Steve Beckow – Stewards of the Mother’s Wealth – – 6-27-15

Steward 2

Steve Beckow

I’m amazed at the number of people who will be opening foundations after the Reval. (1)

People in Ojai will, Montreal, Calgary, Seattle, Bellingham,  San Pedro, Tennessee, Wisconsin, on and on the list goes.

I’d like to contribute to building the context for these funding efforts by discussing stewardship, if you’d permit me.

Stewardship is contrasted with ownership. Ownership is my possession, management and disbursement of wealth for the purposes I have in mind.  Stewardship is the wise and equitable management of another’s wealth for the purposes that the real and legitimate owner has in mind.

The feeling of ownership – of me and mine – has deep roots. While we may pay lip service to doing service, at some deeper level we may still regard the funds we generate through currency exchanges as our own.

The Divine Mother is the owner of all money – and absolutely everything else that exists or doesn’t appear to exist.  The Divine Mother created everything that is. Without her maintaining the primal energy that upholds creation, everything would disintegrate beyond dust.

We are stewards of the Mother’s money, not its owners.  We’re to use that wealth to further the Mother’s plan.

The Mother has a plan for this age and this planet.

Her plan for this age is that all civilizations ready for it will ascend. Not all at once. The Third Dimension is beginning its round of Ascensions first, starting with Earth and extending out from there. We’re the experimental subjects in two new departures from previous Ascensions.

Our Ascension will be a mass event, rather than an individual one, as in the past. And our Ascension will see us keep the physical body, which will transform from carbon base to crystalline base, allowing us to accept the higher vibrations. Previously a person ascending discarded the physical body.

So everything the Company of Heaven is doing is being done for the first time, which accounts for a lot of the delays. (2)

In our case, those higher vibrations are known as the Fifth Dimension. But 200 years from now, Ascensions will be happening from the Seventh Dimension upward.  I know I’ll be there but guess what? I’m pretty sure that the same gang that’s throwing this party here on Earth (that is: you) will be throwing that party as well.

All of this is the Mother’s plan. The flow of abundance relieves the tremendous stresses and strains that all of us – and especially lightworkers – have been laboring under. Depending on what stage of abundance we’re talking about, life will improve dramatically.

If we’re talking simply about the Reval, then all will depend on how well the financial wayshowers (stewards) disburse the monies they receive. But not much later the general abundance program, called NESARA (National Economic and Social Reformation Act), (3) will relieve the distress of everyone.

Just as the first groups of private-placement people will probably be used to test the system before the Reval, so the Reval itself will probably be used to test many elements that will later be incorporated in NESARA.

As stewards, it falls to us to predict, through discussions among ourselves and reading the channeled advice from the Company of Heaven, how we should be tackling the situation of relieving the poverty in our society caused by the cabal’s attempts to corral all wealth. How do we go about it?

One of the projects that I’ll be setting up will be called the Vancouver Project and it’s aim is to lift single mothers, the sick, disabled, elderly and dying from poverty in the city of Vancouver. It’s designed to be a demonstration project. What we’ve chosen to do is take a manageable portion of the world’s unworkability (that of the city of Vancouver) and run a model project which others can discuss and improve on. I invite others to run similar model programs and test out new directions in gifting and ways to address ever-larger spheres of global unworkability.

A secondary aim of the Vancouver Project is to see if we can re-establish the social safety net that used to exist in the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

The social safety net was shredded when tax bases fell because the computer and robotization eliminated so many jobs. The strategy of so-called austerity was the second of the cabal’s one-two punches.  They stripped away employment, leaving the economy a labor buyer’s market, and then pointed to the shrinking tax base as a reason for cutting all programs that benefited people at large.

So it now falls to us to find a way back to the days when no one fell between the cracks, when there was a service to help everyone.  We’re re-creating the social safety net in what we do.

If cabalists call us “socialists” to try to spook people away from taking responsibility for the shape of their society, hopefully this time we’ll be able to see through that fear porn and manipulative ploy. The cabal does not want money to go into social-welfare programs but we do and their day is over.

Yes, we’re the managers of the Mother’s wealth, but, no, we’re not its owners. And, yes, we’re responsible for coming up with a wise and equitable program for disbursing it to the right people for the right purposes. That responsibility falls on the shoulders of the stewards of the Mother’s wealth.