Sabrina Reber – Do We Need Our Egos – Do They Protect Us – 9-9-14

Oversoul Teachings via Wes Annac – Higher-Dimensional Ego – Transcendence of Obstacles – Part 2/2 – 8-27-14

Is the Ego a Friend or an Enemy? – Galactic Free Press – 8-10-14

Council of Twelve – Group Consciousness vs Ego – Channeler Dr. Kathryn E May – 8-12-14

Arcturus Ant – The Ego And the Higher Self

Archangel Michael via Dr Kathryn E May – Rewiring Your Brain To Receive Joy – Learning to Give / Receive Unconditional, Unending Love – Your Beautiful Human Equipment is Now Up for an Overhaul – Feel the Love for Yourselves that We Feel – Banish Feelings that require an Intense Ego Response – 7-9-14

Gary Z. McGee – 6 Steps to Transforming Ego into Soul Sun – Fractal Enlightenment .com – 6-29-14

Eckhart Tolle – Ego Self and Cosmic Being

Aliens Abduct Egos, Not Souls

Michael Tsarion – Ego Defences

Jesus via John Smallman – Beware of Unsought Advice or Guidance – Generally the result of another’s Ego Demanding Your Attention – 5-5-14

Patricia Cote-Robles – Releasing the Human Ego

The Importance of Surrender (Ego) – Circle Of The Dolphins

Eckhart Tolle – Use Non-Identification with Form – Dissolving the Ego Self

How to differentiate ego versus soul.

Karen Doonan – Deconstructing the Human Ego in Preparation for the New Earth – 12-29-13

Wes Annac – Heightened Energy – A Balanced Ego – 11-22-13

Infinite Waters – The Real You vs The Ego – The Search For The Authentic Self

Méline Lafont – I AM Presence descending – The Ego

Bill Ballard – 11-12-13 – 3D Ego, 4D Spiritual Ego – In relation to 5D-6D Ascension

Melchizedek – Stand Against Your Ego Defense System – Ascension


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