Cosmic Citizens – Multidimensional Beings – Keys of Enoch – J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D

Soulstice Rising – Ascension Notes – A Powerful Influx of Multidimensional Light – 9-3-14

Dr. Suzanne Lie – Ascension, Arcturians, Multidimensional Beings

Arcturian Message – Being A Multidimensional Leader – Channeler Dr. Suzanne Lie – 8-22-14

Lisa Gawlas – Multidimensional Selfs – Interplanetary Beings – Big Balls of Creation – 1-15-14

Conversation with the being on the ship watching over me and my loved ones – by Multidimensional – Ocean 29 Aug 2013

Dr Kathryn E May   –   Multidimensional Living 

Suzanne Lie – Jaqual’s Story 2 – Multidimensional Unity Consciousness – 8-4-14

Suzanne Lie – Morning Message From The Arcturian – Returning To Your Multidimensional Self – 7-28-14



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