Trees Purify Your Soul – Breathe In Their Love

Korpiklaani – With Trees  on YouTube

Trees Against The Sky  –  A Poem by Robert William Service
Pines against the sky,
Pluming the purple hill;
Pines . . . and I wonder why,
Heart, you quicken and thrill?
Wistful heart of a boy,
Fill with a strange sweet joy,
Lifting to Heaven nigh –
Pines against the sky.Palms against the sky,
Failing the hot, hard blue;
Stark on the beach I lie,
Dreaming horizons new;
Heart of my youth elate,
Scorning a humdrum fate,
Keyed to adventure high –
Palms against the sky.

Oaks against the sky,
Ramparts of leaves high-hurled,
Staunch to stand and defy
All the winds of the world;
Stalwart and proud and free,
Firing the man in me
To try and again to try –
Oaks against the sky.

Olives against the sky
Of evening, limpidly bright;
Tranquil and soft and shy,
Dreaming in amber light;
Breathing the peace of life,
Ease after toil and strife . . .
Hark to their silver sigh!
Olives against the sky.

Cypresses glooming the sky,
Stark at the end of the road;
Failing and faint am I,
Lief to be eased of my load;
There where the stones peer white
in the last of the silvery light,
Quiet and cold I’ll lie –
Cypresses etching the sky.

Trees, trees against the sky –
O I have loved them well!
There are pleasures you cannot buy,
Treasurers you cannot sell,
And not the smallest of these
Is the gift and glory of trees. . . .
So I gaze and I know now why
It is good to live – and to die. . . .
Trees and the Infinite Sky.


Pleiadian Message – 2012 The Shift

The extraterrestrial from the Pleiades tells us about the future of the Earth 
The Earth is  about to change its  level from  
the third dimension to the fifth dimension 

Pleiades has evolved from a material civilization to a spiritual civilization 
so  it can  provide direct help to the Earth when the Earth takes its dimension leap

The Earth is now standing at a crossroad 
Because of the natural destruction
That even at this time ,always continues somewhere, 
and because of human  self-centredness, 
this enormous crisis is now  coming to the Earth 
Yet if humans overcome this crisis successfully, 
the Earth can  move  out of the material civilization 
which has caused so much trouble  up until now, 
and enter into the beautiful age of spiritual civilization   
Carmen said that humans will be able to go to the age of the universe  
beyond the age of the global village 

And Seon Humankind will be introduced  at that stage
She said that it all depends on the awakening of Earth people 
2012, we are standing at the happiest crossroad 
At this moment, it is important to see 
the history of the ups and downs of the Pleiades
The past of the Pleiades, which could  have been almost destroyed by  huge wars, 
seems to have many special implications for us
Carmen doesn’t want us to experience the same trials and errors as Pleiades did
To facilitate our rebirth into the Seon Humankind
Practise love to save the Earth and its families 
No more materialistic life 
And create harmony between human and nature 
Understand the true path of human life
I will wait for you in the world of 5th dimension
May the Earth’s dimension shift be successful

Whitney Houston – The Greatest Love Of All

Unconditional Love  (For One’s Self)   –    –   “Starting from an early age, we saw that our value was determined by how those around us behaved or reacted to us.” 

How To Love Yourself    –    –     “To reap the health and happiness benefits of loving and accepting yourself, make a commitment to practice some form of self care every day.   After a while, this commitment to yourself will become part of your lifestyle. Remember that small steps can reap big rewards. Be gentle and patient with yourself.

Loving Yourself No Matter What    –    –     “So what is the state of unconditional love anyway? It’s a positive heart-centered feeling, radiating warmth and joy within yourself and out to the world, encompassing everything in a joyful spirit.  

You Are An Eternal Spirit-Child    –   Loving Yourself Unconditionally    –   YouTube ( VazSriharan )  

Unconditional Love & Loving Yourself    –    YouTube  (   )    

Loving Yourself and Embracing Your Inner Child    –   Compassionate Forgiveness    –     YouTube  (    )  

Awakening The Human Angels: The Holy Grails

How To Contact Your Guardian Angel   –    –    scorpio53

By universal law, as an honoring of Free Will, Beings in one dimension can not assist beings on another dimension unless the request or invitation comes from the dimension wishing to receive the assistance. Consequently, angels are extremely “limited” in the extent to which they can help you and/or interact with you UNLESS you invoke them (invite and ask them to help). When you ask for their assistance, you literally open the floodgates for their glorious Light to reach you! And if there is one particular angel that you wish to call on, the cosmic protocol is to ask them 3 times in a row. This helps the one being called to distinguish whether you are just “thinking about” them, or whether you seriously want to “get their attention”. This cosmic protocol also holds true for contacting any higher dimensional being. 

Emotional turbulence disrupts inner reception – like static in radio reception. The calmer the emotions, the more detail with which you can receive inner communications. When the emotions achieve tremendous calm, then they become like a glassy lake, or a smooth mirror or window – thus allowing the passage of information with minimal distortion. The stiller you are emotionally, the clearer you can inwardly “perceive”. Hence, the expression: “Be still and know that I am God.”

Though angels do on very rare occasions make themselves visible to the physical senses (eyes & ears), this is not their normal operating procedure. So you have to develop the “habit” of “turning off” your external senses and “turning on” an entirely different avenue for receiving information – your internal senses. I think of this as “heart sensing”, though others may call it “feeling”, or “gut feeling”, or “intuition”. Try “sensing” angels with the feelings in your heart, rather than with your mind and your outer senses. Like anything else, the more your “practice” this, the better you get at it. “Pay” them by sending them LOVE 

Notice how when you walk into a strange house, sometimes it feels “creepy” and you want to leave immediately, while in other homes it feels wondrous and you just want to stay there? Angels experience this too while interacting with humanity. If they are required to serve in an area with {what is for them} “inharmonious energies”, they’ll do it, but then they’ll leave as soon as possible. Whereas if they find a “heavenly hang-out” on earth, they tend to linger, because it feels good! So if you wish angels to “hang-out” with you more in your home or retreat, then make it an “angelic oasis” for them: Have the radiations of your personal aura be a consistent sanctuary of peace, harmony, and love. Fill your surroundings with beautiful objects, beautiful music, beautiful fragrances, a peaceful ambiance, pure sweet nature or plants, harmony in all forms, and ….. most importantly, a sustained atmosphere of loving feelings!…SCORPIO53

Thank You SCORPIO53 – Thank You for being our Internet Angel

I Know My Galactic Family Is Here, Do You? (UFO Disclosure)

The @012 Scenario  –  The Importance Of Disclosure

Eckhart Tolle – How to live without Stress in your day-to-day life

Wikipedia:  Eckhard Tolle

Eckhart Tolle (German: [ˈɛk.haʁt ˈtʰɔ.lə], /ˈɛkhɑːrt ˈtɒlə/; born Ulrich Leonard Tolle, 1948) is a German-born Canadian resident, best known as the author of the The Power of Now and A New Earth, which were written in English. In 2011, he was listed by the Watkins Review as the most spiritually influential person in the world.[1] In 2008, a New York Times writer called Tolle “the most popular spiritual author in the United States.”[2]

Tolle says he was depressed for much of his life until he underwent, at age 29, an “inner transformation”, then spent several years wandering and unemployed “in a state of deep bliss” before becoming a spiritual teacher. Later, he moved to North America where he began writing his first book, The Power of Now, which was published in 1997[3] and reached the New York Times Best Seller lists in 2000.[4] Tolle settled in Vancouver, Canada, where he has lived for more than a decade.

The Power of Now and A New Earth sold an estimated three million and five million copies respectively in North America by 2009.[5] In 2008, approximately 35 million people participated in a series of 10 live webinars with Tolle and television talk show host Oprah Winfrey.[5] Tolle is not identified with any particular religion, but he has been influenced by a wide range of spiritual works.[6]


Discovering The Fountain Of Youth

Wikipedia – The Fountain Of Youth

The Fountain of Youth is a legendary spring that reputedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks of its waters. Tales of such a fountain have been recounted across the world for thousands of years, appearing in writings by Herodotus, the Alexander romance, and the stories of Prester John. Stories of a similar waters were also evidently prominent among the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean during the Age of Exploration, who spoke of the restorative powers of the water in the mythical land of Bimini. The legend became particularly prominent in the 16th century, when it became attached to the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León, first Governor of Puerto Rico. According to an apocryphal combination of New World and Eurasian elements, Ponce de León was searching for the Fountain of Youth when he traveled to what is now Florida in 1513. Since then, the fountain has been frequently associated with Florida In St. Augustine.