Aisha North – A short update on the Equinox Eclipse Energies – 3-18-15

Once again you stand before a momentous occasion, one where you will benefit greatly from a coinciding of two celestial events. For this time, at the time of the year when the placement of the celestial body that you inhabit relative to your Sun’s seems to put everyone in a state of perceived balance, you will be visited by another event that will affect the impact the energies that these two simultaneous events will have, not just on you, but on all. You see, this upcoming instance of the Moon covering the entire width of your Sun will have a profound effect on all, as it will greatly enhance the amount of beneficial energetic missives that will be able to penetrate all the way into your system.

Again our words may seem to be unduly convoluted, but what we are trying to convey to you all is this; it is not by accident that this upcoming solar obscuration will coincide with the date that you call the Equinox. For on this day of perceived balance, the Moon’s obscuration of the Sun’s disc will serve to ignite quite a few energetic connectors within you all, connectors which have been lying dormant waiting for just this moment to arrive. Again, this will not be news to any of you. After all, what is this journey if not a seemingly endless succession of such ignitions and activations? But this time, it will be a series of events that in turn will serve to put everything into a very new perspective indeed – and yes, we do mean that in every sense of the word.

You see, as the Sun’s rays will seem to be lessened by the encroaching presence of the Moon, what will in effect happen, is that all of the energy that does not constitute the visual part of the sunlight will be greatly enhanced. This may sound counter intuitive in many ways, but this is indeed what will happen. For as you are perhaps aware of already, what comes your way by way of the Sun does not necessarily originate there. Rather, it comes through the Sun, and so in this instance, it would be more fitting to think of the Sun as a portal for added enlightenment rather than as a singular specimen of celestial matter defined by its outer limits and its placement in the fabric of space. For the Sun is a multi-dimensional receptacle for all sorts of energetic transmissions, and as such, during that phase when the self-generated energy of the Sun herself will be dimmed out by the helpful intervention of the Moon, all of these other and more remotely engendered missives of energetically enhanced information will be able to come through much more efficiently, rather like the clear sound of a bell will be easier to perceive once all of the background noise has been brought down to a minimum.

So too will it be during that period of hush that will be generated during the time of the solar eclipse, and even if this blocking out of the light will only be visible from a small part of your globe, the effect this will have will indeed be a global one. Nor will it be confined to the period of the obscuration itself. Rather, that can be seen as the period of the actual inception, and so, all of the beneficial effects this advanced acceleration will have on you may not be immediately noticeable by all, but we do venture to guess that you will all in some ways feel the effects these two closely interlocked events will have on your physical system. Again, any discomfort will only be temporary, as by now, your physical vehicles are well up to par on every criteria. But as always, the perception you will have of this may differ, as the outer layers of your being may still be more perceptive to disturbances than that by now rock solid core of yours.

So again we say know that all is well even if the incoming swells will be more than enough to knock quite a few of you off your feet for shorter or longer periods of time, so just allow yourself to be taken to a point of utter stillness at times. And remember, even though your physical vehicle is indeed an extremely resilient one, it still needs all the support you can give it during these extra strenuous times, so make sure to listen well to any suggestions it may have as to what you can do to assist it, whether that be in the way of dietary needs, physical exertion or lack thereof.

So once again we say stay centered, and stay calm, but stay alert to the needs of your body, because that is the best way to ride these swells that you all have ahead of you. And again, remember that no matter how high the waves may become, they can never disturb the total equilibrium that is always there within you, under the seemingly endless undulations of the more shallow parts of you that constitutes merely the uppermost crust of what is in fact a resonant, compliable and indestructible crucible that is you in all of your glory. So fret not, even if you at times will feel almost reduced to the faintest whisper of who you really are, for now, you will all soon find back to that mighty voice that IS you, and soon, you will all find out just how it is you will be called to let it all out, in the mightiest, most magnificent of roars that will serve to awaken All.

April – Month of Spring, Youth, High Spirituality – PurpleRays Blog – 4-1-14

APRIL…….Spring, Youth and High Spirituality


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Welcome to the month of April, the fourth month of the year in our modern era calendar. April is fascinating in more ways than one. First, it has an aura of youthful vibrancy particularly in the Northern hemisphere where spring is taking over the elements. The vibrations of spring and the resurrection Light Rays of Easter combine to open the earth to fresh invigorating energy!
Part of the vibrancy is also reflected by the fact that April falls under Aries, the first and most youthful astrological sign in the zodiac. In the popular system of astrology, April 1to 20 falls under Aries, while in the Sidereal system, Aries captures April 15 to 30; this explains the sensing that April is an Aries month. Apologies to Taurus!
Aries, the sign of the Ram! Almost every religion has its’ own Ram-story or indeed stories. Through visions and mediated knowledge, mankind is informed that right at the Feet of the Almighty, there are four powerful winged Animals who form the pillars of the outflowing Divine radiations; four knowing Animals who keep watch at the Steps of God’s Throne with incorruptible loyalty and absolute devotion. They are a Lion, a Bull, a Ram and an Eagle! Of the four, the Ram is said to carry the human spiritual within itself and even bears a human countenance. Man therefore has an intimate spiritual bond with the Ram; of course, not the earthly ram which is of a different  species from the Divine Ram. This clarification is necessary to avoid any misconception!

All the same, we are all ‘kindred of the Ram’!

April ho April! It starts with All Fools’ Day and has one of the longest lists of observations and anniversaries. The financial and New Year month for a handful of countries and the national/freedom month for others, the birth month for the highly respected and graceful Queen Elizabeth 11, the National month for over twenty events in the USA, etc. With April, there is really no dull moment!
For us passionate seekers for spiritual Truth, April is placed on a special pedestal because of two Light happenings about this time. The happenings are the appearances in flesh of two Light Bearers, or simply put, the respective births of two Truth bringers. The first is The Enlightened One, Siddhartha Gautama Buddha and the second is the Envoy of the Light, Abd-ru-shin, the mediator of Truth through His work, In The Light of Truth (The Grail Message)
These are stupendous events which take years of cosmic preparations and severe sacrifices on the part of the messengers. For this we owe deep gratitude to the Most High for providing spiritual teachers and Light mediators for diverse races, cultures and generations!
And to April-children, we wish you all a very exciting and joyful experiencing on your birth days!

Happy New Month, dear friends!


Archangels and Devas Blog – Being More – 3-30-14

Rays of sunshine breaks through the clouds


The Equinox Gateway presented us with an opportunity to discover our deepest wounds and old beliefs on an even deeper level than ever before. It also shined a Light on more of Who we are. As I said in the last Ascension Note, this continues through the Solstice of June. We have an opportunity (and please see this as an opportunity rather than a challenge, for then you can flow with the shifting, rather than fight against it) to discover our deepest levels of all that is not Love and all that is Love. One area that you may discover is the dysfunction and fear that is within families (if that is one of the areas of transition for you). Realize that as a highly evolved being of Light you may have been born into a family that is steeped in and attached to old family karma. You may have incarnated into that family to heal and guide. Yet at some point you must simply accept them as they are and let go/let be in Love and Understanding.

As I have shared so often, it is not for us to save or rescue any longer, but to Love others as they are and step aside and honor their choices if necessary. Too often we want to help others find their way and yet we may discover that the most loving thing to do is to surrender them in Love as we adhere to rising continually in Love. So yes, it seems that our very description of Love has shifted from sacrifice, victim-hood, rescuing and a yearning to be accepted to Being Love and standing alone (if that is for our highest evolution), keeping our vibration high, and allowing all to make their own way, whether we think others’ choices are loving or not. We respond to others through invitation and then we are there in support and Love and caring. We can stand beside others in Love, yet we cannot force or even encourage that there’s a higher path; one that ultimately brings more Peace and Love. Remember that by shining our own Light in simply Being is more powerful than any spoken words. Our Light goes out in waves. If we dim our Light in order to belong and be accepted, we are not being true to ourselves and we spiral downward in vibration. And this is not our purpose.

Currently we are in the Void; the Dark Moon; the place of pure potentiality. As you tap into this energy of the Black Madonna, know that it is empowered by intense solar activity that literally is turning Earth’s magnetic field into a kind of shifting consciousness. This is truly wonderful as when there is such fluidity, we can shift so much. In a few weeks we will have a Lunar Eclipse that will further help us rise in consciousness, so suffice it to say we are in an intense cycle of energy…all designed to help us rise in more Love, Power and Clarity. Align yourself with this beautiful energy and focus on what you want more of. Do not waste your energy on wishing things would go back to the way they were, for that is like saying, “Bring back the old;” and that ship has sailed. Our job; what we volunteered for; is to bring forth the New. Know that we are simultaneously releasing the old and anchoring the New within us and on Earth. Leylines of the New Earth Grid are being cleared and imbued with Crystalline Light. The portals/chakras of Earth are being cleared and amplified with this Crystalline (Christ) Light.

We are in the final stages of deep cleansing, which is necessary before we can fully anchor the New. Know that you are guided each step of the way. By staying in the Now and feeling what feels expansive and what feels restricted, you find your way. You may also be guided to be in old scenarios where it may feel as though you’re being pulled back into the old. If you are, this is an opportunity to truly strengthen the New within you, as you stand in the Power of Who You Are and not succumb to the old and familiar. You can do it! This propels you forward in a huge way. Of course, you get to choose in each moment how you want to react or respond.

Realize that there may be some endings. Yes, we’ve been experiencing these for a while and these endings (if you experience them) are deep. So you might be faced with how much you are attached to keeping things status quo in particular areas. Do not hold on or try to save or control the outcome. Be the Compassionate Observer and realize that everything that occurs is for your highest evolution. Holding on simply delays the inevitable. All that occurs takes you further into the New. This is not to say that whatever ends is “bad;” find the good in whatever is ending, for this actually helps you let it go more gracefully. Love it for how it served you and give thanks. Whether any endings are consciously made by you, by another or through circumstance, it doesn’t matter; it was all created by you and for you. Don’t look at it in concrete terms, for some things may take their time to transition, while others occur rather suddenly and surprisingly. It may be that while you let go of one thing, there may be some time before the New is created. However it occurs, give thanks for all that has been and all that will be…while you stay in the New Now. You might even want to create a ceremony for that which is passing (or has already past or is in the process of passing).

Before moving on, make sure you are not recreating the old in a different form. The only way to know this is by feeling. Follow the path of Joy and Expansion. You will know if you’re recreating the old by how bland you feel. For instance, one may quit one job just to find a similar one, and then wonder why things haven’t shifted. Don’t recreate the old; create the New based on essence/how you want to feel. When each opportunity presents itself, ask if this is of the New or of the old.

We get to create anew; stepping fully out of the old way of feeling, being and doing and into a New way based in a higher consciousness. You truly are New. You truly do have a higher consciousness. This is truly a time of Magic and Miracles, as long as we see with New Eyes and think with a New Mind. Be very clear about yourself. If you find yourself in judgment, guilt or fear, go deep and find the belief that is creating these or any old emotions and let it go.

Be in Gratitude for all you have been and are now. Be true to yourself, be your Authentic Self. Take full Responsibility for all you’ve created, for things have not happened to you; they have happened for you and by you…all for your highest evolution into being more.



Lady Nada, Pallas Athena – You Are In The Beginnings of a New Beginning – Channeller Fran Zepeda – 3-21-14

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Lady Nada and Pallas Athena March 21, 2014:

Hello dear ones. Today we join forces, our energetic forces, together to connect with yours on an even higher plane than just a few days ago. As you know, we are in the throes still of the Equinox Energies. Please observe at this point much change in all of your energy fields, glorious that it is! We commend you for your perseverance and persistence to get to this point, and as you are aware, the awakening to Christ Consciousness is continuing to unfold for all of you.

Take a moment now to breathe it all in and notice that your vantage point from here on out will be very different, our dear ones. It encompasses much more than what you have experienced before this point, from a level of consciousness that has for many taken a giant leap. It may seem that the ground beneath you has moved a level up and the “airy-ness” you are or may be feeling is just part and parcel of your new vantage point.

It is progressing and developing as we speak, as the energies weave a reality for you that you have longed so long to see and feel. You are in “the beginnings of a new beginning”, so to speak, dear ones. Take a bit to adjust and acclimate yourselves. We are with you, blowing the gentle winds of our energy to settle your nerves and settle your fears of yet another step in your evolution and spiritual development. Experience the Peace and Subtle Harmony of your Emergence, dear ones.

For many, the energy is in flux still and will continue, but know that you are growing brighter and centering further into your Divine Center. The winds of change are among you now. Christ Consciousness is a greater part of your identity now. It is settling in quite nicely for you all, in your own pace and time. And we use the word “time” loosely, for you all are now getting a glimpse of the experience of “Now” more and more. Don’t fight it. All will evolve quite nicely around it now, as you set your experiences more innately in and from your Now Moment, feeling your Golden Essence much more astutely and clearly, albeit still subtle for some.

And take it in stride, dear ones.  Gulp more of this energy. Stay within your Balanced Center more and more. You are beginning to see that all is creating from there now, if you just allow it and encompass it and don’t forsake it for distractions and old agendas of which you have either been a part, or that you once adhered to as reality.

The world around you is changing and first it must exhibit the dying spurts of old energy that indeed feels very real. But alas, it is not real. Pull your attention inward and view your world from that lens, from within your Heart and Soul of your Eternal Divinity. You are getting a greater taste of it, dear ones. You cannot avoid it. You cannot deny it. You cannot forsake it any longer. For it is taking up a bigger part of your attention and intention and a bigger part of your perception as you stand right now In The Now Moment, in the Present, in Eternity of All-That-Is. That realization is growing stronger for you. It is becoming your reality and lo and behold, you are accepting it more.

So take the energies of the Equinox and continue to take all the energies in as they build up until the June Solstice. It is like you have now stepped into a doorway which will lead you further and further into your Soul and your Heart and your Divine Essence. Prepare for a wonderful journey. For you are going deeper and deeper into your True Selves. You have lit up yourselves; you have allowed it.

Many of you are feeling very different, some even before the Equinox energies hit, for you have been building up and building up to this cross-point at the exact turning of the Equinox and are continuing in divine fashion. Do not worry about what you felt or didn’t feel or what you are or are not feeling. You are transformed, all of you, and it has been happening all along. You are just deeper into it, all of you, and how you feel it or experience it is your own perfection, your own “Perfect Storm” of Transformation.

Believe it, dear ones. You are so much closer to experiencing the energy of Home, and we will venture to say you are already there; it is just taking many of you a bit of tweaking of your energy and perception to acknowledge it. But it is all good, dear ones. It is monumental. It is foreseen, it is fore-written, and it is NOW.

It is important for you to be now in your own energy as much as possible, as you process the energies coming in, and as you acclimate and absorb what is necessary for you to absorb, and as you transform what is necessary for you to transform, IN YOUR OWN Timeframe, without judgment, expectation, analysis or self-criticism or comparison to others.

From now on be aware that each of you are progressing as you should be, so remember not to compare yourselves to others. Consider yourselves, all of you, a field of individual flowers that are blooming at different rates, yet to look at it from afar, it is a beautiful sight of a synchronistic harmony of bursts of colors and full bloom. Be content in your own glory and space and existence and progress. It is contributing to the awakening and to the whole of humanity in such a wonderful and important way. Be at peace with yourself and continue moving forward further into the Light with every breath you take.


Lady Nada and Pallas Athena


©2013 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.  /

Selacia – Staying Calm At Equinox Spiritual Crossroads – Understanding DNA-Level Blocks To Love – 3-22-14

There is something different in the air this year during the equinox gateway that officially began March 20. This energy gateway open through the weekend – its ripples felt long afterwards – is a kind of spiritual crossroads.

This current spiritual crossroads, impacting you and all of humanity, is an opportunity to initiate a significant change in course direction.

As you know, the world indeed needs to change course – in dramatic ways – for humanity to thrive and survive in subsequent generations. We are at that choice point now. We are deciding with our individual and joint energies what kind of world we will have.

The world you are here to help birth is a loving world – a place in which people have remembered that they are divine and that the most important thing is love. To birth this, we must choose love in an ongoing way – not from our minds, but from our hearts.

This choosing needs to occur all across the planet right now. Your role at this juncture is for you to personally choose love and to stay calm as you discover your own blocks to being the love that you are. Everyone has them, so this is not personal to you. These blocks to love often originate in past lives, leaving imprints in your DNA – surfacing during this life as you attempt to reclaim your power and your voice.

More than perhaps any year in the past half century, energy gateways like equinox contain within them an increased potential for shifting out of stuck places and for bringing to light key insights needed before you can take the next important steps of your journey. They are an opportunity to fearlessly face your spiritual crossroads of the moment.

5 Tips to Stay Calm

Here are five tips to stay calm at this unique spiritual crossroads. Invite your inner wisdom to speak to you as you read, helping you to connect with the most relevant and timely information.

First, when you feel shaky or uncertain, remember that you are building a brand-new foundation for your life and contributing to the revolutionary new template for a more loving humanity. Acknowledge yourself for this, stay present, and breathe!

Second, when you face a crossroads like this with amplified energy, the tempo of things may feel turned up and you may even feel a bit dizzy. Avoid losing your focus and getting caught up in the world’s illusions by staying grounded and in your heart. It is there that you can connect with the music of your soul, bringing that divine sound out into the world.

Third, remember that spiritual crossroads tend to magnify issues and to catalyze your intense desire to be all that you can be. Even if you don’t know exactly what that “is” right now, you could feel an amplified frustration that you aren’t yet at the next stage. Therefore, keep things simple. Complex situations and unknowables are best addressed from a balanced spiritual perspective that allows for simplicity and grace. You tap simplicity and grace by avoiding overthinking and making things a bigger deal than they really are.

Fourth, lighten up and think of the bigger picture. Stay calm by letting go of the need to know all the details of things. A less-serious approach will soothe your ruffled feathers and get things in perspective.

Fifth, know that it’s normal right now to sometimes feel immobilized by not knowing what’s going to happen. This is part of the spiritual path during these unique moments of time. The crazier things appear in the outer world, people’s doubts and fears tend to get catalyzed. When you are in fear, you may discount what you already know and worry that you are somehow “behind.” Calm yourself right now by remembering the truth: you are encoded at a DNA level to be here now and to discover how to fully express your divine power and authentic voice. You are no accidental visitor. There is a divine spark within you, along with a deep wisdom that will guide you through the unknowns and into the light.

Copyright 2014 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text

Lisa Gawlas – Unleashing The Equinox Energy Thru Our Emotional Paintbrush Of Creation – 3-21-14


Lisa Gawlas

Happy gigantic energy to everyone… I mean equinox, same thing!!  Over the last two days of connections, a lot has come into my understanding, more than I even realized.  Can I just say, your attitude is everything.  That almost seems like a no brainer to even say, but yet, it needs to be said, and more importantly, it needs to be felt by all of us and a reminder sent deep into our hearts every moment of every day.

I realized so much yesterday about myself, of course, thru a divine mirror upon my heart and the field in which I read from.  Being content in your life can also equal complacency.  With complacency, the energy of creation itself, builds up around you, but goes no where because you have no direction for it.  I love my life, I love my home, where I live, how I live and most of all, I love what I do, who I do it for (You) and thrive in being able to expand what we do every day.

With my divine mirror yesterday, her magnetic pole of energy, the release valve of creation called the equinox, all her energy was not streaming outwards like most everyone else that I had connected to, instead, it was all bunched up and pure white from the top of her magnetic pole to the close to the ground.  She was at the ground level, on the right side (emotional side) just walking around and around and around, she never stopped walking around, but also, ever put any new energy into the left side of her field, her physical life side, simply because she was so happy in where her life brought her to, now.  Me too!!  And because of that, we walk around in the joy that our life is and even allow for the expanding of what we already have, but do not really open the door for anything new.

Now here comes the tricky part, something spirit has been saying over and over again all this year… allow for the things you cannot fathom.  It almost seems impossible to work the energy towards something you cannot even fathom, and yet, it is exactly what we must do.  Stretching those spiritual muscles of ours.  Using our pure potential to invite experiences into our lives that will just blow our human minds (in a good way.)

On the other side of contentment, something else was revealed as well.  This revelation took me close to three days to fully understand.  On the 19th, the day before the equinox, my first two people on the field showed up the same way, a super large red X directly over the magnetic pole I see as the equinox energy.  I had assumed (I should know better than to assume anything) it was the field showing us that we are not getting anything that day… but my last two people of the day was very different and very revealing.

My first man with the X over the magnetic flow of energy was not in a happy mood, he actually told me over and over again how angry he was feeling.  Things have not gone, at all, in the ways he had hoped or expected (I think we all know that place well) and he was just a bit over it.  He and I talked for about a half an hour and the red X never moved, nor did any energy flow from the magnetic pole of the equinox.  Again, I just assumed it meant we were not able to anything this day.

My second appointment, someone brand new, had the same X over her magnetic pole of energy.  I didn’t even get to explore her any further, she asked for a refund and we went on our separate ways.

My next two appointments showed me there was so much more to the placement of these red X’s than I realized, because both my ladies started to show up long before our appointment time., so much so, I didn’t even realize the image I was getting was actually for my third lady (Jean, this is you… smile.)   I was really pondering the equinox energy and why, the day before its huge release would any of the energy cease to flow, it has been flowing since last year!!

In my pondering and thinking about my next appointment, this super large mirror showed up on the other side of the equinox pole.  There was so much light reflecting off of this mirror and an image that, altho flooded with light itself, I recognized.  Some years ago, when I was getting downloads about Shambhala, I did a web search and found this piece of art reflecting the city of shambhala that has just stayed in my mind’s eye:

link to picture

In the center of the light flooded mirror was the center image of the city itself.  When I connected to my lady I had blindly told her we were only getting X’s this day, without even trying to read for her (my bad) and then told her about this mirror image.  She actually got excited and told me she had an antique mirror that was her moms that was round, just like what I had seen, and she was wondering what to do with it and where to place it…. and even wondered if the two were connected.  Silly me missed this connection completely.  But only until my next lady on my schedule.

Her imagery started pouring into my field of vision an hour before our appointment and I knew it was for her.  A stream of seed energy coming in from directly above this side of the equinox pole, it looked more like rain, but I know seed energy when I connect to it.  The seeds were all fertilized as I seen them with tiny movements of red and blue inside.  When our appointment came around, I actually did connect to her and this image was brought right back and moved into that wormhole just above the equinox pole.  Life ready to explode into her new reality!

Now I really had to ponder the red X directly above the magnetic pole of energy, something so big it actually stopped the flow of creational energy into the landscape I call Eden.  It is really only this morning do I fully understand it all.

If we can literally think of this new landscape I call Eden or even Shambhala, Heaven on earth… on the other side of the veil lives the pureness of love.  Love dividing itself into other emotions would feel like joy, grace, humbleness, gratitude, servitude, desire, and so on.  This space of pure love, pure life creating… cannot sustain anything less than pure love.  Things like worry, expectations, anger, demands.  I don’t think any of us fully realize how quickly the flow of energy ceases when we get out of alignment with our true Self, that part of us that is Spirit.

I am going to close this sharing (my day is already well underway, darn time change!!) with my first connection of yesterday, I feel, it really shows us the greater potential, of what we have gotten ourselves into now.

Her reading opened up with a vibrant green landscape, gentle rolling hills stretching out into our perceived future.  She was this tiny little thing, maybe an inch or two big, very cartoon looking, joyfully playing with others on the green grass.  Her entire scene was connected to the magnetic pole of the equinox, but located about 5 feet above the actual ground.  What we came to understand was that the image of the landscape was her pure potential, unobstructed by anything.  Her emotions directed within a desire will create all her heart desires.   Even her imagery feeling very cartoon like had an amazing purpose… think about cartoons, their very creation is limitless.  They can do and be anything the artist desires.  She (we) are the artist and the painting all at once.  But just like the artist, if you are not moving the paint brush, well…

For myself, I am going to dip my brush into the paint well of excited joy and am going to create a landing pad for my Pleiadian friends to come have a visit, literally.  Moving myself out of complacency and into the new, unfathomable reality of having my star family out of meditation and into my physical world of Love!!

There is soooo much more to share, but, as usual, that’s tomorrows agenda!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with the brightest of colors joining together our greatest realities!!

I love you!

Lisa Gawlas

Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel – The Power of Equinox – 3-21-14

waterfall 2

Archangel Gabriel: The Power of Equinox – March 20/21, 2014, channeled by Shanta Gabriel, March 5, 2014 at

Finding Balance in Accelerating Energy

Dear Ones,

As the Equinox energy bursts on to the scene of consciousness, remember that the only place where you can find Balance is in the present moment. You are exceedingly fortunate to be a part of the auspicious beginning activity of Light that has enveloped the world in the shifting sands of new awakening. The stage is set and many scenarios will be possible. In fact, there are many possibilities available for you to experience even in your own life. It is these myriad choice points that will determine the world you live in. Your choices will also be the actions that create the pathways of rampant change intensifying on the planet.

Forever removed from old paradigms, the blossoming Earth speeds her way into full awakening of new life. Nothing that holds old structures remains untouched. Far removed from crumbling realities, those who are finding new stability in present time will be thriving. Why? Because their awareness is able to stay focused on choice points that enable them refreshing, regenerating, reconnecting resources for a life that has been restructured in full expansion and freedom. This produces delight in a new ability to move and flow in ways of true Beauty.

The decisions made at Equinox will enable you to create this life of Balance when you can fully embody the frequencies made available. The living energy present at Equinox embodies a moment of power. You have the opportunity to drink in this energy of Balance and allow it to transform the very atoms at the core of your being. How would it feel to have a sense of Presence within you that is loving, whole and free? It is your most authentic Self bound to no past or future, and able to move in untethered ways. You can claim these new choices for yourself in the Balance and Freedom that embodies pure Equinox frequencies.

The Momentum at the Starting Gate

We would like to speak in metaphor to give you a sense of the energy around this time. Imagine you are astride a great horse at the starting gate of a very exciting race. You can feel his muscles bunching in excitement beneath you as the momentum is gathering. Breaking free of the field of confinement has become your primary focus. When the bell rings and the race begins, you have a clear track ahead of you. The route is obvious because you have paved the way with your intentions. Your whole concentration is now focused on staying in the saddle and moving down the track ahead of you with total Freedom and perfect Balance.
At the starting gate

It is this level of focus and momentum that you have been gathering in recent times. The clarity you need is available through your intentional focus on what you want to experience as the speed you are traveling on your path accelerates at Equinox. Gather your focus and do not let your attention waver to what the other horses are experiencing. They have their own journey and point of attention. Each of you has a soul purpose extending a Beacon of Guidance for you to follow. When you can allow Balance within you without wavering from your clear intention, it is easier to stay in your saddle as the force of the intense energy gallops all around you.

You can let yourself be carried by the steed of Grace, supported by Angels who are cheering you on as you follow your pathway, creating worlds where no one has gone before. You hold the reins connected to your clear desires for the life you truly want to live.

The way is open for you to choose ~ staying in Balance is the key.

More Metaphors to Enhance Your Vision
Gyroscopic balanceTo continue the metaphors, you are creating what we love to call a Gyroscopic Stabilizing Field. It allows the core balance within you to be in a moving form like the Gyroscope that keeps things level on vessels at sea. A boat on the water is really very much like what you are experiencing in your changing world right now.

As the waves grow in intensity, your need for a stable balancing place becomes ever more important. Your inner Gyroscope is working constantly to keep you in balance, and the more you are aware of this mechanism the better you will feel. Your awareness of this Gyroscope creates a field of Balance that assists you in being a stabilizing influence with the world around you. You are only focused on your powerful intentions and the creation of a balancing point within, but your vibration becomes one of Balance, a gentle influence that is very affective.

Use your time wisely to anchor the new structures you need to stay in balance as the energy waves increase around you. You will experience the revolutionary shifts occurring with far more resourcefulness when your inner Gyroscope operates in perfect Balance, Harmony and Grace. We offer you a prayer that can assist your focus.

Divine Presence in whom I live, move and have my being, I ask for assistance in this awakening moment of Equinox.

Grant that I may create a structure of being that enables my Soul to thrive. Give me a pure experience of Gyroscopic Stability and let me use that energy to live in the power of the present moment, making choices that enable me to move through the accelerating shifts of energy in perfect balance.

Bless me that I may be in harmony with my Soul’s Divine Blueprint of Perfection and maintain my place of Balance within the Love awakening in my heart.

Allow this new stability to anchor into every area of my life in a flexible form that allows freedom of movement. May all my choices be in Harmony and Alignment with my Soul’s Destiny. From the deepest place of Gratitude in my heart, I say thank you for your blessings in every area of my life. Be it so, and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel

Emily Trinkaus – Realigning with the Truth of Your Heart – Welcoming the Spring Equinox – 3-20-14

spring equinox

Today the Sun enters Aries (9:57 am Pacific), marking Spring Equinox, when the day and night are equal and the light starts to take ascendance (or, in the Southern Hemisphere, Autumnal Equinox, when the darkness starts to prevail). The start of a new astrological cycle, Spring Equinox is a time for renewing your passion and vitality, clarifying your desires, and initiating a brave new direction.

Not feeling so fired-up, not so clear about what you want? Thinking you may have lost your mojo? The characteristic feistiness of the Sun in Aries is tempered by the placement of Mars – the ruler of Aries and presiding deity of the Spring season. Mars is in Libra, traditionally the sign of his “detriment,” and Retrograde, appearing to travel backwards in the sky. Mars Retro in Libra (March 1 to May 20) suggests that the way forward is not direct and linear, and that it might not be time yet to know exactly what you want or how best to pursue your goals.

Indecision, hesitation, vacillating from one extreme to another – these are potential expressions of Mars Retro in Libra, now amplified by the Sun’s move into Aries. Pay attention to where you feel indecisive, and instead of overriding that feeling by willfully “pushing the river,” or taking action just for the sake of doing something, consider that there are more layers to uncover before you’re ready to take a big leap forward. Retrograde planets push us toward deeper levels of understanding, and in the case of Mars, this means uncovering our authentic desires, passions, motivations. What are you genuinely excited about? What drives you forward?


In Libra, this Mars Retro puts a big focus on relationships. Mars in Libra is ultimately about the core desire for love and connection, and Mars Retro in Libra asks, How do you go about getting the love you want? How’s that working for you? And, what DO you actually want when it comes to love and relationship? We’re asked to reorient toward our primary relationship, the one that determines what all our relationships “out there” are going to look like – our relationship with self. How loving are you toward yourself? How connected do you feel within yourself? How’s that “inner marriage” going – the balance and integration of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine?

Libra the Scales is the sign of balance, and part of the Mars Retro in Libra mission is to find the balance between deeply considering the effects of your actions on other people, and caring too much about what other people think and how others see you. Shadow Libra constantly looks to others to see how you’re doing, not trusting (or discounting) your own instincts and desires, looking for cues from other people to tell you what to do, how to act, what you “should” want. High-vibration Libra is about equality – treating others as you would like to be treated, honoring your own needs, desires and individuality while also honoring the other, generating a dynamic of equal exchange between partners, seeing the other as a sacred mirror of the self and owning your projections.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the Divine Feminine, whose placement at the Equinox gives us more insight into how we might work with these Libran Martian themes. After an extended tour through Capricorn, Venus has recently shifted into Aquarius – the sign of radical individuality, truth and freedom. Venus in Aquarius awakens the truth of your own heart, and the feelings of peace, harmony and balance that come from aligning with this truth. Venus in Aquarius is about love as an impersonal force for change in the world, having nothing to do with being nice or pleasing or trying to get other people’s approval.


This is the liberated feminine, not bound by society’s rules but following guidance that comes as a direct cosmic download. In the context of Mars Retro in Libra, this could look like overturning and revolutionizing not only society’s rules, but also our own rules about what love and relationship are supposed to look like – rules that have limited our pleasure, freedom and vitality.

Aries, as the first sign of the Zodiac, represents the quality of innocence, like the Fool stepping out into the unknown. At this profound initiatory moment of the Equinox, we can draw on the Aries capacity for seeing our lives and the life of the collective with new eyes, getting a fresh perspective on the places that seem stuck and stagnant. The rebirth invoked by this Spring might be happening on a more internal level, a preparation for what’s to come, but is no less powerful because it’s unseen.

– Emily Trinkaus

Lisa Gawles – Light Quakes, Wormholes, The Equinox


These days are becoming so energetically unpredictable.  For a few hours (especially at night) I feel like I am being thrashed about in the breaking waves of a shore line, and then have bouts of such crystal clarity that I swear I can see and understand forever, until the lapping waves come crashing in again.  The evening of the 16th going into the 17th played hell on my body.  As evening descended, I swear my entire rib cage and up thru my neck got caught in a vise that just kept squeezing tighter.  As the night wore on, the coughing started again, the ability to breathe was leaving town and all I could say is… not again!!  At least I didn’t have the lung congestion this time around.  Everything was between my sinuses and my throat.  The next day, I was just worthless and energetically depleted.  By late afternoon, this feeling enveloped me.  The only way I can describe it would be to call it the utter silence/stillness.   No thoughts swirling about my head, no chatter from my team, even the body went to absolute stillness… no congestion, no coughing, no nothing.  It really was the most amazing feeling, pure and absolute peace inside and out.  I cannot tell you how long it lasted, 10 minutes, 15… 30?  I don’t know, but my good god it was great while it lasted!!

Sometime after that, I could see what was happening to my energy system.  From the place just above the high heart area and just below the throat, my energy fabric was being threaded onto the invisible loom of the equinox, taking with it first and foremost, my breath.  But with that (eventually) came the understanding of why.

I hope, that by sharing what I understand with me and this profound expansion over the equinox, it will help you understand more of what you got yourself into as well.

Our breath is automatic.  We (normally) don’t even think about breathing, we just do it, thanx to our brain stem.  It is what we do with our breathe that changes everything.  For me personally, especially over these last two years, I use my breath to breathing in you, then exhale (just about) every morning.  My expanding ability to “see” has happened because you show up every single day and allow me to take you in, process you, and breathe you back out to the greater All, every single day.  You are my passion as well as my soul expression… enhanced.  So, in the grid work of my new field of life, soul blue prints, the first layer that is being weaved is the expansion of my breath.  The ability to see and communicate beyond what we have done to date.

Yesterday, what that means to us started to become apparent.  During my morning, mostly on that crazy holy toilet, I started to see these openings.  They looked like someone took really large cookie cutters and started cutting out holes in the sky or the veil itself.  Thru these holes I could feel an energy flow down into my world.  Each hole had a different energy feel to it, and eventually realized these openings were to other star systems, other life forms whose frequency and communication systems I am completely unfamiliar with.

At least now I so understand the dream that wasn’t a dream from a week ago, where I had these Beings surrounding me, then shrunk to about a half inch and plopped into my throat and started doing some crazy work in there, not to mention the 12 star-ships that were lined up next to each other and blocked my vision from beyond that moment.

Ohhh I can hear the clickity click of the cogs of understanding aligning.

As I was sitting here yesterday morning, wanting to write a blog but going nowhere fast, I had this overwhelming desire to go to the cnn website.  I did, and found a headline that said: “Big Bang Breakthru Announced; Gravitational Waves Detected.”   Of course, I opened it immediately!!

I have said before, March itself felt like a massive earthquake with aftershocks that continue every day.  So when I got to these paragraphs, I knew that is exactly what has and continues to happen.  Here is an excerpt from that story:

What are gravitational waves?

Scientists believe that in the fabric of space-time, there are tiny ripples called quantum fluctuations. If you could look at space-time on the smallest scale possible, you would, in theory, see them, even today. Unfortunately, no microscope is capable of seeing something that small.   (My Note: Unless we use the already installed microscope of our spiritual vision.)

Such fluctuations also existed at the beginning of the universe. Inflation blew them up much larger, launching gravitational waves that we now see imprinted on the cosmic microwave background. “These gravitational waves are an aftershock of the Big Bang,” he said. The BICEP2 study is the first to image them directly.

I personally do not subscribe to the “Big Bang” theory, but I sure do love the information our scientists harness from trying to prove they are right!  Shortly after this article validated my own earthquake, excuse me, the Lightquake theory, the information started to pour into my consciousness.  I could see the ripples thru the fabric of time and space, of the veil itself.  With the ripples of light came an intense releasing of pure love energy.  I seen it like a rainstorm, intense, and everywhere.

For those of us who have allowed the biological change out that started in earnest this past January thru now, this pure love rain will trigger many dormant abilities within us, and equally expand what we have already been using to date.  Our life paths are going to take on twists and turns we cannot even fathom at this moment.  Interplanetary connections are going to come to fruition, not just in a telepathic/meditation way, but boots on the ground ways.

For those who still have old energy around their love state (conditions, expectations, judgement, etc) this is going to be a radically intense time for them.  We will see an upswing in sudden deaths, mental crisis’ and health conditions (sickness) running wild.

Ahhhhh… the land of duality!!

In this very moment we are crossing over to the other side of intensity.  In my attempts at reading yesterday, we are all in lock down as we move thru the greatest wormhole of our collective lives.

The first connection of the day produced a HUGE red X just in front of the magnetic pole I see as the equinox.  This X was located at the upper portion of the equinox and I knew right then and there, we were not going to be able to “see” anything until we have crossed over.  What I didn’t anticipate was how different everyone’s energy was going to be thru the day.  This lady had the X at the top, showing the flow of her new life plan (soul blue print) at the upper area of her consciousness.  Meaning, what is going to come on-line for her first, will be an expansion in her higher minds ability to see and hear and stuff.  I didn’t get any of this information during our sessions, it was only in the processing of the rest of the day did things become clear.

My second lady had three much smaller X’s, all in red, at the ground level and moving upwards on the magnetic pole.  Showing her a sudden path change harnessed by the use of more magnetic energy from earth.

My third lady befuddled me, mostly cuz I was expecting to see more X’s somewhere.  Instead, I got half a vision (the direct point of the equinox and beyond was invisible to my vision.)  She had 5 stretched out coils of golden energy (again, looking like stretched out slinkys) all mish-mashed together.  Well, four of them were mish-mashed together and there was one that will mix into them as we get on the other side.  The only thing I could get from that for her was 4 is a completion of an earth cycle (we are knee deep into that big time) one of course is new beginnings and bring the two together you produce five, chaos and change.  (Chaos always precedes change.)

Last but far from least, my beautiful lady made me laugh out loud… there she was, head to waist over the equinox energy, making that part of her completely invisible to my eyes, leaving me with waist to feet visible.  She looked like she was wearing clothes 2 sizes to big for her and her pants were about to fall off as she moved deeper into the wormhole.  And without seeing at all, I could see her new Light body… so very different from what was poking out for me to see.

The image of her clothes being to big, shows the releasing of the old clothes, the old identities, the old everything.  Moving into the new light body is a state of illumination… no clothes to hide behind or shield us from exposure.

With all of this came the feeling of incredible responsibility on our ends.  Sharing, expressing, expanding… not in secret, but out loud in every way.

I am going to close this sharing with a quote that is coming in from spirit:  “We are the centrifuge of creation.”

((((((HUGZ)))))) of love and honor to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

D L Zeta – Equinox Gateway accelerates our Emergence into New Dimensions – 3-20-14

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Equinox Gateway accelerates our Emergence into New Dimensions | DL Zeta

March 20, 2014 by ohnwentsya Leave a comment
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Equinox Gateway accelerates our Emergence into New Dimensions
This week’s equinox gateway opens the floodgates for new light waves that will facilitate our entry into further dimensions of the new time. Lightworkers and other wayshowers are being called to amplify and anchor these new frequencies, making them more accessible to collective consciousness. These frequencies and others that will follow in coming weeks and months will hasten our emergence into new levels of peace, harmony and understanding that are signposts of the new time.

Wayshowers during this time will hold a space that offers safe passage through the sometimes bouyant and sometimes turbulent waters that will accompany this period.

As we open to new dimensions of light individually and collectively we experience new levels of healing and release and learn to harmonize with these frequencies. As we move deeper into this passage, old structures collapse around us and the world we have known begins to seem less solid. At times we have the sense of shifting to new timelines where we are experiencing greater communion and telepathy with our higher self. Guidance and insights may flash through our awareness with light speed. That which we seek may arrive as fast as we formulate an intention. We may encounter new souls with whom we forge deep and enduring connections.

Our communion with our higher self brings crystal clarity to our earthly mission and provides the energies we need to heal ourselves at all levels. That which is not whole in our experience falls away as we jettison misunderstandings and emotional triggers and pull aside the last veils obscuring the truth of who we are.

This is not a time to be running here and there and engaging in busy mind. This phase commands a clear and present focus that allows us to incorporate new levels of stillness. Join others in meditation at the hour of the equinox (16:57 UTC) and continue to take part in the many ongoing meditations on the inner planes over the next few months.

We offer here some steps to help assimilate the new light frequencies as you move through this time:

1) Bring all aspects of your consciousness into harmony. Be willing to listen to younger aspects in need of healing and to serve as the higher self to your repertoire of younger selves from this lifetime.

2) Become mindful of emotional triggers by bringing clarity to issues from the past you are still holding energy around. Awareness and a willingness to see yourself from a perspective of peaceful non-judgment helps bring emotional freedom.

3) Set intentions to harmonize and assimilate new frequencies of light. Create affirmations aligning yourself with the oneness of source energies.

4) Remain mindful of the influence of your words, thoughts and actions. Exist in a place of love and compassion and your thoughts will silently broadcast this to all you meet.

5) When faced with conscious choices, choose that which serves your movement into higher consciousness. Reaching for the highest place you can access within the moment allows you to become a brighter light for others.

6) Accept that whatever experiences others are having are the experiences they need within the moment. Hold in awareness that the new frequencies act on each individual as needed to assist them along their path.

7) Remain calm and focused during this time even if your ego is resisting the changes. Ask for and open to receive infusions of healing light from your higher self as needed.

8) Affirm that you are abundant in every way and that guidance, resources, assistance and love are downloaded to you as needed throughout this passage. Affirm that you deserve the highest and best the universe has to offer.

9) Alkalinize and detoxify your body through green juice “feasts” during this time so you can hold and anchor greater quantities of light.

10) Spend as much time as possible in nature, harmonizing with the energies there. If possible, meditate near bodies of water. This helps you align with the natural flow of the universe.

11) Meditate as often as you can even if for only short pockets of time as you go about your day. This helps you harmonize with your higher self and the new frequencies.

12) Allow yourself to become comfortable with silence. Take a break from Internet, TV and cell phones.

13) Remain in gratitude for the blessings in your life, especially the most challenging situations you have experienced and those who have been your most difficult teachers. Express gratitude for all the blessings that are currently flowing into your life.

14) Listen to your body and be sure to provide the healing foods, alkaline water, fresh air and sunshine it needs as it transmutes the new frequencies.

15) Remember to see everything that comes before you through the eyes of your higher self.

16) Practice self-love and self-acceptance and extend this unconditional love to all others.

17) Cultivate joy in your life by focusing on things that bring you joy. Remain open to allow new ideas and new forms of joy to flow into your life daily.

18) Become aware of what you give your energy to. Whatever drains your energy is associated with a thought virus; whatever lifts you up is associated with your spiritual purpose.

©2010-2014 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved
These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.

Lightworker Sandra Walter – Equinox Gateway Preparations – 3-14-14

Sandra Walter 2

Sandra Walter,

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

As this wave comes in for Equinox, I AM offline more than on as this Gateway becomes my focus. Obviously the energies are growing more intense. Remember this energy is consistent through June Solstice, with a turning point in the dimensional energies sometime in June. While we expect a mass awakening to light for the population, and a bit of chaos from the collective as they interpret/misinterpret the new light, it can also be a challenging time for our Ascension process as choices are presented for what we want to experience. Day by day, moment by moment, we must be conscious in selecting what serves our Mastery.

Use these days wisely. Do not get entangled in the collective emotional/egoic/mental levels. Let them have their experience – without judgment or unsolicited advice – and be very aware of your influence if you have taken on a higher level of light.

It is extremely helpful to global service to be in a pure state of love during this passage. Calm, focused, centered, balanced. We are not carrying others through this phase, we are amplifying the new HUman state as Wayshowers. As we have learned, busy-ness as usual does not work for many levels of this process – it changes constantly now, and we need to let it BE.

At a minimum I recommend staying grounded, hydrated, rested. Detoxify body, mind, ego and emotions so you may hold as much of the new light as possible. BE in the new levels of stillness which are available now; this connects to you to Source-as-Self and you will feel pure Source light flowing through you. Meditate on Unifying all aspects of Self; breathe as the Multiverse and radiate stability and neutrality through HUmanity as a whole.

Service is personal and collective at once – you are probably feeling that unification already. This is not a passage for drama; zero point magnetics are intense as the veils become thinner, and your actions, words, thoughts will be amplified. If you have done the prep work, you will find your thoughts are changing, fading away. The new light supports this transmutation of thought form; work with it and witness the results.

We are in a rapid growth period, however the energies coming into and out of the planet for the next three months might lay us flat on our backs. This photonic light is evolutionary, and we need to welcome it without doubt, without judgment on what it is doing to us, and without complaint. It is teaching us (forcing in some situations) to be right here, right now, in the new flow of a new dimensional experience. Let the Ascension show you what your unique expression has to offer.

Support the planetary detoxification. Do your best to give up the distractions of the old. Get offline when you can. The frenetic energy of social media can be distracting as the collective worries and assumes what is or is not the truth. There are far too many trigger stories which misguided ones are irresponsibly spreading around. Hold true to responsible creation – only share what contains light encodements of the highest integrity and love.

It is our responsibility as true wayshowers and guides to maintain stability, love, harmony and peace through this passage. Sometimes the best way to teach is to be silent. It gives others the opportunity to have an AHA moment; they may see their addiction to mental or emotional stimulation and learn that they need to be still right now.

Guidance for Newly Awakened

Many are asking Where do I begin to catch up and understand all of this?  We knew this passage was coming, and I purposely redesigned my site to make it as easy as possible.

Newcomers will be lost if they scan the blog now; it is not intended for the newly awakened. I suggest beginning with the What is Ascension tab, then go to the Free Tools section for ebooks, article collections, What is Happening to my Friend (in 10 languages), and Youtube channel links (work from oldest to newest). Everything is free. I encourage donations if my work helps your journey. I intend to keep it this way as long as possible.

The accelerated, comprehensive, work-with-Sandra process is in The Ascension Course. It may be overwhelming for new folks – it is technical and not intended to be a basic course in Ascension at all. It is my legacy work, very detailed, and the only thing I charge for in my services.

Ascension Course Updates

Six videos were added to the Course site. Participants, be sure to login and watch the Sacred Space, Crystals and Ceremony video soon. The latest Q&A call included a message for those in the Course, the replay is is Module 14. I will add a special meditation for the Equinox – Solstice gateway this weekend.

Equinox Intentions

If you missed the article on Equinox, we have a major Gateway opening on Thursday March 20th at 9:57 AM PDT, 16:57 UTC. Read that article here. Kindwhile, I AM journeying to the SouthEast side of the mountain for Equinox gateway preparations. Gateway work has been very Solar this past week, and the Higher realms are creating so. much. balance. as the light intensifies. Be grateful for all those in service, it is challenging work as the new light emerges. It has been a powerful gate so far, and I expect deep Shifts in consciousness through the Equinox. BE the Ascension. Many blessings to all of us; it an honor to share this journey with you.

LuminanceRiver – The Magical Gateway that is the Equinox – 3-15-14


I am seeing that the Equinox is a magical gateway, and I saw that as a doorway like one made of stones in Machu Picchu that I once saw. It was somewhat different than the photo shown here as it is a doorway and freestanding. It delineates sacred temple space like passing from the ordinary consciousness into sacred space, if you were in an ancient ritual. We are stepping into a more sacred consciousness all the time and especially this Equinox. See yesterday’s message about the Equinox, with toning, tuning and “at one ment.” Today’s message below has even more goodies for us to anticipate on and after March 20th.

What Potentials do the Equinox Energies have for us?

Each person is opening up like lotus flowers, at a different way; and we experience the energies at any given time in different ways. However there are potentials and possibilities for us, and that is what I looked into in meditation.

“Remember to follow the bliss inside yourself as this is aligned with your true self. Then feel yourself connected that all that is from the place of balance and centeredness.”

“Yes, equinox means balance, and it is a balance between what is within and what you walk in the world. Inner creates outer. As above, so below.”

What are the potentials at this time? You can feel the excitement! It is spring, shooting forward with high and fast energy with the delight of creation. See an image of a seed pod busting open. Finally, that which you have attuned within is coming to fruition. You are linked up vibrationally with the universe and now I see you tuning into one another. I see you having the experiences and connections that make your soul sing and your hearts sing in delight with it all.

I see dreams coming true and what was possible in imagination is now potentially manifesting. The dreams manifesting are coagulation of people coming together for a higher purpose and the love and joy of it. I see mass remembrance of why they are here and a working together to create heaven on earth, finally. I see momentum moving forward in a big way. These are the potentials. The seeds of possibility lie within you so water them with your expanding consciousness.

There is an image of dark days before the 20th, the Equinox day and light days after it. It is indeed a Gateway from introversion, working on the self, to the light. The light part after the 20th is a coming together and playing with others. It is also your heart’s desires coming to fruition.

Next is an image of ripe and juicy fruits… ones that have seeds and shown to me in a flash, the cycle of life, how this spring is seeds bursting open, life beginning, and lying within these ripe fruits, are the seeds. We are arriving at a place in which time is non-linear and non-sequential. We don’t see and measure whether the seedling has come up or whether it is bearing fruit. We enter a state of grace with the prayer that we are, by being the ripe fruits of our dreams. We feel the ripening and tasting and enjoyment of what we dream of already. Juice is pouring down our chins with a smile on our face at how sweet it is to be in this place. We get there by feeling. There is great satisfaction. We did it…

And no, it is not that all of a sudden on the date of the 20th that suddenly we manifest our dreams completely. I am seeing that the potentials are there and we are taken out of the linear progression that looks like 3D of hard work, goal seeking, watching the progress from sprouting to fruiting to harvesting.

We are now in a new time and place than before. The time is out-of-time. The place is the position of our earth in the solar system and in the galaxy. It is a a place that we have never ever been before. It is a place in which old rules do not matter. It is calling for a new way of seeing that is optimistic, that feels itself into existence. It is a vibrational place of well being within, and that will create the outer world.

In short, mastery. We step into mastery if we are ready for that. The energy potentials support us in doing so.

It is like the threshold or doorway in Macchu Picchu that I saw, delineating sacred space. We are invited to step into the sacred space of ourselves in this time.

We are invited to step from aloneness to “all oneness.” Aloneness has served us so well and has been the preparation of our soul. We are invited to step into connection with earth and all life, co-creating with all of it.

Heart open, feeling healed in the memory of wounds, out of linear time, in a new positive space of tremendous well-being is what I am seeing. How wonderful this is!

I am seeing how we are passing through the eye of the needle and asked to put down our burdens before we cross this threshold. We are asked to release self-doubt and the idea that we are not loved. We are asked trust and step forward.

We are asked to see evidence of the new earth through our eyes, in our lives, and to create evidence and also to celebrate it with like-minded others who also see as we do. The earth is getting more technicolor. We need those with the eyes to see this, and feel it in their hearts, and to start noticing.

Indeed, all the energies of earth are shifting this Equinox to a postive place.

How can we prepare? Go within, meditate and vision. Then after your inner attunement, prepare to walk thorugh the eye of the needle, with nothing but your pure positive energy and your trust. No expectations of how it will look. It will look different for everyone. Your heart’s energy and your inspired action and your co-creation with others is creating the new reality. Align with your heart and you know the way through to yourself.

I see people stepping into their expanded selves.

I hear that our spiritual maturity is here.

It is like you are taking off one identity or suit and putting on another collectively; which is the expanded energy field connected to all, and in love with all life, respecting it too, along with Mother Earth Gaia.

Just remember that you are love wearing a costume….

Guidance always comes from the heart which will get us out of the old paradigm and into the new.

Let this date of March 20th be a reason to line up with who you really are!

Let it be an offering… offering of your attunement to the oneness. Let it be a doorway to clustering together as crystals do in resonance and harmony, with those who feel like home. I am seeing how this is an ongoing, not static process, that is ever flowing and growing.

We are never fully done or finished. Creation continues ever on and inner vision is showing me different stages for a plant’s growth, mixed up, out-of-sequence. It doesn’t make sense in to the mind, yet to the heart it is the next logical step. Creation is much easier. Just be in your heart. And the heart is a magnet that attracts like hearts. Smile and enjoy the sunshine. Give thanks and raise our arms in gratitude for all that you have and all that you are.

Do not go out and measure the progress of the seedlings. Instead feel the sweet juice drip down our chins and celebrate. This is the end, and this is the beginning as you walk through that gateway. Welcome to the new paradigm. Have some fruit. How sweet it is.

Luminance River Akashic Intuitive


Sandra Walter – Synchronized Events for the Equinox Gateway – March 20th 2014

Sandra Walter 2

Message updated March 9 with new Light codes

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

We have a major Gateway opening on the Equinox, Thursday March 20th at 9:57 AM PDT, 16:57 UTC. (Check your local time for the Equinox here.)

The energies we are experiencing right now are the prequel to this new light wave – and it is 11 days away as of this post. It is that vibrant! It continues through Solstice, with amplifications in April and May. It is a perfect storm of Ascension energies. You might feel like you’re standing aboard the great ship Gaia as she sways in this new light wave.

This new light provides BALANCE, ORDER, PEACE and SOLAR COSMIC CHRIST initiations. Since we all have the game book now, we may utilize this cosmic trigger to accelerate divinity, purity and a cosmic dissolvement of all which does not compliment the whole. This is not about judgment. Ever. It is about BEing the Christed Light. Vibration = Vibration.

Our participation assists the collective

We have tremendous support at the Ascended Master, Archangelic, Supreme Light Creator and Galactic levels. As the high-vibe tribe understands, Cosmic Law must be obeyed – so the collective consciousness can only receive the maximum benefit of any incoming light by welcoming it in and transmitting it to the collective and higher realms.

In order to receive this new light which holds codes for Divine Will, Divine Love and Divine Unity, we must send out the same to all of creation. To every Brother and Sister on the planet, in divine neutrality. The focus here is on HUmanity – we welcome in and broadcast this pure lovelight as it enters on the Equinox in a Unified way. Separation is over, we have to prove that we desire that reality, right now.

Light servers, Feel into this message

I know many have received *pay attention on the Equinox* messages, however we have an opportunity to anchor pure light and amplify it – that means welcoming the light and being in a state of reception and transmission on the Equinox itself.

Preparation includes everything we have been writing about – purification of body, mind, ego, emotions and a focus on heart-based peacefulness. End all of the conflict and disharmony possible within your own beingness. Do not attack others or throw opinions around. Stop those energies in their tracks, resist the push-back or sharing of unsolicited advice/opinions. Those energies will get the full boomerang effect of this new wave; Zero Point dynamics are going to become intense for many with distortions or disharmony in their fields or body vehicle. We’re beyond the put up or shut up cutoff point, please get through whatever keeps you from your Mastery.

Be Masterful in your expression and intentions

Please, no drama or symptom talk – set all the emotional triggers to rest for yourself and others – and be heartful when you speak about the Equinox. I AM not guided to create a global event page on facebook or anything of that nature. Why? Because many people are triggered by light encodements when they have baggage or unresolved issues, which leads to them getting too fired up (panicky) or asking a lot of questions when our focus needs to be Peace, Stability, Harmony and Balancing the incoming light. These energies will get intense, let us focus on the grid of HUman hearts and our intention to serve the collective, making it as easy as possible for all to experience the divine Christed activations. You may feel like you’re in a love bubble – that is 5D/6D activations. Set aside the symptom talk and focus on the incoming Divine Light.

Equinox Unified Intentions

All Sources are encouraging GATHERINGS and UNIFIED FOCUS on the Equinox itself. Get together right where you are placed – find the local collective (hang up a flyer, try, holistic centers, anywhere awakened folks tend to gather). You will be surprised at how widespread the awakening has become. No assumptions that your town or neighborhood is asleep. That is impossible at this point. Let’s all step into the Leadership roles with grace and harmony.

The new light creates a sense of urgency because it is targeting crystalline cellular structures. As they vibrate faster, the emotional body can get triggered. Be the calm. There are many on the planet who are capable of assisting in a harmonious way; no judgment if you cannot. Breathe. As Gaia always says, it is a birth not a funeral. If you are guided to a Sacred Site, gather with others in Peace and Unity consciousness. Any kind of peaceful meditation at the Equinox hour is appreciated. As always, visualize the harmonious new paradigm in the Now.

Gridwork, Gatekeepers and Benevolent Intentions

Let’s use our high-vibe creativity and plan on being in meditation – perfect inner balance and harmony – for the Equinox. Gatekeepers and those in service to the new light, we will be anchoring for the usual three days before/three days after this Gateway.

On the Equinox

As awakened and Ascending beings – wayshowers – we have a Gateway which holds light-encodements, electronic surges, photonic-magnetic demands, and a big acceleration of the Solar Cosmic Christed state. All of these can be in your anchoring intentions before, during and after the Equinox.

On the day itself, be offline and tune in to the collective intentions for Peace, Love, Light, Harmony, Balance, and the Ascension of HUmanity. We know it is easier to work with elementals and kingdoms, however our focus is on HUmanity, who are the main decision makers for the planetary experience (that’s YOU and everyone around you.) We may provide beautiful balancing and stability if we are able to Unify in Oneness. As this wave comes through, everything is changed. Permanently. We can amplify this for everyone on the planet by BEing in our Oneness, Grace and Higher BEingness.

We are proving to the Higher realms and our Higher beingness that we are ready, willing, and capable of holding more light and peaceful intentions. If we hold this intention in our meditations, ceremonies, and gatherings, the amplification of that light will be miraculous. Vibration = vibration. Higher vibration = Higher vibration. Give more lovelight = receive more lovelight.

Please share or repost this message in Unified Intention to receive and transmit the embodiment of Divine Love, Peace in all nations, Balance in all systems, and Divine Will in the hearts of all of HUmanity. ❤ Blessings Be ❤

Sandra Walter – Observations On The Energies Through Equinox – 3-7-14


I AM called to the Mountain tomorrow for new gateway work. I have no idea what that means just yet. It feels like a big amplification is coming our way. The precog tribe is getting the same messages: Keep it clean, calm and focused through the Equinox. As anxious as we all may feel as the veils get thinner (magnetic squeeze and Solar activity), remember it is purposeful. Break through the last of your barriers (fears) about the internal and external Shifts. If a fear is getting too close for comfort, by all means face it and clear that baggage. We need the Ascension tribe empowered by the new light, not startled by phantoms under your own mask.

A clear focus on simplicity, stability, purity and mastery will serve this phase. Eat and drink clean, operate from the heart, act from the highest integrity in order to create as much stability in your fields as possible. Forget the busy-ness; burn off the excess shakey-quakey energies with movement (cardio for solar activity, yoga/tai chi/qigong/dance for balance), creativity (light-ground ideas and connect to Higher Self) and assist with stabilizing Gaia (get your hands and feet on the Earth and be neutral in pure love). Please don’t stimulate the grids too much; notice the balancing act going on at the moment. Meditate as often as possible, it helps you and the collective.

CMEs are not Solar flares (nor the other way around). When the Sun experiences CME activity, awakened bodies/lightbodies feel it. It may feel like shaking in your core, anxiety, nervousness, or confusion. Sleep doesn’t feel like sleep (again). The current energies are aimed at distortion, so disharmony appears to be amplified. Please deal with conflict and disharmony in your personal lifestream NOW in order to serve the collective clearing of 2014.

Many of us who hold brighter light quotients are being used – in a very good way – to transmute on behalf of the collective. It isn’t like it used to be, we don’t have to do anything but watch these things sail past our fields. All is well, no need to engage with it AT ALL. Feel the sense of victory ~ it is so much easier for folks to awaken now, thanks to those in service.

Please hear/see/read that the symptoms are not part of transmuting on behalf of the collective as they used to be. This month it gets very personal – your lifestream and the remnants of what *you* are still carrying at a cellular level. Vibration = vibration : Let the magnetics show you what is needed to level up, preferably before your body does. That is it the body vehicle’s role right now – no judgment on death and dis-ease within others, I know that is coming up a lot. It is what it is.

That said, know that leveling up is very personal this month – clean out the closets so the new you can move in. Remember we – the light tribe – are anchoring new energies for a whole collective. Let the service to the new light be true, pure and unaffected by the external drama. I love you all so very much!


Prime Creator – First Wave Of Ascension Imminent – March 21, 2014″

Indianinthemachine·203 videos

Based on the info. provided in Prime Creator messages, it’s looking like the first wave of ascension may be happening now, and continuing into 2014… a year of changes of such magnitude way beyond our existing reality… and for many, their current belief system… so be it!

Indian in in the machine

Prime Creator – First Wave Of Ascension Imminent – March 21, 2014″

Indianinthemachine·203 videos

Based on the info. provided in Prime Creator messages, it’s looking like the first wave of ascension may be happening now, and continuing into 2014… a year of changes of such magnitude way beyond our existing reality… and for many, their current belief system… so be it!

Indian in in the machine

Andy Bojarski – My Situation and Equinox Energies – Awakening To Hgher Love

Sorry if the audio is not very strong.  Forgot to turn up the volume higher when I recorded.  Hope you all can hear…Sending all of you my love and many blessings…

Love – Andy

Méline Lafont – Equinox Sharing – Gatekeepers


2012 The Big Picture Blog – Powerful Energies Arrive with the Equinoxial Portal – September 22nd, 2013

Thanks to for sharing. Excellent video! THIS IS TIME SENSITIVE SO PLEASE WATCH ASAP!!!

These wondrous energies will be streaming to us and may be received most readily through water. They recommend we find a special place to be on Sunday, September 22nd. It’s coming fast! Are you ready?

I believe these transformational energies will be calling us… wooing us to step through this portal to meet our destiny as children of the stars and beings of Light who live through intention and create great change.

For those of us who are awake and waiting… it’s the next step. We can do some powerful work at this time and make a difference. We can soothe Gaia’s energies and the world’s through conscious choice.  ~ BP

The Autumn Equinox falls on September 22. There are powerful energies arriving on this day.

Laarkmaa, a group of interstellar beings described it as intense. If you are called upon or guided to take this opportunity to be of service to humanity, to Earth and to your own evolution, I invite you to take in the information from this video. If it resonates with you, then please use your inner wisdom and guidance on the actions you might take on September 22, 2013.

May our higher energies meet in the waters of the Earth and ripple out in ways that we cannot conceive, and yet we trust in the power of its process.

Oribel Divine

From 2012 The Big Picture Blog

Repost – Pleiades – Purification Process Sept 18 – 24



Dearly beloved children of the light. As we have said to you many times prior, there are major energetic changes indeed moving closer and closer to your GAIA, the event is inevitable, yet most do not comprehend with the human mind what this event that we are all referring to is, and so, let us briefly explain to you its importance and what is about to sweep through your planet.

Let us reassure you that the destruction that many of you are seeing in their third eyes,  is the destruction of the old system of thinking and the old system of belief, for there indeed is a new thought process that is originating inside your hearts, a new heart code that is exploding from within, and bringing you into the alignment with THE ULTIMATE TRUTH.

Truth that all of you are magnificent beings, capable of creating worlds close in magnitude to the one that you are presently finding yourself on. You are indeed awaking to your heart code, you area wakening to the real truth, which is, that you are in control of your realities, and you need not anyone tell you the what, how, when and why.

Technically what is about to occur on your planet is the PURIFICATION PROCESS. Many portals on your planet will open up and  the energy from these portals will rise to the central point in the middle of the earth through its axis, the wobble will be changed a few degrees, many events of various natures will occur. Massive cleansing process is going to take place.

All earth ancient portals systems shall activate significantly and release the knowledge that has  been laying dormant for eons. Your scientists are going to discover proof of what we are talking about here to you. More and more newspapers will report the new findings of scientific experiments to support all the “theories” that we lay forth before you.

But let us return to the dates at hand. September 18th – the 24th of your earthly time, what is about to occur on your planet is the gates yet again are going to open, but this time the energy that you will experience will not be coming from any celestial body but your own GAIA.  What you are about to experience is major pruning, sweeping of your earth, energetically, physically and mentally.

Please understand that the changes that are about to take hold of your planet are the changes that have been set into motion many years ago, and so with the quadruple affect you are moving closer and closer the unification of the minds, to the unification of the system.

What we mean by this is NOT the idea that all of you will begin to think exactly the same, on the contrary you are about to awaken to your true magnificent selves, awaken to your hearts, and to remember the true reason that you are all now here, to awaken to your creativity, to awaken to your individuality, and yet ONENESS.. to understand that all of you are here as pieces of a puzzle in order to unite these pieces to build one whole. One whole – full of a multitude of colors, vibrations, musical tones of such variance,  that once put together, will flow like a river in the same direction, in the direction of love, light, understanding, compassion, and abundance.

That is not to say that you must give anything up, except  one thing the idea that you are all separate, for you are not. For you are all one and the same, but you come with different vibrational frequencies. And so, by giving up your hatred for one another, by forgiving each other, by forgiving yourselves, you are moving closer to finally playing together in unison a beautiful melody of freedom from lack, freedom from war, and freedom from dis-ease. For once you are in tune with your own selves, once you are in tune with your own creative forces, once you are following your hearts code, and living out your life as you are meant to be , as you have decided to do, it is then that the puzzle can finally be put together and the melody can finally be unleashed form earth  and travel fast into the universal frequency of love, and it is then that your earth, and human beings, can finally join into the interplanetary confederation of light.

And so, we will repeat this again and again, hear our call, hear our tune.. you are to forgive, each other, you are let go of misconceptions towards YOUR SELVES, and those around you.. you are to stop trying to change everyone around you and you are to look deep within yourself and begin with you.

Do know that those of you are who are here to activate the grids, who are here to activate the portals, will be called to duty, be prepared, we ask that those of you and you know who you are, to be prepared by drinking enough fluids and by staying attuned to the notes to the sounds entering your hearing channels, i.e. your ears, you will hear a variety of sounds , sensations, you will hear different tones, you will feel heaviness in your ears, you will feel quick changes in the atmospheric pressure around you, it will feel as if something is being pressed up against your energy fields, you will feel energy drops, sudden tiredness, sudden alertness, sudden noises that normally do not hear. All these are calls for you to pay attention for you to attune to yourself.

For you are being called into action, action which will take place from the 18th to the 24th of September. Action to activate the grids of the portals of GAIA.

Please understand that this is a STEP, this is merely a commencement of the event, a preparatory step, and you will be called to duty many times over, throughout the duration of your present incarnation. For not only are you here to activate the grids, but also to lead assist humanity as they move from one dimension to another, as they move closer and closer to the understanding of their MULTIDIMENSIONALITY.

We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

Pleiades High Council – Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –

Sandra Walter – Ascension Guide – Equinox September 2013 – Gatekeepers, Wayshowers, Transcendence

Ascension Guide Sandra·47 videos

Incredible experiences as we lean into the energy of the Equinox. It is PROFOUND. Alchemy is upon us – this is a message for the Gatekeepers, Wayshowers and Guardians of the New Light. I urge everyone in the role of Gatekeeper or Guardian of the New Light to listen with outer and inner senses.

This video is light-encoded for anyone whose higher levels are accepting acceleration at this time.

Equinox advice: set up sacred space inside and outside, so you have a space with direct intention to receive, similar to the 121212. If you have a safe (quiet, peaceful, uninterrupted) outdoor space, that would be beneficial to receiving as much of this energy as possible. The energy is coming in NOW. Keep your days open, quiet – be the peace/unity/crystalline grid and you will receive this new level.

September Equinox 2013 – Birth of the Christ Consciousness Grid – The New Humans – Channeled by Meredith Murphy – 15 September 2013

gattoaladino·5,882 videos


Lightworker Bill Ballard – 9-18-13 – GateKeepers – 2013 Fall Equinox – Full Moon

pearls2u·208 videos

Ha… Its 11:22 as I begin typing this about today’s video. And the video is 29:29 in length too… What a trip the numerology is, HA!

On September 22, we are finally coming up on the end of that 9 month gestation period as we are birthing Mother Earth and the collective of Humanity since the December 21, 2012 Shift of the Ages. The Fall Equinox completes that cycle. What a wild ride this has been!

It is interesting to hear so many GateKeepers having gone through similar Lord Metatron integrations and initiations these past days, just as I did that was caught on video with Meline LaFont. I am hearing persons planet-wide tell their stories. Those Metatron energies are only increasing and being recalibrated within my field as my frequency raises and LIGHT Quotient expands within.

So many of us are hearing messages that the Avatar Energies are coming through to Earth during this Fall Equinox of 2013 for those of us who have been really working on Self. I am hearing similar messages across the board from various persons. I do welcome it so.

I can only say from personal experience I am in a constant flux and being rewired in my field. Holding the focus of that you wish to create is key as we all know.

Several wonderful videos and messages have come out these past days and I link them below.

Sandra Walter…
Matt Kahn… this is REALLY GOOD!…
Magenta Pixie…
Anna Merkaba http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpre…
Denise LaFay…
Jill Renee Feeler…
Palona Somorak…
Ronna Herman…
Jennifer Hoffman…
Daniella Breen…
Teal Scott…
Max Igan…
Lisa Renee….
Joe Eigo…
Lisa Gawlas…
Caroline KA…
Alexander Del Sol…
Galactic Free Press Newsletter of current news…
GFP latest video……

Ascension Gateway – Spring Equinox 2013

AscensionIntegration·34 videos

Intense energies, discernment and recommendations for the jump in frequency this month. Apologies for frowning into the bright SUNlight – it is a beautiful spot. Gratitude to the blackbirds for the soundtrack.

I will have a guided meditation this week, to keep everyone focused as the interference frequencies trigger the lower levels. The awakened collective is larger than the distorted HUmans pushing the buttons on these pointless programs. Stay in your KNOWing, your Heart, and in gratitude for the journey. Amplify the higher vibe and the lower vibe has *no choice* but to rise.

For services and Ascension support, visit

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