George Kavassilas – March 21, 2013 – Half of Humanity Ascends

George Kavassilas – Half of humanity ascends to the 5th dimension on March 21, 2013

George Kavassilas

Alexey Celtie·724 videos



Dr. Bruce Goldberg – Ascension, Time Travel, Reincarnation – Coast to Coast AM

Dr. Bruce Goldberg lays it all out.

5D Ascension – Return of Intergalactic Love – Stargates

Free Spirit·75 videos

Ascension Teacher Free Spirit speaks for 20mins of his experiences of Andromedan Love after creating a Merkabah structure. Solving the mysteries of the Universe by opening your Being to Intergalactic Knowledge and Presence. Why The Theory of Everything must include Love. Interdimensional Travel into Quarks and Superstrings. Letting Love Reveal Cosmic Beauty to your Being. You ARE the Stargate..

Out-of-Body Experience – Herbie Brennan

Herbie Brennan·4 videos

An author’s description of the out-of-body experiences that led him to write his first book

Proof of Heaven – Dr. Eben Alexander – Interviewer: PJ Madam – 7 Network

PeekyBooo·8 videos

Reporter: PJ Madam

Producer: Mick O’Donnell

A world-renowned and Harvard-trained neurosurgeon, this former non-believer is now a convert.

When Dr Eben Alexander collapsed with meningitis four years ago, he spent seven days in a coma. When he finally woke up, he told an extraordinary tale of what he experienced while he was sleeping. His incredible story taps into the age-old question, debated over thousands of years and by hundreds of cultures: is there an afterlife, and if so, what is it like?

Thousands of people – among them Melbourne woman Carmel Bell, who spoke to Sunday Night – have reported similar near death experiences. Many tell similar stories of white lights, encounters with heavenly beings, and a sense of being outside their bodies. However, none have had the scientific credibility of Dr Alexander.

Sunday Night reporter PJ Madam takes you on a journey into the afterlife and examines the scientific basis of Alexander’s claims. We meet the scientists studying whether consciousness can live on despite the apparent death of the brain. Those who have ‘been there’ swear it’s real, while those who haven’t are sceptical. On Sunday Night, we’ll let you be the judge.

Visit Dr Eben Alexander’s websites, Life Beyond Death and Eternea.

Order his book, Proof of Heaven…

Carmel Bell’s website.

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Here in the spiritual realms all is on schedule to welcome you as you awaken. You are going to awaken, so let go of your doubts, your fears, your anxieties, and focus on your intent to do so.  Your intent is essential, and every day new members join the club whose purpose is to awaken humanity and allow the illusion to dissolve.  As we have said many times, your awakening is inevitable. Disregard the naysayers who suggest that your awakening could be hundreds or thousands of years in the future.  Time is of the illusion, it is illusory, so cease paying it so much attention.  Yes, you need it to coordinate your earthly activities — and for that alone it is useful – and attend to living in each and every now moment, which is when your life is happening.

Time is like a very long tunnel: coiled tightly like…

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