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I come in service unto the Radiant One, The Mother/Father Source and humble in the joy of The Creation.

Above all, you must have belief and desire, and then you must move forth with persistence and tenacity. You must allow resilience and endurance to be your sustenance. See your goal and never take your eyes from it. Put your hand and trust in The Master Teacher for He will lead you through the quagmire of evil about you. It is the only way you shall make it through the Earth experience in wholeness.

I might give you insight at this point, from experience in this particular commission under which I now function. I will tell you that which I told my crew with whom I served in the early beginnings of this mission. Commander Soltec was given a great and “impossible” task of bringing current all records of Earth changes and plotting probable upcoming changes. In ad­dition, he would serve as a full commander within the ordinary functioning of a fleet, be ready for evacuation of our people from your place in the midst of great upheavals. Etc.

We only had a small task force of ships allotted to Earth super­vision. I told him what I now tell you. We will endeavor to ex­pand ourselves and to be everywhere at once with our unlimited abilities to do so. You must have dogged determination in any situation, under all stresses. You are “MAN” and you have been created to excel in all manner and measure. I demand never to hear you say, “I cannot”. Man was created infinite and unlimited; take your banner and become that which you were created to be.

We grew in those times and we will fill the needs of this time. We became the eyes of God surrounding your little planet and we expanded our highest level and we were literally where we were not. We relied not on our craft for that limited us to inferiority of function. We became unlimited as is our creative right.

Eventually more craft were added, divisions of responsibilities were assigned, and the mission expanded continually unto the point of tremendous scope that it is today. We found that if one chose to relinquish portions of his agreed upon function, or fell to the wayside for any reason–we filled the gap and moved on­ward. We simply make a way where there is no way.

You will do likewise. There are few of you to do the “impossible”–you are doing it now, one step at a time–one day at a time. I know of that which you are capable and you shall simply grow to that capability. If ones do not participate or fail to carry their fair share of the load, we will pick it up and waste no time with fiddling; we will simply move forward. We are speaking of a transition of a planet and the placement of millions of your species.

If I appear to have the discipline of a hardened military per­sonality, so be it. Without discipline and determination of goal for accomplishment, you will always be but unfinished per­fection. My eyes are always to total victory for the forces of Light, the balance of The Creation and for the Totality of God and the Laws thereof. I “allow” much except “I cannot”. I will even accept “I will not”, but not graciously. Ye are not in my service to be rebellious nor seditious.

Wondering What’s REALLY Going Behind The Scenes Right Now? * Here’s Your Answer

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understand the secrets that have been hidden from you for so very long. Secrets, that have been (quite successfully) hidden, both by your mainstream, as well as your numerous alternative news media outlets out there alike. The secret of what’s REALLY going on behind the scenes, at this time.
And while the following news reveal might have many of you raising an eyebrow (or more) here, the FACT is that there is, quite literally, NOTHING that’s quite actually “up” right now. And I’m so NOT kidding about this.
For, you see, You, (that’s right, YOU!) LITERALLY get to DECIDE as to what’s actually “up” right now (or not) out there, because, the entire (so-called) “reality” that’s in front of you right now, is, a DREAM. An ILLUSION. Or, as the Hindus would call it, MAYA.
Moreover, because you are quite literally GOD INCARNATE; YOU get to decide what’s up right now in a way that is no different than a Lucid Dreamer calling the shots in their own lucid dream no less.

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Hundreds of vaccine appointments left unfilled at Tacoma Dome

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L’AURA PLEIADIAN – HAPPY MOTHERS DAY – Divine Feminine in Union with the Divine Masculine – 5-12-18

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Mothers Day ~ is celebrated on Sunday May 13th, 2018 in Canada and The United States. It is celebrated on other days in other parts of the world.

Celebrating the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in UNION is the natural way to Hold the energy of the Divine Feminine.

We are Eternal Light Beings. Eternal Divine Beings.

We emanate from the VOID as Pure Source Light into unique Source Beings.

Then through incarnating, we take on existences that appear male and female.

Our Origin is wholeness and Pure Original Light.

IN Celebrating The Divine Feminine, whether as your Mother, your sister, your friend, your wife or as yourself, we enter gratitude for the DIVINE.

For the wholeness.

FOR one part does NOT exist without the other.

Even though it may appear so when we look at things externally.

It is the wholeness in one leaf that be embrace the tree.

It is the energy of the Ocean we can feel in a single drop of its water.

It is in the first Civilization that we can feel ALL of existence UNFOLD in the eternal moment.

It is all held in its wholeness NOW.

IN The Divine Feminine we feel all UNIONS. ALL existences and our ORIGINAL Light, before masculine and feminine through incarnating began to emerge.

In your Heart NOW, embrace this wholeness, LOVE and Gratitude.

To Divinity.

To Now.

To the Divine Feminine.

The Divine Masculine.

And the ETERNAL Wholeness that has always existed and exists NOW.

In LOVE and Glory. Always.!/groups/Frequency5thDimension.AgeofAquarius/?fref=ts

L’Aura Pleiadian (The New Divine Humanity)

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The National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA) was signed into law in 2000, though it has not yet been enacted.

Its announcement and enactment will create powerful, history-making changes for the entire world.

Changes will begin in the United States. These are just a few of the reforms NESARA will bring:

  • Erases all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities
  • Abolishes the IRS and all income tax
  • Creates a 14% flat rate nonessential-new-items-only sales tax as revenue for the government — food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as older homes
  • Increases benefits to seniors
  • Returns constitutional law to all courts and legal matters
  • Requires new presidential and congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement
  • Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups
  • Creates a new US Treasury rainbow currency — one backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933
  • Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation
  • Begins a new US Treasury bank system in alignment with Constitutional law
  • Eliminates the Federal Reserve system
  • Ends all aggressive US government military actions worldwide
  • Establishes Peace throughout the world — US troops will be brought home from around the world as Peace is declared; in alignment with the Constitution, there will be No standing armies, and that will be permanently observed
  • Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes
  • Enables the release of thousands of suppressed technologies currently being withheld from the public under the guise of national security — this includes free energy devices, antigravity devices, and sonic healing machines [6,000 technologies will be released initially, followed by the release of more than 60,000 technologies]

Tell everyone you know! 
The more we raise awareness about NESARA, the sooner it happens.

Please sign the petition to get NESARA announced and enacted:


The Collective: Greetings, dear ones!

We are pleased to speak with you on matters concerning the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, called NESARA law.

First, understand that many in the western world have been taught to think of NESARA in terms of money alone.

Though financial Abundance is a great blessing, NESARA is far more than a matter of monies disbursed to Lightworkers and others working on behalf of humanity and the higher good of the Earth.

It is far more than weapons put down, wars ended, the planet’s climate stabilized, debt erased, illness and hunger ended, aggressions dissolved.

It is more than space travel, and development of higher abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis. 

It is even more than the opportunity for humankind to finally be free of the shackles of many centuries of oppressive rule from usurpers and warmongers.

NESARA is all of that, yet it is far more than all of that, because it is about Ascension.

NESARA is about Divine Government, not because that is the cure to all ills, but because that is humanity’s way of finally permitting the freedoms, the sovereignty of all beings, to fully occur on this planet.

It is a powerfully conscious step forward into fifth dimensional living.

This plan first began in the United States, with St Germain’s original vision of a New Atlantis being rooted in that continent.

The forms created there would then spread throughout the world, as more and more countries saw what was possible for a free society—and as increasing levels of Light spread throughout human consciousness.

The United States was never originally intended to be a place of the mass murder of millions of Native peoples, mass slavery of millions of Africans, and the mass incarceration and enforced poverty of millions in the present day.

It was meant to be, as some envisioned in the seventeenth century, a City on a Hill—a sign to all nations that human sovereignty—human dignity—could indeed be established in ways that no government, no usurper, no king or queen, and no “foreign” or off-world invader could displace.

That dream was put to one side, when the old powers-that-were succeeded in bribing, threatening, or assassinating those safeguarding the original ideals of those following and supporting St Germain.

(Yes, St Germain was present in the United States in her early years, and as an immortal, is present there still.)

Yet this great vision has never died.

It comes to fruition through the precepts and provisions of NESARA, brainstormed by a group of 14 highly conscious Congress members and one young state senator from Illinois (Barack Obama), assisted by Faction Three White Knights.

It was passed by Congress in March 2000 due to intervention of the White Knights, headed by Faction Three White Knight leader King of Swords.

It was signed into law by then-President Bill Clinton in October 2000.

Yet it has never been fully enacted.

We see many questions coming to our writer concerning NESARA.

The information below seeks to inform and to encourage all to understand that though great sums of money will indeed flow for communities and individuals after NESARA’s enactment, it represents far more than this.

It is first and foremost a spiritual undertaking—Earth’s people actively declaring their sovereignty above all other claims upon them. 

This is unprecedented for a third dimensional planet. It requires great vigilance, and some bravery on your parts.

But you are fully able. And we are by your side, at every moment.


Here is a Question and Answer forum, with our [the Collective’s] answers:



Q: Who are the White Knights, and what do they do?

The Collective:
 The White Knights comprise 20 million sovereign world militia forces working here on Earth [and answering to the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization], to support Earth’s Ascension and complete liberation from usurper control.

They are the Earth-based portion of the Ashtar Command, answering to Captain Ashtar and Lord Admiral Sananda Kumara. 

Four million come from Earth, and the other 16 million from elsewhere in the Universe — the Galactics (non-Earth-born members) are able to take on the appearance of any Earth human.

The White Knights work solely within the Office of the Christ. (In this context, “Christ” is not used as a modifier for Yeshua’s name, but to indicate crystalline or Lightbody higher consciousness, derived from the Greek term krystos or “anointed one.”)

They carry out many different kinds of missions on behalf of the Ashtar Command, in service to humanity and the higher realms. They work tirelessly to support and enable the full enactment of NESARA law.

They do not break ranks in the sense of placating the dark hats in the long run, though they do hide their true identities and missions, as is necessary to ensure their safety and the safe completion of their missions.

There are also numerous “white hats” in government, media, education, medicine, and many other fields.

The white hats are not White Knights, and are not part of Faction Three.

True white hats are simply persons of high ethical standard, conscience, and compassion, who are evolving and wish to support the evolvement and Ascension of Earth and Her people, whether they would describe their work in those terms or not.

Q: Where did the whole “currency reval/GCR” idea come from?

The Collective:
 The White Knights have reported that the dinar/dong/Zimbabwe scheme was created by the Bush/Clinton crime family and a former US senator in 2004.

This is a very dark scheme, intentionally created as a way to encourage Lightworkers to invest in a currency scheme, in part so that they would view NESARA (there is no GESARA) purely in terms of money. 

Most Lightworkers are unaware that the money invested in those currencies was used to create hedge funds that in turn have funded black operations—covert military attacks—all over the planet.

These actions have killed millions of innocent people, and injured, traumatized, and left homeless millions more.

These occur in places where the old power crowd are highly motivated to keep the local population in fear and chaos, such as the Middle East.

Millions have purchased dinars, dongs, or Zimbabwes, believing the false channelings on numerous disinformation websites, which stated that those currencies could be traded in, once NESARA was enacted, and that those holding those currencies would then become millionaires.

Yet in so doing, they support and enter the energies of a very dark scheme, highly damaging to any participant’s energies and consciousness.

Those currencies were marked both etherically and physically so that when Lightworkers came forward to trade in their dinars, dongs, or Zimbabwes after a false “reval” announcement, they would be spotted immediately, arrested, and detained.

That plan has now been stopped by the Faction Three White Knights, though the dark intent behind the currency scheme is still in place.

Understand that all currencies will be equal to one another after NESARA is fully enacted.

And that NESARA will be a fifth dimensional moment, not an “elevated” or “revised” third dimensional moment.

This is what so many have yet to grasp, because they do not dare allow themselves to envision that far and that high.

Those holding these currencies unwittingly belong to a dark etheric matrix that is draining them of their life force.

We powerfully encourage all holding these currencies to immediately trade them in, or to burn them.

There will be plentiful Abundance once NESARA is announced.

Leaves yourselves open to that very high and joyful moment.



Q: I am a newbie to NESARA and GESARA. If NESARA cancels all credit debt, mortgages, car loan debt, etc., how old does a debt have to be in order for it to be dissolved?

Also, don’t you think there will be a lot of sadness and confusion for the people who have worked hard all their life to get out of debt, then NESARA comes along and doesn’t benefit the people who were loyal and paid their bills?

I think there will be a lot of upset people. Help me understand what NESARA really means.

The Collective: 
Thank you for these excellent questions!

First, GESARA cannot exist, except under a “one world government,” and you are not going toward that notion. You are going away from it, into complete human freedom and sovereignty.

Second, it matters not whether a debt is 10 minutes old or 90 years old—the banks and credit institutions will be all dissolved under NESARA, as will the entire system of debt as you know it, and replaced by a fair and equitable system of precious metals-backed currencies.

Only personal loans—money borrowed from a friend or family member, for example—will need to be repaid.

Regarding those who worked hard and paid their bills—that was their choice, to engage in and support the current financial system.

That was their individual path and experience. Another’s path, and another’s choices, have nothing to do with anyone else’s path.

Most have followed the current system because they have had no idea that any other system could be created.

They have lived numerous Earth lives under a dark and heavy matrix that has steadily informed them that debt slavery is the only existing reality, and that they endanger their lives or quality of life by not obeying it.

There is a far higher perspective from which to view human life, rather than the perspective that “others do not deserve, because I have worked harder than them.”

All benefit from NESARA, if they are in the Light, or choose to come into the Light.

And NESARA is far more than money and debts dissolved.

As we note above, it is about human sovereignty, and the move as a planet into fifth dimensional consciousness.

Under that Unity-based ideal, there is no need for competition or the feeling that some have it unfairly easy while others have it unfairly hard.

All such comparisons fall to the wayside, except for those who prefer to remain in the struggle of third dimensional consciousness.

Q: As a Lightworker, I find great comfort in the words of the Collective. I understand and believe them, so I have less fear about what is happening right now.

I have friends who are not there yet. For example, I have a friend who is so kind and smart. She is Jewish and quite afraid.

I want to comfort her or give her reason to hope, but if I tell her, “Don’t worry, it’s just part of the Ascension,” she’ll think I’m crazy.

Or maybe I should? My question is, What can we tell our friends who aren’t aware of the Ascension process? How can we comfort them?

The Collective: 
Another excellent question!

We would say, telling someone something you have experienced as Truth can be helpful, but is in no way as effective, powerful, or impressive a statement as simply allowing them to see how joyfully you yourself are living your life.

If you are at peace, if you know that all is well, even given the current apparent turbulence in world events, if you yourself are radiating the joy of not only NESARA but of fifth dimensional life—then others cannot help but notice.

They will then ask to know how it is that you are so self-assured, so fulfilled, so aware of abundance and constantly thankful for it, including the fact that all on the planet is moving steadily toward greater joy and peace.

You might forward one of our channeling emails to friends from time to time, if you feel they are open to such.

But in general, sending Light from your heart to theirs, and simply telling them inwardly, “All is well,” is a beautiful gift.

That, and the gift of your own joyful, generous, kind, and loving presence.

This is what you yourself value.

And so, merely share it with others, as much as you can, and as much as they are willing to accept.



NESARA will apply first to the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and Australia, followed by groups of other countries until it spreads throughout the world.

NESARA’s precepts and provisions will be modified so as to be culturally relevant and fair to every nation and every culture, and respectful of such, so that all peoples throughout the world have all the Abundance and the human rights and freedoms that fifth dimensional living requires.

Again — from that time on, all currencies will be equal to one another.

Again, we encourage all to consider that NESARA law’s full enactment as not a thing to be “waiting for,” but as something to daily envision, give thanks for, and celebrate as if it were already announced.

This speeds the completion of all steps to create it fully in your midst.

You came to be powerful co-Creators, not hapless recipients of someone else’s idea of how you should live.

NESARA is about just that sort of empowerment—behold it fully, and live it fully, dear ones!

We are with you, always.


Note from the Channeler:

For on-the-ground information and real, uncensored news that is not controlled by the media corporations, go to and start reading the Notes from the shows, or listening to the news updates on the replays.

The RADIO PROGRAMS tab show days and times of their BBS Radio shows, so you can hear them live and call in on the conference line to ask questions.

The website belongs to White Knights Rama Berkowitz and Tara Green, who are working under the Ashtar Command.

Rama is the only White Knight who is not under a gag order regarding NESARA.

Unlike every White Knight working in media or government (and there are many), he was not forced to sign a gag order that states that the individual cannot speak about NESARA in public.

Now is the time to learn Earth’s true history, as well as the truth behind current events.

The twice monthly “Ashtar Legacy” conference calls are likewise amazing sources of truthful information.

It’s time for Lightworkers to step up and find truthful, Light-filled information for themselves.

The time for being spoon fed information from limited or untrustworthy sources is over.

We create NESARA’s enactment by envisioning it daily—getting the feeling of the reality of it within us, and celebrating and giving thanks, as though it were already here.

As the Collective say, “That is the creation formula for this Universe.”

Remember the great prophecy of the Hopi elders: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Copyright 2016 – 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to this page.  

Thank you.



The Heavens Smile,

The Earth Celebrates,

The Morning Stars

Sing Together

All the Children of Light

Shout for Joy:

“THANK YOU, UNIVERSE, for the gift of NESARA!

We are finally free!”

– Margot Barth

Faction Three White Knight News Update


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TARA: I was conversing a bit with Rama, when [NATR guest] Kathleen [Marden, author of Captured! The Betty & Barney Hill UFO Experience] was saying that people having UFO experiences is [inter]generational.

I asked Rama about his parents, and he said that his father was in India when he was quite young. He was with Yogananda, and who else? RAMA: Sri Yukteshwar [Giri]. That was Yogananda’s teacher.

TARA: Rama’s father was in India with these two master teachers and about 25 other students, and they were sitting outside somewhere.

RAMA: Somewhere in the Himalayas, near Rishikesh.

TARA: And—how many starships?

RAMA: Twelve!

TARA: Twelve starships came in, all at once! They completely decloaked all at once.

That’s Rama’s generational experience, on his father’s side. I’m sure if Rama were to look back, he’d remember more details. [To Rama] But your father certainly told you that. You wouldn’t remember that!

And then your mom—what did you say she had experience of?

RAMA: The Santerían religion and voodoo in Cuba.

TARA: Did your grandmother have your mom in Cuba? You don’t now exactly when they came to L.A. All you know is that your mom, in Cuba, was in a group of Santeríans at a voodoo center?

RAMA: They did those ceremonies, yes.

TARA: What happened in terms of UFO experience?

RAMA: Many craft would come and observe the ceremonies.

TARA: That they were doing outside?

RAMA: Yes. Calling in the African gods.

TARA: So there were numerous experiences that your mother experienced. I just wanted some verification of this [inter]generational thing. How many of us know parents that know stuff like that, in third generational experience? I surely didn’t hear anything about that!


Though Dr Daniel Fry—I was personally invited—I was at a different event in Green Bay, Wisconsin. An older couple owned this land. There was a big lake there. It was a huge private estate, and they had buildings for people to come and do international events there. I was invited to this full weekend. I was there on a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, then the rest of the group I was with left.

And the night before, on Thursday night, I had sat with four other women who were there to come to the other program, where Dr Daniel Fry was making a presentation.

The people who were there were physicists, quantum physicists, biologists, scientists—and then me. [laughs] These four ladies were sitting on a screened-in area on a dock, and you could feel the waves. All five of us saw this huge Pleiadean starship at the far end of that lake. It came really low. Maybe 500 feet at most above the far end of the lake.

There was a rim on that ship. All of these beings, they were dressed up like pilgrims. They telepathically communicated to us, and we all heard the same thing:

“We come in Peace. We’re dressed like this in order for you to understand that we’re coming as pilgrims to your land. We would love for you to help us bring Peace to your land.”

We all heard the same thing. One of the ladies actually had a time travel [bilocation] experience at the same time, where she was in two places at once, and communicating at another event in New York what she was experiencing with us. That all happened at the same time.

I hadn’t met [engineer, ET contactee, and author of The White Sands Incident] Dr Daniel Fry yet.

There was one man—he showed us film footage that Dr Fry was allowed to film. Daniel Fry lived in Roswell [New Mexico]. He had another UFO experience out in his backyard. He was allowed to film this, and he showed all these scientists and everybody that footage. And I’m sitting there thinking, “Life has changed for good!” At the break time, this one scientist was 7 ½ feet tall, if he was a foot. That’s how tall he was. He was towering over me. He said to me, “You’re not from here, did you know that?” I’m sitting there looking at this guy, and he was looking at me, right into my heart. And I said, “Well, I’ve had a number of experiences that kind of lend to that story you’re telling me. I think it’s a miracle that I’m sitting here talking to you!”

It went on and on. We stayed up many hours into the evening every night. I left late Sunday night. As I was driving out on my own, I saw this UFO.

It was around the house where the couple was living, who owned the property. It was darting all around the house, up in the trees. It was so close to me, I was breathless, and I knew what it was.

That was my quadruple confirmation of what I had just been experiencing. So I wanted to share that as an extension to our guest’s visit here tonight. And again, when the student is ready, the teacher arrives!

Tomorrow night we’ll play something from Dr Steven Greer. He’s got some more to say, after he had 20 people at an event at a private home [in Arizona], and each donated $10,000 for the cause of Full Disclosure now. Rama’s been listening to a bit of what that’s about. Maybe you could share a bit of that, Rama.


RAMA: It’s the anniversary of when Dr Greer had the press conference in Washington DC with all the whistleblowers.

TARA: The one in 2001.

RAMA: Yes, and Dr Carol Roisin spoke, who worked alongside Dr Werner von Braun, Hitler’s rocket scientist [who helped create NASA]. And she was saying, “It is absolutely necessary that we do not bring nuclear weapons into space.”

TARA: She was saying that at that time—

RAMA: In 2001. And since that time she has been continuing to repeat that message, and I’m here to say as well, that there won’t be any nuclear wars. The folks down here are still playing with this stuff, and they will be stopped!

TARA: This is a speeding up of Time going on, because they said it’s necessary. That has to do with the message Rama got today:

[Reading] Rama’s saying: “I received a text message from Mr X at 11:30 this morning.

“He said to me, ‘Lord Rama, the energies coming in from Galactic Center and our Sun Sol are so much higher than the borg nanotechnology—microscopic machines that are about the size of an atom that invade our DNA and reprogram it with extremely low frequencies, created by the 13 Families to depopulate the planet . . . ” TARA: That’s the technology that they are using in that vaccine. It’s programmed to remove that form within two years.

Saint Germain came through the Collective through Caroline, and he said this about a month ago now, that because of their malintent and their activity with this, he is intervening.

I don’t know if you want to say any more about that, Caroline. Can you remember anything else that he said, that would be pertinent right now? CAROLINE: Yes, and anyone can go to my website at [to read that channeling]. That was the February 26, 2021 Message To Lightworkers (at: I think I can remember what he was saying—about the new economic systems coming online, so don’t panic about [economies]. And medical interventions are occurring.

Remain calm! If you’re in the right frequency to receive healing—even those who have already become ill or who have taken the shot—if you remain as centered as possible, things will go much more easily for you, because you will be open to the mitigation of the effects, and also the healing.

There’s a beautiful healing network of vibrations going out across the planet to assist us right now. So stay as centered as you can, so that that’s your reality. That’s what you experience.

Then last Friday, in the Message to Lightworkers for April 16, he spoke about NESARA again. If you go to my website, that’s all there. He’s just letting us know, along with the rest of the Collective, that we haven’t been abandoned, and the path is still there. The series of events that will carry us to NESARA are still occurring. So that’s it, basically! TARA: So [that’s at]

And Saint Germain came through again last week, so the saga continues. That’s another thing we want to tell everybody, in case everybody doesn’t know: Saint Germain is in charge of getting the NESARA law enacted, which is the lawful term for making it public. The law was already signed into law by Bill Clinton on October 10, 2000 before he left office.

So it’s been the law, except it hasn’t been publicly made known to the world, which is the enactment process. There’s a republican bunch who don’t want this to be announced to anybody, as well as an establishment bunch on the democratic party side too, because they have to step down from their power, and they have let go of the money that’s ill-gotten.

So that’s another piece. Last late October / early November, the entire 13 Families and all of their minions lost all their money. They have nothing.

This is all just a digital game where they are pretending they’ve still got what they had, but they don’t have anything.

And the same for the Vatican and all their “fingers of Sauron” around the world. They are completely broke, these two entities.

Whatever we’re believing about that is the False Evidence Appearing Real—FEAR—which is what they’re presenting.

You don’t go after people with vengeance.

There’s a lot of friends and sister and brothers who have been listening to us, since Rama & Tara met. In various ways, Rama would go down to 94 Rock [Santa Fe radio station] and get on that radio show and talk till he was blue in the face about all the ET experiences he was having, When did that start?

RAMA: 1982 or ‘83.

TARA: There you go. And Rama met the King of Swords in 1980, and I met Lada Master Nada in 1986.

When we would tell sisters and brothers it was coming, and then it didn’t come, in their estimate of what that means—“it’s coming.” That’s why every time Rama comes home with a message, they always say, “No dates, no nukes, and no flukes!” The reason they’re saying that is because what the people need to receive is the awareness of higher consciousness that exists within them at the high heart level.

Saint Germain is in charge for only one reason. He said, “I’m going to stay in this body I was born into in 1652, and I’m not leaving until this world has a new awareness in consciousness where I can pass the talking stick.”

Rama had the talking stick passed to him, when King of Swords said, “Tag, you’re it! You’re going to be the messenger for the Faction Three White Knights.”

What about that? Ashtar told you that too, right? Was that conversation had pretty quickly when you met the King of Swords? Right away?


Ship Seen Over Siberia

RAMA: Yes!

TARA: And in 1986, Lady Master Nada was already collecting funds through the war chest—it’s a lawful term. A war chest is double open-ended. It means a person can open that war chest and collect funds from people and also spend those funds from people out the other end. They can do both. That’s the lawful term. It’s called a war chest. So what were they supposed to be doing with the money? That’s the question. Who did what, and who did something that wasn’t correct. They were supposed to be making investments to progressively move the object forward of getting out of corporate global hegemony and getting into Freedom’s Holy Flame—the Violet Flame, and the teachings and philosophy of Saint Germain on the planet.

That’s really what NESARA Law represents.

Along the way, it’s been a challenging thing. We were told from the beginning that accountability would have to happen first, before NESARA could be enacted publicly. That’s why it’s been a rather challenging walk to open up the truth. And that’s not happening in general on a media radio station.

For the reason that the CEOs of those radio stations and the media are working for corporations, and they’re making loads of money, and they don’t want to give it up.

Yet what you can say, is that as long as the corporations are around, it is about money, yet that’s not what we the People and the Constitution speak to.

The government, in a real democracy, would be the People, and that surely isn’t what the corporation represents now. So we have wandered very far off the path, and the atrocities are just that.

CAROLINE: Did you finish Rama’s message? Did Mr X say anything after that?

TARA: I’ll just reread that one sentence and then continue on from there: “The energies coming in from Galactic Center and our Sun Sol are so much higher than the borg nanotechnology—this microscopic machine-like technology that is about the size of an atom that invade our DNA, and reprogram it with extremely low frequencies, created by the 13 Families to depopulate the planet.”

TARA: Meaning, to depopulate you, if you get that vaccine.

[Reading] “Yet that can be overwritten with consciousness.

“There are Light beings here that come from the realm of pure ecstasy and Joy. They are physically affecting our physical matter realm for the highest good of all concerned.

As we approach the Wesak Full Moon in 7 degrees Scorpio on Monday, April 26”—[two] months to the day since Saint Germain [first] visited Caroline [in the Feb 26 channeling]—”at 12:18 PM Eastern Time, and 9:18 AM Pacific Time.”

It starts Friday, Saturday, Sunday—it’s always 3 days before, and 3 days after—

“Let us focus on that Love, Peace and Joy transforming this planet and all of us here. “See you in the Light of the Most Radiant One! As-salamu alaykum [Peace be upon you], Lord Rama!”

Yes, we’re in the middle of Ramadan. It started the Tuesday before last.

[Describes TV programs to be played on Saturday; on Friday evening, the latest message from Dr Greer]


Copyright 2021, Rama Berkowitz and Tara Green

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to this post.

Thank you.

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