HEALING EARTH NETWORK – Chakra Basics – How to Work With Chakras to Achieve Quantum Balance – 8-3-15


Joy Passion Desire Blog – What if my partner gets really sick? – 8-15-15


Magenta Pixie – Communicating with the cells and organs of your own body – Macrocosmic/Microcosmic Unification

Michelle Walling, CHLC – How to Ascend – Healing, Part 5 – – in5d.com12-15-13

Manifest Self-Healing – Guided Meditation – Delta Waves – Kelly Howell

The Arcturians – The Healing Of Victim Consciousness

Healing Anxiety and Emotional Addictions with the Angels

Healing with the Rays of God – Fotini Kehagia – 7th Ray – Archangel Zadkiel

~♥~ Sacred Royal Purple Violet Purifying Healing Flame Meditation ~♥~

Polona – Source Healing – Personal Vortex – Soul Fragments

Pleiadian Alaje Message – Healing Mother Earth – Greek Subtitles

Ethann Fox – Energy Transfer

Nora Herold On Self Healing

Calling For Unity – Healing Of Our Planet

Awakening To Higher Love – Andy Borjaski – 46-100 Questions and Answers on Energy and Healing

Violet Flame Primal Life Currents Healing

Healing Angels Await Us in Heaven

From: Healing And Love – How to Heal Yourself and Others – How to Energize the Chakras

The Power of Your Hands – Humanity Healing

James Gilliland & Mary Rodwell – ETs, Healing Earth and Humanity

Archangel Raphael via Goldenlight – Healing Across All Time and Space – Integration with Your Higher Self

Snatam Kaur – Sacred Chants For Healing

Chi Masters – Brain Regeneration – DNA Activation – Energy Healing

Eric Pearl, Kelly Woodruff – Energy Healing – Teaching the Reconnection

Emotional healing and Law of Attraction

Alan Steinfeld Interviews Edwin Harkness Spina – Energy and Healing

Joshua Tongol – Healing Our Memories – Cellular Memory

Power of Your Hands – Humanity Healing

ph cancer

Archangel Raphael via Marc Gamma – Code-Numbers for Nutritional Foodstuffs and Health – Illuminations 2012 Blog – 4-25-14

More Healing Codes 3 – The Divine Mother via Isabel Henn – 6-12-14

More healing codes 2 – The Divine Mother via Isabel Henn – 6-16-14

More Healing Codes, No. 5 – Divine Mother via Isabel Henn – 7-30-14

Tal Schaller and Host Lilou Mace – Importance of Liberating Emotions during Past Life Regressions

Spiritual Contract Revocation – All Architecture Programming – by Andrew Bartzis

Jayme Price – Exceptional Living – You Are Love In Human Form – Weekly LightBlast – 3-6-14

Gregg Braden – Why Are We Judging Ourselves?

Geoffrey West – Cosmic Vision News – Includes Valuable Excerpts From His Website – 4-25-14

Healing Your Heart   –   Teal Scott

Paula Moran

3 Steps To Release Fear

Andrea Sulliva,  –  6 Healing Sounds

James Gilliland – Self Healing and Leadership

Lana Holt – Positive Thinking and Your Health – Negative Thinking and Your Health

Anna Merkaba – Emotional Component of Clavicle Issues – Energy Healing

The Healing Vortex, Release of Old Wounds – Dr. Laura Koniver, MD – The Intuition Physician

Dr. Wayne Dyer – Dr. Bruce Lipton – Healing Yourself

Chris Bourne – Removing Energy Implants – Healing Humanity,

Arcturian Energy Healing

Ari Ellumina – Using the Rainbow Rays to HEAL You – 12-27-13

Stephen Josephs – Healing Power of Smiling Authentically – Interviewer Lilou Mace

Self Healing Techniques

The Transitioning – Healing – Dialogue With Your Body – Bob Wright, Julien Wells – 9-21-13

Linda Christensen – Inner Healing – Clearing Emotional Blocks as Spiritual Practice

Zarathustra – Interviewer Alan Steinfeld – 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing


The Healing Vortex, Release of Old Wounds – Dr. Laura Koniver, MD – The Intuition Physician


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