What is Chi, Qi, or Prana? – Moving Beyond the Body

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Awaken Kundalini with Yoga Spinal Twists

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Full free article detailing how to do this Yoga Exercise to awaken Kundalini Shakti and help her rise can be found here – http://anmolmehta.com/blog/2009/08/27….

This exercise is excellent for the lower back and spine. There are several hand positions that can be used for this pose. The one that is best for stimulating Kundalini at the base of the spine is the third variation I have demonstrated in this video.

In that variation the fingers are interlaced and arms are behind you, with the hands pulled away from the lower back. Then one twists which in this position.

In addition to helping with Kundalini Awakening, this exercise is also very good for warming up prior to doing any difficult sets and poses.

You will find many more kundalini awkening yoga exercises and sets for free on AnmolMehta.Com.

Karmic Kundalini

Yin and Yang: The Art of Living In Balance – Traditional Chinese Medicine and Your Health

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For a printout on Yin and Yang go to:
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Pranayama Deep Breathing

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pranayama instruction w michelle freeman


Archangel Michael Message – March 2013 – GFL

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Beloved masters, what we term as Sacred Breath consists of the normal third- / fourth-dimensional air containing oxygen as well as Prana, which is third- / fourth-dimensional air/ether that also contains the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. The magnitude and power of these Divine Particles increase with each higher level of consciousness you attain. The empowering Breath of Infinity opens the pathways that lead to the multidimensional levels of Creator consciousness. Your inner perspective will automatically broaden as you gradually change your way/mode of thinking and perceiving.

The In-breath loop of the Infinity Breath passes through the Medulla Oblongata and out the back of the head as it sweeps upward into your Soul Star. The Adamantine Particles of Creator Light that you have inhaled through the back portal of your Sacred Heart are programmed to integrate a specific number of Life-Code Seed Atoms from your OverSoul-Higher Self as the Sacred Breath passes through your Soul Star. The Out-breath or exhale passes through the Root Chakra and enters the Kundalini Seed Atom contained therein. Monitored by your Over-soul-Higher Self, measured portions of the Adamantine Particles stored within the Root Chakra are added to the Sacred Breath.

The Adamantine Particles of Light which are stored in the Root Chakra are unique, for they have already been programmed with some of your special talents, attributes and qualities from past life experiences. The Sacred Breath then moves back up in front of the physical vessel and automatically enters the body where your crystalline Still Point Seed Atom is located. This Seed Atom was designed to magnetize, integrate and hold these higher frequency Particles of Light. It could be called a holding center, for it is directly connected to your Sacred Heart. The Adamantine Particles of Light are then drawn into your Sacred Heart to be activated through your seed thoughts and intention. These programmed Adamantine Particles are then ready to be breathed out into your Twelve Ray Creator Wheel, as well as out into the world-at-large. A dedicated portion will also stream into the World Pyramid and other pyramids of Light of your choice.


Crystal Butterflies – Summer of Your Dreams

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An Etheric Music dedicated to the all who are Gifted and to all of those gifted children around the world. ~ The Crystal Children ~ Airing on Dream Vision 7 Radio on Saturdays
It is with much gratitude and with a heart full of thanks that goes out to our producer’s, Mr. Howard Gale & Mr. Mark Evans at Silent Partner Productions in Los Angels. Mark received a ” Pearl Award” for his music on the movie “Other Side of Heaven”. Debara also enjoyed collaborating with mr. Kurt wilson & Cynthia Wilkenson Green on her Songs.
Many Thanks to the Musicians Pat Carey for his Key Boards, bass guitar and the acoustic Guitars.
John Thompson & Debbie Davis for horns
Doug Norwine for woodwinds and the evi.
Les Coulter Sammy Brown & Dave Lewis for Back up Vocals.
These Song’s by Debara are a memorial tribute for Crystal & Sumer Poulsen. Crystal Butterfly Fly in the Sumer of Your Dreams are a collection of Songs of times with Angels. Both Girls are crossed over Crystal who was in a Coma for 8 of her 10 years on this Earth. Crystal Born with Heart birth defect. Beautiful Vibrant Sumer was killed in a Car Roller at the age of 16

I See In Us A Metamorphosis,
We Sleep, Safe in our cocoons
then awaken. Shedding our layers
as we become the butterfly
surrendering to all that is,
and to all the is possible…

Musical Dynasphere’s Introduction to the Etheric Motor

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An Introduction to Musical Dynasphere’s the Etheric motor, the technology for today. This is a most poignant time in our history to seriously consider alternative sources of energy, for the benefit of humanity and the Earth;
this is our best hope for the future.
In honour of the Japanese, such a noble and dignified nation.
May the Sun shine upon you, and hope lift your hearts.

I do not own any of the music contained in this video.