Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – I Am Mary Of Magdalena – 20 April 2013

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I am she who comes upon the wings of light I am Mary of Magdalena. In the days of old, many of you were in the Sacred Order of Magdalena. It was not a last name. It was a title. It was a crown. It was a knowing. In my time of living I endured much hate that was placed upon my being because of my position and training. I endured arrows of poisons that came from the eyes of others. I endured angry words. I stood high in my Light and the sacred teachings of my order. I did not trip upon my path but kept a strong heart of love. I did not beg for mercy for I knew that I stood in a light so grand and so beautiful that nothing could cause distress or cracks in my world or in my heart. I saw my light as solid, not as filaments that waft and weave in every changing breeze, but solid as a mantle.

Each day as you awaken to the grace of God/Goddess, in the first breath as you spring forth from the realms of sleep, solidify the light that you are. You penetrate Earth and Heaven with a column of light that contracts or expands with each breath and each thought. It is this grand light that you must daily solidify everyday with your words and intent.

Solidify the light from the very heart of the Mother Earth up through your feet, through your body, into the love you are. Your everydayness strips you naked of your true divinity. It pecks upon your body as vultures. You allow all of life to delete you. When you allow life to suckle upon you, and take your very breath and your peace, you do all that is holy an injustice.  life on earth depends upon you to keep it sacred. Whether you embark into the realm of magical or camp in the place of holy – it matters not, for without you, it is just a revolving planet.

Walk forward as a solidified Light, a Holy Entourage, of what cannot be dissolved, of what cannot be taken away. Your Mother Earth depends upon you — for the heart does not beat pure in many that hold keys to power. see yourself anchored, solidified, from the center of the heart of Earth through your own heart up to the heart of the Creator. True light cannot be dissolved by anything.

Women of Earth — no matter what color, creed, size or age you are — stand up and solidify your light. Do not kneel on bended knee pleading for the universe  to intercede on our behalf. For you are all that you seek and it can be no other way! Visualize light solidified, peace solidified love solidified! See the weavings of light. See it as the very fabric of all that was once holy and has been forgotten.

You have forgotten that you are the core of heaven on earth. You have forgotten to solidify the love that you are the beauty that you are the peace that you are. I am Mary Magdalena. You are each of the Order of Magdalena, High Priestesses. Your blood bond has never ended nor can it. You have never been separated from what you are and what you are destined to do. You have just forgotten.  Believe it and it is so. / link to original article


Lilou Mace – Unconditional Love

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Vidéo blog from Lilou following an email from Belinda
‘Hi Lilou, I love you, you are a beautiful being. Thank you for what you do. I will contribute to your Juicy Living Tour when I can. I have watched and listened to many of your interviews. What strikes me lately is the difference in the messages of the different people you interview. I am talking about the ones who have predictions and stories of what they perceive as “happening” or “will happen”. There are a lot of conflicting view points. My question to you is what do you think of this? Who do you believe or does that not matter?

I like your diversity and style of those whom you interview. Do you ever get confused or thrown off balance by what is being said by some of your guest? I also want to thank you for being so candid about your feelings. I recently watched you talk about feeling negative and tired a while back and how something brought you out of it. That was a brave thing for you to do, put your self out there as a real person, and that is exactly what you are.
Thanks again for being you, I appreciate you very much.”


Bodies in Motion


Lois Greenfield is a photographer made famous by her ability to capture the human form in motion and her use of it as a compositional element in her art. As a result, she built a body of work and a reputation in the modern and postmodern dance world through having her work published in the Village Voice, New York Times, Dance Magazine and other publications.

The human body in itself is a work of art, but the way it’s captured in action just takes it up another notch.

Update: If you like this post, check out Bodies in Motion Part 2 featuring French photographer Ludovic Florent.

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Lisa Gawlas – The Sun, The Earth, The Eclipses And The Soil Of Shambhala! – 20 April 2013

Lucas 2012 Infos

earth and sunWell, the sun is not sitting still as we make this last few day walk into the eclipse sandwich.  It is coating us with solar winds from a coronal hole, solar flares to provide the needed extra kick in the ass to keep us going and two more sun spots developed overnight, one currently crackling with C class flares.  Granted, to NASA C class flares are babies in the whole scheme of things, but to us directly affected, it serves to keep our energy fields buzzing.  Kinda like M & M’s… tiny little chocolates, but still provide that sugar high!

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Ego’s Veil

Awakening Journey


When we begin to lose ego, there are signs along the way.  One is the need for approval from those we love, our authority figures, our peers, and those we admire.  At some point, we just don’t need it anymore.  It’s not that we don’t appreciate the approval, but we simply don’t need it anymore.  This approval we receive simply become how we feel about the sky being blue.  If we receive approval, it is wonderful, but if we don’t, then it is still wonderful.

How we view ourselves is no longer dependent upon others. In the past, I have always sought approval from my authority figures, like my parents, teachers, supervisors etc. My self worth was based largely on how my authority figures responded to my work, progress, or accomplishments. I also begin to lose interest on how my life is labeled, how my relationships are categorized, and where…

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Jesus through John – March 20, 2013 – Channeled by John Smallman

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Channeled by John Smallman