Athene’s Theory of Everything

Athene’s Theory of Everything

Uploaded on Jan 23, 2011

Professor of Communication Studies Corey Anton at Grand Valley State University reviews AToE:
Rocket Engineer Evie Marom’s review:

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Expected Cosmic Events in 2012 by Pane Andov

Magnificent presentation by Pane “AstralWalker” Andov about the mega event that will take place at the end of year 2012 and beginning of the 2013. He explains that thousands of years ago from the galactic centre of the Milky Way, there was a powerful release of an enormous amount of energy, which like a huge, shining, circular wave is spreading across the galaxy from its centre to its edges. The released energetic pulse is already affecting the whole galaxy including the little dot we call our solar system. Very soon it will reach us and hit us with full strength. He explains what kind of implications this spreading wave of energy will have on our solar system, especially to our star and our planet and how it will affect the DNA of life.
The way that Pane connects the dots makes it clear what our planet will face soon and what we as humans can do about it. He is also a contactee and delivers important messages which he backs up with scientific data. For the record, his DNA was changed when his biological body was only seven years old, enabling him to utilize abilities such telepathy, remote viewing, astral travel and to make contact.
He claims that from time to time numerous ET races communicate and deliver important messages to him as a result of alternations to his DNA in early childhood. One of those races is the positive race that is delivering the genuine crop circles, and they explained to him what the complex geometries mean. That’s how Pane was able to translate the complex geometric designs which contain the solution to the equation regarding what humanity is facing, when it’s going to happen and what can be done about it.

For more reference please visit his website:

Drunvalo Melchizedek Mayan Ancestors

To learn more go to
In April of 2009, indigenous elders from around the world gathered in Northern Arizona fulling a Mayan prophecy concerning the approach of the end of the Mayan calendar. Drunvalo Melchizedek speaks about this gathering and its significance for all of humanity.

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 3, ‘Water Night’

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choirs    –

3746 video soloists from 73 countries.  Beautiful, Breath-taking music. So spiritual.  Be sure to listen to more Eric Whitacre Virtual Choirs listed on side panel.

Bio-Energy Healing

Bio-Energy Healing    –

The bio-energy field of a human consists of subtle bodies with their energetic potentials, and which give strength and power to the biological field. Energetic potential depends on the conditions of physical and psychic health, and, perhaps, astrological factors. For example, experienced psychics can feel human energy fields with their hands without touching a body, and, sometimes, even see a glowing aura around individuals.

Many views and hypotheses about bio-energy exist nowadays, and some many researchers call it psi-energy. Special experiments in the laboratories enabled researchers to discover waves of energy emitted by humans. With mental activities the waves changed with speed of thought: the thought was followed by energy. Electric charges in the human’s head change on different levels of consciousness. The electric field of a human is the unity of positive (+) and negative (-) electric zones. In order to be healthy, the energetic balance must be maintained in the bio-energy system. Energetic balance and constant freely flowing of energy are important factors in your health and well-being.

Bio-energy can be explained as bio-electromagnetic energy surrounding us. You may hear about terms of positive and negative energy in bio-energy healing. The term of bio-positive energy means pure healing energy coming from God. Positive energy flows freely in energy systems bringing vitality and health. Whereas definition of bio-negative energy is trapped, disharmonious, stale, or stagnant energy that blocking pathways and prevent vital energy from freely flowing in energy systems. Negative energy brings imbalances into energetic systems, and it is connected to illnesses and emotional trauma.

There is an undiscovered ability of bio-energy flowing through your hands. Your hands may be “energetic”, and you may make everyday use of it. You can develop an ability to feel bio-energy fields with your hands. You can also develop an ability to “regulate” and modulate energy fields around you or other people with your hands, thus influence your physical and subtle energetic bodies with healing energy relieving imbalances in energy fields and bringing health and energetic balance. Everyone possesses a more or less powerful bio-energy field which interacts with fields of others. Human energy fields of different people may interact with each other also bringing energetic imbalance or discomfort. Nevertheless, you may fix any imbalance energetically. You may also learn how to manage life situations with your bio-energy. The vital energy can be transferred from person to person. With developed bio-energetic ability, you will be able to perform bio-energy healing or energetic management, control any condition, event, or situation in your life energetically. If you choose to help yourself, your loved ones and your pets with the life-supporting energy in your hands, you will maintain an energetic balance in their energy fields which bring them health and vitality.

The idea of human energy transfer for healing is not new. People performed healing by human energy for thousands of years. The knowledge of the energetic method of healing came from ancient India to Egypt, Greece, China, Israel and other countries. Jesus Christ used laying-on of hands as a method of healing. Some healers name the method “ethereal healing,” and consider it healing of the ether body, which penetrates the physical body. And some healers consider it as pranic healing because a vital energy is Prana.

Vital cosmic energy is called Prana in Sanskrit, and it acts in the transfer of human energy. Prana is breath of life. Healthy people have this energy in abundance. Freely flowing Prana in the human energy systems brings vitality and vivacity into organisms. However, ill people have deficits in this energy. They have gray constricted energy fields with blocked and stagnant energy. Such a condition of the energy fields affects people’s health, bringing energetic imbalances and illnesses on the physical level. Old people have deficits of prana. We cannot see prana, only its manifestations. This vital energy penetrates everywhere coming from Great Unknown. Prana submits to human consciousness, and it can be creative as well. Once you learn how to accumulate this energy, manipulate it, control, and transfer it, you will become an energy healer or bio-energy master. You will enjoy using creative prana for all purposes in your life.

Healing with bio-energy requires spending some bio-energy at act of healing. As open energetic system, you may receive our energy from the cosmos, not only with food or sleep. You will especially need to receive extra energy from cosmos, if you perform bio-energetic work. You may refill your bio-energy receiving it from cosmos, and accumulate it in an energetic reservoir – your bio-energy field.

We think bio-energy of healer’s hands to bring healing and benefits to the whole energy system – the physical body, the ether body and other human subtle energetic bodies. In the book “Health by Bio-Energy and Mind,” you will learn unique techniques and exercises, which will allow you to possess the bio-energy healing method and special techniques in order to maintain health and widely use it in everyday life for all purposes. We would like to offer you valuable information about how to develop an ability of energetic healing and manage yourself, your relatives, pets, and your environment on the energetic level. We state that human health is a summary of physical, psychic (mental), emotional, spiritual and energetic conditions of person. And people have to live in balance and in energetic unity with all things around. We had developed and systemized classical forms of energy transfer and hands-on healing and, moreover, created our own bio-energy method which may be used as a m! ethod of energetic management and balancing in everyday life. Sensitive people with healthy energetic systems can feel biological fields of others. They “activate” hands energetically, bring their hands close to the body surface at a certain distance, examine the field, and feel all characteristics of a person’s energetic field. They may experience heat, cold, some density, pressure, shock, tingling, or pulsation. To recognize an illness or an energetic imbalance of a healee, healers use their knowledge of all these sensational feelings, strong memory and their mastery of the art. And, by their bio-energy and mind, healers can normalize energetic imbalances or free stagnant energy from the healee’s energy field. Thereafter, they can prevent an illness on the physical level, comfort ill persons, eliminate pain, accelerate the physical body’s healing, heal an illness, improve a physical condition, and maintain a positive emotional and mental state of a healee. The most interesting fact is that everyone can perform healing by energy, not ju! st people with extrasensory perceptions (ESP).

Healing by energy requires from healers the development of abilities to control their own energy consciously, calm the mind at will, breathe correctly, gather energy by breathing exercises, have a strong bio-energy field, high level of energy in energetic centers (chakras), have strong and capacious memory, visualize, feel and estimate work of own body, listen to the inner-self, estimate own feeling, and be practically healthy. People become energy healers when they change the consciousness, a world view, and mental and physical attitude of themselves. We possess incredible strength – our bio-energy. If we employ it consciously, it give us tremendous power, and ability to heal ourselves and others from physical, spiritual and mental problems. It is possible to learn how to control energy consciously and perform energy healing. With power of your own bio-energetic field, and energy in your hands, you can become a healer. Even if you use bio-energetic ability for yourself and your loved ones, you will see how your life will be happier, energetic, and fulfilling.

Author’s Bio: 

Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D., are energy healing
specialists and authors of “Health by Bio-Energy and Mind” and “21st Century’s New Chakra Healing,” immediately available at Bio-Energy System Services:  – your place for healing and balance.

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