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(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)
In order to absorb the frequencies of your spiritual bodies,  focus on frequencies of the music entering into your cells and feel your cells changing into star dust.
Included in your ETERNAL LIFE mp3’s will be the ASCENSION FORMULA MEDITATION. This is an outline of what the meditation is directing you to do.
Imagine your body template lying on top of a mirror made of crystal liquid light. If you see your body with the face down into the mirror, you would be looking at yourself. However, if your back is against the mirror, the eyes and ears that are SEEING or HEARING are the Divine Eyes and Ears of Source. The eyes and ears of your Star Self is perfectly projecting through this mirror or crystal light. When we walk into the mirror and feel the frequency that is in back of the mirror and walk through it to the other side, there is an atomic radiation field of energy that is the same as the one we get when we translate into our spiritual transharmonic body. We need to practice getting this frequency into our cells. This is the frequency of the heliotalic 14th dimension that I breathe into all of the Ascension Kit music and Individual Eternal Life albums.
During the process of the perfect vision and feeling of the liquid light frequencies transporting the Immortal Frequencies of the Divine Starry Self, there might be some bumps  along the way because as the perfect light body is entering in and transforming the body template into its manifest immortality, there might be some miasms of error that need to be removed from the body template.
Our eyes and ears are the frequencies of the Omniversal. We see as a star sees. We see and hear the Divine Perfection of who you really are. You need to lay your body on top of the Divine Mirror that allows only the Starry Eyes and Ears of Source to enter in through the Highest Frequencies that you are listening to. Allow the highest frequencies to enter into your Divine Template and remove all that might be blocking you from the Divine Mirror of your Spiritual Selfhood.
There is a process involved in listening. I recommend you approach this as a work in progress and see if you hear something a little bit different each time you listen. The human ear has been listening to third dimensional tones for a very long time. When we create the individual ETERNAL LIFE MP3,  we are using the sacred geometry of aligning each individual frequency signature, which is obtained through a breath of consciousness, and weaving each frequency signature from this physical domain of the third dimension directly into the highest frequencies of the 12th dimensional spiritual selves. These spiritual selves are the mirror image of the Divine One. The frequencies of the Divine One or the Divine Blue Print of the immortal selfhood transmutes all of the breaths from the dimensions of the physical, visual into the invisible, spiritual light and sound spectrum.
While listening to the frequency signature breaths, concentrate on seeing a mirror image of your Divine Blue Print or your spiritual light body absorbing into your body from your back. Feel the frequencies penetrating the cells in your body from the inside to the outside. Feel the frequencies awakening the spark of Source that has been left to sleep deep within each cell in the body. Feel the frequencies re-uniting into Oneness with the Soul, which is a sphere of blue crystal frequencies waiting directly below the heart area. Feel the Soul awakening to what it has been waiting for eons for you to discover about your self. Feel your physical body as a mini-me tiny figure, and place it inside of the blue crystal sphere which is your Soul. Feel the Soul frequencies and the spiritual self frequencies combining into a new symphony of harmonic rhythms.
We will call this the Atunement Body which has been attuned into it’s spiritual light body.
STEP TWO: Feel the spiritual light body from the spiritual self from the middle domains of the Core of Inner Earth uniting into Oneness with the physical etheric body from Inner Earth. Feel the frequencies weaving those two bodies – one more etheric and one purely spiritual into your Atunement Body.
(In our experience, this was the unification of our Mermaid and Dolphin bodies in Aquafaria into the Music of the Spheres in the Crystal Caves of the Blue Liquid Light domains of Inner Earth. The Foundation Meditation will lead you into the journey that we take to collect these frequencies).
Next, feel the frequencies of the spiritual self from the Divine Aquarius Galaxy Matrix outside of the Earth’s Matrix. Feel the frequencies of this Starry Divine Blue Print pulling the frequencies into a higher domain of consciousness. The feeling is more etheric and yet more powerful. It has a majestic feeling and includes the frequencies of the Aquarius Galaxy, the stardust of Ursa Major and the Consciousness of the Ascension Teams.

Next, feel the frequencies from the more etheric physical self in the Aquarius Galaxy being woven into the heart of Sun Alcyone. This is the frequency of the original divine self created through the spark of Source and breathed into humanoid and dolphinoid form. We are re-connecting our selves into the original frequencies of our Divine Birth. That Divine Essence still remains in the Crystal Heart of Sun Alcyone, and is reflected through the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth and through our own Crystal Hearts (the crystal heart is actually the blue, violet crystal fuzzy sphere that sits inside the thymus).
That Divine Essence was brought to the place where Earth is performing her duty of being transformed back into the star essence that she was formed from. The etheric physical domains of Inner Earth including location memories such as Shamballa and our Aquafarian home, which is in the residential area of that same Continent, are the creations of our Aquarius Starry families. These etheric physical domains have been in existence for over 500 million years. Many of us have lived in those homes for thousands of years before choosing to come to the upper domains to experience the physical realities that we have created. Through the Music of the Spheres we are re-uniting with the frequency signatures of all of these spiritual selves that  we have been in Aquarius, Tara, Ursa and Inner Earth as well as our first birth from the heart of Sun Alcyone.
Feel and absorb the frequencies of your spiritual twin selves woven into and through Aquarius, Tara, Ursa, Inner Earth and the Heart of Sun Alcyone.
You are listening to the actual frequency signatures of each of these spiritual divine selves that you were and which you will be again as soon as you absorb these frequency signatures. This is the true formula for creating a vortex that connects all of your physical selves with all of your spiritual selves into the knowing of your allness and your Oneness. This is the true formula for opening the Halls of Records, which are in essence the frequencies of the Music of the Spheres. These are the true Akashic Records of all that you are. You are created from light and sound. You are a frequency signature. All higher selves and entities of light know you as your individual frequency signature. That frequency signature can be followed through history because it is always unique and individualized as you are.
However, this frequency signature has been disconnected from all of the forms that it has taken during the past eons through a tragedy that was never supposed to happen in a Divine System. This tragedy can be removed very easily by listening to the frequencies of your Music of the Spheres in your Individualized ETERNAL LIFE MP3.
The Akashic Records that are usually retrieved through channeling are words that describe a few events in a few of your past lives. These events are not what is important about you. What is important to know is that your spiritual reality is a frequency signature. You are a beautiful star made of these frequency signatures of light and sound. When all of these frequency signatures are woven back together into their original starry spectacular for and magnificent harmonious symphony of Love, you become a star who is ready to co-create through Divine Mind any reality that you desire.
The true ACOUshic Records which are within the memory of the Music of the Spheres Crystal Caves of Inner Earth will be breathed and sung back into your Consciousness and into the Atmosphere of Earth beginning in early 2013. It is the goal of the Elohim Angels to have you all prepared to hear your frequencies and align your Consciousness into your original frequency of HOME between 2013 and 2017. This has been the plan for over 500 million years. There have been several attempts of this ascension event; but, this time it is guaranteed.
The reason that it will be different this time is because there will be enough of you on Earth that understand what is taking place in your Consciousness and in your bodies to go with the flow and to not be seduced by fear. What will make the greatest difference is the amount of people who have chosen to get their Individualized ETERNAL LIFE MP3, which includes their frequencies of their entire Music of the Spheres Consciousness. This is the key to opening the doors of the records of our immortality.


It is time to wake up and get plugged into the Consciousness of your Higher Selves. This Consciousness can be felt through the Breath of the Frequency Signatures of these spiritual twins. It is time to take some discernment lessons of frequencies because there will be a continued attempt to trap you through lowered frequencies and inaudible frequencies.

If you can’t tell the difference between a low frequency of consciousness and a high frequency of consciousness, it is recommended that you begin with the Ascension Kit and practice listening until you gradually see how everything else in the world is a little lower. And the more you listen you will realize that the world around you seems to get a little lower each day. Finally, you will realize that you are floating so high above the rest of the world that you just don’t want anything in it any longer.

The frequencies in the Super Frequency Kit contain the frequency signatures of the planetary alignments, galactic alignments, star alignments and all realignments of all dimensions within the Universal and Cosmic Structures that our Individual Cosmic Structures are a part of. These are the frequencies of the Mass Ascension at all levels of the Music of the Spheres- sphere one, sphere two, sphere three, sphere four and sphere five woven into the Oneness of the Omniversal Consciousness.

When I send your Eternal Life Album, there will be 12 -16 sections, plus about ten minutes of pure AURORA FLAME energy – Cosmic Crystal Liquid Light- The Flame of Source Creation Energy. Each section focuses on one part of the complete alignment into SOURCE. The focus is always Source. We must align every cell through the micro omnions of Source and weave every particle into the Source Frequencies in all fifteen spheres of the Matrix. The Sun, is in a way, the creator of the Universe, because the Sun holds the IDEA of Source in the form of he Plasma that holds the crystal liquid light of Source. Each form of creation – Cosmic, Universe, Galaxy, Solar, Planet or Person is aways made from the original divine blue print template of Source. That template is manifest simultaneously in millions of density levels. The Sun holds the template in the form of Plasma and creates Light Bodies. However, the reality that all forms of density allow all to become One, allows us in Reality – to live within the Sun. This is why we think of the Sun as our Creator. The Sun holds our individual templates that were made by Source. However, our frequency signatures and divine templates must always flow into our planetary matrix through the suns matrix. So, this is why the Sun is thought of as the Creator. We haven’t experienced this reality of living inside of the Sun yet, because our Matrix was destroyed. Now, it is being re-created in its divine template once again.

One of the objectives of the frequencies, which they naturally do themselves, when the breaths are from Source, is to realign the base tone rhythms within the entire time matrix. This process of rhythmic alignment of the Earth into the New Earth greatly affects the rhythm of body, which must always stay in rhythm and in tune with the Planetary Matrix that it moves within.

Please always keep in mind this rhythmic pattern that you will learn to hear with practice. The rhythm is within the breaths themselves. When I breathe from Source and record layers of those breaths and then breathe from Cosmic Consciousness and record layers of those breaths, there is a rhythmic pattern appearing within the breaths. When I breathe the Universal and Galactic frequencies there is another rhythmic pattern. Each time I record more frequencies, I always resaturate them with Source Frequencies to repattern the rhythms and the frequencies into absolute ATUNEMENT with the Crystal Light Frequencies of Source Consciosuness.

1. Feel the plasma flame surrounding the body and penatrating every cell in the body

2. Listen to the frequencies and feel the overall pull into the atunement with the highest frequency of Source.

The base tones are created by layering all 15 spheres of the Music of the Spheres. Each of these spheres is filtered through the Breath of Source to create a brand new time matrix–Cosmic Time Matrix.

Each breath, each frequency contains the light and the sound – the radial atomic light that oscillates at the highest spin rate and the sound that vibrates at the highest frequency. The sound is the idea and breath of Source and the Sound is the resonation field activating the idea into manifestation.

The saturation of the Source Frequencies causes the entire rainbow of the 15 spheres of light and sound to burst into a flame and create a new set of spheres within a new cosmic matrix. This is the same process that the body goes through when it turns into light and reappears a nano second later as a brand new form. This rebirth process happens every nano second. The body will just keep reappearing to look the same as it did before, until the new frequencies of transformation are realigned into the body.

The process of the Individual Eternal Life album is to alter the entire cellular structure from the inside out as well as the Light Body and Crystal Body and Etheric Bodies which contain the Radial Body, which is the sphere of energy that is like an atomic mirror surrounding the body. That atomic mirror is also being transformmed into the original 12 coded divine blue print that allows the new body imprint to be seen as the new reality around the body. That reality is projected from the mid brain projector creating reality through the pineal gland.

So, much of the work I do on the Eternal Life Album is the restructuring of the mid brain through activation of the God Seed Atom within the Thymus that will burst into a cloud of crystal plasma dust and activate the streaming of crystal liquid light directing from Source Consciousness. This allows the MIND OF GOD to be reconnected into the mid brain for the beginning of co-creating through frequencies of light and sound.

Number 2.
Breaths for clearing all miasms from physical and etheric bodies that are blocking the flow of the 12 subharmonics into the physical body.

Number 3. Weaving the spark of Light of original creation breath of UMA UN ( meaning the Illuminated Body from the Spark of Source Consciousness) into the AUM Breath (meaning the Return to Oneness with Source).

Number 4. Deep clearing through an almost complete silence with pure white light breaths. So pure they  become atuned into Oneness. Listen deep within to the silence of clear clean stream of atunement with the Crystal Liquid Light Flow from Source into the Mid Brain, the Crystal Heart and into every cell of the body.

Number 5. Spinning your Merkaba The Merkaba made of two traingles is the symbol of the Frequency of Source spinning in Oneness with its creation. The three pointed triangle pointed up and the three pointed triangle pointed down. One layer is black which represents the 11 dimension and one is white – the 12th dimension. Together they represent the silver seed atom meaning the oneness with Source. So, there are two layers of the triangle on top and two layers on the bottom. That is three points over three points on top for six points and three points over three points on the bottom for six points. In reality the merkaba will appear three dimensional not two dimensional meaning one side is pointing forward and one side is sideways. This creates a triveca merkaba that allows us to move up and down as well as sideways. We must be able to move side ways to enter Inner Earth.

The top half of the merkaba always spins clockwise and it spins at 33 1/3 ratio. The bottom half of the merkaba always spins counter clockwise and it spins at 11 2/3 ration. The spin rate creates the 45 degree repositioning of the body within the 360 sphere of creation. We always spin a sphere around the merkaba at the clockwise spin to represent this 360 sphere that our merkaba spins within. This is the true sacred geometry of the Christ Mathematical Frequency that realigns us into the 12 coded blueprint.
The first Merkaba is 27 radius from the center of the body, creating a 54 inch radius.
The second Merkaba is ten foot radius. The third is a sixty foot radius and the fourth is a one hundred foot radius.
The third merkaba is the Cosmic Merkaba that keeps us firmly in alignment with the planetary cosmic balance and prepares for slide into inner earth. The fourth Merkaba takes us clear into Source and allows us to float in the Aurora Fields as we prepare to walk through the star gates.

Number 6
Bringing the light frequencies out from the etheric body and into the skin and then out to about two inches around the body to create the shinning around the skin. Activating the density one – subconscious atomic light mirror and the density two sound frequency field to resonate into manifestation the mirror of light.

Number 7
Absorbing complete template of the body Coushic Body. The body is floating in a Cosmic Tear Drop. Activating the Akashic Flame in the Pineal Gland and Activating the God template within pineal, thymus, solar plexus into the tail bone which is the 15th chakra and then streaming up the spine into the medulla oblangota at the top of the spin and into the God Seed Atom within the Thymus and up into the mid brain.

Number 8
Connecting crystal heart, which is the Soul Center – the 8th chakra- deep within the Thymus. Connecting into the Pineal Gland to reconnect Super Conscious Mind of 4,5,6 into subconscious and ego in 1,2,3 in order to deactivate the EGO and allow Super Consciousness to guide through frequency specific atunement.

Number 9
Creating Continuous EiRA flows (Crystal Liquid Light directly from the Mind of God) into Frequency Specific Communication with Higher Self- Soul and Over Soul and eventually Avatar Self.
Focus on Seed Atom in etheric part of Thymus. Create a cloud of Plasma, and watch the cloud grow larger and larger until it surrounds the entire chest and head area. Beathe in the frequencies and exhale into the plasma cloud until you feel your head area within the Soul connecting your Mind into Communication with Soul and Over Soul- dimensions 4,5,6, 7.8.9.

Number 10
Awakening connection to Aquarius Matirx. Aquararian Elementals brgin swinning throug hliquid light within DNA to create streams of communication to activate the 12 subharmonics within chakras 1-5 to create continuous communciation and activate light fields of perception,

Number 11
Breathe the new frequencies into the Light Body and imagine or watch the Body become lighter and ligher until it begins to levitate. Imagine changing the frequencies into a new standing wave pattern that has no gravity.

Number 12
Cosmic Merkaba extends out to 54 feet around the body. Places Consciousness into the Cosmic Matrix of Eternal Time. The Body Template is completely aligned into the 12 dimensional Krist Grids of the Earth’s Divine Template and with the Inner Earth’s Comsic Tempalte.

Number 13 The Frequencies connect to tthe Aurora field which allows consciousnes to walk throug hte star gates of Inner Earth and  step completely out of this time matrix.

Feel the plasma flame surrounding the body and penatrating every cell in the body

Number 14 and beyond
Make a mini me version of yourself that is small enough to hold in your hands. Visualize it very clearly, take some time to visualize and feel every feature of your face until you know you are present.
Allow all of the frequencies from the Flames of Source Consciousness fill every cell in your body. Now inhale all of those frequencies into your heart chakra area and then exhale down your arms and into the palms of your hands.

See a flame coming out of your palms.
Place the mini me version of yourslef in your palms. See that mini me become wrapped in those FLAMES. The flames contain the complete MIND OF GOD, the COMPLETE BLUE PRINT OF MAN, the Original Flame of Creation that created the original perfect divine template called man.

Watch your mini me transform into any likeness you would like it to be. It can be younger, healthier, more energetic, healed, perfect, whole, complete, genius, wealthy, ready to orb, levitate or become invisible.

Whatever you can clearly visualize your mini me doing, your body will do the same. You are the creator now.

Help Is On The Way – Sacred Ascension Merkaba Blog


vSacred Ascension Merkaba Blog

Greetings dear ones, greetings dearly beloved children of light and love and the universal energies of this delightful reality. I am here to speak with you now about a new chapter a new beginning for all of you, a new beginning for the planet of GAIA and the universe as a whole.

Ready be children of light for the help is on the way, help is on the way in the form of radiant energies of light and love, in the form of the violet light and etheric blue healing energies of love and light.

Yes indeed dear children of light, I have come to you to assist you, to assist you in the grand event that is about to occur on your planet, I am that which you all have been waiting for,  I return, I return as the star in the night sky that brightly shines above you as you gaze into the night. I return as your neighbor, I return as your friend, I return as your lover, for I live within each and every one of you, for I am, your – I AM PRESENCE. And I am here to assist you your mission of bringing the children back home to me, back home to themselves, back home to their true selves and their true identities.

For there is no separation between you and me, for there is no separation between us, and there have never been , for we are all one , one and the same, and yet you are each a spark of infinite blessings, a spark of infinite universal knowledge. I am your guardian angel, I am your guide, I am your companion. For when you look into your own eyes, and when you look into your own being, you see me. For I am you and you are me. I am your creation as you are mine. I am the ascended master that has walked this earth and will continue to do so, but this time through all of you, for I am your universal presence, I am the source.

I send to you now the help the assistance that you all have been waiting for  in the form light, and love, and I ask your other self – AA Raphael to guide you through the next 56 hours of your earthly times in order to illuminate the way for you to find your I AM PRESENCE and to help those around you to do the same.

Call upon AA Raphael, call upon a deity of your choice, call upon the presence of your being, for it matters not, for we are all one and the same, the same and one. And once you call upon the higher powers that be, You will instantly be encompassed and uplifted by the loving energies of the Violet & Blue radiant healing frequencies of eternal health and well being. I ask you now to call upon Raphael, for he will come to your assistance, and he will illuminate the way for your further progression on the journey of your IA M presence and the journey of all children of planet GAIA. For when this energy enters your being you shall carry this frequency with you wherever you go and spread this healing energy to one and all, to all and one.

I am the source. I am your Mother/Father god. I am your “I am presence”.  I love you. I am with you. Never goodbye, for I am with you always!

Personal Note: In order to get the new energies, you do not need to do anything, simply think that you wish for this upgrade to take place, and ask whomever you feel most comfortable with. IT doesn’t have to be AA Raphael, it can be anyone you feel most close to. But you must have the intention of receiving this upgrade, you need to just put this into the universe that you are ready to receive this healing energy. THAT IS ALL!e,


Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. Visit the blog for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery. Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL – http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

MaitreyaSangha – Dharma – A Relationship with God

MaitreyaSangha·42 videos

Gaia Portal – Ascension Energies – Simultaneous Messaging is Proceeding at this Time


July 2, 2013

Simultaneous messaging is proceeding at all perceptible levels at this time in Hue-manity evolution. Master codes are being downloaded among numerous individual Hue-Beings at identical coordinates in the ‘time’ illusion domain. This is to allow next steps in the New Gaia Ascension Paradigm to proceed.

Those aligned with this Paradigm may feel a sense of multiplicity of pathways unfolding at the same moment. Yet this is simply a multiple D level unfoldment of the New Gaia Ascension Paradigm.

Worded explanations suffice not for this process, but those aligned with it will understand the Higher Purpose. And movement follows swiftly.

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Transcending the Themes of Consciousness: The Mind and ‘Co-Creation’ (Part 3)

The Liberated Lotus


The following are excerpts taken from The Liberated Lotus: Awakening Eternal Happiness regarding the nature of the mind, transcending the sophisticated intellectual and spiritual ego, and letting go of attachment to ‘co-creation’.

How are we to comprehend this idea that the mind is impersonal and not an independent identity reflecting true reality?

     By realizing that all of the mind’s projections, editorializing, judgments, and sense of being ‘real’ as an independent existing entity are the illusion. Absolutely everything the mind ‘thinks’ is not coming from any personal-self identity but rather from a limited perspective and degree of awareness and is impersonal. At any given moment the mind is infinitely limited due to its inherently, flawed perceptual viewpoint. The mind is a pawn and a function of consciousness to communicate rather than an actual dualistic identity. There is no ‘thinker’ of thoughts.

    The mind is not personal…

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