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June 23, 2014 by The Golden Light Channel

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For more than three quarters of a century now, modern physicists have known that scientific thought based solely on the previously accepted Newtonian view of a mechanical universe is fundamentally incorrect. What is now referred to as the ‘new science’ has emerged from new understandings and discoveries that were simply not possible by scientific ideas prevailing from the time of Isaac Newton to the early twentieth century. These new realizations have interesting implications on the role human consciousness plays in our understanding of reality.

Before these new discoveries, the world was assumed to operate according to concrete physical laws, and any idea of consciousness having any importance was shunned. As Henry Stapp puts it in his book Mindful Universe: “Any notion that your conscious choices make a difference in how you behave was branded an illusion: you were asserted to be causally equivalent to a mindless automation.”

As Stapp goes on to explain, even though this incorrect view of human functioning was proven false long ago, its influence can still be seen in all aspects of our society: governments, schools, the media, courts, medical institutions and ultimately, ourselves. This fundamental flaw in the worldview of a vast majority of people in the world could be the reason why there is so much widespread neglect of the environment, social injustice and the general degradation of humanity as a whole.

What follows from a mechanistic view of reality is a sense of detachment from one’s true nature. If a person views him or herself as having no control over the material forces that are assumed to run the universe, a hopeless state is bound to take hold. If everything is happening ‘out there’ beyond our control, what meaning is there to be found in life and humankind’s place in the universe?

We are now at a point in the evolution of humanity where the new discoveries of scientific research are more accessible than ever, as is the ancient wisdom which has been with us all along. It is becoming obvious that the mainstream media and the majority of the current educational system do not actually have an interest in elevating the consciousness of humanity. Rather, they are concerned with perpetuating misleading memes and keeping the majority caught in the fatalistic worldview of a mechanical universe.

The new Holographic Paradigm
Elevated states of consciousness, which were once only accessible by the mystic, are rapidly beginning to be investigated by scientific minds of our time. A new paradigm is emerging: that of theholographic universe. It is a paradigm in which consciousness, once thrown out as a useless imagining, is now acknowledged as the long sought after ‘missing link.’

Researchers like the late David Bohm of the University of London drew on large bodies of contemporary research to formulate a new theory of the role consciousness plays in our understanding of the universe. Bohm viewed thought as an organizational framework by which we categorize our experience of the world.

In this sense, thoughts can be seen as world views, or a sort of filter through which we can understand the totality of the world. These world views are dynamically linked to the energetic fields we resonate with. From this, it stands to reason that the clearer our minds become, the more we are able to see reality as it truly is.

David R. Hawkins, another recent leader in the field of consciousness research, summarizes this new theory as follows: “Our brains mathematically construct concrete reality by interpreting frequencies from another dimension, a realm of meaningful, patterned, primary reality that transcends time and space. The brain is, therefore, a hologram interpreting a holographic universe.”

From this new perspective, it is evident that our conscious intention has a prominent role in determining our experience of the material world around us. If our physical brains are interpreting the energy fields of higher dimensions, then it stands to reason that our thoughts hold far more power over our material world than is currently accepted.

Thought as an Emergence from a deeper reality

Thought itself has begun to be understood as emerging from energetic fields, which are beyond time, space and the material brain. When we think we are tapping into and simultaneously broadcasting these fields into our environment. Thus, we have a conscious choice as to which energy fields we decide to tap into, and each of these different fields has its own world view.

We can tune the dial to pick up the fields of anger and resentment, and adopt its corresponding view of a world of frustration. Likewise, we can tune the dial to pick up the energetic fields of acceptance and peace, and its corresponding view of the world as helpful and nurturing. The choice is ultimately ours.

A basic law of consciousness, which has long been realized by the mystic, is that what is held in mind tends to manifest itself. It is interesting that the direction of contemporary theoretical physics is now pointing towards this exact same realization. Scientific research is now confirming that our minds have the power to shape and create our reality.

This shift in perception changes everything. We are no longer resigned to the hopeless idea that we are too small and insignificant to do anything about the ‘problems’ of a mechanistic world. The holographic world can now be seen as a grand stage on which various energetic fields interact and play with each other.

We are actors upon this stage, and our roles are influenced by the various energetic fields we tap into. Some are the actors of positive, life affirming energies; others tap into the apathetic and pessimistic world view of negativity. Each person gravitates towards an energetic field that resonates with their current level of consciousness.

The beauty of the play is that all of the actors have the choice, in any moment, to adjust the dial and consciously choose which energetic fields to align with. The only way to positively transform ourselves, and the world, is by elevating our own consciousness, and this is done simply by holding the intention to align ourselves with energetic fields of a higher vibration.

When understood in this way, everyone has the opportunity to step into the energetic dance of the holographic universe.

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We have come to understand that all that is, exist within some or other dimension, which is not necessarily the physical or third dimension. The latter consists of all that can be seen by man or beast.Therefore, I want to postulate the premise that this physical dimension, i.e. Earth, her solar system and that part of the Universe that can be seen either with the naked eye or with telescopes, is a holographic projection from out of the multidimensional universe. And because it is a projection it is not really real.

Examples of a hologram

The hologram called Earth was intelligently designed by Source of All that Is – a projection built as a hexagonal formation according to sacred geometry (the perfect mathematics of the Universe), i.e. Phi or the Golden Ratio, that offers infinite potential for every life form to grow, develop and thrive in all that this holographic projection and the multidimensional creation has to offer.

The original shape and structure of this projected reality contains the harmonious vibrations of Source, which are present in everything created by him (that is why I can say, “…as he himself is, so AM I”).

However, projected Earth-reality or the Earth hologram was not only built as a hexagonal formation but built in such a way that the six sides of the hexagon form a pyramidal shape wherein the harmonious vibrations of Source or Source Energy, also called cosmic energy, are forever spiraling in and out of the pyramid according to the Fibonacci sequence, a further aspect of the Golden Ratio.

Cosmic energy is received from the ether by a pyramidal shape made according to the phi ratio, inside of which electromagnetic energy is developed, inten-sified when the “fire in the middle” is formed and again transmitted outward by way of a spiraling motion.

This motion is repeated when the energy is received by another Phi-shaped pyramid, be it on Earth herself or real pyramids upon earth, our solar system, another life form, another dimension or the cosmos. This flow of energy happens according to the mathematics of the universe, which is harmony, perfect harmony.

Fig. 1 shows the Hexagon surrounding a Fibonacci spiral; in Fig 2, the outer hexagon (sketch to the left), ABCDEF in black has all its internal angles at 120 degrees, but it is not regular, having alternate sides in the golden ratio to unity (1.61803:1). 

By drawing lines parallel to its shorter sides, a second smaller hexagon is formed as abcdef in red which, relative to the first, is similar (in the geometrical sense) and rotated 60 degrees. 

Being similar it also has sides in the golden ratio. The sketch to the right shows the beginnings of the spirals within the hexagonal angles and sides; Fig 3 shows more perfectly in color the spiral within the hexagon [1].

The Golden Ratio

Why would a perfectly happy soul decide to inhabit the ‘unreal’ projected holographic physical realm with all of its limitations and difficulties?

Ah, but it is not souls who decide but Source or Creator – this is so that souls can experience the state of total separation from Source and only by going into this physically separated human form, can a soul learn who it is  and how it is to become all that it is supposed to be.

When a soul is incarnated in human Earth-form, a portion of its consciousness enters with it into the projected reality that is Earth, while the core of its true essence or consciousness is left behind at its place of origin.

Creator requires from every dimensional life form, whether they are perfected beings we call avatars residing in the “heavens above”, inhabitants of other planets and dimensions, or from the earth below as earth spirits, to undergo a period of probation.

During this probational period, which is normally the life time of the being into which the soul has incarnated, the creature is endowed with reason as well as with free will. Thus do free will become an essential constituent of every spiritual nature, whether divine, ‘angelic’ or human.

The energy/consciousness that the incarnated soul retains is enough for him or her to stay in contact with Source, the higher dimensions or with his/her place of origin and to remember who it is and where it comes from.

The cosmic multidimensional memory of the incarnated soul becomes for it, its sense of purpose that arises from the ever-tugging action of Source in order to remind the soul of its task during its period of probational life – this persistent tugging is meant as a pull-back of the soul to ever higher degrees of unity and oneness, which manifests as a yearning to fully express the memory of the original condition of absolute oneness with creation and the Universe, with the Source of All that Is.

This is what defines and shapes the soul, an inherent divine sense of purpose, direction and destiny.

Man has within him, apart from his/her soul, the Golden Ratio, which is the key that unlocks for him/her the door of the hologram and allows him to break free of the constricting boundaries of the hologram. This mathematical truth is expressed in the physical composition of the human being.

The human body abounds with examples of the golden ratio in the composition of its bone structure, organs, endocrinal system and  especially as we see in the glands and their shapes such as the Pituitary gland as well as the female ovaries, which are cone-shaped (a cone shape has the same phi-properties although it is round and not angled) and the Thyroid, Thymus, Pancreas, male testes and the Adrenal glands that are all pyramid-shaped.

Even though  there are other organs in these shapes, we are mentioning in particular the endocrine glands for the reason that these seven glands form the seven  energy centers of the human body.

In this regard I refer the reader back to paragraph three above, illustrating once again the flow of energy from one pyramidal shape to another in the Fibonacci spiraling sequence.

The seven main adrenal glands are called chakras that act as transducers  converting energy from one type to another and as continual transceivers of energy from and to the Universal Energy Field surrounding us.

Round about the human body is found what is called the merkaba energy field, which is a force field of light. The Chakras are energy vortexes functioning in the human etheric body that correspond with the endocrinal glands and organs of the physical body.

The word chakra means wheel, which tells us that energy in these vortexes have a spinning motion that push the received energy in a spiraling vibration upwards to the top of the pyramid. Just like a pyramid, is the physical human body surrounded by an energy field, consisting of four overlaying etheric physical bodies, i.e. the physical, the emotional, the mental and the soul body.

This energy field is generated by two major components: (i) seven vortexes (nerve-plexus points) where the flow of energy through the four subtle bodies comes together in the seven major chakras along the spinal channel; (ii) the major component of this energy flow is the central energy channel running from the base of the spine to the top of the head and that connects these seven major nerve-plexus points.

Energy flows through the ethereal body by entering it through one of the major gateways situated at the top of the head, through the crown chakra.

From there it generally moves down the front of the central channel to the base of the spine where it is collected, blended, amplified and propelled up the back, through the spinal column through the seven energy centers and out the top of the head. This flow happens according to the Fibonacci spiral.

It is also the simultaneous movement of energy up and down the central channel, and in and out of the seven centers that creates the electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body. In fact, each of the chakra centers consists of rapidly rotating spiral-shaped openings (wheels) that regulate and distribute energy as it flows in and out of these centers.

Physically, this energy stimulates the endocrine glands that control the body’s chemical balance, as well as empowering the nervous system and organs. [2]

Everything vibrate at a specific frequency in different levels of consciousness within the holographic reality, including the human body and its energy systems. Consciousness and energy move from one dimension to another and from one frequency of vibration to another until it reaches Source and back again through the dimensions and frequencies to man in the hologram.

Our own Body-Pyramid

I know some of you will say that although the phi ratio is found within the composition of the human being, the body is still not a pyramid per se and I answer you, the body is or can become a pyramidal form or shape. How? By gathering our limbs together and sitting in the lotus position!

There we are: a perfect pyramid showing the seven energy centers of the body

Part of the power and effectiveness of the lotus position comes from the triangular shape your body assumes. Many Eastern cultures believe that a triangular shape, such as those of the pyramids of Egypt, harnesses life energy.

Triangles also symbolize knowledge, will and action. By turning your body into a mini-pyramid, you can tap into this mystical energy and stay grounded at the same time. [3]

Just as a pyramid magically attracts and distributes refined energies, sitting in the lotus position will attract the energies of the higher states of Being into one’s dense form.

This posture helps to distribute the bio-energy fields coming from those refined and higher energies through the cells, blood, heart, brain and mind and then pushing them outward again to the environment around us forming our outer electro-magnetic field.

Sitting erect, in the lotus position or upright in a chair, aligns all the parts of our body. Our pelvic area serves as a bowl in which the whole Being resides, the foundation of our being. This area of the body is related to the first chakra, called the root chakra.

The area of the second chakra, from the hips to just below the navel is the part of our psyche that drives most of our attachments and desires. Through meditation this area is aligned to the core of our being and the medi-tator experiences the fullness of his/her own inner presence.

The area of the third chakra is from the navel upwards including the diaphragm. This area is the psychic center of our “me”-ness. Concentrating on this area of our bodies brings detachment and a feeling of perspective or relativity – the body must expand and free its parts because we are inviting Being to reside.

The area of the heart chakra, the fourth, is in the center of the chest, extending toward the throat.

Con-centrating on the heart we physically feel her and it is as if she, the heart, becomes more energetic. Because the heart is the center of the physiological system, meditation that focuses on the heart chakra effects us in many ways, i.e. an increasing feeling of peace, composure, tranquility and harmony, which in its turn brings more stability and space to the mind and its thoughts.

A human is a Being of profound capacity and qualities and because the heart is non-personal and other-focused, it psycho-spiritually enhances and supports the human being’s capabilities and qualities.

The area of the throat and neck relate to the fifth chakra. From an alignment point of view, the throat and neck area correspond to the lower part of the apex of a pyramid, forming a second platform of stability. If and when our meditation practice includes the use of chant, “Om” or a mantra, the resulting resonance will be experienced as energy.

It is in the area of the brow where the sixth chakra is located. Here we experience the clear light and expansive space of mind; where we cultivate focus and concentration. With practice and patience, we will eventually experience the blissful, luminous quality of a mind free of flighty thoughts because our mind is then quiet and truly at peace.

This energy center and state of mind is necessary for more concentrated meditation as well as all intuitive processes. Sitting in the lotus or pyramid-position becomes the monitor of all that IS.

From the ridge of the brows to the top of the head is the area of the crown chakra. Sitting in the lotus position or erect in a chair, aligns the crown center with the spine and the root or first chakra.

From the crown down to the root, a perfect line of light and energy runs down the spine as a result. This chakra provides for that higher will and purpose flowing through our core and we experience perfect and composed awareness of consciousness. [4]

Added to what is said above, do all the characteristics of pyramid power become characteristics of the human being when he or she meditates while sitting in the lotus position.

The energy within the human form also becomes a life-giving force, which allows for the meditator to become a kind of cosmic antenna that tunes into vast energy sources, receives that energy and changes itself into a magnetic field. While most of the positive energy is focused within, some of it is scattered from and by the energy centers, the chakras.

How does this occur? Our energy systems consist of conscious energy and this energy is connected with all energies in the Universe. Our energy systems, therefore, act as a connection between the physical world and the metaphysical or spiritual world.

Our aura is an electromagnetic, electric and magnetic energy field made up of varying types of live and intelligent vibrations or frequencies that surrounds, penetrates and extends out beyond the physical body. Chakras are centers that transform electrical energy to electromagnetic energy.

Transformers of Energy within the pyramid-in-man

Quartz crystal is a transducer in that it transforms one form of energy into another. The transducers for the power plant called man, are an integral part of his/her construction and is designed to resonate in harmony with the body itself as well as with the earth.

The building materials of the human body contain the properties of quartz crystals, i.e. silicon and oxygen. As one of the elements of which quartz crystals are composed, silicon is present in the human body by approximately 7 grams, widely distributed in the tissues such as in bone, nails, tendons and the walls of the aorta; approximately 44 mg/kg is present in red blood cells or serum and 20 mg/kg in blood plasma, the liver, spleen and lungs.

Quartz is a compound of one part silicon and two parts of oxygen, (silicon dioxide – SiO2). Silicon, the second most abundant element on earth, is an essential part of the mineral world.

Its stable tetrahedral configuration makes it incredibly versatile and is used in various ways in our everyday lives. Found in everything from spaceships to synthetic body parts, silicon can be found all around us and even in us. Silicon is an integral component in minerals: 27.6% of the Earth’s crust is made up of silicon.

Although it is so abundant, it is not usually found in its pure state, but rather its dioxide and hydrates form. SiO2 is silicon’s only stable oxide and is found in many crystalline varieties, its purest form being quartz.

Silica is composed of one silicon atom with four single bonds to four oxygen molecules. Other than a man-made pyramid, the pyramid-in-ma, depends on the composition of the material it is built with.

A pyramidal form will create a spherical field of harmonic vibrations around itself, enhanced by the presence of either a diamagnetic substance that is repelled by both poles of the magnet within us, situated at each of the chakras – being repelled, the energy moves right through it to the outside – or a paramagnetic substance that has the ability to alter the magnetic field in the area it occupies.

Silicon is diamagnetic, while oxygen, the other element of quartz crystals, of which most of the mass of the human body is comprised, is paramagnetic. The effect that vibration, as happens within the chakra wheels, has on quartz crystal is that it produces an electric current, called piezoelectricity.

Quartz crystal does not create energy; it just converts one kind of energy into another by radiating energy outwards from its core. Quartz inclusions in stone circles and pyra-mids allow them to act as energy storage devices, building up an electrical current called earth current, a na-tural consequence of certain combinations of geology and water flow.

Earth current results from both natural causes and human activity. And just so does this happen within the human body-pyramid.

Our Source-given DNA and the Source-created Hologram

As soon as an incarnation happens and a soul enters the human body in the Source-created hologram, it may still remember who and what it is, where it comes from and to where it will and must eventually return.

How-ever as the person grows, develops and is influenced by its life in general with all the trials and tribulations that it experiences together with all the control and programming that are enforced upon its life, the soul tends, more often than not, to forget what has been imprinted upon its original Source-created DNA.

When we are born, the DNA in our bodies contains the blueprints for who we are and instructions for who we will become.

For example, it can tell our eyes to eventually turn from blue at birth to hazel later on, our length to grow from 20 inches to 70 and direct a multitude of other changes over the course of our lives.

Many people have mistakenly believed that the DNA, with which we are born, is the sole determinant for who we are and will become, but scientists have understood for decades that this genetic determinism is a flawed theory [5]

It has been scientifically proven that our genetic code and the environment in which we develop, determine who and what we are and that other epigenetic factors such as diet, language, etc, can change a human being’s DNA.

Epigenetic silencing is one way to turn genes off and it can contribute to differential expression of the DNA. According to medical science, “…epigenetic changes are required for normal development and health…” [6]

The structure of DNA is determined by its sequence and thus it is to be remembered that epigenetic changes do not alter the sequence of DNA but they can cause mutations.

Researchers have shown through studies that epigenetics entails even more than DNA and the places where we live, the climate around us and all the twists, turns and hard knocks of our lives.

Stem cell biologist and bestselling author Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., says the distinction between genetic determinism and epigenetics is important because this fundamental belief called genetic determinism literally means that our lives, which are defined as our physical, physiological and emotional behavioral traits, are controlled by the genetic code.

Lipton said in an interview with the online magazine Superconsciousness,

“This kind of belief system provides a visual picture of people being victims:

If the genes control our life function, then our lives are being controlled by things outside of our ability to change them.

This leads to victimization that the illnesses and diseases that run in families are propagated through the passing of genes associated with those attributes. Laboratory evidence shows this is not true.

Other factors such as the appreciation and love we have for someone or the anger and anxiety we feel also influence and can alter the outcomes of each individual’s DNA blueprint.”

Physical aspects of DNA strands can be influenced by human intention. Research data indicate that when individuals are in a heart-focused, loving state and in a more coherent mode of physiological functioning, they have a greater ability to alter the conformation of their DNA – what this means is that when we are having a bad day, going through a rough period such as dealing with the sickness of a loved one or coping with financial troubles, we can actually influence our bodies – all the way down to the cellular level – by intentionally thinking positive thoughts and focusing on positive emotions.

This influence or control individuals can have on their DNA as to who and what they are and will become, is further illuminated by Doc Childre’s theory of heart intelligence. Childre postulates that “an energetic connection or coupling of information” occurs between the DNA in cells and higher dimensional structures – the higher self or spirit.

Childre further postulates that the heart serves as a key access point, through which information originating in the higher dimensional structures, enters into the physical human system (including DNA) and states of heart coherence generated through experiencing heartfelt positive emotions, increase this entering in of knowledge from Source.

The heart, which generates a much stronger electromagnetic field than the brain, provides the energetic field that binds together the higher dimensional structures, the body’s many systems as well as its DNA.

Childre’s theory of heart intelligence proposes that “individuals who are able to maintain states of heart coherence, have increased access and coupling to the higher dimensional structures and would thus be more able to produce changes in their DNA [7]

Why do we need so much energy in this holographic reality?

As we have said above, we constantly, consciously or subconsciously, experience a persistent tugging in our psyche that is meant as a pull-back of the soul to ever higher degrees of unity and oneness. This tugging manifests as a yearning to fully express the memory of our original condition of absolute oneness with creation and the Universe, with the Source of All that Is.

We must understand that all things exist as energy even beyond the ordinary physical dimension to the realm where current scientific instruments cannot measure its rate of vibration. All things exist as energy from the lowest rate of vibration, the densest physical condensate of matter all the way to the highest rate of vibration in the universe, the Source of All that Is.

The entire Universe is a single super spectrum of universal energy – this energy is also conscious and infinite, therefore it is actually an infinite living Mind, from which everything in the Universe has its being. Ultimately all matter is energy, all energy is information, all information is thought and all thought is consciousness [8]

Although Source has put us within this holographic non-real reality or incarnation and has thus distanced himself from us, he has done so in order for us to learn during this period of probation of our earthly life, what it means to use our free will to choose what is right and what is wrong according to his will and purpose for our lives.

By revealing to us truths through knowledge and understanding, he requires of us to wake up from our deep primordial sleep of the ages and to consciously start using our consciousness in order to begin the long road back to Source – from there the constant and persistent tugging upon our consciousness.

In other words he is telling us that he has not left us alone in this chaotic existence and that we need never be slaves or prisoners of those who mistakenly presume themselves to be in control of us – I say mistakenly because, just as the physical universe, are they also not real since the physical universe is a projected hologram.

Source is telling us by what we daily discover and come to understand intuitively, that he has provided a way out of this jungle and has given us very powerful keys with which to open the doors of our prison.

These keys are what I have described above in the body of this article and this is why we do really need all this energy available to us.

By Caeli Francisco,;

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Tom Kenyon – Passage Into The Holographic Universe – `1-31-13

It weighs about three pounds, yet is so densely packed that it contains more connections than the number of stars in the known universe. If anything qualifies as magic, it would be this micro-universe. It simultaneously controls such a vast array of tasks that it puts the most advanced computers to shame.

It bends light into recognizable images and translates sounds into language and meaning. And in an extraordinary magical transformation, it changes biology into the experience of mind. This wizard is, of course…your brain.
It has been fairly well established by brain researchers that we use only a small portion of our brain’s immense potential. I compare this to having a state-of-the-art video camera with stereo sound and using it to take Kodak-type snapshots.
There are various reasons for this “less than optimal” use of our abilities. For one, it has to do with the ways we are educated.
The Education of Limitation
Our current methods of education are still largely based on methods from the Industrial age – -reading, writing and arithmetic.

Unfortunately, this way of educating does not prepare children for the demands of the 21st century, nor does it stimulate the brain’s unused potentials. You see, our brain does not switch on new brain cells until there is a stimulus from the environment-either internal or external.
Research clearly shows that the critical time for brain development is the first two years, followed by a second period of five years. And yet, most children are left to their own devices during the most critical formative time of their nervous systems.
Then these children enter an outmoded educational system that stifles curiosity and discourages independent thinking. Most of us are the products of such “education.”
There is another reason we use so little of our potential brainpower.
The Corpus Callosum
Neurologically, our brain is split down the middle. In some very real ways, we have two brains inside our heads. And these two brains experience the world in very different ways. While one part of our brain can talk, the other side is mute.
The left hemisphere (for most people) is verbal. It talks. It creates and interprets language. It performs this extraordinary feat through two small areas of densely packed neurons in the neocortex. These areas usually sit on the left side of the head around the ear.

If these areas are damaged, one can lose the ability to speak and/or understand language.
The left side also perceives the world in a logical sequential way. It likes to have everything in its place.
The right side of the neocortex, however, sees things differently. For one, it does not speak. For another, it is not particularly logical. It is quite comfortable with paradox, the gray areas of experience. It is also at ease with things being out of sequence.

It can spot the hidden patterns in things that seem out of place. In normal states of functioning, there is a certain level of coordination between our left and right sides.

And what allows us to coordinate these two perceptual worlds into one whole world of perception is a thick band of nerve fibers in the central area of the brain called the corpus callosum. The more neurological connections presumably in the corpus callosum, the more communication there is between the right and left hemispheres.

And co-ordination between the two hemispheres allows one to think both cognitively and intuitively at the same time.
There are very practical reasons for using both sides of the brain. Back in the ’60s, an employee of a Swiss watchmaker discovered a new way to tell time – the digital clock. Excitedly he took his invention to his superiors. They dismissed it. “This isn’t a clock,” they said. “It doesn’t even have any moving parts!”

Their tunnel vision was caused by over dominance of the left hemisphere. They could not see outside their box. The digital watch was just too much out of the pattern they expected to see. A small company called Texas Instruments picked up the patent and the rest is history. Switzerland is no longer the watch capital of the world.
As we enter an ever more complex world, we will need to develop greater intelligence and creativity to cope with it.
Since the 1980s I have been intrigued with the use of sound and altered states of awareness to increase brain activity and intelligence. Under the auspices of Acoustic Brain Research, which I founded, I even created a series of audiotapes called Mind Gymnastiks. They are used to this day by hundreds of people to increase brain performance.
As I continued to explore the use of altered states of consciousness to increase intelligence and creativity, I was struck by similarities in people’s experiences. It was common to report a sense of connectedness between themselves and life in general.

Some even used the phrase “the web of life,” as if all beings were somehow interconnected in ways that defied logical thinking.

These insights were, of course, shared throughout history by many mystics and “explorers of mind” including indigenous peoples. A look at the descriptions left by these explorers of mind shows this quite clearly.
While the mystical description of interconnectedness has a long history, stretching back thousands upon thousands of years, a scientific description of interconnectedness has only emerged within the last thirty or forty. It has been birthed from the science of holography, and is referred to as the Holographic Universe.
The Holographic Enigma
Today, holograms are quite common, but back in the 1970s when I saw my first hologram in San Francisco, they were very rare. I remember walking into the small darkened room of the Haight Holo-Art Gallery and having my mind blown.

The photos seemed to float out of their frames in midair. As I walked around the strange apparitions I could look into the crevices of the images and see things I could have never seen in a normal photograph. Intrigued, I began to study the physics of holograms.

A fascinating illogical world started to emerge. As bizarre as it may seem, you can cut off any part of a hologram and the entire hologram can be seen in the piece! How on earth could this be? Well you see, holograms are made by exposing film to lasers, and lasers are comprised of coherent light.

Every photon is lined up with every other photon. This is very different from everyday light in which photons are much more helter-skelter.

Every photon, so to speak, listens to its own drummer. But in lasers, there is only one drummer and all photons follow its rhythm and direction.
The methodology used to create holograms doesn’t really concern us here, so I won’t go into it. Besides most people could care less. They just like looking at the strange photos.
Now as I said, you can cut off any part of a hologram and you will see the entire hologram in that tiny piece. Every fragment of the hologram carries the entire image. Another way of saying it is that the macrocosm of the photo is held within the microcosm of every piece.
This is starting to sound more and more like the descriptions of mystics. When persons enter deeply profound altered states of awareness, there is often a universal experience of interconnectedness. And this seems to occur regardless of the context (or dogma) favored by the individual.
A Meeting in the Park
I recall an unexpected experience with the holographic universe in my twenties. At the time, I was walking through a park near my house. It was dusk and I was overcome by a deep sense of calm. To this day, I have no idea what set it off. I had just been studying for one of my classes at the university, and had decided to take a walk.
As I climbed a small hill, I could see a river of cars on the street below. Their headlights were lit, and in the dimming light they looked like a kind of moving Christmas tree.
Suddenly I could sense the drivers in a way that defied logic. I felt their hopes, their desires, their dreams, and their fears. Many were heading home after work. Some would come home to an empty house, some to their waiting families.

As my heart swelled from the enormity of the perception, I also noticed that the air was filled with some kind of energy.

These types of experiences were new to me back then, and I had no language to describe it. But it felt like love. It felt like every atom of the world was shimmering with love, and in some inexplicable way that love was trying to reach out to everyone, to all beings.

It was reaching out to me, to the strangers driving home in their cars, to the birds in the trees, even to the field mice in the grass, and to the crickets chirping in the twilight darkness.
This went on for about an hour, I think. And then the feelings of interconnectedness began to fade. I walked back home, still under the sense of calm that had started the whole thing. But my mind was stirring. How on earth could something like love be in the very atoms of the universe?
I was pondering this when I came to a very odd threshold. I happened to be standing in the dark underneath a large oak branch. The other side of the tree was bathed in light from a street lamp.
I was in the dark, and the other side was in light.

The moment felt eerie, as if somehow the mythic world and this one had temporarily met. As I crossed over from the dark into the light, I distinctly heard a voice speak to me – “You can never go back.” I was stunned. I looked to see if someone was standing beside me because the voice was so vividly real. There was no one there. I walked home in silence.
I have since come to know that odd all-encompassing love to be quite real. The ancient Greeks called it agape, or divine love. It continually emanates to all beings from every corner of the universe. For those who have eyes to see, it can be seen.

For those who have ears to hear, it can be heard. But most of us never enter the deeper states of awareness where it can be experienced directly.
Now let me be clear here. That last paragraph is my own opinion based upon thirty-some years of personal experience with altered states of consciousness. As an explorer of consciousness, that is my experience and my belief.

But it is just a belief. It happens to be shared by other Argonauts of the Mind, but it is certainly not a scientific fact or even a premise. There’s no way to measure love, and measurement is the benchmark of science. Without quantification there can be no scientific inquiry.
I have belabored this point because I am in tricky territory. I am straddling the world of science and the world of mysticism. I do believe that science and mysticism will one day fully meet each other, but the methodologies are so different between the two, it requires a different kind of approach than we are used to.
But regardless of what the synthesis between science and mysticism finally looks like, we can, I think, look at some common territory.
My experience, mentioned above, was a classic mystical encounter. Practitioners of virtually every spiritual tradition on the planet have reported it. Even though the descriptions are often quite different, the essential insights of these diverse traditions are the same – there is an essential interconnectedness between life and the cosmos.

How this interconnectedness is interpreted varies according to the spiritual tradition, but interconnectedness shows up in virtually all types of mystical experience.
In his book, The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot discusses the scientific basis for this type of mystical experience. It is great reading, and I strongly suggest it to anyone who is interested in such things. If the theory is correct, we are all part of the universal hologram, an indispensable piece to the cosmic puzzle.

Not only this, but because we are holographic by nature, the whole cosmos is inside us. This is indeed one of the fundamental teachings of most Perennial Philosophies and mystical traditions. In some inexplicable way we carry the cosmos within us.

And the exploration of one’s own consciousness eventually takes one into the cosmic realms of existence. We are like mobius strips. On one side of the strip we are isolated individuated primate humans. Yet at the same time we exist on the other side of the strip as well.

On that side of things we are part of the whole. We are One with all life and the entire cosmos is inside us.
Such things seem illogical to our usual ways of thinking. But in altered states of consciousness, we can dip our toes into a different kind of world, a world of extraordinary paradox.
I suppose it is because I have worked so extensively in the area of brain research, but I think that a lot of mystical revelation (like interconnectedness) is triggered by changes in brain state.
I recall many years ago when I started getting EEG readings of subjects listening to Wave Form (a recording I created under Acoustic Brain Research). Many of these persons had profound non-ordinary experiences including sensations of floating, moving through space and yes, feelings of interconnectedness.

Now this part was not surprising, but where the brain showed the response was most intriguing. It was at a point on the top of the head. This one area showed massive increases in theta, more than any other areas in the brain.

And this point just happened to correspond to the crown chakra in yoga, what is sometimes called the thousand-petaled lotus. This chakra is associated with the transpersonal or universal states of consciousness.
This was intriguing. And I spent part of my time over the next few years looking at how such a response could be replicated consistently.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that such responses are part of a larger brain patterning, and are related to the person’s psychology and values. In other words, while some persons listened to Wave Form and traversed the universe others just got really relaxed.

And some just went to sleep!
I recall an incident with a cardiac specialist once who listened to Wave Form for the first time. His cohorts had urged him to listen to it since they were considering the possibility of using it in their outpatients’ stress management program.

The skeptical doctor donned a pair of headphones and sat back in his executive chair. He reported being bored at first, then kind of dozing off, but not really going to sleep. Then he heard the distinct sound of a locomotive.

Wondering how in the heck a locomotive could be in his office, he struggled to open his eyes. To his amazement, the sound of the locomotive was actually the sound of his snoring!
Virtually everyone who listened to Wave Form demonstrated that it was highly effective at generating profound altered states of mind, but the content varied widely depending upon the individual.
Another part of the mystery, in regards to brain function, came into focus when I came across the recently published work of Andrew Newberg, M.D., author of Why God Won’t Go Away.

Using advanced neurological monitoring devices, Dr. Newberg was able to identify an area of the brain that seemed to be crucial in mystical experience. He and his associates looked at brain activity in various meditators.

Some were Christian mystics, some were yogis, some Buddhists, etc. Dr. Newberg collected meditators like some people collect baseball cards.

He gave each subject a button. When they touched into the deepest state of meditation they were familiar with, they would push it.
This marker would be set against the “real-time” readings of the brain to see if there were any commonalities in brain states. And there was. Regardless of the tradition, spiritual lineage or methods of meditation used, the same area responded.
This common point in the brain was identified as the orientation area. This neurological center is responsible for orienting us in space.

When we walk across the room, for instance, the orientation area co-ordinates sensory information to help us avoid bumping into things. During such moments the orientation area is very busy routing sensory signals. Its cells are very active.
But during states of meditation, the orientation area went to sleep! Its cells were simply not processing sensory information. It was, in other words, no longer attending to the perception of external space.
I think that this radical shift in the orientation area is probably due to a shift in attention. By design, meditation is a process of attending to internal space. One lets the perception of external space drop away.

And what’s left are experiences from the source of internal space itself – the mind.
I had mentioned earlier that diverse mystical traditions universally report experiences of interconnectedness. And such feelings are often accompanied by changes in perceived space.
The phenomenon of perceiving the holographic universe (or mystical interconnectedness) seems to be intimately connected with changes in perceived space – and time, for that matter.
Meditators also universally report the feeling that time becomes profoundly altered during their inner journeys. One client, for instance, experienced the birth, evolution and death of the entire universe with its attending sense of endless time.

When she opened her eyes and looked at her watch, however, only about fifteen minutes had passed.
There are indeed fascinating non-ordinary perceptions that often occur during periods of deep meditation. And one of these concerns the perception of non-corporeal intelligences, sometimes called energy beings.
In Western culture, such things are deemed non-sense, and in a way they are non-sensory. One cannot perceive them with the five senses. Rather they are, more often than not, perceived directly through the internal senses of the mind.
Many cultures and spiritual traditions talk about these unusual beings. Indigenous cultures, for instance, are quite clear that these beings are real and that they can be interacted with.
Many Christians believe in angels and these too, are energy beings. In fact I have had experiences with so many angels over the years, I take them rather matter of factly.
Now it may seem like a long leap from the holographic universe or interconnectedness to disembodied beings. And one can, in fact, experience interconnectedness without ever running into one.
Infinite Pool, the CD
But it was an energy being who turned up in meditation one day, and told me that it was possible to accelerate evolution of the holographic brain through sound.
This energy-being turned out to be an akul, a being known as an “ancient one” by Egyptian alchemists. These beings are extraordinarily evolved and this particular akul taught me how to use sound patterns in new ways.
My opinion on the matter, having interacted with energy beings from numerous lineages and cultures, is that some of them have invaluable information to share with those willing to listen. My test for validity is whether their suggestions have practical value or not. In the case of this akul, I immediately recognized the consummate level of knowledge he demonstrated.

And after recording the program in all its complexity, I was even more convinced that this was something of extreme value.
The other thirteen voices are those of another group of beings I have been working with for several years now. Known as the Hathors, they are masters of sound and love. When I first encountered them, in meditation, I had already been working in the area of sound for over a decade.

But their knowledge far surpassed my own, and they opened new vistas I never even imagined. For the last few years, my group of mentors has grown to thirteen, and the other voices you hear on the recording are them singing “through” me.
These voices create complex standing wave patterns within the brain. As a result, exceedingly intricate geometries are created within these standing wave patterns. This is, for all intents and purposes, sacred geometry in action.

The effects of these geometries are multi-dimensional in nature (meaning that several dimensions of consciousness are accessed simultaneously, depending upon the development and awareness of the listener). It’s hard to describe unless you actually hear it, but I’ll give it a try.

Imagine sensing, inside your head, an ever-oscillating field of sacred geometry. Sometimes you sense a circle of light, sometimes another geometry. Each point on a geometric shape emits a tone.

As the tones switch on, the corresponding areas of the brain associated with those points are activated in ways that are quite unusual.
In addition to this, complex imagery arises, seeming to float inside the head. These images flow from one’s own inner world and are natural expressions of multi-dimensional consciousness.
I believe that the development of multi-dimensional consciousness is one of our next natural evolutionary steps and one that can be self-generated.

In other words, we don’t have to wait for others to develop this capacity; we can attain this for ourselves. There’s good reason to do this – the development of multidimensional awareness increases both intelligence and creativity.
In a more esoteric arena, the cultivation of multidimensionality, allows one to “track” several states of consciousness simultaneously. Esoteric knowledge is much more effectively retrieved and utilized by a mind that is capable of multiple awarenesses at the same time.
Multi-dimensional consciousness is sometimes referred to as the holographic universe, and the portal to this universe is through your own brain.
Through this doorway, you can visit worlds and gain insights you never imagined possible. Indeed, after experimenting with this program for the last six months, I am convinced that it will prove to be an invaluable tool for those wanting to access the brain’s extraordinary potentials.

To hear a sample of Infinite Pool, the recording mentioned in this article, click here.

(See for the recording the link to the original article!)


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Understanding Holograms – Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock

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In this episode of Wisdom Teachings, David Wilcock reviews Benoit Mandelbrot’s research into static electricity on AT&T’s early phone lines, which resulted in findings dealing with energy and natural laws of the universe, including predator/prey animal populations in the wild. This resulting ratio can be represented as a graph or fractal pattern, which has become known as the Mandelbrot Set. This concept is referred to as self-similarity and applies to David’s conclusion that holograms are fractals in action. David explains how this concept can help us better understand the components of a hologram. Watch the full episode and sign up for your free 10-day trial at

Michael Talbot – Synchronicity and the Holographic Universe — Thinking Allowed w/ Jeffrey Mishlove

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Burning Uranus Blog – Living In A Hologram – Our Holographic Reality


27 07 2013

We grow up thinking and believing that the world and reality in which we exist in is something tangible and physical and is just as is perceived. However, not only does this thought-process become disillusioned with various difficult-to-explain phenomena, but perceptions becomes realized as completely subjective that do not reflect an objective reality, if such a reality even exists. With the significant advances in the knowledge and information attained by the human race in its most recent history, radical shifts in how reality is perceived are being formulated.

Where the universe was once seen as an empty space with bits of matter scattered about is now being seen as a holographic projection stemming from some primary reality unseen to our biological and technological instruments.

The evidence for a holographic reality is becoming quite plentiful; too much to be disregarded. What gives it more credence is that those who have experienced higher states of consciousness and echelons of reality via meditation, astral projection, or entheogens have been proclaiming very holographic-esque musings and aphorisms.

To give just one example, there was the research done in 1982 in the University of Paris which discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. It did not matter whether they were 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart. Somehow each particle always seemed to know what the other was doing. The great physicist David Bohm believed that these findings imply that objective reality does not exist, that despite its apparent solidity the universe is at heart a phantasm, a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram.

Within a hologram, the whole is within the part. No matter how many times you divide the whole, the part will always contain it’s totality. Just as higher consciousness realizations show that each part, as seemingly small or separate it is from total reality and the Source of reality itself, contains that very Source and v.v. The deduction from the holographic experiments conclude that autonomy and separateness are an illusion and that all is one.

Oneness is a concept found in seemingly every major belief system ever manifested within the realm of human consciousness, so it only emboldens recent discoveries pertaining to our manifested reality. If this indeed is the case, (and enough evidence shows that it is) then the universe is itself a projection, a hologram. If the apparent separateness of subatomic particles is illusory, it means that at a deeper level of reality all things in the universe are infinitely interconnected. The electrons in a carbon atom in the human brain are connected to the subatomic particles that comprise every salmon that swims, every heart that beats, and every star that shimmers in the sky. Oneness prevails.

In a holographic universe, even time and space could no longer be viewed as fundamentals. Because concepts such as location break down in a universe in which nothing is truly separate from anything else, time and three-dimensional space, like the images of the fish on the TV monitors, would also have to be viewed as projections of this deeper order. At its deeper level reality is a sort of super-hologram in which the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously.

The three-dimensional universe we live in is the hologram created out of a primary reality that is outside space and time so it is a copy of something “real” so it would make sense in such a case that our real self is in another reality. Our consciousness is the real us. Consciousness is everything and therefore it is nothing, since all that is, is consciousness.

To further build the case for a holographic reality, consider the following:

  • A holographic universe explains nearly all paranormal and mystical experiences.
  • Near Death Experiences can be explained by a holographic universe, in that death is a shifting of a person’s consciousness from one level of the hologram of reality to another.
  • Current neurophysiological models of the brain are inadequate and only a holographic model can explain such things as archetypal experiences, encounters with the collective unconscious, and other unusual phenomena experienced during altered states of consciousness.
  • A holographic model for the universe explains lucid dreams, in which such dreams are visits to parallel realities.
  • Synchronicity can be explained by the holographic model. Our thought processes are much more intimately connected to the physical world than has been previously thought. Also note that synchronicity tends to peak just prior to a new realization or insight.
  • Telepathy, precognition, mystical feelings of oneness with the universe, and even psychokinesis can be explained through the holographic model.
  • Holography can explain how our brains can store so many memories in so little space (our brains can store 280,000,000,000,000,000,000 bits of information).
  • Holography can also explain how we are able to recall and forget, how we are able to have associative memory, how we have the ability to recognize familiar things, how we have the ability for the transference of new skills, how we have the ability to construct a world “out there”, how we are able to have “phantom limb” sensations, and how we are able to have photographic memory.
  • The brain itself, would therefore be a holographic projection created out of a primary reality outside of space and time.

All relative realities are created by consciousness existing in relation to itself. We are that consciousness. We are that consciousness existing in relation to itself and interacting with itself.” There is nothing else. None of the things we perceive as separate have an independent existence, as all are in actuality relational extensions of the underlying unity of consciousness. Physical reality is a product of consciousness.

Consciousness is not a product of physical reality. Physical reality does not interact with itself in some unknown fashion to cause consciousness to come into existence. Consciousness in the process of repeated and progressive self-relation becomes the awareness of experience, and thus creates physical reality.

There are realizations concerning the nature of the universe being a holographic projection, through the experience of enlightenment. Once enlightenment is experienced, one can understand exactly how the holographic universe operates and is indeed, very real. There comes an understanding that we are multidimensional beings that exist simultaneously in many levels of quantum reality.

There is no reason to get annoyed, angry, stressed, etc over the things that happen in one’s physical reality, which is the lowest dimension of our awareness, because it is all trivial in the grand scheme of things. Focusing on the specifics of reality may divert one’s self from discovering and realizing the reason he or she exists right now. This is why one of the steps to becoming enlightened is to replace fear and anger with wonder and curiosity.

Have you experienced a shift in perception concerning reality yet? At the very least, hopefully you are able to now expand your mind to realms previously unvisited. Reality is a mysterious and exciting place. Let’s all be explorers of this enchanting life experience.

About the Author

Paul is a conscious evolution guide, author of “The Creation of a Consciousness Shift“, and co-founder of SHIFT>, a social community focused on anchoring in the new paradigm and assisting the positive transformation of humanity. With the drive to be aware of and experience the wider horizon of Reality, Paul has developed an extensive background in the spiritual and transformative elements of life; one that is both knowledge and experienced-based. Visit his website and follow him on Twitter @paullenda

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

Burning Uranus Blog

Illusion of Third Dimension – Universe as Hologram or Holographic Universe

paralaks·28 videos

The illusion of third dimension: the universe as a hologram or holographic universe. Mathematics tell us that our existence may be a hologram on the boundary of the universe.

This video is taken from the documentary “The Fabric of The Cosmos –… for nonprofit educational purposes.

Ancient Secrets of Resonance

whirledenergy·476 videos

New Scence and Ancient Technologies from a conference in 2000 Randy Masters discusses his research on pyramid chamber resonance as well as connections to healing and Tibetan bells, cosmic radiation and effects of sound. A wonderful primer for the uninitiated as well as a good refresher for others already familiar with music and sound healing etc. besides perhaps giving some unique insights to consider as well.

Thanks for watching Thanks Randy Masters and all involved with making this audio possible … too many to list. Also, note that this is not the entire lecture et al, nor is it at normal speed, but increased tempo to help move it along for us a.d.d. types like myself, but searching Randy Masters can easily pull up ‘Music of the Spheres’ which is the original playlist this was taken from..

Thanks again all ! aloha .

Water Consciousness – The Shape of Love – Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Work

Felipe Alexander·189 videos

Does prayer actually work? Is there a powerful force taking place when one person prays to another person? The beauty of this is that, there is.

I invite you to take a journey with me and explore the unimaginable world of focused prayer. Through the foundational work layed out by world renowned water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto, we begin to see that water is alive, it is intelligent and it is conscious.

This film is dedicated to others out there who know of the importance of healing our water, to expand this idea presented before you and to forward the knowledge to the greater whole of the planet.

Soundtracks used in this film:

1. Neverwinter Nights OST – Heart of the Forest by Jeremy Soule…

2. Neverwinter Nights OST – Forest by Jeremy Soule…

Dr. Masaru Emotos book The Hidden Messages in Water…

Water has Memory

oasishdchannel·89 videos – Water — just a liquid or much more? Many researchers are convinced that water is capable of “memory” by storing information and retrieving it. The possible applications are innumerable: limitless retention and storage capacity and the key to discovering the origins of life on our planet. Research into water is just beginning.

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Michael Talbot – Synchronicity, Holographic Universe – Thinking Allowed

ThinkingAllowedTV·174 videos

NOTE: This is the full broadcast portion of the interview. It was continued in-studio with an additional 58-minute discussion which is available on our 86-minute DVD.

The holographic model allows us to conceptualize phenomena that have remained on the fringes of science — synchronicities, psychic experiences, UFOs, poltergeists, spiritual experiences, states of higher consciousness. In part one of this two part program Michael Talbot discusses the holographic model of brain functioning and the “implicate order” model of quantum physics. He proposes that these two models combined explain many unsolved mysteries in both brain functioning (such as memory and vision) and quantum physics (such as the problem of hidden variables and quantum interconnectedness).

In part two of the DVD, Talbot discusses his own unusual experiences with poltergeist phenomena and UFOs. He suggests that the holographic model provides a means for understanding these experiences without falling into the twin traps of skeptical debunking or occult romanticism.

Michael Talbot is author of Mysticism and the New Physics, Beyond the Quantum, Your Past Lives and The Holographic Universe. He also authored four novels. This program was taped approximately six months before his untimely death in May 1992.

Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age – David Wilcock
In this heavily-anticipated sequel to 2012 Enigma, (#1 Most Viewed on Google, 12/1/08), David Wilcock presents a compelling case that the prophecies of a Golden Age are not myth or superstition. Our DNA has been evolving 100 times more rapidly in the last 5000 years due to a natural galactic process which is also creating climate change throughout our entire solar system. If the prophecies are correct, psychic abilities and powers such as telekinesis, levitation, spiritual healing and telepathy may soon become as common as breathing.

The Mayan Calendar, the Timeline in the Great Pyramid of Giza, the story of Jesus Christ in the Bible and many other ancient mystery schools and spiritual teachings all speak of a great tribulation that transforms Earth into a Utopian Age. Many misunderstand these prophecies as predicting pole shift, asteroid collisions, supervolcano eruptions or Armageddon thanks to Planet X, alien invasion, Illuminati/government takeover, or a solar event.

Russian physics reveals that anti-gravity, free energy and time travel technology arise from a Source Field that is the energy of Mind, Spirit and Consciousness. Life emerges from nonliving material by Intelligent Design and evolution occurs in sudden bursts that repeat in 26 and 62 million year cycles, apparently the result of energy waves gradually rippling out from the center of the galaxy and transforming our DNA.

For at least 1200 years, crop circles have presented symbolic messages of DNA transformation and even Ascension on or around December 21, 2012. Easter Island, Stonehenge and some 4000 ancient sites are built on a Global Grid of energy that creates portals in space and time, such as the Bermuda Triangle. Rapture may indeed occur but in a very different way than most believe.

Project Camelot whistleblowers reveal that extraterrestrials look human like us and may even be time travelers from our future! Edgar Cayce and the Law of One reveal we have a Higher Self leading us through reincarnation and Graduation.

Michael Talbot – Part 1 Complete- Synchronicity and the Holographic Universe – Thinking Allowed Series

ThinkingAllowedTV·173 videos

NOTE: This is the full broadcast portion of the interview. It was continued in-studio with an additional 58-minute discussion which is available on our 86-minute DVD.

The holographic model allows us to conceptualize phenomena that have remained on the fringes of science — synchronicities, psychic experiences, UFOs, poltergeists, spiritual experiences, states of higher consciousness. In part one of this two part program Michael Talbot discusses the holographic model of brain functioning and the “implicate order” model of quantum physics. He proposes that these two models combined explain many unsolved mysteries in both brain functioning (such as memory and vision) and quantum physics (such as the problem of hidden variables and quantum interconnectedness).

In part two of the DVD, Talbot discusses his own unusual experiences with poltergeist phenomena and UFOs. He suggests that the holographic model provides a means for understanding these experiences without falling into the twin traps of skeptical debunking or occult romanticism.

Michael Talbot is author of Mysticism and the New Physics, Beyond the Quantum, Your Past Lives and The Holographic Universe. He also authored four novels. This program was taped approximately six months before his untimely death in May 1992.

Random Subconscious Beliefs vs. Altruistic Detachment (SDA Vlog #3)

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