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Cleansing The Soul

Dana Mrkich – Tools for Clearing Your Energy – 8-20-14

Anna Merkaba – Crystalline Christened Energies Purification Phase II Has Begun – Andromeda, Arcturus, Pleiades – The Purification Phase has Begun – Assist in bringing the Awakened Ones into a New Understanding of Self – Their Conscious and Subconscious Selves enter Your Sphere of Existence from Without and Within – Your Crystalline Energies will help Transmute Negative Energies – 7-30-14

Archons – Removing Energy Implants – Open Hand Foundation

Spiritual Contract Revocation – All Architecture Programming – by Andrew Bartzis

Archangel Zadkiel via Linda Robinson – Keeping Your Energetic Channels Clear – GoldenLight Channel – 6-27-14

Council of the Elohim – Prayer to Remove the old Matrix – 4-24-14

Archangel Michael – Clearing – Doreen Virtue

Gregg Braden – Why Are We Judging Ourselves?

Kwan Yin – Cleansing Meditation – 4-7-14

Jayme Price – Exceptional Living – You Are Love In Human Form – Weekly LightBlast – 3-6-14

Melchizedek’s Weekly Message – Recognition of Your Sameness – Channel Judy Miller – 1-26-14Inelia Benz – Cleaning Up Our Negative Energies

Repost – Archangel Michael – Energy Cord Cutting – Meditation

Meditation – Clearing Negativity – Strengthening Your Aura

James Gilliland – New Energies Bring Karma To Foreground

Violet Flame Invocation

Heal Your Life – The Violet Flame of Saint Germain

Brandon Gilbert – Meditation, Inner House Cleaning, The True Self

Melchizedek – Gently Cleansing Your Emotional Baggage – 12-22-13

Ascension – Learning Module 02 – from Ascension Help.com

Dolores Cannon – Releasing Fear, Karma

Caroline Aguiar – Clearing Our Energy Fields

Karen Bishop – The Endless Cleanse – 11-23-13

Goddess of Purity – Cleansing of the 3 Signature Cells from Duality Imperfection

Almine – ThatChannelTV – Clearing Sub-Conscious – Creating A New World – 10-3-13

Meditation – Clearing Negativity – Strengthening Your Aura

Linda Christensen – Inner Healing – Clearing Emotional Blocks as Spiritual Practice

Polona – Ascension Update – Purification – Infinite Expansion – Lift Off

Extraordinary Gift – The Removal Of Karma

Pleiadian Alien Alaje – Meditation For Clearing Out Bad Energies

The Team via Peggy Black – New Seeds of Reality – Releasing Your Past – 1-14-14

Paula Moran – 3 Steps to Release Fear – Emotional Healing

Teal Scott – How Ego Comes Through The Back Door

CLN – Paul Lenda – Let Go Of Who You Are – Become What You Might Be – 10-27-13

The Healing Vortex, Release of Old Wounds – Dr. Laura Koniver, MD – The Intuition Physician

Meditation – Clearing Negativity – Strengthening Your Aura

Extraordinary gift – Removal of Karma, Discord – Etheric Emotional Mental Physical Bodies

Ascended Master, Lady Nada – Releasing Blame and Anger – 12-26-13

Linda Christensen – Inner Healing – Clearing Emotional Blocks as Spiritual Practice

Forgive The Dark Ones – Let go – Remembering – Christ Consciousness Within

Inelia Benz – Cleaning Up Our Negative Energies

Sophia Love – Time To Get To The Core 19 June 2013

Eckhart Tolle – The Origin Of Fear

Dealing With Anger – Melchizedek’s Weekly Message – May 05 — 12, 2013 – Channeler: Julie Miller

Violet Flame – Karmic Release Transmission

Dorren Virtue – Releasing Karma

Mooji – Overcome the Fear of Going All the Way

Archangel Michael – Choosing Love Over Fear – 11-22-13

Paula Moran – 3 Steps to Release Fear – Emotional Healing

Infinite Waters – The Real You vs The Ego – The Search For The Authentic Self

Jessica & Diego – Fear is the Cause of Depression, Anxiety, Sadness

F.E.A.R. – False Evidence Appearing Real – The High Council of Orion October – 03-2013

Tony Samara – Being Fearless – How to be Free from Fears – Interviewer Lilou Mace

Joy Kingsborough Meditation – Releasing Fear – Projecting Love – Frequency 396 Hz

A Message About Bad Days – Ask Teal Episode

Fear Kills. Love Heals

Brad Austen – Releasing Fear Meditation

Neale Donald Walsch – Fear & Transformation

Arcturian Key Code – Releasing Fear

Cutting Fear Cords with Archangel Michael – Video by Fotini Kehagia

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