Judith Dagley – Frequency Lesson One – 8-9-14

judithFrequency Lesson–
The lesson is that the lessons are no longer separate. No longer consecutive as the word is defined– “a linear sequence without interruption.” (Ha, forget THAT old dinosaur.)

Picture yourSelf as a light SO bright and SO focused that it only appears to be a pinpoint.

Do NOT dismiss the “seemingly miniscule” as irrelevant any longer!
As above, so below.

The source of ALL is birthed from a single seed– just as YOU were.
And the birthing process never ends.

Picture yourSELF, then, as a pinpoint of white light, SO bright, SO potent through its laser focus that it has the power to create every reflection that you see around you as YOUR OWN.

SEE yourSelf!
FEEL yourSelf, pulsing out the frequencies that are expressions of YOU in every moment. Be CONSCIOUS of your own creations, AS you create them, through every thought, every emotional activation… and see your own power of creation reflected around you.

All of the doing and trying and struggling and projections of judgments onto others in order to avoid our own power–lest we feel ashamed– must STOP.

The only shame is in the avoidance, and it is childsplay. You/we have ougrown it. All of the angst is simply outgrowing pains.

How do I know that? Because I am experiencing them, too. And to grow beyond them, I have learned that I need to FACE them, and be willing to speak aloud about them.

Hang concerns about “what others might think!”
How silly that seems at this point. Who cares, when nothing about NOW could ever be understood through “thought,” anyway? When my/our very spirit cries for nothing less than to expand beyond the bondage of such concerns… and into the frredom of integrity?

And the more we honor that cry, the more others will as well… although NOT necessarily, in the moment we feel we need them to. THAT I have learned experientially.

And I have also learned that is because I do NOT need them to.
So, I say to you–
NOW is the time to stop “thinking” that you “need” or “know.”

NOW is time to be still and know that you/we are God.


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Sandra Walter – March Magnetics – 3-2-14



Thanks to Lucas2012infos.

Blessings Dear Light Tribe,

March promises to be an exciting month for our process: Challenging, yet beautiful. While planetary magnetic shifts do their best to shake things up energetically – the physical structure as well as old systems – keep in heart that the purpose is to shake loose the collective fear of change. Sometimes when we know dramatic change is upon us, we tend to tense up and hold our breath energetically. Please breathe freely and act from abundance to balance the collective inhale as things change. Hands to heart, stay calm and centered.

Magnetics may create physical imbalance (vertigo or whirling sensations). My technique is to lean into it, feel it, and comfort/coach the body as it adjusts. Demagnetize and repolarize often.

Extra water is vital during increased Solar activity; the incoming new light is aimed at crystalline structures in the heart center right now. Charge your water with the intention to support the new light in your body.

Elevated electron counts increase the pure light penetration of our cells at an atomic level. Welcome it, and be sure to oxygenate with exercise and movement to support the expansion.

The crystals are here!

The crystals arrived for the teleportation project and they are stunning. I wept with joy and continue to do so when working on this project. It’s all so fascinating to me! Blessings to everyone who has said they are working on teleportation, it is truly a magical passage as we learn to build these structures for physical interaction with our off-world teams. I AM following guidance to keep details at a minimum as we work on this, and no photos will be posted of the crystals at this time.

The fast has ended

I was on a 14 day fast which ended today. It provided SO much clarity on where I AM in my personal process and what the body is capable of. I highly recommend trying a good fresh juice or water fast for a few days as a check-in for both the lower and higher levels. Even if you have fasted in the past, try it again – it feels different and the energetic support for the body has changed dramatically. It is an excellent way to level up the crystalline structures and advance DNA activation. I AM implementing a 3 day water fast each week because it will accelerate my process quickly.

The Ascension Course Q&A call

I AM hosting the monthly Q&A call for The Ascension Course this Wednesday, March 5 at 6pmPT. If you are in the Course, please join live to ask a question or send them to me ahead of time. Note: I have been guided to begin each call with a message for the participants!

If you would like to accelerate your process, or are looking for clarity on Ascension, please register for the Course HERE. It is the only paid service I offer.

Many blessings for a vibrant March!

In love, light and service, Sandra

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Eric Pearl, Kelly Woodruff – Living in the 5th Dimensional Realitiy – Host Alan Steinfeld

NewRealities·633 videos

Alan Steinfeld of NewRealities talks with Eric Pearl and Kelly Woodruff about the next level of functioning as human people that we as a race of beings are moving into.

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Following The Heart – 1-24-14

Following The Heart
Dear One, the wisdom of the ages is within you.  Your physical body is a biomechanism of information flow.  Your subconscious mind regulates your information flow for your survival.  Your conscious mind regulates your information flow for your choice.  Your heart regulates information flow for your Soul Progression.  You are wise indeed.  You have imbued within you the connection of information that is Spirit in form, which is Life.  This connection is the same language that the stars, the planets, the animals, the flora, Time, magnetics and Light speak.  Your rocks speak to those with ears to hear.  Your Earth speaks.  Your clouds are an array of information that coagulate based on the information flow of Life on Earth.  They move in concert with the wind.  They densify and disperse based on the magnetic push and pull of information flow.  It seems esoteric because it doesn’t have definitive science behind it.  But doesn’t your heart tell you there is consciousness within it All?  If a water crystal can form in response to a sound or thought vibration, does it not follow that the water in clouds respond as such?  It is your heart that speaks to them.  Your heart speaks the language of Life connected.
Your heart is an engine of intent.  It is an instrument of connection (Love) with the grand pulse of Life.  It is the apparatus through which the subtle information of the soul speaks to you and then the brain interprets.  This beautiful connection is Spirit, Life, consciousness – Love flowing to you, through you and from you. Life responds.  Your elixir of Love emanating from you is your unique signature.  All Life is imbued with Love.  As you observe the melee around you, it is information received within you.  It mixes with you and your vibration then contains its formless structure.  What do you do with that meal of information you have just ingested?  What is your intent?  Dear Lightworker, whatever you observe is Spirit in another form, and it responds to your electromagnetic Mastery of Love.  Love is a varied spectrum of information and form.
Your heart, beautiful One, has the wisdom of Life, the unconditional Love of Source, the strength of grace pulsing through it.  As you observe Life and mix your wisdom, Love and strength with it, the clouds begin to form.  Whatever they release; the quenching rains, the cleansing storms, the blanketing snow or the joy of white fluffy shapes driving through the sky – it is the perfect culmination of response and there is a depth of progress within it.  That is the natural flow of Life.  Movement, progress, change.  As you allow your Love to mix with the information of Life, your progress becomes the harmony of Life moving.  Your Loving information changes the tide of the electromagnetic in-form-ation.  Following Your Heart is as easy as loving Life and as difficult as finding the whisper of Love in the cacophony around you.  It is worth the stillness to find Love’s moving flow.  Your wisdom abounds within.
As we sit to Blast Following The Heart, we are emanating the pulse of Love into Life at all times.  We are allowing our Divine nature to nurture Life into greater joy, creativity and growth.  We are remembering the winds of change we’ve witnessed as we understand the harmony of Life.  We are the change, reigning Love’s grace into the song of our heart, following the clues of Love’s birth.  Blast on!


Sheldan Nidle Update – 12-31-13 – “The various elements of the Light have completed a number of vital agreements that truly ‘seal the deal’”

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“All the important warrants needed to arrest and/or confine the major members of the dark cabal are in order; what is left is to execute these in the proper sequence. In addition, the various operations to bring out the global currency reset are concluding, as are the numerous resolutions needed to return your world to a new gold standard. These are to be interim steps as a worldwide prosperity is put into place. Money is an instrument toward a specific end. A time of prosperity will reorder this and transform intention into the powerful position now held by money. In short, your values are to redirect to transforming your beliefs in finite ends, and to alter them to what your Higher Self really desires. These things will mirror your true higher values and encourage the unity with others and the personal sovereignty that lies within. This next period will be a quick transition to bring you from the current morass that you live in to one that will prepare you for contact and a rise of a new consciousness.

12 Men, 18 Mol, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! We return with more information on the ongoing transformation of your world. This present situation is playing out as this Gregorian year of 2013 AD comes to a close. The dark cabal is flustered as it is forced to concede area after area of its former unfettered areas of power. This dynamic process is ongoing and is to be concluded shortly. The various elements of the Light have completed a number of vital agreements that truly “seal the deal.” The dark cabal realizes this and understands that its long reign in this realm is coming to an end. Not only are they to taste the rigor of a broad legal confinement, but they will also be put in a position to watch much of their wealth and former special privileges fade away. This is just the beginning of what is to happen. The new governance, as we stated previously, will transform your current non-disclosure of our presence into a formal declaration of recognition. A new gold-based currency and new global banking laws will lead to the breakup of most super-large banking institutions. The near future for this reality is indeed bright!

All the important warrants needed to arrest and/or confine the major members of the dark cabal are in order; what is left is to execute these in the proper sequence. In addition, the various operations to bring out the global currency reset are concluding, as are the numerous resolutions needed to return your world to a new gold standard. These are to be interim steps as a worldwide prosperity is put into place. Money is an instrument toward a specific end. A time of prosperity will reorder this and transform intention into the powerful position now held by money. In short, your values are to redirect to transforming your beliefs in finite ends, and to alter them to what your Higher Self really desires. These things will mirror your true higher values and encourage the unity with others and the personal sovereignty that lies within. This next period will be a quick transition to bring you from the current morass that you live in to one that will prepare you for contact and a rise of a new consciousness.

This move toward full consciousness will permit you to better understand the complex nature of the divine plan, and to graciously accept the sacred decrees of the Creator. As you live in a new sacred realm, you begin to accept the responsibilities that encompass your divine service. We are deeply involved with the special edicts that govern this galaxy and physicality. Our galactic society models are founded upon realities that best reflect each of our many star nations. We see ourselves as colors of a vast multitudinous rainbow. Each of us has those interlocking elements to produce this most gracious whole. Our galaxy, in turn, likewise interlocks with others to forge a grand whole that permits the sacred to manifest among us. It is this manifestation of Spirit that both drives and excites us. This Galactic Federation exists to serve Heaven and to unfold the grand divine plan throughout physicality. This operation is one that you are to embrace when you have taken new duties as fully conscious Beings of Light!

The amount of integration and transformation that Gaia and her sister worlds are to undertake is quite astounding. The Sun also has numerous duties that she needs to perform to bring this reality into its full potential. Every day, we monitor this solar system and aid her in the great feat of transformation. Think of it! You are witnessing not only a momentous set of alterations on this world but also a series of unique changes happening to each planet. When these numerous changes are finished, you are to be a part of a system that contains five habitable water worlds teeming with diverse ecosystems that extend both to regions in outer and inner realms. Your responsibilities as stewards of these many worlds are indeed immense. These efforts are to be coordinated by your governing councils with the advice of your Ascended Masters. Each of you is to possess talents that will enable all of this to happen easily and naturally. This divine flow comes from the divine plan and the qualities divinely put in you!

Hosanna! We are your Ascended Masters! We come here with some good news to relay to you. At present, our associates are working diligently to prepare the final elements for rolling out your new reality. The first of these includes a global currency reset mixed in with new stricter banking regulations and the beginnings of a worldwide “gold-backed” financial system. This reset will eventually force the re-chartering of this globe’s major banks. It will also limit how currency is exchanged for various large marketing programs that exist between banks in many European and American “money markets.” The point made here is simply that a new system will replace the present one and allow for prosperity to flow to all. This will end the dark’s many financial machinations that kept most of you poor and hence easily manipulated. Money will quickly fall by the wayside as a new consciousness rises everywhere.

These blessed changes will transform how you live your daily life. In addition, you will see the rise of new governance and the emergence of a slew of now suppressed technologies. This, along with a coming first contact, will permit us to start a whole series of divine consciousness lessons. These lessons will allow you to look carefully at what constitutes this reality and what full consciousness truly implies. Much needs to be explained and much needs to be learned by you. Each lesson in this special syllabus will consist of examples, stories and simple exercises. We further intend to demonstrate a number of things that you will encounter when you return to full consciousness. Each of you has many past lives that you will need to examine and process. You will also require an oral manual on what will be happening to you.

Heaven has methodically orchestrated the means by which this transformation is to be carried out. Our part in this sacred schedule is to teach and supervise. We have for millennia watched over and advised you. A more comprehensive mode will presently be required. This, we do in Joy! You are here to alter the very nature of this reality and to assist Gaia in her transition to full consciousness. Moreover, we are all to be tasked by Heaven with the fruitful transition of this solar system to its former glories. The resulting new star nation will be greatly sought after by many in this galaxy. Thus, each of you came here only after passing special spiritual tests given you by Heaven. This makes our sacred duties extremely important to the unfolding of the divine plan. We accept our responsibilities graciously and prepare for our mutual success! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we carried on with our messages. We explained briefly what is now happening around this globe. These wonderful events will set the stage for your new prosperity and your new governance. They bring new devices and new responsibilities. We are indeed in the time of “Miracles and Wonders!” Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Sananda – by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – 12-20-13




YOU AND ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THE SHIFT. Humanity is but a Band-Aid held in place by its own belief system. You cannot fool the quantum nor yourself. Be honest and know where you want yourself to go. As long as you hold onto struggle as a life raft, it will only let you waft in the seas of despair. You ARE THE CAPTAIN OF YOUR FATE MASTER OF YOUR SOUL, as long as you think everything is affecting/effecting you it will be. Change your thinking and change your life.

KNOW THAT YE ARE GOD and nothing can change that!!

Ye are God when thou are poor of spirit and substance, ye are God when filled with the riches of the day, ye are God when left alone to sleep in the night and ye are God when held in the arms of a beloved! Your faith must be sealed and solid as the rock of the mountains, as unfetching as the relentlessness of the seas, shifting only to hold onto and deeper in thine own self. Unfold your humanness and rest on the wings of truth for you cannot be any thing else but what you are. Falter not in the heat of the situation but commence on the journey into the night of the soul walking along the cliff of the future without seeing but with the lens of the heart.

You sway with every little ripple of personality, spending so much time fighting the dragons, that you are exhausted within your own essence. I am the dragons as I am you, let not that go un-noticed. For you fight within your own homestead battling the shadows that is created by your very own light. Strip away what frightens you look deep within the crevices of your soul to see why this music of fear plays in your heart, why you have not received the love that awaits your every caress. You look for a rescuer one who will ride in upon his mount, his steed of steadfastness and swoop you up from the very life that you have created. Even in this fantasy there is a fear of being dropped, let go, abandoned without a thought. Know dear child I am you as you are me and we cannot ever be abandoned for we are one at the heart and the hip, in whatever form we take.

What you seek is not monetary security nor love nor wisdom but it is the knowing that I am their unbending unfettering standing in the light and the shadows of your experience. And I give you that truth through this day I AM ALL OF YOUR EXPERIENCE NOT ONLY WHAT YOU DEFINE AS THE GOOD. IT CAN BE NO OTHER WAY. LOOK FOR MY REFLECTION in the smoothness and fullness of your tears. In this experience of life you have chosen to learn to manifest from the very dust you walk upon. You wanted to remember how to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear with no help from any one.  Now you ask for that missing piece of the puzzle seeking my council, my sign, my message.

You think that something is missing broken lost within you, but dear child I knew it would come to this intersection one day and I lovingly hid within you the missing piece that you so seek. The keys to the kingdom of heaven on earth lies within, seek thou own council and the Code of Light you look for will be revealed. The heavens smile upon you with much heaviness in their hearts as they stand back as you INSTRUCTED IN YOUR DEPARTURE from the heavenly realms. Love you are, love you will be, love you can be nothing else. Do not seek to be loved seek to be love!  Your teacher, master, brother, Sananda

Sacred Geometry of Frozen Light

Everything within and upon the planet earth has a sacred geometry, a light, and a sound.  Your very snowflakes are sacred geometry’s that come to give you the gift of ungradement. snow is solidified light patterns.  Light that has landed like miniature frozen crop circles.  This solidified frozen geometric light comes forth to infuse you with sacred patterns of ancient /future knowledge.  Imagine trillions upon trillions of snowflakes, each one holding a different geometry, a different pattern of living light.

When you look up and see these magical snowflakes open your mouth like a small child and let them land on your tongue. They will give you sacred solidified light equations to help you move into another level of self and soul. As you walk upon them a crunch is heard, as the geometries break apart in activation. Imagine yourself walking through every crop circle that was ever created all at once, what a thrilling experience that would be.

You are asked to enter the quantum fields of reality where you direct the orchestra, where you direct the energies, where you direct the creations without fault, without fear, without falling, or without failing.  You are each Maestros of Light.  Nature has have held the sacred text and the sacred truths until humans were aware enough to embrace them in love.  All of life has messages hidden within it.  It is time to release the bounty that lives within the rocks, the clouds, the sky, the snow, the trees, and the water.


Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Increasing Your Belief Factor – Redesigning Yourself – 12-13-13



Aquarius Paradigm

You Are Asked to Increase Your Belief Factor and Redesign Yourself, as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan. December, 2013 at: http:/www.thequantumawakening.com | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

You are asked to step up to the plate and sup upon what is not formed as of yet. Let it fuel your life force. Instead of allowing life and her daily dramas to suck, you dry. Stop whining about what has be-fallen you and see it as a heavenly gesture, a piece of the soul puzzle you seek to fit the picture in your heart.

Imagine yourself sitting in a beautiful park surrounded by 101 Dalmatians. Each one of these black and white dogs is trained to serve you, to listen to your every command. Whenever you have any thoughts these 101 Dalmatians respond instantly. Obeying your every word, action, and thought 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year after year. This is the very ground floor of quantum creation.

Everything in the Universe is composed of sub-atomic particles called Quanta (or Quarks). These particles are so small they have eluded physicists for eons. Quanta particles are constantly in a state of flux. Changing with chameleon like properties to suit the thoughts of whoever is observing them. In other words, every thought changes the picture of the quanta. If 10 people were observing these subatomic particles, everyone would see something different.

The world as you know it responds and mirrors you’re every thought, word and action. All is recorded in time. All in material form is solidified quanta, such as your car, sofa, money, etc; everything else is unformed quanta, waiting for you to give it form.

Imagine all of the air in the world as unformed Quanta. With every breath you take, you are inhaling unformed quanta, circulating it throughout your body, through your thoughts, and then exhaling it back into the physical world. In the exhale, the manifestation process begins.

What were you thinking, praying, speaking, as you inhaled those subatomic particles? Whatever your thoughts or actions were, you have just birthed a new hologram. The quanta have adhered to your thoughts and now are in the process of forming and formulating a situation/experience to mirror that! Every breath, every thought, everyday!

The Divine spark within us cultivates what our heart, Soul, body, and mind needs. Everything you do defines who and what you are! Every choice that you make shows what direction you are choosing to sail your life. The choices are always multiple and all are to be honored. Do not yell at the Universe (AKA God) when events transpire that you dislike, change your Quanta, and your world will change.

Each of us resides in our own little universe, where the events of the day rotate around us like our own personal solar system. Even though we interact with others, our life experiences can only be our own. They may touch others, but others cannot own them, or even change the shape of them. Life is complicated, complex, and very fiber-optic. Strands of us touch and cross over so many. We never really see how we touch and affect the people and situations of our world.

It is important that you create consciously whatever brings love & joy & peace into your heart. Then this energy will ripple out endlessly through all life every where. Believe in what you know in your Soul to be possible. Never give up on your dreams. Hold the Greatest Vision for yourself and the world!

Aquarius Paradigm

Galactic Free Press – Surprises Ahead – Shocking Events – 12-6-13

GalacticCentral·471 videos

Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center ~ The Real News and The Whole Truth

Quoted from Sonja Myriel RAouine …..”The Seeding has BEGUN!”

Greetings Love Beings, WOW!!! Our Past Events of the Opening of the Portal on November 23rd Coupled with an Intense Comet Ison Energy Was Our Most Incredible Portal and Events Yet, in fact it was another round of WHAMMY Energies which was Felt by many throughout the planet. Comet Ison appeared to dissolve and then reappear stronger then ever.

This Event Gave Us Quite a Surprise and has Perplexed the Scientists. This is Symbolic for Humanity, it was like the death of the ego and the reappearance of the True Being! Humanity is Going to Make it and 2014 we will see Phenomonal Movement In this Direction. More Surprises and Shocking Events Up ahead!

More: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreep…

Link To Last Update: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreep

Archangel Michael – Sacred Fire Energy – Ronna Herman


Beloved masters, you came from far-distant Universes, Sub-universes, galaxies and planets, and you brought with you a wealth of cosmic information, which was stored within your Sacred Mind for future access. There were stringent requirements you had to pass and solemn vows you had to make. You agreed to come to Earth during these momentous evolutionary times, and then incarnate into greatly diverse and often very difficult circumstances. You made a pledge that when the time came for you to step onto the path of ascension, you would allow us to set aside your free will so that we could take whatever measures were deemed necessary to awaken you. For many, it resulted in a Soul merge, and others who had already awakened to their Soul Self were ready for a merge with a facet of their Higher Self. When the Soul finally merges fully with the Sacred Heart, it is a grand reunion of monumental proportions. When your intentions are composed of wisdom overlaid with love and projected with purity, you become a powerful source of Sacred Fire energy.

This awakening resulted in a mass Divine discontent among what we will call the “advanced guard”. You all have experienced some of the diverse and momentous transformations that have taken place among the masses. You have also observed or have been affected by the accelerated Earth changes, which have increased in frequency, and are continuing on a regular basis. Most of you, who have consciously made an effort to reclaim your Divinity, through whatever means you were/are attracted to, are among this advanced group of souls. You agreed to be the examples, and you are willing to do everything within your power to ease the way for others by becoming sentinels of Light, Wayshowers and World Servers. In past ages, the ascension process was available only to those who incarnated as initiates firmly on the path–as disciples whose mission was to anchor as much Divine Light and to bring forth as much cosmic wisdom as possible. That time is past. It is a time of mass ascension, for all the planets, solar systems, galaxies and Sub-universes within this universe are actively involved in an unprecedented ascension process. The wheels of Creation are ever spiraling downward or upward, inward or outward, depending on the great cosmic cycle of the time.

The Superconscious Mind and the many facets of your Higher Self are the link to the Spiritual realms. First, you may begin to get flashes of information/inspiration via your intuitive abilities and during meditation. The powers of the mind are greatly enhanced as an aspirant on the path becomes more proficient and comfortable in using the higher frequency patterns of the Sacred Mind. As a result of tapping into the higher frequency realms of the brain structure, a good portion of your memory of past events will begin to fade as you move out of the realm of the instinctual brain/mind into the realm of the Higher Mind. Ascension is mind-expanding, a process of passing from one state of consciousness to another. The awareness expands to include all humanity, the Earth, the solar system and its workings. No longer is the focus on the little self. The ultimate goal is to become a galactic Being and eventually attain a universal consciousness.

As you become proficient at accessing the power and majesty of the higher frequency dimensions—you begin to get a glimpse of how wondrous paradise can be—and the excitement begins to build. That is what is happening all over the world. It is a very personal experience, for you can have confusion, turmoil and chaos around you and still be centered in the calm eye of peace and joy. As time goes by, you will find that your center of peace will extend out farther and farther, and as more of you begin to tap into the eternal power of perfection, it will spread faster and faster until it encompasses the world.

There is a great stirring taking place among the masses, those who until now were not ready to listen to the inner nudgings of Spirit or delve into the mysteries of Creation that are beginning to flow on the currents of higher frequency RAYS of the new Divine Blueprint. We have said that you have been very brave to step out of your comfort zone, out of the mass consciousness flow of popular beliefs into uncharted territory. You have been willing to face up to many challenges and tests, and you have not been deterred by those who said you were wrong, evil or wishful-thinkers. You are proving that what you have accepted as your truth is indeed working, and the validation is concrete and visible for all to see so that there can be no dispute. Fear is the greatest deterrent to change, but you are learning to tame your fears and you are claiming your Sacred Will-power.

Each time you visit your fifth-dimensional Pyramid of Light, you become more adept at tapping into and using the gifts of Creation, and you bring back with you more and more of the rarified unmanifested fifth-dimensional Light substance. See these streams of Light spiraling down into the physical realms of expression, as they gradually become tangible and take form under your direction through your visions, dreams and clear intention. Many of you have learned the discipline necessary to hold your visions without wavering, and you are learning that the miracles of manifestation take place one clear thought, one step or action, and one day at a time. There are no shortcuts, beloveds; you must follow the universal laws of manifestation in order to harness the power of Creation.

You are being called to join the leadership Light team, those who will show the way for the beautiful souls now awakening from their spiritual slumber. Thousands are needed to facilitate and assist in this next wave of awakening that is now in progress, for it encompasses millions upon millions. Even those still in denial are becoming aware that something profound and unprecedented is taking place on Earth. These souls will not have to go through the extensive cleansing, clearing and painful processing that so many of you have experienced. Indeed, you have opened the way and have the knowledge that will help them to move quickly through the awakening process and into empowerment.

You are the examples and the Wayshowers, for you are destined to teach those around you the simplified steps necessary to clear their old thought patterns, so that the Divine Light of the Creator may begin to take dominion within their heart center. You are major players, my brave ones, as we move to the next higher spiral of evolution. By now, we hope that you are beginning to accept what we tell you, that you are all beautiful Beings who carry a precious Spark of the Creator within your heart/soul. Allow your Higher Self to inspire and guide you, but please step to the fore and use the knowledge, wisdom and skills that have been so dearly won.

Dear hearts, you are a composite of all your past experiences and memories. You have had many lifetimes as a female where you were abused or mistreated by men, and many lifetimes in the male body where you suffered the loss of your beloved mate, were betrayed, or did not measure up in some way. All those conflicting energies within your cells, auric field, and brain structure will color your outlook on the opposite sex until you resolve and transmute them. At the core of your Being, what you are really seeking is the reunification with the other half of your godly Self, that perfect Divine Ray of Creation that was sent forth in Its totality. You then separated into two sub-rays, one representing the Father Creator and the other a representative of the Mother Creator. You have divided and separated into many facets or fragments of consciousness since, but have forever yearned and sought your return to wholeness and unity consciousness.

How can you accomplish the healing and reunification of these two primary facets of yourself? First, by developing a sense of Self-worth and Self-love. You will begin to radiate this higher vibratory energy out from your auric force field, and others will respond in kind. Learn to trust yourself and your intuition so that you may trust others. You will never feel alone when you learn that you have a mighty force of angels ever near you, ready to protect, encourage, love, and support you every moment of the day or night. Release the pain of the past by forgiving yourself and all others.

There will still be those who come into your life with whom you do not resonate, and that will be so as long as you are in the physical vessel. If you can maintain an attitude of non-judgment, and radiate love to the essence of each person, you will not have to experience a karmic dance or interaction with them. Bless them and allow them to follow their path, while you follow your own.

It is time for humanity to remove the etheric shields of protection they have placed over their heart/solar plexus centers so that they cannot be hurt or unduly influenced. Opening the golden seal portal of the Sacred Heart, where your Diamond Core God Cell resides, allows the Love/Light of the our Father/Mother God to flow freely from both the front and back portals of the Sacred Heart.

Beloveds, there is another important concept that we wish to present to you. In doing so, we know that it will trigger fear and doubt for many of you. If this is the case, we ask you to set the information to the side, and ask that it be validated if it is to be your truth, or if it is too uncomfortable, just disregard it. There is much information coming forth that will challenge the old world concepts and thought forms of the past. Just as children learn the simple basic concepts of life in their early years, their lessons and knowledge become more complex and thought-provoking as they mature. This concept applies to your spiritual education and growth as well.

We have told you that the Supreme Creator has begun to emanate the rarified Love/Light Essence from the heart core of Its Being (Adamantine Particles of Pure Divine Light substance). This Essence contains all the facets of Creation, which include the Seed thoughts, energy components, and grand designs for never-before-experienced new creations. Within these wondrous multiple beams of Creator Light are newly-activated, black-spectrum Rays of pure unmanifested potential. The Creator is sending these Rays as a gift throughout this universe, for they contain the stillness of the Great Void, which will be accessible to all who are brave enough to tap into the magnificent power of the Void of space, in order to be a participant in the creation of future worlds and galaxies.

First came the Void and then came the Light, and within the Light were all good and wondrous things. The spectrum of Light would not be discernible without the many shades of darkness. Many of you fear the darkness and your shadow side, perceiving it as evil. Beloveds, if all is a part of the ONE, the Creator, how can there be anything to fear when you are filled with God Light? You as humans have created many things to fear, but these things are not the Creator’s doing. Do you fear the Great Void that is the backdrop for the stars and constellations? Some of you fear the night, but it is not the darkness that you can blame, but the hurtful things that humans do under the cover of darkness. We wish to help you to begin to investigate and transmute those old self-limiting concepts so that you may broaden your horizons and assume your cloak of Light. With the gift of Light comes a great responsibility, the leadership role that we outlined for you earlier.

We ask you to LIVE your lives with a heightened sense of awareness; to FEEL the joy of being connected to All That Is, and then share the joy with others; to use your WILL power to move swiftly along the path of enlightenment, so that as you gain a higher vantage point, you can more easily assist others over the rough spots. Endeavor to LOVE others with all your heart and soul, as the Creator loves you; to SPEAK your highest truth with love, compassion, and discernment; to SEE the best in everyone; and to know that we are all a part of the same great I AM.

Precious friends, we began and will end this wondrous journey together. We will encourage you, stretch your minds, and nudge you when it is appropriate, but most of all, we will love you eternally.



Maarten Horst – Aion Portal Activation – Transcription Part One

AION Cobra Portal Activation

Maarten Horst, First Contact Radio

Report on the Aion Vortex Activation

November 23, 2013   –    Florence, Italy   –    TimeBandit 15 Blog

My dear fellow human beings, welcome to First Contact Radio. My name is Maarten Horst and I just came back from a long trip. I speak to you from the Netherlands. We have been at the activation portal of the Goddess energy.

I am here to speak to you about what happened both physically and etherically. The reason that I drove 4000 km is because this is of vital importance. The whole situation was so incredible because the whole Universe was watching us; the whole Creation was watching what was happening in Florence, in Firenze. I am a bit emotional from all that happened, not a little bit emotional, very emotional.

I will try to describe what happened first in the physical reality… On Friday morning the people were gathering at a yoga studio in Firenze. There was a nice quiet atmosphere. There was a beautiful meditation with Cobra and with Isis. The music that he played was incredible; it was the highest frequency I have heard in music. I am very sensitive in music; that is why I say this.

The group was consisting of 24 Light-workers from Brazil, Italy, Dubai and many other places… What I experienced was the highest regions of Light, the highest Elohim, the highest aspect of Aion and Iona were working very intensely.

We were working through the group.

There was also the darkness attacking us etherically.

It is that we went into a curve very quickly, every second it changed, every minute. From very high frequency but then there were attacks from the dark forces. But the Light succeeded and we were very happy. We were in tears.

There was a beautiful moment when we were in this park in Florence and there was a very serene energy on the faces of the people. We were in silence to prepare for the activation.  We were asked to invoke the presence of St. Germain, also by Isis, and the three-fold flame. The beautiful thing was that there were chemtrails in the sky but they were eaten away by sylphs. What was more beautiful even was the sky above us was in the purple, violet, the color of the violet flame–the whole sky above us.

I had so many impressions… The activation part of the Aion portal was until now in my life the most profound, and intense, experience of my whole life. There were so many beings there, ascended masters and possible ETs…but the intensity of the whole process was so immense. We got so many impressions from energies!

Afterwards we were discussing in the car when were driving back to the Netherlands–we were reflecting on what happened. The Light was victorious! The Aion portal was opened. At the moment of the opening portal there was such an influx of energy arriving through us in the group, that it was then that Isis asked us to sing the invocation to Iona, the twin flame of Aion. The emotions were so high, the beauty of this Goddess energy… After that Cobra asked us to invoke Aion presence. It was a monotone chant. “AI-ON, AI-ON…”After that a wonderful lady from Switzerland started channeling directly from the Source. It was so amazing. There was a shock going through the group…a postive shock of love and light. It was manifesting the energy of the Aion portal. Indescribable. I have never felt such intensity in my life before during a ceremony or meditation. We are successful! This is the victory of the Light my friends!


I am still emotional but the highest possible energy that you can imagine to work with or to feel was coming down in a vortex from the M87 galaxy, sending a pulse the central sun of our galaxy and then to our sun and to the Earth directly, into Florence and everywhere that people were meditating in groups or couples or alone. It was indescribable, the emotion, the love that I felt, but and at the same time, it was all happening so fast…

I don’t want to focus on it too much, but the intensity between the attacks that happened and the light was so — the group was working so hard to keep the energy high. We were all doing a marathon, you understand? It was more than hard work. The energies were fluctuating from very high love to very low, in my experience. This needed to happen, probably. The thing is that we succeeded. We all succeeded. Bravo. I haven’t slept for 40 hours or something, so I try to bring the information as consistently as possible. After my radio show I am going to have a long sleep.

…I think that now that this happened, that the Event won’t be very long, the happening of the Event. Because the pulse that will come from the Central Galactic Sun will be even more powerful than the pulse that came from the M87 galaxy. As I told you, I never have experienced something like this. Because of this, we had to work even harder than when this energy would not be present. When I looked at the people’s eyes in the group and Cobra’s eyes and the eye of Isis, we constantly needed to clean up the room, clean up the energy, wave away the negative energies. It was very hard labor, very hard. But we succeeded, my friends, we succeeded. Love is really the highest aspect of existence and it is healing. That’s why I choose a song. We all need healing. Because we need healing in our heart, I play the music of Asher Quinn. He’s the first New Age musician who started to sing…It’s called music for love. It’s going to give you a bath of positive loving vibes. Here it comes.


Remember my friends, be always be kind to yourself and others…kindness and loving energies that are flowing through you right now. Love! I experienced so much love during the Aion Portal activation in Florence. So many hearts of such beautiful souls. People that walk their talk, that lived their life, people that have seen things, have experienced pain and suffering, but because of those things have learned to see the purpose of life. I think the purpose of life is learning. Learning to be. Leaning to grow. Learning to evolve into a being of Light.

Right now the ascension process is assisting us.  We are in very interesting times, my friends. The New Renaissance is born and this is beautiful. One of the things that Cobra told us during the Aion Portal Activation was that the Renaissance stared in Florence 500 years ago because Uranus overtook Pluto at that time and that triggered the Renaissance. The new Renaissance that is starting now was meant to start in Florence. The group as a whole that was in Florence was in my perception the representation of all creation, all beings.

The whole universe was watching us and the energies were fluctuating as I told you from the highest love you could possibly feel because the portal opened exactly at 10:11. It’s like if you are in a racing car on a circuit or in a F16 or going very fast on the highway, which we did today–in Germany you can do that. We had to drive from Italy back to Switzerland and Germany and then to the Netherlands.

I want to tell you a funny story about my car. I have crop circle stickers on my doors and on the back of my car and also on the front. They are vortexes. On my door is a special geometrical form of a crop circle on the driver’s door. It is a very strong vortex so wherever we drive we know we are protected. We all felt very protected. It was a very long trip by car, but we wanted to do a road trip because we felt that we had to connect our village, our place, with Florence every footstep. We wanted to be grounded while we were getting there over the Earth. We had very interesting conversations in the car, before and after the activation, but especially after the activation.

I want to say I am so thankful to Cobra and Isis for doing this. It is risky work; what they do is putting themselves at risk. They are very courageous people, very motivated. Because there was so much going on, also in the group. And my Italian friends were so lovely, how they organized it. Alexander was translating — he was doing it with such patience — and of course Cathy she was as a host. She was like a divine mother, actually. The whole group were such fantastic people. The whole process of the day was something that was going beyond light speed. The forces of the light and dark; it was like a battle–not a battle, but like a fountain or a heartbeat that is going from one direction to another. But the group was able to maintain positive and to be coherent as a group and embrace the love. And there were beings from the center of this universe that were present to guide us and to help us through.

It’s like extremes. Extreme high and extreme low. It’s like in the Yin-Yang…the light and dark were very strong presence, both of them. The light was victorious. Millions of people that meditated around the world to open the vortex…I felt their presence and their work, their labor, their passion, and also all the beings…the angels, the archangels. It was a race for the victory. So now that the Aion portal is here, is activated, I am very curious what Cobra will say what the next step will be. I heard there will be another portal opening on the 21st of December in Glastonbury, Avalon, in England…I have been in Avalon; I have been in Chalice Well. Chalice Well is one of the most sacred places on Earth. I was there last summer; I was visiting the crop circles. It’s so beautiful. There is a very strong feminine energy in Glastonbury, the strongest feminine energy I have ever felt in a location, not on a person, was in Glastonbury–the beauty of it!

The love that I feel now when I came home is so strong–and I feel energized. My thoughts when I was driving and walking from my car to my apartment–I never experienced such quick thinking and such clarity. I think all of us, the people who were present at the opening of the Aion Portal Vortex, we all need time to reflect about what happened and speak about it to our friends, to elaborate. More information and the visible results will come later when things will start to clear up. As I told you it was the most intense experience of my life.

[music] Asher Quinn “Shenandoah”

[part one end of 53 minutes of just less than two hours…]

Continued in Part Two


TimeBandit 15 Blog

Abraham Hicks – Symptoms of Alignment – Vibrational Escrow Version of Person

VortexOfCreation·535 videos

The audio material in this video is from the Abraham Hicks workshop: Stamford~ 07/05/2008. The material in this video as well as any other Abraham-Hicks materials are copyrighted by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks(R.I.P). For additional information on Abraham Hicks or Esther Hicks, visit their website http://www.abraham-hicks.com

This hotseater has many questions, I loved them =D!! One thing I notice when I am aligned is their is many many different feelings from alignment, but all of them are sourced from love. (pun intended)

Wes Annac – Laying Down the Sword in Peace


Written by Wes Annac

A friend in the ACC community helped me reach an important revelation that I can look back and notice our Universal Family was beginning to express before I reached it.

Recently, I’ve felt led more toward using my voice and speaking up against the cabal while subsequently working to help establish a new paradigm, but the fresh breeze of energy coming through is helping me realize that I’ve been playing into duality, and subsequently distortion, by trying to do so.

As others who’ve been involved in working to expose the cabal have, I feel the desire developing to lay down the perceived need to fight against them as I see that there’s so much more I can focus on my energy and intention on.

We’re building and entering a new world of widespread spiritual understanding and action, and as the friend on ACC helped me realize, it’s important to focus on humanity and what we can do in harmony to co-Create our new paradigm as we evolve into greater spiritual perceptions and understandings.

Our Universal Family recently posed the question of what we would do if we were suddenly given control of this planet and the decisions being made every day.

We’ve long known about the cabal and their agendas, but if control of the planet was suddenly and completely relinquished from them, would we be able to collectively run it with the present condition we’re in?

Recognizing that everyone is unique and individual and that we perhaps shouldn’t dive into acting under the same banner all at once, I still think it’s important to start focusing on some type of coordination between various conscious camps, which we could then build upon.

Perhaps coordination between us can be the first step toward establishing and spreading unity throughout the planet, and it’s becoming clear to me that unity and ascension won’t be brought about by fighting against the cabal or any old paradigm representation.

The knowledge that we’re Divine spiritual beings (and helping spread such knowledge) is enough for us to significantly raise our vibration in every moment and help others do the same. I have a feeling that the individual cultivation of enlightenment in each of us will be a very fundamental factor in our establishment of a new paradigm.

People will continue to become aware of the worst of the cabal’s actions and intentions, and conscious individuals will continue to speak up about them.

The field of cabal exposure is covered whether or not I choose to contribute to it, and understanding this, I can happily and peacefully lay down my sword and embrace/work toward everything that fills me and all of you with a good and pure vibration.

This is what it’s all about – rediscovering who we are in the deepest spiritual sense possible.

As I surrender my perceived need to fight the cabal or anyone else, I unlock and re-access the deepest sense of peace and wholeness with my existence I’ve yet felt.

Knowing that the work I do for humanity’s evolution can be done from a place of pure bliss and enjoyment sees me loosen the rigid expectation I’ve crafted around myself and helps me further embrace complete wholeness and bliss.

What a joy this existence becomes when I realize that I don’t have to offer my energy to fighting against any perceived villain or meeting any perceived expectation.

I can embrace the deepening sense of spirit so many of us are feeling and subsequently work to help unify humanity and introduce a blissful revolutionary paradigm, brought about not by “exposing” any “evil forces” but by raising the planetary vibration and orienting my effort toward helping everyone cultivate enlightenment.

This is what I’m meant to do for this planet, and the feeling that I no longer have to lower my vibration or put stress on myself when contributing to our physical and spiritual evolution is perhaps the most liberating of all.

Wes Annac – Excited to embrace a role built on everlasting harmony and wholeness.



An Hour Wth An Angel – Archangel Michael – Linda Dillon Live Channeller – Interviewer Steve Beckow – InLight Radio – 10-24-13

Archangel Michael

Click Here To Listen

Gaia Portal – Gaia Calls for “Essentials Awareness” at this Moment…


Gaia Portal   /   10-23-13

Gaia calls for “essentials awareness” in all matters at this moment.

Higher D guidings are primary. Secondaries, tertiaries, are being requested to be shelved, at this moment.

Hue-manity activities must now align with Gaia Purpose.

All Hue-Beings are “called”, as it were, to team with the Whole Gaia Consciousness, and to set aside individual ego desires.

There is only one Being at this moment… and that is Gaia.

Cosmic influxes are continuing to dissolve (eliminate) separation paradigms, on all levels.

Unification of Gala Higher Consciousness with Hue-manity is prime at this moment.

hu-manity will follow, shortly, however Hue-manity is called, strongly, to accept and embrace their lead rôle at this moment.


Portals for hu-manity Unfoldment Have Opened…
by ÉirePort

Portals for hu-manity unfoldment have opened and allow such beings to experience full awakening to Higher Self.

Establishment of secure growth portals has been restricted, until the current moment. hu-manity whole consciousness levels have risen sufficiently to allow this next step.

Fortification of such portals permits large numbers of hu-manity to enter as group, as well as individual, entities.

ÉirePort | October 23, 2013 at 05:11

Gaia Portal

Almine: Ego Identification – The 1st Stage of Ascension – Pathway to Ascension Pt. 3

Almine Wisdom·176 videos

In the third installment of the Pathway to Ascension Youtube videos, Almine describes the 3 phases of the first stage of Ascension – Ego Identification. Pathway to Ascension is a free online course, containing eight 30 minute video lectures and over 100 pages of written materials.