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Soul Dancing

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soul dances
fiery promises
sending love music
into the Universe

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The Magic of Trees

The Shift Has Hit The Fan

“What riches, what a blessing trees are! Particularly if you can sense that all that solid, compact matter is in fact condensed light. Yes, trunks, branches and foliage all feed on light and are condensed sunlight. How could we not be filled with wonder at the thought that the sun’s love is there in abundance? And trees are also our benefactors, as they purify the atmosphere with the oxygen they release, so those who live near a forest are truly privileged. A forest is a place naturally full of presences. As soon as I begin to walk through the trees, I sense presences. And so I speak to them. I know how to address them, how to commune with their soul, and they understand me. These trees are all inhabited, and humans would be happier if they were aware of this and tried to establish real relationships with them. What is an oak? What is a fir tree? What is a eucalyptus? You have…

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Kundalini: Bliss Field

Awakening Journey


As I progress during my emotional healing and ascension work, I have found that with each progression of my work, I have experienced a change in my energy field.  With my recent completion of the stages of my grief and loss from my past emotional history, my Kundalini energy is calm and quiet and during periods of relaxation, I feel my bliss field where my energy is flowing smoothly through my chakras and energy body.

As we clear the emotional blockages within our energy body, we begin to feel our energy flowing more fluidly through our energy field.  With the removal of blockages in my heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras through my emotional release practice, my energy within my energy field begins to flow with ease.  If you wish to try my “Emotional Release Practice,” please see this tab on my Blogsite homepage.

The result is feeling more…

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Sunyata – The Shore Beyond

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Archangel Michael – Love is the Natural State – October-2013

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