An Explaination of Timelines by Audrey – 12-8-15


This channeling offers a practical definition of a Timeline and is a multipart channeling. I plan on additional posts on this topic since there is a lot of info.

A note for reading this channeling: When you see any words capitalized in the middle of sentences, like for example: Time or Timeline, it’s because I mean the definitions of Time and Timeline are to be used in formula to mathematically describe my description of their behavior.


This channeling is a continuation of my comments from a channeling posted by Brian, the Dragon called ‘America: Part two. America’s Potential.’ In the comments section of that channeling I began to understand how the Mayan Priests/Priestesses used the Calendar to predict the dates of future events. These prediction dates were usually the continuation of a cycle from a previous event. They were predicting the timing of future events that were linked to, or continued from the original event, even using the time piece/calendar to work backwards in time, to find the origin of spiritual mistakes.

Realize using the calendar to predict future events was only one of the Mayan timepiece or calendar’s functions. There were many. The calendar priests were actually spiritualists whose second major was mostly in mathematics, and in those days they were known as psychic because of their intuitive understanding of mathematics. They had natural talents in math, so understanding and communicating in math formulas came second nature.

In general, the title of Priest was the equivalent of receiving a PhD and being address as “Dr.” So you could have the title of Priest that mastered in any field of study: medicine, law, agriculture, language, art and more, much like today’s PhD. But again these were very intuitive people in their field of study, and again, a PhD in those days was more than being considered book smart and having a passing grade in a class. A Priest/Priestess’s work was their life’s passion and showed their natural talents and intuition in whatever their field.

Because their Time, or Timeline, was a tiny bit different than ours, their math was also different because math is the language of Time, it is how Time (in a formula), speaks to us. Time explains itself to us thru math, how it can help us, and even how we can change its environment to help it relax. Getting time to relax is the most important ingredient for a miracle, you see? It can even tell us what it needs for it’s own wellbeing. Did you know there are pockets of Time in our galaxies that can be organically fertilized into more productive ground?

For a miracle to happen, like for example, teleporting an object from one location to another, you need time to relax so the object can remove itself from one Time (also known as one location) and put itself into another Time (also known as the other location). You can teleport items (including yourself) into the future, into the past, and also from one location to another, staying within our present. You also need to excite Time too, but more on that later…

To start over these next 10 years or so, we will find passing objects from one location to another in our present time interesting enough and will keep us busy for some time yet. Then we will start to understand how to modify Time to send objects toward different times. But understand: for every technological achievement science makes there is a human equivalent. Why you may ask? Because this is the age where science and spiritually finally work together and it makes for some interesting bedfellows. So there will be a small number of people who will send and receive objects organically…

You might find church leaders working closely together with MIT and CERN, because the ceremonies of the church hold too many keys to understanding Time to be left out. And church can explain the histories and the old beliefs behind the ceremonies to science for science to convert into a formula. Both church and science have extensive libraries and librarians, and their studies fit perfectly together when read together.

So because the Mayans and Atlanteans lived During (not ‘in’) a different timeline, the priest/priestess’s used an altered form of our calculus, the calendar was precise by charting an event on a sine wave and using the long and short counts, or K’atuns, to predict the future date of the follow-on events. This was based on all things reoccurring in a cycle, or a repeat also known as karma or karmic repeat. We know karma even today as “things slowly working themselves out” and still associate it with an original event or a general attitude in a situation built over time.

My definition of karma is: a leveling out of an energy field trying to balance itself toward neutral. A resolution. It is also the reverse: a building up of an energy field that is resisting a balance toward neutral.

There is a galaxy (G2) that is one bigger than the one we think of as our own (G1). It encompasses our own, and what we now think as the universe is actually only a portion of our bigger yet undiscovered galaxy (G2). Its this complete known and unknown or unseen area of space and time I’m referring to, so while “galaxy” is the right word to use to describe it, I hesitate to call it a ‘Universal’ Galaxy because the bigger galaxy (G2) that contains ours and other galaxies (G3, G4, G5, etc.) also rides inside other bigger galaxies, so there really isn’t a universal galaxy. Galaxies appear to be infinite, each one contained inside another.

So a bird’s eye view of our bigger unknown galaxy would look much like our Solar System with its planets circling around the sun. Only for our bigger undiscovered galaxy (G2) we will see other smaller galaxies and our own circling G2’s Energy Center. Can’t wait until science is able to take that cosmic selfie.

Hey, did you know that Global Warming is the effect the Earth is feeling from our new place, in the new part of our G2? Did you know we are in a new part of a much bigger galaxy we don’t know about yet and that’s why the physical pressures like ‘ascension flu’ on people are so enormous right now? Its G2 creating these changes for us.

Time, not Force, is the strongest factor or ingredient to be added to any math and science formula. It should also be seen as the biggest variable. Force is always a factor of Time. What makes today’s time of our world special right now is something scientists will see for themselves as soon as they read my work: my definition of a timeline. Kidding you…but only a little bit. 🙂

But Time determines how much Force we have available to us. This was one reason Atlantis accidently destroyed itself and how the Earth suddenly (within 100 years) found herself in a new part of G1 within another galaxy, G2. There is so much more to explain what I mean here. But for now I must come back to it later…

Everyone have a good day!







An Explanation of Timelines, Part 2. by Audrey.


Because this channeling is a continuation of an ongoing channel, it might help to read Part 1 of ‘An Explanation of Timelines’ before reading any of my follow-on channels.

Also a correction to Part 1, I said originally:

“There is a galaxy (G2) that is one bigger than the one we think of as our own (G1). It encompasses our own, and what we now think as the universe is actually only a portion of our bigger yet undiscovered galaxy (G2). Its this complete known and unknown or unseen area of space and time I’m referring to, so while “galaxy” is the right word to use to describe it, I hesitate to call it a ‘Universal’ Galaxy because the bigger galaxy (G2) that contains ours and other galaxies (G3, G4, G5, etc.) also rides inside other bigger galaxies, so there really isn’t a universal galaxy. Galaxies appear to be infinite, each one contained inside another.”

But it should read:

There is a galaxy (G2) that is one bigger than the one we think of as our own (G1). It encompasses our own, and what we now think as the universe is actually only a portion of our bigger yet undiscovered galaxy (G2). Its this complete known and unknown or unseen area of space and time I’m referring to, so while “galaxy” is the right word to use to describe it, I hesitate to call it a ‘Universal’ Galaxy because the bigger galaxy (G2) that contains ours and other galaxies also rides inside other bigger galaxies (G3, G4, G5, etc.), so there really isn’t a universal galaxy. Galaxies appear to be infinite, each one contained inside another.

Sorry for any confusion this may cause.


We have come almost full circle with our technologies since the days of Atlantis and its destruction. We have some technologies that are the same, we have some that are similar that we operate and use differently, and we still need to develop some that they relied heavily on, like their anti-gravity knowledge. They loved to float things, literally.

So there are still some technologies Atlantis mastered that we have not. And the reason between the two technologies of the Atlantis age and our own is the new place or position our galaxy, or G1 (and not our solar system) has found within our bigger galaxy, G2.

Now, you know our solar system travels at good speeds through the galaxy while remaining relatively intact. It maintains its own Internal Spin while at the same time keeping another External Spin of its travels through the galaxy. The major part for a math formula for this is its Orbit, but I’m told the galactic spin of G1 within G2 is a little different than just an orbit and includes other factors…. So to anyone writing a math formula, good luck with that one!

Our galaxy G1 is a smaller part of another, bigger galaxy, within another bigger galaxy (G2, G3, G4, etc.) into infinity and each one maintains its own pace and integrity within the others, just the same as our solar system maintains itself within our galaxy G1. Did you know the Mayan calendar also followed the movements of several of these galaxies as part of their karma predictions?

Did you know that there are other multiple galaxies similar to our G1 that share the bigger unknown galaxy of G2 with us and we all travel the bigger galaxy together and we all move together much like our planets rotate around the sun in our solar system? The spin is eerily similar, yet each spin has its own quirks and characteristics that keep it slightly individual. It’s Time contained in the bigger unknown galaxy G2 causing this.

So if you were to see a picture of our galaxy within the larger galaxy it looks very similar, yet a bit different than a model of our solar system. Instead of planets circling around the center point of our sun, you will see several galaxies, or several G1’s, circling around another center point of Energy, and it’s beautiful to see…

Every galaxy has different pockets or areas of space within it where the rules of time follow different behaviors. A general rule of thumb is: if it Spins, like our planet, like our galaxy, it’s reacting to an outside Force. That Force contains a lot of Time in its equation. That Force is not evenly distributed which is causing the Spin in the first place. Therefore neither is Time evenly distributed. It has areas where it varies within the galaxy and within itself.

Our solar system has entered an area of that space where the Time at our current location is and will be following different rules of behavior. The bigger unknown galaxy of G2 is trying to mix it’s own Time and how it works with the Time of our own galaxy G1 and our Solar Systems conventional Time.

Think of our Earth traveling as an airplane. Our Earth flying suddenly thru an area where time follows different behaviors and rules of time. But actually that patch or area of the super galaxy G2 is higher vibration/dimension acting like an elevator “lifting” the Earth’s frequency as we travel thru it, and it changes our Earth plane to new abilities. Still with me?

Those abilities include enhanced psychic abilities for people, we already know this; new knowledge and breakthroughs for technology, science, art etc.; and new sources of energy, both organic and man made. More of what used to be seen as ‘miracle’ type behaviors and abilities come about because our Earth, solar system, and G1 galaxy have traveled into a different pocket of Time.

Our psychic abilities shouldn’t surprise too many people, because our DNA is heavily comprised of time. So when our G2 super galaxy Time mixes and changes with our Solar System Time, the Time within our DNA is also made to change. You see? I have more to say about how this change in Time affects us physically, this is just a note to myself for later.

So we have moved one step closer toward a ‘universal like’ time behavior just by our planet being carried along and supported in a solar system, inside a galaxy, inside another galaxy, inside another… again, you get the idea, right? And a ‘universal like’ time behavior implies the ability or behavior many used to call ‘miracles’.

With the worldwide affects of the foolish self-destructive demise of Atlantis, like worldwide flooding, Atlantis changed timelines for the entire world and galaxy, meaning it drastically altered the frequency their Earth lived at. Much more of a frequency change than a physical location change, but both happened. So what’s my definition of a timeline?

A timeline is the physical time our planet, galaxy and other physical outer space galaxies we are surrounded by, and the magical properties we enjoy from the Time Energy Form, becomes different, whether we physically move from that physical space or not.

If you think of our G2 galaxy (that science has yet to discover) and the time it contains as different from our G1 and our Solar System Time, (yet similar) you will understand that the different times are starting to mix and comingle, this creates Global Warming. Is Global Warming as disastrous as governments say?

No. But it can be if left untreated. Like any person recovering from a cold or flu, that person needs care, like more rest, liquids, vitamin C, chicken soup, tissues and maybe a Dr. visit (from a very wise priestess channeler type person)…just some pampering to help their body recover it’s normal temperature. So too with the Earth. A patient should also drink plenty of fluids because dehydration is common. So too the Earth with it’s droughts. It is the same for both…

So the Time that our Solar System and G1 uses and lives in is trying to become one with the rules of Time our G2 uses. The two are literally working to mix together and it’s just like trying to heat a pot of water. The water is cool, then warm before it boils and it uses Time to reach the boiling stage. It isn’t cool then suddenly boils, you see? And don’t think the planet will boil. It wont, it will recover from it’s cold, or “ascension flu” type symptoms long before that, ok? My point is: water doesn’t warm evenly. The warmth is spotty and mixes and swirls with the cooler water as the temperature rises…so too with Earth.

I will be ending here for today. I hope you are enjoying this explanation and I will talk to you again soon.



Keith R. Holden, M.D. – The Higher Mind – Nonlocal Intuition – Divine Synchronicities – What Does It All Mean? – 11-9-15


By Keith R. Holden, M.D.,    –   Thanks to The Mind Unleashed

Here I want to introduce you to the part of human consciousness I call the Higher Mind. Some call it the Higher Self or Soul Self. Your Higher Mind is an energetic aspect of you that projects out of your physical body like an antenna, and connects with the unified field of energy. The unified field of energy is what scientists are hoping to explain one day by a Unified Field Theory, but haven’t yet developed a mathematical model for it. This unified field is the combination of energies that connect everyone and everything, including the energies of the spiritual realm with the energies of the earth plane.

Scientists are studying energy and its components they call particles, with tools like the Large Hadron Collider in Europe. They’re trying to discover all of the particles of energy in the hope of figuring out how the energies of everything interrelate.

Your Higher Mind is the part of your consciousness that you are really tapping into when you do spiritual practices. Your Higher Mind, as part of your Divine soul self, only knows the truth, and is literally a spiritual channel. You don’t have to consider yourself spiritual to tap into this aspect of your consciousness. You can even consider yourself an atheist, and it still works quite well. This is because our universe is based on energy, and this part of you is simply energy. It doesn’t care whether you believe in it or not, though belief in it may create resonance in energy fields to optimize its function.

Some people are so disenchanted with religion and spiritual movements, that they have a personal bias against any terminology that has the slightest air of anything religious or spiritual. Believe me, I truly understand. But when I use terms like “spirituality” and “Divine” in this article, I’m only referencing awesome energies in our universe, unexplained by science, that are available to us to facilitate our paths in life.

Nonlocal Intuition Versus Local Intuition

Your Higher Mind is an aspect of your consciousness that you can use to channel nonlocal intuition. Nonlocal intuition comes from an unexplained knowing, and has nothing to do with pattern recognition or memory retrieval.

In contrast, local intuition is derived from pattern recognition and memory retrieval, and is the type of intuition the traditional scientific model studies. These traditional studies look at how your conscious mind and subconscious mind work together to bring up old forgotten memories, and to see patterns in situations, so as to help you intuit something.

Local intuition, or intuition confined to the body, is very different from nonlocal intuition, or intuition channeled from outside of the physical body. Here some of you skeptics may start to tune out and write me off as some type of quack. That’s your choice, but I’ll challenge you to use healthy skepticism and release your personal bias. You might just learn something new:)

As a physician trained in the scientific method, I understand it pretty well. As a human being with an open mind who has personally experienced phenomena I can’t scientifically explain, I also understand that science does not have all of the answers. Science is limited by the current technology available to us at this point in time. In addition, the sacred god of science is also heavily influenced by personal bias, even in some of the most well designed scientific studies. So because of that, I have to combine a little philosophy with science in an attempt to explain the unexplainable. Let me tell you about a crazy experience I had that can’t be fully explained by science.

Nonlocal Intuition in Action

I often go to Sedona, Arizona, a place I consider very spiritual due to its unique natural settings. I love nature knowing it is chock-full of Divine energies. Sedona has some of the most beautiful red rock hills in the world, and is a mesmerizing place to behold. When I go to Sedona, I set an intention to connect with the Divine, and so it was no surprise to me that it was here where I was introduced to some supernatural energies of the Divine.

On my first ever visit to Sedona, I met a beautiful, loving, and highly spiritual person named Nataya. Nataya is a clairvoyant artist. When she paints, she goes into a flow state by aligning with the spiritual channel of her Higher Mind, and she gets messages. These messages are for the person she is doing the painting, and contain information that she can’t logically know. Nataya is unconditionally loving and nonjudgmental, and her intention is pure. Because of this, the messages she receives are pure and full of unconditional love. In some way, these messages are meant to facilitate her clients’ highest purposes in life.

Nataya calls these types of in-the-flow paintings “totem paintings,” as she resonates strongly with Native American spirituality. So while she was doing my totem painting, which turned out to be a butterfly, one of the things she said to me was, “I see you going to Germany to get a medical device.” I thought to myself “Okay, but I don’t have any plans to go to Germany.”

The End Result

I returned home, went back to work at my primary care clinic, and was working the evening shift. There was a family practice resident working that evening, who is a good friend of mine to this day. He came up to me at the end of the shift, and said, “Hey, I hear you are into alternative medicine,” and I said, “Yes, are you?” Daniel, who is German, told me that his parents have an alternative medicine clinic in Germany. I later found out that it is a world-class alternative medicine clinic that draws patients from all over the globe.

As we were chatting, he wrote down two website addresses on a piece of paper and handed it to me. One was the web address for his parents’ clinic, and the other was a web address for a pulsed electromagnetic field device, which his father helped prototype. Over the next few days, I studied both of these websites, and then began an intensive PubMed search to see if there were any peer-reviewed research articles on low-level pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. To my surprise, there were hundreds of published studies, with the bulk of these studies showing beneficial effects on animals and humans.

Shortly thereafter, I purchased the device, and incorporated it into my medical practice with good results. So Nataya’s message to me was mostly correct, with a minor issue being that I didn’t go to Germany to get a medical device. Germany came to me.

My use of and writings about this device later led to me being asked to speak at multiple medical conferences for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. So in essence, Nataya’s channeled message helped facilitate my higher purpose by expanding my tool chest as a practicing clinician. Her message also helped lead me to teach large audiences at medical conferences, which was a major goal of mine.

Divine Synchronicities

The series of coincidences I just described can’t be explained by chance, so I call these synchronicities. In my opinion, synchronicities have some type of Divine facilitation. How could Nataya have known that I was going to incorporate some type of German medical device into my practice? There is no way she could have concocted that message to me based on memory retrieval from her subconscious mind or through cognitive pattern recognition.

Our Universe is Teeming with Energy

That message came to me via her Higher Mind – a spiritual channel – from the Divine unified field that connects the energies of everyone and everything. If you look out into this unified field with the naked eye, you’ll see lots of empty space. The paradox is that there is no empty space in our universe because all space is teeming with energy. This is because our universe originated as energy, which is the story of the Big Bang Theory.

According to scientists, a few seconds after The Big Bang, our universe was nothing but intensely hot energy particles and gases. As our newly birthed universe began to cool, mass started to form, and planets were created. I don’t want to take anything away from the spiritual component of the birth of our universe. Ultimately, it’s at the merger of science and spirituality where we’re going to find the true answers.

All Energy Contains Information

So I hope you are beginning to understand that the part of human consciousness I call the Higher Mind is where the energies of the earth plane merge with the energies of the spiritual plane. These energies contain information, including information from the unified field as Divine messages to facilitate our higher paths in life.

Ask any scientist who studies energy, and she or he will tell you that all energy contains information. Examples of this are how the sun’s rays contain energy, which tells receptors in the leaves of plants to initiate photosynthesis, and tells receptors in our skin to initiate the production of vitamin D.

Ultimately, it all boils down to energy to theoretically explain how currently scientifically unexplainable phenomena happen in our universe. More important, the revelation that consciousness is energy goes a long way in explaining parapsychological phenomena and even life after death. Our universe is energy based, and because of that, we are all energetic beings. When you as an energetic being learn to work with and channel these energies, you can do some amazing things.

[Author’s Note: In a course I teach called “Power of the Mind in Health and Healing,” I categorize the different layers of human consciousness. Some of my process is philosophical, but it gives me a way to categorize consciousness so that I can teach it, and demonstrate different ways to work with each category.]

Featured on Waking Times.

Featured artwork by Cameron Gray

LISA GAWLAS – Time Twisters – 11-8-15


LISA GAWLAS   –   Time Twisters   –   11-8-15


Can you feel the daily increase in the energies.  Holy melt my mind batman!!  I swear I have got to put my running shoes on every morning just to keep up with the shear changes every single day.  Higher and higher we go!!  It’s becoming harder and harder for me to put into words and be accurate in the wording, both in these sharings as well as in the readings.  I swear spirit has a hook at my vocal chords and the words are removed before they even find air to be used.  HEY!!!  Not nice, I need my words lol, at least until we all learn telepathy efficiently!!

Our DNA is in a radical state of change, of super expansion (and even that, is not really correct, it’s so much more than that, but that’s all the words I have to describe it.)  In the last few days, I have seen two people show up directly just outside of my back door, their physical bodies looking like a multicolored double helix minus the twisting element.  From our toenails to our hair follicles, we be changing, if we allow for it.

I want to talk about time today, how much it’s changing as well as our relationship with it needs to change (dammit lol.)  When I first started doing readings back in 2003, I could almost pinpoint to the hour something would arrive in your world.  The date and time were a constant for a very long time thru my readings.  We were walking a journey to here, intersections that were crucial and set up before we incarnated that needed to be experienced or chosen, they were time oriented.  As we crossed from 2012 into 2013, time started to change radically within the readings, hell, readings started to change radically period.  WE CHANGED RADICALLY!!  (Spirits emphasis there.)

Now we are no longer looking at time as much as we are looking at a pivotal frequency point to bring in or push out our reality constructs.  This has become so evident thru the readings the last two days, holy shit, time is now elevated off the ground and suspended in air.  The several people who asked about things they are seeking, job, relationship… whatever, the outcome was in the north field (future) but not on the ground where I orient to “time” and instead, up in the air.  Every time spirit said it will arrive when the frequency of your desire (as well as that which you desire) hit that pivotal point of merger.

I have also seen thru the readings, how we are able to take the element we perceive as “time” and fold it in on ourselves.  Example being, if there is something out in the landscape of 2017 that is waiting our arrival, we have the ability to go within, grab that energy package of desire and fold it into our present moment.  I like spirits expression of what we are doing “twisting time.”  We have always looked at it as linear, laid out in a forward or backwards stream, when its none of that really.  Time is really intersections of frequencies, interdimensional experiences that we can harvest and bring forward now.  Hell, we do it with the past all the time, usually, in a negative way.  We remember and experience, charge it up with emotion and watch it unfold over and over again in our lives in bigger ways.  Why not do this same thing with what we desire!!  That is spirits focus on what we are learning to do now.  It really does give a new twist on the “time travelers” within each of us, doesn’t it!

Now lets talk about the wiring being laid down thru all the universes, straight into us.  Keeping in mind, since the start of 2013, our souls have been in their spiritual classrooms learning this new adventure we call Life.  Tweaking, rearrange everything and filtering it down into our conscious mind.  It also became vividly aware that the many times I cannot “see” you is because the perfection of energy, what I am able to see and understand, is still being worked out from the soul level.  Once our soul has the energy down pat as workable and usable, that’s when I see and can express what is happening (or at least, try too, lol.)  However, we have made a collective giant leap with the emergence of November.  We have worked out many of the kinks and challenges from the soul level on down here to matter and the wiring is now taking hold, being inlaid in the multiverses for greater use and stuff.

What I am seeing as an avalanche of Light coming in on the 11th is the sealant, the coating on the wires, so they are not bare and exposed as they have been in working the voltage and connections out over these last several years.  I sure hope that means ease of the energy systems within our bodies!! lol

Well, I know there are many things I am leaving out today, but my day is going into many different directions already.  So on this note, I am going to close until tomorrow.

Big big (((HUGZ))) of super sonic DNA that twists time into any concoction that you desire!!

Lisa Gawlas

STEVE BECKOW – Time 11 in the Transformed Space – 11-4-15

Sacred 11Steve Beckow

It’s three hours before the Vancouver Meet-Up and I’m just now entering a very blissful state. I’ll try to record it but I don’t know how well I’ll do.

Thank heavens someone is giving me a ride to the Meet-Up because I lose track of time in this state. I might miss it altogether as I nearly did in the tenth sojourn in this space (Time 10) when I forgot a lunch engagement.

Grand thoughts arise.  I can see that all is a process of letting go. The amount we need to let go will always be more than what we can see or imagine.  Some of the resistance we carry exists out of sight, out of mind – we don’t know we don’t know about it.

There’ll almost always be more to let go of.  Why not just make it a policy to first look at letting go?

I need to ask myself: Is there something I need to let go of?

In this space, there’s no time. A short interval in that “no-time” space and I completely forget what day it is.

There’s been a substantial interval between Time 10, when I was last in this transformed space, and this, Time 11.  The mellowness I feel now is much greater.

This is a refined space – soft, gentle, silky.

I’m buffeted by every current of the tsunami of love. I feel profoundly impacted by each wave of cosmic energy.

And now bliss rolls in like a wave. I can feel the tide of evolution slowly moving forward in the changes I see in me.

Time and movement stop.

Past this point I cannot experience the experience and write about it. I must stop.

How To Live In The Moment In 6 Easy Ways – via Operation Meditation – 11-3-15

Live in the Moment


Are you held down by the past or concerned about the future? Would you like to learn ways to let go so you can be happy and care-free? Living for the moment involves being an active participant in your life. It means that you’re focused on whatever is happening right this moment. Why is this important?

What’s in the past is in the past. There’s nothing you can do to change it. You can coulda, shoulda, woulda all day long, but it still doesn’t alter the outcome or change where you are now. Learn what you need to from past events and then let them go.

And, tomorrow isn’t here yet, so why worry about it? Worrying or obsessing won’t prevent things from happening. Besides, most worries never come to pass anyway.

Staying in the present is important because it’s the only part of time that you have any control over. So, how do you keep yourself in the present, when your mind wants to stay on memory lane or fast-forward to tomorrow?


 In Field

Here are 6 simple strategies:

1. Be child-like. Have you ever tried to talk to a child while they’re playing their favorite video game, but can’t seem to draw their attention away from it? It’s not necessarily that they’re ignoring you, although that certainly happens from time to time. Sometimes, they’re just so focused, so caught up in the present, that they truly don’t realize you’re calling for them.

Kids are the best at staying in the here and now. They don’t obsess about something that happened yesterday or fret over what may happen tomorrow. They keep their focus on whatever is captivating their attention at the moment.

2. Meditate. The whole premise behind meditation is to be present in each minute as it happens. When you channel all of your attention on your breathing, you can think of nothing else. Not the past. Not the future. Just the moment at hand.

Some people give up on meditation because they have difficulty keeping their mind from wandering, but this is natural until you get the hang of it. With enough practice, you’ll be able to tune out all distractions and be able to fully engage your focus.

3. Live like no one’s watching. Ever not do something because you fear someone will see you and think that you’re silly or stupid? The very thought that you’re being judged from others can keep you from living in the moment.

4. Let go of what others think. Who cares if they agree or disagree with you or think you’re a freak? Some of the greatest innovators are people that weren’t concerned with society’s labels and stayed true to themselves. Look at Einstein.

5. If you want to dance, dance. If you want to sing, sing. Do what makes you feel happy. It’s not important what others think. It’s only important what you think.

6. Take a social media break. It’s hard to stay focused on the here and now when your phone is dinging alerting you to a text message or your computer is bleeping because someone instant messaged you. Sometimes you have to unplug from social media to fully participate in your life.

Just because someone sends you something, doesn’t mean you have to respond immediately. If you’re always waiting for a message or stopping what you’re doing because a friend sent you a funny joke, you’re not fully engaged in your life. You’re not living.

Start living each minute like it’s your last. It is, because you’ll never get that minute back. So, make it worth it.

via  Operation Meditation

Gregg Prescott @ – The Time Is Speeding Up Phenomenon Is Preparing You For 5D – 11-3-15


by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Are you one of the people who feel like time is speeding up?  If so, you may be one of the people who are about to move into the next density.

Many people across the world are experiencing a feeling as if time is speeding up.  While a day is still constituted in 24 hour increments, time seems to be moving faster than ever for many people.

There are several explanations for the time speeding up phenomenon.  The most popular explanation is that time isn’t speeding up, but our consciousness is, which makes it seem like time is speeding up.

Ian Lungold believed that time was speeding up because creation was speeding up. In other words, more was happening in less time. “When more is possible to happen in every moment,” stated Lungold, “there is more possible outcomes which opens the door to things called miracles.”



What many people aren’t taking into account is vibration.  Everything in existence revolves around vibration as atoms vibrate to create our 3rd dimensional reality.  As the atoms vibrate faster, the illusion of time speeding up is created because, physiologically, our bodies are sensing the speeding up of “something” but we cannot attribute it to anything familiar other than time.

The reason we cannot physically see higher dimensions is because they are vibrating at a higher rate.  As our bodies start to vibrate at a higher rate, we begin to feel as though time is also speeding up.

Look no further than the drastic changes within our solar system.  For many years in the past, our sun was a bright yellow in color but has since turned into a bright whitish yellow as it reflects the changes in vibration within our solar system.

In alchemy, the statement of “as above, so below” applies.  As our solar system is going through dramatic climate changes, so is our planet.  As our planet goes through dramatic climate changes, the inhabitants of this plant will experience drastic changes.  One of these changes is in the vibratory level of the spin in the atoms of our bodies.

Days, weeks and years seem to fly by quicker than ever. This isn’t just a physiological symptom of those who are progressing in age as every age genre from teens through the elderly is experiencing this phenomenon.

The easiest way to raise your body’s vibratory rate is through meditation. Other ways include showing kindness to all forms of life, radiating unconditional love and doing kind deeds for others.

A simple way to raise your vibration while helping to raise the vibrations of others is to mentally express love and appreciation to random people through positive thoughts and intentions.  For example, if you were to take a walk on the beach or even a stroll through the mall, try envisioning that everyone is part of your family.  As people walk by you, mentally tell them, “I love you.  You’re beautiful and perfect just the way you are.”

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The bottom line is that your 3rd dimensional body may be preparing you for the 5th dimension as your atoms continue to vibrate at a higher level.



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DL ZETA – Experiencing Timeline and Identity Shifts – 10-17-15

DL ZetaDL ZETA   –   Experiencing Timeline and Identity Shifts  –   10-17-15

Many reality threads exist within the energetic field of each person’s life. At any given time, some threads exist as a close vibrational match to your existing reality thread, while others exist as more remote vibrational matches. The more remote matches have a lower probability of becoming your focus probability, but they are still possible futures already in existence. Threads of reality that are close vibrational matches to your present reality are considered future probabilities. This means there’s a strong likelihood you will shift to the timeline of this alternate reality.

Whatever your imagination brings you is a possible reality already residing within your field of possibilities. If it weren’t already a timeline in existence, you wouldn’t be thinking about it.

Change Opens the Door for Timeline Shifts

There are various ways people shift from one timeline to another. The person who adopts a healthy diet and exercise routine has shifted to a different timeline with a different set of future probabilities. The person who adopts a spiritual path is choosing a vibrational timeline of different resonance that can, in time, allow them to shift to very different timeline probabilities.

There are many small ways you shift to different threads of reality without noticing it. This is the case when you rearrange the furniture in your home or begin to travel a different route into town. Even the smallest variation in your daily routine has the ability to create energetic changes that can lead you to choose other timeline probabilities. When you create even a small change in your life, this creates new pathways in your consciousness that can effectively create a new “you.” Timeline changes grow from the different choices and behaviors of this new version of yourself.

The Menu of Timeline Shift Options

Many people change timelines only out of necessity, when there is a crisis or other unexpected event. In these cases, the timeline shift is not always one of their choosing. Still others remain in the same basic timeline for most of their lives, with little variation in reality threads. By contrast, there are lifetimes where a person undergoes so many reality shifts it seems they have lived many different lives within the same one. Many lightworkers experience this as they actively seek new spiritual understandings and access the timelines of past incarnations through communion with their higher self. In every case, the various lessons and shifts of a life are set forth prior to birth in counsel with the higher self and other guiding entities.

Consciously Choosing Reality Threads

As you gain awareness of the many threads of reality that exist within your field of possibilities, you can consciously choose the thread you wish to energize.

From a place of awareness, you can consciously choose a reality thread and begin to energize it with your focus, attention and action.

Even if a thread of reality does not seem very “probable” at the moment, you can begin to bring your focus and attention to that timeline. As long as you are willing to take action, and keep on taking action to create a reality shift, you will eventually make the shift.

When you shift to a thread that’s a close vibrational match to your present one, the change may be barely detectable; when you shift to a vibrationally different thread of possibility, it may suddenly seem you are living an entirely different life.

By working with timeline shifts, you can begin to create the self of your highest possible future, transforming your life at the quantum level.

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