Universal Energy Forecast – Friday April 19 2013 – No Problem

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Thought For The Day – April 19, 2013


Astrologer David Palmer – Daily Energy Report – April 18 , 2013

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Astrology Forecast April 18 2013 Esoteric Spiritual Report: Last Minute Fire

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Hour With An Angel – Archangel Michael – Physical Changes

Hour With An Angel – AA Michael –  Physical Changes

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Archangel Michael explains today that the angels and archangels intervene less with us as we approach Ascension, similar to a mother with her child when the training wheels come off the bicycle.   While there remains brutality in the world, we know the shift is happening by what is happening within us. We discussed the brutality of men towards women and he described the process whereby balance is coming back between our divine masculine and feminine sides, whether in men or in women. We discussed how acts of brutality dim the consciousness and invite toxins into the body.

He tells us that our bodies are largely crystalline, our 13 strands of DNA are coming online, and our chakras are activating at higher frequencies. Consequently we are rejuvenating and he described the signs of it. He described the role of will in regaining our interdimensionality and said that not just a fragment of our higher dimensional selves were here but the whole of those selves.

Music: Pachelbel’s Canon and Mike Roland – Son of the Light

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Archangel Michael – Energy Cord Cutting – Meditation

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Just a quick exercise to ask Archangel Michael and God to help dissolve the energetic cords attached to a person, place or thing that no longer serve us. It will help you release fear, anger, resentment or anxiety and move on life with a positive heart.

George Kavassilas – Transmuting Into Light

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The quiet revolution, vibrational patterns, time acceleration, the precession of the equinoxes, Christ-consciousness, ancient calendars, our planet becoming a star, pole shifts, duality, the moon, religion, lifting of the veil, organic openings, the serpent rope, and looking within yourself for the truth are all discussed in this brief excerpt from George’s Red Ice interview in January 2011.

Please feel free to engage in the galactic image above. You may find some interesting creatures among the stars and there may be some ‘cosmic cars’ traveling the ethers as well.