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Georgi Stankov – Ascension Through Constant Creation – You will now Experience the Reality you are Creating in your Mind and Heart as Thoughts and Emotions – 3-17-15


Each of us as Individuals is being Bombarded Right and Left with Manifestations from all that happened before this Beautiful Here Now Moment – Posted by O


AA Metatron via Anna Merkaba – 33rd Dimension – Understanding the Time and Space Continuum – Working with Now Moment – Walking into your Power – 5-6-14


Eternal Now Moment – Human Harmonics – Journey Within


Karen Doonan – Staying in the NOW Moment as ALL Dissolves – New Earth Energies Heightening – 3-7-14


Tomorrowland 2013 – Humanity’s Now Moment


Jesus through John – All are now enveloped and overlighted in every moment by the Tsunami of Love – 3-10-15


Sheldan Nidle Update – BUTTERFLY GROWING PAINS – Galactic Federation Medical Teams are Currently Monitoring You and Gaia Eco-systems – Health Issues re: Magnetic Fields – New Chakras, Heart Brain Affected – Rapid Irregular Heartbeats, Blood Pressure Anomalies – Increased Headaches, Blurry Vision – Difficulties Increase w Gaia Major Events Transforming Appearance of Her Surface Realm – Your Reality Is Shifting! – Our Solar System Is Rebirthing – Time is Now for New Reality to Appear – New Political, Governmental, Financial System – Feel These Energies – Visualize A Better World – This Sacred Moment Approaches – 10-14-14


Your Now Moment – Recite Your Affirmations


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March 17, 2015 at 4:18 am

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