The 12 Universal Laws

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Namasté brothers and sisters…I forgot the law 4…(I’m soooo sorry!…:)…You can see it below…
Much LOVE and Good Vibes . K

(4) The Law of Correspondence~
This Universal Law states that the principles or laws of physics that explain the physical world energy,
Light, vibration, and motion have their corresponding principles in the etheric or universe “As above, so below”



Unconditional Divine Love

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Music and Visuals to connect to Divine Love and Open Your Heart. Go to to purchase versions of song. It’s on the Nutri-Energetics “Body Field Sound Healing” CD. A rock version is on the “Unconditional Love” CD. A 1/2 speed version is on “Unconditional Divine Peace.”

Liora – Awaken Your Soul Code

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Beautiful inspiring video aligning us with our natural state of well-being, knowing that this life is about feeling good– therefore being empowered
It is really that simple. lets shift the paradigm now.
Be uplifted with a ” session” with Liora today…
and receive your personal harmonic soul code name chant by liora ~ harmonic/overtone vocalist ..angelic chantress

Liora – Sacred Self Reunion – Angel Ascension Message

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Enjoy the angelic visuals and angelic message by well as receiving an Angelic sound attunement she is harmonically chanting “Archangel Aurora” in the background…..
Please contact Liora .. for an Angelic Awakening Session…to gain clarity, expansion and upliftment as you embrace your spritual journey of ascension…..
Now is the time for your sacred reunion with the Self…..
In this time of great heart expansion know all is perfect…
The old paradigm is falling away..the vibrational entrainment is shifting…as you move from the energy of fear, control and powerlessness to one of the heart…. of joy, celebration, peace, love, simplicity, gratitude,…..all the wonderment of higher vibrational frequencies of Light…..these feelings are so much lighter…just feel them now….and express this energy with laughter….such joy..such joy….. Laughter is the expression of lightness…..

As the veil thins…you will view from such a different perspective…one of joy and frivolity….the rigid rules are now released from the old dualistic vibration…
Be gentle on yourselves and each other….know the true and only power is Love , love and more love…that is the energy of who you truly are…embrace it with exaltation and great joy…feel it from your heart centre and radiate it out to the world…envision the light and love of your heart centre expanding all over this wondrous globe and beyond into the galaxy……. joining with the energies of higher light and love…..become one with them…. in the perfection…
Know your perfection….know the perfection of the unfolding… all is the expression of divine light and love….that is the shift of consciousness..if everyone held the high vibration of the gratitude deeply in their heart, for only two minutes, simultaneously, the consciousness would shift immediately as everything is vibration, consciousness is vibration..vibration entrains all of us….in that understanding let us be mindful of our heart feelings and know the power of sharing that on earth right now…remebering the true power of the vibration of love…beyond the mind..beyond words…beyond the ego…and self serving gratifications…..

In this expansive energy of abundance…know that your pure beingness is your complete sustenance…from that knowing ….manifestion is instantaneous….believe and are the one you are looking for..your magnificence..your beauty..your radiance….embrace your own scared union with the self..Now is the time…you are being called to a brand new paradigm…of pure, true heartlight….
Your purpose is so simple…to just be…and walk within a place of knowing every breath you take is sacred and holy…You are sacred and holy…. You are truly glorious………..Now feel that from the heart…..Always…..

We are The Angels

Clearing and Releasing – New Paradigm Book – Chapter 3

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HEADPHONES HIGHLY SUGGESTED : The following is a video from THE NEW PARADIGM | A GUIDE TO SYNCHRONICITY : the 12 chapter video series helps unlock a greater understanding of health & well being through the alignment & clarity in key areas of our lives – Created by ERIC LUSION : this video features a narrative by David Icke on releasing old paradigms, all rights go to their rightful creators, if you know the song please comment below for those interested.

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Song of Ascension

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