DL ZETA – Experiencing Timeline and Identity Shifts – 10-17-15

DL ZetaDL ZETA   –   Experiencing Timeline and Identity Shifts  –   10-17-15

Many reality threads exist within the energetic field of each person’s life. At any given time, some threads exist as a close vibrational match to your existing reality thread, while others exist as more remote vibrational matches. The more remote matches have a lower probability of becoming your focus probability, but they are still possible futures already in existence. Threads of reality that are close vibrational matches to your present reality are considered future probabilities. This means there’s a strong likelihood you will shift to the timeline of this alternate reality.

Whatever your imagination brings you is a possible reality already residing within your field of possibilities. If it weren’t already a timeline in existence, you wouldn’t be thinking about it.

Change Opens the Door for Timeline Shifts

There are various ways people shift from one timeline to another. The person who adopts a healthy diet and exercise routine has shifted to a different timeline with a different set of future probabilities. The person who adopts a spiritual path is choosing a vibrational timeline of different resonance that can, in time, allow them to shift to very different timeline probabilities.

There are many small ways you shift to different threads of reality without noticing it. This is the case when you rearrange the furniture in your home or begin to travel a different route into town. Even the smallest variation in your daily routine has the ability to create energetic changes that can lead you to choose other timeline probabilities. When you create even a small change in your life, this creates new pathways in your consciousness that can effectively create a new “you.” Timeline changes grow from the different choices and behaviors of this new version of yourself.

The Menu of Timeline Shift Options

Many people change timelines only out of necessity, when there is a crisis or other unexpected event. In these cases, the timeline shift is not always one of their choosing. Still others remain in the same basic timeline for most of their lives, with little variation in reality threads. By contrast, there are lifetimes where a person undergoes so many reality shifts it seems they have lived many different lives within the same one. Many lightworkers experience this as they actively seek new spiritual understandings and access the timelines of past incarnations through communion with their higher self. In every case, the various lessons and shifts of a life are set forth prior to birth in counsel with the higher self and other guiding entities.

Consciously Choosing Reality Threads

As you gain awareness of the many threads of reality that exist within your field of possibilities, you can consciously choose the thread you wish to energize.

From a place of awareness, you can consciously choose a reality thread and begin to energize it with your focus, attention and action.

Even if a thread of reality does not seem very “probable” at the moment, you can begin to bring your focus and attention to that timeline. As long as you are willing to take action, and keep on taking action to create a reality shift, you will eventually make the shift.

When you shift to a thread that’s a close vibrational match to your present one, the change may be barely detectable; when you shift to a vibrationally different thread of possibility, it may suddenly seem you are living an entirely different life.

By working with timeline shifts, you can begin to create the self of your highest possible future, transforming your life at the quantum level.

Sources:For more on timelines, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta http://www.celestialvision.org/timeline-and-identity-shifts-e/
For more info, see http://www.celestialvision.org

Karen Doonan – Dissolving of Timelines and Removal of Distortion – 10-16-15

Karen Dover

Karen Doonan   –   Dissolving of timelines and removal of distortion   –   10-16-15


Within the old earth construct we are taught various concepts that work to contain and suppress the human life experience in TRUTH. The old earth construct is DESIGNED to be divisive, we are taught continuously how to divide and it is often presented as something that is the exact opposite. Whilst we divide our day into hours, minutes and seconds we filter out that we are DIVIDING, DEFINING and LABELING and in doing so are containing our life experience. For many who exist within the old earth construct the ability to move into and out of various “dimensional” timelines is taught as something to be explored and to be worked with. This hides in plain view the DIVISION that is part of the integral design of the old earth construct.

In TRUTH we are ONE energy that has incarnated into a human form except within the old earth construct we have NOT incarnated into one human form, we are ONE energy that has incarnated into millions of variations of human forms. Each timeline or what is often referenced as a “past life” is a DIVISION of our energy in TRUTH.  Where we exist in the old earth construct and have millions of different timelines and “past life” life times we are fragmented.  This fragmentation is celebrated and continually referenced by the old earth construct deliberately in order that the division is strengthened and we are kept deliberately divided in order to prevent our expansion and move into evolution in TRUTH.

I have blogged previously in relation to the expansion that occurs as part of the ascension to evolution process that sees us become WHOLE at a human waking level in order to then move into the phase that is now available to us which is the expansion OUT into the wider universe in TRUTH.  Whilst we exist in various dimensional timelines we are in SEPARATION and DIVISION and the energies that are now unfolding and pushing the frequency of the entire human race are dissolving these dimensional timelines in order that we can bring all of our energy into TRUTH, which is ONE timeline that is founded upon the frequency of the LOVE that IS which is the very fabric of all creation in TRUTH.

At this time there may be various symptoms that are being highlighted at a human physical level within the human race as the dissolving of the fragmentation begins.  Many people will have very vivid dream landscapes as our energy processes the fragmentation through our human vehicle. The resetting of the outer waking reality can only occur in TRUTH when all the dimensional “versions” of our energy are brought into our human vehicle, this sees patterns of behavior and “SOUL” contracts and “lessons” dissolved completely for these are not TRUTH, they are simply the reasons given in order to hide the division of the old earth construct DESIGN. It is this design that has kept the human race from evolution, continually re-incarnating over and over into these “timelines” was never for “lessons” it was simply part of the design of a construct which sought to prevent the evolution of a species.

Many will find this phase of the process extremely challenging as the dimensional timelines dissolve they are no longer available to reference from and as they dissolve the generational and ancestral patterning and “consciousness” that is created from this also dissolves. This sees the various false teachings of working with energy fully negated as the structure is no longer there from which to draw the information. This information of course was part of the integral design of the old earth construct again placed there in order to give the illusion of movement whilst hiding the division and fragmentation that it is in TRUTH.

View the old earth construct design akin to an armada of ships sailing on a sea, the focus always placed up what is ABOVE the sea, the boats themselves, what is hidden is the spaghetti or rope(s) that ties the boats together beneath the water. This prevents freedom of movement, it may look like you can sail one way but if you are tied to a few boats then you will be able to go so far and then no further.  This example is given in order to highlight the false teachings in relation to human relationships, incarnating over and over into the old earth construct produces are very close energetic bond with those who we have spent those different life times with. The false teachings that seek to teach of “twin flames” or “SOUL mates” are simply the result of lifetimes spent with the energies that continually share the human life experience with us. Therefore the energy that has taken human form and which you have spent the majority of your human life incarnations with as a spouse will show up as a “twin flame”, these energies meeting in a timeline will feel INTENSE attraction to one another and seem to have a deeper connection that any one else but this is simply the result of continually incarnating into a construct that prevents expansion and evolution.  It is akin to driving the same car for years and years and becoming so accustomed to the car that trying to drive any other car seems somehow “not right”.  This particular false teaching has tied the human race in knots and as it is not TRUTH is not supported on any level.

Freedom in TRUTH is just this, FREEDOM without any strings or hidden agendas, the old earth construct is by DESIGN illusion, division and deconstruction, in order to expand out of this then the distortion had to be dissolved in order that FREEDOM in TRUTH could even be reached. This is the reason that “5D” reality and living is simply another version of the old earth construct, it gives the illusion of a new reality but in TRUTH is simply a variation of a construct that was DESIGNED to fragment and separate.  Only TRUTH exists in the wider universe and only TRUTH is supported in the new earth frequency realities.

This is major expansion and will see various miracles unfold as family “patterning” is dissolved allowing for healing to begin where “historically” there has been division and separation.  This dissolves ALL of human “history” in order that the human race can move into expansion and into full evolution of species in TRUTH.

Many at this time will find the outer waking reality challenging as the outer waking reality resets itself, there may be various “glitches” which are in TRUTH simply resets as the human logical mind will try to default to the patterns taught and re-enforced within the old earth construct.  It is akin to walking along a road that dissolves with each step that we take, there is in TRUTH nothing to turn back to, it is expansion in TRUTH at all moments, as it is TRUTH then the heart space will begin to open as part of the expansion into evolution is to move from the mind centered living of the old earth construct into heart centered EXPERIENCE at a physical waking level.

We are asked at this time to honor our human vehicle which may require more sleep and rest than we have allowed it. The processing of frequencies is much easier on the human vehicle when we are in what is referenced as sleep. The resetting of the outer waking reality is easier coped with after a period of rest, in extreme cases where a human being chooses to try to circumvent or ignore the process then the fracturing of their outer waking reality may occur so there may be an increase in what is termed “psychotic” episodes within the general population as those who try to maintain control over the outer waking life as per the teachings of the old earth find that the teachings simply dissolve into thin air. Evolution is expansion and expansion is moving into new ways of living and being.

We are fully supported at all moments of all moments and this vast expansion is being put in place in order to expand the human life experience, there may be many who choose to label it some sort of destruction of the human race and there will be scenarios presented by the dissolving old earth construct that seek to teach destruction of the entire human race and the end of the world. This is simply the dissolving of a construct and we are asked to move into our heart space and understand from within this space.  Our human logical mind has NO reference for that which will now unfold and those who are here in place in order to help support the next phase of human evolution are being prepared and highlighted in order to help with the exodus at a very human physical waking level of the human race out of containment and into TRUTH.

As we take the steps into expansion we not only leave behind the old life experience we dissolve the pain, grief and trauma as these reference points dissolve as we come more fully into wholeness. This sees the release of the holding patterns of the old earth construct and will see a new evolution of human relationships, with human relationships resetting to be on a foundation of LOVE in TRUTH. Attempts at keeping hold of relationships that are built on anything but this will be negated, many relationships will dissolve in order to reset the entire human life experience and this will see the strengthening of human relationships across the entire human life experience, albeit the human logical mind may attempt to teach the exact opposite. Only TRUTH is supported in the new earth frequency realities.

Coding will go out to those who are now required to expand and TRANSCEND the very human part of their being that has kept them locked out of the wider universe. The dam has burst, the snow-globe (please see previous blogs for examples using this symbology) has shattered fully and expansion into evolution is now fully underway. I will be uploading more podcasts and addressing this expansion in the Truth Codes Radio show which will be uploaded to the podcast site and the Truth Codes Ministries youtube site. (Please note that the Radio Show is NO LONGER available on any other platform). For those who are working with the Universal, Angelic and Galactic card sets further cards will be made available shortly and will be available via the main Truth Codes Ministries website.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight

LORD SANANDA via ELIZABETH TRUTWIN – LION’S GATE 8-8-2015 – through the – Lunar Eclipse 9/28/2015 – New Timeline Anchoring – The Celestial Dance – A Message from Sananda – by Hollow Earth Network – 8-8-15

The Celestial Dance

Lions Gate 8/8,
New Moon 8/14,
First quarter Moon 8/22,
Full Moon 8/29,
Last quarter Moon 9/5,
New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse 9/13,
Equinox 9/22,
Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse 9/28.


Hyperdimensional Travel by Galactic Beings

Prepare for Lions Gate 8/8/15 (888) and continue to be in Atonement with the Abundance of Nature and The Cosmos through the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 9/28/2015.

This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. You will witness and participate in the anchoring of New Timelines reconnecting Earth to the Cosmic Timelines. This upcoming frequency shift for Earth and this sector of The Milky Way Galaxy corrects thousands of years of damage caused by a handful of Intergalactic War Criminals. Earth will be permanently anchored back to the correct Cosmic Timeline. In the last 10,000 years nuclear war so devastatingly ravished this western arm of The Milky Way Galaxy it was unsure until 1987 if Earth would survive.

There are debates today about intelligent Beings visiting Earth.

Some feel they are not Extraterrestrial, rather they are Inter Dimensional. The truth is they are both. They travel through the Dimensions to come to Earth making them Inter Dimensional. In all cases they are visiting from higher Dimensions than Earth. They are not from Earth making them Extraterrestrial. There is no reason for debate. They are both.

DNA is the Light Code. The Physical Body is the Hard Drive. The Light Body is the Modem Facilitating the LIFE STREAM. Etheric and Physical are Merging as Humanity Ascends.

There is also a phrase used in place of Dimensions saying a Being may be of another density.  This is a reference to body types of Beings who are different from Earth Humanity and is not the preferred way to compare different Beings. It is true as we move up the Dimensions, our bodies change to exist in the environment where we are. We all carry humanoid DNA and existing in the Higher Dimensions means our bodies become lighter.

Recently many have experienced illnesses

which purged the body of density, preparing the way for existing at a Higher Dimension on Earth. The basis of the ionic relationships within the cells are changing as the DNA is activated.

The DNA is the bridge between the physical and the etheric or subtle bodies. The DNA is a coding program and the cells are the software. The hardware is the physical body.

As you activate the DNA with Cosmic Rays from these rarified energies entering Earth’s atmosphere, now it has a profound effect on your physical body. In the Adam Kadmon body model found in Earth Humanity, much more is possible than we have ever explored. The human brain is made up of 100 billion neuron cells and nearly 100 trillion synapses. Our State of Consciousness determines how we utilize the power in our mind. The mind is a direct link to Source energy, a great powerhouse.

As we learn to change our thinking we are able to harness the body in new ways. This power is invoked only after taking up new habits like a certain diet and regular meditation. Doing yoga asanas fine tunes the body to move Source Energy through from Space down into the head down to the feet and into Earth. As new lighter thoughts pervade… levitation, teleportation, remote viewing, remote hearing, jumping, not being bothered by hunger, thirst, heat or cold and becoming minuscule are only the beginning.

Cosmic Rays Feed Your Body The Gold Dust from Space.

Your DNA is Humanoid. Your DNA originated in the Stars. You Are Born of the Stars.


Cosmic Rays which float through Space and come from clouds in Space found inside nebulae float down to Earth. Cosmic Rays originate outside our Solar System and this Milky Way Galaxy. They are supercharged with the energy from Source Energy, from the Central Sun and then charged by the light from our Sun as they make their way to Earth’s atmosphere. Some Cosmic Rays are produced by ions having collisions with interstellar matter. These rays carry the material which makes up the Stars.

The ions are absorbed through the crown in the head. It is the same place where your fontanelle was open when you were born. It brings the ions into the brain where they enter the blood and become an important part of nourishing your brain, heart and organs as well as regulating the blood sugar and many other functions which we still do not understand.

Ayurveda and Acupuncture work with the energy centers within the body for healing and modern medicine has not accepted this school of thought.

What we eat matters. What toxins we consume matter. What dark thoughts are processed through your mind matter.  Lighten your daily practices and your body will follow.

Every morning you have the freedom to alter your thoughts

… or your major concepts that you carry about you. It is possible to remove and rebuild all concepts you carry. So if you want to change your thoughts, you must work at it everyday for thirty-three days. In one month you will have a new personality. The reason it is hard to achieve is that, if during the day you return to old habits, old conversations, old family and friends… you get those thoughts back. If you do that perpetually until you die, you will not Ascend. That’s how it works.

No Problem Can Be Solved From The Same Level Of Consciousness That Created It.
Raise Your Consciousness.

There are no waves of Ascension or any kind of automatic Ascension. It happens within your mind and it is exquisitely individual. If you have been reading fake channels thinking you are Ascending automatically, you will not wake up until that moment of death and then it is too late. No one knows when that moment will be. It is wise to get to work now. Utilize meditation to activate those Cosmic Rays in the neurons of your mind to course through your blood stream affecting all your organs and enlightening your Consciousness. Love is the key. Thoughts are the lock. There is something known as Hookara Meditation and that is very effective to changing the personality. One day research will prove these things.

It has been said Love is all there is. Truth is, Consciousness is all there is. There are many States of Consciousness. Those with differing beliefs are existing in different States of Consciousness. The object is to arrive at a State of Pure Awareness. Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors, Corporate Leaders, Religious Leaders, Philosophers, Teachers, Farmers, Mechanics are all living in a different State of Consciousness. They wear these in their own species of Humanity as different bodies. So too, different religions, different nationalities and different age groups do as well. Any group you associate yourself with, you become that species, you wear that body. It is from this State of Consciousness you make decisions, influence others and live or die.

 Cosmic Awareness makes it possible to assume any kind of body.If you choose to change the body you’re in, you simply change your thoughts. Postponement is one of the worst diseases that stops your Conscious Enlightenment. Taking in the Cosmic Rays made up of lithium, beryllium, boron, scandium, titanium, vanadium, and manganese which have mixed with the Sun’s energetic particles and the Earth’s magnetic force; they are converted to a secondary particle similar to helium and hydrogen and making up the primordial elemental abundance which makes up the vibration of love. Love is the electromagnetic crystalline structure attached to the Cosmic Rays which govern all the body functions within the Adam Kadmon body.

Our thoughts are the transmitters. Some people transmit over the equivalent of an old cathode ray tube for black and white TV and some people transmit over the equivalent of Nano Servers. Your personal daily practices combined with your thoughts and other interactions with people and your environment govern your State of Consciousness. As you make adjustments, your State of Consciousness raises incrementally. This is what is being termed as Ascension. It is an ever ongoing evolutionary process which occurs on the Individual, Planetary, Galactic, Universal, OminUniversal and Cosmic levels. Earth Ascension affects All That Is.

The Lions Gate is a Portal which opens as Earth aligns with Galactic Center this day every year.

Everything that is in motion stays in motion. In the beginning…

… the Unmanifest Absolute we call milk or may be considered LIGHT, WAS. The Manifest Absolute pours out the libation as an offering, AS LIFE to all in the Dark Matter Universe. The motion creates Gases, Cosmic Rays, Stars, Nebulae, Solar Systems, Galaxies, Universes, MultiUniverses, the Infinite Cosmos and All That Is.

Our Galaxy is a Vortex


Helios and Vesta are the Solar Logos. They are the Sun behind the Sun. They are the emanations of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine which are Formless. Vesta, Divine Mother, emanates Source Energy from the Light Matter Universe which is just on the other side of Galactic Center and projects the MILK from their Universe called On in the seven SuperUniverse system. She emanates Source Energy through which we came into our Universe, through The Scorpio Black H*** at Galactic Center, into our Dark Matter Universe. Helios, Divine Father, offers the MILK, the plasma-electro-magnetic-crystalline LIGHT which allows LIFE to be possible in this Universe Nebadon. This light beams in from Source Energy, travels through the Black H*** at Galactic Center and through the Central Sun at the Planet Alcyone in the Pleiadian System, through the bubble in the Sun, the Corona of Sol and then down to Earth Herself in the MILKY WAY Galaxy. A very special place indeed.

The challenge is to transcend the Evolutionary Path of the rigid human Intellect and to embrace an Evolutionary Path of Pure Awareness. Consciousness awakens and expands into more awareness and perception of the world around it. People wake up. The Collective Consciousness experiences shifts.

On the Lions Gate of 8/8/2015 (888) Galactic Center located at 26 degrees Sagittarius and the Planet Sagittarius A, a highly evolved Civilization whose President is Salvington, engage with Earth and the Celestial Process of infusing Earth with high levels of Source Energy. This year the transmission is particularly strong.

The Solar Logos is Source Energy that enters Earth’s atmosphere to create the shifts. It’s an awakening and return to a connection with the Cosmos. Source Energy is a celestial heat: the Fire and Ether Elements combined. It has the power to heal. It has the power to transform. The Solar Logos is the return of courage and bravery.

The New Timelines are anchored through the Hearts of Humanity. It’s something you have to embrace within. The return of loving kindness.


Inside the Milky Way – Full Documentary

The Milky Way Galaxy is a Helical Vortex. Everything is rotating around something else. In our Solar System the Planets rotate around the Sun and Earth chases the Planet Lyra.

Our Solar System spirals above the Galactic Plane and the Stellar Wind, the Word, the Breath, the Life, work on our Solar System influencing its evolution.

In the center of our Galaxy is the Scorpio Black H***. This is where all Life which has Ever Been Born into the Nebadon Universe through the Unimanifest Absolute Cream of Divine Mother as Light.


This 4 million Solar Mass Black H***
rotates once every 11 seconds.

The Black H*** is a massive vacuum removing from the Dark Matter Universe of Nebadon all that is unholy, tyrannical and full of death. It returns these things back to Light at On to become New Creation.

This Lions Gate is a Portal which opens as Earth aligns with Galactic Center this day every year. This year, when we are anchoring the healed Timelines of Earth, She is repositioned to Her original position in the western sector of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Our Universe is a Hologram. A New Ascended Earth with New DNA within the cells of all the Kingdoms; Magical, Devic, Animal, Planet, Mineral are accessible now. The Sea Life, Humanity, Inner Earth’s Plasma Sun, the Mountain Ranges and connections within and without are all healed by the influx of Source Energy from the Solar Logos. They add their part into the frequency pattern of Unseen Planets such as Sagittarius A  alignment with the processional Earth and those two affect, together, everything we know.

The alignment of Galactic Center with Cosmic Center which took place on December 21, 2012 was the end of Earth as we knew it. That is because the Earth Hologram we are anchoring today was activated into the Causal Realm that day. Now, on this Lion’s Gate 8/8/15, the Earth Hologram is anchored into the Galactic Energetic Grid within the Holographic Universe in the Physical Realm. Now the changes predicted which accompany Collective Consciousness raising are already in place and manifesting Seen. An example of this is the Plasma Sun which has been inserted into our Moon Luna. It has been seen as a Blue Aurora flaring around our Moon.

It is the Light of the Sun which sustains all life within the Milky Way Galaxy and it is the Light reflected off the surface of the Moon which regulates the rhythms of all Life on Earth. The Full Moon, 8 days ago, reflected more Source Energy than any other Full Moon in Earth’s history. The Plasma Energy within the Moon is now acting on Earth through the Equinox and Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. This new Plasma Sun within the Moon Luna has created a Blue Theta Aurora and this is needed to project all of that massive Source Energy beaming to Earth in this tumultuous time of Changeover and the Event called Disclosure.

As these changes take hold, Earth will enter Zero Point Energy. Although this is not currently described in our science academia, we do know Einstein’s theories were based on Third Dimensional Being.

It was Einstein who told us the 4th Dimension is Time. All messages who say we are Ascending through the 4th Dimension are continuing to repeat, through the filter of the channel, an old outdated belief system as old as the concept of 3D. We now transcend Time. The 4th Dimension is collapsing into the 3rd as we climb above the 5th Dimension and beyond.

The First Dimension is a Point in Space. The Second Dimension is a Plane on the horizon extending from that Point. The Third Dimension is a point in Space within a Plane. In mathematics we think of the Third Dimension as a point on the x and y axis. The Fourth Dimension is NOT the astral realm. That is an old teaching. Drop it. The Fourth Dimension is TIME. The fifth Dimension is a Point in Space and in Time. A point on the x, y and z axises.

The Theta Aurora within the Moon is a
Plasma Energy connecting Earth with Galactic Center


… and was first seen July 29th, two days before the last Full Moon. Plasma emits light when under the excitation of electric-magnetic-crystalline fields. Polar auroras bear witness to this fact. The Plasma filaments connect our Solar System within the electrical supply of the wider Galaxy. Our Solar System moves through our Universe at 70,000 km/hr across the Galactic Plane and Ascending, along with the Cosmos, interconnected with All Life. Earth Ascension cannot be postponed. It is affecting All That Is. Torsion Field Physics cancels Newton and Einstein. It defines Mass and Inertia as not being constants. It introduces Plasma Cosmology which will affect all other science.

It is time to end The Truth Embargo, end scientific suppression and join our human intellect to the Collective Consciousness on Earth and out to our Galactic Family in the Stars.

Meditate on the New Earth Hologram anchoring to the healed Timelines and connecting to the Plasma Energy which holds Earth within this Universe.

Meditate on receiving Source Energy as loving kindness from the Solar Logos and allow it to flow through your body into Earth.

Change Yourself to Change Your Consciousness.

Call on me in cases where you experience chaos as the Changeover creates a bit of tumultuous times as we move into a force field at Zero Point in no time.


This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin,
August 8, 2015.
© All Rights Reserved.

Pleiadian Delegate – Future and Past Timelines, Now – 6-30-15


Pleiadian Delegate   –   Future and Past Timelines, Now   –   6-30-15

I have experimented with Consciousness since Being here on Planet Earth. The Impact of Creating changes through changing Things in the so-called Past or the So Called Future has a powerful effect in the NOW. When done through the conscious awareness of the NOW which many would call ~ Zero Point. Remember words are simply words, they only point to”the” experience.

If we were to take someone not fully conscious of Being awake and take them into the past through a time Portal, the impact would be great, However the level of  The “Awakeness”  in Consciousness within the Matter is the GREATEST Factor in creating Changes in Reality, throughout ALL time and Space. The Impact of the Consciousness fully aware of itself, as being in a state of Self-Realization consciously is what  directs the powerful Laser like focus of the Zero Point Conscious Awareness to the Directed experience of choice, through free will.

One can attempt to manipulate matter through the mind, and come up with some impressive feats, through free will. YET when one is united with the Eternal Aspect of Being, ONE consciously impacts ALL Matter, consciously. This includes the Matter of all Light that composes cellular consciousness. The Cellular Consciousness and the Frequency of communication of Light then works as One in a cohesive Manner, that aligns the direction of the WILL ~ with the Being~ of the Consciousness of the Will and the Light~ as One. One Will. One Heart. One Direction. One Being. Impacting ALL Being. All Light. All of Reality.

Everything is always impacting all matter, However, I am referring to CONSCIOUSLY impacting ALL matter throughout all TIME and Space, throughout ALL DIMENSIONS and  throughout all PARALLEL worlds NOW.

As you Begin to Open up through your Heart and experience Reality through Being Self Realized, you will See there is no Separation. That the You here, is just as Present as the You in the Future. As the You in Atlantis. As the You, that existed always.

This is your Presence, this is your Essence. Your BEING.

You may call this Zero Point, the Void, the Shunyata, the Still Point, Nothingness, Emptiness. Yet these are all words and words represent concepts.

Light is Light. Love is Love. Presence is Presence. It simply IS. And You ARE. Being.

When you Awake to Pure Being ~ You will understand your Being, you will KNOW All Time as One. And You will Travel in your Awareness to Many worlds all at Once. And consciousness that is the Awareness of Being the All, Now, will Enter into through the Awareness The Being, In the New Earth.

It EXISTS now, it DOES. Parallel Worlds of the New Earth Exist Now. The Future you There, exists Now. And it is in this HEART Stillness that you Awaken into the UNION that you Already Are.

It has always been Now and always Will Be.

When you Access this Being, that you Already Are, then you Will Be in Heaven, in the Here and Now. And there you will find Me. Because I have always Been. As I Am, Now and Forever, No Beginning, No End.


Eternal Love and Bliss!!

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LISA GAWLAS – Information from 2001 collides with our Now – 6-23-15

 intergalactic earth
Lisa Gawlas

Yesterday, about 10 minutes before my first reading, I got a pre-glimpse of imagery.  Of course, I had assumed it was for my lady, until I connected to her and realized, the field is on shut down to my viewing eyes.  I realized what I had seen was the image of what is happening right now.

I could see this amazing sun, a huge round disc in the sky, golden energy radiating out from the edges of the sun, a bubbly white surface and inside the surface, directly in the center, was a crescent moon, the opening of the moon was pointing down towards the earth.  This, I realized, is what is being reflected for all of us as we continue our solstice solidification together.  I get the sun, I didn’t fully understand the moon.  I googled what cresent moon means:  The word crescent is derived etymologically from the present participle of the Latin verb crescere “to grow.”

Suddenly my memory banks of a quatrain I heard way back in 2001 started to filter back.  This quatrain was really unusual because back then, I never “heard” outside of meditation, I was still a baby… But I heard it in a males voice up near my ceiling and it was very much versed Nostradamus style and over the years, I have pretty much forgotten about it… until yesterday, one line in that quatrain started to bubble up in relationship to this image I had seen.  To this day, I cannot rememeber the 4 lined quantrain to save my life, but I did a google search yesterday, even back then, I posted everything I experienced somewhere on the net… back then on a place called spiritboard.com.  Instead of finding the quatrain, I found several channelings from one of my group of 5 Plieadian energies that helped me back in the day.  Let me share with you that channeling (the sentence in the quatrain I was looking for was embedded in the post, which I have made bold today.)

As always, I would like to share my meditation with you. This one is wonderfully packed with information that one does not have to decipher (as I had requested ) The main guide thru this meditation was Aphranzu.

I was compelled to take a candle into the bath with me, and placed it on the left side of the tub. I watched for several minutes the dance of the flame…continuously going from straight up, to the right, then forward. Never did the flame bend to the left. So I tossed up a little request… and asked Aphranzu to bend the flame to the left if he was here…instantly, the flame went to the left…then closed my eyes and just breathed.

I was then instructed to take a walk… with each step sending me deeper into this meditation. At first I started walking on green grass, and I could see that hill that I climbed in front of me…so (I have no idea why) I decided to pop on over to the ocean’s edge for my walk.

A few steps later, all my guides and spiritual helpers were in front of me! In seeing them all together, I was actually surprised at how many I have gathered over the course of time. As I watched them turn around and start to walk in front of me…I heard part of a very special song that was gifted to me by Sananda sometime ago… Follow Me by Uncle Cracker (which has a very different meaning to me than the songs original intent) and I started following them.

As I did, there was a part in the path we were walking that I knew was dangerous for me to walk on. It was all spiky and stuff. Knowing that they could float and I could not… I stopped. They all turned around and asked why I had stopped… because I didn’t want to hurt my feet was my reply. Instantly I felt this rush of trust… kind of like an unspoken message that came across in a silent whisper (smile). It is in the face of danger that we have to trust… it is so easy when the walk is comfortable to trust.

And I walked on these spiky things and never got hurt or felt discomfort. And was led into the opening of a cave. As I entered the cave… the words from the quatrain I heard many months ago was being echoed all around me… “When the moon swallows the cave… Light shall encompass the earth”.

So many people were coming to this cave. There were many “healers” there to help with the masses that kept coming. I understood that this cave was actually a temple of sorts…and it will manifest itself in today’s world.

I was also instructed to listen to the “flame” within. To learn how to bend and move with the flicker of the internal flame. This particular message was urged for me to remember and offer to all. We all have a very bright flame within us. Some of us get blocked by the blowing winds and do not know how to keep up with the constant flicker (changing)… but one MUST learn.

This compliments my post on “reading your energy” under channeling…very much the same thing.

I had also asked about the coming changes that he talks of… as well as others do too. I asked for a inkling that I can share with others. His reply was…

Everyone’s changes will not all be the same, so to say one thing, that will affect only or two would be misleading. However, each will know of the coming changes as they learn to move with the flame within, and listen to the energy around you…and above all TRUST with LOVING hearts!!

When the moon swallows the cave…. I have never understood what that even meant… at least, until yesterday.

cresent moon

When the moon swallows the cave… the illuminated ridge of the moon is swallowing the cave of darkness… the sun, illuminating… surrounding it all.

This whole finding made tickled me, because for the life of me, I could not remember what Aphranzu was teaching me back in the day.  I remember every other Pleiadian that connected to me and their teachings, but him… I long forgot.  So I did another search and found the channelings he shared back in 2001… 14 years later, the time is NOW that he talked about.

We would like to extend greetings of your New Year. May you use this time wisely.

We come to speak about the up coming changes. So much is in store for your planet, for your beings. You must keep remembering what is reality and what is illusion. Reality is within the core of your being, the song that is being played on the winds of your illusion, your chosen dream.

The call has been and continues to be sounded. Now is the time to awaken to who you really are. To aide in others awakening. As you remember who you are stretch out your hand to those in need.

There are many here to help you. We watch from the ethers, we blend in your bodies, we are here. With the coming changes, many will feel alone. You can feel aloneness as being separated from all creation, or you can use it to feel your all one ness, as always, it is your choice – and you will have to make the choice.

As you realize the changes we speak of, you must remember who you are, and where you came from. Your vibration level will be vital at that conjuncture. You will need to vibrate from the frequency of love, from the place where all is heard and known. There is no room for judgement or fear, which will only hinder your task that will be at hand. As you watch the events of the dream take place, allow your love to flow into every nook and cranny and fill the space of time. We urge you to cast no judgement in the times to come, and to hold no fear – stay centered and focused within your all one ness – within the vibration of the higher love that surrounds you.

Now is the time to remember whom you are and what you have come here to accomplish at this critical time upon your planet.

Sleep no longer our treasured brothers and sisters.

I Am Aphranzu, Commadere of the beamship Soluntu

Couple all of this with something that arrived in my inbox the other day from alphatrends.com and the planetary alignment that was prevalent yesterday and the CME aleart from spaceweather.com, I knew something massive was/is underway:

FULL HALO CME, STORM WARNING: A coronal mass ejection (CME) is heading directly for Earth. It left the sun during the early hours of June 21st, and is expected to sweep up one or two lesser CMEs already en route, before it reaches Earth sometime on June 22nd.


The Moon connecting with Venus and Jupiter in Leo occurs Saturday June 20th, providing an evening display of beauty and promise. The Graphic created by Sky & Telescope illustrates the line up of the stars and planets of these aspects.

The aspect of Jupiter trine Uranus (exact on June 22) begins with these aspects rolling out the transition that will unfold a new spiritual journey. The events that call each person at this time say it is time to turn and focus on Jupiter’s calling, which will bring in the situations necessary to light up your pathway to your new spiritual journey.

As noted on the graphic, the Moon provides the display that lights the path and June 22nd provides the exact trine
(positive) of Jupiter and Uranus.

This beautiful sunset backdrop ends a significant week of June 14 through June 20 and sets the pace for the new week of June 21 through June 27.

To read more about Jupiter trine Uranus, visit Alpha Life Trends Home Page.

To read more about Sky & Telescope, Click Here

Major Aspects

June 20 | Venus and Moon – 13 Leo

June 20 | Jupiter and Moon – 20 Leo

June 22 | Jupiter trine Uranus – 20 Leo

June 30 | Venus conjunct Jupiter – 22 Leo

Lisa Gawlas's photo.

This morning, I am still on a visual black out with the field… but man my heart can feel so much expanding, becoming… alive.  I don’t know the bigger story yet and ain’t getting it today lol, but my team wanted me to make sure I shared this information with everyone today.

So here I am… sharing.

Until tomorrow… I love you soul very very much.  Big big ((((HUGZ))))) wrapped in trusting change to all!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html

P.S. Vacation special:  Book a 30 minute 3-4-2 package or longer I will send you the Super Powers Hypnosis MP3 download to expand our already expanding horizon potentials!!  Also, take $10 off the 15 minute 3-4-2 package as well!!  There is a lot to see and understand thru July and August together!!!

P.S.S.  I actually found the post referenced above called “reading your energy.”  Keeping in mind this all came out a full 2 years (back in 2001) before I even started reading period… well, at least for others.  As I read this long forgotten post, not only did water leap out of my eyes from my heart… so did the prompting to add it to todays sharing… so here it is:

I had the oddest two experiences this week with my own energy that I would like to share with you, as well as parts of a conversation I had with Aphranzu in relation to this subject as well.

On Wed. evening, after feeling perfectly fine, out of the clear blue, I swear someone just sucked all the energy out of me. I was instantly tired and wore out. I had found out later that there was a discussion about me from the place I was living at (for those of you who don’t know, I was occupying a room at the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter… an experience within itself). It was in that moment that they had decided to terminate my stay at their Nazi Camp (said with love now, said with love ).

It was in this reflection that I realized just how much we can pick up just by paying attention to our bodies. As a dear friend had discribed this little whipe out of energy…. It was the universe’s way of letting me know I can now rest after a month of hard labor

Well, today, I popped into Walmart to get a new keyboard and a quart of oil, I didn’t make it 10 feet in the door when something smacked me in the face. I looked around and I swear I got bombarded with the weirdest energy from the signs all around… like seeing 150 TV commercials all at once wanting you to buy their products… I was overwhelmed…. So I decided to just look at the floor and go get what I needed and leave… but the energy bombardment didn’t stop,,, it was as if I could hear all these thoughts floating around the store … it was so intense that my knees got week.

Well, I hurried in and out then went to the place where my daughter plays Pokemon with about 30 other kids… I had the same sort of reaction there. So I decided I am just going to go sit in my car and think.

I tuned into the energy that was jumping around in my body, and then just became still… in the stillness Aphranzu decided to pay a visit. He touched me with his own energy and I became one big heartbeat… just like Dream Weaver used to do to me (for those of you who remember Dream Weaver).

I asked him about this energy I am picking up on and what does it mean. He has paid another visit so that his message is clear (goodness knows my memory can use some work…lol)

“You are to read this energy, it will be of vital importance in times to come. There are vibrations all around you if you choose to pay attention. Feel your feet upon the ground, listen to the direction of Gaia (Little insert here, Gaia, which is what I heard, seemed to be purposely spelled Giai). She shares her wisdom for those who listen.

You will always know what to expect if you just listen to the energy around you, in you, under you. There are no secrets. Every thought and every intention is in the air—- listen, feel, understand this communication of energy.

As you learn to understand and communicate this energy around you, you will be prepared for all that will come. But you must learn how to read it. The learning is something that only you can do, no one can do it for you.

There are many waiting for you to ask for their assistance, and will be glad to help you, but, you MUST ask for it with the highest good of all in mind.

You will soon be faced with many changes. Understanding the language of energy, your energy, will keep you safe.

Many blessings of the One Source,

I don’t want this to become a marathon post, so I will close for now and come back with more of what we talked about later. Besides, there are something’s I need to ponder yet.

((((HUGZ)))) with much love, light, and energy!