Sanat Kumara – We Override those who Want to Hurt by Anchoring Greater Peace Within – Host Steve Beckow – Channeler Linda Dillon – 2-25-15

Sanat Kumara


Feb. 19, 2015 An Hour with an Angel with Sanat Kumara – Part 1/2

Graham Dewyea: Hello and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You and The Great Awakening. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World That Works For Everyone. Our guest today is Sanat Kumara.

But before we bring on our guest, Steve, we had quite a big show here just the other day on the Peace Initiative. How are you doing?

Steve Beckow:  I’m doing fine, Graham. Actually I feel joyful. I feel peaceful and I’m surprised at the number of people I’ve talked to who’ve said, “Gee, I feel peaceful” or as one said, “Well you know, I haven’t led a peaceful life and yet I feel peaceful.” So I feel great, but I also feel quite tired.  It was an intense build-up, an intense initiative that we took on and so, by the end of it, when the show that you’re referring to occurred I began to feel a little tired.

So, I’m going to be taking a little bit off next week, just putting my feet up and enjoying life and enjoying this peace.

That’s how I feel. How does Linda feel?

Linda Dillon: Well, you know, Steve, I think in some ways I could echo your emotions that the intensity and level of excitement and the push, the work load – because even when we’re doing something that’s incredible and joyous and we’re on purpose and mission – the after-effect, as the adrenalin starts to cool, can be this sense of spiritual exhaustion.

And I’m really glad that we’re taking time today to talk about spiritual exhaustion or just plain old exhaustion and what we do about it.

Personally, today I did something really unusual which was I rescheduled – other than our time together right now – my clients because I knew that I was at a point where I just needed that time to re-gather myself, re-gather my energies, fill-up, and that I wouldn’t be doing anybody any favors after the intensity of An Hour With An Angel to be channeling for any individual. So, it also comes to that honoring of ourselves.  Graham?

GD: I agree, Linda.  The road we’re on, and I say ‘we’, the ‘collective we’, is that all of us are holding in our hearts the vision of a world that we know is available to us, a world that works for everyone, where Peace and Love and unity consciousness is the theme.

And what we do, each of us and collectively, to that end can feel challenging, can feel real hard at times. I know for me, the gap between knowing what I know is available and what I see around me at times can feel really discouraging.

And these exciting opportunities to hold in our hearts what’s available to us, the potential that we have like what we did with this Peace Initiative here recently. It’s all very exciting. The build-up, the experience of it, and if we look around and say, “Gees, there’s still evidence in my mind, the way I see it, that suggests that we’re not there yet,” it can feel disappointing.

So how do we stay the course? How do we keep going? And also how do we take care of ourselves in that process? And I really like what you’re saying, Linda, taking time to be gentle with ourselves and to take a rest when we need it.

Steve, you’re taking a well-deserved, needed vacation and Linda, you’ve pulled back a little. I’ve noticed I’m doing that as well. We do need to take care of ourselves and I know sometimes we can get caught up in doing the big splashes and really going for it and really advancing this whole initiative.

I also want to honor and recognize that everything we do, even though it may not feel like a big splash is huge: holding the intent, holding the vision within our hearts, carrying that out in our day, in our world, being the change, living that which we wish to see in the world.

And of course, we’ve been talking about peace, being peaceful, embodying that. Of course, we’ve talked about as within, so without. That’s where it all starts. That’s where it’s really the central focus here and the objective is the internal work and shining it out. So, I’m really glad we’re having this discussion and we’re having this show today. Steve.

SB: Well, just before we leave, what also occurs to me, Graham is just the amount of skill that’s involved here. We were talking earlier today about the fact that, when I find myself feeling tired, I can go along for a long long time if the road is smooth and straight, but if we hit a bump in our lives, if we have some personal tragedy or something like that, then there’s this bump in the road. There’s this resistance. There’s this problem that’s come up that we can’t talk over the top of it and unless we take some time out and resolve situations like these you can’t go forward.

So we’re learning to manage both our personal lives or our own reactions to things while still needing to continue with our work. And so that kind of skill is needed.

And another skill Andrea pointed out to me is not to lose sight of all we’ve gained because we didn’t get exactly what we wanted.

In my case, that would be some very big splashy thing like swords disappearing or disintegrating. Okay, you didn’t get swords disintegrating but you got terrific impetus towards World Peace.

And we actually have visible signs like the Russians pulling back in the Ukraine. So it is actually happening and don’t lose sight of that.

So we all of us are in the process of growing up spiritually. We’re becoming mature. We’re remembering our mastery and we’re still a work in progress.  We’re in a process of becoming world leaders and of building Nova Earth and we’re just learning the ropes here.

GD: We’re getting closer and closer all the time. I really appreciate what you said: it’s important to reflect and celebrate everything that we’ve accomplished and I feel, I see how we’ve expanded and the vibrational frequencies have risen on the planet and things are happening quicker. The human aspect of me, so many of us can relate to this; wants it now! And when it doesn’t happen all those human parts come up.

SB: Linda?

LD: I think you really raised a good point, Graham, when you talk about how the human stuff comes up.

And I know, as I was preparing, meditating, this morning especially, knowing that we were going to have this conversation about ‘what do we do when spiritual exhaustion hits?’ and I’m sure that many of our listeners can relate to this, but one of the things that Sanat Kumara and actually Jesus…

A quick aside, because I might forget, is that in that meditation preparation, I know we’re channeling and chatting today with Sanat Kumara, but St. Germaine came in and he said, “Well you know, this is really my bailiwick,” so even as we’re talking today and even as Sanat Kumara will be channeling, St. Germaine is with all of us, listening and participating and igniting his Violet Flame once again to really help us with this issue of spiritual exhaustion.

You know the key to this, regardless of the reason, is compassion, sweet compassion for ourselves and I’m guided to say that when this issue arises we need to really simply ask ourselves ‘what’s going wrong?’ and because there’s a couple of reasons why we feel spiritually exhausted and sometimes we feel like ‘oh my god, I’ve been at this for years, I’ve been at this for decades, I’m not seeing anything, I’m not getting what I want.’

And we go on and on, but that disappointment, disillusionment, that feeling of disconnection, ‘nobody loves me, I’m separated, I’m all alone, I’m doing this by myself’, like a lot of that can be core issues or vasanas, false grids, and when we discover that that’s the issue then we need to go in the direction of working with Archangel Michael or the Divine Mother or whomever your guides or your circle is and work on dissolving and letting go of those false grids.

But then there’s the flip side that it’s not that we’re in a core issue, we’re simply tired. And, you know, we’ve seen this in our, can I say, our physical life where we’ve just been working too many hours and we’re exhausted and especially as the frequencies and the vibration in our physical body’s holding all this energy and on the planet, our bodies are talking to us more and more clearly.

And so, if they’re saying to us, ‘you’re exhausted and you’re exhausted spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically’, we have to listen and take that time to rebalance.

Archangel Michael has used the analogy of the fulcrum or the see-saw, at least he has with me, and if you’re at one end then you’re really out of balance. It’s like it’s finding that teeter-totter and going to the center point of balance and some practical things like what do I do when I feel this way? Well I do, I take some time for myself, I go to the 13th Octave. The Mother Mary has said to us time and time and time again, Archangel Gabrielle, Archangel Michael, come to the 13th Octave and heal, go to the heart of One.

But I also just sit down or lie down and say to my guides and to the Council, and you would say to your circle, ‘fill me up…just fill me up’ and I flip open my crown charka as if you know, we go to an old fashion gas station and I let my guides put their energy in and fill me with this liquid, different colors, different rays, whatever I need and just let them do it for me.

Or I hand it over to them and say, ‘You know what? I’m too tired. I’m overwhelmed. I don’t know how to do this.’ So often as lightworkers we feel like we have to do everything, even though we know we’re in unity consciousness, even though we know we’re part of the community, we feel it’s our responsibility and we have to do it all.

So, when I get to this point I just hand it over and usually my ‘hand over’ person, my ‘go to gal’ is Archangel Gabrielle and I just say, “Look, I can’t do it, I don’t even know how to do it, I don’t even know where to begin because I feel completely cooked, I’m empty, I’m a little teary, I’m a little frustrated. So, could you just take care of this for me?”

And we have this endless array of tools and what happens when we’re feeling in this place of ‘I’m trying and I’m trying or I’ve been in this real high and now I’m like in the backwash, is that we stay there and we forget to ask for help or to have enough compassion for ourselves to just say, “Time out.”

SB: We should make a list of all these techniques, Linda, because you’ve really given us a large number of them and I found myself the other day saying, “What did Linda recommend? Oh, okay, what do I do here, what do I do there?” (Laughter)

Can I just add to what you said, Linda? A lot of people, especially when a core issue comes up, but even when a vasana, which is…core issues and root vasanas are the same, it’s just that a core issue is total emergency, all lights on, etcetera, etcetera. and the usual vasana is not.

But when it comes up people think ‘oh my god, I failed’, ‘I shouldn’t be feeling this way,’ ‘oh what am I going to do?’ and they think that something has gone wrong. But I would like to remind them that it’s only when the core issue or vasana comes up that it can be worked with.

It’s only when a core issue comes up, as far as I’m aware, I may be wrong here, but that the Company of Heaven can take it away from us. So really, if you’re in the midst of a vasana going off or a core issue or something, you could if you want say, “Halleluiah! Here it is, I can work on it now. I can have the Company of Heaven take it away from me” or whatever. So, please don’t be upset when a core issue or vasana comes up. Just don’t project it onto others and don’t interject it into yourself.

LD: I completely agree with you, Steve because when someone will call and say, ‘I’m basically at that point of ‘I don’t feel loved, I don’t feel worthy, I don’t think I can go on’, I say, “Halleluiah!” because it means that you’ve hit that core issue, that core key motivator that you need to let come up and out because it’s the trap door, you think it’s the bottom of the well but there is a trap door right there and once you open that trap door you’re just falling into the hands and the arms of the Mother.

SB: Right. Graham, anything you want to say before we transition?

GD: Yeah, I really liked, Steve, how you were saying that we’re learning as we go here. Let’s remember that we’re experiencing times on the planet that has never happen before this way and so we’re learning as we go here and I think it’s important to remember that…we’re all learning.

And I really liked the discussion on our last show about the focus and the emphasis on what’s going on inside of us, how we’re sharing about how we’ve been feeling more peace within.

And it’s interesting, it’s really easy, again getting back to the human part of us, which I hold with compassion, we want proof, we want benchmarks, we want to see tangible evidence of things happening, shifts.

And it’s easy to go to things like ‘is peace on Earth happening?’ and ‘how has that happened?’ and talk about ISIS and talk about the RV and talk about Ascension and Disclosure and what I really liked about last week is that we’re emphasizing it all happens within. That’s were it starts and that’s really where the focus needs to be.

Because if we have peace within, we have harmony within and if we’re embodying unity consciousness, those all feed into this ultimate vision that we are holding so near and dear in our hearts: a world that works for everyone, right? A world that has Love and compassion and unity consciousness as the theme.

So it’s good to remember that. I’m underscoring that for myself. That that’s where the emphasis and the opportunity is. It’s really internal work and everything else moves from there. So that’s it for now.

SB: Yes. Well, and it’s surprising too, how much we have to learn about doing the internal work, working the internal aspect of ourselves. There’s so many things that aren’t taught in school, right, like marriage, parenting, and working with yourself also is not really taught very much in school, so we’ll change all that, right?

LD: Yes, we will.

GD: In our own way, in our own time, and it’s not all on us.

SB: And we don’t have to do it tomorrow… Linda, are you…

LD: I have one last comment though. It’s not all on us. But it is incumbent on each of us and it isn’t something that we, most families did not focus on and certainly our education system didn’t focus on it, but in terms of our spiritual path, which is not removed from our physical path or our emotional path, what is our spiritual hygiene practice? What is your time of meditation and refilling and prayer and ritual?

Are you maintaining your spiritual hygiene? Because that’s the key for that within. It’s not ‘I’ll meditate when I get an extra 10 minutes’ or ‘I can’t meditate because I have to work and I have to take the kids to soccer’ and we can have a million excuses, but each of us are responsible for taking care of that spiritual part of ourselves. And when we do, the spiritual exhaustion, that sense of overwhelm, becomes less and less and less. That’s it… I’m done.

(Continued in Part 2.)


Feb. 19, 2015 An Hour with an Angel with Sanat Kumara – Part 2/2

SB: Okay, well why don’t you relax and make your transition and while you’re doing that I’ll just introduce Sanat Kumara for any who don’t know him.  The only reason that would be is in the the case of new listeners.

Sanat Kumara, I think, remains our Planetary Logos, the position I believe is going to be transitioning to the master Kuthumi at some point and Sanat will be Solar Logos.

He’s known to all the world’s religions as the Ancient of Days, Ahuramazda, Skandha, Subramanya, Quetzlcoatl, Dipamkara, the Lamplighter Buddha and so on. Today we’ll be discussing with Raj, as he prefers to be called, the topic of spiritual exhaustion, of people who’ve been going a long, long time with this and may be feeling that their jets are dragging somewhat.

And we’ll also be discussing the topic of transparency into what’s going on behind the scenes with the major events. What information do we need to know to feel as if we’re really making progress here? So that’s what we will be talking to Raj about and with that I welcome Raj to the show.

Sanat Kumara: And greetings to you. Yes, I am Sanat Kumara, Keeper of Universal Law, Planetary Logos, and, yes, dear hearts and friends, you may call me Raj. You may call me SK. You may call me whatever you wish as long as it begins and ends with ‘friend’.

SB: Thank you.

SK: Welcome, welcome sweet angels of change, not masters in the making, but exemplary human beings, starseeds, hybrids, Earth-keepers, all of you wayshowers, all of you angels and agents of change.

Yes, I know there are many who claim you and particularly Archangel Michael and St. Germaine and not to forget my golden sister, Archangel Gabrielle. They love to claim you.

But let me also say you are all part of this anchoring and the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan, for this planet and for each and every one of you, you are responsible and part of your plan within the Plan. I remind you of that not to highlight what has or has not been done, and, yes, we will discuss this, but simply to remind you who you are and the magnitude of what each of you, in your own unique, beautiful way, have chosen and volunteered to do, not merely to hold space for, not merely to observe, but to do in the action of transition, of becoming, of unfolding, and being the entirety of your divine self. This is no small feat. And I say this on behalf of all of us.

We do not sit on some distant cloud and simply observe and say, “What are those humans up to? Why don’t they get on with it?” We understand your feelings, your process of becoming, your anchoring, the rising of the vibrations and frequencies, the gifts… I could go on and on.

Part of our sacred partnership, our sacred union, which is why I am glad to speak today, is mutuality. It is that unity and unification of energy, not merely what you think of as consciousness but of every aspect of your being, the kingdoms, and of Gaia. So, it is important, in the evolution of this sacred union that we are now sharing, that you understand us as much as we say we understand you.

So I think we know something about spiritual exhaustion and we certainly have been in this for the long haul.

SB: Millions of years…

SK: Yes, millions of years. Now, I do not say this in a dismissive way and I know that when you are in human form that a single year, oh, sometimes a single day, can feel like a thousand years.

Let us begin this conversation, in which I will refer to Universal Law and the unfoldment of the Plan, but let us begin with compassion. Let us begin with the understanding that when you are feeling this way, we are not asking you to expand and engage even more.

It is that establishment, and this is Nova Being. This is Nova Earth. This is New You. It is the cognizance, spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional, of holding and giving and receiving adequate compassion for your beloved self to know when to approach, when to avoid, when to withdraw, when to engage.

And when you are feeling this sense of exhaustion it is a signal, on every level: Back up, go into your cave, spiritual, mental, emotional. Take the time to replenish, not merely your spirit, but of course we will help you in each of these realms. Take time to replenish your physical self.

Most times, and when I say ‘most’ I mean about 99% of the time particularly in this time of your evolution and the unfoldment of your Ascension process, spiritual exhaustion is accompanied by exhaustion of every realm, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. There can not be separation.

So that is an illusion. So you say, “Well, I am spiritually exhausted but I have enough energy to do one more thing, one more task, oh, I don’t want to let Raj down. I don’t want to let the Mother down.” Do you think we are that cruel? Do you think we are that unfeeling and unkind? When you are feeling this way, it is the Mother telling you, “Come and rest in my arms, let me wrap you in my cloak, let me hold you.”

It is a time when your physical body needs to be nourished with good food, good water, supplementation if that is necessary. You need to be nourished by rest.

And rest is different. For some of you it is play. For some of you it is simply being outdoors, whether it is sitting on a bench at the park or hiking a mountain or staring at the ocean, playing with the birds, putting your hands in the dirt and absorbing the energy from sweet Gaia. For some of you it is simply staring at the wall.

All of this is good. All of this is worthwhile because what you are doing is you are entering into the pause. Let me be clear, when I say the pause — in this sense I am not talking about moving into inertia. That is a different phase of spiritual unfoldment — but you enter into the pause to receive, not only from Gaia, from the kingdoms, from your guides, from us, but from your sweet self.

It is you in this new partnership saying, “Not only am I responsible but I am worthy, so I give this consideration, this tender, gentle kindness, this nourishing energy to myself because I am worthy, I deserve it, and yes, I am committed for the long run.”

Not the long run of drudgery and feeling that nothing ever happens…and we will speak of this… but the long run in terms of your return to the Source/God/One, Mother/Father Essence. And when you are depleted you forget that. So, we do not say this in any form of criticism or judgment.

If we wish to keep it very simple, I would say to you my beloved friends, angels of light, angels of being, invoke the Law of Unification and Unity. This is where Compassion and Charity and Love live. It is the 7th dimension where you can bask in the Christ Consciousness of Love and Unity.

Simply relax into it as if you are easing into a warm bath. Just declare it. Go there and allow yourself to be restored. We do not ask, desire, want you, ever, not a million years ago and not a million years hence, we do not request in our sacred union that you continue when you are feeling exhausted, when you are feeling diminished, when you feel ‘I need to receive’. So, turn to us but also turn, sweet angel, to your sweet self.

Sacred union, beginning even before you’re in sacred union with us or the divine or a physical person upon the planet, the sacred union is with yourself, with the totality of your being. So, when you’re informed of your exhaustion, please allow yourself to take the action of doing nothing.

SB: Raj, thank you very much for that, I’m probably going to listen to that repeatedly. Can we take the discussion into the other dimension that you referred to in passing and that’s that, I think, many of us are talking about spiritual exhaustion in the sense of our spirits being exhausted.

In other words, we’ve waited for, some of us decades, others many years, and the events that are talked about don’t seem to actually occur, like October 14, 2008, December 21, 2012, more recently we obviously achieved a great deal in our Peace Initiative, but we just didn’t get the whole thing.

And maybe we can’t get the whole thing because maybe it’s silly for some to say ‘Peace has been achieved on Earth’ and then something breaks out in Nigeria and there is doubt and there are questions.

So maybe we can’t say absolutely we’ve achieved peace on Earth but there’s this feeling that the events just don’t arrive. The Reval’s another example. Pre-NESERA funds were another example. So what do you say to people who feel that they have just about lost the ability to carry on in the face of things that just don’t seem to happen or don’t arrive, don’t get there, Raj?

SK: Now I am going to be very forthright in this discussion because you are at a level of maturity, spiritual and emotional, where you can truly engage in the discussion, not the soliloquy, but the discussion of ‘what does this mean? How does this occur?’

Now, there are two aspects in which I am going to speak and one is directly, of course, to the lightworkers, loveholders who feel ‘I have held the flame. I have held the candle of light. I have beamed. But I don’t feel I am getting enough tangible evidence.’

A great deal of my discussion, fortunately and unfortunately, is to the people of the world, to the 8 billion people on the planet. And you say ‘but they aren’t listening.’ Well, might I suggest that they can’t help but hear me. It may not be auditory in this sense but let me be very clear, when you give any of us this platform, the energy, the message, the actual sound is in the air and therefore it is heard on a subtle, unconscious, energetic, physical level. Like dogs hear higher frequencies, so do human beings.

So let us begin. You have given me a wonderful list of events. Now I really wish you had started with the parting of the Red Sea.

SB: (Laughter) Okay.

SK: And I think you can laugh because you can understand what I am saying because humans love events but you are in a process of unfoldment.

Let me just speak to the events. What you expected. What you were guided. What you anticipated did not always unfold or come to the fullness of fruition of what you thought it would be. But it would be erroneous, it would be akin to your term ‘throwing out the baby with the bath water’ to say that nothing occurred. So we need to start there.

The evolutionary jump, the growth of human consciousness, of unity, heart consciousness, of inter-dimensionality of the anchoring of Nova Earth, dear Steve, the anchoring of the Cities of Light, the anchoring of Nova Beings, the interplay between the kingdoms, has been more significant in the last 5 years than in the last 50,000.

SB: Wow!

SK: So let us start there and that is why I have begun today by saying, “Well no wonder you’re pooped. You have been working hard and you feel exhausted.” And I do say rest, but I also say, “Is there further yet to go?” Yes.

Now, some of you may take this the wrong way, but I am your Planetary Logos, and so I speak to you, my beloved cadre of Love-holders, of repatterners, regridders, the gifts that have been given and bestowed upon each and every one of you, particularly the lightworkers, because in the acknowledgement and in the embrace of such energies, there is an implosion/explosion in terms of the creative energy that becomes present in your field.

You have received, let us go back to pre-2012 and the diligence with which so many of you approached your Ascension process. You cleared, you anchored, you prepared, you followed, might I even say in the generic term, religiously, the ritual and the process recommended to you, not merely by Michael, MiKaEL, but by all of us, and you expanded and you expanded to such a degree that you were able to make a collective decision.

Now, let us talk about this. Collective decision making had mostly, other than small groups here and there, but as the human collective, collective decision making had been absent upon the planet since the inception of the Creator Race.

When there was a deviation from that original group, when the deviation to greed, control, lust, power in terms of force, when all of that was born, collective decision making was aborted. It died.

Now, did Love die? No. Did the desire for connection die? No. The memory, the knowing, internal and external, within and without continued on.

But the ability to come together, what you think of as esoterically, etherically, spiritually, it matters not the terminology – these are your words, not ours [had disappeared].

But you decided that you cared enough and you loved enough to do it as a group and to take as many beings upon the planet, to take them by the hand and go through the portal as one. And that included the most outrageous, atrocious, darkest energies on Gaia at that time and still to this day – we always called them the reluctants, the recalcitrants, and so on.

But you have looked at… so I am leading you through this scenario… but you have looked at that event and said, ‘we didn’t get the jump that we are conscious of’ even though Gaia herself has told you that she jumped, she ascended and you are on her and therefore you are exposed to this wide variety of inter-dimensional energies. Your consciousness has expanded but you said, “I didn’t get what we thought we were going to get and therefore I am heartbroken.”

Now, to your absolute credit, did you stay withdrawn, spiritually exhausted and heartbroken? Well some did. But the majority went within, felt the Love, chose to stay the path and continue on to build community, to build Love, to hold heart, to come to more deeply understand, and to keep their eye, collectively and individually, on Ascension, on Shift, on growth, on unity.

That has been phenomenal and because of that, in many ways, we have been feeding you, we use the example of the Mother’s gifts, first of Clarity, of Purity, of the Tsunami of Love, of Grace. Now, some have embraced it, but many …and I speak to the human tendencies that are shifting and have need to shift, this is the expansion of the within that we are speaking of … many have said, “Well, that’s nice” and like a two-year-old with a new toy, threw it aside and have never played with it or put it on a shelf as an icon and never brought it into their life, into their practice, into their being.

Now, have they been affected, because when the Mother blesses you with something it shifts you, but the incorporation of that energy into the conscious living? It’s been about 50/50, if that.

So the gifts that have been intangible have not always been grasped and loved for what they are.

If this sense of Clarity and of Peace is not present on my planet, for the moment Gaia, although I come from Venus, if it is not present, how do we then translate the spiritual qualities into the physical realm? How does that happen if it is not embodied in the physical form by humans, by you my beloved ones? How does that not activate what is to come? It is a precursor.

So why have many of these events, as you call them and as we call them, not come? We have been having continual events and we will talk about what is going on behind the scenes, but we have been having these continual events, continual downloads, continual expansions and some of you said ‘yes’, some of you have said ‘later’, some of you have said ‘no thank you’. Do we take umbrage? No, we keep going.

Now, as I say, this message is also for the 8 billion because many of you who are spiritually exhausted you would say to me, “SK, Raj, I have kept going, but what do I do now? I’m tired, I’m broke, I’m sick.”

Understand when you are tired, when you are sick, when you are in dis-ease, when you are in lack…of money, or health or Love or support, including from this side, that is not the real issue, that is a symptom of what is transpiring, that is a symptom of you, your very soul saying, “I need more, I want more, I demand and command more” and it is a very small step from saying, “I create more. I accept more. I invoke more.” And it is in that that you begin to see tangible results.

Globally there have been events, but human interest, including lightworkers, human interest is very rapid to dissipate. It is as if your level of attention, which we have been working on by the way with you, your attention is akin to a news cycle and you constantly want the news, the tangible, seeable, touchable.

Now, we do not say that this is wrong or erroneous but what I am saying and what we are saying is ‘could you also give equal credence to the intangible results?’ You have created a modicum of peace within and without, upon the planet that is stellar and I use that word very specifically to refer to how this is bringing you closer, in sacred union and partnership with your star brothers and sisters. You have done this.

Is it possible to declare peace on Earth today? I will answer out of both sides of my mouth; I will say ‘yes’ and I will say ‘no’. And let me tell you why: I would say ‘no’ because there is still this filament, this wisp, what Michael would call this echo of doubt about whether it is possible, whether you, my beloved cadre, have the power to do this.

And in that power, how do you override, because that is what it is, how do you override those upon the planet who still want to maim, hurt, kill, and create general mayhem and chaos? You do it by anchoring greater and greater Peace within.

So, this initiative has not stopped and it is already spreading like wildfire. So do not underestimate what you have achieved. That is like a child having a report card that is straight A’s or 100% and he brings it home and his parents say, ‘that’s nice’ and they toss it on the sideboard.

Do not do that to yourself. Give credit where credit is due. See what you have accomplished in tangible form. But look also to your lives, look to your lives – and now I speak especially to the lightworkers – you have said, many of you, you feel more peaceful without external cause.

Perhaps there is still disruption or lack of what we have discussed in your life. But for some reason you are feeling more peaceful; and that reason is that you, with Michael, with all of us actually, have allowed this energy to come within, to anchor it and are translating it into who you are and in terms, practicality, of creating peace on Earth and in your life.

Are you transmitting this in your eye contact, in your smile, in your interactions with every being you meet? Because that is how Nova Earth is truly anchored.

It is community after community, city after city coming to a place of saying ‘we can do better.’ These financial institutions, these societal institutions, these ways of doing things, these processes that are of greed and cruelty and lack and limitation and hatred don’t work.

And is it storming City Hall? No. It is creating that ripple effect that what people vote for, who runs for office, who is fulfilling their mission by taking that office, is of peace. So it is not really a choice. The choice is already peace/harmony. And they are not being influenced, for example, the way Obama was influenced during an early part of his tenure, they’re not being influenced in that way to deviate from the path they have chosen.

So, you are strengthening that collective belief.

You have made another collective decision, the magnitude of which is enormous. You’ve made a decision that there will be peace on Earth and we are certainly in agreement with that, you know that! So do not think there are not tangible results, but would you please, with me, engage in creating more tangible results in this way and also utilizing the intangible?

SB: I fully agree. I have no problem representing the people of Earth in saying ‘yes’ to your request.

SK: Halleluiah!

SB: (Laughter) Thank you. I would also like to add Raj. I think there’s a great desire to have more transparency into what’s happening behind the scene, so to speak, behind the veil.

Is there any way that we, down here walking around in these heavy, tiring physical bodies with our memories impaired and all the rest of it, can know more about what’s happening with the Company of Heaven? When is a kind of liaison going to begin? When are people here going to be able to go up to the ships? We have one editor who’s dying to go aboard the Neptune. When are we going to be able to establish whatever contact we can?

SK: It is already underway. Let us talk about this. First of all let us talk about the ships and the galactics and inter-galactics and even the human range of participation in what you think of as this human and starseed and actual star-being families.

Many of you are already on-board ship, most of you at night but some of you are in the full engagement because really you’re first mission is on-board ship.

So what you are really saying to me is ‘when and, yes, I know exactly who you speak of, when will I consciously be on-board ship?’

And for those of you who are very engaged and that part of your mission is acting as emissaries, ambassadors, translators, beacons, anchors for your star brothers and sisters, you say, “Well when will that begin? When will I be doing and engaging in the fullness of my mission?”

The vibration, the compatibility quotient, think of it that way, the compatibility, energetic quotient, match, compliment, is much closer than it has been.

Now, for a long time there has been back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and the quotient of fear, even though there has been acknowledgement by the general populace that the majority know and accept the presence of star beings or the life on other planets or realities, dimensions. The fear factor has still been very strong.

And as you know, your star family is never, ever going to engage in the situation where it becomes so fearful that there is panic in the streets.

Now, it is not a matter of any of the various nations involved, shooting arms or bombs at your star brothers and sisters because that would be like pillow-down and so that is not an issue at all. But the fact that nations would send bombs or arms is an issue because that would create fear and mayhem, and therefore it would not be a Welcome Party.

Now, there are many, many in positions of leadership that are already fully aware and in very close contact with the star beings. And it is the public secret, and I would suggest that even to most lightworkers that public secret is well known.

But your question is, “When do we get to the place?” Right now it is still at the place – and the Peace Initiative is having a huge impact on this – your star brothers and sisters are cheering you.

Think of a child putting their hand on a hot burner. Energetically that is often what the contact between your star brothers and sisters and the general populace of humanity is like. Only it is spiritually and emotionally – yes, they do have emotion – it is just in a very different way.

So the energetic grids need to come a little closer and that is why it is individuals, increasingly, who are [going] back and forth to the ships, consciously and not, but it is getting much closer.

There is so much intervention by your star brothers and sisters in creating peace; they are assisting you and it is not just Michael and his legion and the Company of Heaven. Now you say you want transparency. When will you see us? When will we be more present? When will that veil be lifted?

SB: When will we know more about the way decisions are made behind the veil? We’re intensely curious but we’re also affected by these things and if there were more transparency I think it would be easy for us to ride the wave, so to speak.

SK: If you wanted to know a way in which you can understand how decisions – we wouldn’t use that term – but decisions are made on this side, you can look to your physicians and your healing practitioners and use that phrase, ‘First do no harm’.

So when we look at a situation the assessment, and I am attempting to use your terminology, the assessment is: Will it help or hinder? Are they ready? Have they incorporated into their beings, their lives, their hearts, their treatment with each other, the qualities that will allow them to take the next step or not?

And which pieces of, say, what you would think of as an event, which pieces can be allowed to be seen or viewed or participated in, which is what the sacred union that we are in right now is about. What pieces will lead them to the place where they are fully cognizant, consciously, heart-consciously, but also mental consciousness, emotional consciousness, that they can participate and not be reactive?

The unfoldment you have talked about, and this is part of transparency. Tell us about divine timelines? Tell us about the unfoldment of the Plan?

If ever a Plan had been put into slow motion in order to allow humanity to catch up, it has been this Plan of collective Ascension. Many of you, and we keep saying this, have been in and out of the Ascension process, portal, however you conceive of that, for years now and each time you do that you are bringing back the higher frequency, the higher energy, the inter-dimensionality, and you are anchoring it, in form, for the collective.

Those who are going through the portal back and forth, if you stop…just stop! And perhaps this is part of why we are talking this day about spiritual exhaustion. Peace is also has an element of quietude about it. Stop, go into your heart and say, “Let me have a peek, let me understand, let me at least have the vision or the visitation so that I feel that I am, not only part of this unfoldment but that I’m part of the team, that I have been briefed and clued in.”

So, it is not merely collectively listening. It is individual listening because many of you, and now I do speak again to the loveholders, many of you are already at a point where you can listen, hear, see, receive and understand, comprehend and translate that into the bigger picture and your own life.

So for many of you it is that process of the meditation, it is – and if you call it listening or being still, it is the same thing – stop and listen. And ask your questions.

SB: Well, that’s very helpful and I have to tell you, in all honesty, one of the things you said struck home with me in a very particular way and that you said, “Will you be able to be non-reactive?” And I looked at myself and I said, “Steve, you know darn well that, if you see something that you don’t like, you do react and oftentimes when you do, other considerations go out the door, out the window, and you stand on principle and all the rest of it and never at any point do you see that you’re just being reactive. So, I acknowledge that I may not be ready because I’m probably somewhat still reactive.”

SK: But, can you see the humor in it, my beloved friend?

SB: Always…(Laughter)…but please, tell me what is particularly humorous here.

SK: The fact that you see that you are reactive is beautiful and it is reflective of the expansion that you have gone to and through. The humor is that you continue to be reactive.

SB: (Laughter)

SK: For example let us use Disclosure or mass landings or an awakening of the entire populace of humanity that the star beings are among them. Now, are you at a stage, and I’m talking now of humanity not particular individuals, are you at a stage where you are reactive or is it neutral, is it investigative, is it an opening, is it an excitement–let us see–or is it ‘us or them’, is it they are superior? They are bringing superior technology. Therefore we are going to be enslaved. Or is it reactive that they are better than us. We better protect ourself. That has been some of the thinking, if you want to call it that, that has gone into the divine decision-making process. Is the collective going to be reactive in a negative way?

SB: Hum, well, that’s very helpful. Thank you. That’s exactly the kind of discussion that we’ve wanted to have. I think we have about 8 more minutes to go and perhaps I could just ask you to give us a very short summation of what might be happening with a couple of events.

I’m not going to ask you about Ascension, because I think we all know that that’s a gradual process and it’s happening and I think we know about that. But we don’t know about (1) the Reval and (2) Disclosure. Can you just tell us in very short form, a synopsis of what is happening on those two fronts?

SK: There was a decision conjunct with your star brothers and sisters and what you can think of as the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, this side, that was undertaken, oh, in your time probably about a couple of years ago, that the wide display that you see in your night skies of all the ships, and some of you see them in the daytime as well, would not be what you can think of as a ‘grand event.’

There would not be a parade of spaceships down Main Street or on the White House lawn or on the Kremlin lawn. There would be an integration of what we have termed ‘boots on the ground’ of star beings who have come to the planet and who are integrating into your societal framework, and very diligently, for you especially Steve, this is good news, working on the anchoring of Nova Earth and Nova Being.

They are high-being transmitters, communicators, and anchors for this energy so that there becomes, what you can think of as a new normal. So Disclosure as a main event? No. The quiet awakening to Disclosure that we are not alone. Yes. And that is already well underway.

SB: It is a change isn’t it? Because you flew over Lima in great numbers and over Mexico City, London, and New York, but after that you abandoned it, is that correct?

SK: Because of the reactive nature, not so much of the populace who were by and large excited, but about the National Guard reactions.

SB: Right. I see that you regularly park a light ship over Vancouver International Airport. Can you tell me, are you hoping the pilots see it?

SK: Oh, the pilots see us all the time.

SB: So they come in every day and see a flying ship.

SK: Yes, this is what we mean by the public secret. There are very few pilots that you would talk to, in casual conversation, that would not say that they had seen an ‘unexplained flying object’ that is either accompanying them or zooming by them or that they had seen on a night approach or a day approach.

So, we are visible, it is just not overly visible. So, this is part of the quiet Disclosure until it becomes second nature.

SB: Yes. And then the pilots will say, ‘oh, we’ve been seeing these for years’.

SK: That is correct. That is correct. So, there are certain groups of people that are being honed to be the voice of quiet and calm and the pilots are one of them and the entire staff that work particularly on airlines.

So that is the divine decision regarding Disclosure. But I encourage you, my brothers and sisters. Go quiet, call your star brothers in. Meet with them. Talk to them. Visit the ships one by one, but your time is close.

SB: Okay, you make that editor first because he wants to get up there in the worst way. So, you know who I’m talking about.

SK: We hear you.

SB: Okay, now the Reval. One prominent channel said to me, “Are you seriously thinking there will be a Reval because things don’t work that way” and other lightworkers have said, “Oh, no, no, there’s not going to be a Reval. It’s going to come in in dribs and drabs. It’s going to come in small amounts and build up over quite a while.” Is there, in fact, going to be a Reval or not, Raj?

SK: Lightworkers sometimes have exclusive tunnel vision. Review your history, dear hearts. And what you call this Reval and what we call the Reevaluation of financial systems of which what you call the RV or the Reval is a small part, but nevertheless I’m answering your question.

It was originally designed to assist veterans, to assist those who were the warriors and those who were harmed by war. And it was also a political promise that when there was a cessation of war and an establishment of what political nations call peace, which is not the same as our peace, that then there would be the carrot that your currency will be reexamined in light of your economy and your resources.

And the reason why many of the veterans were included in this was the understanding, above and below, that these beings had paid dearly by engaging in war. So, it is not merely a blessing from heaven for being a lightworker; that is not the case.

Now, is it a blessing for lightworkers? Yes. But is it exclusionary? No. It has been, not simply the Company of Heaven running this; this is why we always say to you, “Look to your spiritual currency. Look to your own ability to create within and then without.”

Will there be a reassessment, what you call a Reevaluation of a number of currencies worldwide? Yes.

Now, let us take you back to this reactive business, not merely is this going to occur when those who would be the recipients of great wealth [might] use it to enforce control, power, greed, death, mayhem, chaos. That is why the Peace Initiative is so important.

But it is also, even for the lightworkers, it is not simply a blessing so that you [become] an exclusive group or that you are retiring, although many of you will.

It is monies that can be used to create, to anchor in a physical reality the institutions, the rework, the re-engineering for Nova Earth. And so, again I say to you, “Are the human beings ready? Are that 8 billion ready?” No. “Are many segments ready?” Yes.

“Is it in process?” It is not dribs and drab. This is a political move. This is an economic move.

“Does it herald a shift in the consciousness of what is fair and equal?” Yes. “Will it come forth?” Yes. “Are we going to give you a date?” The channel will not allow such a thing.

SB: Yes, we don’t want to go there either. We understand that it’s a matter of frequency, of vibration. We understand it’s a matter of the expansion of our hearts, and we understand that it’s not only a matter with the Reval but with Disclosure and Ascension and peace and everything else.

But am I to take away from our discussion today that we should, all of us, just say ‘hey, this is going to be months if not years from now. Let’s get on to thinking about something else because this Reval is just not going to happen very soon, so face it, suck it up and let’s get on with something else?

Raj, when I say this, about the Reval for instance, I’m talking about building Nova Earth, I’m talking about having the resources to end gender persecution on the planet, to rescue the poor people from Darfur from everything that besets them, to bring peace to other areas of the world, to rescue so many women from sexual slavery around the world that’s supported by multinational corporations, to right the wrongs in the world, to get the world back on kilter.

So it’s not a case, when I’m speaking anyway, of wanting to retire to Florida, but it’s a desire to get to work on building Nova Earth.

SK: And many of you are there. Now, should you abandon this and say, ‘well, tough luck’? You can if you wish.

What I will end with is something, dear heart, that I have had and heard many of you say, proceed ‘as if’ (1) and when I say this, let me be clear, “Proceed ‘as if’ it is not going to happen and therefore I better get to work and create with my community and my resources everything I can possibly do and proceed ‘as if’ it is going to happen and that I am putting in place everything that is going to transpire when it does.” So, proceed ‘as if’, use the fullness of your creative potential in partnership with us, with the usage of Universal Law.

You know how powerful you are. If you focus simply on the money will it occur? No. But if you focus on what you are wishing to do, that is an entirely different scenario.

SB: Uhh, okay, alright. I think we’re going to have to allow Linda to come back and relax after our discussion with you.

SK: Then I will give you my goodbyes. I will give you my farewells. But know that I am with you, as is St. Germaine.

Beloveds, rest, bathe in the peace and give it to everyone you meet but most importantly, your sweet self.

SB: Thank you very much, Raj. Thank you for coming.

SK: Go in Peace. You are welcome. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Okay, I think we’ll give Linda just a minute to make her transition and come back, but, Graham, do you want to discuss what you’ve heard from Sanat Kumara today?

GD: Well, I think the emphasis is really good and important. The focus is not the money. The focus is proceed as if we have it available to us to build that world that works for everyone, to create that world, that vision that we have in our hearts.

I think that can’t be underscored enough and like you said, Steve, it’s about the frequency within. It’s about opening our hearts and I think the less focus we put on these big events like the RV and Disclosure, that’s healthy.

We have it within ourselves, as Raj was saying, we are powerful co-creators. Don’t stop, keep going and everyone can play a part and needs to play a part as powerful co-creators to build this world. But it starts with the heart.

SB: Right, I also think that the point he made about ‘as if’ is very important. The higher dimensions work on the basis of creative imagination, right? What you think about you create in the higher dimensions.

And since we’re gradually moving into those higher dimensions, the closest terrestrial match-up we have to that is this, what one author called “The Philosophy of As If.” (2) If we operate ‘as if’ what we want to have happen has already happened.

We operate in this case ‘as if’ the Reval is going to happen and then it does at some point and we’re not creating a barrier against it happening, but we’re just shelving that for the moment and then using the same ‘as if’ in areas of lightwork like gender equality or the relief of hunger in the world or the relief of homelessness.

It’s a way of entering into this whole domain of creating with our imagination, which there by the Law of Attraction draw something to us and have something materialize.

I wonder if Linda is back enough to chat? You might be tired, Linda, you might be a little ‘out there.’

LD:  I am a little ‘out there’ but you know, one of the things that I bring away, not just from today’s conversation but from the repeated messages is – and it does relate to what you were just saying, Steve, and thanks for the reminder ‘as if’ – I see everything is there, like on the table, and I proceed ‘as if’ what we choose to create is entirely possible. Otherwise we wouldn’t have the idea. We wouldn’t have the inclination. We wouldn’t have the desire.

I don’t think that we’re set up that way, so I proceed ‘as if’ it is possible and we can bring this into form with focus and it’s heart focus. So I try and this is where our full circle back to spiritual exhaustion comes, I try and be really gentle and kind and considerate and compassionate with myself and with everybody else when something with the main event or something doesn’t come to pass, I still proceed ‘as if’ it will.

I may not know the timeframe. You know me and my issue with time frames, but I do proceed ‘as if’ it will come to pass because that’s, to me, holding the vision.

SB: Well, we’ve been conditioned since earliest days to be a stimulus-response machine and also to think in terms of cause and effect, cause and result, which we don’t even realize and which orients us to expect some big event or to always wait for the conclusion of something or the culmination of something. What happened? What resulted with the tangible results?

And I’m the worst offender in that whole area but we’ve got to break this stimulus-response circle that we’re in of reasoning and thinking and one of the easiest ways is to use this function of the creative imagination to see the result as actually having happened and orient towards it as it does.

You were talking about this Linda, and if you don’t do it that way I’d add on to it that even if the result happened we wouldn’t see it, because we’ve already decided the result’s not going to happen and so we wouldn’t even notice it.

LD: That’s right.

SB: And if somebody offered it to us, we’d say ‘well, no, no, no, no, I don’t believe you. It hasn’t happened’ and so we’d just walk by the opportunity. So seeing it ‘as if’ it has happened or seeing it ‘as if’ it will happen opens us to it happening in this other way as well. Sorry, Graham, go ahead.

GD: Well, I’m thinking about my internal process and to add a little bit more of what I was speaking to earlier, the focus for me is not about a specific event or around Ascension, like December 21, 2012, I admit I got caught up in that and the build-up of it, the focus for me is not Disclosure.

The focus for me is not the abundance programs or the abundance economy. The focus for me is when I really get to my heart space and when I really connect to my grandest vision and dream and what brings me joy. The focus is creating a world that works for everyone. The focus is a world of peace, of unity consciousness. These items are not the focus and I think we can get lost in that too much sometimes. So, I’m feeling just the need to underscore again. It starts with us. It’s the internal work within that effects everything else in our outer world.

SB: Right.

LD: Amen.

SB: Linda, anything further before we wrap things up?

LD: I think we stay the course, be gentle with ourselves, breathe the Blue Breeze of Peace, and keep going!

SB: Very good. I agree. Graham, anything in last words from you?

GD: No. Thank you very much.

SB: Okay. Well, thank you both. What a wonderful show and thank you to the Company of Heaven. We’re grateful to them for all we’ve received, tangible and intangible.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 02-19-15

© 2015 Council of Love


Goddess of Creation via Shelly Dressel – Open the Flow to Your Soul – 1-18-15


Watch the video of the channel here


So often the Goddess speaks of aligning with your Divinity and receiving information, support or balance.  During this channel, she speaks very specifically about the cord that links you as a human, to your higher self and then your soul.  She helps people create a greater flow which in turn opens up people’s perception and in particular their mental body.  Once this energy flow expands, people experience the Lightbody and interaction with the Pleiadians, the Sirians and the Arcturians.

At the beginning of the channel the Goddess speaks of the levels of consciousness between the human and one’s divinity.  She speaks of a thread of energy or a thread of light which comes from your divinity and anchors in your physical body.  It’s this thread that you can work with so that it opens to a much greater amount creating an easier flow between your soul and your human awareness.

She first creates the knowledge of you as human, then you follow that cord to where it ends; this is your soul, with your higher self is somewhere in between.  The intention of your higher self is to have a space where your divinity can be perceived by your human awareness.

People have the experience of looking from their human self to their divinity; then from their divinity into their human.  It was interesting to see how one perspective may be open where other is not as much.

Once the alignment was open and flowing, the Goddess assisted people with moving into the universe where they could link with emissaries of light from Pleiades, Sirius and Arcturus.  During this time, they created a place that cleared out people’s energy fields so they would open to their gifts of perception.

You will feel an amazing shift with this channel!


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out my arms. I send love from my heart to your heart. I welcome each one of you who have chosen to come and be a part of this experience this evening.

The effect that these channels or this type of a community of people has upon the earth is even greater than you may be aware. It creates a sense of community. It creates a vortex of energy that can focus that universal light and it creates an opportunity within the collective consciousness that allows for a shifting or transforming of energies.

This is a key opportunity for you to be able to align not only within yourself as the human but yourself as your divinity.

People have many different perceptions of what that may be; I will therefore speak of it for a moment or two. Everybody who walks upon the earth is human. I’m laughing because I can hear some people behind saying, “Oh no, there are a lots of aliens that are here too”, but indeed, we speak of the humans.

These are people who have chosen to come in and have a life upon the earth. You have the physical reality that is your body. You have the thoughts and the mental body that is a part of you, your emotions are a part of you, your spiritual and your light body energies also create who you are as the human in this lifetime.

There is a cord of light that is anchored within you and it flows through all your energy bodies and it ends within your divinity.  Every single person upon the earth has that cord of light or energy which is their alignment as the human or from the human to their divinity. For some it may be as if you are disconnected, for others it may be as wide-open as something 2 to 3 times the size of who you are. It is flexible, meaning it constricts and enlarges as it needs to.

When we speak of your divinity or your I AM Presence it is that immense ball of energy or light that is out within the universe that is at that other end of the cord and it’s always there for you. When I speak of linking with your higher self, it is that place that merges your divinity coming down from the higher dimensions and your human essence coming up from where you are today.

Therefore, your higher self gives you that expanded perspective from looking at your life. So too, it allows a place where your divinity may be close to you but maintain that higher vibration, it is not as high as when you link with your divinity and many people when they go to their higher self, go straight to their divinity. There is no right or wrong. I simply wanted to take a moment to talk about this, because especially in this year to come that alignment of your divinity and you the person, is going to be more important than ever before.

You are always completely supported by your divinity whether you feel it, sense it or know it, it is always there. Your divinity is what makes you the unique individual that you are. Your divinity is what you communicate through as you reach towards the Angels, the teachings, teachers and the other beings of light.

Your divinity is the foundation of all that you are in this lifetime and in every other.

Let’s take a moment then in which you breathe deeply sending your energy down into the earth once more. Allow yourself to link with Gaia or link with the energies of the earth and then let that flow up through you so that it comes up through you and then send your consciousness streaming up until you find yourself aligning with your higher self. It is a space; it is a place of consciousness. You may create within the space in whatever way, resonates with you. Let it be your sanctuary.

From there, stream your consciousness even further as if you follow that cord of light until you find yourself blending with your divinity. There is an even greater ease with which you flow from your earthly experience to your divine. Let yourself feel, see, sense, know, all that is here for you.

For some it gives you that sense of coming home. For others, almost as if you are looking and seeing things that just resonate with you that of which you’ve forgotten. You may have a sense of just a blank energy. Be not concerned. Know that that cord of light terminates within your divinity and therefore you are there.

I now have a greater sense of people opening up their awareness or their consciousness and then receiving a flow of love into who they are and in their consciousness.

I the Goddess, walk within and amongst each one of you. As I reach out I embrace all of who you are as the human and as your divinity and as our energies merge you will find yourself shifting and moving into the space of the All That Is.

Look around, see who is here. These gatherings always attract a lot of different energies, and many of them are the Angels and the beings of light that work with you. So perhaps you find yourself drawn into conversation with or just to be in the presence of one of your Angels.

I spoke of you as your human versus you as your divinity while you were still grounded upon the earth. As we are here in the All That Is, now as if you are looking from your divinity down towards your human self, take a moment to open up, realize or recognize your perception of what that is.

I notice several different things as I’m looking around at people’s perception. For some it is as if it’s segmented; you the human, you the higher self, you have the divinity, and there is no constant flow moving back and forth. For others, it’s as if streaming up to this consciousness was through a one way valve and you could come up quite easily, but as we look backwards it’s as if we are bouncing up against density or something that’s keeping you from perceiving you as your human experience.

At this moment, I invite you to close your eyes, open your energies, allow yourself to feel who you are in this moment of expansion within the All That Is. Many people find that question to be challenging. When I say, who are you, you might not have an answer because you don’t really know how to put it into words, like concept.

As I asked that question or I put that intention out there, take a moment and simply feel the washes and the waves of energy that comes through you from your divinity.

As your divinity, you may see yourself as pure white light. You may see yourself as God source energy. You may see yourself as a pulsating energy filled with consciousness and experiences from many different lifetimes. You may see yourself as a mist that expands out into limitless infinity. It may be something completely different from that. But anytime you ask yourself, who am I — allow yourself to experience first and foremost the limitless potential of your divinity.

A very popular phrase upon the earth is, “I am a spiritual being having an earthly experience”. Other people may also consider that they are an earthly being having a spiritual experience. Two sides of the coin. You are both, you are human having a spiritual experience but you came from source energy to have a human experience. So as if you are feeling the balance or the shifting and movement of that, allow it all to simply be within and around you.

Consider your mental body. Consider your beliefs in this lifetime. What would you say is the foundation of your beliefs?

Ok. Let us take as an example something that is taking place in your life right now. As you think about whatever that may be, consider your thoughts or beliefs about the situation.

It makes me smile because whenever I say something like that many of you get out your list; it’s this, this, this, this, as if you are so used to talking about it or thinking about it or considering whatever it may be you instantly have a perception of what your beliefs are around the situation. I remind you that the last time we gather together, we cleared out a lot of those beliefs. So let’s clear it out again. ~ whew ~

Consider a situation within your life, and if you were to stretch the boundaries, so to speak, are there new ways in which you may consider this situation?

So too, take as an example something that you have been seeking to manifest in the past, that you did manifest at some point. Perhaps it’s big, perhaps it’s little.  Do you remember how things shifted when you shifted your beliefs? Do you remember how that opened up a door for a new awareness to come within you?

Open as if you are opening up a door in front of you and look at the situation from new eyes. Perhaps you just sense or feel it. Howsoever your perception flows through you be open to that potential of something different.

Consider your emotions. Are there emotions that have been consistent throughout your life coming up again and again and again? Many times they are rooted with a belief, so having cleared the mental body and the belief, are your emotions shifting also? Let that flow.

As we’ve spoken about your spiritual body your perception is that your spiritual body is that which is your divinity in this lifetime. Perhaps your perception of it is from a place of limitation or lack. Perhaps it’s aligned with belief systems that say, “You have to believe my way, it’s the only way”. So, your mental, spiritual, emotional bodies, all have a link or an alignment with one another that can create great resistance or it can really amplify the flow of energy. I invite you to open up and allow it to amplify what is here within your life.

Your light body energy is sometimes associated with your spiritual, but it is indeed distinctly different because it is you as your universal light, it is you in alignment with the crystalline energies, it is you as a link to the immensity of the universe.

As you allow the flow of that perception to move through you, let it flow gently, aligning who you are as your consciousness and then let all of that move through into your unconscious. Indeed, as I said that I saw some of you edging up against something that felt more rigid. In this now time space reality I send an impulse of light and energy. ~ whew ~ We clear out anything at all that may feel rigid or solid within your own consciousness.

I invite you to open up that flow, open up that movement as if that of which you’ve been unaware flows easily within you and then the other flows back into that that is a movement back and forth.

As we speak of these, the clearing out, the alignment, the balance, look with your inner eyes towards your divinity. Open to the potential that you may have a greater understanding of not only the immensity of who you are but the balance and the unconditional love.

From there, again have a sense of looking down towards your human self. Be open to recognize that there is a greater flow or greater awareness after having cleared up this energy. My perception as I look at you is that indeed, there is.

I invite you to have a sense of looking towards that space of the All That Is that is leaning towards the universal light, and I shift the energies or I shift the perspective so that even more of that light body energy flows within you in this now moment.

As it moves through you, allow it to integrate or find a balance that supports you. We speak of that expanded consciousness and the light body energy is a higher vibration, it’s a more transparent vibration, it’s filled with the crystalline energy so that it assists you with your perceptions within the higher dimensions. Allow that to move through you. You may feel yourself expanding as it moves within and around your consciousness.

I invite you to have a sense of letting yourself move out into the universe more fully. You will find yourself drawn, perhaps to a particular star, perhaps a planet, perhaps a place where you are just talking to or interacting with other beings of light and as you do so, have the intention of being open to receive a greater integration from the universal light. This may open up your third eye, your throat center, your heart, your solar plexus. This may assist you in clearing out all those preconceived notions from your mental body so that you may now accept, “Yes, I Am this universal being of light and therefore I have all of my senses open. I receive a constant flow of energy from my divine essence” and from within that you see all of these places with which you may communicate or align.

I will be quiet for a moment. I invite you to have the intention that everything becomes very clear for you and that you become aware of where you are out within the universe.

I know that you would like to spend a lot more time in this perception of awareness, know that you can shift time space reality and be here as long as you would like. I do ask you though, is perhaps through this clearing out that you’ve been doing you are now already able to discern even more about these energies of the universe? Are you able to see, perhaps where you are or feel or know? Be open to accept your message.

The energies of the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Arcturians, in particular support this expansion of the earth. They have created a great deal of the alignments and the perceptions that assist you in your life. You have the free will to open up as much or as little as you so choose. I invite you to recognize how so many of these beings of light are here for you. Perhaps you are one of them. Perhaps this time upon the earth is the rare occurrence and you are much more comfortable out here within this space. Let yourself know, let yourself acknowledge, let yourself experience all that is here for you. May you be open to receive.

Have a sense of coming back together as a group, coming back together in that space of the All That Is.

As you feel yourself returning into this vibration with which you already have an alignment, take a moment to consider the ways in which your energies have shifted. Is there a greater thing that you perceive? Do you feel things in a different way? Can you allow yourself to simply know, whatever it is that you may need to know? Breathe down deeply into your consciousness. Allow it to expand so as to support all of you within this space and within this moment.

As you integrate this even more within you look again towards your divinity. Perhaps now, you have that even greater perception of how immense it is. Perhaps you are able to discern some of the various lifetimes that created your I Am Presence.

You are wide open. All of your senses are working for you. Your consciousness is moving even deeper and deeper into your unconscious thoughts and awareness, so as to fill it with light, so that it may expand so that you may have a greater knowledge.

Feel what that is. Let yourself know.

I invite you to come back together as a group and as you do so feel the flow of energy as it moves around the group.

A dramatic shift has taken place during this journey. The All That Is with which you usually work has shifted into a higher dimension. All is accommodating for you, and therefore this flow of energy that moves within you is accommodating also. Allow your perception to be of the earth coming up within it. This hologram of the earth is one with which you work for quite some time, but it to automatically aligns to the vibration of the dimension with which you are. Therefore feel the flow, feel the movement, feel the alignment.

As you do so, infuse the energy of that wide open alignment between your divinity and you the person that you are. Infuse that into this hologram so that as it begins to spin in time all of who you are in this expanded state, without any veil, without any resistance infuses the hologram.

There is a gentle movement as it releases the connection from all of you and it flows down moving into the center of the earth. As it moves through the energies that are on the surface of the earth, it clears out debris, it clears out old energies and it moves within the core essence of the earth aligning in that place of crystalline vibration and then it begins to expand. It comes up through the earth itself, it comes up through the grass, the trees, the flowers, the water, and it expands up within each one of you.

You have the ability to integrate all of this, so that in your everyday life you are as wide open as you are in the All That Is.

Allow your focus to return once more into the All That Is.

I’m smiling because I see some of you saying, “I’m going back up the universe for a while. I’m going  to go over here for a while”, whatever you so choose but for the rest I invite you to have a sense of shifting your awareness into the space of your divinity. It may be right there within the All That Is. It may feel different. From here, allow yourself to become very conscious of that cord of energy or that cord of light that links you from here, your divinity into you the human. As if your consciousness follows that stream of awareness it flows until it finds that balance between human and divine. And as you arrive within your higher self, send out a ball of light. ~ whew ~ Clear it out. Allow it to fill up with the spaces. Allow it to fill up the spaces with your divinity and with all of that information that you created with your alignment in the universe. It may reside within your divinity. It may reside here, it may reside with you in your human experience.

Allow your consciousness to flow back, moving even further. Let it come down within and around you as the human. As it does so it may feel as if it’s a mist that is moving through you. It may feel as if it’s a warm embrace that surrounds you. Let it move all the way through you, clearing out all of your energy bodies and then send that light directly down letting it move into the earth. Let it anchor within the center of the earth aligning with what you’ve already sent into the earth from the hologram and then as you link and merge with that you once more bring it back up within you; this time in a much more conscious way and in a much more physical way. Feel that flow through your physical body.

Allow yourself to become illuminated with light. Allow every cell within your body to be filled with light as it communicates with every cell around it. Allow this to move even deeper within you as you anchor yourself into this energy.

Alright beloved family, as you continue to move through these days upon the earth, I invite you to open up to the flow of that column of light that links you as your human with you as your divinity. Recognize that that is always there. Recognize that that is where you greatest support comes from. Recognize that, is as your divinity that you are linked to all else within the universe. You are in alignment. You are in the flow. I invite you to be open to receive.


Elise – Dear, Twin Flame – To Move beyond Illumination, Leave the Rest Behind – Accelerated Ascension Blog – 12-14-14

Barbara Longue


Accelerated Ascension Blog   –   12-14-14

Elise   –   About Page


You may not understand how everything is connected, but it is. You must go from the smallest lesson before you can build in consciousness and move onto the next. Everything is Unified and the Universal truths reflect that. Unity is what you are after, so do not miss a piece, or the whole that you are looking for, can never be. Everything is important and when you see it that way, you will move through each lesson and stage much faster. You will travel through space and time at a much faster rate and things will seem to unfold seamlessly and at the perfect moment in your time. When you are walking through life in alignment with all that is, all that is becomes you and you become it. Your life will reflect that. All of the things that you need, without exception, will be provided in a way that is easy for you and in perfect time. It is only holding onto the old and not trusting, which creates difficulty for you and that is what we want you to overcome. Your soul mates, you have many of them, are here to assist you in your growth, but in your invalidation of them, you are tied to the Union which represents a part of yourself which you would like to outgrow, but you cannot move beyond it if you do not move beyond it! Relationships with soul mates should not be ended prematurely. That is not what we are saying. We are saying for you to cherish everything that you see within the soulmate union. Cherish it and do not belittle it or look at it like it is not what you need. If it is there, you need it. It is only when you have learned to create harmony within a soulmate relationship, yet, you are still seeking for more, beyond what the relationship can provide, that it is time to move on. So many of you are needing to hear this right now. So many of you are facing this challenge around your Twin Flame experience because you feel that you are tied to your soulmate connections that you have outgrown. The Universe would never, ever, ever expect you to hold yourself back from continuing to grow. This is not what any of this is designed to do. You must be strong to move forward. That is your mark of readiness and that is the point in it all. So, you all know if it is time to leave a soulmate relationship for the sake of your growth. Do not hold back anymore. You do no services or provide any justices to anyone in the matter, when you remain inside a stagnant relationship which no longer serves the growth of those involved. Stagnation. This is the opposite of what love does. Let your love grow, even further, so that you can see what the most loving action in your situation actually looks like. When you focus on loving all involved AND when your focus on love is inclusive of yourself  and your spiritual needs and your journey through this life, you will then know what to do. There are no exceptions. When we say “harmony”, we understand that you cannot force another into a state of harmony. But that only you, yourself, can conjure a state of peace that allows you to see clearly and lovingly and therefore, to make the right decision which is in alignment with your journey of spiritual growth, love, and self-discovery.


We are here to open your eyes to a new world. A new way of being. A new life. A new kind of love. Greater and greater than ever before. You will be able to experience more emotion than ever before, more kindness, more beauty and this beauty will never get old. You can never get tired of that which you are, for that which you are never expires, it only becomes more, better and improved. Your reality reflects that. The newest gadget is always the most popular. You see the value in becoming. We want to tell you that since this is all new, and new ideas and information on this topic of eternally becoming will be coming though this channel from now on, we are done with the 3rd dimensional concepts. We are ascending, you are ascending and our point in being here is to assist you as you are rising. To guide you and to lead the flow. To give you a way to answer questions that arise. For, we will be answering them, often, and every time you read, you will see that solutions are coming faster than problems. We are now solution oriented. Forward moving and forward thinking. We want you to be grounded, so we will still use grounding examples to help you bridge this connection between your 3rd dimensional world and the other dimensions that your consciousness is becoming into. But we are not teaching 3rd dimensional reality anymore. We are beyond that and if you want to learn, you will have to rise above those concepts too. We are going to move very fast, so keep up your vibrations and read on. We are going to take all of you with us and we want you to take everyone with you that you know and love. So share these concepts, share the love, leave not a soul behind. Because this wave is strong. This wave of love is awesome and everyone who is here, on this planet today, wants to be swept up in this incredible, leading edge experience. It is why you have incarnated in this place today. Make no mistake about it. There is no such thing. Look at a child. They want to be on the leading edge of excitement, and so do you. That is what we are helping you to accomplish through these messages. We want you to learn to experience your excitement all of the time and shed the rest. leave it all behind, in the dust. aengusogNothing else matters but you. Nothing else matters that is outside of your happiness. Do you not realize how important this is to feel love and be happy. It is the entire point of existence! JOY! Joy and love are one in the same. Every time that you experience joy, you are hooked into Source. Tuned in, Tapped in, Turned on. That is what Abraham Hicks has been teaching to you for the last 30 years. Getting you ready to receive these messages today. All of you who are receiving these messages will recognize the messages of Abraham within it. There is a reason for this. They have been preparing you for these times. Paving the way and priming the pump and giving you endless examples and making it believable. They never grow tired of assisting you to become. Never, not even once before, they love it. Every last member of the collective of Abraham has been reveling in your becoming because, as they have told you before, they see what is in your Vortex, and its magnificent. It is HUGE. You have been asking for so very long for all of these wonderful things to come to you and there is only one way that you can receive them. We will now tell you how. You must channel your passion at all times in order to receive what you are wanting at all times. It is a system that was created, all that is created is love and these systems work. They all work. This system we are explaining to you is real and readily applicable for you in your dimensional reality. It is how everything is created. We are all united and the systems that work together in harmony are another reflection of that. All that is will always reflect itself.

The mechanism goes like this:

As you decide to follow your joy, you create an intention. You create a desire. In that instant, the desire exists in a form which can be readily achieved by you in the physical. There used to be more of a time lag, but the time lag is disappearing, quickly, as the thinning between the dimensional realities and the time and space phenomenon is slipping away and becoming more and more malleable. Unity is the New theme and all that is will reflect that more and more. Once you create the intention and set your desire, you must set your point of attraction to match it. This is where all of you have been getting stumped. It’s almost as if you thought you had no choice in the matter, when it comes to choosing your vibration. This trouble that you have been facing is only a result of not fully, experiencing or knowing who you truly are. This is the problem we are tackling now, but we are teaching an easier way to go about it, because you are in a place where you can reach for these concepts now, and the Twin Flame Phenomenon speeds up your ability to reach these higher states of consciousness. That is why we are targeting you, Twin Flame, because …

Please continue reading at Accelerated Ascension Blog.

Mother Mary – How Can One Possibly Define Love – Our Universal Mother Explains – 9-20-14



How can one possibly define Love? Our Universal Mother explains…
september 4, 2014
Mary blue diamondYou think of Love in terms of an experience. But truly, it is the energy of All; it is the energy of creation before creation, it is the energy when there is no creation, it is the energy of silence, it is the energy of movement, it is the energy of Stillpoint…

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca. Today we are most honored to welcome Universal Mother Mary to the show and the subject that she wishes to discuss is “The Meaning of Love and the Nurturing of the Self.”

So many of us are committed to being in service yet what we can sometimes quite easily loose sight of is how vital it is to practice self care. Linda got the nudge to open the phone lines for your questions today about how to go about nurturing ourselves during these challenging days.

I’m also wondering how the Tsunami of Love is going because it feels like we just got a major wave of light information and it makes it that much easier to connect with higher wisdom, our own higher wisdom, which includes things that we have already known but are just now remembering. Good morning Linda.

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi and good morning everybody out there. Yes, it is an intense time and I think that when Universal Mother Mary nudged that she wanted to come on today and talk about this it seems like it is absolutely the universal theme. I know on our conference calls, on the various radio shows, in the various channelings, this is the soup ‘d jour is that Love, Love, Love, to quote somebody I know, and the care and nurturing of our sacred selves, the reminder that if we aren’t taking care of ourselves then we’re not taking care.

SM: Well, yeah, that’s true…and there’s also the central well…we need to make sure the central well is full and that we feed out to others from the overflow buckets because if we feed out from the central well then the well goes dry and we really can’t help anybody.

LD: Boy, that’s a really good way to put it, that’s a really good way to put it. You know, when you’re on the airplane and it always sort of makes me pause for a moment and they say, “If you need air during the flight, please put on your own mask first and then attend to other people” because I think a lot of us, our instinct would be to look for the closest child or the person that seems to be in need, take care of them and then tend to ourselves. But if we don’t take care of ourselves…Mother Mary, Lord Maitreya, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabrielle, Sanat Kumara, they have all told us that the Tsunami of Love is intensifying, that what we have been feeling thus far, which to me has been pretty darn intense, and I know some people have said, “I don’t feel a thing”…it’s like, wow, I don’t know about you but I am definitely riding the waves.

It has and it is intensifying again and so what that also means is that it is intensifying for us personally but also globally. And so that means that the energies are going to become stronger as, hopefully, the last bit of residue is washed away. But in that, more than ever, we need to be anchored really firmly in our bodies.

SM: Yes, I’m really looking forward to the clearing part being over because the Tsunami of Love seems to have triggered lots of peoples clearing and we know the clearing doesn’t really feel very good and doesn’t really feel very much like Love in our perceptions so once that’s over leaving us open to fill with Love and light then that will be something to look forward to.

LD: As I was sitting here meditating, obviously getting ready for the show, getting ready for my delightful time with all you guys, is that Mary was talking to me and you know, all of us, myself included, have these challenges that come up whether they’re financial or physical or emotional, they’re there and she was saying to me that so often in our reality, when something goes awry…i.e. clearing…that we tend to often revert and think ‘why am I being abandoned?’, ‘why am I being punished?’, ‘why me God?’ like, your aunt, doing my work, keeping my promise, and she was reminding me, in her very gentle way, that sometimes a challenge is the opportunity, and she wasn’t being Pollyanna about this, she was just saying, “Sometimes it’s just us nudging you to nurture yourself more, to take care of yourself more, to maybe pull back from what you’re doing and take care of yourself.”

SM: You know, yeah, what just occurred to me is that because of our conditioning and what’s missing from our lives, that some of us are forlornly waiting for someone else to come and take care of us, that’s what we really want. And I think that’s why we’re so easy to manipulate because we want to be told what to do and be cared for and that’s such an illusion…well, you know, anyway that’s just what I’m thinking…

LD: It’s true and we want someone, not just the unseen forces, but another human being, be it starseed or earth-keeper or somewhere in-between, we want them to look at us and see us and Love us and say, “You are incredible, you’re beautiful, you’re worthy, I Love you.” This is the thing, give a plug for our Annual Gathering about Union and Reunion, but this is why, this is the next step after the New You. The New You was an incredible foundation but out of that there were several threads and one of the biggest threads is this Union and Reunion. And where we are right now is that if we’re not in that deep sacred, sacred union, Love affair with ourselves, then we can’t, we can’t be in that sacred union, not with God/Source/Divine Mother/Father/One or with a sacred partner or with our family or with our friends. We, and I’m not trying to diminish the relationships with friends, but we can’t be in the fullness of that potential unless we’re in the fullness with ourselves. And if creation, if divinity is infinite and eternal then there is always room for that union with ourselves to be bigger, better, deeper, broader, more blissful…

SM: Yes, yes, and why would we now not do our best to step into that now instead of waiting?

LD: You know what? I think that that’s the key is that so often we say, “Well, after Ascension, after the Shift, after this, after that then I’ll be okay, then I’ll have what I want.” And really think what the whole Company of Heaven and the Council of Love is saying to us is, “Do it now.” For everybody who grew up up North, they used to have these ads on TV when I was a kid, and I’m sure that’s because the construction industry was so slow during the winter, they would say, “Why wait for spring? Do it now.” But it is, it’s like ‘do it now! do it right now!’

SM: Do it now…exactly…alright…shall we do a meditation?

LD: Yes, let’s do it right now…

SM: Alright, thank you.

LD: Thank you, thank all of you because you know, we’re all in different places but we’re all in this together.

So, take a nice deep breath and today, this morning, we’re going to work with Universal Mother Mary’s Blue Diamond. So, picture the color of a sapphire and sparkle it up with a million sparkles of diamond; take the sapphire and the diamond and merge them. And breathe in, in through your nose and on the exhale feel yourself sinking into your heart and relax. Relax your jaw, bring down those shoulders, feel yourself sink in to your chair, or your bed, the floor, wherever you’re sitting. Release those hips and your knees and your ankles and your sweet feet, right down to your little piggy.

And feel that Blue Diamond. Feel your heart as if it is a huge Valentine heart and it comes up to your shoulders and out…it’s huge…and the bottom of your heart comes right down to your root chakra. So you’re a Blue Diamond Valentine heart and my friends, my family, you are Love. And breathe. And go deeper and go deeper into your heart, let us fly through that pin-prick of light in the center of your heart, through the portal of your being. Fly through to the inner golden chambers of your heart, of who you are…magnificent angels. Regardless of who you are in this form you started as a spark of light and an angel so don’t forget that.

Come into your golden chamber and remind yourself of what is written on your wall, the sacred symbols, the writing about who you are, about the soul journey, not only of this life but of all lives and in-between lives. You don’t need to understand it, just let it come within you. And find your chair or your cushion and sit down and relax and breathe and Love yourself. Love who you are right now, not partitioning yourself, but all of you and see or feel or sense the Universal Mother, the Divine Mother, standing directly in front of you, because she is, because she wants to speak to you, to speak to your heart so that you can more deeply know her Love.

Universal Mother Mary: Greetings.

SM: Welcome.

UMM: And welcome to you beloved daughter. I am Mary, I am Mare’, Universal Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of change, Mother of constancy, Mother of all. Welcome sweet angels of light and yes, I have called to you, I have beckoned to you, but I have beckoned to you in such a way my sweet angels, that I show up to you, that I come this day and every day to you. And why do I do this? I do this because I wish you to know more deeply, more profoundly, more thoroughly, about Love. So, let us start there.

How can one possibly define Love? I can tell you very easily that it is my essence. Because you are in the construct of this magnificent planet, Gaia, my Archangel, you think of Love in terms of an experience. But truly, it is the energy of All; it is the energy of creation before creation, it is the energy when there is no creation, it is the energy of silence, it is the energy of movement, it is the energy of Stillpoint. Now you can observe Love, which I encourage you to do within your sacred self and with me. You most certainly can feel and experience Love, you can witness it, you can ignore it, which would be very sad, you can come to know it and then you can simply be Love.

Now this is not something that you have need to work at; you are born of our essence. Your DNA, your sub-atomic particles, your physical essence, your emotional essence, your causal, your mental, your spiritual is Love. Now, during what we would call ‘the dark times’ and why would we call them ‘the dark times’? Because this has been a period upon your planet when the brightness of Love, no it was not forgotten but it was certainly dimmed and limited. But that sweet angels is very rapidly becoming ancient history, both in our time, what you would think of as time, and in reality.

How do you reach the place of knowing, living, and accepting that you are Love, that you are Divine, that you are the bright children, daughters and sons of my heart, and that you are cherished, you are nurtured, you are tended to? Sweet angels, the most precious gift or undertaking that you can receive from me is the gift of knowing and being yourself. Yes, of being in this place of sacred, divine union, of deep abiding Love, acceptance, celebration, reverence, adoration of yourself. I know you Love, revere, honor, adore me; you would not be walking the planet in such service that has been incredibly difficult if you were not in service and in Love with and to and for me.

But what kind of Mother would I be if I said, “Well, that’s good, that’s enough, you Love me”? No, this entire plan is based upon you loving you and then each other in magnificent sacred union and partnership, in sacred family, soul family, community, Nova Earth, Terra Gaia. There is not one of you that I address this day and far beyond: People of Earth, you are generous, you are kind, you are hopeful. But are you all these things to your sacred self? Or are there still residuals and I suggest there is, residual, judge, jury… ‘I am too this’… ‘I am not enough that’…? You are perfect, you are co-creators, masters upon this planet, entrusted with the physical anchoring of Love and the regridding, repatterning, reconstruction of Earth from the soil, to the air, to the buildings, to the institutions, to the culture. This would not ever be entrusted to one that is less-than. I do not create less-than. That is an abomination, it is an abhorrent belief, it is a false grid, it is an illusion/delusion, it is not of truth, it is not of Love and it most certainly is not of clarity and grace.

So yes, do I scrub deep? Do I wash away what you can think of as ancient false grids and beliefs of the collective deep in the soil and deep within your psyches? Yes I do. But I am not, nor would I ever run roughshod over thee. I do this, yes with my Tsunami of Love, because we are in accordance, we are in agreement, and we have been forever. Have there been disastrous scenic detours, not only in other lives but in this life as well? Yes. Can you see, my beloveds, how this has taught you, how this has brought to the forefront greater compassion, greater prudence, greater stamina, greater valor and courage and a deep understand of how people get lost? Yes. But the time of being lost is over.

You say to me, “Mother, what would you have me do? Can you please just tell me? I am tired. I am tired of being poor. I am tired of being sick. I am tired of the aches and pains of this body. I am tired of being alienated from my family. I am tired of being in partnership with a spouse who does not understand me or agree with my belief systems. I am tired of war, of rape, of pillage upon the planet. Mother, just tell me what to do.”

And I am, not because I wish to override or interfere with your free will. I honor and respect you far too much for that. You may not know the might of who you are fully yet, but dear hearts, I do.

So this is your Mother’s plea: Surrender! Yes, as our beloved Lord Maitreya has said, “Lay down your arms and surrender to your freedom.” Surrender, not to me but to the beauty, the brilliance of who you are. Not that one shining moment that you had ten years ago, not who you are going to be when you feel a little bit better or lose ten pounds, surrender to the brilliance and the beauty and the might of who you are right now because dear hearts, you are magnificent. And it is in that surrender, that acceptance, that your vision clears, that your wisdom vision is fully restored, that the knowingness, the being of Love blossoms within you. You are limitless. What does this mean? That you can create. You are multi-dimensional beings, you always have been. You can multi-locate, you can pop in and out of form, you can see…you can see us, you can see the fairies, you can talk to the trees and your star brothers and sisters. All of this is already within you and I am activating it right now. There is no need to wait.

No, I am not talking about your neighbor or other lightworkers, I am talking to you, each of you. There is not one of you that does not have it all. So, Mother, what should I do? How does this surrender, what does it look like? Let me make it very practical because I am a practical Mother: I can create form and formless, that is why I have asked to speak to you about the nurturing. When you put form to what I am suggesting it allows you to experience it. So nurture in form, in body, tangibly, this is not merely about anchoring the higher vibrations, yes, that I am sending you; there is not a being in the unseen realm that is not sending to you at this point, but anchor it. Cherish your body, massage your hands, your feet, your arms, stare at a flower, stare at a cloud, hug yourself, feed yourself in ways that truly nourish you. No I’m not talking about what you have designed ‘eating right’, I’m talking about truly nourishing your body, mind, spirit, and that means with music, with laughter, with color, with texture, with clothing that makes you feel comfortable and safe, spend time with like-minded people. You say, “Well, there is no one who holds the same beliefs.” Then go to the dog park, go bird watching, they understand. Nurture yourself child, in form, soak in a bath, lay in a hammock, get a good night’s sleep, be extravagant…buy a new pillow, buy some hand cream, nail polish. Treat yourself as if you are on a heavenly holiday.

This is how you surrender and then you lie down and you simply say, “Mother fill me” and allow me to do so. Allow yourself the gift of being wrapped in my Love; allow me the gift, please, of wrapping you in Love.

Now sweet Suzi, where do you wish to begin?

SM: Ah, welcome Mother. It is always a joy to feel your energy so closely and I thank you for joining us today. I just have one question really, well maybe…you speak of the gift of knowing and being ourselves and what occurs to me is the people that are not listening to the shows, reading the blog, channeled information, the human thing is that as children we may be surrounded with information contrary to what you’re saying, the family we came into presents great challenge to self-love and that’s what needs discreation, that we need to let go of the how and trust that it will be done for people who really don’t know anything about Ascension and that the healing will take place. Would you speak to that please?

UMM: Yes, and that is why I say that I am not merely speaking to you, my sweet angels and lightworkers, Love holders, I address the people of Earth. Now you have noticed of late that this is the clarion call that we are all sending out. And you say, “Well, how does that work?” Because we know that there are thousands who listen or listen after the fact or read, but as you say it is the rest. When I speak this vibration goes out all over the planet. Now, why aren’t we seeing faster results? That is why I am intensifying the tsunami because yes, there is need for discreation; well, let us just say there is need for greater surrender. It is not malign intent on the part of families who think that discipline or paradigms of lack and limitation are healthy parameters for children, but it is a very mistaken, incorrect idea. It is one thing, for example, when you discipline your body because you desire to complete a triathlon because it is giving you incredible joy, that you are loving your body so much that you are in harmony with your body and you are celebrating your body.

It is an entirely different matter when you say, “I am going to whip this body into shape!” That is not nice; that is not loving. It is the same when you say to a child that there is a limit on the amount of Love that they can have. Too often I hear this saying, “The world does not revolve around you.” Well, in fact, it does, it was intended to! How else can you be in harmony with all of creation, with the dolphins, with the grass, with the mountains, with the bears, with the elephants, with the humans? Of course the world revolves around you and the issue is to come to understand that harmony, not to let it lead to greed. So there is simply adjustment in these conceptions that have been held. So, we won’t discreate but we will do some course corrections, shall we say.

SM: Alright, alright, so when you say that these are superpowers that will manifest right now, I’ve been…well I’ve been thinking big and you know, all my energy work, I mean I believe in it but I’m not really seeing it so it would really be wonderful to see it from your perspective. Are we going to start to really see what we’ve been doing?

UMM: Yes. Now, what you have need to do is also surrender to knowing you can see. So, for example, it is not just a matter of eyes open/eyes closed, it is both…eyes open, eyes closed. I want you to see me…eyes wide opened and I want you, I ask you, I invite you to join your wish with mine. That is how it works, you know.

SM: Well Mother, if I were to say I’m going to see you, I’m looking out my window right now at the woods next to my house, I can see you everywhere.

UMM: That is correct.

SM: So, are you talking about…alright, so it’s not necessarily a form for the Divine Mother that I’ve conjured up in my head, that I’m in my imagination, I can see you everywhere…

UMM: That is correct…

SM: …in the flowers outside…

UMM: Yes. You can see me everywhere and when you look in the mirror…but do not put aside that I will show up in many of my traditional forms as well.

SM: Oh, okay.

UMM: …because the human race, and I understand this, the human race more than my beloved lightworkers, they need some signs and I am prepared to give them.

SM: Oh yeah! I’m looking forward to that.

UMM: So are we!

SM: Yes. So we have some callers lined up, are we ready for that?

UMM: I have been ready for 12,000 years!

SM: Alrighty then…okay area code 810, you are on the air, are you with us?

AC 810: Yes, hello…

SM: Hello, good morning.

AC 810: Yeah, I think all my questions were pretty much answered, but as someone…I still suffer with substance abuse problems and depression and I guess my question is, “Are these like past life issues that come to the surface right now and do all the people with these problems get like help from higher realms? That is my question.

UMM: They most certainly get the help from the higher realms and particularly using my Blue Diamond as a healing tool, of filling yourself with my essence is one of the most powerful tools. Your addictions, let them go, surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender, and yes, let Archangel Raphael, St. Germaine, Sanat Kumara, myself, Yeshua, let us help you; you are not forgotten. So yes, you will be helped; you are helped every instant of every day.

AC 810: Okay, thank you.

UMM: Let go dear heart, let go. Farewell.

SM: Okay, alright…sorry everybody, I’m having some studio issues…

UMM: One of the things I wish to speak about is this issue of addictions. All addictions, anger, sex, sex, not intimacy dear heart, drugs, alcohol, it does not matter what it is, they are all addictions to pain. Addiction to perfectionism…I always have to be perfect…I always have to be first…I always have to prove myself or I won’t be loved; these are all addictions to pain.

The purpose of the tsunami is to wash away the pain of the human experience, the memory of the pain of the human experience. Now Michael, my beloved one, has often spoken that in Ascension, in this transition time that you are all in the middle of, well, actually mostly through, that there will still be a vague memory of what has transpired in the old 3rd so that it can never be repeated again. But the experience, the personal experience of addiction to pain will not be personal, it will be a collective memory, but it will not eat away at your very heart. So, surrender it dear ones, let it be, give it to me.

SM: Oh Mother, if I could ask for your help in getting the studio to cooperate with me because I can’t seem to take any more callers at this point. I’ve tried calling back in and we have more callers in the queue.

UMM: Yes, there are many that wish to speak today and there are many I want to address as well. Try again dear heart.

SM: Alright, I’m going to call back in.

UMM: And you say to me, “Mother, how can I Love myself?” It begins with forgiveness and then dear heart, it begins with laughter. Can you see the humor through the pain of those scenic detours, of those disasters that you have lived through? Can you see the wisdom and the courage that has fortified you? The first and most important thing I can tell you is not that I don’t want you to give up on us… and I don’t… but it is not to give up on your sweet, sacred self. You are worth loving; you are worth Love, more than you can ever imagine. The depth of who you are, the brilliance of who you are is beyond measure. Take the time merely to glimpse it and you will know whereof I speak. Embrace yourself. Just allow to let the Love for your sweet self to grow that you may reap the infinite reward of what you truly yearn for, long for, desire, hunger for…and that is union, not merely union with us but with your sacred partner, with each other, with your neighbor.

When my beloved son said, “Love yourself and Love your neighbor” what do you think he was referring to? And your neighbor, sweet angel, is not merely the house down the street, it is your brother and sister in Africa, in Afghanistan, in Japan, China, Europe, Asia, Australia. Love them…

SM: I’m back.

UMM: Welcome back dear heart.

SM: Oh, thank you. I apologize to everyone so, okay, are we ready for more callers then?

UMM: Yes we are.

SM: Alright, apology so, okay Area Code 661 are you with us? Hello, hello, are you there? You’re on the air…

AC 661: Oh, hi Suzanne, it’s Kathleen calling…Hi…it’s so good to talk to you in this way.

UMM: Welcome dear heart.

AC 661: Thank you, thank you. You have answered all my questions but in the last few days I went through some intense clearing and it felt like it was from a past life. I don’t know that I handled it very well…when you’re in the depths of the trough of the wave, would you give us some advice as to what to do because I forget everything when I’m feeling that way.

UMM: Do you mean aside from ‘hang on’?

AC 661: Yeah…(Laughter)

UMM: Because dear heart, sometimes when you are in the trough of yes, what I am calling the perfect storm, and you have done your work and your heart is true, and you are a faithful servant, and as you say, “I forget everything I know, I forget the qualities, the virtues, the tools” because you are in pain. What you do is you surrender to us, you surrender to the Love within. Despite all the illusion of the pain, you know you are Love and you know that you are surrounded, seen and unseen, by Love and you simply hold on to that, let everything else go. Yes, it is a walk of trust, and you allow, like Moses in his bulrushes, little cradle going down the Nile, you simply ride the wave and hold onto the Love, to my Love, to your Love, and to the Love of the universe because sweet angel, that is all there is. So, put aside the tools. Don’t try to be running hither and yon, ‘I’ll try this, I’ll try that’, surrender and be the Love and let the pain flow through you, out of you; sometime it will be literal, vomiting, sweating, tears, diarrhea, let it come.

AC661: Okay, was that a past life I was letting go of then because all our timelines are being cleared?

UMM: All timelines are being cleared and in this phase what is being cleared also are very ancient archetypal experiences that have been anchored, not only upon Gaia but in this universe.

AC661: Umm, that’s very helpful. Thank you so much. I Love you.

UMM: Dear heart, you are the symbol that I can say this to…You are doing the work. When you have need wrap yourself in my blue velvet cloak and simply know you are loved and there is purpose to what the clearing is about.

AC661: Thank you so much, I Love you.

UMM: And I Love you, I Love all of you.

SM: Okay, so we are on to Area Code 561. Are you with us?

AC561: Hi. I think that I might have had an experience of something that you were just talking about. This morning I woke up and I kind of ate some things I was not used to last night. We had a party at my house on Saturday and I talked to my body and I said, “Please transmute anything in there that I don’t usually have so it is a neutral effect and I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but I turned on my right side and this huge wave of fiery energy came from the left and came into my body and I went to go to the bathroom, I was so dizzy. And just to make a long story short I got very, very sick afterwards; I was crawling on the floor and my husband was helping me with a bucket so I just…and I’m still feeling some effects from this now and we called a friend who is very connected and she said she was picking up that I was connecting to a hurricane that is forming. So, I just wanted some insight into this…I never experience these kinds of things…that you just said—vomiting and being drenched with sweating—I’m looking for some insight I guess…what’s going on?

UMM: You asked for a clearing dear heart.

AC561: Oh, when I asked for the food to be neutralized? Be careful what you wish for…

UMM: So yes, you are actually…and you are one, and this is true of many of you and it is part of what I Love about you, you do not do things in half measures and so there is a tendency to say, “Okay, now I’m clearing this” and you do it all at once. And that is alright but that is exactly what is…the spiral is like the tornado, the whirlwind, the hurricane…no you are not clearing the hurricane, we are taking care of that but that is the energy of the whirlwind, the tornado, going through your body to cleanse and to allow it to be in the balance. So, that is exactly what has happened. Rest and insure, and I mean this to everybody who is listening, insure this time, not only that you are drinking sufficient water, programmed water dear heart, program it with whatever you want but please include my Blue Diamond, but also insure that you are getting your electrolytes.

The chemical and shall I say alchemical balance of your body right now is very important, so insure that you are getting enough of your electrolytes.

And sweet angel, yes, what you are processing is also some of the whirlwind in the Middle East. Thank you.

AC561: Oh, thank you so much.

SM: Have a great day.

UMM: Go with my Love.

SM: We are on to Area Code 206, are you with us?

AC206: Yes I am. Good morning, thank you for taking my call. Hi, this is Julie. So, I relate to what everybody else is saying, the energy is really intense lately. My question though is related to parenting and we talk about the deep programming that we all have and oh, the number of times we have heard ‘life is hard’… ‘that’s just the way it is’…and I struggle a bit with parenting a young child because I want to do it differently but she can be quite a handful sometimes, she’s not always very polite to other people and I know there’s a new parenting paradigm that all of the parents right now are working on. So, I’d like to ask for your advice and wisdom in helping with this. Thank you.

UMM: Dear heart, you are welcome and of course you speak of a subject that is very near and dear to my heart because you know that I have walked the earth as mother. There were times…you speak about politeness…(Laughter)…and yes I would say to Yeshi, “Can you not simply be more discrete?” Your way would be ‘tone it down!’ And part of the paradigm, the new parenting paradigm, how does one balance…this is important…freedom and the fullness of expression with kindness, self-discipline… which is different from being disciplined…and what is often forgotten…graciousness, expansiveness, consideration for others because that is the paradigm of Nova Earth.

Let us say, and to you dear Julie and to many who are listening, you are an incredible mother and yes, you feel like you are walking the razor’s edge and it doesn’t matter whether your child is a newborn or 7 or 17, this is a difficult walk because you want them to unfurl their wings, you want them to know that they have wings, of what they are capable of, but with that capacity and recognition of who they are also comes the responsibility to set the example, for the other children and those who are growing, of what true beingness of Love looks like.

So the rule of thumb is the same as when Yeshua walked the earth, and there were times when he was 30 I would remind him of the same thing, ‘Is that loving? Is that kind? Is that considerate? It may be the truth, it may be an expression of what you feel but is it kind? Does it build the sense of family, of trust, of community, of true sharing? Or, does it deplete, does it diminish, does it actually hurt or harm? Those are the boundaries dear heart. Never, ever hesitate to turn to me to help you with parenting; it is one of the most sacred undertakings of service, particularly at this time when the children that are being born and who are already on the planet are of a vibration never known before.

To say you have your hands full is putting it mildly. But do not forget in all of this, even as you are pulling out your hair, that laughter, laughter is so important. You can get, all of you, busy with your own journey, with the day to day work that having a family, let alone careers, entails. Make sure that you take time, not only for your sacred self and for your children, but for the laughter, for the hugs, for the cuddles, for the simply sitting together and watching the bunny rabbits and the birds. I am with you. And yes, there are times when you will say, “I hate doing this but I am the disciplinarian because what you are doing is not kind, it is not loving.” But you will be kind and loving in that discipline, in that teaching of responsibility.

SM: Beautiful. Thanks for your call. Okay, we are on to Area Code 559, are you with us?

AC559: Yes, good morning this is Dottie and thank you, thank you to you, my dear Suzi and beloved Mother. I’m full of emotion and gratitude for your availability in this way. What is coming up for me is to address the resistance that comes up for me along the way, the part of me that pulls away and to confess that and open that to you and just get your input on that clearing and that part of me that resists.

UMM: Beloved angel, my sweet Anna, I begin by thanking you for your courage in naming what so many experience because there is this resistance, both actual, named or subtle and it is primarily based in fear… ‘I resist this surrender, this acceptance of Love that I, I Dottie, am the truth and the power and the totality of Love’ because if I do that, if I actually do it and the Mother doesn’t come through, if I still feel alone and have moments of feeling less-than or isolated or poverty of any kind, then I have nowhere to retreat to, I have let down my last line of defense and then where will I be? I will simply have to lie down and die and I will die in complete and utter despair.

It is true that letting down that self-protection…you have an expression ‘better the devil you know’. You know and you have traveled far and I do not merely speak to you dear Dottie, I speak to all of you, you have traveled so far none of you are who you were a couple of years ago, none of you. So, you have gained a level of enlightenment, of expansion, of understanding the connection and feeling the Love and the expansion of many of your abilities and capabilities. You know the Love, you feel it above and you feel it between yourselves. So why would I risk it and why, dear Mother, are you asking me to risk it? You’re asking me to put all my chips into the poker table, the center of the table.

The reason I ask you isn’t merely for my unfoldment of the plan, it is my deepest desire that you know even more who you really are; the amazing, bright, brilliant angel that you are. But you say, “I’m satisfied, I’m okay, I’m okay.” But you’re not, you’re not all the way there yet.

So the question is what to do with the resistance? What do you do with a child who is afraid of the dark, who thinks there is a boogieman in the closet or a monster under the bed? Well, you post the mighty Archangels. You turn on the night light, which is the white light, you fill the room with Blue Diamond, and then you curl up with your head either in my lap or in the lap of Gaia and you let us gentle you into that surrender. Force is unacceptable in any realm. You can not and I will never guide or request or ask of you to force anything. It is not like pulling off a bandage quickly, it is gentling yourself into this surrender that you are so cozy and feeling so safe with us and with yourself knowing that you are attended to, that the resistance just begins to dissolve. Resistance is one of the core issues of the human race. They want to think they know it all; they have defined their tangible world and even the unseen, intangible, they think they have defined…they have not even begun to define it. But never-the-less there is more.

So it is us, but me, your Mother, saying to you, “I have something very precious, very beautiful I want to share with you and show you. Let me take your hand and walk as slowly and as gently as you are ready so that the fear factor of resistance simply goes away.

AC559: Thank you.

UMM: Go with my Love sweet angel, always.

AC559: Yes, I will do that.

SM: Ah, nice. So we are on to Area Code 408.

AC408: Good morning.

SM: Good morning, you’re on the air.

AC408: Thank you. My name is Sharon and thank you for taking my call. Mother Mary, I would like to ask you a blessing for all the children that have been experiencing unexplained seizures. And then I would like to ask Mother Mary…I have been listening to this show for some time and have been hearing about the Tsunami of Love and I have just been wanting to experience that so much and I haven’t felt it yet. So, is it coming in stages or are some of us getting it sooner than others or can you explain that please?

UMM: It has come in stages, yes, and by the way the blessings have gone out to the children.

AC408: Thank you.

UMM: Now, one of the reasons dear heart, that you have not fully felt it does not mean that it doesn’t happen. Let me be very clear about that because this is a very important point that you have touched upon…if you are breathing polluted air you may not know it but you are still breathing in those particulates. Now, I am not suggesting in any way that the tsunami is polluted, but you get what I am talking about; you are still receiving the energy. Now, you have been, can we say, earth occupied, family occupied, your attention has been on maintenance and family and those you cherish. So, sometimes you are not even aware, and this is true of many, many, many of you, you are not aware fully of the energies that are moving through you. That does not mean that you have not received. There is not one being…human, hybrid, starseed, earth-keeper… there is no one upon Gaia that is not receiving this blessing. And the fact that your clarity has been increading, sweet angel, is a marker for you to understand that my initial gift, the gift of clarity and purity is making you more and more aware of what you are and not perceiving and receiving.

But this is what I suggest to many of you, because this is a practical application, I want you to get in the bathtub or if you are lucky enough the pool or if you are very lucky then get in the lake, the river, the stream, the ocean. But one of the reasons I suggest the bathtub is that it is small enough and private enough for you to simply be with your sacred self. Immerse yourself as much as you can, relax, light a blue candle if you wish, I would like it, and then dear heart, this is very important, I want you to be like a child and make waves in your bathtub and to simply say, “Here comes the tsunami” and to feel those little waves washing over you and the Love, my Love, seeping into you. And when you are toweling yourself dry, you are not wiping off the Love, you are patting it into yourself.

Do this as often as you can and feel my presence because I am with you.

SM: Beautiful and I’m sorry caller 408 I had to mute you because of the feedback, but hopefully that’s all good. Thank you for calling and have a wonderful day. Okay, so we are on to our last caller here, we have Area Code 928. Are you with us?

AC928: Hi, yes I am.

SM: Hi, you’re on the air.

AC928: You know, when I was younger I wanted to be a nun and not being raised Catholic or anything and I’ve always kind of felt married to God. Right now in my life I’m just so confused and I don’t know how or what the next step I’m supposed to take is. Can you help me Mary, please?

UMM: When we have begun this show, sweet angel of Love, and you have been a nun many times by the way, I have suggested ways in which you can observe Love, you can feel Love, you can witness Love. What I am asking you to do, right now for your next step, take a giant step backward…step back and be the witness, be the observer. You are caught in the mêlée of the drama. Step back and then observe yourself…forget everybody else…observe yourself being Love, receiving Love, giving Love. That is your next step; be the observer, do not be hasty, do not retreat, do not move forward, be the observer and let it emerge because it will and it will be rapid. But first, be the observer and observe the Love. Can you do that for me?

AC928: I believe I can. I see it every day; Love is in the air, Love is in the wind, Love is in the grass, Love is in the butterflies, Love is in the birds, Love is everywhere.

UMM: Then simply be the observer and receive, receive, receive, receive.

AC928: Okay. Thank you so much Mother Mary.

UMM: You are welcome dear heart.

SM: Alright, we have about a minute left if you have any closing comments that would be wonderful. And I just want to say thank you to all our listeners and callers today.

UMM: And I thank you as well. See the magnificence of who you are. Nurture yourself please. See the glory, the brightness, the brilliance. Love yourself so that you may enter into the sacred union with others. Do not judge yourself, no matter what and do not judge others.

I am with you always and in all ways. Go with hope, go with Love. Farewell.

SM: Farewell. Thank you Mary, thank you so much.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 08-26-14

© 2014 Council of Love

Brenda Hoffman – Your Role is to Prove New Earth is Reality – 9-15-14

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s September 12, 2014 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  Your big dreams are the cornerstone of new earth and you. Many, if not all, of your dreams require financial abundance. Creating financial abundance provides more to share with others in terms of displaying new earth creation capabilities and globally dispersing financial resources. 


The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “Creation Cycles – From Earth to Beyond”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.


Dear Ones,

Even though you might not yet have created something of great importance to you, you have started the process of doing so. Have you not found yourself dreaming endlessly about a particular physical manifestation? By doing so, you formalized your biggest dream for yourself.

If you have delayed this piece by sending energy to daily issues, do not fret. It is not yet time for you to focus on your dream.

Those of you who have felt the need to focus – despite your surprise that such a dream is upper-most in your mind – have more than started your process.

Many of you think such is similar to your 3D creation lessons. That is true to a certain extent – for many of you, including Brenda, did create what you dreamed of in your 3D life after much time and effort. Your new earth creation process is much more rapid and easier. For you no longer need to move through layers of naysayers – including yourself – to create that which you dream of.

Perhaps you do not yet believe you will create your dream piece in the near future for it has not yet been proven to you by you. Besides, what does ‘near future’ mean? Next week? Nest year? Tomorrow?

Before you can fully believe and help generate that belief in others, you must create your dream. That is your ‘job’ now.

Many are waiting in the background to see if you can prove your new life and skills by creating something extraordinary. It does not matter what your dream is. You merely have to note what you have thought/dreamed of the past few days and you will know what it is you need to create for yourself in your physical world.

If you remember from last week’s channel, you will most likely create something extraordinary to you and others in your physical world, before you venture to other dimensions and venues.

Some of you will create health. Others financial abundance. Others a new relationship. And on and on. Only you know what dream has filled your head the past few days. That dream is what you want/need to create to fully attach yourself to this new earth transition.

For it has been somewhat difficult for you to believe in this new earth as you learn of countries and other humans acting out 3D hostilities and of still other entities ill and hungry.

Even though you have deep faith in this transition, that faith is tested daily – which is little different from various religious denominations that state all will be well tomorrow, after earth death or sometime in a future that never arrives or arrives so long after the dream that you are not certain you created it.

So it is that you must – Is not that a fun thought? – allow yourself to create the item you have dreamed of very soon. Then you and others will know without a doubt that this is a new world and you have entered your new life.

You are beyond the dreaming, moving on faith piece you held for eons – or in this life for decades. It is time to prove to yourself and others that new earth is not a faith-based transition, but a transition based in the reality of now.

So it is you must create your dream for yourself and others. Is that not a wonderful task for you to complete?

Now some of you fear you are not able to complete this part of your new earth role. That you are creation handicapped. Such thoughts are merely eons of fear coming to the surface.

You do not need to sit in a darkened room meditating, praying or something similar. You have dreamed your dream the past few days. Now it is time for you to create.

Your various segments, cells and dimensional beings know full well that you must create your dream now – and all are playing together to create that dream. Allow that to be. And know that your piece is, in a way, complete. For you have dreamed your dream loudly and profusely throughout your being the past few days. Your segments are now wrapping your dream and sending it to you.

Your only requirement is to tell others of your dream fulfillment in whatever way is right for you. For others are in the emotional place you have been – wondering if new earth is merely a dream. Your job in the next few days is to prove that new earth is reality.

Not everyone is at this creation stage. For many of you, several dreams bounce back and forth, but none are concise. When your time arrives, know that you will focus on the one piece most important to the new earth you, despite other areas that seem to need your focus also.

So it is that it is time for those of you now in the spotlight to create the one dream that has consumed you the past few days – and to share your fulfilled creation with others. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Aisha North – A Short Update on the Energies – 9-13-14


The days may be growing shorter on one half of your planet, but the amount of light is ever increasing. So too today, as your wonderful benefactress the Sun will continue to send out her generous gifts of loving emissaries, all sent out to touch every heart on this planet. Granted, whoever these rays of light encounter, they will be apt to react in all sorts of manners according to their genetic make up. For this is in every aspect both a collective but also an individual process, all set up to maintain the needs of every individual being involved in this huge and complex situation, and so, what will serve to fire up your neurons in such a way you will find yourself hard pressed to even sit still, may serve to put another being to bed in a very literal but also beneficial way.

For now more than ever, it behooves you all to listen to the needs being announced by your physical body, for even if this process also involves so many layers of your being not encapsulated within said physical body, this time, we urge you all to keep closely connected to that physical aspect of your being. For as we have told you again and again, without this seemingly inconspicuous and humble container of flesh and blood, you would not be able to do the important things you came here to do, so remember to honor this humble vehicle in a way that better reflects that marvel it truly is. For it is not a mere collection of interconnected cells just acting out business as usual. No, this fleshy container is actually more than a blessing in human disguise. For this amazing construction is so filled with a kind of intelligence you humans think belongs to your mind, when it is in fact the rest of your body that classifies as the truly competent one when it comes to this important part of the whole operation.

And now, it is working hard, literally 24/7 in order to keep you up to date with the current influxes of energy, and so, we will remind you once again to take good care of this wondrous vehicle that you inhabit. And so, if it asks for more rest and relaxation, please find it in you to give it that without thinking yourself lax in any way. For you do a lot of hard work simply by allowing your body to take charge and lead you onwards on this path. For it is not merely a fleshy container enabling you to literally walk you talk, it is also your trusted companion, the most constant one there is for this Earthly sojourn. So keep up your friendly conversation that you have already initiated and let it know that you are listening to what it is it has to tell you. For if you do, you will find it more than a friendly and exceedingly helpful confidante, it is also your most valuable ally here in these realms, and so, best not ignore what it is it is trying to tell you.

So take time to tune into that part of you that is the part that stands between you and the rest of humanity. For this body is your shelter in the storm, in every sense of the word, and it will do what it can in order to take you all the way to the stars and beyond. And yes, we do mean that in a very literal way too. So as the Sun continues to beam good news to all of you, remember that there is a need to take heed to the response this will engender within this physical container of yours, so keep you ear to the ground as it were the better to heed any calls for action or inaction or anything in between in these next few days. For we venture to guess it will be more than a busy period for you all, and even more so for your wondrous bodies. So take time to take good care of yourselves, it will make this part of the journey a more enjoyable one in every way.

Gaia Portal – Supremacy of Higher Light transformations remains a constant as Gaia arises in consciousness – 9-9-14



Supremacy of Higher Light transformations remains

a constant as Gaia arises in consciousness.

Separation of lower vibrationals from Gaia ascendant

occurs via quantized steps.

Lower vibrationals can not subsist with Gaia ascendant and

are being left behind as Hue-Beings and hu-beings travel the ascendant path.

Extraneous constructs fall rapidly as currents rise.

Cross-dimensional realizations occur within each species,

and in grand rapidity, at this moment.

Aisha North – The Manuscript of Survival, Part 424 – 8-30-14

aisha-northAs mankind started to evolve, so much of the inherent abilities they came in with, started to decline. This will sound like a contradiction, but this is in fact exactly what happened. For mankind came to be as a perfect species already programmed to attain great heights by their own abilities to climb further up from their very humble beginnings, and in this, you were all set to become the shining beings that you have so longed for to be. But alas, an intervention came to pass, one where other interests were injected into your very bloodstream, and where your future was re-tailored in such a way, it would suit those that came in looking for a way to serve their own interests. And the rest is history as they say, except for the fact that even if these intruders tried as hard as they could, they could not eradicate that shining center of your being, no matter what tricks they resorted to. And so, what was suppressed in the name of blatant manipulation and extortion has once again been set free, and it has been set free by the likes of you, wonderful beings capable of extracting themselves from that mire of fear so many of their brothers and sisters have suffered under for lifetime after lifetime.

Make no mistake, you have also had lives where you walked deep in the valley of the shadows like the rest of mankind, but even then, there was something inside of you that kept you going, and that kept this glimmer of hope alive within you. And so, you came in again and again, patiently waiting for the right time for this little spark to burst into full flame. And now, finally, the time has come, and even before you were born this time you knew beyond any lingering shadows of doubt that this time, the time would come for you to stand up and say “no more, I will not be led away from my true self anymore. For now, I will stand tall and proud, cast off the shackles and learn to fly again”. And so you did, and here you all are, already shining in your resplendent robes of light, but still, you have more to offer this world and All of creation, and this is what is literally becoming apparent to all.

For now, those hidden deposits, that deep vein of shimmering golden light that you have carried safely tucked away for every single journey you have taken to this shore, now, that vein will finally begin to be exposed for the treasure it really is, and already, your willingness to explore this hidden resource will have far reaching consequences, spreading out even beyond your known surroundings. For you are tapping into a repository that will again help to seed anything and anyone it touches, and so what you are doing, is literally to set off a veritable feast of fertility, where the spores you release will set to work as soon as they touch down on a suitable “surface”. And even if you think this world of yours has been turned into a barren wasteland of disillusion, mismanaged and destruction, we can only say think again. For this world is still as vibrant as they come, but as we have told you again and again, the surface you connect to through your human capacities to take in information will seem to be less than fertile in so many ways. But that is again simply a case of what you see, is not what you will get. For you have managed to burrow yourself underneath this stifling layer of old and solidified energetic imprisonment and you have sent down roots deep, deep into the fertile fields that abound under this wafer-thin membrane of non-light that still covers much of the surface of this planet. But again, if you want to think of this is numbers, think of an infinitesimally small percentage and then cut that in half, and that will constitute the small number of energy “contaminated” if you will of the vast pool of vibrancy you really have at your disposal.

For you have already managed to shake off that layer of dust that made you feel close to suffocation, and so too has your planet, and together, the two of you will ensure that the rest of this old and stale covering will start to disintegrate once and for all. For you are all expanding now at a rapid pace, and as we have mentioned earlier, your sphere of influence is advancing too, and already, your individual spheres are interlocking in a way that has ensured the establishing of enlightened corridors all over your planet. So even if there are still some parts of your world suffering under a heavy mass of negativity, you can travel the globe and still breathe the fresh air of freedom. And the reason for this is simply the fact that you have allowed that small spark of light you have carried with you to get that first tantalizing taste of fresh air, and so, as you opened the doors to the light that came streaming in from the outer reaches of Creation, that small spark jumped at the chance to finally grow into a roaring fire, a fire that cleansed not only you, but also the planet you live upon.

Make no mistake, you are not finished with this ritual cleansing, for there are still some very stubborn stains that need to be exposed to the light and to the freshest of air before they will let go completely, but that task is one that will be accomplished by your continued willingness to let the light shine unhindered and unfiltered through your very being. And not only that, it will also be accomplished by the fact that the very ground you step upon will add even more strength to this already highly effective mixture of enlightened energy and truly enlightened beings that tread upon this selfsame soil. For you are partners now in an endeavour that spans the ages, and in an endeavour that straddles the continents, the deep expanses of the sea, and the very air that you breathe. And so, as you have managed to reunite yourself not only with those inner expanses within, but also with those inner expanses of your wondrous globe, you will have no problem furthering this expansion of light so that it will touch the feet, the hearts and the minds of every living creature that resides here.

For the doors that you have opened to your innermost treasures are intrinsically linked to those deep inside the womb of Mother Earth herself, and together you will literally pro- and co-create the new. For as you step forward on this glorious path of light, you give birth to new ideas, new solutions and new opportunities wherever it is you choose to shift your focus, and as such, you are literally a walking propagator for the new life that has already started to take hold on your shores. So together you are making history happen again, but you are making it happen in the way it was intended, through light and through love, through joy and through a harmonic conversation between you and the heavenly body you all inhabit. And the tune you are playing out in unison now is truly a song of the utmost beauty and perfection, yet, it is still only a small tasting of what is yet to come. For you have still a way to go, but that path ahead is already quivering in anticipation from what it is you will bestow upon it by way of creativity, ingenuity, compassion and devotion. For you are sowing the seeds of love with every step you take and with every breath you draw deep into your lungs. And as you continue to stride confidently forward, you will feel the wholehearted support not just from every one of us literally hovering around you in the unseen realms. You will also feel the unending support of your very own Gaia, the Mother of your heart and the life beneath your feet. And through that, the new world will arise, for the seeds you continue to sow so generously will all take to root as they find fertile soil and an abundance of nutrition no matter where they land and no matter how far flung you scatter them.

So go forth and procreate, and go forth and co-create the land and the sea and the air of your very dreams, and know that no matter how lofty those dreams are, they are none too big to come into being. For you cannot dream too big, nor need you fear accomplishing too little, for none of those options are applicable any more. For you have managed to set your goals without limits, as only a human mind is still restricted by limitations, and you have long since stepped away from the confines that a human mind still holds so many imprisoned by. So simply continue to allow the flow to take you wherever it is it wants you to go, and know that wherever that is, it will be the place you heart has been dreaming of, for eons. So once again we wish you god speed on your journey, and once again we thank you all on behalf of All of creation for being who you are and for doing what you do. You are walking your talk, and you are doing it with a confidence that gladdens our hearts mightily.

For no more are you those timid creatures devoid of self-confidence, for you have found your inner core, and you have found that you are not lacking in any way, and for that we cannot thank you enough. For you are the ones making this happen, and it is through your courage of rediscovery that all of this has come about, and now, you will continue to surprise and delight not just us, but mostly yourselves. For we have known all along just what feats you are capable of, but for the longest of times, you though yourselves incapable of anything at all. You did not need to prove it to us, but you did need to impress yourselves a little bit before you truly started to take this truth for the truth it really is. But now that you are finally starting to remember your own greatness, there is truly no stopping you. So keep on keeping on, and keep reminding yourselves of the magnitude of your accomplishments. For you are the true creators of your own lives now, and that is a feat that no one can take away from you. Nor can anyone stop you in your tracks from attaining even more of your longed for new lease on life. For the future is yours dear ones, in every sense of the word, for you are the ones already making it come into being by creating your dreams by way of breathing life into them – every day, every hour and every second you walk on these shores.


Arcturian Group Message via Ambrose – 7-20-14

Today we speak to you of ascension. You are beginning now to see the results of higher dimensional energies pouring into world consciousness causing the dissolution of many old paradigms and bringing in a receptivity to truth and there is much yet to come. Up till now, ascension has been the distant goal of hundreds of individual lifetimes of experience and learning finally to be understood only after death with the help of one’s Guides. However at this time–NOW, planetary energy is shifting and raising in frequency through the presence of so many enlightened beings on earth at this time. There are many from other planets here in human body simply to add their light to this process. The higher dimensional Light of so many enlightened ones is serving to dissolve the false and bring about the personal ascension of many while still in physical body. Those of you reading and resonating with the Arcturian messages can rest assured that you chose to be here at this powerful time to be a part of this.

Ascension is the reason so many struggle with difficult experiences. In order to shift into higher dimensional energy, there must first be a clearing of the lower resonating energies still held in cellular memory–these energies cannot be carried with you into the higher. These energies usually remain dormant as long as an individual is comfortable and all seems to be going well–thus some powerful “wake up call” may be needed to jolt him out of complacency. “Negative” experiences are not signs of failure for a spiritual student, but instead are indications of a spiritual readiness to move deeper. However not all energies needing to be released are negative, sometimes it is an intense connection to someone that has become so interdependent over time as to hold the student back. Because this is such an important time on earth, most of you chose birth families that would serve to activate deeply buried issues, bringing them to a conscious level where they could be finally resolved and released.

Through an honest examination of all experiences, the good as well as the bad, you will come to understand that much of what you have accepted as the way things “must be done, must appear, must work” in order for them to be correct, are instead simply concepts, many of which were accepted in other lifetimes and carried into this one. Everyone has had different lifetime experiences and so everyone’s clearing experiences will be different.

Impersonal universal human consciousness contains all third dimensional thoughts and beliefs. The beliefs and ideas of this impersonal human consciousness are never yours until you personally accept them as true, at which time they become your state of consciousness and can begin to manifest outwardly. You may say; “But I don’t believe this” or “I am spiritually aware, so how did this thing manifest in my life?” This is because energies of duality and separation are still resonating in cellular memory and any general acceptance of the third dimensional belief system will appear outwardly. There is no un-manifest consciousness. Many of you may re-experience these impersonal energies as they clear, especially those from the emotional body, just don’t pull them back in, once again personalizing them.

If it seems to you as if you are going no where spiritually, know that this suggestion arises from human concepts of how spiritual experiences must look. Films, books, and even some spiritual teachers present pictures and ideas of ascension and spiritual evolution according to their personal experiences and state of consciousness. Every individual is different and there is no one experience for all–to believe you must have a particular experience is human.

Some are attracted to the teachings of the East because they learned and lived these teachings in other lifetimes and resonate with them. Others may find themselves drawn to teachings from the nature path…those of Native Americans and other aboriginal groups. Many are finding themselves drawn to convents and monasteries for no apparent reason. This is because you have lived these experiences in other lifetimes and everything you resonate with either positively or negatively is now coming to your awareness.

Always remember that at a certain point, you no longer need the modalities–paths, rituals, and teachings. Tools can guide and assist in the earlier phases of awakening but are no longer necessary after realizing that you already are that which you seek and that your oneness with Source constitutes your oneness with all that Source is. The tools can help open an individual to deeper awareness but there comes a time at which any dependence upon them must cease in order that teaching come from within. Holding tightly to some path, tradition, or teaching after it has been outgrown only serves to keep one in old and finished energy. This does not mean you cannot occasionally work with an evolved reader or teacher, or schedule an energy session, or take some class you may be guided to take. It means you no longer believe you NEED these things.

It is important that you not judge yourselves for any human beliefs or thoughts that may flow to you even if you temporarily accept them. Impersonal ideas are often inadvertently accepted because you still resonate with their energy. For example if a person has had many previous lifetimes of disease, he will be more susceptible to the concepts of health and disease floating about in universal consciousness.

Resist any temptation to guilt, regret, or self loathing for thoughts or actions you may embrace, instead use these realizations as reminders to go deeper. If you realize that you have ignorantly accepted some belief or another that you now recognize as false, know that the sky is not going to fall down nor will you be “smote from above” as punishment. These experiences are simply opportunities for growth, and investing them with a power they do not have is duality and separation. Always remember that nothing, no word, thought, experience, or appearance can ever separate you from who and what you really are. Learning becomes more gentle with time because the need to learn through struggle and pain is finished. Most of you are at that point now.

Trust your intuitive sense about things. If some thing in your life (food, books, entertainment, world view etc.) is no longer resonating with you, know that you have shifted beyond the energy of it and try not to revive it as it was in the past no matter how pleasant or perfect it may of been at that time. Try very hard not to add energy to negative outer appearances, but instead reinterpret them. For example, you may become aware of some humanly negative or violent activity, but the spiritual reality is that all activity between living things is the activity of interconnectedness (Love– many within the One). In this case that spiritual interconnectedness is being reflected through the third dimensional consciousness of separation–it is still the interaction within the One, but colored by false belief.

Trust that once you choose to evolve, you are indeed evolving regardless of any outer appearances. It is not necessary to jump up and down, light a candle, chant certain chants, go to church every week, or stand facing a certain direction saying certain words to get the process moving. You have all evolved beyond these beginner activities or you wouldn’t be reading these messages. Nothing is needed but the intention to evolve. It does not mean you cannot visit a church and enjoy the beauty of a service nor does it mean you cannot sign a petition or speak your truth. It means you no longer give these things a power they don’t have, but instead, rest in the realization that there is only one power and that power is within.

There are those who believe they have already know all the answers and so there is nothing more for them to learn or understand. Sadly, this ego stance serves to act as a box enclosing them with their own creations and preventing any real spiritual growth until such time as they are ready to open themselves to more.

Evolution is a gradual journey into higher dimensional energy. Ascension is the achievement of that state of consciousness that will allow you to shift into the higher frequencies. The higher and faster the frequencies, the nearer to pure Light they become. The third dimensional world is unable to see these higher frequencies with human eyes and so denies them, but this is changing as more and more come into alignment with them. As beings of light, you allowed your energy to slow and become dense in order to experience the third dimension for the purpose of remembering truth while seemingly separated from it. At this time most of you are ready for completion and are on earth to once and for all clear any remaining energies from these life times.

Trust that you are well on your way regardless of the lack of so called spiritual experiences. Open your hearts to the truth behind what you may behold in the outer knowing that all, even the seemingly un-awakened are releasing old energy. There are some not yet ready for ascension, honor them and concern yourselves with your own inner work. It is not wisdom to try and convert another not yet ready for your level of awareness. Keep truth silent and secret in your heart and those ready for what you have will find you for energy seeks its own level.

Relax, rest, and take time often to go within, even if you have to get up in the middle of the night to find quiet. Stay present in each moment no matter how mundane or frightening–this is the spiritual journey which rarely comes as the blast of heavenly light depicted in movies except to those who have already attained their personal ascension in a previous lifetime.

Trust, trust, trust that which is within. It is time to claim your own Divine Power.

We are the Arcturian Group July 20, 2014

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Suzanne Lie – Back To The Beginning – When we allow our Self to Let Go of 3D Reactions, Interactions, Judgments, Conflicts – Something Always Manifests that is Much Better – 7-5-14

SuzanneLieAs I come toward the conclusion of the Pleiadian books, I am coming towards the conclusion of many other areas of my life. Primarily, I recognize how the outdated behaviors of my third-dimensional self lower my consciousness. Third dimensional behaviors have always limited our consciousness, but we could not identify them quickly enough to see the connection. Then, a long “time” after that behavior we would realize the cause of the situation that we had created.

Now we are seeing how our thoughts and emotions lay down the foundations of that which will soon be our creation. We are catching our self in the act of reacting to life in a third dimensional manner. Now, we can often observe how our reactionary behaviors create the same kind of situation again and again.

Fortunately, we are beginning to consciously connect the dots of our old patterns of “unconscious” creation. As we consciously identify our reactions and interactions, we are realizing that we can choose to Let Go of our reaction and allow the unknown to enter our consciousness.

This letting go has repeatedly been displayed in our life over the last six months or so. Therefore, we have been much more “conscious” of our unconscious creations. The wonderful lesson we have learned is that when we allow our self to LET GO of 3D reactions, interactions, judgments and conflicts, something always manifests that is much better.

In other words, when we LET GO of my 3D reactions, a more creative and higher frequency energy field replaces that which we just released. With this realization, one may think that we would instantly “let go” of any third dimensional reactions to any person, place, situation or thing that is lowering my consciousness.

However, before we can Let Go of all 3D reactions, we have to identify our third dimensional behaviors and/or habits that are tenaciously creating the very reaction that has NEVER worked. Why would we hang on to old behaviors that lower our consciousness and hold us in the lower frequencies?

The answer is because it has become “normal” to accept, behave, desire and/or react to life in a third-dimensional manner. As long as these behaviors are normal, we cannot see the portal of light that is quietly glimmering through the trees. This light is calling us to be aware of our both my reactive 3D self, as well as our Multidimensional SELF who constantly reminds us to LET GO of third dimensional challenges.

In other words, our inner voice is whispering, crying, shouting to LET GO of old patterns of engaging in the now extinct third-dimensional dramas. Yes, these dramas are extinct, but many of our perceptual channels are tuned to a version of reality that only exists within my own unconscious self.

Fortunately, and often uncomfortably, we are NOW recognizing that these old tapes are no longer of interest. Our third dimensional desires are diminishing along with our third dimensional dreams of fame and recognition. Yes, we still like to feel as though someone is observing our life, however, as we stop judging our self, we are less and less concerned as to whether or not others are judging or acknowledging us.

Most important, we are beginning to KNOW and trust that we are always protected. We know that we are protected because we are able to “feel” our higher guidance above and within us. Of course, there still are “Initiations” in which we have chosen to confront any inner darkness that is ready to fall from our aura and be transmuted into light.

Through these Initiations we are able to understand that we are actually being giving another chance to live the higher path of multidimensional light. We can choose this higher path by releasing our fear reactions and interactions with the illusions of the physical world.

Since I joined Sandy and Jason in their process of merging with the elementals, there has been a huge shift in my consciousness. I am floating in and out of time in an embarrassing way, with lots of excuses as to why I appear so disoriented. But, the main change has been in my relationship with the elementals. My backyard is forging its way into the fifth dimension with the growing trees, abundant flowers, myriad insects and hummingbirds.

Many of us have decided to LET GO of our corporate jobs or that fast paced life of the big city. More and more of us want to walk in nature and enjoy our friends, family and the new life we are creating. We are discovering our inner abilities of manifesting the life we choose. Therefore, money, and the lack of it, has been as issue for so long that it has lost its value.

Meanwhile, we are refusing to participate in a reality based on fear and lies. We can make this refusal NOW because we are remembering the WE are the “higher self.” This realization allows us to remember that we can only create a loving life we love our self. Loving our self is not easy because we have been trained for myriad incarnations that something is wrong with us. Or, maybe, we just weren’t “good enough.”

Why did we never stop to consider just “who was judging us and why. We were far too busy “trying” to be good enough for “them.” That is one of the main things that are changing. Because we are not judging our self, we are not be affected by the judgment of others.

As I am moving into the next phase, I find myself looking back to my first inter-dimensional and inter-galactic communication. Since these communications seemed so weird, so different and so unacceptable to almost everyone I knew I hid these files
in the bowels of my computer.

Computer after computer held these early secrets that I kept from others and even tried to keep from myself. However, as much as one part of me was sure I was insane, another part of me KNEW that what I was experiencing was real. This process began when I first met the Arcturians and they encouraged me to move through the “vortex.”
Some time in May or June of 1995 I began to receive these transmissions from Antares.
We are from Antares.

We have come to communicate with you because you have formed an ancient alliance with us. You did not remember this alliance until the Orion implant was removed. This implant was placed in your etheric field when you were taken prisoner by them.
You have served in our legions during many incarnations. You have not been able to recognize this portion of yourself as you have placed it in the darkness and judged it as “wrong.” Before you can move through the gateway of Arcturus, you must make peace with your warrior.
We have asked you if you would be willing to channel information for us. We have messages, which we would like to relay to the people of Earth that are willing to hear. We feel your doubt and fear to put your self in a vulnerable position. This fear is ungrounded. You are a great warrior. The word warrior in you language means one who is at battle.
We translate the word “warrior” as one who is brave and unafraid of battle. Battle is not the first choice, but it will be taken if necessary. However, we on Antares have resolved the term battle into evolutionary terms instead of devolutionary terms. You are very connected to us because you were a Norseman and as a Celtic. Do you now remember your bravery?
We came to your planet in the late 1980’s to assist your Gaia as She expands into her higher frequency expression of form. We have been working with humanity’s immune system, which has been very taxed by the pollutants within your biosphere.
Some of the pollutants were released from Earth and others were a part of a chemical warfare that was occurring in the sky above your planet. The apex of this battle at that time was above your city of Los Angeles. This is why we have come to communicate with you.

It is time now for you to open your memory to us. To assist you with this process, we will recount the “dream” you had on our first meeting:
You were in your Light Body flying above your city. The vibration of your Los Angeles is much like the vibration of Atlantis during its fall. Our commander, Radulan, a name with which you are familiar, came to great you. There was a facsimile of a space ship created for you so that you could feel more comfortable.

When you entered the ship you met with many old friends from past, future, and parallel realities. We are a very dynamic people. Our energies are very different from the Arcturians with whom you have formerly communicated. We are very tall to your earth standards, about ten to twelve feet tall. Our skin appears copper in color to you and we enjoy long hair, much like the Celtic pictures which you have collected.

You have taken on a body this life that carries much of the genetic codlings of our people. Your line of heritage is Northern Europe. You felt our energy strongly when you where in Norway and Ireland. You have also taken a Norwegian husband. None of these incidents are accidental.

You have been being prepared for many lives for this task. Yes, we feel your hearts pull to Arcturus. It is indeed the planet of your ascension. However, at this time of our first meeting you need to align your energies with our race for the tasks that you are to accomplish.

First you had to come to peace with the Warrior within you. It was the final step necessary for the opening of your heart. We have assignments for you that you volunteered for very, very long ago from your measurement of time. Of course, time is not as you would measure from your third dimensional world. When you have made the transition from duality to unity, you will be living in the NOW.

In fact, we speak to you from the omnipresent NOW. It is our task to assist you to understand the functioning of the NOW, so that you do not become confused by the many ensuing changes you are facing. For example, you are becoming someone new at the same time that you are becoming the person that you have always been.

You are moving into the future at the same time that you are moving into the past. In no time and no-space there is no separation between future—past or new—old. All simply IS. As you have learned before, your planet is moving into the IS, NOW and BEING of the fifth dimension. Feel this Isness, Nowness and Beingness about you as you communicate with us.

We use the word “US” because we are no longer in duality and no longer perceive ourselves as beings separate from each other. Again, when we say “no longer” there is an inference of time. It is difficult to communicate in your language without the inference of time or space.

One the techniques that will allow you to expand your conscious is to communicate with us by using a language free of references to time or space. Within the NOW, language is NOT laid out in strings of letters or sounds such as we must now do to communicate with you.

Imagine now that we are with you. See our form. Yes, we are very tall by your standards. We have taken on a denser form than we usually wear to facilitate your vision of us. Do you now see two beings standing behind me to my right and my left? They are emanations of myself.
All is a spectrum. I am a band of energy. In order to communicate with you, I place my consciousness at a particular vibration upon that spectrum. My “wings,” which appear to be two other people standing behind me to my right and left, are the bands in my spectrum.

Imagine a long ribbon that is elastic. It is anchored at two distinct points. The points of anchoring are the edges of the spectrum. Now these “edges” are actually an illusion. However, we choose envelopes of operation such as your envelopes of light and sound.
At the point within this band or envelope that I place my consciousness, there is a peak of activity that fans out and behind me in both in both directions from that point of consciousness.
Experience yourself now as a point on your spectrum. Put the past at one end and the future at the other end. Now move your consciousness towards the “past” portion of the spectrum and experience Atlantis. Feel your consciousness moving along the band of the spectrum and view some of the other lives that you have remembered. Your Atlantis life has a “niche” on the spectrum, as it was the point of your entry into duality.
Now realize that this spectrum is actually a circle, as is all life. As you see the band as a circle you can match up the resonant point of your entry into duality with the point of your exit from duality. As you see this spectrum as a circle, you realize that there is no beginning and no ending, no now and no later because you can travel around the circle many times.
Also, you can go in either direction on the circle. Therefore, you can begin again and again, or end—again and again. You, however, are not the point. You are spectrum. The point of your consciousness is just a tool that you can use at this point of your remembering until you can embraces more of your emanations.
In actuality, you are the entire circle and can exist in all “spaces” on the spectrum at the same “time.” You do not have to learn this process. You need only to remember it.

We see in your mind the graph of the light spectrum and the points of it that are visual to a third-dimensional human. That is a good example of what we are saying. Now place that spectrum into a circle by connecting the “ends” of the spectrum. We ask you to practice expanding that spectrum of visibility until you can see all of it at once.

How do you do this? You move to a point of perception above the circle of Light. After you have achieved the ability to see the entire circle, practice becoming the circle and moving your point of awareness around it.


We see that you struggle with the wounds of your long battle on Earth. Release that struggle now and allow those wounds to heal. Your life shall be calm and simple for a portion of your time so that you can come into a complete healing. Your body is undergoing a great transformation, your emotions are being healed in a deeper level than you ever imagined possible, and your mind is being expanded beyond of all of your lives on Earth.

(Note from Sue, It is interesting that I was guided to read this message now. It has been 19 years since I received this message and I am just beginning to enter the phase that the Antarian is speaking about here.)

Allow yourself now to enjoy this process. The Light will care for your needs. Release that old belief that you have to struggle in order to survive. You will always survive because you are Spirit. Spirit is infinite.

You are very blessed to be able to have this experience of transformation first hand. For many lives you have been prepared for this experience. Remember to use your Merkaba. Draw it out and meditation on the drawing. The integration of you higher selves into your current reality will greatly assist you.
Finish all that you have begun and BE patient. All is proceeding just as it should. Remember, there truly is no time, as you know it. Therefore, there is no impatience.
Commander Malteese

I add this Mayan Inter-dimensional Star Map because it shows the alignment of Arcturus, Pleiades and Antares (spelled with an H) with Sirius serving as the tip of that inner pyramid. These are three planets in our galaxy that been the most active in assist Earth with Her ascension.

link to picture Mayan Interdimensional Starmap

Alan Watts – The Way of Waking Up

Prime Creator – 10 Commandments For Ascension – Channeler Dr Kathryn E May

Prime Creator


Dr Kathryn E May, PsyD
Let me give you one last definitive explanation of what is required for your personal ascension:
1).  You must maintain complete command over your emotions, thoughts and feelings, such that you only permit expression of the high vibration emotions, which are Love, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Joy, Laughter, Harmony and Peace.
2).  Gain command over your thoughts so that you refuse entrance to those thoughts and ideas which cause you doubt, anger, resentment, anxiety or despair, or which bring these feelings to others.  Do not insist that you are simply addressing “reality.” These thoughts are all manifestations of Darkness, the Dark teachings of the past.
3).  Understand that self-defense is only that.  Initiating an attack on another, regardless of the professed excuse, is never acceptable to God.
4).  Remain in a state of good will, kindness and compassion toward yourself and your fellow humans at all times.  Any religion or attitude which professes enmity, disapproval or condemnation toward others is false and not of this Creator.
5).  Accept that you, and all the animal, vegetable and mineral creations on your Planet Earth are conscious beings with feelings, thoughts and aspirations to ascend. Refrain from eating the animals, for they are your friends. You will all rise together, and you will receive great assistance from the other Kingdoms.
6).  Protect your planet as you would your child, for she is the source of Life.  Do not permit invasion and attack to her body, regardless of any excuse that is given or any entitlement assumed.
7).  Join with others, especially including the children, to joyfully and consciously prepare yourselves for this all-important event.  Nothing in your lives is as important or as deserving of your attention as assuring your own Ascension and that of the people around you.
8). Allow the endless Love from Us to flow through your body and fill your heart.  In this way, you allow your own ascension to occur effortlessly.
9).  Teach patience, compassion and endless Love through your own actions, which speak louder than anything you can say.  Make peace with those around you, and you will live in peace.
10).  Approach this challenge with Joy, for it is truly the stairway to Heaven.
These are my Commandments and the desire of my Heart, to see every one of my Earth children ascend in Joy, as all fulfill the destiny of humankind, to live in peace and harmony in the 5th dimension.  They are Universal Laws, and living by these Laws will bring unfathomable happiness and fulfillment to every being on Earth and in the Heavens.
I give you my Love, my trust in your innate Nature, and the assistance of my trusted Masters to help ease your way.  May your days be filled with Laughter and Joy.
I AM your Prime Creator.
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 31, 2013, 12 PM

A God and Gabriel Message – Channeled by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK – 6-7-14


God & Gabriel

[Hello God & Gabriel.] Good Morning Suzy. We would like to talk today about the sovereign right of all humans. Given that all humans are expressions of the Divine in physical form, there is the inherent right to have access to all knowledge that serves you.

For millennia it has served the human condition to experience the full scale of duality. This has given all who chose to incarnate on earth the range of the lowest lows, the highest highs and every emotion in between. This is a gift beyond comprehension but can be sometimes seen as trial and tribulation, an unsteady path on one’s life journey and random and unexplained “coincidences”.

Free Will can also be seen as a gift and as a challenge. In your journey of lives and experiences you have accumulated untold knowledge about the human condition. Over this millennia, to keep you focused on whatever task at hand was currently before you, you had the inability to fully remember your past lives, lessons and knowledge. But what you have always had no matter what was your intuition.

This intuition has always been your guiding light to Home, to your knowing, to your Creator and guides. You have been told over and over that only “special” people have this Divine connection. This is false; but also was part of the intended journey of finding your self again. Your True Self.

What will be understood, in very short order, is that ALL have access to this knowledge. Help yourselves by imagining you have a permanent reservation in the Hall of Knowledge.  More understanding will be presented very soon. 

*Note from Suzanne: I am currently working on a process to assist any who wish to access their full and complete knowing. I believe this is what is being referenced here. Without a doubt my process is only one of many that is being brought through at these very important times on the planet. When I have full understanding of this process I will be announcing it here. 

Much Love to ALL,

Suz 🙂

Copyright © Suzanne Spooner. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete with the links below.

TAUK Website:

Lightworker Bill Ballard – Going with the Energetic Flow vs Dis-Ease – 5-31-14

pearls2u·212 videos

Sometimes darkness we experience can really open us up to our next levels of LIGHT initiations.. We only have to see and understand why what unfolds in our life is going on… I certainly have witnessed this in my life so many times now and here it has just unfolded again.

So much is at play right now on planet. So many persons are here to simply “hold the vibrations” while others of us are not only holding those vibrations but also here creating change and playing our part in that globally. We each play our parts in this global ascension of humanity and Mother Earth. What seemed like would take forever is really unfolding in the “twinkling of an eye”.

We are in a duality material world, here for the experience. The question is what do we wish to create and what level of vibration do we choose to hold as individuals? That understanding IS the comprehension of multi-dimensionality while incarnate. All dimensional levels are playing out right now as the collective wakes and sometimes it is simply NOT comfortable to be around others who are not playing from their hearts… It’s just an experience for all who are playing the games, plain n simple.

To live the experience without generating karmic issues is a real trick right now… Sometimes we just have to let things “just be” for the present moments knowing it will all work out in the end…

It’s ALL Good!

Matt Kahn’s video I was speaking of in this one that made so much of my current experience make sense.

Celia Finn’s latest on Timeline Manipulation I was speaking of… Yup, I feel this is going down right now too… Time Travel 102 : Navigating Timelines” by Celia Fenn. How Time “engineers” are affecting our perception of reality.

Jesus via John Smallman – The Forces of the Dark are in Disarray – 6-3-14

jesus_second_coming_earth 2

Here in the spiritual realms, where we are right beside you in fact, we are watching with delight as you move forwards so determinedly towards your inevitable awakening.  Signs of the imminence of this long awaited event can be seen all over the world as more and more of you turn inwards and allow the Love that envelops you all to embrace each one of you personally.  Accepting God’s loving embrace opens your hearts and dissolves the fear, anger, or resentment to which many have been clinging in order to justify unloving behavior in which they have engaged, or as a result of unloving behavior to which they have been subjected over many lifetimes.  This is a time of release, forgiveness, and reconciliation, it has been ongoing for a number of decades and has recently been gathering increased momentum.  As we have been telling you repeatedly: “You are to awaken.”

And yet it seems to many of you that nothing is happening, that no progress is being made, and that the lies, deceits, corruptions, and betrayals are continuing as usual, just as they have for all of your recorded history.  It seems like that because so much that was hidden is being revealed! Never before has so much that the “authorities” wished to keep hidden been brought to light and published.  Essential change is occurring because of this letting in of the light to formerly dark and well protected recesses established and maintained by those who would control you.

The unloving and self-centered agendas of those in power have always existed and been driven forwards by those who have the most to gain from serving, appeasing, and assisting their “masters.”  Now that is all coming out into the open, and shocking many of you who may be thinking “This is surely worse than it has ever been.”  I assure you it is not, and as more of these dirty secrets continue to be uncovered the ability to hide the remaining ones weakens.  The time for the few to mislead humanity is coming rapidly to an end.

Rejoice in this knowledge and remind yourselves regularly of it, because doing so lifts your spirits and strengthens your own personal energy fields which are inseparably and eternally connected to your Father’s divine field of Love.  By strengthening your own fields you also strengthen that connection so that your awareness of your Oneness with all of creation becomes increasingly apparent to you.  You begin to feel the Love that in every moment envelops you and which is always reaching out to you to assist you on your journey towards awakening.  And as your ability to feel that Love strengthens so does your awareness that your awakening is imminent and inevitable, further raising your spirits and further intensifying the effect that each one of you has on the collective.  To be optimistic is to open your energy field, your heart, to the Love in which you have your eternal existence. It is a great anti-depressant!

You have been told many times, and I shall now repeat it for you yet again: “What you are doing is of vital importance in humanity’s awakening process.  Were it not for your persistent efforts, as you hold your Light on high and intend to bring love to every issue and situation, the resistance to awakening would not be fading away as it is.”  Keep on doing as you have been doing, and know that the effects of your efforts continue to intensify, bringing Light into even the darkest of places.

The forces of the dark are in disarray!  They are in a state of panic, and as a result they are operating independently of each other in last ditch efforts to save themselves, thus losing the intensity of power that cooperation provides.  A united battle front is way more effective than a multitude of disconnected and uncoordinated attacks, but the dark are now reduced to the latter as their trust in each other disintegrates leaving them floundering “in the dark,” a state which for eons they have used effectively to their own advantage, but that now no longer serves them.  The lack of trust among them leaves chinks in their armor through which Love is flowing! And this is extremely disconcerting for them.

When you experience Love you find that it is irresistible, and that is what the vast majority of humanity has been seeking for eons.  However those who chose to engage with the dark shut out Love to intensify the darkness which they thought that they understood and could control.  However, the darkness, like all the rest of the illusion, is essentially illusory.  In the beginning it did not appear that way because of the intensity with which you established the illusion to make it seem real.  But once some of you started refusing to engage with it or stop giving it credence you effectively dealt it a mortal blow, cracks and holes appeared and through them Love is seeping in.  It was slow at first, but It is irresistible, and because of that the evidence of corruption on a vast scale, which had never before been admitted to or addressed, is now pouring forth in an endless stream – a shocking dilemma for those who would support the dark, and a shocking wake-up call to nearly everyone else.

The foundations and underpinnings of the illusion are collapsing because all of you have chosen to engage with Love – Love is Real, the illusion is not – which is all that exists.  Within the illusion the awakening to Love started like a little snowball released to roll downhill, and like a snowball It has been added to and added to as It has rolled.  We have been talking for some time now about a tsunami of Love, well right behind it is an avalanche, and that avalanche is unstoppable!  Prepare yourselves to be enveloped in its brilliant white Light, open yourselves to it, float to its sunlit surface, then get up on your snow boards or skis and glide gloriously across its shining surface in a state of ecstatic enjoyment.

The momentum towards your awakening is continuing to build.  Embrace the Love that enfolds you within It, share It, extend It, and you will experience the sense of knowing that your awakening is indeed imminent.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Matt Kahn – The First Wave of Ascension – True Divine Nature .com

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Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and intuitive healer who, along with meditation guide, yoga teacher, and sound healer, Julie Dittmar, travel the world inviting seekers of all faiths to discover their true divine nature.

Matt’s spontaneous awakening arose out of an out-of-body experience at the age of 8, and his direct experiences with ascended masters and archangels throughout his life. Many spiritual seekers have experienced amazing, unexplainable healings, and have awakened to their true nature through his profound and loving teachings and his transmission of sacred heart wisdom.

Matt and Julie offer their clear intuitive guidance and loving presence to remove all perceptions of obstacles in your life, and to energetically support you through every aspect of the spiritual journey and experience of awakening.

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Archangel Gabriel – About Responsibility – via Marlene Swetlishoff – 5- 22-14



Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as responsibility. This quality entails the acceptance that one is governed by this quality in all things. For each person must be completely honest within their own choices, decisions and deeds in order that their soul’s purpose for experiencing this world is fulfilled in all its many facets. Each soul desires to bring a greater expansion and a reminder to their physical expression here on Earth of the magnificence of their real essence, their divine essence. Holding this vision before them, the individual living their daily life upon this planet understands that no one else can do the work that is required to attain the highest expression of their true selves and that it is their recognition of this quality of love known as responsibility that will assist them to align with that higher aspect within themselves. They understand the solemn duty they have to honour their highest integrity in all interactions with others, for to do so enables the greater light within them to radiate more fully at all times.


When each soul in their physical expression uses this quality of love, they become more impeccable in all activities in their daily life. Upon the commitment of each individual to live their highest purpose rests this responsibility, this quality of love. It means that they must follow through on all their goals, desires and dreams for a better world, a better way. Taking responsibility for one’s own actions, words and deeds is a loving acknowledgment to one’s divine presence that one is sincere in their desire to walk a higher path back to unity with their enlightened aspects. When an individual answers this call, they become more attuned to their higher aspect and it soon becomes clear to them that they are walking their true path and that they are on the right track. When one always automatically attunes to their higher aspects in all things, the elements of doubt, fear and confusion fade away from their consciousness and the individual is confident and sure that they are following the right course of action.

When an individual always does what they feel is right and listens to the still small voice within their heart, they honour the guidance they are receiving from the higher levels of consciousness. This helps to keep life simple and easy to live each day. Any distractions from this path are recognized as such and the state of joy becomes a constant companion. By automatically eliminating the expectations and demands of others from one’s energy field, one remains true to one’s purpose here on Earth. Many times, people become confused when they want to please others within their sphere of influence and stray from the honouring of their own path. It requires self responsibility to adhere to one’s chosen way of life, for first and foremost it is responsibility to self that counts the most. When each individual is accountable to their higher vision for themselves and acts accordingly, they are empowered on every level of their being and it is not easy to move this person away from their center. Thus, such a person is not easily manipulated or dissuaded from staying true to their own unique abilities and purpose, their own divine plan for their life here on Earth.

In their interpersonal relationships with others, it is important that each individual accepts responsibility, this quality of love ensures that all commitments and promises are kept to the individuals they are interacting with. By honouring this quality in their relationships, other qualities of love such as trust and consideration come into play. When an individual is honest, sincere and responsible in all ways, the others in their life feel valued and appreciated knowing that here is one that will never let them down or disappoint them. This creates an environment of cooperation, respect and stability in their lives and all individuals are willing to take responsibility for the continuation of these qualities to be present each and every day. When each one assumes responsibility that all qualities of love are present in their lives, peace, harmony and happiness are the result. When all individuals experience the benefits of adhering to this quality of love known as responsibility, it becomes a joy to be in relationship with others.

When individuals honour their commitments to the outer aspects of life in a community setting, and take responsibility to be involved in certain ways, it creates a better community that all can enjoy. Using this quality of love in this setting takes each individual out of the realm of self interest and into the arena of highest good for all. If all involved take responsibility for working together in a cooperative fashion, there can be no limits on the works that can be accomplished. There is a flow of harmony that enables each individual to work tirelessly until the project is successfully accomplished and paves the way for other projects to be created in the future. It is on this quality of love that all other qualities can be manifested. It is a most important facet of love to be expressed in all individuals on the planet.

I leave you now to ponder on this quality within you.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included.

Message From Hilarion – Being Compassionate – Calling for Humanitarian Assistance In World Disasters – Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana – 5-18-14


Beloved Ones,

The changes taking place throughout the world are doing so at an accelerated pace. The weather extremes are affecting many people throughout the world and it is becoming clear that humanity must work together to bring assistance and resources to these affected areas and to look for solutions to these problems. The signs are clear that cooperation and good will are much needed in order for humanity to overcome these major challenges. Many people are being tested in the challenges they are being compelled to go through in their personal lives. This is a time to go within to the deepest and most spiritual connection that each individual can align with. This is the focus and the higher purpose of the tests and challenges currently being experienced. It is incumbent upon all people to employ the greatest force in the universe, the force and power of love.

It is during turbulent times that the power of faith and compassion comes into play within people’s hearts and this is what is needed during these times. The light within must be kept radiant and constant. Those who have been walking the spiritual path of maintaining and increasing the light quotient upon the planet are now being called into active service. By this we mean that each of you is asked to maintain your vision of the new Earth reality and a better way for humankind. Do not be distracted by the seeming appearances of chaos in all parts of the world, for it is during these times that the higher vision must remain constant in people’s focus and prayers. Your light is much needed and required. As you maintain and increase your own light, we of the higher dimensions magnify this light to help maintain stability and balance. We work together during these times of world transformation and transmutation.

There is a saying upon your world, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” which means when the situation becomes difficult, the strong will work harder to meet the challenge, they do not give up, they maintain the higher vision and actively work towards it. Those of you who have already been tested are now in a position of giving hope and upliftment to a planet in the throes of extreme and accelerated change. You have many tools at your disposal and you must now employ all of them to keep your light shining bright. Maintain equilibrium and a detached perspective in the daily reports coming through your communication networks. Look for and affirm the highest outcomes in all situations that come before your awareness and work the plan, the Divine plan that you have come to bring into manifestation upon this world.

Be steadfast in your devotion to the highest outcomes for all so that your brothers and sisters can feel empowered as they meet the challenges that beset them. Use all of your God qualities as you serve the higher purpose. There is always a higher solution to every problem that comes before humanity and these higher qualities of a self realized human can bring the hope that is sorely needed by those who feel lost and alone in their struggles. Let them know that all is not lost, that at their core they are intact and as long as they remain centered in the truth of their alignment to the divine, all is well in the outer happenings that are occurring with increasing regularity. Be a shining example as a loving goodwill ambassador. If you are able, give practical and capable assistance to those in your sphere of influence.

Riding the waves of change can be exhilarating and exciting when an individual rests in the knowledge that at their core they are indestructible and inviolate. Know that you, the lightworkers of the world, are an indomitable force for good and stay true to this oneness of purpose. It requires dedication and persistence from each of you now. BE the greater light upon your planet during each and every moment. You have what it takes, each one of you.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included.

Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.


May 11-18, 2014

Beloved Ones,

For many of you these are difficult times. Your physical bodies keep going through recalibrations and transformations and the symptoms experienced are oftentimes not pleasant. There are many feelings of deep sadness that come out of nowhere and it can put you into a depressed state. It is important should this occur, to put a determined effort into changing that perspective. Do something that makes you feel good, something that makes you laugh. Get outdoors and dig in your garden, feel a connection with the Earth. When people feel out of sorts, being out in nature is very soothing, grounding and healing to their human operating systems. It is also important to examine your inner thought processes and change those that hold you in an unhappy space. It requires diligent observation to see and to understand that you might hold thought patterns that do not serve the person you have become and the person you are expanding into each and every day. The greatest challenge here is to recognize these ingrained thoughts and accept responsibility for changing them.

This is work that no one else can do for you. It requires your full and ongoing participation and persistence. It requires diligence, strength of mind and purpose. It requires a commitment to your self because you are worth the effort. Do not ever give up on yourself! You will soon find yourself back in equilibrium and moving forward once again. That is the beauty of life in physical expression, it never remains the same, it is always in a state of flux and that state can be used to your greater advantage. Ask yourself, “If my life was a book, how would I want my story to go?” Then set down on paper what you desire your life to be, every detail, every dream you have ever had that still has not come to fruition. After you have written down everything you can think of, look through what you have written and see if perhaps you already have had the experience and didn’t realize it and note those as successes in your book of your life. Then think about how you want the rest of your story to go and what you can do to bring that into manifestation. Keep this and keep adding to it, rewriting and changing as you go through each day. You are refining and polishing your characters and your story!

This is your template, the one you look at as your master plan, and you must work it regularly, read your words each day with deep feeling and sincerity to create the experience. Make yourself the magnificent, wise, intelligent, loving and loveable, and healthy individual that you know yourself to be at the core of your being. Identify completely with this you that you know you can be and continue to make the story come alive in rich detail. Each and every one of you has the ability to create the reality you choose and with concentrated focus and effort, you can actually live it. It is your story, dare to dream big and cast your character as larger than life, with magical powers and a magnetic, amazing personality. Give yourself supernatural powers that can assist and help others to see themselves in a greater light than before, so that they too, can be the author of their own life story. Become so identified with this character of you that any other option does not exist. This template is the new and wonderful you that you yourself created.

Keep refining and honing your character to be the best that you can be. This is not a story of winning a competition against another, this is a story of your own personal and individual life journey. It is a journey that can take many twists and turns, as the ‘you’ character experiences the reality that you are creating. Write about every facet of your experience, the highs and the lows, the surprises, the disappointments, the heartbreaks, the richness of experience and the insights that you were gifted with in each one. All of life must be experienced to be made a part of your story; it is the only way that is authentic and true. Write yourself as the master of your life, filled with love, wisdom and leadership abilities. See yourself speaking in front of many people with grace, ease and poise, telling them about your incredible life as you walked your path here on Earth.

Each of you has a great story to tell. Each of you has and will continue to experience, the wonders of life in a human form. The universe waits to hear your story about your wondrous adventures before, during and after the greatest shift of the ages. You will have a captive audience, wherever your story is told, of that you can be certain.

Until next week …

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included.

Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.

AA Metatron via Anna Merkaba – Human History Recorded in MAX – 13th Crystal Skull – 5-12-14

There are Halls of Records yet to be found that contain vast stores of information, including world histories. Although Edgar spoke of these as being in three separate locations, and predicted that they would be revealed prior to the new millennium, they have still not yet been discovered.

The comprehensive records of Atlantis are contained in holographic data recorded within ‘Max’. Yet the retrieval technology of this data is not yet available to you. In the future you will develop crystalline receivers that are capable of playing back in 3-dimensional holograms the data therein, but this advance lies some way ahead.


A friend of mine has pointed me to this article and I thought to share it with all of you here. I found it fascinating, each word rang incredibly true to me, as if I was clearly seeing it, remembering it, being there and knowing! Hope this rings true for you as well 🙂

Written portions of the original Atla-Ra calendar, which became known as ‘the Mayan calendar’, were lost, not only because of the depredations of time, but were further dissipated by various interpretations, since it was first brought into the lands of the Yucatan. The full information is still retained within the 13th Crystal Skull, known as ‘Max’.

There are Halls of Records yet to be found that contain vast stores of information, including world histories. Although Edgar spoke of these as being in three separate locations, and predicted that they would be revealed prior to the new millennium, they have still not yet been discovered.

The comprehensive records of Atlantis are contained in holographic data recorded within ‘Max’. Yet the retrieval technology of this data is not yet available to you. In the future you will develop crystalline receivers that are capable of playing back in 3-dimensional holograms the data therein, but this advance lies some way ahead.

Just as you now store information in computers through digital files, and no longer transcribe lengthy text on paper, the Atlantean historians stored such information using crystal technology. Max is of Pleiadean and Arcturan construct and origin. He is a vast consciousness, akin to a super computer, with a huge library of data contained therein. He is the most powerful, most conscious of all of the remaining ancient crystal skulls.

Within Max are the complete records of not only the original Mayan calendar, but the complete history of the Earth and of humanity – and beyond. The original crystal skulls came from another world, another reality. They are the prototype of perfect human consciousness, the perfection of the human being, encompassing all his aspects and potentialities. That was their prime purpose, and why they were brought here.

Originally the crystalline skulls were brought to Earth from Arcturus and the Pleiades, and to the land that became LeMuria, but the original model arrived before the planet was fully in polarity. It was brought into the planet at the time of the Firmament you see, in a zero point Earth, a non-magnetic plane we will say. In an Earthen World that knew perfection, that was inhabited by an androgynous manifestation of Etheric Spirit in full consciousness.

Yet even then it was already known that the Firmament would fall, would dissolve, and the plan then was that this model, this extraordinary holographic record, the original crystal skull, would serve as the prototype of this initial integral aspect. And so it contains within it the model of the 12 strands of DNA, the fully-conscious mind and being of the evolved human.

The crystal skulls contain within them all that you were before the human experiment, and all that you will be when you complete it, the infinity circle.

They were manifested into form above and beyond physicality, and have been brought into physicality at various times. As such, no true age can be assigned to them, because they have appeared, disappeared and reappeared many times in the millions of years of Earth’s habitation by mankind.

Max is not of the Earth. His origin is the Pleiades, but his construction was more of the Arcturian Crystal Masters.

Obviously the Mayans knew that their own society would decline and disappear. How did they protect their knowledge, and where did they go when their civilisation started to dissolve?


Archangel Metatron:
As already stated, the full records are available in the 13th, via Max. Max is an extraterrestrial Crystal Skull, a vast conscious crystal computer, and was/is the ‘living data archive’ used for storage of the complete information of the calendar. There are other such libraries, but Max is the only one on the Earth plane at present in the ‘cranium format’. The crystal skulls contain within them that which you were before the human experiment, and what you will be when you complete it – the infinity circle.

The Atlanteans worked with the original crystals skulls, the most important of which, the 13th, contains the full energy of the other 12, and was safe- guarded by the High Priest of the Mayans.

The 13th skull not only gave access to the higher dimensions, it was anincomparable source of information and data relevant to the Mayans, as it contained information regarding the complete calendar, the complete map of the Cosmos as related to Sirius, Orion, Pleiades, Arcturus and beyond. It also contained the Laws of Physics for each dimension, and the cyclic codes.

This conscious recorder, the crystalline cranium, is an immense databank and an invaluable tool. Certain High Priests of the Mayans, with Sirian assistance, maintained the knowledge of how to ‘read’ it. It existed for them in a dimension that may be termed semi-physical, and was manifested through theta level thought. Within this crystalline, conscious computer, Max, are the codes for the reprogramming of the Earth. That is why it is in a manifested form in the present time.

The crystalline skull was solidified and programmed in a most complex manner. It is imbued with the divine aspect of the soul when it enters the Earth’s ambit from the unified field. In a manner of speaking it is the pattern recorded into the God Self, the Subconscious or super subconscious of the human mind. The perfected man, not the version of what Man would later become in the downward spiral of human experience, but rather as the original model to which Man aspires, and gradually returns to his original, flawless archetype.

Max is one of two skulls that are truly extraterrestrial in origin. The other is ‘Sha Na Ra’. Both originate from the moon of an enormous planet, some twenty times the size of Jupiter, circulating Arcturus, the orange star of creativity.

Hence the interest that surrounds the skulls is rapidly increasing with the coming of the Ascension, and mankind’s desire to better understand himself, and to reject whatever no longer serves humankind. Systems that no longer work in both macro and micro are collapsing, and will reform themselves. To put it another way, mankind is rebooting, just as is the Earth herself.

The knowledge of the universal Mind exists above and beyond the Crystal Skull; yet the universal Mind is encompassed and zipped within it, in a way that benefits mankind. The knowledge within it is available for human access.


And when I posted this another friend shared this!!!!! YAY!

image.related.articleLeadwide.620x349.26i3fHitachi’s newly unveiled quartz glass plate technology, which can store data almost forever.

As Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones prove, good music lasts a long time; now Japanese hi-tech giant Hitachi says it can last even longer – a few hundred million years at least.

The company has unveiled a method of storing digital information on slivers of quartz glass that can endure extreme temperatures and hostile conditions without degrading, almost forever.

And for anyone who updated their LP collection onto CD, only to find they then needed to get it all on MP3, a technology that never needs to change might sound appealing.

“The volume of data being created every day is exploding, but in terms of keeping it for later generations, we haven’t necessarily improved since the days we inscribed things on stones,” Hitachi researcher Kazuyoshi Torii said.

“The possibility of losing information may actually have increased,” he said, noting the life of digital media currently available -CDs and hard drives – is limited to a few decades or a century at most.

And the rapid development of technologies has resulted in frequent changes of data-reading hardware.

“As you must have experienced, there is the problem that you cannot retrieve information and data you managed to collect,” said Torii, apparently referring to now-obsolete record players and cine films.

Hitachi’s new technology stores data in binary form by creating dots inside a thin sheet of quartz glass, which can be read with an ordinary optical microscope.

Provided a computer with the know-how to understand that binary is available – simple enough to program, no matter how advanced computers become – the data will always be readable, Torii said.

The prototype storage device is two centimetres square by just two millimetres thick and made from quartz glass, a highly stable and resilient material, used to make beakers and other instruments for laboratory use.

The chip, which is resistant to many chemicals and unaffected by radio waves, can be exposed directly to high temperature flames and heated to 1000 degrees Celsius for at least two hours without being damaged.

It is also waterproof, meaning it could survive natural calamities, such as fires and tsunami.

“We believe data will survive unless this hard glass is broken,” said senior researcher Takao Watanabe.

The material currently has four layers of dots, which can hold 40 megabytes per square inch, approximately the density on a music CD, researchers said, adding they believe adding more layers should not be a problem.

Hitachi have not decided when to put the chip to practical use but researchers said they could start with storage services for government agencies, museums and religious organisations.


~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–

Crystalai Blog – Turning On 5DNA – 5-4-14

12 Strand DNA Recoding

 Image Source






The Crystalai Cosmic Councils visit me every night at about 4 a.m. and ask me to read something or direct me to listen to them. I always write down what they tell me after ward. This time, I also hooked a golden sphere up above my head 36 inches and into my mid brain and asked to be taken into the reality of what will happen in the next three months, before going back to dreamland.


First, I will tell you about the bi-location experience that many still call dreaming or astral projection. This was a bi-location dream into the future –the very near future. The dream was pure vivid color lucid 3D blue ray quality reality. First, I was standing in a field looking up and seeing two suns unite as one, next I saw spaceships that could easily appear to be a comet. There were many spaceships. Suddenly they burst into the Earth’s atmosphere and could easily be seen, and then in an instant they were landing on the ground around the area I was standing. When they touched the ground they took on the appearance of helicopters. I was so excited and happy that I ran up to the spaceships and started banging on the outside of the ships and screaming Welcome, We love you. I was crying so hard with joy that I woke up drenched in tears.


According to the Cosmic Councils who spoke to me last night, this is what is taking place at this time: What NASA was calling Comet Ison is in fact a space ship. The entities are members of the Crystalai Cosmic Council including Ra Confederation, Azurite Council, Eieyanis from Sirius B. The Space Ship is guarding and guiding the Holographic Beam of Morphogenetic Frequencies from the Photon Belt of Sun Alcyone, which are, in fact, the frequency signatures of the original Tara before the explosion 550,000 million years ago. The morphogenetic frequency field held within the holographic beam is putting Tara back together again.


The frequencies of the original consciousness of Tara, which was originally a star created by Sun Alcyone, are being woven back into all of the 12 planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. When Tara exploded, she was divided into 12 pieces– 12 stars. One of the stars is our Sun. Inside of our Sun is a Golden Crystal Core that holds all 12 pieces of Tara. Now, the morphogenetic frequency field of Sun Alcyone’s Photon Belt, where the original frequencies of Tara have been stored are re-uniting with the Sun and the 11 planets within the golden crystal core of the Sun.


In NASA’s eyes, the 3D science can only see the planets as separate. That is because the angle of rotation at this density creates a distance in reality that isn’t really there. So, we see Comet Ison. We see Comet Ison hitting or coming very close to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and then see Comet Ison heading for the Sun. Comet Ison was supposed to go into the Sun on November 28. In reality, the holographic beam guided by the Space ship will go into the golden crystal core of our Sun to re-unite the Photon Belt of Sun Alcyone with the Planets within the Sun.


Once that happens, the new morphogenetic frequency field that is created is the re-birth of the 12 dimensional frequencies of the original Tara, which is called the Sphere of Amenti. That Sphere of Amenti will enter Earth’s Core to IGNITE the Cosmic Frequencies within the Iron Core. The D1 level of Earth will be filled with D15 frequencies. This will re-ignite the complete Divine Consciousness of the Earth into At One-Ment with all 12 pieces of Tara, including the Sun.


This blast of frequencies will TURN ON the 5DNA within Earth and it will flow into our bioenergetic fields. 5DNA will be available to anyone who attunes to it for the next five years. When I created the Parallel Universe ALBUM (MP3), I was uniting my consciousness with the Holographic Beam as it was making its portal directly from Sun Alcyone’s Photon Belt under the direction of the Guardian Councils.


The alignment with the Parallel Universe was one of the necessary steps in allowing the Councils to enter our Frequency Field. They can remain in the Cosmic Frequencies as they blend the D1 of Harmonic Universe One- Earth Density with D15 of the Earth’s Matrix including the Cosmic Fifth Sphere. That alignment was completed in order for the Comet to complete its journey into our Solar System.


Once the Holographic Beam is activated within our Sun, which will be re-birth of the total morphogenetic field of Tara, that Morphogenetic Field can penatrate Earth and wrap around Earth. That is what NASA sees as the Comet’s tail wrapping around the Earth. Once that happens, the NEW BEGINNING HAS BEGUN!!!


NOTE:   Crystalai asks to be supported in her work by the following:


Share the ride of the HOLOGRAPHIC BEAM through the Frequencies on the Parallel Universe Album. I will continue to collect the frequencies of the completed project including the connection of the Sun Alcyone into our Sun, the rebirth of the golden crystal core and the activation of the Sphere of Amenti in the Core of Earth. The final frequency signature that will be born from this Atonement will be 5DNA. PARALLEL UNIVERSE Set PURCHASE All three album are put into this PARALLEL UNIVERSE Set as MP3s. The PARALLEL UNIVERSE Set also has the option to purchase the Set for your iPhone, too. We put all three albums into one. We also made them through iTunes so that you can upload to your iPhone through this purchase if you want. READ MORE . . . PARALLEL UNIVERSE I mp3 album PURCHASE The PARALLEL UNIVERSE I MP3 album is made up of the highest frequencies ever recorded at this time in the Universe. It is the pure essence of the spiritual universe transmuting the physical universe into it. It is the frequency of At One Ment. READ MORE . . . PARALLEL UNIVERSE II mp3 album PURCHASE The Cosmic Dust then gets placed in the Cosmic Wave, which carries a new standing wave pattern for us to begin living within. This standing wave pattern does not have the gravity that the Physical Earth’s Standing Wave Pattern Contains. READ MORE . . . PARALLEL UNIVERSE III mp3 album PURCHASE Now, the heavenly dolphins can sing once more. The original race line was the Oraphim Angelic Race of this Universe. The Oraphim Braharama Whale and Dolphin Raceline are the inhabitants of the Seventh Sun and keep the frequency of attunement and balance. READ MORE . . . Crystalai Namaste, Crystala

Crystalai Blog – New Earth Islands of Light – How to Get There – 5-4-14

Beings of Light
The New Earth Islands of Light and How to Get There
Please note you are welcome to share this article or any written work from this or to post anything from this work in other forums; however, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, Crystalai,  and include the website url.


How do we change the existing environment that we have been living in for
millions of years?

First, there is no Source “and . . .”
There is only Source.
All is Source. All is made of Divine Mind and Divine Love.

In our New Earth Islands of Light that are being created at this time, it is being
created having our being in Source – Divine Light, Divine Mind, Divine Love;
looking out onto creation through the eyes of Source – Christ through the perfect
Divine Blueprint of the 12th Dimension (where your Christ Self resides); known
through the ideal of the Perfect Kingdom of the 6th Dimension; and then breathed
into form in the Structure of the 5th Dimension.

The 4th Dimension is there too, but only the highest frequency aspects of Love,
Compassion, Allowance, Forgiveness that is rooted in the 4th chakra, which is the
new base chakra of all entities that live in the New Earth. Chakras 1, 2, and 3
become transmuted.

The lower frequencies are not a part of the New Earth Islands of Light, including
the lower frequencies of the 4th Dimension. The New Earth is Oneness founded
upon Divine Love.

Our New Earth Islands of Light are being created in this way and will be created
in this way around the Earth. There will be many Islands of Light.

As we went farther and farther from Source, the 3rd Dimension became more and
more dense with lower and lower frequencies. This is a part of God as well and it
is the 3D School of Hard Knocks. Since 2000, we have been on a course back
towards Source and will continue on this course for a long, long time. It is now
time to graduate from the 3rd Dimension.

We don’t change the existing 3rd Dimension, we transmute our own individual
environment around us and grow and grow the higher frequencies around us to
create a standing wave pattern around us that matches that of the New Earth
Island of Light. Once the individual’s frequencies, consciousness, thought, and
actions matches that of the New Earth Island of Light, a shift in the angle of the
rotation of particle spin can occur and “like Magic” the individual will be able to
shift to the New Earth Islands of Light that are being formed at this time.

The shift to the New Earth will take effort on each individual’s part for it is also
your individual ascension and no-one can ascend for you. A door or elevator will
not simply open for you to step into to take you to the New Earth Islands of Light.
You must do it through your own understanding and growth and with the help of
the Beloveds in the actual “rotation of particle shift” to a New Earth. Island of

Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse

Post # 8,000 – Prime Creator – 10 Commandments For Ascension – Channeler Dr Kathryn E May – 4-29-14

Prime Creator


Dr Kathryn E May, PsyD
Let me give you one last definitive explanation of what is required for your personal ascension:
1).  You must maintain complete command over your emotions, thoughts and feelings, such that you only permit expression of the high vibration emotions, which are Love, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Joy, Laughter, Harmony and Peace.
2).  Gain command over your thoughts so that you refuse entrance to those thoughts and ideas which cause you doubt, anger, resentment, anxiety or despair, or which bring these feelings to others.  Do not insist that you are simply addressing “reality.” These thoughts are all manifestations of Darkness, the Dark teachings of the past.
3).  Understand that self-defense is only that.  Initiating an attack on another, regardless of the professed excuse, is never acceptable to God.
4).  Remain in a state of good will, kindness and compassion toward yourself and your fellow humans at all times.  Any religion or attitude which professes enmity, disapproval or condemnation toward others is false and not of this Creator.
5).  Accept that you, and all the animal, vegetable and mineral creations on your Planet Earth are conscious beings with feelings, thoughts and aspirations to ascend. Refrain from eating the animals, for they are your friends. You will all rise together, and you will receive great assistance from the other Kingdoms.
6).  Protect your planet as you would your child, for she is the source of Life.  Do not permit invasion and attack to her body, regardless of any excuse that is given or any entitlement assumed.
7).  Join with others, especially including the children, to joyfully and consciously prepare yourselves for this all-important event.  Nothing in your lives is as important or as deserving of your attention as assuring your own Ascension and that of the people around you.
8). Allow the endless Love from Us to flow through your body and fill your heart.  In this way, you allow your own ascension to occur effortlessly.
9).  Teach patience, compassion and endless Love through your own actions, which speak louder than anything you can say.  Make peace with those around you, and you will live in peace.
10).  Approach this challenge with Joy, for it is truly the stairway to Heaven.
These are my Commandments and the desire of my Heart, to see every one of my Earth children ascend in Joy, as all fulfill the destiny of humankind, to live in peace and harmony in the 5th dimension.  They are Universal Laws, and living by these Laws will bring unfathomable happiness and fulfillment to every being on Earth and in the Heavens.
I give you my Love, my trust in your innate Nature, and the assistance of my trusted Masters to help ease your way.  May your days be filled with Laughter and Joy.



I AM your Prime Creator.
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 31, 2013, 12 PM

The Arcturian Group – Marilyn Raffaele – 4-27-14

gattoaladino·6,672 videos

listering video and reading: http://federazionegalatticadiluce.blo…

Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele




APRIL 27,20

Marilyn Raffaele

We are the Arcturian group and we are here to assist those of earth in their ascension into the higher frequencies of love and light…frequencies that many do not yet even know exist.   Many still live lives enmeshed in unawareness, hypnotized by the pictures presented within third dimensional vibration because a “veil of forgetfulness” is in place  on earth.  Mankind is struggling to remember who they are while in the density of  believing they are separate and apart from each other as well as their God…or if even there is such a thing as God.
Fear not dear ones, for you are always loved and protected even when it may seem that you are not, even a child must be allowed to fall and skin his knee at times. Your  Divinity is your protection as you can never be separate from who and what you are regardless of how many millions of years it may take.    No person, experience, or belief can ever separate you from what you are.  This realization is your protection and support in all things and will deflate every balloon of nothingness you may face.
Always remember that the  physically and emotionally painful experiences you encounter  are life lessons set up by you with the help of your spiritual Guides and teachers before entering into this particular incarnation.  As an individual evolves the  harsher life experiences begin to  lessen for he is now manifesting from a higher state of consciousness and can learn in easier ways.
Always know that the intense, painful clearings many of you are experiencing right now are  positive things, graduations–signs that the soul is now evolved enough to recognize and clear energies long kept  deeply buried.  Now  is about letting go of the past and  learning to love and honor all facets of self in the journey to knowing SELF.
There are those that read metaphysical books, go to classes, and spend a great deal of time talking about metaphysics and mystical truth but then continue to live their lives as they always have.  Truth must be lived.  It must be practiced with every experience of daily living no matter how mundane, until it becomes your state of consciousness at which time living it becomes automatic and will be who you are.  Truth is not just an interesting theory to be discussed, compared and then dismissed, the time for discussion is over.
Truth cannot be discussed in general groups because every individual is living out from their attained state of consciousness and groups  will always have those without “ears to hear”, who simply want to argue.  Truth is never to be argued or imposed on another.  This does not mean that you should not  share with those on your level of awareness,  but in general the spiritual  journey is a silent, secret, and very sacred one–a living, moving, and having one’s being in Oneness.
Change comes in the outer world as  mankind’s’ inner world evolves.  An example of this can be seen in changes now taking place with regard to animal cruelty and other issues heretofore considered unimportant.   What you observe is what the consciousness of mankind globally and  individually  creates.  There are no victims.  War, cruelty, dishonesty, power struggles etc. etc. are the manifestations of separation/duality consciousness.  Us versus them…all so unnecessary in light of the fact that all is ONE and that ONE does not embody ideas of  discord.   The war  lesson is one that many are painfully learning right now.
Mankind is ready to create a new world by  pulling back from and releasing all that is old and finished, fearlessly embracing  new and higher concepts of oneness.
We wish to speak of  the healing energy of love.   Love  is the activity/interconnectedness energy  of the One manifesting ITSELF as the many.  As this truth becomes your attained state of consciousness,  it automatically aligns you with the higher frequencies…displacing  the dense and heavy false vibrations of duality and separation which have no law to hold them in place.   Since complete and harmonious Divine Consciousness is the true essence of every individual,  the more aligned with truth you become, the more the outer will begin to reflect it…physically, emotionally, and mentally.

This is the work, this is the journey.  Truth begins simply as mental knowledge but must be  practiced and lived until it  becomes your state of consciousness at which time it then begins to appear outwardly as what is needed…health, ideas, companionship, home etc.
Meditation is the best healing and beauty treatment you can give yourselves because in meditation  you are resting in the  higher resonating and harmonious frequencies of Oneness.

Most of mankind is ready to stop seeking outwardly in the realization that  the substance of everything lies within.  Understand that these words are  not simply a nice quote from some mystical poet.  Learn to  never  again seek your good in the outer for all that you will ever need is forever and permanently already embodied within the Consciousness that you are.  When you understand this but then continue to seek your good from the world, you create a spiritual gap between your sense of self and your real self.
Once an individual attains the  realization of Oneness,  the outer experiences of will begin to reflect joy , health, happiness, and fulfillment which  the world will see as healing.  Outer change can only manifest after the state of consciousness is attained because the substance of all things is consciousnessnot someone else’s consciousness–yours.  A healer working on a high level of awareness may  temporarily lift a person’s energy, but unless the individual himself keeps it there, his issues will return, re-created by his own state of consciousness.
You say what does this mean, how can everything I need be within…car, house, job?   Divine consciousness (which is what you are), embodies every spiritual idea.  These spiritual ideas in turn  manifest outwardly  in the forms you can understand and appreciate.  A car is the material sense of Omnipresence.  A home is the material sense of consciousness–I live and move and have my being always in Consciousness.   The person who loves the solitary life, will not suddenly manifest a partner because that would not represent completeness for him.  Music, art, medicine, science,  ideas and inventions of every form and variety can and will flow from the infinite Source within if the door is opened.  Divine Consciousness–your consciousness, is Self sustained and Self maintained and is ever complete and manifesting Itself.   How you see these manifestations is determined by your awake or unawake state of consciousness.
Begin to claim your birthright, recognize  and manifest it.  Your good is not going to fall down from the heavens the minute you go to church, say the right prayer words,  or do a good deed. It can only manifest the higher and better forms as you realize you already are it.
This is the lesson and the time is now.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                                  4/27/14

Eireport Blog – Stage of Expansion has been established – Energetic side streams are eliminated – 4-22-14













Affected energetic areas of release now expand to encompass Gaia global.

Stage of Expansion has been established as energetic side streams are eliminated.

Proceeding to Illumination of all non-actors in the current NOW-paradigm play,

Higher Energetics from Cosmic Realm rapidly identify

and separate those into respective “actor” groups.

Those aligned with New Paradigm will continue upon Gaia stage.

Those non-aligned with New Paradigm will be removed

and allowed to create their own stage.



Steve Beckow – Synchronicity and Universality at Eastertime – 4-10-14

Jesus posting

Happy Easter Sunday, everyone. I have to return and comment on Jesus’s two messages today. If I don’t, I’ll have to go outside and shout on the street what I’m seeing. And you wouldn’t want that.

What follows is not about me, although a person listening with a supercritical ear might think so. It’s about the affirmation that my (and perhaps our) felt experience aligns with what the masters say is happening for us as a planet generally.

It’s amazing how synchronous I’m finding the channelled messages at this time. It being Easter, many are from Jesus. Here is Jesus through Natalie Glasson saying something that directly aligns with the way I’ve been feeling recently:

“To be a being of illumination is to recognise that you are on the Earth now at this very moment to emanate, amplify, share and express the pure light of the Creator in every conscious moment. This assists the evolvement of your inner knowingness and the acceptance of the great wealth of wisdom within your being while also allowing you to be an anchor and activator for light upon the Earth.

“An illuminated being is allowing the light of the Creator to work through all aspects of your being; this may take the form of healing yourself or simply feeling carried forth by the profound waves of light flowing through and from you.” (1)

Substitute “love” for “light” in this passage and it’s an accurate reflection of what’s happening for me.

What this says to me is that the way I’m feeling must be something happening in many, if not all, of us. It must be a reflection of what’s happening generally. And for sure it’s a fluorescence or reflection of the Tsunami of Love or “Event.”

It’s also a precursor of Ascension, which itself is not that far away. Archangel Michael called this time “an Olympic sprint” to the finish line a while back. (2) More recently, in a personal reading, he revealed to me that the finish line is in fact not the finish line. There is more, which I’ll be discussing in a future article.

Jesus pointed to the release of major issues happening today and I can vouch for the fact that major issues are arising in me. He said:

“Many of you are at present going through a massive release of old emotional baggage that you no longer need or resonate with, and that release is bringing up for you doubts and anxieties of seemingly enormous intensity, and threatening your strongly held beliefs about you and God.” (3)

He confirmed that all the angst, ennui, emptiness and loneliness we feel are traceable to our felt sense of separation from God.

“What you see and experience as pain, suffering, betrayal, distrust, abandonment, aloneness are all aspects of the illusion that you collectively built in order to play with the idea of separation from the Source, God, your eternally loving Father.” (4)

I said that felt separation from God was at the crux of my loneliness. And Jesus says:

“The fact that you are not experiencing God’s Love for you in every moment in your human lives is because you have chosen to experience separation from Him. You have free will, and so you can at any moment change your mind, change your choices and change your experiences. However, your choice to experience separation from your divine Source has been part of your belief system for eons and is consequently deeply ingrained within you.” (5)

To launch myself out of this existential loneliness, I reasoned (6) that God was everything and therefore I must be God, as we all are, and here is Jesus saying that as well:

“Since the moment of your creation you have lived constantly, without interruption, within the Oneness that He is. He is all that exists, and therefore there is nowhere else that you could reside. Just remind yourselves, when doubts or anxieties arise, ‘There is nowhere that is not God.’ Your unawareness of God and of His infinite Love for you is illusory.” (7)

In the course of walking through where that sense of separation came from, I descended to the feeling level, tried to feel God and felt love instead.

Then I realized that God is love, so am I, so are we all, and began to practice radiating this love from within me to without, as a continuous practice. Two days later, here is Jesus saying hauntingly-similar words:

“God is Love, God is changeless, and as you are part of God so are you. You have just temporarily forgotten who you are, forgotten your true divine nature, and, within the illusion, you are still playing with the idea of being separate from God, and therefore less than Him. But nothing that exists can be less than God because all is One with God.” (8)

How synchronous and affirming can things get?

Jesus says: “Today remind yourselves of this truth. And tomorrow, and tomorrow!” (9) And that is exactly what I determined to do with my new practice: remember and practice it continuously.

The joy that arose in me after I began to radiate love he describes here:

“You have all met people who are permanently miserable, victims in an unjust world; but have you not all, or most of you, occasionally met someone who is full of the joy of life? Both inhabit the same world, they just choose to see it differently.” (10)

I’m not saying I’m full of the joy of life, but I can see that one who followed a path of radiating love religiously, continuously, and indiscriminately, well might become so.

Now look at what Jesus says about the immediate future:

“The energy period and transition you have labelled as 2014 brings forth into your reality an immense volume of light, flowing from the Creator and activating from and through your being. The intensity of light will build immensely and will continue into 2015 as the main period of intense illumination is beginning now in April 2014 and will continue roughly for a year. The immense light which is flowing from the Creator and activating from within your being has the purpose of magnification.

“As souls upon the Earth focus upon the manifestation of the presence of love within their beings with the projection of love into their reality, the intensity of light is magnifying love so that even the smallest thought, feeling, action or projection of love will be amplified to create a profoundly powerful foundation of love upon the Earth and within all beings. It is a time for souls in physical bodies to truly choose love, to observe and experience the power of love, how it is a healer and the source of all on the Earth and the inner planes. …

‘With your focus upon embodying love you begin to experience the fully manifested integration and power of love and light. Every thought will be a thought of love magnified by light thus you will be aligned on all levels of your being with conscious awareness to the Creator.” (11)

I find that so incredibly hopeful and affirming that I feel like shouting it from the rooftop. But it’s also too synchronous for me not to think that what is happening for me personally is not a part of what is happening for us universally, what was planned to happen, beginning with this Tsunami of Love, but continuing on to Ascension and beyond.

I spoke with Archangel Michael in a personal reading on March 18, 2014, and he discussed stages of advancement beyond Ascension. And not stages of advancement happening years away, but not so very long after.

Many of us are from higher dimensions and he revealed that in the not so distant future we’d attain not simply the Fifth Dimension but our original dimensionality. Now that was enough to get me really excited. OK, salivating. I’ll return to that subject in a future article.

So what’s happening right now cannot be something that’s happening for me alone. If it were, one could not find such an exact description of it in Jesus’ words. Jesus asserts that it’s happening for everyone.

I’m amazed. And greatly encouraged to keep going with this new focus on raising the love from within and sending it without, generally, continuously if I can, as often as I remember if I cannot.

Mine is only one approach to this time of burgeoning love and light. Whatever occurs to you is probably equally valid and useful. But what these messages from Jesus say to us is that any approach we use to take spiritual advantage of the rapidly rising light and love will definitely pay disproportionate dividends today.


(1) “Master Jesus via Natalie Glasson: A Year of Intense Illumination,” April 20, 2014, at

(2) “Archangel Michael: Swept Away in a Tsunami of Love — Part 2/2, channeled by Linda Dillon, January 9, 2014 at

(3) “Jesus via John Smallman: Nothing That Exists Can Be Less Than God,” April 20, 2014, at

(4) Loc. cit.

(5) Loc. cit.

(6) “The Answer for me is Love” at

Archangel Michael via Marc Gamma – Manifestation – Another New Opportunity is in the offing for You – 4-9-14

AA Michael 12


Archangel Michael


Direct German message spoken through Marc Gamma

Transcribed by Rose Linda

Translation and written by Contramary=Evamaria

Manifestation – another new opportunity is in the offing for you – Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma dated 04.08.2014


Greetings to you – this is Archangel Michael speaking to you as I returnin today with another message for you. It is a message of joy and peace.


Thus said again before  and once again we are expressing this repeatedly with alike words : ” It is getting boring by the time – you will tell us !” No, there will be never enough of peace  and it applies to Joy as well. As Joy is needed new with every arising day ! As it is so much easier to live  with joy in your heart – since this means happiness and contentment.


Subject of our today’s message ? Now what could it be otherwise than compulsory your ascension – ascension of human mankind and of Gaia. You will have learned that Gaia recently has been freed – liberated from all negative energies! Gaia has taken her chance to speak to you in St.Germain’s recent message and explained how well she is and what has taken place recently to her – and this is so essential and an actual fact !

And I myself – I would like to express my gratitude to all of you here !

Many humans have taken and shouldered their particular part in liberating Gaia. Many of you have spent hours on end to submit energy and love into Gaia. This turned out to become some essential and important part and substantial essence of all my dear humans! Many had their doubts whether this was possible at all ! To free Gaia at last ? Is it possible to submit energetical power into earth – so to say to channel it to her inside ? And I do affirm it – yes, it is possible. We only need thinking about it that one is prepared and willed to do it  – visualizing it and imagining a picture how energies are pervading our planet earth and it is done so.

dove inside sphere

Please understand human thoughts are such a powerful tool although many human people have lost to make use of it. By virtue of your thoughts you may create incredible matters!  And thanks to them you may change your reality too. There is only one sole difficulty affixed thereto: you have to believe it! If you are pondering on some specific idea – visualizing it in your mind but simultaneously doubting on its success … then you will not be able to visualize it and to create anything from your visualization … and there won’t be any creation deriving from any visualization of yours.

Look at the following procedure and integrate it too. We did speak so much about your human heart and also today it will play its essential part here. Yet we shall consider it from a different angle today. It – your human heart – is so much more powerful than you are able to imagine – by which it is meant representing your soul for all those which do not know much about such designation.
Do understand that your soul has been that particular part of you having incarnated with you here on earth and as such it is immensely powerful – powerful with regard to its energy and power upon your reality.
There are such a manifold of possible opportunities in your soul – one could write many books and fill libraries with them – communicate much knowledge about it in order to make you perceive and sense at all what some human soul may be capable of doing !

And now it is an actual fact: “solely by using your power of thoughts you may manifest objects. Yet I have to set some pre-requisite here that this may be done especially in the higher dimensions since they have some different energies over there – it goes without saying that all the energy over there has to have some frequency of vibrations much higher than yours. This particularly in order to manifest those objects needed via the special assistance of your heart. Naturally there will not such huge objects like a spaceship – this cannot be done because of its big size. One has to start with smaller matters and go forward with practicing with a multitude of small objects until arriving at more sizeable objects.”

Still now I arrive too to the most decisive stage: “After your ascension – i.e. when you have done your individual ascension – you will have ascended also into some specific vibration which will enable you to do all such matters. In the first beginning it will be those small matters as mentioned.


Simple matters – of less complex character however after some while having gained more practice you will be able to manifest more complex matters as well.


The most important pre-condition at all hereby is that you believe it will be possible. As soon you give in to any doubting – throttling all your energy coming from your inner heart  – there won’t be any chance of the desired object to be manifested before your very eyes.

There have been human people having achieved manifestations already here on earth – yes – and consequently were considered to be magicians. They were burnt on “The Stake” because of their abilities which most of the human population here on earth did not understand. They were capable to manipulate energies because of some innate knowledge they had. They were given opportunities to shift and move objects solely with some power of their thoughts. Yes, this has been done so .. simply because they were convinced that they could manipulate objects in this very way.

And now you will ask: ” What does this has to do with Ascension which is the topic to be dealt with here?”  due to Michael when starting this message. And I will tell you: Yes- it is indeed some part of your ascension – because you – once having arrived in higher dimensions – you will be presented with different opportunities.

You will have to achieve certain pre-requisites before you may ascend to highter dimensions.

However, once you have done your very own ascencion there will be many more opportunities for you – even to apply technologies which are currently unavailable in the lower dimensions since those are based and powered by spiritual energy and thus on spiritual technologies too.

The latter ones may function only if they are handled with some pure spirit, pure heart and if everything is being done out of love. And this is one of your first exercises to learn once you have ascended: “to manifest something with your pure strength of your thoughts”  as mentioned – first the tiny matters and later greater ones – you even may manifest some flower – and even more so like something you have dreamed of for quite a while !  Must not be some car-type like a Ferrari or Porsche – such things are no more needed over there in higher dimensions. However, I do know how human people think and it is quite naturally for them to imagine and visualize material matters.

Now this already is the end of my message which is rather short – you will have to comprehend my messages will be somewhat shorter in time to come – there will be submitted shorter sequences in order to avoid people having to listen into my message for quite a long time or to read the transcript likewise. We want to submit shorter messages and prepare you via such short messages for everything that is to come.


Since – Ascension is already on your doorstep – it is not of any more use to dwell on this particular subject any longer and any more. As we told you before: ” All those which are willing and prepared in their hearts and set to step forward – they surely will ascend ! All the others will be granted a different opportunity !”

I am the Archangel Michael and I do love you from deep of my heart!  And I shall return to you again next week with another message of Love and a message of Joy. And then I shall explain to you new matters again which you may expect in the 5th dimension once you have ascended there.

Direct German message spoken through Marc Gamma
Transcribed b Rose Linda

Translation by Contramary=Evamaria


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Jaymie Price – Weekly LightBlast – Never – 3-29-14




Your words have an energy to them that is specific to you and your moment. For one, love is a word of delight, for another it is a word of pain. Most will have a mix of feelings within. Words will have a different vibrational signature each time they are spoken. Not only is your intent different, but your vibration is changing constantly and being changed by the experiences you are encountering. Much of this information resides in the unconscious mind, for you have been forming opinions and beliefs since you were born. As you pursue your spiritual evolution, you are opening your connection to the unconditional Love of Source. Part of this connection is the observance of what you are conveying into your world with your intent, your actions and your words. Words are simply vibrational information, and their meaning is only specific to you. What is said or heard is merely part of the story. What in-form-ation does the word Never have to you?

Never has become a word that often blocks connection. The word itself has no defined meaning as such, it can be used to convey connection, as in, “I will never stop loving, etc.” Take a moment to look at your ‘Nevers.’ Are they helping you connect, or are they stopping your Love flow? What do you think you would or should Never do? For instance does, “I would Never shoot up heroin,” stop your Love flow for those that do, or is it merely a choice for Self?  Are you able to disagree with the words and actions of another and still maintain your Love flow?

What do you project that others should Never do? What are you observing that others are projecting that you should never do? Are their projections stopping your heart flow, or are you seeking connection within it? It can become a never-ending cycle of Nevers. Who decides the correct Nevers? You know it is not your governments, or you would Never drive a mile over the speed limit! Do you decide Nevers for others? If so, surely you allow others to decide your Nevers, too.

Never is a paradox. It is within paradox that the mind melts and meets the heart. It is within the heart that your Truth resides. Never is a truth that stretches your ability to understand your timeless nature, your Loving, connective nature. As you interact with the opposite of your eternal nature, you see the reflection of God in the mirror.


What happens when Never and Unconditional Love meet? Can you perceive through Love and still choose for the Self? Can you observe others and still choose for the Self?

As we sit to Blast Never, we are connecting with our unconditionally Loving Source nature and merging it with being human. We are choosing how we perceive opposites and integrating them through an empowered heart.


We are teaching empowered boundaries to the world as we choose what we will allow in our lives from the balance of Love. We are becoming ever brighter beacons of evolution through forgiveness, compassion and the inherent strength within one who Loves.


We are following our heart into the Neverland of eternal youth that sees the world with wonder, innocence and the maturity of discovery through experience. We are allowing Never to show us the reflection of our empowered boundaries becoming a guidepost for Love. In Love, Never becomes eternal.  Blast on!



Ascension Instruction – White Brotherhood

HumanMetamorphosis·13 videos – Endless gratitude and thanks to all artists contributing to this message: Clear information detailing who the Great White Brotherhood are, why they are called this and how you can attain their personal instruction in how to participate in the descent of the Avatar realm into the 3rd dimension NOW

Yeshua / Jesus – Paradise On Earth – 3-25-14


Yeshua: Paradises on Earth, channeled by Pamela Kribbe, March 25, 2014 at: | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan


Dear friends, I welcome you here today, and I greet you all from the bottom of my heart.

It is my greatest pleasure to be with you. I admire you for your courage and perseverance.

You have come on Earth in order to contribute something to this time of transition.

You all carry a very precious gift within you: the gift that you are.

And you want to give it to the Earth, because you love her.

You have been on Earth many times and a part of you belongs to her.

You are light bearers. You desire to bring light into a reality that has been immersed in darkness, where darkness stands for fear, ignorance, and a desire for power.

And you yourself have also been lost in that darkness, because a part of your mission is for you to become acquainted with the darkness so that you might find the strength from within to overcome it.

You have immersed yourself in darkness in order to experience what the light looks like, and what it feels like to rediscover yourself on Earth as an angel of light.

The original discovery happened quite naturally, because when you are in an atmosphere of light, love, and security, there are almost no boundaries between you and the whole.

But what you have now done, what your mission was and is, is for this light – this sense of oneness and complete security – to be brought to Earth so it might incarnate in this earthly atmosphere.

In doing so, you are apt to waver, because you sometimes doubt if you can truly lay a foundation of this energy on Earth.

There are doubts and fears, and so I want to help you remember who you really are.

I want to bring you back to the atmosphere of light and love from which you originally came by asking you to envision that you are now there.

In this way, we anchor a portion of that atmosphere here and now on Earth. That atmosphere, you might say, is the atmosphere of Paradise, or what you imagine as Paradise.

Allow any images to arise that fulfill your idea of Paradise.

Deeply hidden in your heart lies a spot where nostalgia exists for that place, for that love and light. Envision something concrete.

Maybe you will see a beautiful landscape before you where everything flourishes and grows in profusion.

See yourself walk through it and find a home for yourself.

Create a landscape, a place, where you feel comfortable, where you are connected with nature and the countryside around you. Come to rest there, and just be in that place and listen to the sounds of nature.

See the light around you, and the plants and trees that bloom.

Feel the abundance of who you are, because this is you.

This environment expresses who you really are.

Take the healing energies of nature into you. Feel the magic of who you truly are, which is an angel in the depths of your being. Divine powers of creation belong to your nature.

You are the source of all your creations; you can manifest whatever you want, and attract whatever you need.

If you are in this place, in your portion of Paradise, then it is easy and you will see that this way of being is natural for you.

Feel the peace of this place deep in all the cells of your body.

And feel how from this place you have traveled many times to Earth, as well as to other realms, perhaps less dense and material than Earth, or perhaps other planets.

The important fact is that you have made many journeys; you, the soul, that core, that divine spark, which rests deep within you.

Imagine for a moment that you are a sun and you consist of a warm comforting light that fills you, and from the center of that sun you send out rays to all kinds of realities.

One of those rays is now incarnated on Earth, and that is you.

You are here to search for opportunities and ways to establish your light on Earth; ways to radiate your solar power as much as possible so it can shine on to Earth.

Yet it sometimes can be that you get lost, that you feel stuck in a dead-end alley and you are unable to really experience your own light.

I ask you to let that idea go, the idea that things are not possible, that you are stuck, that you are powerless.

Try to let go of that feeling of contraction for a moment.

Just imagine that you actually get out of that dead-end alley, and by using that ray of sun that you are, you get back to the center of the sun.

Let go, for a moment, of everything in your life for which you try so hard, about which you fret so much, and whatever your mind dwells on.

Let it all go, and using that beam of light that you are, sail with that ray in to the center of that sun, in to the core of your being.

Find yourself back in that place in nature, in Paradise, where you feel that anything is possible; where you are not bound by time and by material limitations.

Then imagine that on that spot, you find a creative activity that really suits you. You imagine that you live and work there, and whatever you need is at your disposal.

There are also friends who support and stimulate you, and with whom you are connected in a loving way. Imagine that you live in this portion of Paradise in a community where you belong, and see what you would love to do there.

What creative task would come to you easily?

Do not limit yourself in your imagination.

What do you like to do? Do you like to work in nature?

Do you enjoy making or building things?

Do you enjoy cooking?

Do you create art?

Do you do something with music or dance?

Or do you help other people in some way?

And mind you, there are no restrictions – there is abundance.

Your contribution is appreciated.

Look for what you feel naturally drawn to, and then imagine that you do this activity.

And look at what rhythm – how much and how often – you would like to be involved in doing that activity.

What feels good for you?

What makes you happy; what makes you content?

Search for that moment in which you feel completely connected with the world around you and in which you feel: “This is me; this is the way I express myself”.

Feel the warm acceptance of the people around you and how nature thanks you for your contribution and appreciates you.

You will add to the whole, because you are one with all others and yet you make a unique contribution to the whole.

You sense how easily that happens; how you can draw from many incarnations in which you gathered experiences with this activity, this talent.

This creative activity happens of its own accord, naturally, because you already know so much about it.

Then imagine that you take this creative activity of Paradise into the light beam of your present incarnation, and you let the energy from your inner sun-self slowly enter into your body – right here, right now. Hold on to that image: the ease, the love, the warmth with which this embodiment happens.

Trust that these talents are going to manifest easily, and allow them to come into your physical heart, here and now. Feel again the magic of who you are.

Let the light flow through your spine, all the way down to your tailbone.

See this golden light slowly flow down through your tailbone, your legs and feet, and take root in Earth.

And feel how enthusiastically Earth says “yes” to this golden stream that you are, because Earth wants to help you to manifest.

From this golden stream of light, look within to your fears and doubts, the part in you that feels powerless and unable to change your external circumstances. Imagine a dead-end alley where a part of you always bumps up against a wall.

Then imagine how the golden light from your sun-self, that light full of love and compassion, flows into that alley in a completely accepting way and invites you to get out by letting go of the struggle. There are opportunities and possibilities awaiting you.

Things are not always what they seem to be, and sometimes new opportunities come from an unexpected source that you can not anticipate with your rational mind.

Now completely wrap that golden energy around yourself.

Know that the security and love of that atmosphere of light from where you came is also available now, if you allow it to be so.

You only need to say “yes”, and to trust.

You often struggle against yourself.

There is a knowing in you, a desire, a homesickness to set down this golden light on Earth and to bathe yourself in it, and yet, at the same time, you falter because you get caught up in fears and doubts. I appeal to your determination and to your faith that you can keep persevering, for you all have made a long journey through many lifetimes and many centuries of time.

You have come with a beautiful flower in your hand, a flower you want to plant here on Earth.

And know you are being helped and supported by energies from beyond the Earth – spiritual energies.

Trust that, however slowly this happens, you are getting ever closer to the core of yourself.

And by doing that, you are doing what you intended and that is to bring Paradise on to Earth.

That is your mission and that is the advent of the new age.

The New Earth is you bringing Paradise on to Earth.

You bring a portion of your light and love, and the sense of security associated with the heavenly realm, on to Earth.

That is the advent of the new age.

I greet you all from my heart and send you energies of encouragement and confidence.

You are doing something grand and I want nothing more than to reassure and support you on your way.…

© Pamela Kribbe,

Archangel Michael – Celebrating A Spiritual Union – via Ronna Herman – 3-1-14

Chua Koon·62 videos

Transmitted through Ronna Herman
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