”


KejRaj: Reading the quotes above from the sources mentioned, and there are others who also talk about ‘summer 2016’ being filled with surprises, one can’t help but think that something great is set to happen this summer. Certainly it will be more than just one ‘event’.


Perhaps first we will witness the Global Currency Reset on the Summer Solstice. Followed by the announcement of the New Republic, which would most likely happen on America’s Independence Day.


The following is a post I made a couple of months ago. Now, this happened before I began noticing messages from other sources about ‘summer 2016’ being a peak time for events to unfold.


“Last Thought”

No one can predict the future. But we can share our thoughts on the possibilities.


As we continue to move forward through the year of 2016 and onto 2017, many things will be unfolding. From the levels of corruptions in our governments to the Global Currency Reset to Disclosure and many events in between, one can’t help but wonder when are any of these events actually going to manifest. First we need to let go of time and dates, not important. What is important is to BELIEVE that these events are all ready unfolding. To find your peace and quiet time, and simply FEEL the INNER LIGHT, the inner knowing burst from the depths of your HEART.


I jumped into bed at about 8pm last night. A lot earlier than my usual time. Just needed to rest. But I have noticed for a while now whenever I get ready for bed, this rush of JOY takes over my body. Afterwards I FEEL a stronger connection with my TRUE SELF.


Relaxed, the thoughts slowly start to dissipate, and of course the RV/GCR came up, and I let that go quick. I said to myself I KNOW it is happening NOW. That’s that. After that the thought of DISCLOSURE came up, thinking when that will happen, as always, got myself excited, but I let that go too.


As I am getting more comfortable, more relaxed, my eyes closed, just paying attention to my breathing, a thought popped up. I do not know if it was my higherself, my guides, or the universe, that for some reason brought up the Fourth of July, the term “event” circeling the “fourth of july”. Now, it is hard to put into words what I TRULY FELT, because I can honestly say it was not just THOUGHT, I FELT something more, like someone wanted me to “take this seriously, written in stone” type of a message.


That is all. Just wanted to share this. I am not saying something is going to happen for sure, besides usual fireworks, I do not know. But after my experience, if I may say ‘omnibenevolence’ is possible on Earth on the Fourth of July in the year of 2016. I fell asleep “peacefully thinking” about this experience.



St Germain and Sananda: All is Being Orchestrated
“All Is Being Orchestrated” – Sananda, St. Germain, Adama, One Who Serves, Lady Nada and Ashira

AA Michael: The End of The Galactic Mob
Archangel Michael: The End Of The Galactic Mob

Judas Iscariot: Hold on to Your Hats
Judas Iscariot: Hold on to your Hats 5/3/2016

AA Gabriel: Disclosure Announcement
Archangel Gabriel: Disclosure Announcement


Jona Bryndis – 2016 Energy Forecast – Coming Out of the Woodwork – 4-2-16



by Jona Bryndis,
Guest writer, In5D.com 



Many of you readers and participants of transCODES energy work are part of a growing number of people who are starting to come out of woodwork of inner and outer fringe dwelling. This year is your year! You will become able to realize, recontextualize and recapitalize the hidden treasures of a lifelong feeling of not belonging. You will discover the powerful talents you developed in inner isolation from collective programming, all the while they were buried underneath your shadow-coping strategies, which you can finally begin to reframe! You may still judge yourself for not ever having been able to comply with your family heritage, collective props and even mainstream spirituality, but you will find that this prepared you well.

Now begins the time for you feel comfortable with yourself, your energetic perception and your inner truth – because now it’s needed – and you will also meet more people who resonate with you, and realize that you are NOT alone!

Overall, in 2016 we will see an increased tendency to resolve old and latent conflicts. This can lead to the uncomfortable confrontation with truth, if we’ve avoided to acknowledge our inner dissonances and hidden parts. On the other hand, it can also bring the relief of finally knowing where we stand, so that we can move on with a stronger sense of who we truly are. This year brings the opportunity to resolve long-dwelling self-worth and trust issues

There are signs of a ‘show down’, be it in our personal lives through making major life decisions later this year or through the influence of outer problems (e.g. politics, environmental and social unrest) – or both. At the same time there is also a great potential for long needed improvements, renewals and new possibilities including an overhaul of inner and outer energy management.

It is in our nature to rise to our highest potential when we are forced to move out of our personal comfort zones – this year will bring plenty of that, but also a chance for exponential inner growth.

The level of discomfort, which is largely tied to our ego but also our emerging overall energetic sensitivity, depends a lot of our courage, openness and willingness to let go of rigid opinions and mental beliefs. New paradigms are emerging, and everyone will play a part in it and feel the effects. Discomfort is simply a matter of perspective, which can be changed by allowing an inner shift towards consciously and fearlessly working on your ego-based emotional, mental and physical programs that prevented our success in the past.

We will feel compelled to learn new ways, discover new paths and will be surprised how many possibilities are open to us. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we feel ready for the changes ahead. In fact, many of us may feel a bit like being forced to having to make personal changes – at the same time it will become very obvious to us, very quickly, that dissolving negative, unhealthy and toxic patterns in our lives is is a positive and healing process after all.

Some of you energetically sensitives and empaths will begin to feel the need for deeper resolution, such as karmic aspects, energetic vows and contracts of the past (or even past lives); or begin to resonate with deeper aspects of your existence. Don’t be shy about raising your overall level of inner integrity and personal energy management, even if it feels lonely at times, as the collective is still dealing with its ego-mania. Some may even feel the inner prompting to shift their priorities completely, and begin to find fulfillment in being of service for others. All of these emerging inner callings will likely lead to another shift in global consciousness on the long run, but we need to be patient and steadfast! With every shift also comes the according energetic counter movement of increased visible manifestation of the global collective shadow.

Those of you who are interested in actively raising your consciousness and perception regardless of whether you have a background or application in energy work, counseling, body work or life coaching for example continue to invest in yourself and your personal healing through dedicated inner work (meditation, transMISSIONS, etc.) and keep connecting with your inner guidance; it will serve you well in future – because you will be needed!

Use this year to connect with communities of like minded people – who resonate with you and your deeper perspectives on life; without rules, externalization of your higher power or spiritual preoccupation. Stay true to your virtues like respect, compassion, integrity, lovingness and non-infringement – and you will be well prepared for the collective transformations of inner and outer completion!

Thank you for your time.

Much Love,
Jona Bryndis


About the author: Jona Bryndis, founder and owner of transCODES. She was born in Iceland and grew up in Germany, where she received some formal education in Chemistry, Computer Science and later in International Business. She started her professional career as consultant in the emerging computer industry. She later became an instructor, coach and motivational speaker. She published articles, co-authored some magazines, had TV appearances, and worked as teacher, public speaker for a Children’s nutrition related non-profit organization and founded a holistic tutoring school in 2009.

Pleiadian Message for 2016 – Moving In Peace, Love, Harmony –

Courtesy of   Rose Rambles

Soulstice Rising – March Energies – 3-3-16



Soulstice Rising   –   March Energies   –   3-3-16

Courtesy of:  http://roserambles.org/2016/03/04/march-energies-03-mar-2016/


March is another Power month.

Next week we have the New Moon eclipse, then the week after is the Equinox and then the following week is the Full Moon eclipse.


Whoa! Lots of energy is packed into the following weeks;   energy to help us move forward, shifting us ever higher. While we always have a choice to flow or resist, there truly is hno returning to the old. Oh, you can try, yet your seat is no longer saved. So we continue, placing one foot in front of the other, feeling Joy beneath the perceived pain of our bodies adjusting to so much Light.


Focus on the Joy and not the pain, for this makes it easier. Any remaining lower energies in our system are being pushed up into our conscious minds as our Divine Male and Female selves learn to balance as One  (feeling to action; being to doing, receiving to expressing). And with this calibration, we sense physical phenomena. male selvesThese can include extreme Joy as well as extreme despair. There seems to be a lot of activity around the Heart and Solar Plexus, so breathe into any area that is adjusting. Fear is up as folks wonder how they’re going to live financially, questioning what is next in their chosen field of Heartwork. Many sense there is a change to be made, yet nothing is clear as to what. All of it requires us to radically trust. There may be a glimmer of a next step, only to dissipate in a few moments.
We are dissolving many cords of those who are dependent on us, yet this is happening rather quickly. The best we can do is let go of everything that surfaces and allow the process; the calibration to be more Light.


This month we will make a very large leap forward, leaving much behind in the dust. Many are holding onto what is familiar, yet this is not the path to take in order to evolve. This month, folks who have been afraid to leap before will do so and in leaping, or even taking one small step, you discover gifts you have, your Intuition is more empowered and you sense a greater alignment with your Authentic Self; your Soul. With the eclipses and Equinox, we move forward in Grace.

It’s important to let go of controlling and pushing to make things happen, and to allow things to flow into their natural places; this Allowance is you working with the Divine Flow and not against it. This Acceptance is important, for this month there is a lot more letting go and letting be. Everything occurs for your benefit, if you care to look beneath the surface. When you see the gift in even the most difficult circumstances, be assured you are in Divine Flow.

If you haven’t noticed already, you have let go of much of the old matrix; that sticky web that kept you in place and well below your natural expression of Authenticity. Take a deep look at yourself and see how much you’ve let go of, especially those things you were in the old matrix. You may discover many things you used to love and don’t anymore, like arguing to win, politics, and anything to do with what religions, governments and other old institutions were telling you…how to be according to their rules.


The shift is not just personal; it is global, for as you let go of what the old has been telling you and think for yourself, you let go of the old even more. It’s been a gradual process. We are guided to be more and as we shine our Light and Awareness outward we help the old institutions transform…just by honoring our Sovereignty. This may seem as though we are letting go of our security and comfort, yet there is so much more when we do, for the old security and comfort are illusions.
As we let go of the old, things get easier because we aren’t fighting against the New as much as we have been, even when you say you can’t wait for the New to be completely here. Know too that all happens in stages and nothing is in black and white. So we gradually move into the New, as we gradually let go of the old. We are still balancing our Divine Feminine and Masculine; so be aware of on what side of your body is experiencing the most change. The right side symbolizes the Divine Male and the left side the Divine Feminine. If you are experiencing phenomena on both sides, you are balancing both within you.


As this continues, some old physical phenomena may present; do not be concerned; it’s part of the continual balancing of all our bodies. What you may experience is unique for you, so I will share some of what I am experiencing: nausea, headache, varying degrees of ear ringing, dizziness, lots of activity around the Solar Plexus, heaviness, exhaustion one minute and energized the next, and some other things that escape me in this moment. You see, I don’t focus on the symptoms, but on the reason for them. In this way, they move through rather quickly. And I always do self-care, dropping everything to just Be. I suggest you do the same, no matter what you experience. Do not compare yourself to others, for we are all unique. The ones who have been on this path for a while will continue to fine-tune, while others may just be beginning. It matters not where you are.

Part of the physical adjustment is because we are slowly integrating our Light Body, as well as releasing the old, balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine and receiving more and more Light Codes. While at times we feel lighter; at other times we feel heavy, for it’s important to stay grounded and remain on Earth. We also are transforming our familial gene pool, as well as upgrading our chakras, DNA, cellular structure and electrical system. And as this occurs, we are in touch with dormant gifts, our multidimensionality, as Earth is as well. We continue to shift and if you look to see who you are now compared to who you have been, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve changed. And by the end of March, you may very well notice how much more you’ve shifted. Just align yourself as Love and not with fear. When in fear, you hold yourself back in duality and empower the old, so if you feel fear, be sure to release it, once you go deeper to see what has been creating it and release that too. Have your entire focus be Love (being Divine); for that puts you in the Flow. This helps you feel peaceful. Know too that fear can also push you forward, mostly because it doesn’t feel very good when fear is present.

There is more awakening and this leads to more Awareness this month. This Awareness helps you see where you are still steeped in duality and illusion. This Awareness will shine a light on your lower-vibrating beliefs and emotions like judgment or comparing yourself to others. It might include old stories you have kept alive, competition and/or conflict. Be the Compassionate Observer without the ego-desire to jump into the fray in order to “be right” or save or teach. Realize, too, that many are releasing cultural beliefs/illusions; those things they have bought into without question.


When you are super aware of everything you feel, say and do, you can see where you are still engaged in something just because it’s the way it’s always been. You might feel isolated because you have chosen to disengage from those around you who are still attached to the old. Stand tall and claim your own space. Part of Ascension calls you to walk away at times to be alone. Being alone helps you be strong in your own Truth and not in someone else’s truth. This doesn’t mean you don’t love others; you simply are choosing to be who you are now, based on your inner guidance. In time, you become stronger in your own energy and it won’t feel so strange when you are with others who are still choosing to be in the old.
Because everything shifts, you won’t always feel isolated or alone, if you do at all. Follow your energy. There will be times when you are drawn to go somewhere. During these times, notice the synchronicities.


Notice how you feel around certain people; you will either be attracted or repelled and this tells you a lot about where it is good to be and where it is not; based on individual vibration and consciousness. Pay close attention to what your energy does when someone repeats one of their old stories or when you do. These stories are a way to stay in the old. When you finally let them go, you feel an incredible release and Freedom. Remember that consciousness creates your life, so as you let go of the old stories, whether it’s complaining about something or how you always get sick at a certain time or how you’ve always been poor or whatever, the Freedom you feel when you let your stories go is amazing.
Living in the New is not complicated; old 3D life is complicated. The New is simple; it is flowing in Grace; your feelings (not emotions) lead the way. All one need do is to stay awake, present and aware. The rest flows from your consciousness.

Part of the New is letting go of the sadness you have for others and for situations that seem broken to you. Being the Compassionate Observer helps you let go of your desire to rescue or save and thus you see all is in Divine Order. Seeing things broken or needing to be rescued says more about you than them. Remember, everyone has choice. If someone asks you to help them, make sure you are doing it in a way that honors the other and does not place you above anyone or anything. We need not save, rescue or heal (fix) when we see that as we keep our vibration high, all around us shifts as well…like a tuning fork. This is being more compassionate. There is a story I heard once about a person sinking in quicksand. His friend was standing on solid ground and he threw a rope to the sinking friend. He claimed that to jump in to save the person, they both would die. Rather, he stood aside and pulled his friend to where he was. Compassion isn’t jumping in to rescue; it is standing strong in one’s Wholeness.

During this total solar eclipse (March 8th or 9th, depending on where in the world you are…maximum eclipse is at 1:59 UTC time), the energy helps to empower change. It is also a New Moon, which is great for beginning something new, so you might receive some powerful guidance at this time and for several days, weeks and possibly months after. Old patterns and beliefs may surface as well, so that you may receive more Light. The eclipse helps us take action toward creating something new in our lives, as long as we’re willing to let go of those things that block the way forward. Be clear about what you are putting out there and then be willing to take a step toward your dream.

You may wonder what all these energies will lead to. While Ascension is infinite, this stage of Ascension helps us expand into a new and heightened consciousness, which helps us anchor our Authentic Selves much more than before. This actually has been occurring for the past year, generally speaking, so whether this is the final anchoring to be Christed or not depends on our Willingness to be all that we are. For some, it is another shift forward and for others it is an absolute anchoring of their Souls. If you don’t feel it, no worries. Everyone is exactly where they need to be. This eclipse is a push forward and we will spend the rest of the year taking steps to fully merge into and as our Authentic Selves.


How you use this energy is, of course, your choice. Trust that you are supported in all you choose to do or choose not to do. Our Souls are neutral and they honor our Free Will. Soul will never tell you what to do or not do. Do know that we are so much closer to having our Souls; our whole being; be completely merged; just as Gaia is evolving into Her Wholeness.
We are in very exciting times as we continue to evolve and awaken to our fullest potential. No matter where you are on this Divine continuum, you are one of the ones who is bringing Heaven to Earth. Can you see it? Can you feel it?


If so guided, your continued tithes are graciously and gratefully accepted. And thank you to those of you who consistently tithe to support this body of work. Tithing is giving from the Heart; creating a consciousness of Prosperity. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!


Important: if you sign up to receive the Ascension Notes from my website, please add kara@soulsticerising.com to your spam filters…as I receive notices of being undeliverable because it’s considered spam

Mahala – Planet Alert March 2016 – 3-3-16

Today is the first day of March and it is coming in like a lion, the winds are really blowing here in Seattle. In fact my electricity almost went out a minute ago. It also seems like we are moving at warp speed these days. I am having a hard time keeping up with my life, how about you? Does it seem like you no sooner wake up, and then it is time for bed. The week’s also speed by so fast that it is hard to keep up with everything.
There will be four very important events this month. First of all we will have the total solar eclipse on March 8 or 9, depending on where you live. Here in the Pacific Northwest it is at 6:54 PM PST on March 8th. The darkness from this eclipse will be felt over Sumatra and the surrounding areas of the South Pacific Ocean. At the time of this eclipse the planet Jupiter will be opposing the sun and moon and this is an indication of a large earthquake (there was a 7.8 quake March 2 in Sumatra) a few days before the eclipse.) I looked at my ephemeris and it said that the sun was opposing Jupiter and Uranus today by declination. This aspect will last for several days so there may also be quakes in other parts of the world because of this strong aspect.


The sun and moon will be conjunct the dwarf planet Chiron at the time of this eclipse. Chiron is considered the wounded healer so there will be a lot of healing going on this year. Chiron was on top of my Saturn for the better part of this past year and I have been going through a lot of emotional healing for the past few months. Mars in Scorpio has also been a help in bringing up the stuck emotions I needed to release. What a feeling of freedom this has brought to me. In the heavens Saturn is in the sign of Sagittarius and that sign rules freedom.
A lot of people are going through the healing of their emotions at this time. The sun and moon are in the sign of Pisces right now and this is the most emotional sign of the zodiac. Because of the high frequency energy that is coming to Earth there are a lot of people who cannot handle this energy and are losing it. They become very emotional and depressed. Hopefully this will change before too long, although it might not stop until we totally feel the splitting of the two densities. It’s time to manifest the energy of the higher density Earth where love rules and we live in Unity Consciousness.
Neptune is in the sign of Pisces right now, and it is the planet that rules Pisces. Is anyone having feet problems? Neptune is on the degree of Man’s ability to develop powers and skills by transcending natural limitations that will allow him to operate in the mental-spiritual realms. Neptune also rules water and the oceans. The energy in water has really been stirred up lately and this causes people’s emotions to be stirred up. Or maybe the water is stirred up because people are stirred up. Thought and emotions create events.
In the eclipse chart Mars is in the sign of Sagittarius, which is a big change from Mars in Scorpio. In Scorpio Mars allowed us to once again look at the blocks or obstacles in our life and to release them. Mars is now in the fire sign of action. Sagittarius rules the banking system and the desire for freedom. This is the time period where we will see lots of changes in the banking system. We are about to witness a whole new financial system and this system will eliminate poverty. Check out these links. Basic Income for Ontarios ProvinceG20 Finance Ministers Meeting.
The negative aspects of Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius are: feeling angry, lots of ambition for power, police or military action, and challenges with foreign countries. This year adds up to a nine. The word anger adds up to nine and the word love adds up to nine. We have the choice which word we choose to manifest this year; will it be love or anger? If we release our anger we will be able to manifest Christ Consciousness, which also adds up to nine. Unfortunately it looks like anger rules right now.
A friend of mine named Mona channeled for me last night and she said there was a major event in the core of the Earth on February 13, 2016. She referred to this event as a great inner earthquake. This event has affected everyone on earth because we are all connected to Mother Earth, and if her core is all shaken up then so is ours. I think we are going through a magnetic shift right now. Energy from the stars is hitting the North Magnetic pole and has been for a couple of weeks. Our brains are affected by magnetic energy. The earthquake in Sumatra is where the first large Tsunami happened on December 26, 2004 and caused the Earth to shift. I think it is shifting again because I have been dizzy for days. Check out this link. Earth Energy
My intestines started to bother me around mid-February. I thought ‘do I have the flu, and I got the message no’ although it might be Ascension flu. How many people have had the flu in the past couple of weeks? I think you are feeling the trauma in the core of the Earth. Our core is our solar plexus and that is where the flu affects us along with just plain feeling awful. My head brain has also been affected by being dizzy.
We have three brains in our body. One is in our head, one is in our hearts, and the other is in our solar plexus. All three of my power centers have been affected by this event in the core of the Earth. The solar plexus is our power center, and the one in our head is our mental center. I think this is telling us that we need to combine all three brains together so we can finally think with our heart. I don’t know how long we will feel this energy although I hope it is gone soon because I like to feel good. Life is much better when a person feels good.
Those who have not had the flu are lucky although it is making many people angry. If you live in the United States all you have to do is watch the election process and you can see how many people are angry about everything and are looking to Trump to change that. He is just an actor on our stage of evolution right now. In the channeling it was said that this anger will build until this fall and then there will be a large crescendo and lots of things will happen. I also think there will be lots of action this month.
The Spring Equinox occurs on March 19 just a few days before a lunar eclipse. The Equinox is the Astrological New Year and I think this is when everyone should start their new year. We move into the sign of Aries on the Equinox and this is the sign of new beginnings. The lunar eclipse will be on March 23 on 4 degrees Libra and the sun will be on 4 degrees Aries, and Mercury and Uranus are also in Aries. Uranus is on the exalted degree of 19 Aries. This will add power to the manifestation of Uranus. Expect the unexpected.
We end this month with the celebration of Easter which occurs on March 27, 2016. We are living in very exciting times and do not worry or fear anything. Everything is going to be all right. There has been a lot of talk about doom and gloom and that has happened to the people who are in wars, the people who are homeless, and to those who have lost everything. They have gone through their own Armageddon. We create what we choose to experience and this is why it is so important to watch what we think and to live in the vibration of unconditional love. So Be It! I love you! Mahala Gayle
Have you enjoyed my article? If so, energy for energy is always appreciated and needed. Feel free to donate, just click the donate button on my blog. If anyone is interested in having an Edgar Cayce Past Life computer reading, send me a $30 donation and your birth information. They are a great gift idea. You can contact me at planetalert@hotmail.com in the subject line put Past Life Reading.
Thank You!

2016 – Happy New Year! The Year Of Monkey


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The Empress Of Time – BEYONE the TIME VIBE – MID-February 2016 UPDATE


The Empress Of Time   –   BEYONE the TIME VIBE   –   MID-February 2016 UPDATE
The (11:2) Frequency of this month is peaking until the 24th, and opening up a huge window in the Illusion of Time, pumping up our resolve, and squeezing participants quickly OUT the lower frequencies of submissive obedience to our own resistance.

Many participants have been feeling an increase of successes in their personal journeys,  as some are finding their world being rocked by aggressive and antagonizing interactions that are leading to parting of ways, and dissolutions of “norm” in relationships.
There is also a reflection of the same in the dissolution of the institutions, programs, and media blindfolds that have been testing our awakening Multi-dimensional skills to the point of revolt.
Even at this point in the global annual frequency window, (9), which is about to prove to be a great gift of release, the revisiting of deep and old patterns that were tightly held onto by each and every member of the collective game, is getting close and personal in terms of personal pain, with tolerance levels bottoming out.
It is at this point that those things which are acute, chronic, inhibitors of your own growth are beginning to come up for inspection.
Social programing, specifically RELATIONSHIPS, are flashing warning signs or are being torn away, outright.  Painful separations from what was held together by unconscious force, in the form of  habitual familial roles, unbalanced business goals and protocols, or dissolving romantic ideals are pushing the alarm buttons and preparing for the clearing that must occur in order to achieve the Visions that have been gestating within the Minds Eye.
The (11) opportunity window brings on a clearer and more PRESENT view of what is REALLY going on withIN, and as a reflection in the Global arena of activity.   Those things and relationships which have uncomfortable discoveries with Self are flaring up, and demanding attention.
Relationships that are the source of pain, or dis-ease, DUE TO LACK OF SELF RESPONSIBILITY, are up for extreme examinations.
Participants who are firing angry emotional blame and retaliations are winding up to a realization that can either be delayed, by denial of Self responsibility, or advanced upon and dealt with in compassion and Forgiveness.
Between the (9) global Year objective to clear and release to let in the New, there is also the current opportunity in the (11) to for Insight, Illuminations of what CAN be.   The dance of these two frequencies stimulate situations that have been simmering under the lid, bringing that which is most buried or suppressed, and needing to be addressed immediately,  bubbling to the surface.

These can be outright blame throwing fits, but, ALL  are the result of secret wishes to Expand into the Next level of Identity.   Be ASSURED, if there is disintegration happening in your experience currently, or brewing, it WILL lead you closer to what you REALLY want.

If you are experiencing and increase in the precision with which you are able to create ideas and dreams and – happy whims – quickly into your experience- CONGRATULATIONS!  You are stepping up to the confidence and Knowing of Who You REALLY Are……
In the Mirror reality, for the FOCUSED ONES, there is plenty of evidence that reflects the uprise of Co-creative RE-organization, collective co-operation in terms of Re-Alignment, and they are picking up speed in the delivery of the DATA and the Insights that follow that are the impetus for the dumping of the outlived paradigms of 3-4D Time classroom experience, and re-inventing the world with more urgency.
Personal lives are being altered and even upheaved, if necessary, and moved into unusual perspectives and routines, because failing, destructive ideals and beliefs are quickly falling from favor.
TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE of this (11) month frequency, by listening to the voice withIN, and collaborating on Peace meditations, as well as forwarding any information that supports your frequency of LOVE, or above, as layers of Illusion are peeled away.
Letting go is not fun, but,…

It’s ALL going to be just fine, as long as you are holding Peace and Compassion as your own focus, and using  your favorite go-to method to stabilize and return to NOW, where the real Truth can be found.

Tiara Kumara – Give Yourself Greater Self Empowerment in 2016 – 2-3-16


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Tiara Kumara   –   Give Yourself Greater Self Empowerment in 2016   –   2-3-16



It is absolutely astounding to witness the acceleration of consciousness at the collective level. Our perspectives seemed to have shifted dramatically and many of us are entering this new year with heightened levels of self revelation, not to mention new body sensations that seem to accompany this transforming journey.

Each wave of change that rolls in stretches us just a bit further. On the rebound, we get squeezed a little bit tighter. The expansion and contraction scenarios seem like some type of exotic rebirth. What is most exciting is that this all blesses us with a natural unfolding of some really amazing abilities.

What do we do with all of this energy?! Many of us live in places where there is little support from those in like resonance. We often wonder if what we are feeling and going through is even real.

Our theme this year will hopefully help you out a lot. It is focused upon personal and collective EMPOWERMENT!

Ancient Awakenings – All Of These Things Will Take Place In This Year 2016 – Lady Nada, One Who Serves, Ashira


All Of These Things Will Take Place In This Year 2016 

Lady Nada, One Who Serves and Ashira   –  

January 31 2016


Greetings everyone,
We had another great group with lots of energy and a great discussion preceding a message from Lady Nada and then of course our regular question/answer time with One Who Serves and Ashira.

According to their messages, we are on track for all the changes in this year 2016 and to continue being patient just a little longer. Also, it was hinted by OWS of something very probably happening this week that would be an impetus for the messages this coming Sunday over our “Hollow Earth Network” call. Time to get ready!

If you are planning to attend our next Sunday PFC group and have not yet RSVP’d, please do so quickly as we continue to fill the room. Also, we are looking into having a video conferencing solution along with the phone option soon. Moses is looking into that for us and we may be ready for a trial run 2 weeks from now using a new program called “Zoom”, which I personally had a very positive experience with during a call with one of the originators of the Prepare For Change website.

Enjoy and Be in joy and time to get ready!

Love and light,


Believing Is Seeing!

Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on January 31, 2016


Lady Nada and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell


I am Lady Nada.

This has been and is a day of importance. For as each of the groups has been called to meditate, to send love and peace, to join these on each of their missions.

We know that these days seem to be so long. We know that the time seems to be long. In fact, dear ones, when you look back you will see this as the smallest sliver of time in your entire life in all the existences that you have had.

We talk about celebrations and we know that you feel the energy of these. We know that you are still waiting. We talk about the end of races. We talk about all of these things. And still, you are waiting.

We are here to share for this is the time that everything is falling into place. This is the time that you are crossing the path of winners and reaching back down to help others. We are here to share that all of these things will take place in the year 2016. Know that we are not going to be linked to specific dates. The time has already started. It has already begun. It is already here.

Have patience. What can we share of maintaining the highest
consciousness? We know that you are told to be positive. We tell you to look for the good. Take time to walk in nature. Take time to get off the sidewalks and into the dirt. And to listen to wonderful music. Take time each day to meditate for your own well-being.

Are we asking for major changes in your life? No. We know that they are happening. We know that you are listening to us. We know that you are changing the things you are meant to change, each step along your way.

Sananda and I trust the direction of this group. We trust the activity of those participating with this group and those who lead this group. We are here to serve you. We are also here to nourish you, laugh with you and be the ones who lift you when you are down.

We give you our love and our blessings.



Greetings to you. Good to be with you in this way, as always.
We have one message to give you briefly and that is in your week to come here expect something, expect something that will give you a message for the week to follow in your next time here in your “Hollow Earth Network” message. That will be very profound we might say. This is all we can give on this now.

We build up the expectation and then sometimes, there is a fall of that. As Lady Nada has said, it is all in the Now, it is happening Now! What can we say more on this? We tell you all the time that it is happening and you have to open your eyes, your spiritual eyes, not your physical eyes, and allow your heart to get into the picture more and more.

Because you all have this inner knowing. You all know this is what you are here for. This is what you came for. This is the show that is waiting for you. You have created this entire process, you as the collective you. So, allow for this to continue. Be patient a little while longer. And all will come forward as all of us have been saying. And deep down you know that it is going to be exactly as we have all said. So, be patient and all of these things will come to pass.
We will take questions now.


Question: This week Sacred Geometry was coming on strongly with me. I spoke to a gentleman about a spaceship that is locked in a pyramid. Can you tell me if this is true?

ONE WHO SERVES: It is certainly not common knowledge but it is there nevertheless. This one you are speaking of has been deep within the pyramid for a long time. It was spoken of by the Thoth in the “Emerald Tablets”. So, it is there. It has been lifted up previously in times past. It is there to be so again.

There is so much more to this. This is just the beginning but it is ancient and has been there for a very long time. When the frequencies are right it will be announced to the world. And what the meaning is and where it is secreted away here. And what it is secreted away within. Has been used in the past but not so much now.

Further questions?


Question: I have in my dreams seen myself lifting pyramids with the help of pink rocks. What can you tell me about these?

ASHIRA:  This is wonderful dream for you because it is reminding you of the strength that you are. Reminding you of the strength that you have. This is not so much a past life we will say but a message to fulfill yourself by the strengths that you have.

Raising the pyramids in the sky would be a “Star Wars” reference would it not? The discussion last week about Yoda tells in Luke Skywalker to do, not to try, to life the ship from the water. In your ream you were doing this very successfully.

We would say take this close to your heart and know that this is the power that you are.

ONE WHO SERVES:  One of the understandings that will come upon the planet is about the pyramids and what the pyramids represent. These energy sources have been taken over by what is called the Cabal for a very long time here. They have used these vortexes of energy and these connections along the ley lines and all of these things that come together here.

But these have been used for dark force or dark magic. It is already in the process of changing and many of the locations have already been taken over by the forces of light. In the times to come these will be taken back and they will be connected across the planet for a new energy grid. That is already taking place now.

Would there be other questions here?


Question: My son had several things happen this week. He saw a big, black smoke like thing appear out front one night. Another night he had a dream he died and saw a white light and then had another dream about being out in outer space and could see planets. What can you tell me about these things?

ASHIRA:  First of all, we will say that these rays that are coming, this light that is coming in is new and is affecting everyone upon the planet. It is affecting your son as well.

We would say that the black, shadowy figure is nothing for you to be concerned about at this moment. It is something that he saw and in his brain he interpreted it in a negative way.

The dreams are wonderful! They give you the insight that he is expanding beyond his realm of understanding. He is expanding beyond where he has been. The lightness in his “death” dream is simply the light that is present in this world and is growing in the world. And traveling beyond the world that he knows to be real into the atmosphere of the universe is wonderful!
All of these for us are great significators of the growth he is going through.

He does not have the words for these things. He does not have the understanding for these things, even though you are his mother. It is wonderful that he is sharing them with you and you can share with him the wonders of the world as it changes now. Does this make sense to you?

ONE WHO SERVES:  We only wish to add here that this one, as you know him, as his mother and who he was in the past, There is this connection that is continuing on at a deep level that is coming out now. He will come to realize more and more who he is and what he is here for.

But for this to happen there needs to be a change within this one and it is happening in his dream state to bring this about. Not in his waking state yet but it is coming if he is allowed to blossom. To become who he is. To have this happen there must be the releasing. We have spoken of this before. To push him out of the nest you might say. He needs to learn to fly on his own. Just be truthful with him.

Would there be other questions here?


Question: I am reading about a possible ninth planet. What can you tell me about this?

ONE WHO SERVES:  This is a definite for sure!

There is so much more out there than can be imagined because it has not yet been revealed. Many things are going to come during the revealing and within the Disclosure process. So all of this will be answered. All of this will come to you but you already have an inner knowing about much of this. So when this was announced by NASA you already resonated to it, for you.

And there are others who heard this and thought it was made-up or not real. It is so much more than this. It is not time to tell you about this but it will come to you. And much more than this.

More questions?

Question: What are the “Halls of Amenti”?

ONE WHO SERVES:  There are no brief ways to explain this. It is meant for those who have eyes to see and ears to here. So, if you re-read the “Emerald Tablets” by Thoth now with the understanding you have now instead of last time as a group together, it will make a little more sense to you this time. But it is something that goes along with the ship that was spoken of earlier. It is reality and it is there and it will be part of the revealing as well. This was first given by the Cayce some time ago. Thoth spoke about it and then Cayce as well.
Another question?

Question: Will the people such as Corey Goode, Cobra and others come in together for a full Disclosure?

ONE WHO SERVES: Please understand that all of this is coming together. It is all a part of the process. So all of these that you speak of will all come together as well. This is a process where many have their own understanding from their own perspective. And these perspectives are uniting into a more fuller consciousness of coming together.

If you notice though it is already beginning because some are talking about the other and it is mostly in positive ways now. They are confirming what the other one is saying. Do you notice this? This is going to happen more and more. At the point of full Disclosure it will all come out.

ASHIRA:  We would like to add that this is the puzzle that you in this group talked about such a long time ago. This is another puzzle and each piece as it continues to fall into place continues to bring a more full picture. At the time of Disclosure all of the pieces will have fallen into place. All of those who will be speaking will be speaking the same language.

ONE WHO SERVES:  Any further questions?

Question: Have you heard of the Comet 2016?

It is also known by other names. It will come as it needs to. These things are beyond your need to know at this time. We don’t like to use that terminology because it is used by your governments but that is a fact. Prime Directive, you see?

Any other questions?


We are through with our part here. Just be expectant. Keep your eyes and ears open. It is not for sure but it is a good possibility that something will happen to move you forward for next week. You will understand more at that time.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the ONE.


ASHIRA:  I am Ashira.

It feels like this was a short session today. It seemed like a long time was spent in your discussion today. We are always glad to be a part of that conversation with you. To listen about that you grapple with. To listen about that which you are concerned about. To listen where you are.

It is our greatest pleasure to be with you each week. To share with you in all that you do. We know that you come to hear the lessons that “One Who Serves”, myself and all those who come to share with you. But you would be amazed at all of those who come to this room to share with you! All of those in this room who share with you care about you. This is indeed, an event every single week. We are pleased to be a part of it!

We give you are love and our blessings. Namaste!


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly ​​stated

Lord Kryon – Quantum Patterns – January, 2016

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – 2016 and All Her Gifts! – 1-15-16




Friday, 15 January, 2016

As the celestial leylines within and without, above and below, re-adjust themselves for incoming landings of illumination, all will feel strewn about and discombobulated by an unexpected mischievous dust devil of interference. Bumps and grinds during these sky-lined events may shake up the human linear patterns of thinking just long enough for some enlightment to get thru. Like one that is drenched by an unexpected spring shower, there is no way to avoid complete saturation, with or without cosmic umbrella. A deep healing is occurring with or without your permission.

The cells of Earth have their encoded orders and know what to do; they march forward at a steady pace never missing a beat. Each pain within your body is a cry for help, a stuck fear, trauma or memory, literally a pain from the past. 2016 is about ‘promises and completion’, Cosmic and Personal completion. Humanity is asked nicely to enter the next level of love, of heart, of soul and service to the Universe.

99, 999

Cosmic and personal completion! Entering the next level of love, of heart, of soul and service to the planetary evolution through healing self-first. Free falling from the height of the nine into the next level of Light can be faster than the speed of time. Entry and exits all in the same breath. A quantum leap into unknown gifts comes through the nine. Are you ready to be more than you are at this minute of time? Nine is the photo finish on the heavenly column of multiple choices. If you believe you have won, you have.

2016 graces us with the timeless and sometimes endless teachings of the vibration of nine, and all that entails. A quantum leap into the string theory leaves one hanging with multiple and multidimensional choices. Does one free fall in the string theory or does one hang on riding the dimensional rift? Either way this feat can only be accomplished through a divine point of healing self.

The vibration of nine is about entry and exit all in the same breath. Free-falling from the height of the nine into the next point of the unknown equation. Everything is enhanced in 2016 vivid peyote 5-d Technicolor, with many coyotes taking shape in the background. Dimensionally you will glimpse these places of a thin veil, like looking at a desert mirage. Portal after portal opens to every place not within the imagination. Hidden agendas are so visible even those not looking notice.

Unknown gifts come in this nine-year enhancing all one yearns to be. Self-doubt will be what sabotages your future choices. Nine is the photo finish on the heavenly pageant of multiple choices. If you believe you have won, you have! Driving thru the milky way of truth and collective wisdom takes a true pilot. Flying only on the fuel of faith he must believes in the magic of it all to keep his hologram afloat. Loosen your assemblage points and keep them loose.

Become fluid in nature allowing more expansion. Rewrite your script into a place with no constraints allowing all realities to merge and show their full potential You are asked to embody and become all that you have prepared to be in the fullness of this time. Be fluid of intent and enter the best adventure of your life.

Incomplete creational thoughts drifting thru dimensional flux are waiting for someone else to sup upon them. Thoughts always seek their freedom, never answering to one master. They seek free rein and free range trying to avoid all restraint. Thoughts transcend time and space allowing them selves to be birthed again and again into new forms. Thoughts can be kept captive like a genii in a bottle but not for long, they always seem to find a way out.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – PO box 217 – Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 – www.thequantumawakening.com thequantumawa

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof – Overview of 2016 – Alexandra Meador, Galactic Connection – 12-29-15

LORD ASHTAR – EARTH ASCENSION – How the EVENT will UNFOLD! – Channeler Elizabeth Trutwin – 1-9-16



Earth’s Ascension and How The Event Will Unfold

Message from Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin,
January 9, 2016


Greetings! This is Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin speaking to you from The New Jerusalem.


At dawn on January 9, 2016 Venus conjuncts Saturn with Antares nearby. Venus is known as the Planet of Love and is the Sister Planet to Earth. Antares is a way station for Souls as they transition on. Those who come from Venus are known as The Kumaras. The seven Holy Kumaras are known as the mind-born sons of Brahma. This means they were conceived in meditation and never born through a body. They are known as the Lords of the Flame and that refers to the Violet Flame which is love and only love. It burns like a fire and can be used as an Energy for healing.


When Earth fell into denser and denser dimensions, from the 100th to the 12th to the 5th and down to the 3rd, the transcendent Beings, the Holy Kumaras, pledged to remain on Earth until the Grand Experiment ended. This is unfolding now and is also referred to as the Ascension Event.



Many millions of years ago the Extraterrestrials who were of the Reptilian species, as well as those of the Alpha Dracos species came to Earth to control the resources here. Earth has always been an experiment of diversity. That is one of the main issues Earth is dealing with at the end now. It is used as a basis for war. Millions of refugees are fleeing because of their religion or the color of their skin. Earth was founded by refugees of the Orion Wars. This is the story told in the Star Wars movie which is very accurate to the true story and why so many yearn to watch the movie over and over. These advanced Beings used cloning technology  to alter their own DNA and reduce the number of strands down from 12 to as little as 2. The 11th strand of DNA governs emotions and the 12th strand governs the ability to love.


Without these, the advanced Reptilians and Draconians were able to commit unspeakable atrocities and unable to forgive themselves. Some of you ARE these Beings who warred endlessly and that is why your DNA has been repaired. You decided to return to love.This is a millions of years old story on Earth. The 5th Dimensional Beings, the Reptilians and Draconians, came to Earth and raped the 3rd dimensional Earth women to have hybrid babies. This is spoken of in your Bible when the (lessor) gods slept with the daughters of lower dimensional humans and had children by them. This broke Cosmic Law. It is against the law to mix the DNA of species. We have thousands of modern day accountings of malevolent Reptilian Extraterrestrials kidnapping human women from their beds, beaming them on to Ships, raping them, impregnating them and stealing their hybrid babies from their womb. The hybrids then finish their gestation in an incubator aboard their Ships. Many woman now recall having several babies this way. The wheel of karma playing itself out as the memories are storied on the DNA and carried from lifetime to lifetime. The traumas are hard to shake. There has been endless war and control on Earth and now it ends.



The Holy Kumaras never fell from being 100th Dimensional Beings. They have never been born into a body. They are able to manifest a human body at will. They are like the most advanced Yogis of India or the high Buddhists priests who are able to pass extreme tests and develop their senses to a level of putting down their human body at will. Sanatka, Sananda, Sanatana, Sujata, Kapila, Sana and Sanat Kumara have been spoken of in all the ancient civilizations on Earth. They never left Earth. These are the Ancient Astronauts, the benevolent Extraterrestrials which you see in your art, architecture and ancient texts still today. They have taken on physical bodies within every religion on every continent through the ages teaching the Highest Teachings of Cosmic Law. They also take on lives as royalty, in government and in any way that will help the development of what was the 3D humans to get back to a 5D reality. Many times they appeared in their Light Bodies and are known in ancient texts as The Angels. Extraterrestrials and Angels are one and the same. The Kumaras are an Angelic Force. We are there now.



Venus is the only Planet in this Solar system which spins clockwise. This is because it has a powerful Magnetic Force. Earth has an electro-magnetic Grid which is much weaker magnetically than its Sister, Venus. This strong Magnetic Force will conjunct Saturn today which is home to the Solar Tribunal. This is where those indicted in Earth’s World Court go to stand trial. It is similar to ‘appealing all the way to the Supreme Court.’ It is different in that when One is guilty at the World Court they must appeal Higher because in these cases they must also be tried for intergalactic crimes. These Ones are involved with the Secret Space program and keeping all their illegal activities secret to the populace and that also breaks Cosmic Law. It is a kind of mass psychological attack to keep Souls from evolving. It keeps them as slaves. This is why there must be a legal or political solution to end the embargo on truth regarding government’s involvement with Extraterrestrials.


Just as you have heard stories of those like Valiant Thor, there are many Extraterrestrials today working in roles within governments all over Earth. They are adept Beings fully telepathic with each other. They keep in close contact with the malevolent Extraterrestrials in governments and power and our Plan to take them to Saturn for trial is now in play. Venus is 15 million years in evolution ahead of Earth. This close conjunct to Saturn involves Extraterrestrial technology you cannot yet comprehend. Your science cannot define it for you. This conjunct or Union as we like to say, because it is a return to Oneness by using technology, between Venus and Saturn is preparing our Solar System for the sudden changeover on Earth




The very next day, January 10, 2016, Mars conjuncts the asteroid called Juno. Juno is the asteroid of Love and Her Union with Mars (who is primed for some healing) marks the ReUnion of all Twin Flames to Union on Earth. This leads to a 5 Planets show in the sky from January 20th to February 20th. You’ll have the opportunity to view all five visible planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – in the same sky together. That hasn’t happened in 11 years. Eleven representing the One (Human) becoming One (with the Supreme). Within that period we will also have Chinese New Year. This is an open window for a formal disclosure of the Angelic Extraterrestrial presence on Earth and the Jubilee which will accompany it as Benjamin Creme has so well stated. He has said Sanat Kumara (whose other name is Kalki Maitreya) will return to Earth with gifts of all kinds for all of Humanity to have what they need to be completely FREE. It is a requirement of the Jubilee to make Humanity aware of Extraterrestrials living on their Planet because the Gold and the other Gifts like Free Energy from Our technology cannot be explained otherwise. To Free the Slaves we must have Arrests, Announcements and then Landings in that order.



How the Event Will Unfold

Arrests, Announcements and Landings, in that order. Announcements will be made beginning with President Obama. He will tell of the benevolent Extraterrestrials he has been working closely with including me, Ashtar. He will also announce the beginning of the Jubilee at the same time. Others will join him with their Announcements. This will be broadcast not only on TV but also the internet and will be able to be seen on every phone and in every remote area when it happens. Arrests may well happen at the same time the President is making his Announcements. Arrests will number in the 100s of thousands and every police force on Earth is part of the Plan. This is the permanent removal of the malevolent Extraterrestrials on Earth, the Reptilians and Draconians. Earth will Ascend and become a Planet of Peace. Those making war will be gone. They will be tried at the ICC, the World Court and then the Solar Tribunal. You will see these trials as they are conducted. This very likely could happen following a new mass psychological attack, a nuclear threat or the world economy collapse. This would empower St. Germain to come in and take over the world banking systems. It would happen in the blink of an eye. There will be a great deal of evidence presented as the populace of Earth heals and slowly learns of the truths which have been hidden from them. The floodgates will be open and the LOVE will poor in. Most Everybody will be relieved. They will not be afraid. They will say – I knew something wasn’t right, but I couldn’t have known it was this. Now that I know, things will be much better. Truth and Trust will be restored for All Humanity.


Finally as we go through the initial progress of changeover it will make available what is needed for Landings. Earth will enter Zero Point with our technological assistance. All wars will end, weapons of all types will not discharge at Zero Point. The soldiers will return home. Non violent offenders will be released from jail. Mentors and Healing technology will be made available to every human on Earth. The terra forming of Earth will continue and the Zero Point Modulators will be at 100% power connecting with all the Pyramids, Obelisks, Portals and StarGates on Earth. The Wingmaker Ships and Pleiadian Ships responsible for cleaning up the Eco System of Earth will become visible overhead. The seas and rivers will become aquamarine blue. The skies will be clear. All of the environmental pollution will be cleared away by our helping hands.



There will be many changes and too many to mention here. This window is a short period of time. Do everything in your power now to drop everything in your life which no longer serves you and work hard at bringing in the changes which most benefit your body, your mind, your emotions, your work, your family and friends. Pay Attention. Put down the fight.  Be the Change. We are ever ready to serve you as Angelic Extraterrestrial Beings of Light. Happy New Year! You have never been alone.


Salut! This is Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin, January 9, 2016. © All Rights Reserved.http://CosmicAscension.org


Greetings Everybody! Thank you for your patience as I continue to gain endurance and strength. I am healed. Doing well. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. One night about 2 weeks ago I accidently deleted a batch of emails. Also, I have not yet sent out PDFs if you have been wondering and waiting. I will do that this coming week. I was interrupted by my advocacy work taking a sudden upturn and requiring my attention. If you have any concern I have missed you, or if you have made a request, I would be very grateful if you send me a reminder in email eltrutwin @ gmail.com Thank you for your kind consideration & Welcome to the Best Year Ever! love, beth

2016 Channeler Salena Migeot – A Message from Your Guides – 1-6-16

Dearest Beloved Ones,

It is with great joy that we greet you and wish you the happiest year you can manifest for yourselves! We want you to be excited and expectant of great things as that will help to manifest that reality. The energy you infuse into your thoughts and beliefs gives those thoughts and beliefs greater weight. Thought, enthusiastic energy, visualization, and the belief in your deservedness to have what you desire are the main ingredients to manifestation. We offer you this recipe and invite you to cook up whatever you desire. Our only further guideline would be that you focus only on that which is truly in your highest good and/or the highest good of all concerned.

There is much to be grateful for at this time as you are embarking on a period of greater unity, abundance, transparency, and the dissolution of much that does not serve you. As a result, you will see the breakdown of systems and organizations that have become corrupt, some to great extremes. These corporations and corrupt factions will be exposed and will be made accountable for all of their choices that have contributed to so much economic disparity, societal dysfunction, rampant disregard for the health and well-being of all life on the planet, and for their part in establishing a business model that values profit over and above everything else. That business model established economic gain as the highest priority over the basic rights of all living beings.

This year will include a massive environmental clean-up that will be on-going for several years but will be so effective with the help of new technology, that there will be no need to plant, grow, or buy ‘organic’ food because all food grown will be organic once again. As the oceans are being cleaned, much will be revealed as so much of your planet is water that has not yet been explored. Many more underground cities will be discovered. Some of these are so ancient that your scientists will have no frame of reference for when they flourished. This is just the tip of the iceberg of things that will be revealed in this and coming years. As a result of these ancient cities being discovered, many other discoveries will be made including ancient technologies that will be like great riddles until they are solved with a combination of new thought of what is/has been possible, experts in a variety of fields, and channeled information that will clarify what the experts suspect but will be hesitant to voice.

Channeling – the ability to receive information from higher spiritual sources will become much more prevalent until it is completely mainstream. Every single one of you has the ability to channel. The sources of channeling are many. For some it is their own higher self, for some it is Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, and many, many other of what you would call higher spiritual beings including saints. We do not use the term ‘higher spiritual being’ to express any degree of hierarchy whatsoever. That is merely how you can relate to us best. Dear ones, we are no better than you. We are not superior to you in any way. The only difference between us is that you are currently embodied on the 4th dimensional Earth Plane that is buffeted by 3rd and 5th dimensional energies. The 3rd dimension is very dense and dark and you are moving further and further away from this although some are still there. Most of you are currently living in a 4th dimensional reality and you are collectively evolving to the 5th dimension as the portal to the Age of Aquarius has already opened. You are pioneers of light and you all volunteered to be here on Earth at this time for this transition period. We salute and honor you dear ones for your courage, your valor, your willingness to serve, and for your ability to stay the course when things often seem challenging and confusing at best and dense and dark and even diabolical at worst. You are truly heroes and heroines to us.

Each and every one of you are sovereign beings. No single person or government has any power over you unless you expressly agree to it. You are your own ruler. You do not rule anyone else and no one else rules you. That was creator’s intention for you to always live as sovereign beings. You have been duped into believing you are powerless. In order to change this order of things, it is in the highest good that you treat everyone you come in contact with as a sovereign, beloved child of Creator and conduct yourself in a way that allows no one to infringe on your rights as a sovereign being.

Those of you who judge people who have hurt you will thank them when you realize the truth of their role in your life. Those who have hurt you most likely are honoring a karmic agreement – simply fulfilling their end of the bargain that was made before you became embodied. You all have a great deal of karmic work to do and you all have been doing it extremely well. As the changes increase, your work will speed up and you will become experts at letting go of old baggage, forgiving one another, and choosing love and compassion over being right, getting the last word in, or manipulating a loved one just because you know how to and you feel they deserve it. Many of you are at that level of awareness now – you get caught up in the moment and the emotion and let yourself go along for the ride instead of stopping yourself from hurting someone.

Are you knowing that that level of awareness is excellent, dear ones? We always want you to focus on the good/the positive in any situation. Just because you gave in to anger or manipulation or being right, doesn’t diminish the fact that you had the awareness to know exactly what you are doing. That is part of your evolution. If you remain attached to being right, giving in to your emotions, etc, you are merely postponing your own joy. You are ultimately hurting yourself more than the other person(s). So we can tell you unequivocally that you are nearing the time when your choices will reflect loving-kindness more and more. We say this with deep love for you and with the knowing that it is true.

And now we ask you when you have mastered the art of giving those in your circle the benefit of the doubt and choosing love for them, to expand that level of loving-kindness to whole communities, nations, cultures, religions, and all beings everywhere. Peace truly does begin with you. You cannot contribute to peace on Earth in any measurable way if you are being unfaithful to your spouse, fighting with your business partner, using derogatory language, stereotyping people, thinking you are superior to anyone for any reason. Dearest Ones, when you find yourself judging someone, we ask you to do two things: 1) immediately say to yourself “Love. Love. Love.,” and 2) look in their eyes. If you really look someone in the eyes and hold eye contact with them, it is very difficult not to see their inner beauty. See them. See that, EXCEPT FOR A FEW GENES, THEY ARE JUST LIKE YOU! If you are telling yourself something different, you are mistaken, Dear Ones.

We are loving you powerfully!

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides

Channeled by Salena Migeot

To be added to this distribution list, e-mail salenam2@msn.com with ‘Guides’ in the subject line. Feel free to share, forward, or repost this in its entirety with proper attribution.


AA Metatron via James Tyberonn – 2016 – A Metatronic Overview – 1-6-16

 AA Metatron 01
 AA Metatron via James Tyberonn   –   2016 – A Metatronic Overview   –   1-6-16
Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, and I am joined in this session by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. We are asked in this gathering to discuss the year ahead, year four of the new earth, 2016 in linear chronology.
We wish to insert here, that what we offer in this channel are probabilities & potentials based on streams of probable realities within the formatted influence of astronomical gravities and mass thought fields of humanity. Let us be clear no one, no Angelic group, channel or individual may fully accurately foretell the future. And to be clear, that is not our intent. Indeed, by definition of laws in place for the duality realm of 3d, the future is ever fluid, the 3d realm is governed by free will and the resulting manifestation of reality is not fixed in any absolute terms on any individual level.
But there are certain events that are in place, that indeed you have created, and are only separated from their 3d realization by space and time. And this is important for you to understand. The belief structures upon which humanity in mass (and individuals) base their lives so program your existence that often you outwardly deny what you inwardly know.
So we wish to insert the caveat, a point we have made many times, that what you experience, is your creation.  Yet there are certain occurrences in time, non-time & nature that are relatively fixed within the laws & physics of the physical ream and in the field of duality. The Ascension of humanity is one of these.
Trending Planetary Astro-Influence in 2016
To be clear, we list the below in an interpretation of coding. As such the trending fields as shown below is from our stance, neither objective nor subjective relative to your current categories & systems of astrological analysis. Rather what we offer is based on resonance, not truly specific to or limited by geometric angles, for we sense aspectual influences as opposed to physical placement in linear time and space.

Trending Planetary Influence & 2016 Astrological Linear Time Line

  • Waning Uranus/Pluto Square     January – April 2016
  • Uranus Conjunct Eris                  June 2016 Forward
  • Saturn Square Neptune              June & September 2016
  • Jupiter Conjunct North Node     July 30 2016
  • Jupiter Opposite Chiron             August 2016
  • Jupiter Enters Libra                    September 10 2016  
  • Jupiter Sextile Saturn                 November & December 2016
  • Jupiter Square Pluto                   November & December 2016
  • Jupiter Opposite Uranus             December 2016
  • Saturn Trine Uranus                    December 2016
  • Saturn Square Chiron                  December 2016
Now we offer not horoscopes, nor predictions, rather vibrational tones combined with coded inserts, and the latter is grasp by some but not as yet by the majority of astrologists in your current time. And as such our focus on this aspect will be brief and will not override the message we offer, for all astrological and astronomical gravities represent fields of energy, yet these are indicators, not the rule, for human will and individual fortitude is stronger than any astrological patterning.
So with that in mind, we tell you that the influence pattern of Jupiter is enormous in 2016, and in over view & summation defines a prolific year of great shift and powerful realization. Neptune, Saturn and Uranus play key roles in 2016, influencing a year of deep consideration, contemplation and reclamation, with potent gravitational waves influencing practical requisite change. And we tell you Masters, these frequencial energies also uniquely combine to allow you to deal with any unresolved issues, and these must be faced both individually and in mass. Jupiter representing power, Saturn representing life purpose, Neptune & Uranus combining in representation of psychic and intuitive forces.
The waves of Neptune & Saturn particularly in September of 2016 offer an opportunity for extraordinary clarity in understanding life purpose. In this essence, in the Mercury retro of September, beginning with the Solar Eclipse, a complete transitional reformation can evolve, with release of the old and upshift into a greater version of self.  Neptune to Chiron in Pisces square Saturn in June and enter into the equinoxial eclipse phase in potent September. Accordingly the months of June & especially September are very powerful timings for old paradigm dissolving & inner realization. From the solar eclipse of 1 September up thru the energy of the September equinox, there are opportunities for complete reconstruction, of releasing old patterns and establishing a better self, a better life.
In the last trimester of 2016, Jupiter makes for very powerful opportunities in the balancing vibration of Libra, and the sextiles of Saturn & Pluto. In this timing, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn are carrying coded energies, especially poignant from September thru December, aligned with the new energies of the planet and offering crystalline shift further into your lives.  This offers opportune timing, in September and in November to step away from attitudinal obstacles and non-serving relationships, enabling greater sovereignty, self-reliance and acceptance of higher truth, in release of destructive habits, and disinformation. These are times for pilgrimage, and spirit based gatherings.
As always the eclipses, solstices and equinoxes offer coded energies for renewal and contemplation. And these times are needed, for 2016 continues full speed ahead at a rapid pace into the resolution of unresolved energy.
Eclipse Dates For 2016
  • 8 March            Total Solar eclipse at 18 degrees Pisces
  • 23 March          Lunar eclipse at 3 degrees Aries/Libra
  • 1 September      Solar eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo
  • 16 September     Lunar eclipse at 23 degrees Pisces/Virgo
Equinoxes & Solstices of 2016
  • Equinox – March 20
  • Solstice – June 20
  • Equinox September 22
  • Solstice – December 21
Masters, we tell you again, and please take note, you are in a period of crucible astrology, and this patterning brings by purpose, by design, all unresolved energies to the surface in order for humanity, individually and in mass, to confront and resolve unsettled issues. You are in a historic phase of both intense clearing, further heightened by change, certain are fixed, in leading to 2038, and this of course requires great effort in resolving all unresolved conflicts and issues, in order to usher in the coming Golden Age.
It is however, in 2016 thru 2020 an erratic oscillation, and the level of intensity, the frequencial bar will be raised, purposely upshifted with each eclipse, solstice and equinox. Yet these offer opportunities for recalibration, crysto upshift and re-charging. Such periods are essential for coding, and we urge you to use the timing opportunities we list, for rebooting and re-energizing, and not allow the intensities to overwhelm your energy field and fall into apathy or disillusion. These are powerful times, and you Earth-Keepers, Gridwerkers & Light workers, are valiantly pioneering and courageously anchoring the shift, navigating the oft tumultuous currents of the New Earth.
Fixed Change
Masters, you are in the midst of fixed change. Your earth is upshifting, and what is occurring in nature and in human activity, albeit seemingly tumultuous in your current linear time, has purpose. What is occurring in the reminder of 2015, and 2016 and beyond to key years of 2038 and 2075, humanity have chosen, and scripted in highest good. And that is something we are compelled to remind you to understand. For the fear that continues to take root, can become a disruptive force. It is an unnecessary disruption, which the wise among you, the seekers among you should in this time of transition, choose to wisely release. Do not allow fear to overcome you, for the enlightened among you must stand tall and project the well-being and light of that which is on track.
The Raining & Quickening
We are aware of the great flooding that has recently taken place within England, the United States and many regions across the planet.  And as heartbreaking as these events have been, these are a natural phenomenon, and they have purpose which we will discuss, for these are important for you to understand in the quickening energy of the New Earth. 
And you must realize, that as your climate changes in what is termed as global warming, such occurrences will continue in 2016 and beyond. The ice caps will continue to melt, the seas will continue to warm & rise, air & ocean currents will shift, the balance of tectonics will readjust and quakes will occur, tsunami’s will follow, rain patterns will change, floods, droughts, wildfires, tornadoes and super storms will persist.
The Overview
Masters, these are happening regionally in lieu of a global catastrophe. These are occurring because humanity chose to Ascend. In 1987 measurement, the Harmonic Convergence brought about a shift, a change of what would otherwise have occurred in 1998.
So we emphasize, that it is in fact humanities  1987 ‘Light Quotient Measurement’ and choice to Ascend  which determined that there will NOT be a great global cataclysm, a massive destruction on a worldwide arena., followed by a massive extinction, reboot, a new start. In 2012 the planet ascended, it birthed an ongoing up-shift that will in fact allow for the ascension of humanity in some 15-20 generations.
This is imperative that you know, for this knowledge is in your sub-conscious, and is a source of great accomplishment, of joy. For the earth is cleansing, is up-shifting, and the requisite cleansing/reformatting will be in smaller localized settings, will occur gradually, and both the earth & humanity will indeed now graduate to the next level.
Make no mistake, Dear Ones, the changes to allow the clearing & reformatting will and must continue, and if the masses were to be duly educated and open to the stance and vision of higher good, such appropriate changes could be made much more easily, and sooner rather than later.
So in this discussion of 2016, we wish to remind you of your relationship with the living earth, and how it is much more closely in harmony with you than many of you realize. There is much you are aware of in nature, but much you have forgotten. It is time to reconsider and adjust your understanding. For although your science is much more advanced than in past centuries, there is still great misunderstanding.
Your scientists can accurately predict the time of sunrise and sunset, the timings of equinoxes, solstices and eclipses years ahead in your future. Your meteorologists are able to offer glimpses in the weeks ahead of trending weather patterns.  In this sense these are not ‘prophesies’ nor channeled predictions. Rather an understanding of the science of movement within nature and natural laws.
But what mankind largely does understand, in terms of certain natural phenomena as weather, is that your moods and emotions can affect and to certain degrees influence the ‘weather’ just as much as the weather can affect your moods.
As an example, we will site your hurricanes, typhoons and superstorms. As we have emphasized repeatedly, these are one of the very important frequency upshift mechanisms taking place on your planet. Yet these ‘hurricanes, superstorms and such remain greatly misunderstood, and greatly feared. Again the fear. These are truly intended to charge the oceans with magnificent energies. They are not intended to be drawn to the lands. 
Hurricanes require water, and dissolve on land. But it is as if, the entire world becomes focused on where it will land, what destruction it will cause, and the experts predict where it will come to shore. Masses, literally millions of humans watch the storm, focus on the fear of it landing in their area, and that attentive focal fear does indeed oft pull the storm to the predicted area, by force of human emotional attraction. And these energetic forces of nature, while not conscious energies, are indeed temporal ‘aware’ energies, and are influenced by the humans who connect to their concentrated energy nucleus in highly charged fear.
The true purpose of these storms is to increase the energy of the waters and to allow it to electrically expand. If these remain at sea, then the enormous electrical energy is simply transmuted in a relatively safe environ, and transmuted, conducted as current waves to a very great proportion of the planet. As such it is conducted to the land and peoples, not by wind and waves, but by its terrestrial energy current so that it may reach that many more beings. 
There is a perfection to it, you see? There is what is called the perfect storm in some ways, but the perfect storm is that which the perfect blend of electromagnetic currents contained & provided in the delivery of requisite upshift. As these ‘storms’ then move through the fields of humanity, they are of benefit, for the frequencial ascension of the planet, and as such to the entirety of mankind. For indeed there are ongoing changes on the planet that enable the ascension of humanity. The solar radiation and the ‘storms’ are part of the transition.
Currents & Purposed Movement
Indeed, the storms and floods, quakes and tremors, tsunamis and tornadoes are a part of nature. A part of the earth, and they have an absolute purpose in balancing the earth. Were these not to occur on a regional level, then the imbalances which they electromagnetically resolve, would not be resolved, and a larger event, of even greater cataclysm would be moved into higher likelihood. So in 2016 and beyond, these will continue. But the intense fear reactions are better abated.  
Now, the difficulty with many who are well intended, is that they are not in-tuned, not of a high enough light quotient to accept the true paradigm of the upshift nor the nature of the living planet.  And so such people, while they wish to assist, truly know not how. They believe that to prevent the storm or quake, or to move it elsewhere is appropriate; the fear reigns, better there than here, you see? Not all that wish to assist truly understand the greater good, the higher purpose of those events you term super hurricanes, volcanics, earthquakes and tsunamis.
So most simply react in fear to these events, and wish to be free of the anxiety. But to dissolve fear is not the same as confronting the greater reality by understanding the fear. Therefore the masses of humankind become charged in fear, and actually reinforce, amplify & re-create it. To dissolve or to dissipate natural events of re-balance and of change is not truly of benefit in the upshift, not to the earth and not to humanity.
The difficulty with those that wish to assist, and ‘save the planet’, is that they believe they are more academic in their understanding and know better. Yet they inadvertently omit the divine, they omit the integrity of that termed conscious allied spirit within nature. 
They do not understand or see the perfection in what takes place because there is great difficulty for those of fear-closed minds or narrow vision to comprehend that all is in perfection, that all is in good order. So then they do not add grease to the squeaky wheel, rather, they try to block the cogs which then become still and stuck. And so turning with the wheels of transition becomes that much more difficult, you see? Fear & ignorance is the great culprit of closed minds.
 Wise Stewardship
Many are those who wish to ‘save the planet’ in your terms. But masters, the planet does not need salvation. Humanity cannot destroy the earth, nor the Omni earth. Do not misunderstand, part of your ascension is the wise stewardship of natural resources and the living kingdoms of the earth. But in many ways, the earth is far more conscious, far more advanced than is humanity at this time.
So what is the nature of man’s relationship to the living planet?  It would be best if the relationships were to be synchronistic and be aware that a truly harmonic dialogue can take place now between the earth and humankind. Those of you who have spent lifetimes as the Earth-Keepers, the indigenous, the Druid, the Atla-Ra are to take the lead in such communication. Indeed many of you such as the channel are here now specifically to hold the energy of these dialogues, and they are occurring.
In 2016 and beyond it is imperative that you be aware that there is a divine plan in place, and nothing that occurs on the planet, be it natural phenomenon or human interaction is by random happenstance. As much as humanity wish to take on the guilt of ‘global warming’, we tell you that the earth at this time of shift, would still be undergoing this process even if you were a non-industrailized campestral society.  
Of course you must take steps to stop polluting the air, stop cutting down the forests, and stop damaging your water & resources … but the shifting of the earth is not due to mankind’s misactions. Rather the shift is due to mankind’s decision to ascend.
 It is an absolute fact that the increased potency of your hurricanes is due to the warming of the waters. And as much as you humans want to assume the responsibility of Global Warming, it is not due primarily to your industrialization. As we have said, Global Warming’ would occur now even if you were a campestral society. 
And we say again, do not misunderstand, environmental pollution from industrial waste and emissions, must be brought under control for the health of humanity and the living kingdoms of your planet. But the primary cause of global warming is the increase in spin of the inner molten core of the earth. 
The accelerated core spin, increases the mass & temperature of the molten iron-nickel of the core. The heat generated warms the mantle. The higher spin affects the torque ratio between the inner and outer core in the planets centre interior. These rotate in opposite directions and different speeds.
Torque & Ratio
It is the very mechanism of this torque & ratio of torque change that is increasing the flash of your time sequence on your planet. It also augments the volume & mass of the inner core that subsequently increases the ionic discharge you term the Schumann Resonance.
These changes are profound in effect, and are involved in the evolution of your planet and transformation of the planetary matrix. The adjustments are ongoing and require ‘fine-tuning’.
At present the ‘tuning’ is not complete, and so there is currently an imbalance within the center of the planet, within the very core, as to how the core spins both clockwise and counterclockwise and so then there must be a balancing upon the earth as well. Otherwise, without such balance the earth cannot truly move into its higher octaves in requisite preparation for receival of higher dimensions that lead to 2038.
So ironically, the greater truth unrecognized by the masses of humanity is that without such balancing of the electromagnetics, there would be even more earth changes. There would be first an earthquake, then the hurricane and tornado to balance, you see? Then another earthquake, then the hurricane and tornado creating a pattern of its own, which would not be of assistance, not to the earth and not to humanity. In this way, then, there is an anticipatory energy of how electromagnetics move about the planet, circulating about the new crystalline grid system and then permeating the earth and then balancing within as well. 
It is not done to prevent earth changes, but to bring balance where balance is appropriate. The imbalance, left unadjusted, we assure you, would lead to cataclysm on the global macro scale. Better then that the micro events occur to bring the balance and in so doing prevent the macro you see.
Crucible Energy & Obstacle Release
2016 will continue in the crucible astrological energies, meaning that 2016 in linear flow continues to carry a vibrational wave phase of clearing, of removing obstacles. A time in which unresolved energies will continue to surface in order to be confronted. Of course this occurs in macro and in micro,   in mass planetary events and individually. Each of you will face on some level any residues of unresolved conflicts. These should be faced, and not feared.
2016 Patterns of Release
Masters, astrology in its correct application is one of gravitational and electromagnetic waves that influence the human body physical and the etheric bodies of the mental and emotional matrix. It is real, it is not folklore. We are not speaking about horoscopes, rather about very real waves of energy, which are teeming with frequencies, light and color that affect you by induction and federate patterns. These patterns are vibrations that absolutely will influence, you whether or not you accept that they do. However no influence is greater than the power of will. But by being aware of the influential vibratory patterns you can more effectively work with and not against the patterns. Accordingly opportunities can be understood and thus seized, and pitfalls can be wisely avoided.  Do you understand?
In the New Earth of 2016, the Crystalline Grid has taken predominance over the magnetic grid, and this in kind influences both gravities of planets & stars as well as the interpretation of Light. And a force of influence that plays into this energetic collage is that of Divine Thought.
There are patterns of influence from the collective Divine Aspect of Humanity and that termed Universal Mind that are injecting specific codes through the Crystalline Grid into the Earthplane at apertures formed in phases of eclipses, solstices and equinoxes.
The 2016 Pattern of Seeming Chaos
Accordingly in 2016, you are in a unique timing in which planetary influences have combined with cosmic forces that are not normally associated to astrological gravities to create a unique and succinctly intense purging in the paradigm of the New Earth. That termed the shadow, the darkside is in a temporal free-flow for a peculiar period of frequencial time to bring to the surface repression and frustrations, whether justified or not, to be confronted, viewed and dealt with in the crucible of human experience and manifest reality. 
That which was hidden or repressed is being percolated to the top. Past transgressions and unresolved conflicts that may have been hidden will surface in this time for facing and responsibly clearing. 
It is a time of misunderstanding, of overreaction and illusion. It is an energy underscored by extremes in expression of repression, a backlash of frustrations that may be revealed in a squeeze of untoward, even inappropriate venting in releasing that which was in ‘shadow’.
Divine Purpose
 Let us take a moment to once again tell you that nothing that is happening around you in the present is without purpose. Although opposites (and as such dark energies) exist in duality, good and evil in your terms are purposed illusions. From the higher stance above polarity opposites do not exist, and everything is part of and leads to the greatest good.
Earth is a testing ground, and although the experiences you have in duality are very real to you, such essential lessons are designed for your development of co creatorship. You are learning, growing, being taught, and you are teaching yourselves to optimally manage energy, to become conscious co-creators with ‘All That Is’, Creator God in your terms. And one of the “stages of development” or learning processes in the University of Duality includes dealing with opposites as realities, with good and evil. And because these opposites exist in duality, it is requisite that you choose ‘good’ in the path of love.
The struggle between light and dark, good and evil is within you all. Some of you exude light; others of the family of humanity do not as yet. Learning to find unity is part of your curriculum. This represents a unification, and integral whole that you cannot as yet truly grasp in the field of duality because in 3d-duality you largely perceive only portions of reality, not the whole. Opposites are real in polarity, and accordingly you must learn to deal with them. You must release fear in this process.
Do not misunderstand, darkness must be confronted and light ever prevail… and although above duality good and evil do not actually exist, they are indeed actualities of 3d, as conditions of existence in your system of reality. In rather simplistic terms, concepts of good and evil will in time serve to teach you the sacredness of existence and the responsibilities of consciousness, and provide guidelines along your path.
The Economy
Masters, in this time of shift, in the coming year of 2016, another area of fear, is the economic system. Some in your economic media see the roller coaster of economics continuing to surge & fall into areas of great fear and concern. Certain of these have alternative motives for driving fear, either for political motives, or to sell certain ‘stable’ commodities, or precious metals such as gold and silver. Some among the ‘naysayers’ align to the fear based predictions of a total economic collapse. Again the fear.
And on the higher plane, we tell you that economic collapse, the FEAR of collapse that the naysayers and fear-mongers may proclaim, does not serve the planet…. Does not align to the path you are on in the New Planet Earth of 2016 and beyond. For fear is not the way of conscious creation into higher light.
Dear Ones, while the economic system must and will change, a total collapse into global chaos would not serve the New Earth. There will be systematic highs and lows, which in the long term view are rather standard; but a global economic collapse is not the probable outcome. 
The so called ‘one percent’ of money power brokers, while greed & power based, will in fact, take measures to prevent, to not allow a systemic collapse. They will prevent it for their own purposes, certainly not from any altruistic principle or stance. 
But be assured, in time a more equitable system will emerge in the new energy, a new system will form, will evolve, when the populace demand it, when you co create it.  The change into the new system will in time take place, but will take many decades. It will be a gradual process. However, and please take note, on an individual basis those that strongly align to deep fear of economic disaster, may in fact manifest it into their personal experience, for you attract to self that which you fear.
So we will tell you that the Ascension is a new beginning. And in 2016, the Earth continues further into the new format that will allow for humanities ability to rise lucidly, further ascend consciously into higher dimensions. The New Earth now carriers a matrix through the Crystalline Grid that is absolutely enabling humanity to be more aware of their true nature within multidimensionality.
But to emphasize, the fear should be released. Fear leads to apathy. We tell you all is on path, the sky is upshifting … not falling ! Quite the contrary, the heavens are opening.
We assure you that a new sun has dawned, and it is indeed the sun of change. It brings the light of the magnificent New Earth. And Dear Ones, we do mean magnificent. In this new era, it is incumbent upon the seekers to project joy, to project light, for in the expansion to Crystalline Harmonics, every photon of mental light you project is exponentially amplified. And this occurs more rapidly in the New Energy of 2016. So your roles take on a new importance, a greater benevolence, as your creation powers increase in that termed the Aquarian Shift. 
The earth movements, the cleansing, the seeming chaos and intensities are not without purpose, but those of you of Light will also be able to utilize the shifting energies on the planet for co creating the world of love, of Humanities Ascension. And remember that Ascension occurs one heart at a time…what you do individually and how each of you reacts adds to the collective.
I am Metatron with Tyberonn of Crytsalline Service, and we share with you these Truths. You are truly beloved.
And So it is…And it is So

MATT KAHN – Energy Update, January 2016 – A Year of Inspired Action – 1-4-16

Matt Kahn



MATT KAHN   –   Energy Update,  January 2016   –   A Year of Inspired Action   –   1-4-16



The stage has been set. Each character prepared with lifetimes of experience for what is finally a tangible transition into the new 5D energies so many (including myself) have been discussing. For those who didn’t have a chance to read my September 27, 2015 follow-up, a 3-part energy update was written, circulated globally, and remains posted in the articles section of our web site.

While much has opened up throughout the latter parts of 2015, some were unable to feel the newly-expanded vibrations due to the amount of integration that was required in order to fully rewire your energy field in preparation for our emerging times.

As always, I offer these energy updates as a way of providing clarity, so your path can be navigated with love, compassion, inspiration, joy, simplicity, and ease. While I am here to assist you in seeing things differently and reminding you of cosmic options you may have forgotten are available, it is always important to remember that your unique path is always your own.

Girl jumps to the New Year 2016While I may offer these updates as reminders that you are not alone in your awakening symptoms or mysterious patterns of experience, it is never intended to become a replacement for your innate ability to think for yourself. Whatever power I am given, it is my duty, honor, and privilege to apply the polish of unconditional love and return your power to you more shiny, upgraded, and radiant than ever before.

May these words act as a guide throughout a journey that evolves at the rate of your most inspired choices.

In my recent conversation with the Universe, I was told the theme of 2016 is a year of inspired action. It is where beings who have been on what feels like an endless spiritual rollercoaster will finally be able to make the important life decisions that invite a new reality to dawn. On a collective level, 2016 will reveal greater activity on a grassroots level, where communities of awakening beings will begin coming together to address the issues and implementing solutions for the well-being of our planet.

It may not be the overnight awakening on a collective level that many await, but it will be a time when we see humanity begin to wake up from its unconscious slumber and step forward in the direction of conscious action. While 2015 seemed to end with much violence and confusion, a different picture is revealed when thinking of the shifts in energy like weather patterns. Just as a hurricane can cause mass destruction to the places it reaches, its purpose is to clear space on the planet for new things to grow.

On an internal level, the weather patterns of our emotional bodies have been clearing space individually and collectively in preparation for new energies to emerge from the onset of 2016 and beyond. For some, this space clearing has been physically debilitating. For others, it has been nothing short of emotionally exhausting. Some even had the 2-for-1 combo platter. And yet, there are some who are so out of tune with their innocence that the only way to clear space within themselves is to victimize others.

This does not condone violence in any way. The entire reason we are participating in our own awakening is to accelerate the consciousness of this planet, so all can live as One throughout a global renaissance of spiritual expansion that is closer to actualization than you might think.

As always, nothing dwelling within you acts as the cause of why the world acts the way it acts. Instead, you are witnessing injustice and atrocities like spiritual flashcards, where the very mixture of feelings that emanate as a result of what you see reveals the next aspect in line to be nurtured, consoled, and loved as a heart-centered journey of eternal salvation.

May every act of violence inspire you be more kind to yourself and others. May each word you speak be a seed of compassion planted in every heart, instead of bullets of judgment you’ve locked, loaded, and are ready to fire under any given circumstance.

Physical violence and emotional cruelty are manifestations of negative energy. The purpose isn’t to turn the darkness into light, but to invite each shadow to remember its true self as the supreme light of all by offering it the loving support it has never received. By loving the pain, sadness, hurt, fear, and anger within you, by no means does it cause you to attract more of the same.

Instead, we only attract more negativity when it is judged by its appearance or behavior, instead of being rehabilitated in the arms of love.

Elephants touching each other gently (greeting) - Addo ElephantThis also doesn’t mean that you should stay in toxic relationships, aggressive living situations, or unfair work environments as a way of transmuting the shadows in those around you. Instead, the objective is to always place yourself wherever you can be best respected and honored for your talents.

From this space of greater safety, life becomes an open-ended opportunity to embrace each aspect of your innocence, no matter what series of events life puts together just to show you what is next in line to be loved instead of judged. Even if there are judgments active within you, perhaps it is merely a more clever invitation to embrace the one who judges, instead of withholding love until the judgments subside.

When we become the ones who change how we treat and relate to the shadow, instead of withholding love until the shadow changes first, an internal shift occurs to melt each aspect of self-sabotage and inner conflict when love is your guide. Whether your world seems to be awakening at an accelerated rate or at a snail’s pace, this moment invites you to repeat out loud the following insight of acceptance:

“I accept that I am only seeing the exact version of the world that is needed to be seen, in order to bring my attention to the aspects of self who deserve to be loved. One moment at a time, may I respond to each atrocity with actions of the opposite vibration throughout my life.”

If you, or someone you know is a victim of theft, what if you responded to that energy with a moment of generosity, whether direct or anonymous? When violence seems to have no regard for the innocence of others, why not respond to that energy by being even more kind and gentle to yourself and others?

When world leaders seem to ignore what’s really important, what if you responded to that energy by taking a deeper look at your life to discover the important issues you may be avoiding and implementing greater conscious action than the political characters in view?

For some, it is hard to believe how decluttering your home or finally having a long-awaited conversation of honesty with someone you know has anything to do with resolving the global issues at hand. And yet, when understanding life from an energetic perspective, we recognize the most direct way to shift a collective reality is by raising the vibration of choices made on a personal level.

As 2016 honors a year of inspired action, it opens up a brand new portal of infinite possibility. With the opening of this new portal, your most powerful choices that invite peace, harmony, health, balance, and well-being into your life can finally manifest tangible results in your outside world.

For quite some time, powerful changes seemed limited to adjusting the way you see things, or briefly shifting how things feel on an emotional level. With the emergence of 2016, your most incredible choices are capable of bringing to life your most fulfilling reality – once and for all.

Whether you are coming out of a deep phase of integration, are already experiencing a year of inspired action long before 2016 arrived, or find yourself completely disassembled and unaware of the first step to make, each moment acts as an opportunity to return to love – no matter how you feel. Even when you are sick and tired of loving yourself, why not embrace the one who is exhausted?

If you are one who has lost all hope and plagued by insurmountable despair, please watch our YouTube video, “Life’s Eternal Liberator” for further energetic support during this critical stage of awakening. That video in particular will assist you in opening up to love in a pure way when and if the words “I love you” were ever associated with those who said loving words, but then acted in a hurtful or abusive manner.

Also, for a step-by-step guide to opening your heart and discovering the safety that allows your brightest light to shine, my book, “Whatever Arises Love That” was written as an energetically charged owner’s manual for life in the new spiritual paradigm.

May these words inspire you to make one bold new choice on a daily basis, as a way of unraveling blockages of stagnation with newly-circulated energy. One bold new choice at a time, whether inspired by negativity that motivates you to respond with greater conscious choices in your personal life, or merely treating this incarnation as a canvas where your greatest work of art is created through a series of courageous decisions, I honor you as a beacon of eternal light and a unique catalyst of heart-centered consciousness.

On behalf of the Universe, now is the time to shine. The portal is now open for those who no longer wait for the world or others to change, but remember that life can now evolve at the rate in which you are willing to choose differently for yourself. The world exists within you.

What you change in your personal life creates a different world over a period of time. This doesn’t mean the actions of the world or individuals you know are due to something out of balance within you. Instead, a world only seems to be the way it is, as a way of inspiring greater conscious action throughout the life of the witness, which in turn, sends out waves of healing energy to transform everything in sight.

You are not the cause of anything you see. You are the conscious solution dwelling in every heart. Rather than look to the global problems you yearn to resolve, I invite you to first return your attention to the worldly affairs of your personal life and dare to make the powerful decisions that bring forth the light for the well-being of all.

As a year of inspired action arrives, 2016 asks you to consider the following question as often as possible: “What am I willing to do differently in order to make today unlike yesterday?”

One new bold choice at a time, including loving the one who is afraid of change or feels unsupported by the Universe, you are delivered across the threshold of victimhood and into the radiance of your long-awaited paradise.

Our time has come, together as One, and in a world of endless questions – love is the only answer.

Many blessings to all,
Matt Kahn


Matt Kahn: Energy Update January 2016 – A Year of Inspired Action, January 4, 2016, http://www.truedivinenature.com/EnergyUpdateJanuary2016.htm

Magenta Pixie – Frequencies for the New Year – Gateway into 2016 – Focused Intention, Magical Intention

Michelle Walling @ In5D Radio – 2016 And Beyond – 1-1-16


Michelle Walling @ In5D Radio   –   2016 And Beyond  –   1-1-16



Host Gregg Prescott and cohost Michelle Walling discuss their personal observations of 2015 as well as what they would like to create for 2016 and beyond.

Topics include:

2015 recap

  • Glitches in the matrix
  • Bizarre synchronicities and Deja Vu
  • The meaning of 111 and 11:11
  • Pluto in Capricorn (beyond the apex)
  • Extreme polarities- earth changes and absolute chaos
  • The fourth dimension and Michelle’s December 2015 “down time”
  • Is our dreamtime more real than our awake time?

2016 and beyond

  • We are creating our reality
  • Mayan calendar- Why is it on the ceiling of the U.S Capitol? What if 2012 (or the end of the Mayan calendar) hasn’t occurred yet due to some bizarre time manipulation?
  • 2016 has been labeled many things, like the year of recalibration and transformation, and Magneta Pixie says the crystals will be activated in 2016 and many will document and share their experiences
  • The Matrix is a binary code of ones and zeros played out in the 3d brain and 4d mind. In 2016 we fully integrate the 5th dimensional heart.
  • Stay grounded in 2016 in unconditional love and forgiveness for yourself and others. What we do within individually will change our external reality.
  • Superpower activations

Jesus through Linda Dillon – Agents of Extraordinary Change – 1-4-16

Jesus posting

Jesus h through Linda Dillon


I’ve just gotten off Linda Dillon’s Saturday Conference Call and I’m still “altered.” I think that’s the proper word for it.

This was the first time I’d heard Linda channel since her surgery and it was a blockbuster.  That outcome was probably as unexpected by Linda as it was by us, given her need for convalescence.

I’ve never heard Jesus talk in such a “commanding” way – commanding attention, that is, not by force or compulsion, but by the nobility of his expression.

He called 2016 a “year of extraordinary change.”  He congratulated us and continued:

“Bravehearts, sweet annas (angels), wayshowers, pathfinders, …  you have done stalwart work.  …

“You have integrated all the downloads that have been sent to thee. You have welcomed the shift, the change, and the deepest level of integration. And now you are ready.

“Hold onto your hats. … And unfurl your wings. … You have challenged and cleared most of your core issues, enough that you have the essence of clarity needed to proceed. And proceed we do.”

Ready for what? Proceed with what?

“You are being activated at the deepest and the highest integration of love and will. And the expression of that divine union is action. …

“The work that you have done brings you to this place where, by an act of loving will, you are prepared to move forth right now in action.

“Now you move boldly, freely, in awe and excitement into the creation and co-creation of Nova Earth from the place of Nova Being and loving will or willing love.  …

“Nothing can stop you now. It is not a matter of more activations, … more tsunami. Is the collective still being penetrated? Yes? But you, beloved ones, are the agents of extraordinary change. You are the agents and angels of regridding, repatterning, and of pulling, pushing, gentling, with every ounce of your being, seen and unseen, bringing the collective and all of Gaia into integrated reality, into New Time.

“It means, in practical terms, a world that you have not even glimpsed. You have dreamt of the New Tomorrow and you have believed it to be fabulous … but you were not even close.

“And it is not ten years hence or a hundred years hence. It is right now.”

What are we to do?

“I’m not asking you to jump the Grand Canyon, although you will. I’m not asking you to get on a soap box and go in front of the White House, although you might.

“What I’m asking you [to do] is to walk with me, us, on Earth with your star family, with the masters, with me in form now.  … Your heart, your soul has always said yes.

“Expect the unexpected. Revel in the unexpected.

“Ascension is at hand. And so I ask all of you to take each other’s hand, to take my hand, to take the hand of St. Germaine, Sanat Kumara, the Mother, for we proceed together at this moment, this bridge of right now, together, in willing love, in loving will, and in determined, focused action.”

What is required in all this? “What is required…? Simple acceptance.”  He said that “the Mother’s Creation is constant and infinite. Therefore change is constant and infinite.” That puts a premium on us remaining open.

He explained a deep mystery: The way in which the Father empowers the Mother to create the worlds. But then he added that this was ordinary knowledge compared to what we’d be learning in the times ahead.

“That is ordinary [knowledge], which is really far from ordinary. But I use this term ‘extraordinary’ to connote quantum leaps, change of such a magnitude that you can hardly believe that yesterday was yesterday and today is today.”


He described the Ascension space as ecstacy. I think I was given a preview of it between Oct. 3 and Dec. 6, 2015 so I could write about what it was like.  The space I was in towards the end of my excursion was definitely ecstacy and I needed nothing else but that to feel totally complete.

We’re the people still reading the messages and listening to the channelings, the people who are ready to step forward into the events about to unfold.  I think that the people who are still here are the ones who will be relied on, drawn from, call it what you will.

If you watched Tomorrowland, you’ll remember the final scene where Frank Walker gives his charge to the new recruiters, who’ll find the people who can, in the movie’s context, “fix the world.”  We as financial wayshowers will find and fund those people.

Not like others who left won’t come back and be called upon. They will. But there’s some unknown impact somewhere, some unknown significance that arises from having stuck it out.

I will gladly “expect the unexpected,” indeed “revel in the unexpected.”

If masters like Jesus are trying to get us excited, I’m willing to go there.

This dam has to break some time soon and I’m willing to get excited, even if it comes at the price of looking foolish – again.

So far the ride has definitely been worth it.

JAMES GILLILAND – ECETI, 2016, New Years Latter – 1-1-16

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ECETI New Years Latter

James Gilliland

I am presently in Australia so I already experienced New Years Eve by the time you read this letter. Its funny I can procrastinate and still be on time, which is pretty much my nature. Time never really worked for me, I like the Aussie expression when they ask what time is it they say summer. Over here it is summer, 105 degrees while back at home in Washington State the doors are covered with snow with lots of digging. The herd of Yaks are loving it. While contemplating what I want to do the next year I think it is best to contemplate the previous year and how we can do things better. Forgive the past, ourselves, others, gain the wisdom from the experiences and start creating a better tomorrow. Do a ceremony around releasing people, places and events. Be grateful for the things that serve you and release the things that don’t. It is time to be brutally honest with our selves and others. We don’t have the luxury of suppressing our true feelings or denial.


2016 is going to be a fast and furious year with lots of changes. It is imperative to shift into creative mind and out of reactionary mind. The struggles for power and control will come to a climax. The tyrants will continue to war upon each other and try to carry out their agenda. Unfortunately for those who remain in denial and ignorant of these agendas will suffer the reactions to the actions of tyrants. Those who continue to serve the beast will fall with the beast. The source itself, the Earth or Sophia Gaia has a plan. The Ultradimensionals, Ascended Masters, Saints and Sages are all aligned with this plan. Even the Nature Kingdom is aware of and will be participating in this plan. There are forces unimaginable gathering together to implement this plan. It has everything to do with the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. What some call ascension or a frequency shift.


Those who are not in alignment with the new frequencies will not fare well in this process. If you are not frequency specific or rising to the occasion your world will come to an end. There are two paths and the gap is increasing exponentially. Like many of the prophecies foretold one path will end in complete collapse or demise, the other will continue. Those who choose universal law, which is best expressed as Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All, “ Unity Consciousness” will fare well in the days to come. Those who choose power and wealth at the expense of humanity and the Earth will not. The real wealth is living a life in alignment with soul and spirit. It is empowering others, serving the higher good.


What so many do not factor in is divine intervention. Most do not know the higher order or workings of the cosmos. In the UFO community many have their necks cranked back into the past. Some are still trying to prove the ships are real while others are making them demons or angels. There are those who proclaim all ETs are good, some proclaim all are evil. We cannot pigeon hole this phenomena. While most of the Omniverse is benevolent there are still some groups that are extremely self serving even malevolent. Those who teach a one sided truth are doing a major disservice to others. One promotes fear the other promotes ignorance and exposes people often to unseen negative influences. The real path to self-mastery and maintaining ones self-authority is to teach how to use discernment and heal unseen negative influences which includes malevolent ETs.


Another disservice is to ignore the inner work making everything external. Many focus only on nuts and bolts, back engineering, etc. What is sad is those who cannot grasp the multidimensionality of UFOs are extremely jealous of those who can to the point of being threatened. When you add the shills and disinformation agents the whole field gets convoluted. I have been censored redundantly for bringing out a more unlimited or higher perspective in the field of ufology. Is there any question why they have not contacted the major UFO groups? One group wants to worship them, another wants to fight them, while still another wants to ignore them. Where is the unity? Is there any cooperation? Which group would the ETs choose? Any enlightened or benevolent ET would take the high road and wait for some common ground or agreement. It would be awesome for everyone to stop, take a deep breath this new years, allow a little flexibility in your be lie fs and choose to side with truth over ulterior motives. Apply universal law in every aspect of your life. I can say with conviction I don’t know everything, my truth is flexible, and I am open to new information and knowledge. I don’t need to wear the suits and ties, act as the ultimate authority, or strut around as if I am superior. Its time to be authentic.


Happy New Year, Buckle Up

James Gilliland