Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation – Prepare yourselves – The day of reckoning approaches! – 7-10-18


Salamat Jalwa (be in righteousness) We return to speak with you about many events unfolding around your globe. Your world is caught in a war between good and evil. For 13 millennia, the dark cabal has been in control of your planet. With the new strategies we have provided our Earth allies, now called the Alliance, the tides have turned: the dark is losing its power while the Alliance continues to gain momentum. All the dark cabal has left is the ability to cause vexing delays, which soon will cease as well. The dark is in serious difficulty because it is running out of ways to delude the masses. The Alliance, gradually and at its own pace, is bringing about extraordinary alterations in the world.

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We have shared with the Alliance one of our successful strategies, which we refer to as Fluid Group Dynamics. This strategy tends to confuse the cabal because their style of operation is more static. The Alliance is now using this fluid method to resolve all the problems confronting your world. When each individual’s talents are applied to a particular problem, group leaders change constantly, depending upon the areas of expertise required. Now, as the egotistic cabal faces their demise, they are beginning to turn on one another. Because Fluid Dynamics is not based on the ego, group members are able to work cooperatively. Increasing successes are confirming the efficacy of this strategy.

Changes to government, to the global banking and currency network, to world peace and to the world’s economic systems are merely the early stages in manifesting your prophesied galactic society. The unveiling of suppressed technologies will provide impetus to the paradigm shift that is in progress. These new technologies will supply the means for Gaia’s restoration, which will include clean air, clean water, fertile soil. You, also, will reap the benefits of restored health from vibrational technology, anti-gravity transportation, teleportation, telepathy and a host of other astounding and life-altering innovations. When we arrive on your shores, we will bring even more thrilling technologies.

The energies that emanate from the Galactic core are awakening the people of Gaia. This global consciousness awakening is what the cabal fears the most. The volume of energy pouring in from the throne of the Creator is immeasurable! As these new frequencies become integrated and anchored in Gaia’s new consciousness grid, lies and greed can no longer hold sway. Truth is emerging into the Light for all to see. Some of these truths will unhinge the public. They are the uglier side of what the cabal has created throughout the centuries. This is a time when the Starseeds and Lightworkers are called upon to help. Your understanding of the ascension process will be vastly needed to calm the masses. Prepare yourselves. The day of reckoning approaches!

Greetings. We are your Ascended Masters. A new realm is dawning. We ask you to remain patient since an imponderable number of marvelous events is being readied to be revealed. We thank Heaven for what is about to be born! A most gracious blessing is being bestowed upon us all. You must often feel that what you have been working for is farther away than it actually is. That, in 3-D terms, the life manifesting before you is a fact when, in actuality, it is pure illusion. Often it can seem as if your promised prosperity and world peace are never going to manifest. We are here to tell you that they are closer than they appear in the light of unfolding world events.

The cabal is reeling from the consciousness growth anchored by Gaia’s people into the new energy grid of Light. It has assumed a momentum that ensures its Victory. We descended from the bliss of full consciousness into a realm beset by horrors. Despite this adversity/unfavorable turn, the Anunnaki and their minions failed to obliterate our most sacred thoughts. We retained our memories. Our divine service as Ascended Masters has always been to grant you mercy and succor from the depredations of the dark.

Over the past few decades, you have watched your lives held seemingly in limbo, as those who work for the Light sought how best to restore the right and natural order of this realm. A plan exists to restore the old ways of Lemuria and make rubble of the tyranny employed by the cabal that has kept you enslaved for millennia. It is to merge all of you into the greater community of Love, Light and mutual caring! It is destined to bring you closer to understanding the glorious realm of your desire, to helping others and to attaining the joy of inner achievements. To that end, you are to expand in consciousness and grow in grace. Hosanna in the highest!!!

Today, we brought you another message about what is developing on your world. You are on the verge of things that, on one level, are deeply longed for but that, on another, will be truly shocking to many. Rejoice in the knowledge that the grand plan of Heaven is unfolding around you! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization



Self as World and World as Self – The Eureka Effect of Inter-connectedness – By Gary Z McGee – 7-14-18 – by Fractal Enlightenment



“Something happens to you when you begin to think about this planet as a single living organism. And when you begin to live in that awareness, nothing is ever again quite the same. Nothing can be the same after that. Nations began to look like people to me, like familiar friends. The distinctions between religion, biology, and politics began to blur. I began to wonder why I had always assumed that human thought was the only kind of thought—as if nature would be content with a single species of flower, or just one kind of tree.” ~ Ken Carey

Here’s the tragedy of our times, down and dirty: We are hostages of a system that compels us to continue destroying the world in order to live in it. We’re hostages –and we have made a hostage of the world in turn. It’s cut and dry structural violence. We’re all victims of being conditioned and brainwashed by a hyper-violent culture which does not work well for healthy human beings, and definitely doesn’t work well for the biotic community.

I know you don’t want to hear it. I know it hurts that such is the case. But hear it we must, lest apathy reign supreme and we continue allowing important information go in one ear and out the other. Feel it we must, lest we continue drowning in pandemic Stockholm syndrome. It’s all so deliciously absurd; the illogical irony of our time. The shackles are comfortable. The noose makes us feel safe.

The leash allows us just enough room to feel free. The threats from the powers that be keep us codependent and obedient, baying like sheep in a farmyard. But the stakes are too high to continue remaining ignorant and myopic. It’s not only the health of the environment that’s at risk, but the health of our species as well.

As Terence Mckenna said, “If a radical political alternative is not opened up, then I think we are essentially going to amuse ourselves into extinction. Business as usual at this point is a death sentence on the human race.”

As it stands, business as usual has no business in a healthy world. Something’s got to give. And it begins with our overall perspective, our general disposition, and our basic worldview. It’s time to actually think outside of the box that we all claim to be thinking outside of.

The box is poisoned and polluted, both figuratively and literally. The box is clogging our oceans with plastic and poisoning our air with carbon monoxide. It matters not at all if this is causing climate change or not. What matters is that it is fundamentally unhealthy to every single species that drinks water and breathes air. Bottom line!gaia2

So what can we do? How do we maneuver through the muck and mire of a fundamentally unsustainable system that’s the only thing we’ve ever known? We flip the script. We turn the tables. We redefine what it means to be a human being living on planet earth. We transform doubt into epiphany into revelation.

We overcome the weltanschauung. We make worldview and self-view an interchangeable concept, a harmonious union. It’s practicing Namaste not only with each other, but with the entire planet. Earthmaste: The divinity in me recognizes and honors the divinity in the planet. It’s personalizing the Gaia Principle. Self-as-world and World-as-self. Eureka!

Can it be so simple? Yes and no. To be truly harmonious and healthy is both very easy and very hard. It’s hard because we have the tendency to avoid the horror of our enslavement to this unhealthy system of human governance. It’s just too painful to see it and feel it directly. So we dance around the perpetual violence of the vampiric system because we fear the law, the state, the military, and mostly the ignorant masses still married to a dog-eat-dog system.

But we can only be kept ignorant for so long. We live in the age of information, after all. The fruit is easily plucked from the Tree of Knowledge. There are a million-and-one alarm clocks blaring: Wake up! Smell the vanishing roses. Smell the oil spill. Smell the ambergris of too-many beached whales. Smell the rotting flesh of species dying at record speeds. Take a big whiff. Our sense of smell is the best way to remember things. And the error of our ways should not be forgotten, lest future generations make the same mistakes.





Published on Jul 9, 2018

MIKE QUINSEY – Channeling his Higher Self – 7-13-18




You have noted for some considerable period that time has speeded up and continues to do so. It is a positive indication of a continuing change upon Earth, and as the vibrations increase you enter further into a new area of Spaced it will continue to be your ongoing experience. With the uplifting of vibrations also comes a more peaceful existence with less negativity and much more harmony between all living creatures. You have already seen examples amongst animals with the most unlikely friendships, and it is truly an example of the biblical story of the “Lion lying down with the Lamb”. So what does it signify, as surely it must be a lifting up of the vibrations bringing about more harmony and peace upon Earth.

Many of you know that you are ready to take your place within the higher vibrations, and are already ones who radiate love to all life forms, regardless of their historical place with Humanity. Furthermore, you are also aware that you have the power to bring peace to situations where confrontation is taking place, as even your very presence can help bring peace to them. Slowly others will find that stillness from inside and become a calming influence when all around may be in a state of turmoil. It is already happening and still growing, and as it becomes more far reaching there will be a greater emphasis on creating peaceful relationships and situations at all levels.

At long last belief systems are coming around to believing that life abounds in the Universe, and even at your lower vibrational level. Earth has been considered as something of a nursery where life can be experienced and grow with little outside help. Nevertheless, your activities have still been closely monitored so that the plan for your evolution can be carried forward, without interference from other sources. Having been given freewill to experience according to your desires, apart from guiding you along a preordained path you have had absolute freedom. It has been known that eventually you would find your way home, and your success in connection with the last cycle has entitled you to move into an area of higher vibrations, which is what you are doing now. It is difficult to leave old habits behind but that you must do and focus your attention upon all that is new as much is being offered to you that will hasten your full arrival into the New Age. There is much that awaits you, but first you must bring peace to Mother Earth and all upon her. Be assured it is breaking out in the animal kingdom, resulting in the most unusual friendships that could not have come about just a short time ago. Can you now see how powerful the new vibrations are and yet the new beginnings have only just commenced.

Regardless of what other groups do to hold onto the old ways of service to self, it will become difficult to maintain, and eventually becomes impossible. Their future will lay with the continuation of their path on another Earth that has been prepared for them, with a level of vibrations that will be suitable for their continued evolution. As has been previously indicated, you cannot reside in a particular level of vibration unless you are of a similar one yourself, as you would feel uncomfortable in a higher level than your own vibrations, and in any event you need to progress through uplifting yourselves from experience. Many ask “how can that be” and the simple answer will always be through learning how to spread Universal Love through your thoughts, actions and speech until it becomes your way of life.

The transition from life on Earth to leaving it in your ethereal body has intrigued people as they are not sure as to what actually happens. So having found the following extract from a Metraton message, I feel it would be of immense interest:

“What happens when you die”

‘Death is not a fearful experience to dread. What you term as ‘Death’ is a rebirth into your greater reality and in many ways is quite an exquisite beautiful awakening. In truth, birth into the physical realm is far more traumatic than the return to the ‘angelic realm’. Indeed the passing from physical may be appropriately described as ‘coming home’.

‘Dear Human, death can, in many cases, occur in a graduated process. For those that pass over at the end of an illness, the passing process will often occur in an intermittent lapsing, a fragmented, staged transfer of consciousness, in which transits out of and back into the physical body may ensue for a period of a few days before the final exit. In these graduated processes of passing the person is in a heightened state and will often see angels, guides and loved ones who have already passed over. ‘

‘There is nothing to fear. The only fear of death is with the living. Most of you will immediately realize the transition of your passing. You will be quite delighted to realize you are still conscious, even though dead in physical terms. Many of you will be overjoyed to comprehend that you are still ‘you’. Your inner narrator and observer of experience will be the same one you had in the recently completed physical sojourn. You will retain the full cognizance of your lifetime, and these memories will be focal and immediately accessible for a period of time. You will be able to communicate with others that were important in the completed lifetime.’

‘Now, there are rare circumstances in which one may die in a sudden unexpected circumstance such as an accident in which death occurs so abruptly that there is a very brief period of confusion. However this is infrequent and there are ‘guides’ on the other side, specialized in this service, and available to assist you in understanding what is occurring.’

‘So Masters, be aware that there are indeed guides to help each of you fully understand your situation in passing. Most of you will enter into the afterlife realm in clarity. And when one enters without disorientation, they are very often greeted by family and friends who have passed over before you. There is a sense of comfort and a euphoric recognition of this realm that exudes a sense of wellbeing.’

‘Rest in Peace, as is shown on many tombstones, is something of a humorous misunderstanding. The ‘other side’ is extremely active ! You will be able to rest, if rest is desired or required. The resting phase is one of great expansion in which an ambience of ecstasy occurs. Often there is a feeling of floating in a field of bright white light lined with extraordinary vivid colours. In this phase you will be in a blissful state and adapt more easily into the understanding of the separation that has occurred. But you will still be able to focus thought to the Earth plane. You will discover that thought takes you quickly to whomever and wherever you focus. ‘

‘You may visit with friends and relatives, revisit the past, greet childhood friends and travel seamlessly through space and time. You may revisit your childhood; view yourself as a young child surrounded by family at Christmas, or walk down the halls of your high school as it existed decades earlier. You will realize that there is no ‘time-lag’ between the manifestation of any idea or thought and its initial conception, as there is in physical life. You will delightfully explore these ‘dream-like’ phenomena, but in a very real validity in extremely clear lucidity.’

‘There are ways to become familiar with the realities and dimensions of the afterlife while you are living on the earth-plane. There are also advanced ‘trainings’ available on the ‘other -side’ as you grow in light quotient and complete the ‘Earth-Cycle’.


I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light



How Trees Help Create the Fresh Water Supply – via A Tree A Day – 9-1-16


Published on Sep 1, 2016

Learn more at http://www.trilliontreescampaign.org Trees and forests play a key role in producing the planet’s fresh water supply, by both creating and attracting clouds, and by guiding rainwater into rivers, lakes and the underground water table. Restoring currently damaged land with tree planting is the most effective way to secure a continual supply of water for drinking, agriculture, and to support all life. Here are 4 major ways that trees manage the water cycle: 1. Trees Add Moisture to the Air and Create Clouds Trees draw water up from their roots all the way to their leaves where it becomes water vapor and is exhaled into the air. At the same time, the trees leaves release friendly bacteria that trigger the airborne water vapor to cluster together, forming clouds. These clouds also attract higher clouds in the sky that would have otherwise passed over these regions, combining with them to bring additional rain to the forest. This process circulates water from deep underground, into the air, and back down to the earth. 2. Trees Also Slow Rainfall Rain falls to the ground quickly. Without trees or other plants, it rapidly runs into the rivers taking topsoil with it, reducing an area’s fertility while increasing flooding, landslides and erosion. When rain falls on a forest, the leaves and needles of the trees slow the raindrops down dramatically, gently bringing the rain down to the forest floor. 3. Trees Help Soak the Water Into the Ground The rainfall on the forest floor then soaks into the top layer of soil, which the trees have helped to make healthy and absorbent. The water captured by this spongy soil gradually filters down through channels created by the tree’s roots and soil organisms, into the underground waterways of the water table. From here gravity continues to draw the water through the earth until it emerges as a spring that feeds streams and rivers, or until it is drawn up from the ground through wells. 4. Trees Keep Rivers and Streams Cool and Protected As the rivers and streams make their way to the sea, the shade provided by the surrounding trees keeps the water from evaporating too quickly, allowing the rivers to flow more abundantly, which enhances the value of the river to all surrounding life. The roots of the trees also hold the riverbanks together, reducing erosion and holding the integrity of the ecosystem in tact. When It Comes to Fresh Water, Trees and Forests Are Our Greatest Ally With freshwater for drinking and agriculture running out in places across the world, and droughts becoming more common each year, the A Tree a Day campaign sees large-scale tree planting as being the world’s most affordable, practical, and multi-benefit opportunity to effectively bring trillions of gallons of rainwater back into the freshwater system each year. That’s why we are asking you, and everyone you know, to take two simple steps towards making this a reality. First, fund the planting of A Tree a Day for just $3 a month. Next, take the ‘30 Day Tree Challenge’ and inspire two of your friends to do the same within 30 days. This creates a domino effect of participation that has the potential to reach over 300 million people in the next 3 years. This is enough people helping to plant trees to restore the degraded lands of the earth back to healthy ecosystems – ensuring a fresh water supply for generations to come.



The Seven Symptoms of every Solar Eclipse – By The Alchemist – 7-12-18 – via Magical Recipes Online

The Seven Symptoms of every Solar Eclipse


I‘m pretty sure you’ve already learned so much about the Magic of each Eclipse and how does it affect you. It goes without saying that for us, the Magical Community, each Eclipse is a chance for tremendous spiritual power. We actually schedule many magical rituals with friends in Qooest.com and we are looking forward to see more participate! No matter what aspects do the eclipses form – like Today’s Eclipse, you should know that – magically speaking – the effect of the Solar Eclipse is pretty standard.

Effects of Eclipses

Obviously, the Scientific Community, denies any kind of paranormal effect from the Eclipses. However, there have been detected weird ‘effects’ of Eclipses on the animal kingdom which you can actually check out here. Moreover, NASA confirms ‘profound psychological effects’ of the eclipses, which may lead to actual events in a form of massive hysteria.

On the other hand, for the astrologers, alchemists and witches, the Solar Eclipse produces some form of explosive energy which influences us in a very obvious way. These are actually the Seven Symptoms of each Solar Eclipse.

Seven Symptoms of a Solar Eclipse

This is what you should expect when each solar eclipse comes!

NOTE: You should always check with your medical doctor if you experience symptoms that affect your health.

1. Sleeping Deprivation

It is widely accepted that in each Solar Eclipse, troubles occur during sleeping time. We feel like something inside of us has been awakened, or more accurately… is afraid to sleep!

The absence of Solar Light – even if we can’t see it – produces a primitive sense of insecurity. This profound feeling is so strong that affects our sleeping circle. Insomnia, nightmares or (on the contrary) feeling extremely sleepy are some of the possible ‘symptoms‘. Sleep Paralysis is more often around the days of the Eclipse! Magical Power acts like a bait for the dark forces.

Moreover, it is believed that dreams which are ‘presented’ in the night (or the day) of the Solar Eclipse are actually extremely potent omens.

2. Feeling Anxious

This may also be a result of the sleeping deprivation, but the Solar Eclipse radiates so much energy that only few of us can handle. They say that only the Wise Ones can deal with so much energy. Therefore, we get anxious and not able to keep calm. In result, this can actually push our body to the limits and result to health issues.

3. Feeling Embattled

The Primitive instincts which are awakened are sensing an upcoming danger. Therefore, we are ready to fight as if we are in the middle of an invisible war. Maybe that’s because during the Sunlight’s absence, dark forces can target us. It’s documented, that most ancient civilizations believed that a Solar Eclipse means that evil is approaching or – even worse – that is already hear.

4. Accidents

During a Solar Eclipse, our focus is deeply affected as if our mind does not work like the other days. This makes us prone to all kinds of accidents. Therefore, we need to be more careful and if needed proceed slower than usual.

5. Feeling Exhausted

Eclipses are believed to effect our vital energy prompting a ‘hard reset’ for our body. It feels that we are tired and need to sleep more – although we want actually get enough no matter how long we stay in bed.

6. A Feeling in your Guts!

It is known that Witches and ancient priests and priestesses performed some kind of fasting during the Solar Eclipses. Why?

Because a Solar Eclipse is traditionally linked with troubles with our digestive system causing indigestion or stomachache or other belly related issues. It probably has to do with our energy intake and how our body processes these amounts.

7. Weird Vision

One of the most common symptoms related with the Solar Eclipse is trouble with our eyes probably because are commonly injured after looking directly at the Eclipse. NEVER EVER look at the Sun directly.

However, it seems that even if you don’t look at the sun directly, or it’s cloudy, or you are ‘locked’ in your work and you don’t even have the chance to go out, you feel something weird happening with your vision. You feel that what you are looking at is not as real as it was. You don’t feel familiar with your own eyes as if they are not yours anymore. Do you feel it today?

Do you Feel these Symptoms?



LISA RENEE – Subconscious Programming – 7-13-18 – via Rose Rambles dot org



Dear Cynthia,

As many are probably experiencing, the shift into the next harmonic universe is bringing slow and steady changes to us all.  This is a time to stay flexible and relaxed, without expectations or a need to know.  With so much movement and change, the one thing we have control over is the direction and quality of our consciousness. Progressive planetary shifts are being mirrored in the human light body and catalyzing specific challenges for our collective human family.  The controllers are rolling out new forms of AI to try and thwart shifts in consciousness. For some this will be a time of personal growth, of getting to pieces you could not get to before and breaking through old patterns, for others a time of incredible expansion into new templates and embodiment potentials.  For all of us, this time of change requires taking special care to maintain calm and clarity, as we witness bubbles of chaos surface through the cracks of bifurcating realities.

Recently, major shifts commenced another stage of the planetary bifurcation and this greatly impacted the collective unconscious content in the lower fields that form the individual layers of subconscious mind in the human energy field. The collective unconscious or planetary subconscious body separated into different parts and this caused a routing of group consciousness to move in different directions. As a result, what appears as sudden exits and accidents in the outer world have been common. This event has been a stripping of the wheat from the chaff, a dissolution of obsolete 3D Subconscious Programming, like an invisible hand making a hard push from behind that is moving us along towards the future destiny path. In some cases, people may have awakened one day to feel an unexpected distance or wedge placed between themselves and others, an emotional flatness which may feel abrupt, uncomfortable and mystifying. The mirror of the subconscious mind contents is being reflected back to us everywhere.